(Captain America of the 1950s)

Real Name: William Burnside (legally changed to Steven Rogers)

Identity/Class: Human mutate (World War I era to modern era - see comments)

Occupation: None;
    former terrorist, pawn, vigilante, adventurer, soldier, teacher

Group Membership: None;
    formerly the Watchdogs (Larry, Phil, numerous others), National Force, US Army ("Bucky Barnes"/Jack Monroe (later Nomad and Scourge),
PFC Tim Potter, Sgt. Shanty Trucks, others), Sentinels of Liberty

Affiliations: Adu Bey, a time-displaced Captain America (Jeff Mace), Captain America (Steve Rogers), a time-displaced Captain America (William Nasland), Patrick Carney (indirectly), the Contemplator (Tath Ki), the Corporation, Department Zero (Gorilla-Man/Ken Hale, Human Robot/M-11, Marvel Boy/Bob Grayson, Venus, Jimmy Woo) (indirectly), Doctor Mooney (indirectly), Doctor Sinclair (indirectly), Pres. Dwight Eisenhower, Nick Fury, the Human Torch ("Jim Hammond"), Ray Kahn, Ken Levine, Aleksander Lukin, Ed Murtaugh, Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), National Force, Betsy Ross, Jim Slade, US Army, the Watchdogs, Officer Howard Wing, Sen. Gordon Wright;
    formerly Bucky (Jack Monroe), the FBI;

Enemies: Agent Oranoff, A.I.M., the Avengers (Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Will Benson, Connie Blake, Chuck Blayne, Captain America (James "Bucky" Barnes), Captain Saunders, Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter, Commissar Kee-Sai, Crane, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Doctor Faustus (Johann Fennhoff), Dr. Steve Standish (Stefanus Stanoff), Electro (Ivan Kronov), the Executioner (Lupa Lupoff), Falcon (Sam Wilson), the FBI (J. Edgar Hoover, others), Kag the Guerrilla, Edwin Jarvis, Arnold Lupoff, the Man with No Face (Philip Wing), Sen. Joseph McMurphy, Rafe Michel, Nomad (Jack Monroe), Pete, Red Skull (Albert Malik), Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Redwing, Natasha Romanoff, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Sharon Carter, Karl Janacek, others), Shika, Leila Taylor, Williams, Wyatt, Arnim Zola;
    Earth-8206 natives: Adam-II, Special Agent Smith

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother (presumed deceased)

Aliases: Captain America, Grand Director;
    "The Ace Spy-Fighter," "America's Savior," "Bad Cap," "Bad Guy," "Billy," "Bozo," "Buster," "Cap," "Captain America of the 1950s," "Captain UnAmerica," "Commie Smasher," "Comrade," "Evil Cap," "Fake Cap," "Fifties Cap," "Great Director," "Honey," "Man," "Mister," "My Boy," "the Other Steve Rogers," "Pal," "Partner," "Sir," "Sleeping One," "Soldier," "the Star-Spangled Sentinel," "Steve," "the Top Spy Fighter," "the True Force of American Democracy"

Base of Operations: A hospital in an undisclosed location in the USA:
    formerly the Watchdog Compound, Boise, Idaho, USA;
    formerly mobile throughout the USA;
    formerly the Lee School, Glendale, New York, USA (see comments)

First Appearance: (As Captain America) Young Men I#24 (December, 1953);
    (as Grand Director): Captain America I#231 (March, 1979);
    (William Burnside name revealed): 
Captain America V#602 (March, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: William Burnside is empowered by a flawed Super-Soldier Serum variant, granting him superhuman strength sufficient to lift/press 1 ton as well as enhanced agility, speed, endurance and reaction time superior to an Olympic athlete. Due to the Serum, his physiological functions such as metabolism and healing operate at peak human efficiency.

    Burnside is trained boxer and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant as well as a capable disguise artist, pilot and chemist. He is an extremely skilled researcher, especially regarding the original Captain America, Steve Rogers.

    As Captain America, Burnside wore a scale-mail costume and carried a bulletproof steel shield.

    As the Grand Director, Burnside had access to and used various mind-control devices and gases to bend people to his will (despite being reluctant to do so). He also carried an Atom-Blaster weapon, a handgun and wore a uniform equipped with a suicide device that would cause fiery immolation at the touch of a hidden button on the belt. He also had access to other advanced technology.

    During a period when he was briefly converted into a cyborg on Earth-8206, Burnside possessed the ability to generate electrical energy and project it from his hands.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs. (240 lbs. at peak physical form)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#17 - Grand Director entry (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - William Burnside was born in New York City, New York in 1929.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - Burnside was an American citizen.

(Captain America V#602 (fb)) - William Burnside was raised in Boise, Idaho.

(Captain America V#600 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside was a child during the United States' Great Depression.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America V#602 (fb)) - In 1941, at age 11, William Burnside had become a fan of the new American hero known as Captain America after seeing him in newsreels and joined Captain America's fan club, the Sentinels of Liberty.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)) - He made it a point to read everything printed about Captain America that he could.

(Captain America V#602 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside witnessed the end of the Great Depression as America's entrance into World War II brought a wave of industry to the country.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)) - Years later in 1945, Burnside read a newspaper article about the disappearance of Captain America in the Daily Bugle newspaper and, saddened, he decided to make it his life's work to study Captain America the way some people studied Abraham Lincoln or Jesus. As time passed, Burnside became obsessed with Captain America.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#17 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - While the government replaced the missing and presumed deceased Steve Rogers as Captain America with first William Nasland then Jeff Mace and attempted to pass them both off as the original Captain America, William Burnside possibly suspected the truth that they were each not the Captain America he had worshipped.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#17 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - By 1952, Burnside graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Ph.D in American History, having written his thesis on Captain America. Feeling as if he had learned all about Captain America from the Allied perspective, Burnside wanted to know what the Nazis thought about Captain America and what was in their intelligence reports on the hero so in early 1953, he flew to Germany to go through Nazi archives.

(Captain America V#600 (fb) - BTS) - By this point in his obsession, Burnside had spent much of his life wishing he was the original Captain America, Steve Rogers.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#215 (fb) / Captain America: Theater of War-America First!#1 (fb)) - In March 1953, after spending weeks reading over reports of Captain America, Burnside found a report from a minor espionage agent that documented the formula for the Super-Soldier Serum that had empowered Captain America.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)) - Thinking that perhaps he could use the formula to become the new Captain America, Burnside immediately flew to Washington to inform the US government. When the government thanked him for the service to the country in finding the formula and remarked that they could use the formula to aid in the Korean War, Burnside refused to turn over the formula unless he himself became the new Captain America. The government officials became angry and demanded a test of the formula so Burnside recreated the formula from the German notes and tested it on a monkey, who subsequently proved capable of lifting 250 lbs. Reluctant to make Burnside their new Captain America, the officials then attempted to trace the Super-Soldier Serum in the monkey's blood in order to recreate the Serum themselves but the Serum proved untraceable, prompting the government officials to check into Burnside's background for any past issues.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America: Theater of War-America First!#1 (fb)) - After determining Burnside to be clean, the US government reluctantly agreed to stand behind Burnside as the new Captain America.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#215 (fb) / Captain America: Theater of War-America First#1 (fb) / Captain America V#600 (fb)) - Wishing for the public to believe he was the same Captain America as the original, Burnside searched through government files for file photos, voice recordings and information on the secret identity of the original Captain America and soon underwent plastic surgery and vocal cord reconstruction in order to resemble Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. Two weeks later, the gauze was removed from his surgery and Burnside found himself an exact duplicate of his idol, Captain America.

(Captain America V#602 (fb)) - Happy to see the surgery was a success, Burnside was told by a military medic that his own mother wouldn't be able to tell Burnside was not the original Captain America.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)) - Unfortunately for him, the next day was July 27, 1953, the day a truce was called in the Korean War, and plans for Burnside to become active as Captain America were shelved by the government.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)) - Despite being both angered and disappointed at the news that the government's plans for him as Captain America had been shelved, Burnside reluctantly decided to take a job as a History teacher at the Lee School in New York City under the alias of "Steve Rogers."

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 4 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - Burnside had his name legally changed to "Steven Rogers."

(Nomad II#24 (fb) - BTS) - Knowing that Burnside's Super-Soldier Serum would cause mental instability, the government's McCarthy Commission, working with J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, nonetheless began secretly arranging events so that young Lee School student Jack Monroe would become the new Bucky to Burnside's Captain America.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America I#281 (fb)) - Attempting to forget the memory of trying to become Captain America, "Rogers" buried himself in teaching and in books.

(Captain America V#7 (fb)) - "Rogers" arrived on the campus of the Lee School as some of the students unpacked their belongings with their parents, unaware he was seen by young student Jack Monroe.

(Nomad II#24 (fb)) - While walking the halls of the Lee School, "Rogers" was bumped into by Jack Monroe, who dropped several Captain America comic books from his back pocket due to the collision. Jack swore he had not been reading the comics in class and "Rogers" introduced himself as a teacher at the school. Remarking that, as a teacher, he should disapprove of comic books since they supposedly led to juvenile delinquency, "Rogers" admitted that he couldn't complain since the comics were about Captain America. Surprised that "Rogers" liked Captain America, Jack admitted that Cap was his favorite and "Rogers" replied that Captain America used to be a favorite of his as well. Jack introduced himself, revealing that the other kids called him "Bucky," and "Rogers" commented that there could be worse nicknames to have. Burnside then introduced himself as "Steve."

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#281 (fb)) - Not long after, "Rogers" again happened upon Jack Monroe, this time reading a magazine biography on Captain America.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#281 (fb) / Captain America V#7 (fb)) - Burnside and Monroe subsequently became fast friends due to their interest in Captain America and eventually, Monroe made a Captain America costume for "Rogers," albeit one that was missing the red and white stripes on its back.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#281 (fb)) - Revealing to Monroe how the government had refused to allow him to become Captain America, "Rogers" informed Monroe that America must never appear to provoke Communist agents with such a nationalistic hero acting on the country's behalf.

(Young Men I#24/3 / Captain America I#155 (fb)) - In December 1953, "Prof. Steve Rogers" taught a class at the Lee School about the history of Captain America, finishing the story just as the bell rang to dismiss the class. Nonchalantly walking outside, "Rogers" witnessed Jack Monroe arguing with others about whether Captain America was real or not. When Monroe fought back against the bullies, "Rogers" broke up the fight and invited Monroe to accompany him to New York to acquire some new textbooks, asking Monroe what the fight was all about. As the two drove towards New York City, Monroe suggested "Rogers" prove that Captain America existed by going into action as the hero but "Rogers" replied that Captain America's work was done. "Rogers" then turned on the radio, only to hear a news report of the Red Skull's supposed return (actually his commnist successor, Albert Malik) and his attempt to hold the UN Secretary General hostage. "Rogers" immediately decided that Captain America and Bucky needed to return to stop the Red Skull, and Bucky revealed hidden Captain America and Bucky costumes beneath the back seat.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#281 (fb) / Captain America V#600 (fb)) - Squealing his car into a nearby alley and stopping, "Rogers" and Monroe donned the Captain America and Bucky costumes, and Bucky quickly noticed that Captain America had a vial of his Super-Soldier Serum with him, exclaiming that he knew "Rogers" wasn't as ready to give up the identity of Captain America as he had let on. Putting the Captain America mask on, "Rogers" prepared to inject himself with his Super-Soldier Serum and offered to also inject Bucky to give them both superhuman strength, an offer Bucky readily accepted. Reeling back as the Serum took effect, Captain America soon felt renewed vigor and announced their partnership as they jumped into public action as the new Captain America and Bucky.

(Young Men I#24/3 / Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#215 (fb) / Captain America I#281 (fb) / Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - As the new Captain America and Bucky leaped over cars, the public, unaware that these were not the original heroes, welcomed the supposed return of the World War II heroes. Climbing on the side of the building, Captain America and Bucky burst through a window, surprising the Red Skull, who had assumed the heroes were dead. When the Skull prepared to shoot Bucky, Captain America hit the Skull in the face with his shield and allowed the authorities to move in and apprehend the Red Skull.

(Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - As the Red Skull was being apprehended, Captain America grabbed the Skull and Bucky removed the Skull's mask.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) - BTS) - Captain America learned that the Red Skull he had fought was not the original but rather a Communist agent that had stolen the identity of the original Nazi villain.

(Captain America: Theater of War-America First!#1 (fb) - BTS) - "Steve Rogers" considered revealing his identity as Captain America to the public.

(Young Men I#24/3) - The next day, at the Lee School, the students swarmed "Professor Rogers" and admitted they were wrong about Captain America not being real, as his exploits were all over the newspapers now. When one of the students asked if "Rogers" suspected Captain America was back to stay, "Rogers" smiled and remarked "You bet he is."

(Captain America I#162 (fb) - BTS) - The new Captain America's exploits at the UN building earned him a front page newspaper story proclaiming Captain America to be alive. The real Captain America's 1940s love interest, Peggy Carter, had fallen into a deep depression following the disappearance of the original Captain America and when her family saw the newspaper story with the new Captain America's photo, they opted not to tell Peggy about Captain America, unaware that William Burnside was not the original Cap.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 4 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - Captain America and Bucky began working closely with the FBI and other government agencies.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#17 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - William Burnside's true name became unrecorded and known only to certain government officials.

(Captain America V#7 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky fought a group of thugs together.

(Captain America V#38 (fb)) - Captain America was given the key to a city alongside Bucky for taking down a group of thugs.

(Captain America: Patriot#4 - BTS) - After taking down the thugs, during which a photo of the action was taken, Captain America and Bucky were seen on the cover of the December 16, 1953 edition of the Daily Bugle newspaper. Jeff Mace, the former Captain America, saw the Daily Bugle issue and became annoyed that anyone would believe this more muscular Captain America was the same man who fought in World War II. Mace then told his wife Betsy that he didn't look like that as Captain America, to which Betsy replied that few people could see past the Captain America uniform to the man beneath the mask. When Mace exclaimed that the new Captain America was nothing more than a "masked McCarthy" and grumbled that the times got the Captain America they deserved, Betsy laughed and commented that she sensed another editorial from Mace in the works. Putting the paper showing the photo of Captain America down on the desk, Mace admitted that his potential editorial should be about what it meant to be Captain America, something he knew a thing or two about.

(Young Men I#25/3) - In late 1953, when the United States government summoned Captain America, Bucky showed "Steve Rogers" the newspaper summons and, donning his costume, "Rogers" admitted he was already preparing for a trip to Washington. Soon traveling to the atomic testing grounds at Frenchman's Flats in the Nevada desert, Captain America and Bucky witnessed a test of the USA's new Atomic Cannon, and Captain America informed that they had traveled there to protect the Cannon. The military colonel then introduced Captain America and Bucky to Jim Slade, the only weapons manufacturer who could produce the Atomic Cannon's firing pin. As Slade departed for Las Vegas to visit his girl, Captain America recognized a photo of Slade's girl as Lupa Lupoff, a notorious Communist spy, and he rushed off to Las Vegas with Bucky to stop Lupoff and her husband Arnold.

    Unaware that the Lupoffs had ordered their agents to stop Captain America's interference at all costs out of fear of their boss, the Executioner, Captain America and Bucky investigated Slade and when Bucky discovered Slade being poisoned, he jumped atop the car that the sickened Slade had been put into. Noticing Bucky's actions, Captain America jumped down to confront the agents inside the car. The agents immediately attacked Captain America, who easily dispatched the agents and interrogated one into revealing that the Lupoffs were taking Slade to Frenchman's Flats to get the secrets of the Atomic Cannon's firing pin. Cap then prepared to rush back to Frenchman's Flats before an A-bomb test could commence, but some of the Lupoffs' agents caught Cap in a dynamite blast. Nonetheless making his way to Frenchman's Flats, Cap arrived just in time to save Bucky from the Lupoffs.

    Revealing herself to be the Executioner, Lupa Lupoff murdered her husband Arnold for failing to stop Captain America before turning her gun on herself for also failing. Bucky then exclaimed that he had been told Captain America was dead, but Cap explained that his shield had taken the brunt of the dynamite blast. Jim Slade then sadly looked at Lupa's corpse, bemoaning that he had loved her, unaware that she was the Executioner, and Captain America reminded Slade that the important thing is that Slade had kept his mouth shut about America's secrets and thereby helped keep the country safe. He then suggested they all leave the scene before the A-bomb test occurred and, once at a safe distance, Cap, Bucky and Slade watched the bomb test with Cap commenting that the bomb was a glorious sight as long as it was on the USA's side in the struggle for world peace.

(Young Men I#26/3/Saga of the Original Human Torch I#4) - Secretly the Communist spy Stanoff working at Oaklake University as a professor, Dr. Standish summoned newspaper publishers to his office and claimed that he might be able to teach his students how to fight the Communists by having heroes such as Captain America, the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner lecture to the students at Oaklake University. The publishers agreed and shortly after, newspapers were published summoning Captain America and the other heroes to Oaklake University. After taking down a group of thugs, Captain America announced that Bucky and himself would set off for Oaklake. Two hours later, Captain America and Bucky arrived at Oaklake University alongside the Human Torch and Namor, but Dr. Standish informed the other heroes that only one hero could lecture at a time, asking Cap if he would stay to lecture that day.

    Captain America agreed and Standish soon showed Cap and Bucky around Oaklake University's laboratories. Distracting Cap with a fluoroscope and talk about his scientific methods, Dr. Standish feigned a trip and in the ensuing fall, Standish injected Captain America with his so-called Virus of Evil. Secretly noticing Standish's Communist medal under his shirt and knowing that the Super-Soldier Serum in his blood would prevent the Virus from affecting him, Captain America nonetheless played enough with Standish's plan, soon feigning becoming dizzy. Dr. Standish decided to test the Virus' supposed effects by making comments about Russia being right and America being wrong. When a confused Bucky asked Cap if he was alright, the still-playing-along Captain America shoved Bucky aside and told him to shut up, claiming Bucky was just a kid and didn't understand things. Cap was led to Oaklake's students, where he lectured on how Russia wasn't all bad and, following the lecture, Dr. Standish mentioned that US was installing Army fortifications in Alaska and that Russia wouldn't like that. Captain America immediately suggested he do something about that and Standish suggested they take his private plane to Alaska and afterwards, there would be a submarine waiting to take Captain America to Russia, where he would work from that point on.

    Not sure what was wrong with Cap and unaware of his partner's plan to expose Standish, Bucky accompanied him to Alaska to see if he could uncover what had happened and possibly stop Cap if necessary, but when Bucky vocally objected to the attack on Alaska, Cap slapped Bucky aside and told Dr. Standish to take care of Bucky while he attacked Alaska. Diving from the plane, Captain America easily made his way past the soldiers to the Army fortifications and blew them up with himself inside. Emerging from the rubble, Captain America rushed to his rendezvous with Dr. Standish and Communist agent Oranoff at their submarine. Later arriving at the docks, Captain America at first continued faking still being under the Virus of Evil's influence but when Agent Oranoff appeared, Captain America punched Oranoff in the face and Bucky took the cue to attack Dr. Standish. The two heroes then forced the submarine to flee and Captain America revealed to Bucky that the Super-Soldier Serum had prevented him from being affected by the Virus of Evil and that he had faked turning evil to expose Standish, whom he recognized as the Communist spy Stanoff. Captain America then suggested he and Bucky rush to help rebuild the Army fortifications he had destroyed as part of his plan.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 4 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - By early 1954, Captain America and Bucky had repeated clashes against the Red Skull (Albert Malik).

(Captain America: Red, White & Blue TPB/8) - The new Captain America was summoned before Congress in February 1954 by the witch hunting Sen. Joseph McRooter (secretly a disguised Red Skull), who was seemingly seeking to root out secret Communists in the United States military and, eager to serve his nation and help root out subversion, Captain America ignored suggestions to appear before McRooter on Capitol Hill. The attorney Ken Levine attempted to talk Captain America out of testifying and while Captain America admitted he hadn't been following McRooter's Communist witch hunt in the papers, he felt he had nothing to hide. 

    Once the talks began, McRooter questioned what Captain America's official military rank was and when Cap began to comment that his title was more honorary due to his affiliation with the Army, McRooter flew into interrogatory questioning. Levine quickly reminded McRooter that the surprised Captain America was there voluntarily and had not even been sworn in yet. McRooter agreed then suggested that Captain America swear himself in by stating his full legal name and removing his mask or risk being held in contempt of Congress. Levine argued against McRooter's demands but McRooter accused Captain America of trying to hide behind his mask due to activities behind enemy lines in Korea. Captain America stood up, angry, prompting Levine to ask for a recess to discuss Cap's rights. The recess was granted with a warning to Cap to return the next morning at 9am or risk being held in contempt for failing to appear.

    That night, Captain America met with FBI agent Betty Ross, with whom he discussed his feelings of cowardice for having to "hide behind his lawyer." Ross assured "Rogers" that he was simply trying to have a private life outside of his identity as Captain America then suggested they look at the file on Joseph McRooter to get an idea as to why McRooter sought to shame an American icon. Five minutes later, Captain America learned from the file that the real Sen. Joseph McRooter had been a moderate politician before being murdered and replaced by a lookalike. When Ross mentioned needing to identify some contacts the impostor McRooter was meeting with in FBI photos, Captain America immediately recognized them as war criminals, and the two came up with a plan to expose the impostor. The next morning, Captain America appeared before Congress as ordered and when the topic of removing his mask came back up, Captain America agreed and immediately leaped over the desk to unmask the impostor McRooter as the Red Skull. Captain America then pinned the Red Skull to the floor and testified before Congress that his name was Captain America.

(Nomad I#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, a photo was taken of Captain America and Bucky in action.

(Nomad II#24 (fb) - BTS) - Another photo of Captain America and Bucky in action was taken.

(Captain America V#615.1 - BTS) - An article in the March 23, 1954 Daily Bugle newspaper accused Captain America of going crazy.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 4 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - Captain America and Bucky were presumably given government orders to join the US Army.

(Captain America Comics I#76) - Captain America and Bucky took down a group of Communists and Cap had Bucky phone the FBI to round up the defeated goons. A short time later, as the duo were making their way across town via rooftops, Captain America remarked on how a war of spies was going on and he intended to join in that war as a soldier. Bucky then asked if Cap planned to join the Army and not long after, Burnside and Monroe enlisted in the US Army as "Pvt. Steve Rogers" and "company mascot Bucky Barnes." Soon introduced to their drill sergeant Shanty Trucks, "Rogers" was ordered to mop the floor but, in keeping up with his clumsy act, "Rogers" slid in a puddle of water and ended up dunking his mop bucket over the head of Sgt. Trunks. 

    Quickly leaving the scene to avoid the angry Trunks, "Rogers" and "Barnes" noticed reporter Betsy Ross nearby and decided to see why she was there. Betsy, noticing who she thought were her friends Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, ran over to "Rogers" and "Barnes" and exclaimed that she was being framed as a Communist spy. Her photographer, Will Benson, also expressed interest in wishing to clear Betsy's name as Betsy revealed how all of her recent stories' secrets had been leaked.

    As the conversation continued, Betsy's editor, Connie Blake, came over to them with the general and informed Betsy that the general would allow her to report on the Army training in order to prove she was not a spy. Suspicious of Blake, "Rogers" and "Barnes" were soon discovered chit-chatting by Sgt. Trunks, who ordered "Rogers" to guard duty. That night while on guard duty, "Rogers" noticed Benson taking infrared photos in the dark; and the next morning, Betsy's story was cleared by the Army major, and Betsy said goodbye to "Rogers" as she departed the base. 

    Donning their costumes, Captain America and Bucky followed Benson's car and quietly hitched a ride on the car's roof as Betsy discovered Benson's infrared photos of top military secrets. Overhearing Betsy discovering Benson to be the spy, Captain America and Bucky continued hanging onto the car's roof as Benson took Betsy to the mountain-top mansion of Connie Blake, who was revealed as Benson's boss. From the mansion roof, Captain America overheard Blake order Betsy to take the fall for him, and Cap responded by dropping a lit match onto the photographic film evidence of the military secrets. As Blake and Benson noticed the ensuing fire, Captain America and Bucky revealed their presence and easily defeated the two spies, leaving Benson conscious to clear Betsy's name. The heroes then managed to get Betsy and Benson to safety as the mansion burned down with Blake inside.

(Young Men I#27/3) - Captain America and Bucky battled the Red Skull (Malik) as the Skull attacked government property in an attempt to steal the secret of atom rockets. During the fight with the Skull's henchmen, Captain America asked Bucky which way the Skull had gone, and Bucky soon dove at the Red Skull's legs to keep him from escaping. The Skull soon hit Bucky with his gun, and Cap was overwhelmed by the Skull's agents as the Skull successfully escaped. Calling the police to apprehend the Skull's brainwashed thugs, Captain America and Bucky then returned to their Army routine as "Steve Rogers" and "Bucky Barnes" as they awaited the Skull's next move.

    Months later, after the two rounded up various spy and saboteur groups, "Rogers" and "Barnes" received a video summons for Captain America and Bucky to meet a contact at Oxbridge Road for a tip on vital information to the country's welfare. Quickly donning their costumes, Captain America and Bucky rushed over to Oxbridge Road at the foot of Vulture Mountain, where they met their seemingly elderly contact. The man claimed his information was in his home higher on the mountain, and he led the two heroes to his home. Inside, Captain America and Bucky found numerous torture devices, and the man revealed himself tobe a disguised Red Skull. Announcing that the two heroes would be the first victims of his torture racks, the Red Skull had his men overwhelm Cap and Bucky, after which he had the duo placed on a torture device, proclaiming that he would free them if they revealed America's newest defense plans. 

    Feigning compliance under torture, Captain America soon claimed he knew where a rocket atom-bomb plant was, and the Red Skull had the seemingly dazed Captain America lead them to the location as Bucky protested. When the Red Skull subsequently noticed how fast his truck was going under Captain America's directions, he questioned if Cap knew what he was doing, and Cap sprung into action, attacking the Skull and his agent. The attack caused the truck to hit a wall and when Cap and Bucky rushed to stop the Red Skull, they found the villain seemingly dead from the wreck. Bucky then commended Cap on his acting and asked where the rocket atom-bomb plant really was, to which Cap admitted even he didn't actually know. Bucky then suggested they leave the scene and report the incident to the FBI.

(Captain America Comics I#76/2) - "Rogers" and "Barnes" accompanied the US Army to a small country into between the United States and Russia that both countries were fighting for control over. Sgt. Trunks ordered all of the men to look sharp to present a good impression on the country's minister of war, pressing special attention towards the foppish "Rogers." Noticing the supposedly stupid "Rogers," two men named Miro and Tomas sought to use "Rogers" as a pawn, unaware he was actually Captain America. Moments later, "Rogers" noticed that he was being followed and suggested he and Bucky split up so the two men would show their plans. Feigning surrender, "Rogers" allowed Tomas and Miro to capture him, and they took him to the corrupt secretary of war's home, revealing their Communist plot to win over the country in their favor. Upon meeting the secretary of war, "Rogers" learned that he, too, was a Communist agent and the secretary tasked the supposedly dumb "Rogers" with setting fire to the US embassy there.

    Complying in order to expose the secretary, "Rogers" then walked over to the embassy, pretending not to know Bucky or their friend Betsy Ross, and prepared to pour gasoline onto the floor. When Tomas and Miro pressured "Rogers" to pour it, "Rogers" instead hurled the gasoline into the two agents. More agents soon arrived and dogpiled "Rogers," who emerged from the fracas in his Captain America costume. Unsure of what had happened and where "Rogers" had went, the agents were all easily defeated, with Captain America punching out Miro while Bucky took care of Tomas. Cap then opted to reveal the secretary's enemy status as well at a parade occurring outside. 

    As a fire did break out at the US embassy as the secretary planned, Cap sent the cowardly Tomas and Miro to approach the secretary in the middle of the parade and beg for him to save them. When the secretary pretended not to know the men, Cap had Tomas and Miro admit their Communist status and publicly remind the secretary of his own Communist nature. Desperate, the secretary took the US ambassador hostage, but Captain America hit the secretary with his shield. Cap then pounced on the secretary, hitting him several times until the secretary admitted he was a Communist agent. As the ambassador announced that exposing the secretary had won the USA bases in the country, Captain America and Bucky hid under cover of police smoke and changed back into the Army uniforms, just in time for "Rogers" to be taken into custody for going AWOL.

(Captain America Comics I#76/5) - Stationed near the Indo-China theater of war, "Steve Rogers" and "Bucky Barnes" were on mop duty when "Rogers" overheard two military officers discussing a need for Captain America. Quickly changing into their costumes, Captain America and Bucky offered their assistance to the military officials, and the officials informed the two heroes about Americans disappearing behind the Iron Curtain before turning up later and broadcasting pro-Communist propaganda. Captain America readily agreed to help and asked the officials to fly him into the Iron Curtain, where Cap and Bucky parachuted into enemy territory. When Communist agents began shooting at them, Cap and Bucky dove into the water below and swam towards the light of a building equipped with a broadcast antenna. Investigating, the heroic duo found the captive Americans, drugged and forced to read propaganda over the airwaves.

    Pretending to be a Communist, Captain America was welcomed as a guest by the Communist leader, who hoped to convince Cap to broadcast pro-Communist propaganda and win the Communists the war. That night, Captain America and Bucky secretly poured out the drugs being given to the Americans and replaced them with ordinary water, banking on the American captives still being loyal to America if they were not drugged. The next morning, Captain America proudly strode into the broadcast room, where he announced the propaganda to be fake and the Americans, drugged. As Cap continued, warning Americans against Communism and urging them to fight it, the drugged Americans remained in a haze. The Communist agents quickly attacked Cap and he began fighting them off, soon inspiring the drugged Americans to snap free of their stupor and join in the fight. Eventually, Cap led the captives out of the broadcast room to their freedom.

(Men's Adventures I#27/3) - On leave from the Army, "Steve Rogers" and "Bucky Barnes" visited Egypt and discussed the past plight of Egypt from the backs of camels until a man named Adu Bey greeted them, claiming Americans were his favorite type of people. Introducing themselves, "Rogers" and "Barnes" were invited back to Adu Bey's lavish home, where servants waited on them. While Bucky was enjoying being pampered, "Rogers" noticed one of Adu Bey's dancers tapping out a distress call in Morse Code during her dance. Hours later, "Rogers" snuck out to meet with the dancer, who claimed she was taken from her family and held captive by Adu Bey. Promising to contact Captain America to rescue her, "Rogers" returned to his room and changed into his costume, waking Bucky up so the two could rescue the dancer. Arriving at the stables where "Rogers" had told the woman to wait, Captain America and Bucky stole horses to escape with the woman, and she led them to the tomb of Adu Bey's ancestors, claiming they would be safe there. While looking around, Captain America soon found a room filled with Communist ammunition and spy supplies.

    Thinking Adu Bey was the head of spy ring, Captain America rushed off to confront Adu Bey, but they were soon overwhelmed by Communist agents. Adu Bey soon arrived and demanded to know what was going on, and the confused Captain America and Bucky quickly learned that the Communist spy was actually the dancing woman they had supposedly rescued, Shika. Breaking free of his bounds by cutting the ropes with his shield, Captain America attacked the Communist agents and led them towards the back exit of the tomb, soon sealing them into the tomb with a large boulder. Returning to the tomb via the front entrance, Captain America and Bucky rescued Adu Bey and Shika fired on the heroes, accidentally causing a cave-in inside the tomb that killed her and her agents as the heroes escaped with Adu Bey. Once safely outside, Captain America lamented that it was a shame that Shika and her men had collapsed the resting place of Adu Bey's family, but Adu Bey admitted that he was honored to have it serve as a tomb to betrayers in his country. Adu Bey then commented that perhaps he could now live in peace and thanked the two American heroes for their assistance.

(Young Men I#28/3) - Captain America and Bucky tracked a group of Chinese dope smugglers to the waterfront, where they were knocked into the hold of a ship after being hit by one of the shipments that was being moved by crane. Remaining unconscious, Captain America and Bucky laid in the ship's holding until the next morning when its captain, Saunders, set sail in the ship. Hours later, Cap and Bucky regained consciousness and went above deck, where Captain Saunders' first mate, Crane, accused them of being stowaways and led them to Saunders, suggesting they be put in irons. When Saunders welcomed the heroes, an angry Crane attacked Cap and Bucky, but Cap easily delivered a punch to the first mate, prompting Captain Saunders to beg Captain America to stop fighting, as he felt his heart could not take such excitement.

    Captain America promised no further excitement but, suspicious of both Crane and Saunders, he stealthily investigated Crane and noticed a man in the shadows arranging the Chinese dope to be smuggled to South Africa in the cloth bolts Saunders was transporting in an attempt to cause a South African revolt. Not wishing to excite Captain Saunders by informing him of this activity and still suspecting Saunders was not as he seemed, Captain America met with Crane and learned that Crane was secretly working to expose Saunders, who was faking enfeeblement, as the true drug smuggler. Deciding to allow Saunders to think they still disliked one another, Captain America waited until the ship docked in South Africa, where Crane attempted to stop Saunders from interfering in the shipment delivery. When Crane physically threatened Saunders, Captain America and Bucky jumped into action and took down the apparently criminal Crane.

    The two heroes then informed Captain Saunders of what Crane had been apparently up to, and Saunders had Captain America and Bucky accompany him to the delivery, only to finally reveal himself as the drug smuggler. Saunders then ordered his men to attack the heroes, and the heroes easily fended off the smugglers until Saunders took Bucky hostage. With the gun pointed at Bucky and himself, Captain America proclaimed his realization that Captain Saunders had never been sick and had merely played sick to throw everyone off-track. Saunders then gloated that Crane had actually been trying to expose Saunders until Captain America attacked him at the dock. Saunders then moved to kill Captain America and Bucky, only to be shot dead himself by the arriving Crane and the other sailors. The two heroes then aided Crane in defeating the rest of Saunders' agents, and Captain America revealed to Bucky how he had secretly worked with Crane the whole time to feign enmity until Saunders would confess to being a drug smuggler and lead them to the warehouse containing the drugs. Crane then admitted he had to make his pretend enmity towards Captain America look real in order to fool Saunders, remarking that Cap hit like a mule and prompting Cap to apologize and comment that it was worth it to stop Saunders' "Cargo of Death."

(Men's Adventures I#28/3) - As numerous spies from around the world received orders to kill Captain America, "Steve Rogers" and "Bucky Barnes" were riding a motorcycle as part of an Army escort through Korea of some former POWs. During the escort, "Rogers" and "Barnes" wondered if one of the POWs, PFC Tim Potter, had been permanently affected by drugs forced upon him while captive and whether the drugs had weakened Potter's resolve to fight against the Communists. When the party was attacked by Communist guerrillas, "Rogers" offered to hold down the fort while the rest of the Army troops got the POWs to safety. As the Army rushed off and "Rogers" and "Barnes" donned their heroic costumes as Captain America and Bucky, Tim Potter fell off the fast moving Army transport. The guerrilla leader Kag ordered his men to hold their fire on Cap, but Captain America refused to quit fighting until the leader put a knife to Bucky's throat.

    Accepting captivity, Captain America was informed that he would be paraded before the high commissar as a prize before a filmed execution. Captain America, Bucky and Tim Potter were then marched back to the encampment of Commissar Kee-Sai; and Tim, apparently still weakened from the drugs, was allowed a private meeting with Kee-Sai. A short time later, Tim emerged with Kee-Sai and the two seemed to have made an alliance as Captain America and Bucky were led to their impending execution. Moments before the execution, however, Tim suggested that the Captain America Kag had captured could be decoy and that Kee-Sai should allow Cap to fight his ten strongest men to prove he was the true Captain America before being killed. Kee-Sai agreed and Captain America and Bucky were freed to battle Kee-Sai's men. As the two heroes battled Kee-Sai's men, Tim revealed his ruse and turned on Kee-Sai himself, mowing the Commissar down with machine gun fire.

    Upon seeing Kee-Sai's fleeing men heading towards an ammo dump, Captain America grabbed a machine gun and fired on the shack, igniting the dynamite inside to cause an explosion that violently killed most of Kee-Sai's agents. The surviving Kag then tried to stab Captain America from behind, but Cap ducked then punched Kag into the fire of the ammo dump, killing him as well. Captain America then suggested they all depart, as there was nothing else for them to do there, and on the way back, Tim revealed how he had broken free of the drugs and decided to pretend to be a Communist in order to help defeat the guerrillas.

(Captain America Comics I#77) - After a night of rounding a gang of spies, Captain America and Bucky landed on a rooftop and Bucky noticed through the skylight a boy crying. Listening to the boy's cries for help and wishes that Captain America was real, Captain America and Bucky decided to drop through the skylight to see if they could help the boy. Quickly realizing the boy was blind, Captain America allowed to boy to touch his shield, costume and chest to prove to the boy that they were the real heroes the boy had cried for. Upon learning that the boy needed help for his father, Collins, who was a designer at the shipyard, Captain America deduced that the boy's father must be trying to keep Communists from stealing plans for a miniature atomic engine and was worried the agents would come after his son. The two heroes then assured the boy they would help and went to the building's roof, where they noticed two thugs watching the building like a hawk. Silently investigating, Cap and Bucky learned that the thugs were waiting for the boy's father to arrive with the plans and realized the thugs were holding the boy hostage to force the father to turn over the plans. Splitting up, Captain America sent Bucky back to guard the boy while Cap rushed to the shipyards, where he witnessed a thug threatening Collins. Cap then watched as Mr. Collins returned to the shipyards and opened a safe containing the atomic engine's plans. After  Collins ultimately refused to take the plans, Captain America revealed himself and announced that he was there to help Collins.

    Captain America subsequently disguised himself in Mr. Collins' trenchcoat and hat and arrived to meet the thugs to exchange the supposed plans for Collins' son. The thugs were fooled by Cap's disguise and, thinking he was Collins, they grabbed him and announced their plans to kill both Collins and his son. When they arrived at the building housing Collins' son, Captain America revealed his ruse and punched one of the thugs clear out of the car. Bucky was outside waiting for Cap and quickly joined in the fight against the thugs. One of the thugs attempted to take Collins' son hostage but Captain America punched the thug just as the thug fired his gun, missing the child. The flash of the gun somehow restored the blind boy's eyesight, and Captain America and Bucky departed shortly thereafter to get the defeated thugs to the police, leaving the child to wonder if he truly had seen the real Captain America or not. As the heroes drove off, Mr. Collins assured his son that Captain America and Bucky were real to every real American who believed in them.

(Captain America Comics I#77/2/Captain America I#155 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky were investigating Chinatown after reports of Chinese Communists threatening Chinese Americans, and when the duo noticed a Communist agent wielding a hatchet, the two heroes easily defeated the agent just as Officer Howard Wing arrived to arrest the agent. Later, after the hood had been booked, Officer Wing and Wing admitted his worries that Chinese Communists were forcing money from loyal Chinese Americans by threatening their families back in China. Wing then revealed that the Communists had sent an agent known as the Man with No Face to America to kill any Chinese Americans who refused to pay the protection money and that he himself had received a letter from the Man with No Face threatening Wing's brother. Captain America immediately offered to help Officer Wing and told Wing to continue his normal police routine while Bucky and himself stalked Wing in hopes of catching the Man with No Face in the act of attacking Wing.

    During one such stakeout, Captain America and Bucky quietly followed Wing into a trap set by the Man with No Face and when Wing refused to pay money to the Communists, Captain America and Bucky burst onto the scene. Unfortunately, the Man with No Face's henchmen deliberately delayed Officer Wing and Bucky, forcing Captain America to pursue the escaping Man with No Face alone. Quickly catching up to the Communist hatchet man on a nearby rooftop, Captain America defeated the Man with No Face, who removed his mask to reveal himself as Howard Wing's twin brother, Philip before leaping off the side of the building. As the Man with No Face announced that the memory of his true identity would haunt Cap forever, Captain America swore that he would never tell Officer Wing the truth of his brother's dual identity as the Man with No Face. Officer Wing soon caught up to the Man with No Face and informed Captain America that the fall had damaged the Man's face so badly that his identity could not determined. When Wing still expressed worry about his supposedly endangered brother, Captain America assured Officer Wing that his brother's life was no longer in danger.

(Captain America Comics I#77/5) - Captain America was summoned to the Pentagon, where a military colonel and sergeant informed him of Communist POWs (Prisoners of War) dying of a strange disease within the United Nations POW camps in Korea. Cap was then informed that they had developed a serum in hopes of halting the disease and preventing false reports that the POWs were being allowed to die without medical care. Tasked with flying the serum over to Korea, Captain America and Bucky were attacked at the airfield when a Communist agent in Washington attempted to blow up the plane, but the military had arranged for decoy plane while Cap and Bucky survived with the true serum. The two heroes then took off in the real plane as the Communist agent in Washington ordered agents all over the world to stop Captain America from delivering the serum and ending his plans to discredit the United Nations. Not long into their flight, Captain America and Bucky were attacked by a plane, but they managed to maneuver the pursuing plane into crashing into the aircraft carrier from whence it came.

    The two heroes then stopped a second attack plane by flying right at it until the second plane dove out of the way, hitting the waters below. After refueling in England, Captain America and Bucky continued their trek, only to face an entire Communist armada. Parachuting out of the plane, the two heroes watched the armada go after the plane instead of themselves before they were picked up by a French boat and taken to Paris. Taking back to the air, Captain America and Bucky were again attacked by Communist planes, but they maneuvered each of the attack planes into crashing amongst the mountains and eventually arrived in Korea, where Captain America helped hold down the diseased POWs so a doctor could administer their vaccines. Thinking their fellow POWs had been poisoned, the healthy POWs attacked Captain America and Bucky until they noticed the vaccine taking effect and curing their allies, at which point the POWs stopped fighting. As the POWs backed away, Captain America noted to Bucky his hopes that they could get the POWs to see how their own Communist masters had been the ones to poison them and the only cure for what ailed them was "freedom and democracy."

(Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America V#38 (fb)/Captain America: Theater of First-America First!#1 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky had become inspirational champions of democracy to millions, but they soon began seeing "Communists" in the world where others saw nothing such as in Harlem and Watts.

(Captain America I Annual#6 (fb) - BTS) - Stories began to circulate that Captain America and Bucky had been running around beating up innocent people.

(Captain America I Annual#6/Captain America V#7 (fb)) - In July 1954, Captain America and Bucky staked out a warehouse in Watts where a group of African-American men were playing a card game. Claiming the men were part of a Communist conspiracy, the somewhat erratic and increasingly intolerant Captain America and Bucky smashed through the roof and began attacking the men. 

(Captain America I Annual#6) - When one of the men remarked that he had heard Captain America had been beating up innocent men, Captain America hit one of the men with his shield and spouted some racist remarks involving the "stink" of the men making him sick. One of the men soon attempted escape, but Captain America chased him down and hurled his shield, only to miss as the man got away. Remarking on how he wished he could control his shield as well as the original Captain America, Cap announced that they had nonetheless done a fine night's work. When Bucky commented on the strange tone in Cap's voice, Captain America briefly wondered aloud if their actions were right and if it was what the original Captain America would have done before affirming that their actions must be right. He then asked Bucky to stay there while he went to retrieve his thrown shield, only to find reality warping around him before his vision faded to black.

    Pulled out of time by the Elder of the Universe known as the Contemplator in an effort to grant the dying wish of action to Burnside's predecessor as Captain America, Jeff Mace, William Burnside was briefly placed in suspended animation until Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, was similarly pulled from the modern era. Once Rogers had been recruited, the Contemplator deposited Burnside, Rogers, Mace and Mace's predecessor William Nasland onto the alternate Earth-8206, on which the android Adam-II had taken control of the world. Tasked with freeing the world from Adam-II or at least instilling the spark of freedom in the populace so that they would rise up against Adam-II, Burnside was partnered with Nasland and immediately and confidently went to work attempting to rescue Earth-8206's enslaved populace. When Nasland called Burnside arrogant but admitted he admired Burnside's confidence, Burnside asked why he shouldn't be confident since he was Captain America. Nasland reminded Burnside that he was not the original Captain America but Burnside, uncaring who Nasland was under the Captain America mask, ran off to help the people, suggesting he didn't need assistance.

    Upon seeing some of Adam-II's robot servants preparing a group of humans for reconversion, Burnside leaped into battle against the robots, arrogantly exclaiming that the robots hadn't seen anything yet. Noticing that Burnside had failed to notice one of the robots sneaking up behind Burnside, William Nasland hurled his shield to defend Burnside, remarking that Burnside might've noticed the robot if he had spent less time talking. After being reminded of the value of teamwork by Nasland, Burnside joined Nasland in defeating the robots, after which hegloated about his victory, commenting that Nasland wasn't half-bad as well. Nasland then freed the captive humans and, while he was appalled that the humans had no concept of freedom, the impatient Burnside exclaimed that they were wasting their time on non-"pure blooded" Americans. He then suggested they find the reconversion camp of which the robots had spoken so they could destroy Adam-II for good. 

    Burnside then ran off into the mountains as Nasland stayed behind to better instill freedom in the formerly captive humans. Unaware that the recovering robots had subsequently downed Nasland, Burnside soon located the reconversion camp by trailing air pollution to its source. Staking out the camp, Burnside was soon surprised by a man calling himself Special Agent Smith of the United American Underground. Believing Smith's claims of being part of an anti-Adam-II underground, Burnside accompanied the man into the camp via underground tunnels, only to find himself led into a trap by Smith. Realizing too late that Smith was a cyborg working for Adam-II, Burnside was blasted by the cyborg and prepared for reconversion.

    By the time Steve Rogers and Jeff Mace were captured and taken to Adam-II's headquarters, Castle Computronex, both William Burnside and William Nasland had been transformed into cyborgs under Adam-II's control. When Mace and Rogers fought Adam-II, Nasland regained a semblance of his mental faculties and joined in the fight, only to hit by a blast of electrical energy fired by the mind-controlled cyborg Burnside. Commended on his actions by Adam-II, Burnside remained by Adam-II's side as the android battled the Steve Rogers Captain America, gloating about how he had defeated two Captain Americas and totally converted a third to his will. As Rogers continued battling Adam-II, the barely conscious William Nasland noticed that Rogers' words seemed to be affecting William Burnside. Taking advantage of Burnside's returning awareness, Nasland urged Burnside to revive Jeff Mace and together, both Nasland and Burnside turned their computer-fed electrical energies on Adam-II, leaving the android open to be defeated by Jeff Mace. Having successfully defeated Earth-8206's Adam-II, Rogers and Mace were returned to the Contemplator's base in Reality-616 while the restored Burnside and Nasland were returned to their proper time periods on Earth-616 with their memories of the events erased.

(Captain America Comics I#78/Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - Unaware that the Communist agent Electro had secretly arrived in Times Square to destroy Captain America, Captain America and Bucky appeared in a Times Square parade celebrating business progress and achievement. When the duo noticed a neon sign that stated "Captain America Dies Today," Captain America ordered some nearby firemen to hoist their ladders toward the sign so that he could investigate. Confronted by Electro at the sign, Cap quickly ordered the firemen to swing the ladder around in an effort to shake Electro down, but Electro pursued, forcing the two heroes to flee into a business machines building. Inside, Captain America found a large model typewriter, and he and Bucky led Electro onto the typewriter's rollers then hit keys, smashing Electro with the letters.

(Captain America: Man Out of Time#3 (fb) - BTS) - During Captain America's battle with Electro, a photograph of the fight was taken.

(Captain America I#78/Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - When Electro attempted to get off the typewriter at the end, Captain America hit the typewriter's reset button, forcing the roller back to hit Electro. Short-circuiting the model typewriter, Electro soon realized he was losing his electrical charge and took Bucky hostage as he inched towards a nearby dynamo, forcing Captain America to ponder whether to surrender or save Bucky. Quickly noticing the dynamo was near a waterfall, Captain America located the waterfall's control valves and turned on the waterfall just as Electro grasped the dynamo, electrocuting the villain. With Electro downed, Captain America made sure Bucky was okay and revealed how he had suspected Electro was inching towards the dynamo for a fresh charge. Bucky then pointed out that the neon sign outside had been changed to state "Captain America Lives."

(Captain America Comics I#78/2) - As peace talks began in Korea, "Steve Rogers" and "Bucky Barnes" guarded outside in their civilian identities as soldiers. When they noticed a man fleeing the scene, they ordered the man to stop but he refused, forcing "Barnes" and "Rogers" to confront the man. The man fired a gun, missing but temporarily blinding "Barnes," who managed to rip a Green Dragon patch off the man's outfit before the man escaped. Returning to base, "Rogers" and "Barnes" learned the man was a spy who had stolen documentation on Chinese who had turned against Communism to aid America. "Rogers" and "Barnes" then spoke with an ex-Communist Chinese man about the Green Dragon patch and learned that the patch was for members of a secret society who believed the Green Dragon would return to aid China during a time of extreme threat. "Rogers" and "Barnes" then explained to the man how they had to get the stolen list back in order to protect the families of those who defected and asked how they could get into China untouched.

    The man replied by suggesting the two don unusual costumes and infiltrate Shanghai's Feast of the Green Dragon celebration, and the two soldiers quickly got permission from their commanding officer to leave the base. Donning their superheroic costumes, Captain America and Bucky then infiltrated the Feast of the Green Dragon, soon spotting the spy who stole the list of defectors. The two then located a Green Dragon float at the end of the Feast's parade and managed to avoid Communist agents who had spotted them by leaping into the float's mouth. Activating the mechanisms inside, Captain America and Bucky made the float seemingly come to life, terrifying all nearby. When he spotted the thieving Communist agent, Captain America leaped from the float's mouth and confronted the agent, who willingly returned the defectors list out of fear of the Green Dragon. Noticing the Green Dragon breathing fire and thinking Bucky was really going overboard with the float's control, Captain America decided to toss the defectors list into the fires emanating from the Dragon's mouth rather than risk the defectors' lives in the future. Cap then checked on Bucky inside the float, who revealed that he had been knocked out by an internal mechanism and had not been controlling the Green Dragon. Shocked that Bucky was not controlling the Green Dragon, Captain America pondered that perhaps the real Green Dragon had truly come to life to rid China of its true enemies.

(Captain America Comics I#78/5/Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - "Rogers" and "Barnes" watched on television as the news introduced a new role model for American boys: star athlete and scholar Chuck Blayne. Some time later, "Rogers" and "Barnes" arrived at a United Nations session in which Chuck Blayne was set to attend. Pulling up in time to see Blayne being arrested, "Rogers" and "Barnes" changed into their costumes in order to find out what was going on. Learning from police that Blayne had denounced world cooperation and planted a bomb set to destroy the UN building, Captain America and Bucky frantically worked with local police in an attempt to locate Blayne's bomb. Captain America soon deduced that a time bomb would be ticking and he ordered all power shut off in the UN building, figuring that the bomb would still be ticking in the silence. 

    As predicted, Captain America located the bomb inside a ventilator shaft, and he then sought to force Blayne's real reasoning behind the bomb by dragging Blayne back into the building. At first refusing to talk, Blayne became more nervous by the minute and finally admitted on television that he was involved in a Communist plot, further revealing that he had also placed a bomb inside the building's giant clock. Realizing the clock was still running due to an internal generator, Captain America jumped onto the clock and forcibly kept the hands from striking the hour while Bucky searched inside the clock for the second bomb. Once Bucky had retrieved and disarmed the bomb, Captain America let the clock go and they watched as the maddened Blayne was taken into custody. Bucky then asked Cap about an earlier comment Cap had made about Blayne reminding him of someone, Captain America replied that Blayne reminded him of Hitler.

(Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - Later that day, Captain America's actions holding the clock hands from striking the hour were televised and seen by the Red Skull (Malik) and his revived ally Electro. Despite Electro's desire for revenge on the heroes, the two villains then continued on their way towards their mission to acquire Adolf Hitler's strongbox from the United Nations building, but the increasingly paranoid Captain America and Bucky happened to be prowling the area and decided to investigate, figuring there was a Communist plot afoot. Bucky immediately recognized the Red Skull and Electro, both of whom the heroes thought to be dead, and Electro ignored his orders and attempted revenge on Captain America and Bucky. Bucky quickly warned that Electro seemed more powerful than he was during their previous encounter but Captain America exclaimed that he didn't care, hurling his shield at the villain. Electro caught the shield in midair, much to Captain America's surprise, then hurled the shield back at the hero, knocking him down. Electro then lunged at the dazed Captain America, but Bucky managed to slam a moving car into Electro, causing a large explosion.

    Captain America then got to his feet and theorized that perhaps Electro was alternating current and the car's electrical system was direct current. He then offered other possible suggestions for the explosion such as the crash short-circuiting the electrical villain before admitting he honestly didn't have the vaguest idea of what caused the explosion. When Electro stood back up, Captain America and Bucky prepared for a renewed battle, only to watch the defeated Electro fall face down on the ground. Bucky questioned whether Electro was truly dead this time, and Captain America theorized that the Red Skull had made Electro dependent on him for life-sustaining electrical charges. Cap then suggested they let the FBI worry about the downed Electro while they investigated the area in an effort to pick up the Red Skull's trail. The heroes ultimately proved unable to pick up the trail, and the Red Skull escaped with what he thought was Hitler's strongbox, only to find it a fake.

(Captain America: Theater of War-America First!#1) - In 1955, as Sen. Joseph McMurphy gave a political speech, Captain America was taking down a group of gangsters and thinking about McMurphy's controversial nature. When two of the thugs attempted to escape in a truck, Cap leaped from the bus they had been fighting on onto the side of the truck, ripping the door off its hinge and punching out the passenger thug. Thinking about how the Soviet agents were not going to destroy the foundation of America on his watch, Captain America grabbed a stolen briefcase from the thug and dropped a grenade down the pants of the driver, jumping from the moving truck moments before it exploded.

    Not long after, CIA agent Nick Fury briefed his men on the current Captain America, explaining his origins and clarifying how he was not the original Steve Rogers. Fury was soon called the testify in front of Sen. Joseph McMurphy about Communist ties his he may have had during World War II while "Steve Rogers" taught a class at the Lee School about Communism, Soviet hatred of American ideals and America's responsibility to the world in the age of confrontation and crisis. Following the class, "Rogers" spoke with some other faculty until he was interrupted by a television report about German spy Dieter Prochnow attempting to sell a German secret weapon to the highest bidder. When one of his co-workers asked his opinion on the matter, "Rogers" remarked that if the story was true, it appeared the Nazis had thrown the world a trump card from beyond the grave. 

    Later that night, Captain America appeared on the television show "Of the People," where he discussed his job and denounced Sen. McMurphy's public fear-mongering, anti-Communist tactics. Insulted by Captain America's televised words, Sen. McMurphy quickly began a hate campaign against the hero, appearing on television to denounce the hero and suggesting he had proof that Captain America was an agent of international Communism.

    Deciding to investigate McMurphy's home as "Steve Rogers," Captain America recalled his earlier consideration of going public with his identity and thought how he was glad he hadn't, as he was now able to investigate as "Rogers" while the world searched for Captain America. Finding a Communist propaganda book, "Rogers" became curious why a so-called patriot like McMurphy would have such a book and he soon discovered a hidden door behind a bookshelf. Entering the room, "Rogers" found all sorts of Soviet propaganda and discovered McMurphy's secret role as a Communist spy. Subsequently meeting with Nick Fury to report his findings and elicit Fury's assistance in taking down McMurphy, Captain America was instead met with sarcasm and accusations that he was crazy for taking over the role of Captain America. Accusing Fury of being stubborn, Captain America decked Fury in the jaw and announced that someone had to stop McMurphy and that he would do it alone if he had to.

    Having learned that McMurphy was boarding a plane as part of the acquisition of Dieter Prochnow's secret weapon, Captain America arrived at the airport and was met by Soviet agent Natasha Romanoff, who pulled a gun on him. Easily knocking Romanoff aside despite his dislike of having to hit a woman, Captain America was quickly dogpiled by Soviet agents. Cap made quick work of most of the agents, but the attack was halted when Nick Fury arrived with Prochnow's supposed associate Ray Kahn. Fury and Captain America then shared information, and Cap learned that McMurphy had been a Soviet sleeper agent planted in the USA during the 1930s and that McMurphy's plane trip was actually a trip back home to Russia with Prochnow's weapon. 

    Using a jet pack, Captain America then pursued and boarded McMurphy's plane and was immediately set upon by more Soviet agents. During the subsequent fight, McMurphy tried to escape Captain America with Prochnow's weapon in a briefcase via parachute, but Cap hurled his shield, hitting the briefcase and causing McMurphy to topple out of the plane door. Nick Fury then radioed in to the plane and Captain America reported that while he had acquired Prochnow's weapon, he couldn't say the same for McMurphy, who had survived his fall due to the parachute. Having kept the weapon from falling into Communist hands, Captain America was later recognized in a ceremony by Pres. Dwight Eisenhower, who commented that Cap hadn't aged a day since D-Day. Cap mumbled in response, but Nick Fury whispered that Cap's true identity was on a need-to-know basis and the President didn't need to know. When thanked for his service, Cap replied that he was merely doing his duty.

    Following the meeting with the President, Fury led Captain America to another location, insisting that Cap would want to hear what was there. Inside, Captain America was met by Natasha Romanoff, who revealed that the US government had offered her a fortune to switch sides and that she was considering the idea. Romanoff then explained that she could assist the heroes with McMurphy. Not long after, McMurphy was helping to orient Soviet agent Sergeyivich to American life when Captain America arrived and backhanded McMurphy in preparation of dragging McMurphy back to the United States to stand trial for his crimes.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America I#281 (fb)) - Growing further paranoid by late 1955 and determining that most people who weren't "pure-blooded Americans" in their eyes were Communists, Captain America and Bucky again began attacking random civilians and were accused of losing touch with reality by the US government, who soon determined that the two heroes were suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Confronting the heroes, the US government tried to explain how the Vita-Rays that the original Captain America had been subjected to had been crucial to stabilizing the Super-Soldier Serum and without the Vita-Rays, the new Captain America and Bucky's minds were being destroyed by the Serum's effects.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America I#281 (fb)/Nomad I#2 (fb) - BTS/Captain America V#7 (fb)/Captain America V#600 (fb)) - When they were asked to turn themselves in to the authorities, Captain America and Bucky refused and attempted to leave but the government agents in J. Edgar Hoover's FBI fired on them and took the two heroes into custody.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - As he was being taken into custody, Captain America had to be held down by several military police officers.

(Captain America I#155 (fb)/Captain America I#281 (fb)/Nomad I#2 (fb) - BTS/Captain America V#7 (fb)/Captain America V#600 (fb)/History of the Marvel Universe II#2 (fb)) - The two disgraced heroes were they cryogenically frozen in suspended animation, and the government proved unable to cure the mental effects caused by the destabilizing Super-Soldier Serum, lamenting that at least the former heroes would not die while in suspended animation.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The cryogenically frozen Captain America and Bucky were sent to a top secret government facility in the United States south.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#1 (fb)) - An engineer assigned to the southern government facility, Pat Carney worked for a few months until his clearance finally came through, at which point Drs. Sinclair and Mooney led Carney into the suspended animation chambers where William Burnside and Jack Monroe were being held in cryogenic stasis. When Carney appeared shocked to see Captain America and Bucky, the other doctors explained that the heroes were not the original Captain America and Bucky from World War II but rather, replacements that had went mad and had been in the facility ever since.

    One of the scientists mentioned that the two heroes would remain there until a cure for their madness could be found and Carney asked if there were any plans for any other replacements for the original Captain America and Bucky. The doctor replied with a resounding negative, commenting that after the problems with Burnside and Monroe, the government had no wish for a new Captain America.

(Agents of Atlas II#4 (fb) - BTS) - In 1958, the cryogenically frozen Captain America and Bucky were stolen from the FBI by Soviet agents.|

(Agents of Atlas II#4) - The FBI's Department Zero used the interdimensional Dragon's Corridor to travel to where the Soviets were keeping the captured Captain America and Bucky, unaware of what the Soviets had stolen. Easily taking care of the Soviets, Department Zero wondered what they could have taken from the FBI, and they pulled back a cloth to find the frozen Captain America and Bucky. Surprised to see the heroes and unsure if they were the real Captain America and Bucky or not, Department Zero determined that the heroes were in suspended animation on a battery backup and would need to be connected to a power source within three hours.

    When the Soviets carpet bombed the base to cover it up, Department Zero's Jimmy Woo had his teammate the Human Robot carry the frozen Captain America and Bucky as Department Zero fled for cover. Department Zero, with Captain America and Bucky in tow, managed to escape through the Dragon's Corridor to San Francisco, California. Department Zero then turned the frozen Captain America and Bucky over to the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover and asked if they were the real Captain America and Bucky, but Hoover refused to give out any government secrets.

(Captain America: Man Out of Time#3 - BTS) - At some point while Captain America was in suspended animation, the photo taken during Captain America's battle with the Communist Electro was blown up to large size and displayed within the Smithsonian Museum. When the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, was later revived from his own period frozen in suspended animation, his ally Tony Stark brought Rogers to the Smithsonian to learn about the history he had missed while frozen and the two viewed the photo of the 1950s Captain America battling Electro.

(Captain America I#155 (fb) / Captain America I#281 (fb)) - Decades after Burnside was first placed in suspended animation, a radically anti-Communist government agent who was in charge of the frozen Captain America and Bucky became incensed at recent political developments and decided to unthaw the former heroes. The agent informed the thankful Burnside and Monroe of a supposedly traitorous Captain America that had appeared in the modern era, and Burnside assured the agent that they would take care of the Communist threat just as soon as they took care of the other Captain America.

(Captain America I#154 (fb) - BTS) - The still mentally addled and racially intolerant Burnside, dressed in his Captain America costume, decided to lure the real Captain America's crimefighting partner, the Falcon, out into the open by roughing up some black Harlem residents.

(Captain America I#153) - After hearing that Captain America had been beating up the people of Harlem and knowing that he had seen Steve Rogers onto an airplane the same day, the Falcon patrolled the city looking for clues as to what was going on and soon found Burnside in his Captain America costume beating up a man. When Burnside insisted he could explain, Falcon became momentarily distracted upon hearing what sounded like Steve Rogers' voice, leaving him open to an attack from Burnside. Deducing that this Captain America could not possibly be Steve Rogers due to his sheer amount of strength, the Falcon fought back with his Hawk-Hook and then tackled Burnside, punching him. Taking advantage of Burnside's grogginess, Falcon removed his mask and was shocked to see what appeared to be the face of Steve Rogers. After Falcon was hit from behind by Bucky (Monroe), the Falcon got back to his feet to see Burnside declare himself and Monroe as the true Captain America and Bucky.

(Captain America I#154) - Burnside punched the Falcon to the ground, unconscious, remarking on how the Falcon was harder to put down than he had anticipated. When Bucky (Monroe) remarked on how the names Captain America and Bucky used to make Nazis and Communists shiver and how the "bum" Falcon was carrying on that tradition, Burnside replied that it was sickening before deciding to finish the Falcon off. Before he could do so, however, the Falcon's pet falcon Redwing flew in and clawed at Burnside's eyes. Redwing then tripped Bucky, giving the recovering Falcon a chance to rally and punch Burnside. When the Falcon accused Burnside and Monroe of not being the true Captain America and Bucky but rather, costumed bigots and frauds, Monroe punched the Falcon, and Burnside followed up by knocking the Falcon unconscious again. With Falcon out cold, Burnside then proclaimed that they would now make the Falcon tell them where the other Captain America was, even if it meant torture, before picking the Falcon up and carting him off to Tyler's Warehouse. 

    Later, Burnside and Monroe attempted to get the Falcon to tell them where Captain America was, but the Falcon refused to talk, accusing the duo of not being the real Captain America and Bucky. Burnside slapped the Falcon and claimed that the Falcon's friend Captain America was nothing more than a Communist that had duped the American public in order to sell out the country to his Communist allies. Claiming he was the true force of American democracy, Burnside announced that Falcon would admit that if Burnside had to beat his brains out. Monroe then suggested Burnside beat the Falcon until he begged for mercy, but Burnside remarked that Falcon wasn't the type to beg and he didn't need begging, just information. Burnside continued beating on the Falcon until several Harlem neighborhood residents stormed the warehouse to rescue the Falcon. The crowd quickly knocked out Monroe before turning towards Burnside, who fled to a higher level of the warehouse with Falcon. When the crowd called Burnside a coward, Burnside began fighting them as the Falcon rolled away and broke free of the ropes binding him. The Falcon then tackled Burnside, but the floor beneath them broke, and the Falcon cushioned Burnside's fall. Burnside then grabbed the unconscious Monroe and fled, soon going to Avengers Mansion, where he tricked the Avengers into thinking he was Steve Rogers. Relieving the Vision from his video monitoring duties, Burnside watched as the Falcon arrived at Avengers Mansion to inform them of Burnside's recent activities. By the time the Avengers ran in to check the monitoring station, Burnside had witnessed the Falcon tell the Avengers that the real Steve Rogers was in Mosca Cay and fled once more.

(Captain America I#155 / Captain America V#7 (fb )/ Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - Traveling to Mosca Cay in the Bahamas to confront the real Steve Rogers, whom he perceived as a fake, Burnside had Jack Monroe pose as Bucky to lure Rogers into a trap, and the two teamed up to knock the real Rogers unconscious. Knowing that he next had to take care of Rogers' girlfriend, Sharon Carter, Burnside changed clothes with Rogers to lure Sharon into a trap as well, but Sharon quickly realized that Burnside was not sunburned like Rogers and ran, forcing Burnside and Monroe to pursue. Burnside had nearly caught up to Sharon when the Falcon arrived and intervened, attacking Burnside. Burnside shouted a racial slur at Falcon and accused him of being a Communist before Redwing slashed his talons across Burnside's back. Monroe and Burnside then ganged up on Falcon and Sharon Carter, eventually downing them and tying them up alongside the real Steve Rogers. When the trio of heroes regained consciousness, Burnside revealed himself as the Captain America of the 1950s and opted to give his origins before killing the heroes.

    After explaining how he had taken over as the Captain America of the 1950s, Burnside then asked to hear the origins of Steve Rogers, still unaware that Rogers was the true, original Captain America, but Rogers accused Burnside of being a fanatic. When Burnside gloatingly asked how he was pulling off this attack, the Falcon remarked that he was not pulling it off and pointed out how Burnside's Captain America was missing the back stripes of the original's costume. Burnside responded by backhanding the Falcon and accused the Falcon of being against him like all Communists. Burnside then walked off, remarking that they wouldn't be laughing when he killed them. After Burnside left, Rogers freed himself and his friends and remarked on how chilling it was that Burnside had turned out the way he did due to his admiration of Captain America. Rogers then remarked that even though it was not Burnside's fault that he had become what he did, this made him no less malignant, and Rogers commented that it was time for a showdown.

(Captain America I#156 / Captain America I#281 (fb)) - Burnside and Monroe piloted their captives to Miami Beach, Florida, where they landed the plane holding their prisoners. As Monroe commented that it was the right spot to settle things between the two Captain Americas, Steve Rogers and his allies burst into the cockpit, surprising their captors. Demanding to know how Rogers could be loose, Burnside was attacked by Rogers, who stated the real Captain America was no amateur. Announcing that Rogers simply would not play things the way he wanted, Burnside pulled an Atom-Blaster weapon and blew a hole in the side of the plane. He then suggested he and Monroe get some room to fight, but Falcon attempted to grab Burnside, tearing his costume. Rogers then proclaimed Burnside to be a poor man's version of him with a buckling shield and a tearing uniform, to which Burnside exclaimed that Rogers couldn't say that to him, as he was "America's Savior." Sick of Burnside's ravings, Rogers leaped into hand-to-hand combat with Burnside, who struggled against the original Captain America, still unaware of who he truly was.

    The Coast Guard soon arrived and ordered the combatants to cease activities until they could get closer, but the fighting Burnside fired his Atom-Blaster despite not having proper aim and hit the Coast Guard ship. Monroe soon managed to hit Rogers in the head, giving Burnside and Monroe time to dive into the ocean waters. As the two swam away, Burnside issued Rogers an ultimatum to finish things at the Torch of Friendship in one hour. After saving the Coast Guard ship crew, Rogers visited the local police and requested they cordon off the Torch of Friendship and, following a brief mix-up as to his actual identity, the police Sgt. J.W. ordered his officer Homer to steer clear of the other Captain America if he saw him. When Rogers finally arrived at the Torch of Friendship, Burnside swung in and kicked the hero, announcing that it was time the "traitorous" modern day Captain America met the rightful Captain America of the 1950s. Rogers attempted to explain how modern day America was in danger from within as well as without from threats such as organized crime, injustice and fascism, remarking that perhaps Burnside would not recognize fascism.

    Angry at being accused of being a fascist, Burnside proclaimed himself a real man and announced that he would kill Rogers to prove it, hovering his jagged, battle-damaged shield at Rogers' neck. Rogers managed to kick Burnside away, and Burnside commended Rogers on his fighting skills, commenting that he had to be a good fighter to have been chosen to impersonate Captain America. Burnside then announced that they were both copies of the real Captain America and that he had superhuman strength without Vita-Rays to "soften him up." Rogers responded by revealing to Burnside that he was the original Captain America, explaining his life story throughout the 1930s and 1940s, and Burnside flew into a twisted, berserk rage.

(Captain America I#156 / Captain America I#176 (fb) / Captain America I#236 (fb) / Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - Savagely leaping at Rogers, Burnside was punched into the Torch of Friendship's stone and knocked out.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - Rogers reflected on his battle against Burnside, feeling shaken to his core at the effect he had had on Burnside and how Burnside had seemed to break inside when he realized Rogers was the original Captain America. Feeling as if he had faced his own twisted legacy in Burnside, Rogers was forced to face facts that he could not control what people thought he stood for.

(Captain America I#156) - Rogers then reflected on the state of Burnside and how a similar flaw in his Super-Soldier Serum could have had the same effect on him decades ago. The Falcon and Sharon Carter arrived soon after and when Sharon asked what would happen to Burnside, Rogers theorized that Burnside and Monroe would be placed back into their suspended animation tanks until a cure could be found for their mental instability.

(Avengers I#106 - BTS) - Captain America returned to Avengers Mansion, where he greeted the self-pitying Vision and began to talk about how he had recently encountered another Captain America (Burnside).

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - As Rogers predicted, Burnside and Monroe were placed back in suspended animation.

(Captain America I#160 - BTS) - When the Falcon met up with Leila Taylor and asked her out in front of Rafe Michel, Rafe became angry and spouted some bigoted insults, prompting the Falcon to accuse Rafe of being as blind as the "fake" Captain America (Burnside).

(Captain America I#169 - BTS) - After seeing a negative television ad by the Committee to Regain America's Principles, in which he was seen pushing through a squad of police officers, Captain America exclaimed to himself that the footage of him pushing past the police was from when he went through a police barricade to capture the so-called "fake" Captain America, William Burnside.

(Avengers I Giant-Size#1 - BTS) - When the super-fast Whizzer attacked the Avengers in an effort to steal a Chrono-Module from them, the Whizzer commented that Captain America wasn't Captain America at all. Once the Whizzer had been defeated, Iron Man questioned why the Whizzer didn't think Captain America was the real Cap and Captain America wondered if perhaps the Whizzer thought he was the auxiliary Captain America, William Burnside, who had once took Cap's place while the hero was frozen in suspended animation.

(What If? I#5 - BTS) - While observing the alternate Earth-77105, in which the Steve Rogers Captain America and James Barnes Bucky had survived World War II, Uatu the Watcher noted that Earth-77105 had no need of a "bogus" Captain America (Burnside) and Bucky to combat foreign spies.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - Curious to learn more about the men who had followed in his footsteps as Captain America, Steve Rogers was informed about William Nasland and Jeff Mace but he had to root through old government files to find information on William Burnside. When he finally read up on Burnside, Steve Rogers realized why the government kept Burnside secret, as Burnside had seemingly lost everything trying to be Captain America.

(Captain America I#236 (fb)) - Feeling somewhat responsible for the actions of the erratic Burnside and his partner Jack Monroe, the government later sent the two men to a mental institution in the Catskills, unaware it was a front company for the criminal Corporation administered by criminal psychologist Dr. Faustus. Taking both Burnside and Monroe as his patients, Dr. Faustus delighted in testing his perfect mind-control gas on the two addled former heroes.

(Captain America I#232 (fb) - BTS) - Over time, Burnside fell under Doctor Faustus' thrall.

(Captain America I#233 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Faustus came to know Burnside's every weakness.

(Captain America I#236 (fb)) - Dr. Faustus deliberately advanced the existing psychosis within William Burnside and ultimately tested his control over Burnside by ordering him to kill his partner Bucky (Jack Monroe). Stuttering but nonetheless following orders, Burnside seemingly shot Monroe dead.

(Captain America I#281 (fb) - BTS) - Unaware that the gun was filled with blanks (see comments), Burnside genuinely believed he had killed his former crimefighting partner while Dr. Faustus secretly kept Jack Monroe alive, figuring he could eventually use Monroe as a pawn to keep Burnside in line or against the original Captain America, Steve Rogers.

(Captain America I#235 (fb) - BTS) - William Burnside was freed from the institution by Dr. Faustus.

(Captain America I#231 (fb) / Captain America I#233 (fb) / Captain America I#235 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside was placed in charge of the neo-Nazi National Force hate organization, set up by Dr. Faustus, as its Grand Director.

(Captain America I#232 (fb) - BTS) - Faustus arranged for the Grand Director to use mind-control devices on others to force them into National Force.

(Captain America I#231 (fb) / Captain America I#236 (fb) / Captain America V#38 (fb)) - The Grand Director staged a rally in Central Park, where he exclaimed that America must act swiftly to make the country stronger by ensuring its white "purity." When angry protesters hit him with an egg, the Grand Director exclaimed that he could not stand idly by while the nation was plunged into darkness. He then had a giant cross lit on fire and announced that the flames of the cross would signal a new beginning for the country, inciting the protesters into attacking. As the protesters saw the fires of the cross, however, they were overcome with hatred for non-Caucasians, and the Grand Director watched as the protesters turned on one another. By the time the riot squad arrived to break up the fight, the Grand Director had fled with those affected by the cross, including SHIELD agents Sharon Carter and Karl Janacek.

(Captain America I#231 - BTS) - Two nights later, while having a sleepless night following a falling out with SHIELD, Captain America visited his former crimefighting partner Sam Wilson's social work office and noticed a newspaper article about the fight at the Grand Director's earlier rally. He soon spotted his old friend Peggy Carter snooping around, hoping to find Wilson in his identity of the Falcon, and Peggy expressed her fears that her niece Sharon Carter was somehow involved with the hateful actions of the Grand Director's National Force. When Captain America suggested letting the police handle National Force, Peggy revealed how the Grand Director and his National Force had been spreading hate and how Sharon Carter had investigated the Grand Director's rally, only to turn up missing when the Grand Director fled the scene. Upon hearing that Sharon was missing, Captain America decided that he needed to find and fight the Grand Director and National Force.

(Captain America I#232) - As he went off to find the Grand Director, Captain America witnessed some National Force agents blow up Peggy Carter's car and, more determined than ever to take down the Grand Director, Captain America leaped into action against the National Force agents. Defeating the agents, who committed suicide rather than face incarceration, Captain America ensured that Peggy received medical attention and spent the night figuring out how he would get more information on the Grand Director. After learning from informant Carl "Pigsticker" Peel that criminal Boss Morgan might have information on National Force, Captain America confronted Morgan and demanded to know where he could find the Grand Director. Morgan scoffed, claiming the Grand Director and his men were after his own people and that Morgan intended to protect his own. Captain America angrily stated that he could end the National Force without bloodshed if Morgan would simply tell him where to find the Grand Director.

    Before Morgan could say anything, however, one of Morgan's men came in to inform Morgan that National Force had begun a march into Harlem, prompting Captain America to leave to confront the Director. As Cap rushed off, warning Morgan to keep his men out of the fight, the Grand Director himself entered an office and announced National Force's march on Harlem. Admitting to the shadowy figure of criminal psychologist Dr. Faustus that he hadn't thought about the suffering and violence that would result from the march on Harlem, the Grand Director laid down on a couch and claimed he was tired from such a big job. He then expressed concerns over the rightness of his recent actions, remarking on how he had hated having to use mind-control devices to force people to his side and wondering why people couldn't see the rightness of his actions without such devices. Faustus assured the Grand Director that he would have to rely on mind-control devices less and less as his movement progressed and that people would flock to his National Force once they had a few victories. Faustus then suggested the Grand Director leave, as he would be needed shortly. Arriving in Harlem, Captain America took down two National Force agents and prepared to go after the Grand Director directly, only to be stopped by a mind-controlled Sharon Carter who was confronting Boss Morgan's men.

(Captain America I#233 / Captain America I#236 (fb)) - Captain America attempted to prevent a battle between Morgan's men and the National Force, but the mind-controlled Sharon Carter ordered National Force to purge Morgan's men in the name of the Grand Director and for the sake a "strong America." When Sharon herself began blasting at Morgan's men, Captain America tried to fight his way to her, unsure of what the Grand Director had done to her, only to be dogpiled by National Force agents. Eventually, the National Guard showed up and after several captured National Force agents committed suicide, a worried Captain America rushed off to confirm Sharon's survival, unsure of where to go next and what he really knew about the Grand Director or National Force. While Captain America went to Mt. Sinai Hospital to check on Peggy Carter, only to find that she was mysteriously released to someone claiming to be Steve Rogers, the Grand Director was with Doctor Faustus impatiently waiting for Captain America to arrive. Faustus assured the Grand Director that Captain America would come, and when the Grand Director questioned if something had gone wrong, an angry Faustus shoved his desk aside and exclaiming that nothing would go wrong.

    Faustus then announced that he knew Captain America's every weakness, much as he knew the Grand Director's own weaknesses. As the the Grand Director huddled in the fetal position on Faustus' couch, Dr. Faustus accused the Grand Director of being weak and proclaimed that the Grand Director wasn't half the man Steve Rogers was. Faustus then reminded the Director that Captain America would come for them after they had attacked the two women Rogers loved, unaware that Captain America had arrived outside. Captain America soon made his way into Dr. Faustus' office but when Faustus managed to easily swat aside the hero, the Grand Director timidly emerged from hiding and asked if Dr. Faustus' Mind-Gas had affected Rogers. Faustus affirmed the Director's question and explained that Rogers would now be susceptible to the Grand Director's every word. Faustus then asked the Grand Director what he would suggest for Captain America as the Grand Director removed his mask to reveal the face of Steve Rogers.

(Captain America I#234 / Captain America I#236 (fb)) - Twenty four hours later after being taken prisoner by Dr. Faustus and the Grand Director, a brainwashed Captain America, wielding a shield emblazoned with a Nazi swastika, filmed a staged video of himself attacking black rioters and claiming that the Grand Director was right about his hateful, racist views of those with dark skin and how "a white America was a strong America." The heroic Daredevil soon overheard the televised actions of Captain America and, suspecting his ally might be in trouble, he tracked a National Force vehicle to an old Bismark warehouse, where he was met by Dr. Faustus, the Grand Director, the brainwashed Captain America and a squad of National Force agents. Faustus quickly manipulated the addled Captain America into attempting to kill Daredevil but during the fight, the Grand Director remarked that it didn't seem to be going well and he suggested they kill both Captain America and Daredevil. Daredevil soon managed to break Captain America from his brainwashing, at which point Dr. Faustus announced that the two heroes had outlived their usefulness and the Grand Director's moment had come.

(Captain America I#235) - The Grand Director stood at Faustus' side as National Force agents fired on Captain America and Daredevil and the warehouse was set ablaze. The Director and Faustus subsequently fled, leaving the two heroes trapped in the oil-covered warehouse, and as they were departing, the Grand Director suggested Faustus hurry before the authorities arrived. The stern Dr. Faustus replied that he was the authority there and warned the Grand Director not to forget that. When Faustus then reminded the Grand Director of how he had freed Burnside and set him up as the head of National Force, the Grand Director weakly acknowledged Faustus' leadership. He then informed Faustus that their trucks had been loaded up per Faustus' orders and suggested they leave the scene immediately. Faustus nonetheless stayed long enough to see the warehouse roof collapse on the heroes, gloating that while lesser men such as Burnside had tried and failed to defeat Captain America, he had succeeded.

    Unaware the two heroes had survived the warehouse's fiery collapse, Dr. Faustus and the Grand Director drove off. When the police arrived on the scene, Daredevil spoke with the commissioner as Captain America thought to himself how he should have suspected Faustus' hand behind the Grand Director and the National Force. The hero then thought back about Sharon Carter's seeming brainwashing and where the Grand Director fit into Dr. Faustus' plan. As Captain America wondered if he had hallucinated seeing his own face beneath the Grand Director's mask, the Grand Director and Dr. Faustus arrived at the Lakehurst, New Jersey Air Pavilion. When the guard, thinking their were tourists, informed them that the Air Show didn't start until later, the Grand Director, wearing a Captain America mask, surprised the guard and sprayed him with a mind-control gas to prevent him from questioning the villains. The Grand Director then ordered the gas-affected guard to let them pass, claiming they had a country to save, and they continued to a nearby blimp, where the Grand Director had National Force stock the dirigible with canisters of Faustus' mind-control gas. Questioning Dr. Faustus on why the mind-control gas was necessary, the Grand Director was told that, once the gas was released over Manhattan, National Force would rule all of New York.

    Captain America and Daredevil soon arrived on the scene to interrupt Dr. Faustus' monologue and when the two heroes began battling National Force, the Grand Director revealed Peggy Carter as his hostage, warning Captain America not to interfere with National Force's plans at the risk of Peggy's life. Captain America momentarily relented, and the Grand Director and Faustus entered the blimp with Peggy in tow. Once inside, the Grand Director asked Faustus if he should dispose of Peggy, but Faustus suggested Peggy might still prove useful to them. As the Director and Faustus casted off in the blimp, Captain America and Daredevil boarded a nearby World War I plane to pursue the villains. When the police arrived as well, the remaining National Force agents jumped into old planes as well in an attempt to regroup with the Grand Director. As the National Force agents hit a fuel line on Cap and Daredevil's plane, Captain America leaped from the plane towards the Grand Director's dirigible, only to seemingly miss it.

(Captain America I#236) - Failing to angle his fall more towards the Grand Director and Faustus' dirigible, Captain America managed to land in relative safety while Daredevil crashed their plane near the river. Aboard the dirigible, the Grand Director continued to hold Peggy Carter hostage as she exclaimed that Faustus' plan would never succeed. Faustus gloated and revealed to Peggy how the gas canisters were already being hooked up and that only one man, the real Captain America, could have hoped to thwart him as the Grand Director obediently agreed with Faustus' remarks. Removing his mask, the Grand Director proclaimed Captain America to be dead and when Peggy gasped at the sight of Burnside's face, Faustus related Burnside's origin. Hearing the story of his own manipulation by Faustus, who claimed he had made a new man out of Burnside, the Grand Director fell into the fetal position as Faustus continued to relate Burnside's actions as the Grand Director to Peggy Carter. The arrival of Captain America via Avengers Quinjet soon interrupted Faustus' monologuing and Faustus quickly ordered the Grand Director to stop cowering on the floor and do something.

(Captain America I#236 / Captain America V#38 (fb)) - Trembling, the Grand Director muttered that he would do something before pressing a hidden stud on his belt buckle and seemingly committing self-immolation.

(Captain America I#236) - As Captain America stood surprised, the nearby National Force agents proclaimed that their Grand Director had martyred himself in the name of their "glorious cause." The Director laid burning as Faustus grabbed Peggy Carter and attempted to use her as a hostage, only to have his foot stamped by Peggy, who then escaped his grasp. The fire from the Grand Director soon spread across the blimp, causing it to crash as Captain America defeated Dr. Faustus and the survivors emerged in New York Harbor.

(Captain America I#281 - BTS) - Following Burnside's death, the still-living Jack Monroe was sent to a SHIELD hospital, where his chemically-based insanity was treated, and he came to view Burnside's death as if Burnside was murdered by Dr. Faustus rather than a suicide. Monroe felt Burnside had been a good man whose greatest "sin" was caring too much about his country.

(Nomad I#2 - BTS) - While investigating Jack Monroe, Andrea Sterman looked through a case file on Monroe, in which was a photo of Burnside and Monroe in action as Captain America and Bucky during the 1950s.

(Nomad II#15 - BTS) - During an attack on Nomad (Jack Monroe), the entity known as the Hate-Monger appeared in the form of Captain America (Burnside), several past versions of Monroe himself and several former foes of Nomad.

(U.S.Agent I#3 - BTS) - While attempting to get information on the background of the heroic U.S.Agent, the villainous Domino searched his computer database heroes with a patriotic motive and Captain America (Burnside) was one of the many heroes that pulled up in the search.

(Nomad II#24 - BTS) - Nomad related the story of how he had first met William Burnside (as "Steve Rogers") in the halls of the Lee School to his sister Jill. As he told the story, Nomad admitted that he felt he had pushed "Rogers" to become the new Captain America so that he could become his partner, the new Bucky. Jill replied by suggesting that if the government had wanted Burnside to become the new Captain America, there was no better choice than the young Jack as the new Bucky. Later, while still digging into Jack Monroe's past, Andrea Sterman and SHIELD agent Jack Norriss came across a file showing the FBI's involvement in arranging for Monroe to become the Bucky to Burnside's Captain America and how they knew Burnside's Super-Soldier Serum would cause Burnside and Monroe to become unstable. As they viewed the file, they also came across a photo of Captain America and Bucky in action.

(Captain America: The Legend - BTS) - Captain America assessed the past foes he had fought and he placed the Grand Director in the "Augmented Strength/Highly Skilled" category alongside U.S.Agent, Cable, Earth-7484's Deathlok and Wolverine. Cap noted that the Grand Director and the others in that category were notable as having not just superhuman strength but also the ability to use it to their fullest advantage. He then categorized them all as the all-around toughest of his foes to beat.

(Thunderbolts I Annual 2000) - A reflection of Burnside's tortured spirit was seemingly seen in the demon Mephisto's Arena of Lost Souls (see comments).

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - The Grand Director's true identity became fully known to the United States government. Despite his actions as the Grand Director, Burnside himself retained no criminal record.

(Captain America V#36 (fb) - BTS) - Apparently still alive following his self-immolation, William Burnside was again placed in stasis.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 4 - Grand Director entry - BTS) - Burnside was spirited away by agents of Dr. Faustus that had avoided arrest, and Burnside spent years recovering from his self-immolation in stasis.

(Captain America V#36 (fb) - BTS) - He was eventually moved to a laboratory ran by Arnim Zola.

(Captain America V#36) - While attempting to escape the Red Skull and his allies, Sharon Carter ventured into one of Arnim Zola's laboratories and discovered the stasis unit of William Burnside, whom she thought was the then-thought deceased real Steve Rogers.

(Captain America V#37) - Dr. Faustus met with the Red Skull to discuss their "patient," William Burnside, and the two briefly disagreed on who would control the United States following their plan's successful end. When Faustus asked if Arnim Zola was still trying to figure out a way to reawaken Burnside, the Red Skull assured Faustus that every part of their plan was going as scheduled and that Burnside would be conscious soon to act as their Captain America against the new Captain America (James Barnes). A short time later, Sharon Carter, still thinking she had seen the real Steve Rogers, feigned still being under Dr. Faustus' control in order to investigate and rescue the man she saw in stasis. Subsequently getting past the Red Skull's security, Sharon sneaked into a room where Burnside was lying on a medical table. Sharon managed to awaken Burnside, only to quickly realize the horribly scarred Burnside was not Rogers. Awakening, Burnside recognized the name Steve Rogers and commented that while it was his name, he didn't recognize Sharon.

(Captain America V#38) - Realizing who Burnside actually was from his scars, Sharon recoiled, and a confused Burnside asked if he knew Sharon or if she knew him. Sharon admitted she did know him and thought about how Burnside was supposed to be dead following his self-immolation years earlier. After the still-confused Burnside asked Sharon to just talk to him, sure he had seen her somewhere before, Sharon, horrified that Burnside somehow still lived while Jack Monroe and the real Steve Rogers were apparently dead, pulled a gun on Burnside. Unsure what was going on, Burnside begged for Sharon not to shoot him, and Sharon apologized for what she was about to do, only to be shot down from behind by Aleksander Lukin, the then-host of the Red Skull's consciousness. Faustus and Lukin then argued that Sharon would not have been able to get close to Burnside if Arnim Zola had been monitoring Burnside, and Burnside interrupted the argument by remarking on how Sharon had seemed prepared to kill him. The manipulative Dr. Faustus then assured Burnside that Sharon was just confused and suggested they get Burnside back to bed.

    When Burnside commented that Sharon knew his name, Faustus responded that everyone knew his name, as he was Captain America. As Burnside was laid back down, Lukin remarked that Burnside was like an infant and Faustus assured Lukin that Burnside was merely disoriented after having been in suspended animation for a long time. Faustus then commented on how well Burnside's burned body had healed over the years, to which Lukin replied that he hoped Faustus' work with Burnside would be more effective that his work on Sharon Carter. Dr. Faustus later programmed Burnside, now in a Captain America costume, forcing him to watch video footage of the Steve Rogers Captain America in action. When Faustus remarked on how the country needed its hero like never before, a man truly worthy to carry on the mantle, and asked if Burnside was that man, Burnside stared blankly ahead and muttered in the affirmative. Following a brief interruption by the departure of Lukin, Dr. Faustus opted to continue the programming of Burnside, who asked to continue as if in a trance. Faustus then showed Burnside footage of Bucky Barnes as the new Captain America and proclaimed him a coward, unworthy of the mantle of Captain America. Faustus then told Burnside that Barnes was not only unworthy of being Captain America but that he was the man who had killed Burnside's former sidekick Bucky (Jack Monroe).

(Captain America V#39 (fb) - BTS) - The injured Sharon Carter was placed in a recovery room managed by the Red Skull's agents, and she overheard the Skull and Faustus' plans to use William Burnside as a twisted Captain America under their control.

(Captain America V#40 (fb) - BTS) - Despite Dr. Faustus' warnings that Burnside was not yet ready for action, the Red Skull had Burnside costumed as Captain America.

(Captain America V#39) - Garbed in his Captain America costume, William Burnside watched from afar as the Red Skull pawn Sen. Gordon Wright gave a speech to his supporters, proud to be a part of Dr. Faustus' plan. Waiting for some of Doctor Faustus' men to stage an attack on Sen. Wright as his signal into action, Burnside leaped from a rooftop when the men attacked, his anger at the so-called "impostor" Bucky Barnes bubbling over, and staged a televised "defeat" of Dr. Faustus' men. Once the men were downed, Burnside (as Captain America) praised Sen. Wright's work as television news crews wondered if he were a resurrected Steve Rogers. Burnside's praise and the media speculation were seen by the Falcon and Barnes, and the recovering Sharon Carter wondered if the Red Skull and his allies were off celebrating the debut of Burnside as Captain America.

    Barnes, in his civilian identity, later attended a campaign rally by Sen. Wright to keep an eye out in case "Captain America" would show up. Suspecting that Wright's supporters were only there in hopes of seeing Captain America, Barnes stayed until Wright's rally came to an end without an appearance of Captain America and noticed as some of the departing supporters whined about not being able to see Captain America. When Barnes later investigated Sen. Wright's hotel room as Captain America, Burnside attacked Barnes in the hotel room, knocking Barnes through the wall. Ordering Barnes back to his feet, Burnside exclaimed that while Barnes would die that night, Burnside had waited too long to finish Barnes quickly.

(Captain America V#40) - After punching Barnes through two walls, Burnside warned the surprised Barnes against running away before jumping down to meet Barnes. Barnes managed to kick Burnside in the head, but Burnside exclaimed that a cheap shot like that only proved to him that Barnes was worse than he had been told. Burnside then swatted Barnes aside and commented that Barnes deserved more than what he was receiving as he readied his shield to cut into Barnes. Barnes managed to sweep Burnside's legs and leap away, taunting Burnside to follow as the Red Skull and his allies watched the fight from afar via satellite feed. Burnside quickly caught up to Barnes and attacked again, but Barnes ducked, causing Burnside to punch directly into a brick wall. Momentarily taken aback by the pain of hitting the wall, Burnside was then hit with a haymaker from Barnes.

    Still only momentarily stunned, Burnside quickly regained his composure and asked if that was all Barnes had before knocking Barnes into a nearby brick chimney. Worried he might have to shoot the more powerful Burnside and still not 100% sure Burnside was not the real Steve Rogers, Barnes hurled his shield at Burnside, who ducked. The shield soon recoiled and returned, hitting Burnside in the legs and leaving him open to a heavy punch from Barnes. Barnes then removed the mask of the stunned Burnside and was shocked to see the face of Steve Rogers. Announcing that it was the last face Barnes would ever see, Burnside lunged at the surprised Barnes, who commented that Burnside couldn't be Steve Rogers. When Burnside insisted he was Steve Rogers, Barnes asked if Burnside recognized him at all but the angry Burnside exclaimed that he recognized Barnes as the man who killed Bucky. Burnside then viciously renewed his assault on Barnes, demanding to know if Barnes knew what Bucky meant to him and the country. Unmasking himself to reveal the face of the original Bucky, Barnes remarked that it looked like Burnside had not been given the full story on Bucky Barnes. Taken aback, Burnside paused and began to break through his conditioning.

    From his base, the Red Skull asked Dr. Faustus what was happening, and Faustus confirmed that Burnside was cracking, prompting the Skull to order Burnside recalled from the fight. Faustus remarked that he was not at fault for Burnside breaking through his conditioning, as he had warned the Red Skull that it had been too soon to send Burnside into action. As the two villains watched from afar, Barnes admitted his suspicions of who Burnside really was and offered to help him. The confused Burnside muttered that Barnes had killed Jack Monroe and Barnes admitted that he had (during his time under Russian control) and apologized. Barnes' apology served only to further anger Burnside, who shoved Barnes off the roof and announced that Barnes should be dead for what he had done.

    After being rescued by the Falcon, Barnes commented that Burnside would escape, but the Falcon opted to allow this so they could track him back to the Red Skull. Barnes then questioned if the Falcon had already realized Burnside was the Captain America from the 1950s and Falcon admitted that he had suspicions. The Falcon then revealed that he had guessed Barnes would've gone against orders and ultimately confirmed his suspicions about Burnside. The Falcon also suggested the real Steve Rogers would've also gone against orders if that made Barnes feel any better and Barnes remarked that it didn't, as he felt Burnside's hatred of him was deserved.

(Captain America V#41) - Confused, Burnside spent four days hiding out, unaware he was being watched by Redwing, in hopes that he might lead the Falcon and Bucky Barnes to the Red Skull.

(Captain America V#49 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during Burnside's hiding, a photo of him was taken, and it was acquired by the Falcon.

(Captain America V#41) - While he was hiding out in the diner Greasy's Spoon, an A.I.M. tactical squad began circling on Burnside's position, and Falcon was alerted to the events via Redwing. As Burnside noticed the A.I.M. agents closing in and fled, Bucky Barnes admitted his feelings of guilt to the Falcon that they should be helping Burnside escape the Red Skull and his allies instead of using Burnside to find the Skull's location. The Falcon admitted he also didn't like having to use Burnside but warned that Burnside had been insane long before Dr. Faustus took control of him. As the two discussed how there might not be anything they could do to help Burnside, Burnside attempted to fight off A.I.M. but was eventually downed. A.I.M. reported back to Arnim Zola, who ordered the tactical squad to stealthily return to headquarters with the unconscious Burnside and then reported to the Red Skull that he had cleaned up another of Dr. Faustus' "messes." The next day, the Falcon and Bucky Barnes learned via the Falcon's power to communicate with birds that Burnside had been taken to Albany, New York, where they met up with the Black Widow, and shortly thereafter, Burnside was delivered to the Red Skull by A.I.M. The Red Skull ordered Burnside to be sent to an immersion room and had the A.I.M. inform Dr. Faustus that his patient had been returned for further "education."

(Captain America V#42) - As the Falcon and Black Widow raided the Red Skull's Albany, New York base to rescue Sharon Carter, William Burnside, still strapped to a chair in an immersion room, heard explosions going off around him as the Red Skull's base was set to self-destruct. Asking what was going on, Burnside demanded to anyone listening to let him free, further exclaiming that he couldn't be treated like that as Captain America. When the room collapsed around him, Burnside managed to free himself and escape, soon finding Arnim Zola threatening Sharon Carter. Grabbing a piece of debris, the crazed Burnside impaled Zola's mechanical body and accused Zola of being a fascist freak. A weak Sharon Carter expressed hope that Burnside was one of the good guys now.

    Not long after, the Falcon and Black Widow found Sharon and the downed Zola and Red Skull but Burnside was nowhere to be found. 

    Days later, Burnside walked through New York's Times Square, a hidden figure amongst the large crowd.

(Captain America V#49) - While Sharon Carter was visiting her senile aunt Peggy at the Larkmoore Clinic, where Peggy claimed Captain America was going to visit her soon, the Falcon visited a local bar and showed the bartender a photo of William Burnside, asking if he had seen the man. The bartender replied that he didn't think he had seen Burnside but commented that Burnside had a face like any other so he couldn't be 100% sure. When the bartender then asked what Burnside had done, the Falcon merely replied that it was complicated then left the bar, asking himself if he was supposed to say that Burnside thought he was Captain America. Sharon Carter soon contacted the Falcon, who admitted his suspicions that he had received a bogus tip regarding Burnside. When the Falcon asked Sharon what they should call Burnside, whose true name was still unknown to them, Sharon suggested "Fifties Cap" but the Falcon said that name was a mouthful and suggested "Evil Cap" instead. Sharon opted not to call him "Evil Cap," and the Falcon remarked that Sharon was too nice, further commenting that Burnside had not saved Sharon, rather he had just not killed her. The Falcon then decided on the name "Bad Cap" before flying off.

    Some time later, Burnside visited Peggy Carter at the Larkmoore Clinic and the absent-minded Peggy thought she was talking to the real Steve Rogers. When Peggy suggested he should meet her niece Sharon and remarked on how "Steve" knew her war stories since he was there, Burnside claimed his memory wasn't as good as it used to be and asked  Peggy to relate everything she remembered about her time with Steve Rogers.

(Agents of Atlas II#4/2 - BTS) - After encountering Bucky Barnes as Captain America and having their ally Marvel Boy telepathically show them Barnes' memories, the Agents of Atlas' Jimmy Woo and Gorilla-Man again wondered if the Captain America and Bucky they had seen frozen back in 1958 were the original Captain America and Bucky.

(Captain America V#600) - William Burnside was enjoying a cup of coffee at a diner when a television report about the one year anniversary of the supposed death of Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, came on. The waitress noticed a resemblance between Steve Rogers and Burnside, and Burnside smiled, commenting that he'd been told that a few times. He assured the waitress he wasn't Steve Rogers and remarked that he wished he was, to which the waitress replied that she also wished he was Captain America. He then left the diner and thought about his life, wondering if he still really strove to be Captain America like he had most of his life. As he walked through a neighborhood where many of the homes had "For Sale" signs on them, Burnside thought the modern world seemed wrong somehow but then recalled his childhood during the Great Depression and how the modern era really didn't feel that much different, other than people during the Depression being more civilized and mannerly. When he returned to his truck, Burnside found two men rummaging through his belongings and handling his shield and costume. Attacking the men, Burnside announced that it was not their truck and, after downing the two men, Burnside gathered his belongings and felt as if the now-disrespectful world needed a Captain America like he used to be. He then got into his truck and drove off, thinking he needed to find the right kind of people that he felt deserved saving.

(Captain America V#603 (fb)) - Burnside took a bus to his hometown of Boise, Idaho, observing the empty houses and unemployment lines as he rode. Recalling the end of the Great Depression from his childhood and how World War II had brought a boom back to the American economy, Burnside noticed how the modern day wars abroad seemed to make no difference, as factories were still closing.

(Captain America V#602 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside arrived in Boise, some sixty years since he had last been there, and settled there under his real name.

(Captain America V#602 (fb)) - Burnside later walked through the streets of Boise, thinking back on his history and growing angry at seeing all of the businesses going under. When he walked to the location of his old home, he found it torn down and replaced by a now-out of business strip mall and. As he felt his insanity bubbling to the surface, Burnside wondered what had happened to his America. The next day, Burnside donned his Captain America costume and stopped a bank robbery, drawing the attention of the like-minded Watchdogs. Inviting this "Captain America" to their headquarters, the Watchdogs invited Burnside to become their new leader and Burnside accepted, happy to see "honest, hard-working Americans ready and able to rise up and fight back."

(Captain America V#602) - When police raided a Watchdog base, Burnside (in his Captain America costume) helped the group take down one of the officers who had fled. He then hurled his shield into one of the police cars, causing it to explode and take out the remaining officers. With all of the officers down, Burnside ordered his men to head for their compound and prepare to "get their country back." 

    Two days later, Nick Fury picked up a satellite feed of Burnside's actions and informed Bucky Barnes, who insisted he take care of Burnside. Fury agreed, commenting that Barnes should take care of it quickly before someone like Norman Osborn got a hold of Burnside. A short time later, Barnes and the Falcon flew an Avengers Quinjet to Boise, Idaho and along the way, the Falcon admitted that he wished they had taken care of Burnside during their earlier encounter. When the Falcon reminded Barnes that Burnside was crazy despite Barnes' earlier successful attempt at reaching the man, Barnes admitted that he still felt sorry for Burnside despite his insanity. Upon landing, the Falcon reminded Barnes of Burnside's superior strength, after which Barnes explained their plan to infiltrate Burnside's Watchdogs, shut them down and extract Burnside.

    A short time later, Barnes (disguised as a trucker) and the Falcon staged a bar fight to draw the Watchdogs' attention towards recruiting Barnes, and the Watchdogs later reported back to Burnside, who was struggling to maintain his sanity as he went over their list of potential new recruits. When one of the Watchdogs praised a supposed trucker they had earlier met at a bar, Burnside questioned the man in the photo, recognizing him.

(Captain America V#603 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside informed the Watchdogs that he recognized the supposed trucker as Bucky Barnes and had them test the trucker's skills and report back to him. A week later, the Watchdogs arrived to report Barnes' testing to Burnside.

(Captain America V#603) - Recalling the 1950s and how America once had the best schools and workers, Burnside momentarily paused, his insanity telling him that America was too far gone to be restored. When Burnside stood there, almost as if in a trance, the Watchdogs asked if Burnside still wanted to hear the story of Barnes' testing progress. Burnside replied in the affirmative, and the Watchdogs related how they had tested Barnes' combat skills, weapons proficiency and survival skills over the past week, noting that his marks were good but not outrageous. Burnside found the results interesting, and one of the Watchdogs suggested that, if the trucker was indeed Bucky Barnes, he was deliberately holding back. Admitting that he could not forget Barnes' face, Burnside assured the Watchdog that the trucker was definitely Bucky Barnes. The Watchdogs then asked if Burnside was sure they should risk bringing an enemy into their compound, but Burnside ordered the Watchdogs to bring Barnes into the compound with the other new recruits the next day. He then told the Watchdogs not to worry, as Bucky was part of his plan, and he motioned towards a Bucky costume displayed in the corner of the room.

    The next night, as the undercover Barnes ventured out of his barracks to investigate the Watchdogs compound, Burnside went into the city, where he encountered the equally undercover Falcon. Accusing the Falcon of being a traitor to his country, Burnside ordered his men to capture the Falcon, who leaped from his rented apartment window with Burnside in pursuit. Ordering the Watchdogs to shoot the Falcon out of the sky, Burnside quickly caught up and hit the Falcon with his shield, downing the hero. As he looked over the downed Falcon, Burnside gloated that he wasn't even in the city to capture the Falcon and the hero's defeat was a bonus. Burnside then allowed a Watchdog scientist to get in close to the Falcon to extract Vibranium from the Falcon's wing system. When Burnside asked what exactly Vibranium was, the scientist replied that, when used properly, Vibranium was the most powerful explosive known to man.

(Captain America V#604 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside returned to the Watchdog Compound, where he met with Bucky Barnes and suggested he become his new partner.

(Captain America V#604) - Barnes accused Burnside of being out of his mind if he thought he would wear the Bucky costume again, but Burnside suggested Barnes was mistaken and remarked that Barnes was born to wear the uniform. Barnes followed up the statement by asking Burnside if he was born to be crazy, accusing of him of being crazy enough to join the Watchdogs. Barnes then commented that Burnside was giving the terrorist Watchdogs a symbol to rally behind and when Barnes called Burnside pathetic, Burnside backhanded the hero. Exclaiming that the Watchdogs were patriots, Burnside accused Barnes of spending too much with hippies and Communists to remember what a real patriot looked like.

    Barnes then remarked that Burnside's sanity was further gone than he had thought, but Burnside responded by admitting that he had thought Barnes would understand since Barnes was from the same time as Burnside and could see how far America had "fallen." Barnes then exclaimed that the only thing he understood was that Burnside was letting dangerous wingnuts use him for their own ends, and he accused Burnside of forgetting what the Captain America uniform stood for. Burnside followed the accusations by ordering Barnes to put on the Bucky uniform or risk the captured Falcon's life, explaining that if he missed a call to the Falcon's guards, the Watchdogs would kill Barnes' ally. Barnes reluctantly donned the Bucky uniform, and Burnside proudly stood next to him, proclaiming that Cap and Bucky together again was just like the "good old days."

    A short time later, Burnside in Captain America costume and Barnes in the Bucky costume were on a plane when Barnes asked Burnside what his plan was, insulting Burnside in the process by calling him "Bad Cap" and "Fake Cap." Burnside remarked that he'd prefer not to have to throw Barnes from the plane but he would if Barnes kept insulting him. He then explained that he and the Watchdogs planned to make a statement that would be heard throughout the world. As the plane began to touch down, Burnside revealed to Barnes that he didn't join the Watchdogs so much as the Watchdogs had joined him, further commenting that there were a lot of individual militia groups out there off the grid just waiting for a leader to rally around. Burnside then proclaimed that he would give those groups the sign that the tide was turning in their direction as the plane landed near the Hoover Dam. When Barnes, who had by that point deduced Burnside's plan, commented that Burnside couldn't be serious, Burnside replied that he was deadly serious in his plan to force Barnes to watch him blow up Hoover Dam.

(Captain America V#605) - William Burnside then led Barnes towards his goal and ordered the Watchdogs to take down anyone standing in their way with non-lethal force, reminding the Watchdogs that the Dam employees were Americans just doing their jobs. The Dam guards immediately fought back against the Watchdogs, and Barnes pleaded with Burnside to stop the attack, but Burnside refused, claiming it was his finest hour in decades. He then ordered one of the Watchdogs to set up a camera and make sure both he and Barnes were in frame. When Barnes refused to let Burnside accomplish his plan, Burnside remarked that Barnes still did not understand that America was at war within itself and admitted that he figured Barnes would also not recognize the country as it currently was since Barnes had also lived through the Depression.

    Burnside then asked Barnes how he could open Barnes' eyes and Barnes replied that Burnside wouldn't open his eyes by blowing up dams and innocent people. Explaining that to start a revolution, he needed a "shot heard 'round the world," Burnside was interrupted when a Watchdog reported that they had lost all contact with their train full of explosives that was carrying the captured Falcon. Seeing the report as a sign that the Falcon was safe, Barnes took the opportunity to free himself, and he punched Burnside with his bionic left arm. Momentarily stunned, Burnside returned with a punch of his own, which Barnes rolled with to take out some of the Watchdogs and acquire a gun from one of the agents. Burnside quickly ordered the Watchdogs to clear the way so he could take down Barnes himself. Barnes and Burnside then furiously fought one another and during the fight, Barnes managed to catch Burnside's hurled shield and throw it into Burnside's bomb, damaging it and knocking out the Watchdog scientist assembling it. Angry, Burnside accused Barnes of being the worst Bucky he'd ever met for trying to wreck everything.

    When Burnside came in for another attack, the Falcon arrived in a confiscated Watchdog helicopter to help turn the tide in Barnes' favor. Barnes then reminded Burnside that his attack was not how heroes acted and that Burnside could still halt his actions. Ordering Barnes to shut up, Burnside approached the bomb and threatened to kill everyone by setting it off. Barnes tried to remind Burnside that his actions were not who he was, and Burnside frantically exclaimed that he thought Barnes would understand, only to find that Barnes was "just like the rest." Barnes then pleaded with Burnside to let him help, remarking that there were doctors who could fix Burnside, but Burnside exclaimed that he would rather be dead than look at the world and think it right. Before Burnside could activate the bomb, however, Barnes was forced to shoot Burnside multiple times. The surprised Burnside then fell over the side of the Hoover Dam. During the cleanup of the battle, Barnes and the Falcon visited the bottom of the Dam but found no sign of Burnside. The Falcon suggested Burnside might have washed away and subsequently asked if Barnes thought Burnside had survived, to which Barnes replied in the negative, reminding the Falcon that he never missed a shot. Barnes then remarked that despite the responsibility of the Captain America uniform destroying Burnside, Burnside still deserved to be recovered, as boats continued searching the water for Burnside.

(Heroic Age: Villains#1 (fb) - BTS) - William Burnside was ultimately believed killed in the battle with Barnes.

(Heroic Age: Villains#1 - BTS) - The real Steve Rogers wrote journal entries on various superhuman villains including an entry on Captain America (William Burnside). In the journal entry on Burnside, Rogers noted Burnside's origins and his recent seeming death. Rogers also recommended Vita-Ray treatment and counseling for Burnside.

(Captain America V#615.1 - BTS) - After seeing a military man named David Rickford in action as version of Captain America, Steve Rogers thought about the other men who had replaced him over the years as he viewed items related to those men, including the 1954 Daily Bugle newspaper accusing the 1950s Captain America of going crazy.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - Burnside somehow survived and eventually went back into action as Captain America.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - Finding a group of thugs dressed in clown masks terrorizing a train in New York City, Burnside leaped into action, hitting one of the clown thugs in the face with his shield. Angry with the state of the world, Burnside brutally fought the thugs, shielding himself from their gunfire with his shield. His anger caused a mistake, however, when he knocked one of the thugs into a moving car, causing it to crash and careen towards an innocent bystander. Quickly grabbing a nearby cable, Burnside swung over to rescue the bystander and got her to safety before walking over to confront the thug, still ticked off at the modern world. Grabbing the thug, the angry Burnside asked the injured thug to look around at what he had caused before calling the thug a Communist and pulled his fist back for a punch.

    The real Captain America, Steve Rogers, intervened, grabbing Burnside's arm and asking him to stand down, as the man was wounded. Surprised, Burnside shoved Rogers aside and in a frantic panic, he ran from Rogers right into the path of an oncoming diesel truck. Following Burnside's injury, Steve Rogers visited Burnside's family home (see comments) and found a mint copy of Captain America Comics#1 among Burnside's other belongings. Afterwards, Rogers (in his Captain America identity) held a fake funeral for the 1950s Captain America attended by several Avengers at Arlington National Cemetery with full honors for the "fallen" Captain America. At the funeral, Rogers related what the 1950s Captain America had fought for before the Super-Soldier Serum had corrupted his mind.

(Captain America VI#19) - Steve Rogers visited the seriously injured but not deceased William Burnside in an undisclosed hospital and asked if Burnside remembered him. Burnside managed to mumble "You were there." and Rogers confirmed that he was present during the accident and apologized for what happened to Burnside. Rogers then informed Burnside that the doctors said he was healing well, commenting that Super-Soldiers always do. Burnside tried to mumble a response, but Rogers said that while he wasn't sure Burnside could even understand him, he realized they had never really sat down to talk. Rogers then explained that Burnside didn't really know him, just the public parts, the parts that made Burnside want to be Captain America in the first place. Relating the story of his bullied childhood, Rogers pulled out Burnside's Captain America Comics#1 comic book as he related wanting to stop Hitler before America had even entered World War II. Rogers then related how Bucky Barnes and himself weren't particularly fond of the propaganda comic books produced about them during the 1940s and told Burnside how the comics' creators, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, had received death threats about #1's cover featuring Captain America punching Hitler.

    As the injured Burnside listened, Rogers then related how he had always just wanted to do the right thing and make himself worthy of those who looked up to and counted on him. As he continued, Rogers told Burnside how he felt following their first battle against one another and how he had once become so disillusioned by a corrupt president that he had given up the Captain America identity. After explaining that someone would always take up the legacy of Captain America and continued to stand for what was right, Rogers revealed to Burnside how he had held a fake funeral for Burnside in an effort to finally relieve Burnside of the responsibility of being Captain America. Rogers then told Burnside it was finally time for him to rest and that his mission was over before saluting Burnside. He then informed Burnside that the next day, he would be transferred to a new hospital for more healing and hopefully the restoration of Burnside's sanity. Rogers further revealed that Burnside would be given a new identity, as Burnside no longer had to be Captain America, and Rogers informed the teary-eyed Burnside that he had Rogers' eternal gratitude. Telling Burnside that he would carry on the burden of being Captain America as long as he could, Rogers then departed, riding off on his motorcycle.

(Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing#1 - BTS) - After being drawn into the mind of the swamp creature Man-Thing, Steve Rogers was faced with visions of those who had become twisted after following in his footsteps, including William Burnside, Protocide, Anti-Cap and Nuke. Recognizing Burnside and the other men in his visions, Rogers exclaimed that he did not fear the men and fought back, destroying the visions.

Comments: Technically created (due to retcon) by Don Rico and John Romita, Sr. Actually created by Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema and Jim Mooney.

    William Burnside's true name was not revealed until Captain America V#602 in March 2010, almost sixty years after his first appearance! Also, he was named Burnside and he had BURNS over one SIDE of his body following his self-immolation? I wonder if that's just a coincidence...

    On the cover of Young Men I#24, Captain America is depicted with a red "A" on his mask and Bucky's costume is entirely miscolored as red instead of blue. See above image in the History section for proof.

    Despite coming out a month earlier than Captain America Comics I#76, the Cap story in Young Men I#27 must take place after the first story in Captain America Comics I#76, as Burnside and Monroe (in their guises as Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes) rejoin the US Army in the first story in Captain America Comics I#76 and they are seen already in the Army in Young Men I#27.

    Several sources including the Official Marvel Index to Captain America TPB list the Lee School as being in New York City but Captain America I#155 (and the Grand Director entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004) mistakenly list it as being in Connecticut.

    Captain America I#281 established that the gun Burnside used to shoot Jack Monroe on Dr. Faustus' orders was loaded with blanks, but the Grand Director entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#17 stated that the gun was not loaded at all.
    I would think that the OHotMU was wrong in this respect, as Burnside would more likely know if the gun didn't fire at all vs. if it fired a blank instead of a real bullet.--Snood

    Defenders I#131 is listed online as an issue that Burnside is mentioned in but the closest we get is a college student asking the Beast if Captain America was really a fascist. While Burnside prior to that issue had been a fascist, the student could've just as easily been asking about Steve Rogers. I mean, there had been a few stories prior to Defenders I#131 in which Cap was brainwashed into acting fascist (such as the above-listed Captain America I#234, for example) so the student might have thought Rogers was secretly a fascist. Plus, with the way the world is with conspiracy theories these days, the student might've just believed something he saw on television, fact or not, and decided to ask Beast about it. Therefore, I don't see that as a mention of the William Burnside Captain America but rather, a general question about Captain America.

    William Burnside appears as Captain America in a dream had by a very sedated Nomad in Nomad II#18 but this Burnside transforms into a weird demonic form. As most dreams in comics are glimpses into other realities, this "appearance" would not actually be a true appearance of the Earth-616 William Burnside but rather, the demonic-looking Burnside of another reality (in this case, Earth-93132).

    The flashback to Burnside and Monroe first meeting in Nomad II#24 differs from what had been previously shown in Captain America I#155 & #281 at that point. Previous flashbacks had showed Burnside (as "Steve Rogers") walking outside the Lee School, where he found Monroe reading a magazine about the life story of Captain America. In Nomad II#24, Monroe was running through the Lee School's halls wearing a Davy Crockett-like coonskin cap when he collides with Burnside, dropping several Captain America comic books out of his pockets. Given the differences between the flashbacks, I'm inclined to believe they are two different flashbacks. Perhaps Burnside and Monroe first met in passing when Monroe collided with Burnside in the hall then later, Burnside was walking outside and met Monroe again, this time reading the magazine biography rather than comics and without a hat on vs. the coonskin cap he had earlier been wearing.
    The Cap I#155 flashbacks establishes Burnside's noticing the similarity between Monroe and Bucky Barnes, so perhaps they just briefly met in the Nomad II#24 flashback then on their second meeting  in Cap I#155 flashback, Burnside noticed the similarity to Bucky Barnes and the two actually became friends from that point. One might argue that Nomad II#24 is just a retelling of the earlier flashbacks from Monroe's point of view and/or memories but they seemed different enough to include both, in my opinion.

    The story in Captain America: Red, White & Blue titled "Red Under the Mask" is set in February 1954 yet appears to be written as if it were Steve Rogers in the costume. Since Burnside was identical to Rogers and he would've been the Captain America active in February 1954, it must be Burnside. At one point, he refers to himself as a soldier but as of February 1954, Burnside was still teaching at the Lee School and didn't rejoin the Army as "Steve Rogers" until a few months later. Perhaps Burnside was simply going out of his way to assure those present that he was the original Captain America.

    Captain America V#38 shows a flashback of William Burnside active as Captain America in the 1950s taking down some suited men with guns. In the background of that image is an "I Like Ike" campaign poster but that political campaign occurred in 1952, prior to Burnside becoming Captain America, and "Ike" Eisenhower was reelected President in 1956, after Burnside was placed in suspended animation. Therefore, the poster in that flashback must have been an old poster that was still hanging on the wall of an alleyway while Burnside fought the men.

    While there had been some speculation of to which Captain America showed up in Mephisto's Arena of Lost Souls in Thunderbolts I Annual 2000, the Grand Director's OHotMU A to Z HC Vol. 4 entry states that it is indeed the tortured spirit of the William Burnside Captain America. However, as we know (not just in later issues but even in that same Grand Director OHotMU HC Vol. 4 entry), Burnside was not actually dead. Therefore, it couldn't have been the actual soul of Burnside that Hawkeye saw in Mephisto's Arena of Lost Souls and in fact, the Thunderbolts Annual 2000 issue itself states that Hawkeye "sees reflections of some of the spirits trapped in this Arena--some Hawkeye recognizes, some he doesn't." Therefore, it could've just been a reflection of a tortured soul generated by Mephisto and not the actual soul itself, with Mephisto conjuring up an image of Captain America in an attempt to throw off Hawkeye. Then again, it also says it's a reflection of a soul trapped the Arena, suggesting that even if it was just reflection, the soul was still trapped somewhere within the Arena. I'm still leaning more towards it just being an illusion generated by Mephisto to throw Hawkeye off his game. It's either that, or the Grand Director OHotMU entry was incorrect and it was the actual soul of another Captain America, one that was deceased like Jeff Mace or Roscoe Simons. For now though, I've included the appearance in this profile since the OHotMU confirms it was Burnside. If anything ever comes along and changes that, I'll remove that appearance and image from this profile.

    How did Cap visit the Burnside home in Captain America VI#19, when Burnside had found it to have been replaced by a stripmall in Cap V#602? Maybe they had more than one home, or maybe Burnside was confused and visited the wrong location?

    Some online sources list Winter Soldier II#1 as a BTS appearance of William Burnside, saying he was mentioned in that issue. I could find no actual mention of Burnside specifically and the closest we got was Tony Stark jokingly telling Winter Soldier that there had been at least six Captain Americas. No specific names are mentioned so I opted not to include that as an actual appearance of Burnside.

Profile by Proto-Man.

William Burnside has no known connections to:

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