Real Name: William Nasland

Identity/Class: Human (World War II to Post-World War II)

Occupation: Adventurer, teacher;
    former soldier (while posing as Steve Rogers), government agent, pilot, library researcher

Group Membership: All Winners Squad (Blonde Phantom/Louise Mason, Bucky/Fred Davis, Human Torch/"Jim Hammond," Miss America/Madeline Joyce, Namor the Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Toro/Thomas Raymond, Whizzer/Bob Frank);
    formerly the Invaders (Bucky/Fred Davis, Human Torch/"Jim Hammond," Miss America/Madeline Joyce, Namor the Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Toro/Thomas Raymond, Whizzer/Bob Frank), US Army (Dale Carreaux, General Haywood, others), the Crusaders (Captain Wings/Roger Dicken, Dyna-Mite/Roger Aubrey, Ghost Girl/Wendy Hunt, Thunderfist/Patrick Mason, Tommy Lightning/Thomas Lovejoy), RAF

Affiliations: Alfie (William Leese), the All Winners Squad, Handy Anders, the Angel (Tom Holloway), Paul Anselm, Mr. Banks, Stephen Bellows, Black Marvel (Dan Lyons), Black Widow (Claire Voyant), Sonja Blake, the Blue Blade (Roy Chambers), Captain America (Steve Rogers), the time-displaced Captain America (William Burnside), Captain Terror (Dan Kane), Captain Wonder (Jeff Jordan), Phillip Carreaux, Winston Churchill, Citizen V (John Watkins), the Contemplator (Tath Ki), the Crooner, the Crusaders, Betty Dean, the Defender (Don Stevens), the Destroyer (Roger Aubrey), Derek Devens, Miss Drew, Dynaman (Lagaro), the Dynamic Man, Elaine, Electro, Father Time (Larry Scott), Mr. Fenton, Fiery Mask (Jack Castle), Fluffy Flair, Jim "Pearly" Gates, Inspector Grady, Jim Hale, George Harris, Hogan, J. Edgar Hoover, Prof. Phineas T. Horton, the Howling Commandos (Izzy Cohen, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, Sgt. Nick Fury, Robert "Rebel" Ralston, others), the Invaders, Jack Frost, Jim, Jimmy, Kid Commandos (Bucky/Fred Davis, Golden Girl/Gwenny Lou Sabuki, Human Top/David Mitchell), Mr. Lamont, Laughing Mask (Dennis Burton), Liberty Legion (Blue Diamond/Elton Morrow, the Fin/Peter Noble, Miss America/Madeline Joyce, Red Raven, Whizzer/Bob Frank), Louise, Marguerite, Maria, Dr. Horatio Martin, Martini, Marvex the Super Robot, Master Mind Excello (Earl Everett), Miss Fury (Marla Drake), Mister E (Victor Jay), Montmorency, Jonathan Mortimer, Newsstand Nelly, Night Raven, Rocky Norris, the Patriot (Jeff Mace), Percival, Hugo Pergody, Patsy Perkins, the Phantom Reporter (Dick Jones), Laura Porter, Professor Squiggins, Red Guardian (Aleksey Lebedev), Pepe Ris, Rockman (Daniel Rose), Sari, Sidney Saunders, Gen. "Happy" Sam Sawyer, Jerry Small, Doris Smith, Mark Smith, Doc Spiel, Thomas "Tommy" Spiel, Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth), Joseph Stalin, Bill Summers, Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs), Tony, Trigger, Pres. Harry Truman, Union Jack (Brian Falsworth), US Army, Capt. Wilson, the Witness, the Young Avenger (Bill Bryon)

Enemies: Adam-II, Adam-II of Earth-8206, Agent Axis (Hiroyuki Kanegawa/Aldo Malvagio/Berthold Volker), Am, Jig Baker, Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo), the Big Guy (Alvin Martinike) and his goons (Joe, Mike, Pete), the Boss, Gen. Gruber Brinkhaus, Captain Catti, the Chameleon (Breese), "Knucks" Connors, the Crooner (impostor), Diavolo, Dinosaur, Doc, Doctor Weerd (Irwin Hawes), the Evil Knight (Paul Bonaparte), Genrami, Hauptmann Schmidt, Harriet "Harry" Hawkins, the House of Hate, Isbisa (Simon Meke) and his agents (Cellini, Porky, Shiv, others), Jigger, the League of Hate ("Bill Summers," Capt. Vergelhaupt/"Jim Mason," 198 unidentified others), Lefty and his goons, the Leopard (Lasco Vicenti), the Merry Widow Murderer (Myron Delasco), the time-traveling Phantom Blonde (Wanda Mason), Piggy, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Mike Reilly (Miguel Juan Gonzales Lopez-Iruli), "Hammer" Riley and his Killer Mob, the Robe ("Snatch"), Dutch Rosenblatt, Prof. Sico Rudo, Scarface (Bel Commings), Sensitivo (Andrew), Shark (Verrill Shark), the time-traveling She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), the Sportsman (Sonny Fenton), Stalk, the Statue of Death (Peter Sazlo), Super-Axis (Baron Blood/John Falsworth, Iron  Cross/Helmut Gruler, Master Man/Wilhelm Lohmer, U-Man/Meranno, Warrior Woman/Julia Koenig), Tiny Timkins, "Fatso" Timmons, Tippy, the Walking Dead (Peter Anzel, others), Otto Weiss, the Witch, the Wizard (Frank Lavalle);
    formerly Bill Summers, Trigger

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "'76," "Bill," "Cap," "Cap'n," "el Capitan America," "Fool," "Handsome," "Loudmouth," "Man," "the Masked Spy-Smasher," "Mister," "Mr. Spirit of '76," "Mon Capitan," "My Fighting Yank," William Naslund (common misspelling of last name - see comments), "Pal," "Puny Man," Steve Rogers, "Sir," "Six," "Soldier," Spirit of '76, "Yank," "You"

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    formerly London, England, UK; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

First Appearance: (as Captain America) Captain America Comics I#49 (August, 1945);
    (as Spirit of '76) Invaders I#14 (March, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: William Nasland was an Olympic level athlete, capable of performing all sorts of gymnastic and athletic feats, and he was also a skilled unarmed combatant, especially when using martial arts. He was also skilled in the field of police forensics, as he was able to identify specific particles gathered from a crime scene while viewing the particles under a microscope.

Nasland had a photographic memory that allowed him to recall entire newspaper stories at will that he had previously read.

During a brief period in which he was converted into a cyborg on Earth-8206, Nasland was capable of projecting electrical energy through his computerized parts.

As Captain America, Nasland carried a steel replica of Captain America's famed shield and had access to replacement replicas whenever one became too damaged or lost. He once used a pair of sophisticated Filter-Goggles that allowed him to see in total darkness and he also once used an experimental motorized surfboard to travel quickly through water to defeat seafaring enemies near a beach.

As the Spirit of '76, Nasland wore a cloak that was composed of a bulletproof and fireproof material. It provided some protection against physical attacks from behind and could be pulled around himself to provide frontal protection as well.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (sometimes appearing blonde (whether by dying or wig) while posing as Steve Rogers)

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS/Captain America V#4 (fb) - BTS) - William Nasland was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1918.

(Captain America Comics I#53 (fb)) - As a young boy, Nasland would dive into the water at a nearby beach on sunny days to avoid the heat.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 11 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - William Nasland eventually obtained a college degree. By 1940, Nasland had become a library researcher in Philadelphia. He soon relocated to Great Britain to fight the rise of the Nazis and became a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot. Honorably discharged following a war wound, Nasland returned to America, where he was perhaps inspired by the heroism of Captain America.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - Still an American citizen with no criminal record, Nasland ultimately became an American government agent as the costumed Spirit of '76 during the early years of World War II.

(Dragon#104 - "Sudden Dawn: A Marvel Super Heroes Module" (fb) - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 was fiercely patriotic and often assumed his fists (rather than guns) could handle any situation a villain presented him.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - Nasland kept his dual identity as the Spirit of '76 a secret.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#18 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 designed for himself a cloak made from a bulletproof and fireproof material.

(Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe MU6 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 was apparently trained in martial arts.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#19 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - Basing himself out of Philadelphia and presumably having modeled his costumed identity on Captain America, the Spirit of '76 was also actively mobile within the United States during the early 1940s.

(Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe MU6 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 became well-known for fighting Nazi espionage.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 continued to actively fight Nazi agents in America until 1942.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 11 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - In early 1942, the Spirit of '76's employers relocated him to Britain.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 left America to take up full residence in Great Britain.

(Invaders I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Secret fascist agent William Leese (using the false identity of government agent Alfie) recruited the Spirit of '76.

(Invaders I#14 (fb) - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 officially joined Alfie's British-based Crusaders superhero team.

(Captain America V#4 (fb) - BTS) - At one point, the Spirit of '76 was active near Britain's Big Ben clock.

(Invaders I#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 and the other Crusaders were managed by Alfie but developed concerns about why they were given their abilities and how they worked exactly.

(Invaders I#14 (fb) - BTS) - While the heroic Invaders team was away from London, the Spirit of '76 and his allies in the Crusaders visited London in an attempt to replace the Invaders as Britain's guardians.

(Invaders I#14) - When the Nazi Hauptmann Schmidt and his allies were forced to crash land their plane in London following an attack by the returning Invaders, Spirit of '76 and the Crusaders spotted the Nazis moments after they had killed a group of British soldiers. The Crusaders then introduced themselves as they defeated the Nazi agents, with Spirit of '76 suggesting one of them not bother firing his gun, as '76 had a bulletproof cloak. After rounding up and defeating the Nazis, Spirit of '76 and his allies were met by the Invaders' Namor the Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Toro and Spirit of '76 apologized if the Crusaders had done the Invaders' work for them. Namor assured the Spirit of '76 that the Crusaders had merely done what the Invaders intended and he then asked about each of the Crusaders' powers, with Spirit of '76 commenting that he needed nothing more than his fists. His teammate Dyna-Mite reminded '76 of his bulletproof cloak but the Spirit of '76 insisted he would've taken out the Nazis with or without his cloak. The Spirit of '76 then announced that the Crusaders had to go and asked the Invaders not to follow, leaving the Invaders to wonder how an entirely new heroic group had taken their place while they were away from London. Later that afternoon, when the Invaders investigated a bomb and were led into St. James Park by Alfie (who posed as a taxicab driver), Spirit of '76 and his Crusaders teammates foiled an attempt on the life of Britain's King George VI. The Invaders soon returned and the Crusaders informed them of their intention to replace the Invaders as Britain's honor guard to the King. While most of the Invaders grew irritated at the thought, Spitfire suggested it might be better for British heroes to be protecting Britain and Captain America agreed to allow the Crusaders to win for the time being. Not long after, Alfie listened on the radio as the Crusaders were announced as Britain's new protectors and they were scheduled to replace the Invaders at the upcoming dedication ceremony of the battleship Hornblower.

(Invaders I#15/Captain America V#4 (fb)) - While the Invaders were meeting to discuss whether to allow the Crusaders to take their place as Britain's new honor guard, the Spirit of '76 and the other Crusaders were meeting to discuss their misgivings about the conveniency of being given their abilities and how they worked. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of an angry Alfie, who revealed to the Crusaders that the power source for their newfound abilities was the belt he wore himself and warned that he could turn off their powers at any time. Alfie then reminded the Crusaders that doing anything for their British mother country was all that mattered but Spirit of '76, after remarking that they also fought for America, suggested that even if the Crusaders were not present to guard King George the next day, the Invaders were still around. Alfie responded by claiming the Invaders were secretly Nazis and showing the Crusaders several seemingly incriminating photographs of the various Invaders attacking American interests. When Ghost Girl commented that the photographs had been previously explained away, Alfie claimed he had organized the Crusaders to battle the Nazi Invaders, prompting Dyna-Mite to question which government organization Alfie worked for. Spirit of '76 and the other Crusaders then admitted their own suspicions of Alfie as well but Alfie claimed he was not authorized to say which organization he worked for and suggested that if he were an enemy of Britain, he would've provided powers to a group of Nazis rather than the heroic Crusaders. Spirit of '76 reluctantly admitted that Alfie had a point and then watched in silence as Alfie departed, unaware Alfie intentionally made a remark suggesting he may work for the British Navy in an effort to further support his story of being a government agent.

Later, the Spirit of '76 accompanied the other Crusaders to the H.M.S. Hornblower to guard King George VI, unaware that Dyna-Mite had secretly followed Alfie after their meeting and learned of Alfie's plan to kill King George VI with an explosive champagne bottle. During the dedication ceremony, the Invaders, having been informed of Alfie's plot by Dyna-Mite, showed up to stop King George from striking the bottle against the ship. Mistakenly thinking the Invaders were attacking the King, the Spirit of '76 and the other Crusaders fought back against the Invaders, with Spirit of '76 deflecting the Human Torch's fireballs with his cloak. Soon turning to face Captain America, the Spirit of '76 fought one-on-one with the star-spangled Invader until King George hurled the champagne bottle towards the Hornblower. The Invader Toro intercepted the bottle and hurled it to Namor the Sub-Mariner, who hurled it out into the ocean to safely explode, much to the shock of the Spirit of '76 and the other Crusaders. Upon witnessing the booby-trapped bottle explode, the Spirit of '76 and the Crusaders realized they had been duped by Alfie. Many of the Crusaders tossed their superheroic gear to the ground, shamed at having been unknowing Nazi agents, and the Spirit of '76 watched silently as Captain America reminded the Crusaders that Alfie had merely appealed to their sense of patriotism.

(Captain America V#615.1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, a photograph was taken of the Spirit of '76 in action.

(Avengers/Invaders I#12) - In winter 1943, soldier Paul Anselm used a reality-altering Cosmic Cube to summon forth the Spirit of '76 alongside numerous other heroes to help defeat the Nazi agent Red Skull, who had earlier wielded the Cosmic Cube himself to conquer the world. Defeating the Skull and his Super-Axis allies, the heroes diverged the Red Skull-conquered reality (Earth-93198) from Earth-616 before disappearing almost as quickly as they appeared, presumably transported back to wherever they were prior to being summoned.

(Dragon#104 - "Sudden Dawn: A Marvel Super Heroes Module" (fb) - BTS) - In March 1944, when British intelligence learned of an impending assault on the American Globe Press building in New York as the first phase of a Nazi attack, the Spirit of '76 was sent back to America and was given a special assignment to warn the authorities of the impending attack.

(Dragon#104 - "Sudden Dawn: A Marvel Super Heroes Module" - BTS) - Arriving too late to warn the authorities or get military backup, the Spirit of '76 opted to stop Nazi Germany's super-powered agents by any means necessary. An hour later, while happy to be home and wishing he could wander the streets of New York to enjoy himself, the Spirit of '76 decided to do what he could to stop the agents by investigating the Globe Press building. Donning a trenchcoat to investigate in secret, the Spirit of '76 ran into the equally-investigating Liberty Legion and together, the heroes managed to capture the Nazi Agent Axis attempting to steal papers related to the secret Manhattan Project. Following the battle, the Spirit of '76 and Liberty Legion were contacted by high-ranking military officials and informed of the importance of the Manhattan Project work being done in the Globe Press building. Sworn to secrecy due to the classified nature of the Manhattan Project research, the heroes were informed of two other possible targets and the Spirit of '76 accompanied the Liberty Legion to the Stagg Football Field at the University of Chicago, where they discovered Nazi agents Master Man and Warrior Woman attempting to steal top secret papers from a laboratory beneath Stagg Field. Following Master Man and Warrior Woman's defeat, the Spirit of '76 and Liberty Legion were met by an Army general as a security net was placed over Stagg Field to prevent reporters from learning about the classified information within and the general informed the heroes of the next point of Nazi sabotage at Barcley Research Center near the New York coast. Given the mission of defending the experimental equipment at the Research Center, the heroes were ordered to arrive at the Research Center two hours before dawn. Upon arrival, the heroes found nothing but a stray dog at first but eventually, the Research Center was attacked by the Nazi Atlantean U-Man, who arrived via U-boat. Upon capturing U-Man, the heroes learned that he had been sent to destroy as much of the Research Center as possible, but the heroes soon learned from another Army general that U-Man's attack was nothing but a feint while another attack on the New Jersey coast was successful, granting the Nazis an experimental weapon.

Given two days to rest before their next mission, the heroes returned to New York City and the Spirit of '76 participated in a special radio show in the downtime in which he conversed about his experiences fighting European Nazi aggression alongside the Crusaders. The radio show was ultimately interrupted by a broadcast from the vampire Baron Blood, who announced that he had taken over the top story of the Empire State Hotel in downtown Manhattan and that he had an experimental bomb that he would detonate unless America negotiated peace with the Axis. Quickly arriving at the Hotel, the Spirit of '76 and the Liberty Legion learned that the President and the American government refused to negotiate and that the heroes were ordered to disarm the bomb and apprehend Baron Blood. Rescuing scientist Dr. Horatio Martin, who had been under the thrall of Baron Blood, the heroes worked with Dr. Martin to disarm the bomb and defeated Baron Blood. Following the Baron's defeat, the Spirit of '76 and Liberty Legion were congratulated by the Army but pressured to keep the entire mission quiet for national security reasons. The heroes were also officially recognized by the President although the wording of the citations carefully avoided mentioning the incident directly. A news blackout was soon imposed of the entire incident with the Army refusing to discuss any details of the incident and both the Spirit of '76 and Liberty Legion members being forced to go along with the blackout, never discussing any details of the mission or how they had foiled the first nuclear ransom. With the mission over, the Spirit of '76 returned to Britain to resume his activities with the Crusaders.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#19 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS/Captain America V#4 (fb)) - After the Crusaders disbanded following their manipulation at Alfie's hands, the Spirit of '76 continued his career as a costumed adventurer.

(Marvel Legacy: The 1970s Handbook - Crusaders entry - BTS) - The Spirit of '76 returned to America.

(Captain America V#4 (fb)) - As the Spirit of '76 continued fighting for the Allies during World War II, he earned a lot of respect from Captain America.

(Captain America I Annual#13 (fb)) - In April 1945, the Spirit of '76 accompanied Captain America and fellow American hero the Patriot to Berlin to recover Adolf Hitler's top-secret strongbox from the Red Skull's bunker. Upon parachuting into the bombed out Berlin, the Spirit of '76 was surprised at the damage to the city from bombings and Captain America suspected most of the damage was caused by Soviet shelling. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the Soviet Union's Red Guardian, who commended Captain America for acknowledging the Soviets' hand in Berlin's destruction. The Red Guardian then introduced himself to the three heroes and revealed that he, too, had been tasked with locating Hitler's strongbox. After the Guardian led the three heroes to a secret entrance into the Red Skull's bunker beneath a manhole, the Spirit of '76 remarked that they could take over from that point and Captain America reminded the Spirit that they were on the same side as the Guardian. The trio then ventured inside, only to find the Red Skull and his soldiers waiting for them. The Spirit of '76 told the Red Guardian to let the American heroes handle the situation but the Red Guardian refused and leaped into battle against the Red Skull's agents. The Spirit of '76 soon joined the fight as well, keeping the soldiers busy while yelling for Captain America and the Patriot to go after the Red Skull himself, warning them to watch their backs with the Red Guardian around. The Allied Powers' final strike on Berlin soon occurred and Captain America was forced to leave a seemingly dying Red Skull in his bunker as he safely made it out of the bunker to regroup with the Spirit of '76, the Patriot and the Red Guardian. Happy to see the men safe, Captain America informed the Spirit of '76 and the others that Hitler's strongbox and the Skull along with it were now buried under tons of debris. The news prompted the Red Guardian to depart, remarking "until we meet again," and the Spirit of '76 commented back that they wouldn't hold their breath. Captain America then told the Spirit of '76 that he was too harsh on a brave man and the Patriot chimed in that a Communist was still a Communist. Captain America then suggested they depart as well, as he and his sidekick Bucky had to guard an airdrome back in England, and the Spirit of '76 opined a warning that they would all be fighting the Communists soon.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#18 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - At some point, William Nasland's dual identity of the Spirit of '76 became known to certain U.S. government officials.

(Captain America I#215 (fb)/Captain America V#50/2 (fb)) - Days later, following the disappearance and seeming death of Captain America and Bucky, Pres. Harry Truman selected William Nasland to become the new Captain America, summoning Nasland to the White House.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - While waiting for the President in the White House and unsure of why he had been summoned there, Nasland found himself sharing the room with the young batboy Fred Davis, who admitted the trip there was his first trip out of Brooklyn. Introducing himself, Nasland learned that Davis also had no idea why he had been asked to the White House and the two were soon met by Pres. Truman himself.

(Captain America I#215 (fb)/Captain America V#50/2 (fb)/Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - Nasland and Davis were informed of the original Captain America's supposed death by the President.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - Truman then revealed that he was aware of Nasland's exploits as the Spirit of '76 and also how Davis had once stood in for James "Bucky" Barnes.

(Captain America I#215 (fb)/Captain America V#50/2 (fb)/Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - The President asked Nasland to represent the spirit of America in the form of the new Captain America and also asked Davis to become the new Bucky.

(Captain America I#215 (fb)/Captain America V#50/2 (fb)/History of the Marvel Universe II#2) - When Nasland accepted the offer to become the new Captain America, Truman gifted Nasland a facsimile of Captain America's costume and shield. Admitting that he couldn't believe Captain America was dead, Nasland tried on the costume and picked up the shield, prompting Truman to officially offer Nasland the job of Captain America. Nasland rose to the occasion and agreed to the Presidential request, removing his Spirit of '76 hat, as Truman revealed that he had summoned the remaining American Invaders back home.

(What If? I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Pres. Truman then arranged to introduce the new Captain America and Bucky to the remaining American Invaders as they returned to America and, figuring the Invaders might not recall his earlier encounter with them, Nasland put his old Spirit of '76 mask and wig back on underneath his Captain America costume in an effort to remind the Invaders who he was.

(What If? I#4) - When the Invaders arrived at the White House for their meeting with Truman, Truman informed them of the original Captain America and Bucky's supposed deaths while Nasland and Davis waited in a nearby room.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - While waiting for their introduction, Davis asked Nasland if he thought at all that being there might be a bad idea. Nasland whispered that he didn't think he could've said no to the President and also revealed that he didn't feel like he had made much of a difference in his prior heroic activities. He then followed that by stating that he felt as if his work as Captain America would mean something. When Davis replied that he meant surprising the Invaders after they learned of the original Captain America and Bucky's supposed deaths, Nasland admitted that he hadn't really thought about it. Nasland then asked Davis if he were nervous and when Davis attempted to be confident by saying "Heck, no!," Nasland admitted he was nervous too. Admiring Nasland for admitting his nervousness, Davis then asked him what if they could not live up to what the costumes represent and Nasland replied that they could only live up what the costumes meant to them specifically.

(What If? I#4/Saga of the Original Human Torch I#3 (fb)/Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - Truman soon told the Invaders that Captain America must live on before bringing in the new Captain America and Bucky to meet the Invaders. The Invaders quickly realized Captain America and Bucky were not their Invaders teammates, however, and Truman admitted his deception, asking the new Captain America and Bucky to unmask. As the Human Torch recognized Nasland's voice from the Invaders' earlier encounter with the Spirit of '76, Nasland revealed himself behind the Captain America cowl and admitted his surprise that the Torch even remembered their earlier meeting in 1942. Truman then brought in American heroes Whizzer and Miss America and asked the founding Invaders to accept the new Captain America, Bucky, Whizzer and Miss America into their ranks to continue the fight against Japan with a full membership. The Invaders agreed and Nasland and the other new members promised to remain with the Invaders until no fascist powers remained. As 1945 continued, the new Captain America then accompanied the Invaders on missions overseas in an effort to force Japan's surrender and, almost as often, joined Bucky in battling other agents and criminals.

(Captain America: Patriot#2 (fb) - BTS) - The specifics of events that occurred during Nasland's time as Captain America were classified on a need-to-know basis.

(Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe MU6 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - As Captain America, Nasland was driven to take chances in order to prevent his identity as a replacement Captain America being discovered.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - Captain America met with several US soldiers in an effort to keep the symbol of Captain America living on.

(Captain America & Bucky I#626 (fb)) - When Bucky was captured by a Nazi scientist and nearly experimented on, Captain America led the Invaders into the lab and rescued Bucky, who exclaimed that he knew Cap would show. Captain America freed Bucky and reminded him that he had a big reputation to live up to. The two then regrouped to prepared to battle the Nazis together.

(The Twelve I#1) - On April 25, 1945, Captain America joined the other Invaders as well as other superheroes of the day in an assault on Berlin, Germany.

(Marvel Knights: Spider-Man I#9 (fb)) - Captain America carried an American flag while righting wrongs alongside the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner, proclaiming that they would fight injustice. Concerned that heroes like Captain America might go after them, certain organizers decided to contract out supervillains to keep the heroes busy.

(Marvel  Comics I#1000/8 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Nasland became good friends with fellow superhero the Thunderer, apparently to the point that Nasland revealed his identity of Captain America to the Thunderer.

(Captain America I Annual#6) - In June 1945, Captain America accompanied the Invaders to a Japanese island on a mission to destroy a new solar-powered tank and while most of the Invaders lured away the most bloodthirsty of their enemies, Captain America and Bucky handled two Japanese soldiers in particular. Nearly hit by the machine gun fire of one of the soldiers, Captain America managed to get his shield up in time to avoid being hit but admitted the original Captain America would never have done something so stupid as to let his guard down. He then leaped into the air, still deflecting gunfire with his shield, and landed on top of the two soldiers, smashing them with his shield. The tank they were sent to find soon found them when it appeared over a hill and began firing on Cap and Bucky, who dodged the attack. The other Invaders soon regrouped with Cap and Bucky to stop the tank and Captain America found himself thinking about how he had been the Spirit of '76 just three months ago and how the shadow of the original Captain America seemed to loom over his actions in his current Captain America identity. Lost in his thoughts, Captain America was nearly hit by a blast from the tank but the Human Torch got Cap's attention just in time for him barely avoid being directly hit. The blast did knock Captain America aside, however, and he seemed to pass out, only to be transported away and placed in stasis by the Elder of the Universe known as the Contemplator. Soon transported to the alternate reality of Earth-8206, a world taken over by the android Adam-II, with no memory of who sent him there, William Nasland found himself side-by-side with another Captain America. His attempted analysis of the situation was interrupted by the confident words of the future Captain America from the 1950s, who suggested Nasland stow his analysis in favor of helping the residents of Earth-8206. When Nasland admired the confidence of the other Cap, the other Cap gloated about his confidence but Nasland reminded him that neither was the true Captain America. The conversation ended when the 1950s Cap rushed down a hill to rescue a group of humans captured by Adam-II's androids. Noticing one of the androids about to get the drop on the arrogant 1950s Cap, Nasland hurled his shield to rescue the 1950s Cap, remarking that if the 50s Cap spent less time talking and more time paying attention, he would've noticed the android sneaking up on him. Nasland then commented about how he had learned the value of teamwork during his time with the Invaders and the two worked together to defeat the androids.

Mostly ignoring the 1950s Captain America's self-gratitude and the few compliments he was given, Nasland instead focused on freeing the humans and he used his shield to cut the chains binding them. Shocked when the humans remarked on how they did not know how to be free, Nasland was again surprised when the 1950s Captain America did not express any desire to further help the humans due to the skin color. The 50s Cap then ran off in search of Adam-II's re-conversion camp as Nasland stayed behind to help inspire the freed humans. When the androids returned, Nasland jumped into battle against them, only to be knocked out. He was then captured and his mind reconverted to serve Adam-II and when the time-displaced original Captain America and another Captain America (Jeff Mace) from Nasland's near future were also captured, Nasland was standing by Adam-II's side when the two other Caps were brought in. Standing silently as the Jeff Mace Captain America attacked Adam-II, only to be knocked aside, broken, Nasland soon overcame Adam-II's programming and cybernetic implants by sheer force of will. Lumbering towards Adam-II in an effort to defeat the android, Nasland was instead hit by an electrical blast projected by the still-programmed 1950s Captain America. Adam-II then stood over the downed Nasland and commended the 50s Cap on his servitude before focusing his attack on the original Captain America. When Adam-II blasted the original Cap, who had managed to gain the upper hand, Nasland again overcame his programming and noticed the 50s Cap was stirring. Taking advantage of the 50s Cap's newfound awareness, Nasland urged the 50s Cap to revive Jeff Mace. Nasland and the 50s Cap then held Adam-II in place, using their computerized parts to project electrical energy into the android, while the revived Jeff Mace delivered the finishing blow. Following Adam-II's destruction, the original Cap questioned what had happened and Nasland explained how he had urged the 50s Cap to revive Mace. The conversation was interrupted, however, when the Contemplator transported all of the Captain Americas back to their proper time periods, restored to their normal forms and their memories of the entire successful Earth-8206 mission erased.

(All-New Invaders I#7 (fb)) - On July 2, 1945, Captain America accompanied the Invaders, former Invaders Spitfire and Union Jack, and their young allies, the Kid Commandos, in meeting with Gen. "Happy" Sam Sawyer, who briefed them on a plan to utilize Namor's ability to control sea life, the Human Torch's heating powers and Spitfire's speed abilities to generate a mega-tsunami capable of wiping out the Japanese fleet in the Pacific. Despite protests from the Kid Commandos and misgivings from the Human Torch, Captain America joined the Invaders on their mission the following day and asked Namor how long it would take to get the waves of tsunami started. Still trying to fit in with the Invaders, Nasland then listened as Namor replied that it would take around two hours. Before any action could be taken, however, Cap and the Invaders found themselves assaulted by the Kid Commandos, who refused to allow such a loss of life that would result from the tsunami.

(All-New Invaders I#6 (fb)) - Captain America and the Invaders met the attacking Kid Commandos with caution.

(All-New Invaders I#7 (fb)) - When Golden Girl refused to have the Kid Commandos stand down, a fight erupted and Captain America hurled his shield towards the Human Top. The Human Top, however, spun the shield around and flung it right back at Cap, hitting him in the face and knocking him out. Soon after regaining consciousness, Captain America accompanied the remaining Invaders and Kid Commandos onto a nearby island where Golden Girl's and Namor's fight had taken them. Exhausted from the fight, the two teams noticed how inhabited the island was and Cap and the Invaders realized the cost of lives lost was too much for them to continue their mission. Once the fight between Golden Girl and Namor had calmed with the Invaders refusing to complete their mission, Namor took the brunt of the US military's anger at the team disobeying orders.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I Annual#1/3) - On the eve of the Potsdam Conference, Nasland as Captain America acted as an escort to Pres. Harry Truman as the dignitaries arrived for the Conference. Captain America then mingled as the dignitaries greeted one another and Namor soon introduced Cap to the Red Guardian, the Soviet Union's heroic champion. When the Red Guardian asked how the war was going in the Pacific, Namor remarked that it was going well and would hopefully be over soon with the help of the Soviet Union, prompting Captain America to interject that they could win the war without Communist aid. Red Guardian nearly argued back but Namor calmed matters by commenting that Nasland did not have the courtesy and tact of the original Captain America. Annoyed, Captain America reminded Namor that his identity as the original Captain America's successor was privileged information and that what he lacked in courtesy and tact, he made up for in ability. The Red Guardian further questioned what Namor meant by the "original" Captain America and Namor explained how the original Captain America and Bucky had seemingly died at the hands of the Nazi Baron Zemo and to ensure the legend of Captain America did not die with the man, Pres. Truman had given the roll to Nasland. Namor then commented that Nasland was a good man but a bit zealous, prompting Nasland to sarcastically thank Namor for his approval. Captain America then suggested that they learn more about the Red Guardian before Namor compromised national security any further. The trio continued their conversations, unaware that the telepathic Otto Weiss, agent of Nazi Gen. Gruber Brinkhaus, was lurking outside. Weiss soon returned to Brinkhaus and reported that Captain America and the Red Guardian were in attendance at the Conference as escorts.

Later that evening, when the Red Guardian noticed a spy near his window and shot him, Namor ordered a military major to summon Captain America. At that same time, Captain America was acting as Truman's escort a few blocks away and when Weiss began affecting the minds of those present, Captain America leaped in to attack Weiss before he could affect Truman. By the time Cap had defeated Weiss, he was met by the major and summoned to the Red Guardian's room with the captive Weiss in tow. Upon arrival, Cap and the Red Guardian immediately got into a heated argument on how best to interrogate Weiss and Cap was ultimately convinced to relent by Namor. Half an hour later, the Red Guardian had Weiss completely drunk and Weiss willingly gave up information though Cap still expressed his dislike for the Red Guardian's methods. The trio then followed Weiss' instructions to a secret entrance into the sewers and the Guardian allowed Cap to take point per Cap's suggestion. Once in the sewers, Captain America suggested they all be quiet in case the area was booby-trapped and the trio soon located Weiss' empower, Gen. Brinkhaus. Learning that Brinkhaus intended to kill the Conference dignitaries, Captain America suggested they act while they could to stop Brinkhaus and the three heroes leaped into battle against Brinkhaus. When Brinkhaus harnessed the energy from his subordinates and fired a blast at Namor, Captain America narrowly defended Namor with his shield and Cap was soon surprised when Brinkhaus began moving upward towards the Conference, destroying the foundation of the building. The Guardian quickly ordered Namor to get Cap and himself upstairs to defend the dignitaries and Namor hurled the two heroes one floor up. The two heroes rescued their individual representatives Stalin and Truman while Namor held the floor semi-stable. As the floor began to collapse, Captain America also saved the Red Guardian from falling to his death and the two managed to get all of the dignitaries safely outside as the Conference building collapsed atop Brinkhaus and exploded. At first thinking Namor had also perished, Captain America was relieved with a no-worse-for-wear Namor emerged from the rubble. Commending the Guardian and Cap for putting aside their differences to work together, Namor suggested they could work with the newly-founded United Nations but Cap was quick to remark that next time, it may be Communists they were fighting. The Guardian then retorted and the two began arguing again until Namor broke up the fight, swearing that Atlantis would be on no one's side during the next war.

(Captain America Comics I#49) - Posing as Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes within the US Army, William Nasland and Fred Davis rode a train to the town of Middlevale, Alabama, where they had been invited by blind World War II veteran Tommy Weston. Along the way, Nasland informed Davis of the veteran, who had saved his entire company from death by continuing to fight despite taking a shell fragment to the head. When Davis commented on Tommy's insistence that they visit and try his mother's home cooking, Nasland remarked that he wished they were already, as he had a premonition that something was wrong. Upon arriving in Middlevale the next day, Nasland and Davis noticed a lynch mob headed for the jail. When one of the mob exclaimed that they were after the mayor for killing Tommy Weston, Nasland suggested they jump into gear to stop the lynch mob. Following the mob to the jail as Captain America and Bucky, Nasland and Davis arrived just in time to stop the mob from beating up the police officer guarding the mayor. During the battle against the lynch mob, Captain America was hit by a wounded veteran's crutch and narrowly avoided being scraped by another mobster's hook hand thanks to a warning from Bucky. Forced to knock some sense into the townspeople that had joined the mob, Captain America was able to calm the majority of them, warning that they were no less guilty than those responsible for inciting the riot. He then told the townspeople to disperse and return to their homes. With the mob no longer a threat, Captain America and Bucky decided to visit the mayor to determine if he really had murdered Tommy Weston. After learning from the police that they found the mayor standing over Tommy Weston's body and that the coroner had determined the murder weapon to be the mayor's shotgun, Captain America and Bucky visited the mayor in jail and convinced him to tell the story of what had happened. Upon hearing the mayor's story about how German men had broke into his house and used his shotgun to kill Tommy Weston, Captain America wondered who might want the mayor and Weston out of the picture. Bucky suggested the men who led the lynch mob but all present knew the two men as heroic war veterans. Recalling that the two men were not locals, Captain America came up with a theory and had Bucky phone the coroner to meet them at the local morgue. Suggesting the coroner run an autopsy on Weston's corpse, Cap and Bucky rushed back to the police chief's office, where they received a phone call from the F.B.I. explaining that other towns had experienced riots led by Nazis posing as war veterans. After realizing this League of Hate was a nationwide plot, Captain America was met by the coroner, who announced upon autopsy that Weston's death was a knife wound to the heart muscles. Deducing that the League of Hate had tried to cover up the knife wound with the shotgun blast, Captain America led Bucky on a quest to obtain the fingerprints of the "disabled veterans" that seemed to be leading the League of Hate, unaware that Nazis had tapped the phone line and learned of Cap's plan against the League of Hate. Informed of Cap's plan, the League of Hate met the arriving Captain America and Bucky at a crossroads and tried to retreat upon seeing the star-spangled hero. Cap managed to push Bucky out of the way of the League of Hate's speeding car but was hit himself. Recovering, Captain America was told by Bucky that the car housed both "Jim Mason" and "Bill Summers," as well as other Nazi agents. Recalling a nearby railroad trestle that bridged the area that the car was heading towards, Captain America rushed past Bucky and jumped from the trestle into the moving getaway car, causing it to crash and kill four League of Hate members. "Jim Mason" (actually Nazi conspirator Captain Vergelhaupt) survived and tried to get away on foot despite his handicap but Captain America caught up and knocked Vergelhaupt out. A week later, after Captain America had rounded up the rest of the League of Hate, Cap appeared on the radio and informed listeners about the League of Hate's origins and how they had themselves deliberately maimed or injured in order to pose as injured soldiers returning from World War II.

(Captain America Comics I#49/3) - Still posing as Steve Rogers, William Nasland visited New York City's Financial District with Fred Davis, posing as Bucky, on a matter of business and showed Bucky where George Washington was sworn in as President. After Bucky was shooed away from an organ grinder's pet monkey, Nasland and Davis overheard screams of pain and rushed to the scene to find a police officer and a messenger shot at close range. When a witness, secretly the killer himself, Diavolo, mentioned that a man snatched up the now-deceased messenger's bag and ran, Nasland and Davis rushed in the direction given by Diavolo, only to find themselves in a crowd of onlookers. Seeing a woman break away from the crowd and visit the same organ grinder and monkey that Davis had earlier messed with, Nasland witnessed the grinder hit the woman when she demanded to know where her father was and fought back, punching the man, unaware that Diavolo was watching from afar. The woman thanked Nasland and Davis but fled when the police arrived and the grinder claimed to the police that the woman was crazy and thought he was her father before attacking him when she realized he wasn't. Without further proof, the police officer was forced to let the organ grinder go and confirmed with Nasland and Davis that the grinder had been there for years. After Nasland and Davis formulated a plan to speak with the woman to learn why she ran from the police, they visited 324 Minetta Lane, where Nasland had overheard the woman tell a taxi to take her. Finding Diavolo and his men attacking the woman and her brother Jimmy, Nasland and Davis burst through the door as Captain America and Bucky and began battling Diavolo's men. Captain America soon dove at Diavolo, recognizing him as the witness who had earlier led him away from the messenger's death and knocking him out. Diavolo recovered quickly, however, and took the woman's brother Jimmy hostage, using Jimmy to escape as Captain America and Bucky were stopped from following by the woman who feared for her brother's life. Captain America and Bucky took Diavolo's men to the police and when they refused to cooperate with police, Cap and Bucky questioned the woman and her mother about why the woman was present at the earlier murders and what the organ grinder had to do with it all but the woman was took scared for her life to talk. After a sleepless night of puzzling the entire situation, Nasland donned his Captain America costume and woke Davis, announcing that he wanted to visit Minetta Lane again to question the neighbors. Shortly after, Captain America learned that the woman's name was Maria and that her father was an organ grinder who had disappeared weeks earlier. Deducing that Maria was present at the murder scene because she was looking for father and had mistaken the earlier organ grinder for her father, Captain America and Bucky returned to the Financial District to question the police officer about the organ grinder. Learning that Maria's father, Tony, had nervously brought in a new organ grinder, Captain America and Bucky deduced that the earlier organ grinder was in on the murders and rushed to the grinder, following the sound of his music. Finding him behind another messenger, Captain America dove and knocked the messenger out of the way as the organ grinder shot two leaden missiles from his organ. As Captain America rescued the messenger, Bucky knocked out the organ grinder and when the nearby Diavolo tried to flee, the police officer shot him. When the police officer identified the use of silencers on the murder weapons, Captain America opened the organ grinder's organ to reveal a repeating rifle with a silencer hidden within the organ and explained how he realized the organ grinder was working with Diavolo because the victims were killed from behind and Cap had noticed the organ grinder standing behind the messenger he had just saved. Captain America then persuaded the organ grinder to reveal the locations of Tony and Jimmy and reunited them with Maria and the rest of the family, learning from Tony how Diavolo had blackmailed into installing the new, murderous organ grinder by threatening his family. Admitting that Diavolo had been smart by forcibly involving Tony, whom the neighborhood recognized, Captain America was thanked for his assistance with a kiss on the cheek by Maria.

(Captain America Comics I#49/5) - On their way to Maine for a furlough, Nasland and Davis (still posing as Steve Rogers and "Bucky" Barnes) approached a New England town and decided to stop for dinner and a hotel. The duo soon heard a scream and were nearly knocked off the road by a speeding car and they quickly decided to follow it as Captain America and Bucky. After Bucky forced the car to stop, Cap and his teen partner discovered that the trio inside the car had committed murder and when a woman appeared on the scene, announcing that the Boss had committed the murders, Captain America discovered that the victim Jim was still alive. Ordering Bucky to get the trio of criminals back to town, Cap announced that he would get Jim to a hospital and Bucky said he would meet Cap at the hospital later. On the way to the hospital, Cap learned from the woman that Jim had discovered who the mysterious criminal Boss was but was attacked before he could reveal the Boss' name. Once at the hospital, Cap reunited with Bucky and turned Jim over to the doctors. He also met with the woman's uncle, the local district attorney, who expressed disappointment that Jim would not regain consciousness to expose the Boss for at least twelve hours. When Captain America suggested questioned the trio of the Boss' men that had been taken into custody by Bucky, the district attorney claimed the men had been questioned previously to no avail. Noticing that the district attorney took great pains to ensure Jim's "protection" at the hospital, the suspicious Captain America and Bucky snuck back into the hospital through a rear exit and convinced Jim's sweetheart to play along with a plan to expose the Boss. Jim was then taken out of the room and Cap posed as Jim beneath the hospital bed blanket. When more of the Boss' cronies arrived to finish off Jim, they put a sack over the "sweetheart" (actually a disguised Bucky)'s head and prepared to fatally inject Jim, only to be shocked when Captain America emerged from the bed and choked one of the men. Bucky took down the other thug and assured Jim's sweetheart that the unconscious Jim was safely under the hospital bed. When knocks from the room summoned the police and the district attorney, the attorney went into the room alone with a gun, where Captain America welcomed the D.A. by asking if he should call the D.A. Boss. Announcing that Captain America would never live to reveal his true identity as the district attorney, the Boss prepared to attack Cap, only to be knocked out by Bucky. Following the Boss' defeat, Nasland and Davis continued their journey to Maine, discussing how the Boss' plan to kill Jim by getting the police out of the way was quite clever.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#19 - Spirit of '76 entry - BTS) - Captain America continued accompanying the Invaders in the Pacific Theater, fighting against Japanese operations through the end of the War.

(Captain America: Man Out of Time#5 (fb) - BTS) - A photo was taken of Captain America leading the Invaders in a mission overseas.

(Captain America: Man Out of Time#5 - BTS) - A time-displaced Steve Rogers read a Daily Bugle newspaper with a photo of Captain America (Nasland) leading Invaders on the front page under a headline about the Invaders expected back home in America soon.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb) - BTS) - Fred Davis felt as if his time as Bucky to William Nasland's Captain America helped keep American spirits high in the final days of World War II.

(Captain America & Bucky I#628 (fb) - BTS) - William Nasland and Fred Davis once fought Baron Zemo and the two were very worried Zemo would realize that they weren't the original Captain America and Bucky.

(All-Select Comics I#9) - Driving on their way to a dinner engagement, Nasland (as "Steve Rogers") and Davis were discussing the recent vanishing of millionaire Stephen Bellows and his nurse when another car cut them off then parked, goons exiting the car to steal the newspapers from a nearby junk wagon. Sensing trouble, "Steve" and Bucky exited their car and fought off the brass knuckles-wielding "Knucks" Connors and his gang. During the scuffle, the junk wagon's terrified horse ran for it with Bucky still on the wagon, forcing "Steve" to rush after the wagon to rescue Bucky. After being dragged half a block, "Steve" ultimately managed to wrangle the horse and noticed a Tic-Tac-Toe game drawn on a piece of the newspaper bundle that Bucky had been left holding. Assuring the junk wagon driver that the goons would not come after him again and resuming their drive, "Steve" and Bucky continued on but Nasland soon noticed an odd pattern on the Tic-Tac-Toe games and had Bucky stop the car. Deciding to check on the junkman as Captain America and Bucky, the duo rushed back to find the junkman being attacked by "Knucks" and his gang once more. Seeing the heroes, the gang attempted to run over Captain America and Bucky with their car but the duo leapt out of the way and swiftly took down the two thugs in the car. Cap then checked on the seriously injured junkman, hoping to learn the address of where the junkman had picked up the newspapers and having deduced that the Tic-Tac-Toe diagrams were a code message from someone in that house. Accompanying the defeated thugs to police headquarters, Captain America admitted his suspicions to Bucky that the house may contain the missing Stephen Bellows and his nurse. Soon deducing the Tic-Tac-Toe coded message to spell out an address, Captain America and Bucky rushed to the address and found two of Connors' men outside. Cap made quick work of the goons and ran inside to find "Knucks" Connors holding a gun to Stephen Bellows. Disarming Connors with his shield, Captain America then defeated Connors and rescued Bellows, who revealed that he had decided to use the Tic-Tac-Toe code after recalling it as a play code he used as a child.

(USA Comics I#17) - Assigned to guard a freighter containing art scheduled to be delivered from America to Europe, William Nasland and Fred Davis witnessed a man armored up like a British knight on the ship and the duo quickly changed in their costumes as Captain America and Bucky to confront the knight. Attacking the so-called Evil Knight, Captain America attempted the distract the Knight while ordering Bucky to tackle the Knight, only to have his shield sliced in half by the Knight's flaming sword. When the Evil Knight attacked Bucky, Cap found an opening and punched the Knight, prompting the Evil Knight to flee. Cap pursued but the Evil Knight cut the freighter's mast, which fell, narrowly missing Captain America as the Evil Knight escaped in a motorboat. Cap and Bucky then discussed the Knight's spoken motto, "He survives, who know violence and pillage are twin truths." Recalling a recent newspaper story about Baron Paul Bonaparte, who had moved his robber baron family's Hagmoor Castle brick by brick from Europe to America, Captain America matched the Knight's motto with the one quoted in the newspaper article and suspected the two were connected. Traveling to newly-reconstructed Hagmoor Castle with either a repaired or entirely new shield, Captain America and Bucky investigated and overheard the Knight proposing to an unwilling Elaine. Rushing into the room to rescue Elaine, Cap and Bucky unfortunately fell victim to the Knight's trick door and the Evil Knight managed to knock out Captain America. Awaking inside Hagmoor Castle's dungeons, Cap, Bucky and Elaine were forced to listen to the Knight's bragging about the technology in his armor before the Evil Knight departed for another crime spree. Once the Knight had left, Captain America kicked his loosened boot into a shelf, knocking the key to their bounds within his reach.

After freeing themselves, Captain America and Bucky were informed by Elaine that the Knight had went to the Arco Produce Company to sheer open the safe. When they confronted the Evil Knight and he turned out the lights, Cap tapped a code to Bucky to get to the light switch while he spoke aloud, feigning defeat in the darkness. Bucky then switched the lights back on, surprising the Evil Knight and leaving him open for a punch from Captain America that knocked the Knight out of the window. The Knight quickly recovered and fled in between Arco and the Acme Construction Company building towards a junkyard. Bucky swung out on a rope and knocked the Evil Knight down and Cap followed by short-circuiting the batteries in the Knight's sword with a bucket of water. Cap and the Evil Knight then fought hand-to-hand but when Cap was caught momentarily off-guard after he hurt his hand punching the Knight's steel armor, the Knight prepared for a sneak attack. Unfortunately for the Knight, Bucky used a construction magnet machine to capture the metal-armored Knight.

(Captain America Comics I#50) - Reading in the newspapers about supposed zombies in Lawnmere Cemetary near their Army camp, William Nasland suspected that the supposed ghouls were searching for something and, recalling chemical experiments done by the now-deceased John Porter, Nasland and his young ally Fred Davis decided to investigate whether the so-called Walking Dead were searching for Porter's corpse and his chemical formulas in their costumed identities of Captain America and Bucky. Arriving at Lawnmere Cemetary to find a mausoleum in shambles, Captain America and Bucky found the Walking Dead to actually be a small group of Japanese spies. After defeating most of the Walking Dead and losing one that escaped, Captain America and Bucky decided to visit with Porter's sister Laura but before they could leave Lawnmere, they saw Laura running across the Cemetary. Confronting her, Captain America learned that Laura was trying to hide something and when she refused to give up her secret, Cap allowed her to leave but she was soon caught by more of the Walking Dead. Tracking Laura to the mausoleum where John Porter was buried, Captain America and Bucky battled the Walking Dead but their leader escaped further into the mausoleum with Laura's locket. Before the leader could use the secrets contained within the locket, however, Captain America caught up to the leader and the two battled in front of a crematory furnace, which the locket was soon lost within. The locket and its secrets now destroyed, Captain America unmasked the Walking Dead's leader as Lawnmere caretaker Peter Anzel, who was working with the Japanese. Captain America then turned Anzel over to the town constable and bid his goodbyes.

(Captain America Comics I#50/3) - Nasland and Fred Davis accompanied the US Army to India, where they fought against a Japanese surprise attack. During the battle, Nasland witnessed some of his troops firing on their own allies and when he confronted the troops, Nasland found the gunner to be blind and learned that the gunner had suddenly lost his vision during the fight. After calling a medic to attend to the two blinded gunners, Nasland and Davis donned their Captain America and Bucky costumes and checked in with Army Gen. Haywood. Soon learning of a Japanese air attack, Cap, Bucky and Haywood witnessed the pilot not fighting back and when the plane crashed, Captain America rushed to check on the pilot, who had also been blinded. Shortly after meeting with all of the blinded soldiers, Captain America learned they had all visited the local marketplace's Myriad of Mirrors and he investigated, finding Indian mirror maker Genrami plotting to blind more American soldiers. Genrami unfortunately got the drop of Cap and when Cap regained consciousness, Genrami gloated about his discovery of a silver derivative called Trulite that he used in his mirrors that paralyzed the human optic nerve. Genrami then ordered Captain America and Bucky to be sent into the Myriad of Mirrors. Keeping their eyes shut, Captain America and Bucky also learned the air was minimal inside but Captain America soon found a newspaper, which he burned, creating smoke that obscured the Trulite mirrors' effects. The heroic duo then rushed through the Myriad without problems, only to be attacked by Genrami's men. Captain America interrogated one of the men into admitting that the Trulite's blindness effects could be reversed using a black light machine. Absconding with Genrami's black light machine, Captain America and Bucky returned to their Army camp, where Genrami was about to sell more of his Trulite mirrors to the soldiers. Upon seeing Cap, Genrami fled and Captain America pursued after warning the soldiers about the mirrors' blinding effects. Preparing to instantly blind Captain America with one of his armor, Genrami was instead tackled by Cap and dropped his mirror, accidentally looking directly into it. Blinded, Genrami tried to leap away from Captain America, only to leap off the edge of a cliff to his death. Later, Captain America explained to the soldiers that the black light machine could cure the blindness before he and Bucky rushed back, expecting to be bawled out by their sergeant for being away so long without a pass.

(Captain America Comics I#50/5) - After the criminal Leopard was released from prison and he began a murder spree with his agents using electric beam guns, Captain America and Bucky confronted the Leopard and his men. When one of the men hit Bucky with a supposed electric beam, a furious Captain America nearly beat the man to death until the man revealed the fleeing Leopard's location. Later visiting Bucky at the hospital, Captain America and Bucky's doctor found a small capsule hidden in a wad of lead and zinc in Bucky's pocket that had saved Bucky's life. Captain America quickly rushed out to a police laboratory to have the capsule examined and learned that the "electric beams" fired by the Leopard's men were actually small explosive capsules. Cap then arranged for the police to send a radio message to the Leopard claiming safe passage out of the city if the Leopard would halt his murder spree. Secretly having a replacement shield finished with lead and zinc, Captain America subsequently met with the Leopard, who soon attacked and attempted to kill Captain America. Cap easily blocked the beam guns' explosive bullets with his shield and fought the Leopard, acquiring the electronic targeting device the Leopard used with his beam gun. Cap then used the device to fire a bullet into the escaping Leopard's car tire, halting the criminal, and soon turned the Leopard and his men over to the police. Following the Leopard's defeat, Nasland revealed to Bucky that the lead and zinc that Bucky carried had inspired him to coat his shield in the elements.

(All Winners Comics I#17/2) - Nasland and Davis accompanied their Army buddy Dale Carreaux back to his bayou home for Dale's brother's wedding and as they arrived off their train five miles from Bayville, Dale admitted that his plantation home was seemingly cursed and that each time an eldest brother in his family was about to marry, the supposed ghosts of Dale's great-grandfather's jilted lover and her brother appear and kill the brother. Nasland assured Dale that they would have a good time and he met Dale's brother Phillip alongside Davis. Overhearing that Phillip had recently seen a canoe in the bayou containing a man and woman, Nasland grew suspicious and, after dinner, Dale had a talk with Phillip while Nasland and Davis decided to investigate the bayou, curious what Phillip had actually seen. Seeing a witch and wizard in canoes, Nasland and Davis opted to protect Phillip's life as Captain America and Bucky. When the Wizard paddled his canoe near Captain America, Cap attempted to grab the Wizard, only to watch the Wizard seemingly disappear. Cap was then hit in the back of the head and Bucky came to his aid, both unsure of where the Witch and Wizard had went.

Returning to Dale's plantation home, Nasland and Davis assured Phillip that his wedding would go smoothly and the next evening, Nasland was introduced to Phillip's fiancee Marguerite and the Carreaux's best friend Frank Lavalle. When the wedding began, however, Marguerite was heard screaming and Phillip rushed to check on her as Nasland and Davis changed into their Captain America and Bucky costumes to investigate. Seeing the canoe in the bayou again, Cap and Bucky headed towards it, noticing footprints in the mud, and found a murdered Phillip on the ground with a knife in his back. Determined to stop the Witch and Wizard, Cap and Bucky boarded their own canoe and caught up to the Wizard, who pulled a knife on Captain America. The battle knocked both Bucky and the Wizard overboard and Cap was forced to rescue Bucky when an alligator went after the boy. The nearby Witch then lunged at Cap during the rescue but Cap captured the Witch and pulled her ashore, only to see the Witch shot from afar as Dale found a grieving Marguerite tied to a tree. Moments later, Cap unmasked the deceased Witch as a young girl and when Frank Lavalle appeared, Cap exposed him as the Wizard, having earlier recognized Lavalle's footprints in the mud and suspected him of murdering the Witch by shooting a gun through his pocket. After being punched by Captain America, the Wizard admitted that he loved Marguerite and was jealous of Phillip. Cap and Bucky then turned Lavalle over to the police and seemingly disappeared, returning later to meet back up with Dale in their civilian identities.

(Captain America Comics I#51) - Nasland and Davis were with the US armed forces when they took over an important Japanese island with no opposition. Finding the island seemingly deserted, Nasland and Davis was surprised when large explosions rocked the land with no clear origin. Three days later, more explosions occurred, prompting Nasland and Davis to investigate as Captain America and Bucky. Despite not finding anyone, Captain America suspected that Japanese agents were hiding somewhere and the duo decided to inspect the area they had cleared that morning. Finding Japanese Professor Sico Rudo and his agents bragging about their recent attacks, Captain America attacked the agents but was caught in one of the explosions of what the agents called "Atom-Water." Bucky suggested they retreat, as the agents had deposited the explosive "Atom-Water" all around the area, and Captain America soon realized that the explosions only seemed to occur on sunny Sundays. When more explosions occurred, Captain America and Bucky followed the explosive trail back to Professor Rudo and his men but Rudo got the drop on Cap. Gloating about his "Atom-Water," Rudo then had Cap and Bucky tied up and took them to a sunny spot where his men poured the explosive "Atom-Water" around the duo. Soon recalling that Bucky had picked up a magnifying glass after their first encounter with Rudo, Cap used the magnifying glass to reflect the sun's heat and burn through his bounds. Freeing Bucky, Cap escaped the area just before the "Atom-Water" exploded and the two confronted Rudo once more. When Cap hurled a vial of "Atom-Water" at the Japanese agents, a cornered Rudo murdered his own men to prevent their capture and nearly escaped, as Captain America and Bucky refused to follow, knowing that the spilled "Atom-Water" would soon evaporate in the sun. As Rudo gloated that Cap was too afraid to pursue him, Captain America and Bucky witnessed the sun causing the "Atom-Water" to explode, killing Rudo. Moments after, Captain America turned over a vial of "Atom-Water" to the military but the military leader explained to Cap that the US had just perfected an atomic bomb that was miles ahead of the "Atom-Water."

(What If? I#4) - Following Japan's surrender and the end of World War II, the Invaders received a telegram from the President asking them to remain together to battle crime and the black market, a request Captain America voted to accept. With the other Invaders, Captain America listened as Miss America read more of the telegram, requesting the Invaders team name be changed to the All Winners Squad.

(Captain America Comics I#51/3) - On their way to lunch, William Nasland and Fred Davis noticed a man being manhandled by another man and Nasland intervened. Inviting the man to lunch with them, Nasland learned the man was mortician Jonathan Mortimer, who had recently joined the Fraternity of Fat Fellows, an organization supposedly established for the welfare of portly men. Mortimer further revealed to Nasland and Davis that for six weeks, he had been copying the phone book for the Fraternity until he received a notice that the Fraternity had been dissolved. Following lunch, a suspicious Nasland and Davis decided to investigate Mortimer's claims at Mortimer's mortuary as Captain America and Bucky. Along the way, the two were attacked by men in a hearse but they quickly defeated the thugs, learning they had been hired by a man called the Chameleon before the hearse crashed. Curious about the Chameleon and why the thugs had attempted to keep them from the mortuary, Captain America led Bucky continued their trek to the mortuary, only to find both Mortimer and his assistant Breese missing. When a nervous Mortimer showed up, Captain America demanded to know where Breese was and Mortimer showed Cap and Bucky to Breese's room, where Breese was feigning sleep. Becoming more suspicious when he noticed the outline of Breese's shoes under his blanket, Captain America soon asked Mortimer when Breese had been hired. When Mortimer remarked that Breese had been hired a week before Mortimer had joined the Fraternity of Fat Fellow and that the capable Breese had even constructed a new storage room that Mortimer had not yet seen, Captain America investigated the storage area and found the Chameleon using it as a headquarters. The Chameleon's soon knocked out Cap and Bucky and the two regained consciousness to find themselves bound and on a conveyor belt leading towards a furnace. When the thugs left the heroes to their fate, however, Captain America gripped a wire with his teeth and touched the exposed end to the conveyor's metal rollers, short-circuiting the conveyor belt and freeing himself and Bucky by singing his bounds near the furnace. Hearing footsteps nearby, Captain America and Bucky then rushed to stop the Chameleon and his goons, who were stealing gold. Making quick work of the thugs, Captain America then defeated the escaping Chameleon, pulling off his mask to reveal him as Breese. Captain America then forced the Chameleon to write a statement confirming his suspicions that the Chameleon had used the Fraternity of Fat Fellows to lure Mortimer away from the mortuary in order to build a tunnel from the mortuary to a nearby bank vault.

(Captain America Comics I#51/6) - Nasland and Davis were serving with their Army squad on an island as they watched a plane housing famous pin-up girl Fluffy Flair land for a U.S.O. performance. Davis bet Nasland a dime that it wasn't the real Fluffy Flair, only to turn a dime over to Nasland when he was proven wrong. Soon after, Japanese agent Captain Catti quickly grabbed Flair and when Nasland and Davis came to her defense, Catti tossed a smoke bomb and absconded with Flair. Donning their Captain America and Bucky costumes, the duo attempted to track Catti, succeeding in finding only Flair's shoe until they came across "Flair," who claimed Catti had simply let her go. Suspicious, Captain America had Bucky stay with "Flair" while he investigated further, soon finding a den of Japanese agents who had hoped to use Flair to gain information about American forces there. Revealing that he knew the "Flair" they had located to be an impostor working for the Japanese due to the shoe he and Bucky had found not fitting the impostor, Captain America was told of Catti's plan to have the impostor send them coded signals in her dance before both Captain America and Bucky were imprisoned in a rock-walled room. Using the dime he had earlier won from Davis, Captain America unscrewed the hinges on the wooden door of their cell and the heroic duo escaped and wrecked the Japanese communications devices. Cap then had Bucky rescue the real Fluffy Flair while he dealt with Captain Catti, soon hurling Catti over a cliff, an act that broke Catti's neck. Cap then regrouped with Bucky and the real Flair, confirming Catti's death and interrupting the impostor Flair's performance to replace her with the real Fluffy Flair. When the impostor claimed the Japanese had forced her to act as a spy by threatening her brother, Captain America assured the impostor that the Japanese threat was over and the real Flair covered Cap in kisses as thanks for her rescue.

(Captain America Comics I#52) - After the fictional monster Am was somehow brought to physical life by the collective fear generated by his radio serial, Captain America and Bucky listened to reports of Am's attacks on the radio and determined that the attacks were indeed real. Tracking down Am, Captain America and Bucky arrived at Am's location moments after he let a potential victim go. As Captain America fought Am furiously, police arrived and Am picked up Captain America to use as a human shield against the police, an act typed into the writer of the fictional Am's creator, Allen Slake. Curious to hear on the radio that Am had completed the actions Slake had typed, Slake then typed out that Am hurled Captain America and, sure enough, the radio reported that Am hurled Captain America at the police and Slake fully realized he could control Am using his typewriter. Desiring power and wealth through Am's actions, Slake forced Am to go on a rampage and again, Captain America and Bucky arrived on the scene to battle the creature. As ordered by Slake, Am downed Captain America and Bucky with a car fender and absconded with Captain America, bringing him to Slake. Bucky followed and freed Captain America, who fiercely battled Am. During the fight, Bucky fell atop Slake and Am grabbed and hid Slake's typewriter in an effort to free himself of Slake's control as both Cap and Bucky laid unconscious at Am's feet.

When Cap and Bucky regained consciousness, Captain America convinced Am to look into a mirror, explaining how Am's attacks had caused more public fear and that heightened fear was transforming the thought-based Am to reflect those fears. Angry that Slake had controlled him to generate that fear, Am turned on Slake as Cap and Bucky watched. Cap and Bucky were later returning home when they heard shots being fired and when they investigated, they found Am attacking several men. Assuming Am was on another rampage, Captain America and Bucky leapt into battle against Am, only to have Am hurl Captain America into the nearby river, with Bucky diving in to save his partner. The duo later investigated a series of jewelry robberies and Captain America noted sand present at each of the robbery locations as well as the weather being cloudy or foggy during each of the robberies. That night, Cap and Bucky staked out the National Bank and, as suspected, a robbery occurred with Am leading a group of thugs in a blimp, confirming Cap's suspicions about the sand he had found at previous robberies. Following Am back to his lair, Cap and Bucky discovered that Am had kidnapped a female reporter and was attempted to earn her love by stealing jewelry to gift her. When Am turned on Jigger Jones, a mobster whom the reporter had convinced Am to capture in an effort to get Am to do good deeds, Captain America and Bucky quietly went up to the reporter as Am fought Jones and his goons. Secretly working with Cap and Bucky to stop Am, the reporter learned of Slake's typewriter and suggested Am bring her the typewriter so that she could use it to make Am handsome. Am immediately left to reacquire the typewriter and Cap and Bucky freed the reporter. When Am returned, Cap and Bucky tackled Am as the reporter rushed to the typewriter. The reporter hesitated to hurt Am but when Am prepared to kill Captain America, the reporter reluctantly typed "Am dies." Finally seeing something other than hate in the reporter's eyes, Am died happy and fell into a pit, with Captain America commented that the typewriter should also be thrown into the pit with Am. Cap then remarked that Am truly was a monster with a soul.

(Captain America Comics I#52/4) - Nasland and Davis were visiting an art gallery when a group of hobos came in to visit, with Nasland remarking that they had just as much of a right to be there as Nasland and Davis did. When a group of thugs attempted to steal some of the art, Nasland and Davis donned their Captain America and Bucky costumes to stop them. Minutes later, as the hobos left the art gallery, Captain America overheard them talking to a man named Lefty about the sculptor Hugo Pergody, who lived as a hermit in the woods, and, suspecting Lefty was up to something, Captain America decided to investigate the local woods. Finding Lefty attempting to force Hugo Pergody to sell him a priceless statue for cheap, Captain America and Bucky engaged the gangsters. During the fight, one of the gangsters captured Pergody and Lefty threw down a tear gas bomb to cover their escape. Captain America and Bucky quickly caught up to the fleeing thugs and when Lefty tried to ram Cap off the side of his car by hitting a tree, Cap leapt to safety as the car crashed, knocking Lefty and his goons unconscious. Recovering the bruised Pergody, Captain America explained the value of Pergody's sculpture and Pergody decided to sell his statue to the art gallery and give the money to his hobo friends Montmorency and Percival.

(Captain America Comics I#53 (fb) - BTS) - Captain America and Bucky hunted for "Hammer" Riley and his Killer Mob, who were wanted for a series of murders in the course of several robberies.

(Captain America Comics I#53) - Arriving at a bank as the Killer Mob was in the middle of a holdup, Captain America and Bucky charged towards the bank, alerting "Hammer" Riley's nervous lookout, Snatch. Storming into the bank, Captain America and Bucky battled the Killer Mob but "Hammer" Riley and several of his goons managed to escape. Captain America and Bucky then visited police headquarters to help interrogate one of Riley's men, unaware that the mysterious criminal Robe was meeting with Riley and organizing the Killer Mob into his own criminal gang. Tipped off that Riley would be robbing Moreau's Jewelry Store, Captain America and Bucky soon rushed to the jewelry store to find the robbery in progress, led by the Robe. When the Robe drained the strength out of Cap, Bucky and the police, his goons gained a quick advantage and easily escaped. As the Robe killed Riley in revenge for his earlier mistreatment as Riley's lookout, Captain America and Bucky discussed with police the possible origins of the Robe's superhuman powers until a man entered the station to report his robe being stolen. Deducing that it was the Robe's Robe of Evil based on the description, Captain America had the man and his daughter tell them everything they knew of the robe.

As the daughter informed Captain America on the history of the Robe of Evil, Bucky messed with the switch on an interrogation spotlight and nearly blinded Cap, who was a given a great idea by Bucky's mistake. Formulating a plan, Captain America had the police chief order his men to locate the Robe's headquarters but leave the Robe's apprehension to Bucky and himself. Captain America and Bucky then spent weeks aiding the police across the country trying to get the Robe's men to reveal the Robe's location but none would talk. When the Robe sent a telegram announcing his plans to broadcast an ultimatum to the United States, Captain America and Bucky listened to the scheduled broadcast in which the Robe ordered the country to turn over all arms and disband all law and order forces or risk him murdering slews of innocents. Captain America and Bucky immediately set out trying to locate the Robe before his twenty-four hour ultimatum expired and they soon came across a group of thugs, unaware the thugs were deliberately holding someone up in an effort to lure and capture Captain America on the Robe's behalf. Realizing the unarmed thugs wished to capture them, Captain America decided to play along and he quickly feigned defeat so the thugs would take Bucky and himself to the Robe's hideout. The Robe gloated about his desire to have Captain America present in his moment of triumph and when the clocked tolled midnight, the Robe received a communication that the United States would not surrender. Preparing to destroy the country, the Robe was met by Captain America, who insisted Bucky not assist him. Feigning losing his strength, Captain America got in close enough to pummel the Robe, who fled through a window despite Cap's warning that the Robe would be leaping to his own doom. Grasping the Robe's Robe of Evil, Captain America witnessed Snatch fall from the Robe's protection to his death, leaving Cap holding the Robe of Evil at the window.

Captain America then ordered the Robe's men to surrender or face being hunted down and explained to Bucky how the Robe of Evil's blinding radiation had earlier sapped their strength. He also explained that he had closed his eyes during his one-on-one battle with the Robe, preventing the blinding radioactive light from sapping his strength.

(Captain America Comics I#53/4 (fb) - BTS) - While on a mission in South America, Captain America and Bucky read about the case of Ivor the Sculptor, who apparently murdered two former city councilmen using voodoo by carving their likeness into stone.

(Captain America Comics I#53/4) - During some down time, Captain America and Bucky visited their friend Inspector Grady to review some of his records, hoping to perhaps find something interesting or perhaps an unsolved crime that could be resolved. Grady was soon summoned away but he invited Captain America and Bucky to join him and they spoke with Miss Drew, a woman who claimed a man was killing her father. Deciding to visit the supposed killer's penthouse to investigate, Captain America, Bucky, Grady and the police were shooed away by a servant but the heroes forced their way inside and found Ivor the Sculptor chiseling away at a statue of Miss Drew's father. The police recognized Ivor from past murder raps involving killing victims using voodoo by carving their images and Bucky reminded Cap how they had read about Ivor during a mission to South America. Admitting that he didn't take much stock in the ability to kill others by carving their image, Captain America asked Ivor to halt his sculpture but Ivor claimed the subjects would die anyway and he was simply under Os-So-Me-Lim's power. Knowing they couldn't do anything to charge Ivor, Grady, Cap and Bucky left and Cap became determined to find some way to stop Ivor. Recalling the previous supposed victims as former city councilmen, Captain America suggested Grady check on other former city councilmen and they all agreed to meet back at Miss Drew's home after they acquire some more information on the mysterious illnesses that had befallen Ivor's supposed victims. Ten minutes later, Captain America and Bucky checked on two current city councilmen and when they claimed disbelief Ivor could harm and reminded Cap of how they had previously told the court during Ivor's past trial that he had no motive. Suspicious that the councilmen seemed to defend Ivor, Captain America lied that Ivor was currently creating a sculpture of one of them, prompting the terrified men to exclaim how they had paid Ivor $25,000 in protection money. Captain America then convinced the two councilmen to reveal how they had both been stricken by the terrible disease that had befallen Ivor's other victims and how they had paid protection money out of desperation to survive. Cap also learned that five years ago, Ivor had been commissioned to design a city monument, only for it to be rejected and Ivor demand vengeance.

Rushing to the Drew home for their meeting, Captain America and Bucky found Miss Drew's father under attack by Ivor's servants. Defeating all save one servant that escaped, Captain America met with the father's doctor, who could find no reason for the mysterious illness. Convinced that Ivor's voodoo was nonsense and suspecting some sort of psychic means to induce illness, Captain America and Bucky then returned to Ivor's studio, where they were knocked out by Ivor's servants. When they revived, Ivor revealed his Captain America bust-in-progress and began chiseling away at it, making Cap grow weaker with each chisel and subjecting Cap to strange hallucinatory dreams of his boyhood days. Bucky soon freed himself and subsequently freed Captain America, defending Cap until Cap came to his senses. The two then made quick work of Ivor and his servants and forced Ivor to testify that his men had replaced his victims' reading lamp bulbs with chemically-treated bulbs that gave off Actinic rays similar to the sun. When Bucky asked how Cap had discovered Ivor's bulb replacements, Captain America replied that while under a bulb's influence himself, he recalled memories that involved the hot sun and deduced that lamps must be involved.

(Captain America Comics I#54) - While furniture shopping with Bucky, Nasland witnessed two large men with a large dog arrive in the store and demand to see a bed in a hurry. After seeing the men request an extremely large chair made for display purposes for their boss, the Big Guy, and demand a set of furniture that same size, Nasland remarked that a man must be fifteen feet tall to fit comfortably in the chair the men purchased. Later that night, Nasland and Davis were out for a stroll when they noticed a man painting a smokestack but soon realized the smokestack painter was a distraction when they also noticed a cab heading for a jewelry store with one of the Big Guy's men  inside. Deciding to investigate, Nasland and Davis donned their Captain America and Bucky costumes and they attacked the tall, lanky man. The smokestack painter and another man retaliated by firing on Cap but he blocked the bullets with his shield and climbed up the crane to take down the two men. Unfortunately, Bucky had commandeered the crane and he lowered it too fast, causing Captain America to fall from the crane as the crooks escaped. Captain America and Bucky then spent days following leads on the Big Guy's hideout and, after hearing that the Big Guy's girlfriend was a showgirl, Captain America tracked down the tallest female showgirl. Attempting to allow himself to be captured so he and Bucky could be taken to the Big Guy's hideout, Cap planted a kiss on the 6'2" woman, drawing the attention of the Big Guy's goons, and both Captain America and Bucky feigned defeat at the hands of the goons. Taken to the Big Guy's hideout as predicted, Captain America was led into the Big Guy's office, only to discover the Big Guy was actually a diminutive, mousy little man. Laughing at the irony of the man being called Big Guy, Captain America was met by a spring-loaded stone fist that launched him out of the office. The Big Guy then sent his dog, Dinosaur, after Bucky but Captain America pretended to sneeze and blew powdered catnip from his handkerchief, driving the dog crazy. In the subsequent frenzy, Cap hit the lights and the Big Guy's girlfriend ended up taking out the Big Guy's goons, thinking they were Cap and Bucky, while the real Captain America and Bucky escaped under cover of darkness. Outside, Captain America deduced the Big Guy's next plans were to steal silver that a local atom smasher was attempting to turn into gold. Sure enough, when Captain America and Bucky visited the atom smasher, the Big Guy was there attempting to steal the silver. Taking down the Big Guy's goons by dropping a live wire onto the ground and shocking them, Captain America then chased the Big Guy to the roof. Cap was surprised, however, when the Big Guy jumped from the roof, used his giant hat as a parachute and landed on Dinosaur to ride away. Rushing outside, Captain America and Bucky witnessed the Big Guy hitch a ride in a nearby car and escape.

(Captain America Comics I#54/4) - Nasland and Davis suffered a flat tire on their car near Hollywood, California and decided to visit nearby Tarrymore Castle for assistance, unaware of a horror movie being filmed there. Overhearing what sounded like a murder taking place, Nasland and Davis quickly changed into their Captain America and Bucky uniforms and rushed inside, only to find actors and a director filming a scene. Hanging around to watch the filming, Captain America and Bucky witnessed them film a scene in which the creature Scarface was to strangle a damsel in distress. When Scarface actually strangled actress Sonja Blake to death, Cap and Bucky rushed to stop Scarface, who hurled a chair at the heroic duo, smashing the lights. Scarface then knocked Captain America out in the darkness, exclaiming that Cap and Bucky would not stop his vengeance, and when Cap later regained consciousness, the two heroes discovered the deceased body of Scarface actor Lake Wood. Cap then took account of all of the cast and crew of the movie and the only one missing was the movie's writer, Larry Shore, who arrived moments later, claiming he had just arrived from Los Angeles. The duo then began searching the castle and soon heard a scream. Rushing to investigate, the two found Larry Shore unconscious and when they searched Shore's wallet, Captain America found a flyer about actor Bel Commings. The curious Cap then visited a nearby newspaper news morgue and read up on Bel Commings, determining Commings to be Scarface. Returning to Tarrymore Castle, Cap informed Jerry Small that he was likely Commings' intended next victim and Small agreed both that Commings certainly blamed him, Sonja Blake, Lake Wood and Jerry Crain for a fire that had left Commings horribly scarred and to help Cap catch Commings. Cap then had Small pretend to be alone in an effort to lead Scarface into a trap but Scarface discovered the plan via watching through a secret wall compartment and sprung a trap on Captain America and Bucky instead, tying them up and leaving them in a flooding room to drown. Waiting until the flood waters softened their bounds, Captain America and Bucky soon broke free and rushed to find Jerry Small. Soon finding Small in the library being attacked by Larry Shore, a suspicious Captain America nonetheless chased Shore, eventually cornering him near one of the banisters of the castle. When the banister broke, both Shore and Captain America tumbled over but Bucky managed to save Cap. Confronting the dying Shore below, Captain America removed a mask, revealing Shore as a disguised Bel Commings, who admitted he had become a movie writer and wrote Scarface into a movie as part of his plan of vengeance against Small, Blake, Wood and Crane. When Commings submitted to death, Bucky asked Cap how he had guessed Commings and Shore were one in the same and Cap admitted that he had been suspicious ever since finding the clipping on Commings in Shore's wallet and when Shore was missing during Blake's murder.

(Captain America Comics I#54/6) - Nasland and Davis were ordered by the Army to accompany a group of geologists investigating the recently reawakened volcano Oku Sama on a small Pacific island. When the duo heard machine gun fire, they quickly changed into their Captain America and Bucky costumes to investigate. Finding a group of thugs, Captain America and Bucky jumped into battle against them but the fight was broken up when Oku Sama started rumbling and the thugs were killed by the boiling hot steam that erupted from the volcano. Cap and Bucky then fled the volcano and visited Gov. Irwin Hawes, where Cap brought up the idea that the volcano's activity was being man-made. The governor suggested the two heroes visited local authority on the matter George Harris and when they did, Harris admitted he could think of no man capable of activating a volcano artificially. Before Captain America and Bucky could leave, however, a man fired on them and Cap quickly took the man down, only to be met by two more thugs. One of the thugs hurled a rock, hitting Cap in the head and knocking him out and Bucky followed suit, taken unaware when he rushed to check on Cap. When the duo awoke, George Harris was nowhere to be found. In an effort to root out the cause of the volcanic activity, Cap wrote a letter to his Army headquarters suggesting the Pacific island as a base, hoping the Army would find the culprit behind the volcanic activity. Unfortunately, Gov. Hawes ordered the island's evacuation and, his idea of summoning the Army not likely to succeed due to the evacuation orders, Captain America decided to climb Oku Sama and learn from himself the cause of the activity. As they approached the summit, Captain America and Bucky noticed the glint of a rifle and decided to press on stealthily, taking out a guard sent by the villainous Dr. Weerd. Fearing the end of his plans, Dr. Weerd fled and when Cap and Bucky arrived inside Weerd's cave base, they found George Harris dead and Weerd escaping. Pursuing, Captain America caught up to Weerd and unmasked him as Gov. Hawes. Later, Captain America reported to the Army that Hawes had hired George Harris for the geological survey and discovered silver deposits on the island, prompting his attempt to scare away the locals as Dr. Weerd using Harris' lava flow stimulator device. As the night went on, Captain America and Bucky watched the islanders return to their homes.

(Captain America Comics I#55) - Nasland and Davis played a game of handball in a Turkish bath when they knocked the ball down a flight of stairs and when Davis ran to retrieve the ball, he stumbled into a group of crooks preparing to steal handwritten letters by famous authors. Davis quickly reported what he'd seen to Nasland and the two rushed downstairs as Captain America and Bucky, making quick work of the thugs. When Bucky realized another man was inside the room with the safe containing the letters, the duo ventured inside and were attacked by the criminal Sensitivo. Sensitivo shoved Bucky out of the window, forcing Captain America to go to Bucky's rescue while Sensitivo and his men escaped. Captain America and Bucky later discussed Sensitivo and Cap noted that Sensitivo's crimes only seemed to occur during the daytime moments before the chief of police stormed in to report a murder at a nearby beauty shop. Rushing to the scene of the crime, Cap and Bucky found a woman strangled to death with abnormally large hands. Immediately suspecting Sensitivo's handiwork, Cap gathered dirt and dust from the manicuring tools for the police lab to check and later, Cap determined the dirt and dust also contained traces of pigskin, which he deduced had to have come from an abandoned glove factory on the riverfront. Investigating the glove factory, Cap and Bucky soon realized they had been led into a trap and Cap caused a distraction by revealing Sensitivo's murder of beauty shop employee Margie Hawes, who had been the girlfriend of one of Sensitivo's men, Trigger. Sensitivo then shot Trigger and hurled a grenade at the heroes but Bucky hit the grenade back in Sensitivo's direction, inadvertently allowing Sensitivo to escape in the subsequent explosion. Cap and Bucky then interrogated Trigger, who managed to utter "aster--" before dying. Deciding to set a trap for Sensitivo, Cap and Bucky next met with hand cast collector and sculptor Handy Anders, allowing Anders to cast their hands, and publicizing the event to lure Sensitivo there. Falling for the trap, the jealous Sensitivo soon arrived as Anders' studio, where Cap and Bucky attacked him. After knocking out Sensitivo with a giant hand cast, Captain America revealed to Bucky that he had realized from Trigger's dying words that Sensitivo suffered from astereognosis, preventing him from telling objects apart via touch. Cap then explained that Sensitivo's astereognosis was why Sensitivo never committed crimes at night.

(Captain America Comics I#55/2) - When an epidemic swept through the city and crooks hijacked medical supplies, Captain America and Bucky took to the streets to find the crooks who had stolen a serum that could end the epidemic. Soon seeing thugs roughing up a group of doctors, Cap and Bucky dove into battle against the thugs but Cap became distracted when a doctor mentioned the thugs having the serum. Knocked into a daze, Cap got back to his feet as the thugs fled and the doctor explained how the thugs had stolen all of the serum supply being used to treat the epidemic. The two heroes then rushed to find the crooks as more thefts were occurring, unaware that the thugs had tricked runaway little girl Patsy Perkins into delivering the stolen serum right to their hideout so they could be empty-handed if caught by the police. Cap and Bucky soon collided with the bike-riding Patsy during their search and offered to make amends by safely guiding her to the address of her delivery. When Patsy did not emerge from the house after five minutes, Captain America and Bucky decided to check on her and found the thugs plotting to steal more serum while holding Patsy hostage. Attempting to bust up the thugs, Cap and Bucky soon relented when one of the thugs put a gun to Patsy's head and the two heroes were tied up. The tomboy Patsy soon took care of the guard using judo and freed Cap and Bucky to go after the thugs. Reluctantly agreeing to allow Patsy to accompany them, Captain America subsequently found the thugs attempting another serum theft and they retrieved the serum. After having one of the doctors leave to get the serum to a hospital, Cap and Bucky rounded up the remaining thugs and witnessed Patsy decide to return home, inspired to mind her parents after all the trouble she had gotten into with the thugs.

(Captain America Comics I#55/5) - Nasland and Davis took a tour of a movie studio, where they witnessed actor Myron Delasco film the final scene of "The Merry Widow Murderer," a horror film about a serial killer who murdered women with scissors. Later, Davis read the newspaper and informed Nasland that Delasco had seemingly died in a car accident following the filming. The duo subsequently ventured into town and when Nasland heard a woman screaming, the duo changed into their Captain America and Bucky costumes and investigated, stumbling upon the Merry Widow Murderer moments after he had killed a young woman. The Murderer escaped when Bucky tripped and fell into Captain America but Cap quickly noticed that the woman had been killed by scissors. Suspecting the murderer to be at least an imitator of the film's killer, Captain America visited the movie's director, Sidney Saunders, and read the script, further crediting his hunch. The duo then departed, only to witness police cars speeding down the street. Investigating, the heroic duo soon learned of another murdered woman who had been killed with scissors and Cap was further convinced of a tie between the killer and "The Merry Widow Murderer" film. Suspecting that the killer was a still living Myron Delasco, Captain America came up with a plan to trap the Murderer by having Bucky dress as a woman. The duo successfully trapped and exposed Delasco as the Merry Widow Murderer but the mad Delasco stabbed Captain America with a pair of scissors, forcing Bucky to check on his partner. Captain America's costume blunted most of the attack, saving his life, but the distracted Bucky was then attacked by the Murderer himself. When Captain America tried to save Bucky, he was knocked out by the Merry Widow Murderer, who absconded with Bucky. Regaining consciousness, Captain America recalled how, in the film, the Merry Widow Murderer halted his actions at midnight so Cap climbed a nearby clock tower and altered the clock's hands to force it to strike midnight. As the bells tolled, Captain America then rushed to confront the Merry Widow Murderer who, as predicted, stopped his attempt to kill Bucky. Cap confronted the Murderer, yelling "cut!" in an attempt to bring Delasco back to his senses but the distracted Delasco stepped back, falling from the roof to his death. Lamenting Delasco's unfortunate death, Captain America remarked that perhaps it was for the best, as Delasco would have had to answer for his crimes committed as the Merry Widow Murderer.

(All Winners Comics I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Captain America and Bucky joined other superheroes in the heroic group called the All Winners Squad.

(History of the Marvel Universe II#2) - Captain America accompanied the All Winners Squad in a battle against the Nazi Warrior Woman and her agents, with Captain America managed to dodge Warrior Woman's whip during the fight.

(Captain America Comics I#56) - Captain America and Bucky were called to Washington regarding someone hijacking the flow of supplies to war-ravaged Europe and they were informed that the USA was using Algiers as a temporary base for relief supplies. The duo were then secretly ordered Algiers to apprehend the hijackers but Cap insisted on their travel there being made public. Bucky argued that the hijackers could ambush them if they knew they were coming but Cap reminded Bucky that it would also flush the hijackers out into the open, where they could be more easily captured. The official reluctantly agreed to Captain America's suggestion and within ten hours, the two heroes had arrived in Algiers to a celebratory crowd. Before the two could enter the car to their hotel, a black car drove by and attempted to assassinate the heroes, who narrowly avoided death thanks to Bucky stumbling into Captain America. Before Captain America could question the assailant, however, a local official ordered the man taken away by police. The official then resumed welcoming Cap and Bucky and led them to their hotel provided by a man named Mike Reilly. When a suspicious Cap asked to meet this Mike Reilly, the official introduced himself as Reilly, much to Cap's surprise. Reilly then claimed he had changed his name from Miguel Juan Gonzales Lopez-Iruli due to his admiration of America before showing Captain America and Bucky to their rooms. As they made their way upstairs, Cap noticed a native woman named Sari leaving their room but when she quickly lost the heroes around the corner, the duo decided to investigate their room on their own. Finding a note warning them not to trust anyone pinned to the broken mirror in their shabby room, Captain America and Bucky were soon met by would-be informer Pepe Ris but before any information could be exchanged, Reilly came to the door with food. When the two heroes witnessed Reilly grow angry at a man who subsequently reported the earlier assassins' escape, Captain America and Bucky politely told Reilly not to blame himself before they decided to heed Sari's note and investigate the hijackers on their own.

Hours later, Captain America and Bucky came across the black automobile belonging to the earlier assassins. When Cap noticed the assailant's had Tommy guns, he jumped into battle alongside Bucky. The automobile soon sped off and the two heroes followed the car into the Casbah, a famous den of thieves. Defending Bucky and himself from the thieves' subsequent attack, Captain America was soon pulled to safety by Sari and Sari led the two heroes to a safe exit, warning them not to return to the Casbah for their own safety. Captain America admitted he couldn't promise not to return, as he had a job to do and the trail led to the Casbah, but Sari insisted that the thieves at the Casbah were not responsible for the hijacking of supplies. Suspicious, Captain America and Bucky agreed to leave the Casbah and Cap suggested they take up Pepe Ris on his offer for information, figuring that could see if Mike Reilly wished to prove his supposed admiration of America to them by providing the money to pay Ris. Upon visiting Mike, Cap and Bucky were given ten thousands Francs by Reilly but when Reilly learned Cap intended to use the money in exchange for Ris' information, Reilly appeared disheartened that Cap and Bucky did not come to him for information. Their conversation was soon interrupted when they all heard gunfire and Captain America and Bucky rushed outside to see Pepe Ris being shot down by supposed Arabs from the Casbah. After Cap and Bucky took down the shooters, Cap unmasked one as an American disguised as an Arab, proving one of his suspicions. As he admitted his suspicions to Reilly, Captain America noticed Reilly reaching for a hidden gun and Cap stopped Reilly, who admitted to hijacking supplies and bringing killers into Algiers. Reilly quickly summoned a goon and Cap revealed to Reilly that he had used the idea of getting information from Ris to force Reilly to reveal his true intentions. As Cap stalled Reilly with conversation about Reilly's plans and his own suspicions, Sari returned and flung the door open, hitting Reilly's goon. Using Sari's arrival as a distraction, Captain America and Bucky defeated both Reilly and his goon.

(Sub-Mariner: Marvels Snapshots#1) - When Namor discovered his foe, the Shark, attacking Palisades Park while he was there on a date with Betty Dean, Captain America and the All Winners Squad were ultimately called in to assist not only the civilians but Namor himself. After Betty Dean filled the team in on the situation, Captain America suggested they find a way to separate the two combatants and ordered the Human Torch to accompany him to Namor. As the All Winners Squad rushed off to take care of things, Cap ordered Bucky and Toro to focus on clearing any remaining civilians out of the park. When Namor's fight with the Shark went into a vintage carousel, the Human Torch and Captain America tried to pull Namor off of the villain to prevent further damage but Namor hurled Cap into the Torch in a rage. Miss America soon pulled the Shark out into the river, drawing Namor away from the park as Captain America and Bucky helped usher out more civilians. Namor soon hurled the Shark back towards the park, forcing Captain America and the All Winners, as well as Betty Dean, to duck for cover. The All Winners Squad then watched as Namor was eventually calmed after he ripped the Shark's armor apart and the Whizzer got the Shark to the police. Cap and the others then watched as Namor admitted he had been haunted after witnessing war atrocities in a Bitburg, Germany concentration camp the Invaders had liberated before he flew off, leaving Betty Dean behind. Miss America then left Captain America and the other All Winners Squad to handle the cleanup while she took Betty out for drinks.

(Captain America Comics I#56/2 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky attended the boxing match between up and comer Rocky Norris and his opponent, Slugger Schloop. When Schloop was shot during the fight, Bucky noticed three men fleeing and the two heroes rushed to stop the thugs. A bystander soon yelled "murder!," prompting the audience to rush for the exit, preventing Captain America and Bucky from seeing which way the thugs fled.

(Captain America Comics I#56/2) - When the escaping thugs were about to jump Rocky Norris outside, Captain America and Bucky arrived to stop the assault, only to be knocked off their feet when one of the thugs hurled a trash can. The two heroes eventually forced the thugs to flee once more and they helped the dazed Rocky Norris to his feet. As Norris departed, Captain America admitted to Bucky his suspicions that the thugs had arranged for Norris to lose but when Norris and Schloop changed the outcome for a bigger cut of money with a rival gambling syndicate, the thugs retaliated by shooting Schloop and attacking Norris. Days later, Captain America and Bucky came to check on Norris, only to see the gambling syndicate members leaving his residence. Determined to ensure Norris' safety, Captain America and Bucky attended the boxing match that night and when the syndicate members shot Newsstand Nelly, the old woman whom Norris was staying with, Captain America and Bucky jumped into action. Defeating the thugs, Cap and Bucky returned to Norris, who admitted the thugs had threatened to shoot Nelly if Norris didn't take a fall in the boxing match. When Nelly revealed herself alive, the thugs' bullet having hit her small-change belt, Cap informed Nelly that she was lucky to be alive. Cap soon remarked on a bullet mark on the ring post but when Nelly insisted the bullet had hit her belt, Cap investigated the post further and determined that the thugs' earlier attack on Schloop had been meant for Norris, only to have deflected off the post to hit Schloop instead. Realizing Norris had not been part of the thugs' syndicate and his suspicions had been wrong, Captain America admitted that he should not take clues at face value.

(Captain America Comics I#56/5) - Captain America and Bucky were walking down the street when Professor Squiggins ran into them, upset about some thugs who were pursuing him after he had absent-mindedly stumbled into their home. Squiggins ranted about machinery and lots of money to the confused heroes until the counterfeiters caught up and attacked. Easily defeating the thugs, Captain America found that getting any useful information out of the befuddled Squiggins proved pointless and he allowed Squiggins to rush off to his college lecture, knowing that they were the guests of honor at the local college football game the next day. When the next day came, Captain America and Bucky arrived at the college to a horde of amazed audience members, many of which demanded autographs. After reminding the impatient Bucky that their appearance there was for charity, Captain America passed by Jim Hale, a U.S. treasury agent, and asked what brought him to the football game. Upon hearing that the town was being flooded with counterfeit money, Captain America deduced that Squiggins' earlier ranting about machinery and lots of money meant that Squiggins had discovered the counterfeiters. Captain America and Bucky then located Squiggins, who attempted to speak to the heroes but kept confusing himself. When Squiggins finally remarked on seeing the thugs in the college gym, Cap and Bucky rushed off to stop the counterfeiters. Making quick work of the thugs with the help of Squiggins himself, Captain America and Bucky learned how the counterfeiters had blackmailed the football coach into helping them dispense their counterfeit money throughout the city. Turning to Squiggins, Cap asked why Squiggins had not told them that counterfeits lived next door to him and Squiggins forgetfully commented that he thought he had and that he didn't think the heroes would be interested.

(All-New Invaders I#10 (fb)) - Captain America waited with US soldiers in Nuremberg, Germany for Namor to arrive, remarking to the soldiers that Namor was not one for subtlety so they would know when Namor arrived. As if on cue, Cap then pointed out Namor's ship arriving and he greeted Namor with "Hey, Subby.," prompting Namor to remind Nasland that he allowed Steve Rogers to address him with sobriquets before gruffly commenting that Nasland was not Rogers. Namor then had Captain America lead him into a courthouse where Namor testified on whether the Iron Cross had committed acts of war criminality.

(All Select Comics I#10) - Captain America and Bucky were riding out to board the yacht Tranquility when they noticed a group of escapees from Seaside Penitentiary. Easily taking down the prisoners, Captain America and Bucky were soon met by the pursuing police, who informed them that the criminal Harry Hawkins was still free. Opting to leave the capture of Hawkins to the police so they could still catch Tranquility before it departed, Captain America and Bucky left the captured prisoners with the police and went on their way, with Bucky complaining about Cap leaving the action to the police. Cap reminded Bucky that he would not have left Harry for the police to apprehend if he didn't think the police could do the job and the two arrived at the Tranquility soon after, nearly boarding too late. Taking note that their skipper MacTavish had been replaced with a man named Tiny Timkin, Captain America later overheard noises below deck and asked Timkin about it. Timkin assured Cap it was nothing to worry about before announced someone out on a rock at sea. Realizing it was a woman, Cap volunteered to help the rescue but Timkin refused Cap's assistance and the woman was rescued without Cap. The woman was then led below decks for a change of clothes while Captain America asked his acquaintance Mr. Banks where they were. When Banks reported seeing the Seaside Penitentiary beacon, Captain America wondered aloud if the police had ever caught Harry Hawkins, unaware that the woman that had just been rescued was Hawkins, whose full first name was Harriet. Cap and Bucky subsequently heard noises below deck again and decided to investigate, finding the captive skipper MacTavish. MacTavish revealed how he had been captured and replaced and Cap immediately suspected that Hawkins could be the woman that had been brought aboard. Tiny and his goons arrived moments later and attacked Captain America and Bucky, calling the woman "Harry" while swearing to take care of the heroes. His suspicions about Harry Hawkins confirmed, Captain America defeated Tiny and apprehended Hawkins.

(All Winners Comics I#18/2) - Months after a series of strangulations began plaguing San Francisco, Captain America and Bucky traveled to San Francisco to aid the police in capturing the so-called Silk Stocking Strangler. Upon arrival, the two heroes heard a woman scream from the Golden Gate Bridge but the Silk Stocking Strangler fled into the fog before the two heroes could catch him, leaving only the corpse of his victim behind, strangled by her own stocking. Cap then spoke with the man who was attacked alongside the female victim and the man revealed that they had been humming the tune of "Let Me Be Your Sweetheart" before the Strangler attacked them. Days later, Captain America and Bucky helped the police patrol the area and when police spotted a criminal, Cap and Bucky rushed to the scene, only to learn that the victim was a man and had only been robbed. Finding something odd about the Strangler supposedly robbing a man when all of his victims had thus far been female, Captain America had the police to stay their ground and another crime was soon uncovered. Cap and Bucky found a small mob of criminals and defeated them, allowing the police to apprehend the two ring-leaders Jigger and Tippy. The two mobsters soon confessed to committing crimes while posing as the Silk Stocking Strangler in an effort to put the blame on him instead of themselves and, still not convinced they had caught the true Strangler, Cap had the police inspector round up anyone suspicious in the area. A short time later, Cap helped questioned the four main suspects and when none were proven to be the Strangler, Cap agreed with the inspector's suspicions on who was the Strangler so that the other three suspects would be released. Having noticed the most calm of the men, Victor, nervously darting his eyes towards the silk stocking evidence during his interrogation, Cap led Bucky in following Victor as he left for his waterfront home. In an attempt to draw the Strangler out, Cap snuck into the apartment next to Victor's and convinced the woman there to play along with his plan. Cap then had the woman play "Let Me Be Your Sweetheart" at high volume until Victor, driven into a frenzy by the tune, arrived and attacked the woman as the Silk Stocking Strangler. When Cap appeared to capture the Strangler, the Silk Stocking Strangler knocked the two heroes aside and fled across the rooftops. Chasing the murderer, Captain America and Bucky witnessed the Silk Stocking Strangler leap across a rooftop, only to lose his grip and fall to his death.

(Captain America Comics I#57) - Following a series of concert robberies and the suspect, a singer called the Crooner, being released with an airtight alibi, Nasland and Davis decided to visit the local theatre where the Crooner was to play in an effort to investigate. On their way to the theatre that night, Nasland and Davis spotted the Crooner attacking some teenagers with a knife and they immediately donned their Captain America and Bucky costumes to stop him. Captain America defeated the Crooner with one punch but the Crooner claimed the teenagers had attacked him. The teenagers quickly accused the Crooner of lying before departing and Captain America reluctantly allowed the Crooner to go free for now when the Crooner claimed the stress of the recent robbery accusations was getting to him. Upon arriving at the theatre three minutes later, Cap and Bucky found the Crooner on stage in a tuxedo. Realizing he couldn't possibly have changed into his tuxedo that quickly, Captain America suspected that there could be two different men active as the Crooner and the two heroes rushed to the balcony to get a better look into the audience. Spotting a man identical to the Crooner attempting to rob an audience member, Captain America dove from one balcony to another just as the man shot the audience member. Cap then chased after the man as the police arrived and accused the Crooner on stage of robbery. Cap soon lost the other man but he and Bucky staked out the theatre until the concert was over and Cap noticed the band carrying what appeared to be two bull fiddles even though the concert only included one. Jumping onto the Crooner's train, Cap and Bucky confronted the Crooner and his doctor, asking about the second bull fiddle. The Crooner himself appeared to be unaware of what was going on but the Crooner's doctor, in on the robbery scheme involving an impostor Crooner, opened the second fiddle case to reveal the Crooner impostor inside while keeping a revolver drawn on the heroes. Cap then stalled for time, attempting the rile the doctor and the Crooner impostor, until he managed to flip the lever that lowered the upper berth area on the train. The berth compartment opened, hitting the doctor, and Cap ordered Bucky to grab the gun while he rushed towards the Crooner impostor. The impostor hurled a knife at Cap, who dodged as the knife hit the doctor, and Captain America pursued the impostor to the outside roof of the train. The two then fought furiously on top of the moving train, with Cap ultimately defeating the impostor and turning him over to the police.

(Captain America Comics I#57/2) - Captain America and Bucky took down a group of thugs, leaving behind a statue of three monkeys dropped by one of the thugs. Bucky later convinced Captain America to return to the scene of the crime in an effort to retrieve the statue, only to find it gone. The next day, Nasland and Davis visited an art exhibition, where they witnessed an art theft by a man named Bill Summers. Donning their costumes, the heroes tackled Summers, who exclaimed that he had to commit the crime to rid himself of the Monkey's Curse. Summers soon wriggled free and ran out into the streets, where Cap and Bucky gave chase. Pursuing Summers up a fire escape, Captain America and Bucky watched from the fire escape as Summers talked to the statue of three monkeys and began carving a gun from wood. Waiting for Summers to leave, the two heroes then investigated Summers' apartment and found the statue, which Cap recognized as being in the store robbed by the thugs they had earlier taken down. Cap and Bucky then rushed off to locate Bill Summers, soon finding him attempting to hold up Louise and her friend with the wooden gun. Arriving to rescue the women, Captain America battled Summers, who managed to kick Cap aside until Bucky wrestled the man to the ground. Admitting he didn't go in for curses but Summers apparently did, Captain America questioned Summers, who explained how the statue seemed to curse him into committing three evil deeds. Bucky reminded Summers that he'd already committed three crimes, the first of which was stealing the dropped statue in the first place, and Captain America investigated the statue itself, pointing out that it was manufactured by the Ajax Novelty Company. Realizing he must have temporarily went mad after reading the novelty statue's inscription of seeing, hearing and speaking evil and that he had been made a fool by falling for the novelty, Summers promised Cap he would never believe in superstitious signs again.

(Captain America Comics I#57/6) - Captain America and Bucky crashed in on criminal Jig Baker in an attempt to apprehend the crook. Despite getting some good hits in, Captain America ultimately lost Baker when he hit the heroes and escaped. Captain America grabbed a Mytown Herald newspaper from a local newsie to see if he could find any links to where Baker might be heading and he soon came across an ad in the personals requesting Baker for a business proposition. Curious as to what type of business proposition, Captain America and Bucky decided to venture into Mytown, where Cap questioned a man at the newspaper about who had placed the ad. Learning that the ad was placed anonymously with money sent via mail, Captain America and Bucky departed, overhearing from the nearby court how con man Doc Spiel was given a job at Mr. Lamont's aluminum factory in exchange for not having the court take away his son Tommy. When Lamont subsequently proposed a charity auction, Captain America and Bucky volunteered their services during the auction with Doc Spiel acting as auctioneer. Spiel was soon blackmailed into allowing access to Lamont's factory when his son was kidnapped by Jig Baker's men but he nonetheless agreed to continue his role as auctioneer so as to not arouse the suspicions of Cap and Bucky. During the auction itself, Captain America and Bucky performed an acrobatic show and Spiel stressed the word "international" in his introduction of the heroes to the crowd, followed by a fake sneeze and apology for seemingly having a "code." Recognizing one of Baker's men at the auction and deducing that they had something on Spiel, Captain America explained to Bucky that Spiel appeared to be trying to communicate with the heroes by stressing certain words in his speech and by raising international flags in international code for the letters "J" and "B" for Jig Baker. To signal Spiel that he received the coded message, Captain America picked up the flag representing the letter "R" for "roger." Later that night when Baker's men entered Lamont's factory, Captain America and Bucky were there waiting for them. One of Baker's men, Stalk, managed to kick Captain America in the face and the criminals attempted to flee but Captain America regained his composure and the two heroes defeated the crooks and rescued Spiel's son Tommy. Captain America and Bucky were then invited to a celebratory dinner held by Mr. Lamont, who expressed interest in becoming Tommy's godfather in order to send him to school while offering Doc Spiel a job selling his aluminum cookware.

(Captain America Comics I#58) - Nasland and Davis were walking down the street when Nasland decided to pick up a newspaper, where he read a challenge from the mysterious Statue of Death, who gave the clue of "My kingdom for a horse." before announcing an impending crime. Donning their Captain America and Bucky costumes, Nasland and Davis took the Statue's clue to refer to the blacksmith's shop across town and the two heroes rushed there to find the blacksmith dead by his own hammer. Bucky then noticed the words "The play's the thing" carved on wall woodwork, which Cap took to be a reference to the theater as the location of the Statue of Death's next murder. Arriving in time to see the Statue of Death about to kill the stage magician from a balcony box, Captain America leaped to punch the criminal. The Statue of Death retaliated by attempting to slice Cap with his sword but the attack was blocked by Cap's shield. The desperate Statue of Death then tried to swing away on a curtain rope but Cap pursued, only to be flung over the balcony box, grasping the rope for dear life. The Statue of Death then cut the rope and Cap fell, catching hold of another balcony box one floor below, where he regrouped with Bucky while the Statue of Death escaped. Finding the carved words "The quality of mercy is not strained." on the balcony box's railing, Captain America soon deduced the Statue's next location: Mercy's Quality Shop. Arriving in time to see the Statue of Death sneaking in the Shop's back door, Captain America and Bucky attacked but the Statue of Death again managed to escape, leaving a trail of printed Shakespeare behind to lure the two heroes into a trap. Following the trail, Captain America and Bucky arrived at Peter Sazlo's woodcarving shop and tackled what they thought was the Statue of Death, quickly realizing they had instead tackled a wooden carving of Death. With the two heroes now having fallen into a stone pit inside the wood shop, the Statue of Death revealed that the broken Death carving contained a time bomb set to explode in one minute. As the two attempted to escape, Bucky managed to grab a rope attached to a bucket and both Cap and Bucky climbed the rope to safety mere seconds before the time bomb went off. Catching up to the gloating Statue of Death, Captain America and Bucky defeated him and turned him over to the police.

(Captain America Comics I#58/3) - Nasland and Davis attended a polo match that was disrupted when the Sportsman, seemingly the recently released prisoner Jim "Pearly" Gates, appeared and demanded everyone re-pay him their admission costs. Changing into their costumes, Nasland and Davis engaged the Sportsman and his men, prompting them to flee. Captain America and Bucky jumped onto polo horses and chased after the Sportsman until Bucky's mallet hit a crossbar, causing a sudden stop that also caused Cap to plow into Bucky. The Sportsman escaped in the distraction and Captain America stayed to speak with police, learning that the Sportsman had stolen the actual polo players' uniforms to impersonate them. After sports promoter Sonny Fenton claimed the Sportsman had stolen a $50,000 golf purse from him, Captain America and Bucky arrived to question Fenton, whom Cap recalled was a former friend of "Pearly" Gates. Following Captain America's later discovery of the rich Vandervine family's attendance at a hockey game that night at Monroe Oval Arena, Nasland and Davis decided to attend the game, figuring it would be a prime place for the Sportsman to appear. Almost as if on cue, the Sportsman and his men skated out onto the ice and tossed out explosive gas pellets, forcing Captain America and Bucky to cover their face with masks to avoid the gas and don ice skates to go after Gates. While Captain America succeeded in tackling the Sportsman, the Sportsman managed to grab a hockey puck and hit Captain America in the head, dazing the hero while he again escaped. Later that night, Captain America began pondering how the Sportsman could have hit him with the puck if "Pearly" Gates was nearly blind and decided to investigate the home of Fenton, Gates' former friend. While in Fenton's home, Captain America heard a noise from the cellar and when he and Bucky ventured downstairs, they found Gates tied up. The two heroes freed Gates, who identified Fenton as the Sportsman. Gates then explained how Fenton had taken Gates' money and invested it for himself before Gates had been arrested then posed as Gates in his Sportsman identity following Gates' release, hoping to steal from his rival promoters. Gates then begged Captain America to apprehend Fenton, revealing Fenton's plan to rob the outboard motor steeplechase, and Cap and Bucky departed to the steeplechase. Finding the race already started with the Sportsman and his goons posing as the true racers, Captain America and Bucky utilized their new vehicles, motor-driven surfboards, to defeat the false participants. Cap eventually forced the Sportsman onto land, where he defeated and unmasked the Sportsman as Fenton. Later meeting back up with Gates, Captain America and Bucky asked the former criminal if he planned to beat the law again and Gates announced his plans to go straight, figuring that if Fenton could fool Captain America, who was he to try?

(Captain America Comics I#58/6) - Captain America and Bucky were taking Piggy and his criminal accomplice in for questioning via passenger bus when the bus was caught in a flash flood. Stranded near an old house, Captain America and the other passengers ventured out of the bus towards the house, with Cap warning his prisoners not to try to escape as they departed. Once inside the house, honeymooner Doris Smith mentioned feeling chills and Cap decided to start a fire for the stranded before suggesting they all split up into parties of two and find places to rest until the storm passed. After finding a room, Nasland and Davis were subsequently startled when one of the passengers, aging actor Derek Devens, killed his roommate with a sword. Immediately re-donning their costumes, Nasland and Davis rushed outside to see a maddened Devens. Devens attacked the heroes and during the scuffle, Cap knocked Devens back into his own sabre, accidentally killed the mad-with-hate actor. When a frantic Doris Smith tried to leave, Bucky tried to stop her from going out into the weather but her husband Mark shoved Bucky and Captain America attempted to calm everyone down. Soon after, Captain America heard Doris scream and when he rushed into their room, he found a maddened Mark trying to strangle Doris. Cap then punched Mark and Mark escaped, only to be tackled by Cap and Bucky and knocked back to his senses. As Captain America tried to explain to Mark what had happened, Doris went mad herself and tried to kill Mark before Captain America grabbed and held her back. Cap then ordered the husband and wife locked in separate rooms before returning to his own room, his nerves nearly shot. When Bucky blamed the eerie house for the passengers' outbursts, Cap flew into a rage and ordered Bucky to leave the room. Deciding to take advantage of the duo's split, Piggy and his friend then entered the heroes' room and attempted to influence the two into further division. Also influenced by the mysterious house itself, Captain America began to agree with Porky's hateful words and soon went into the house's game room to confront Bucky. The two then briefly fought until Captain America came to his senses when he struck Bucky, staggering back into an old phonograph that began playing a recording. Listening to the recording of the home's former owner, Jason Tombs, Captain America and Bucky learned that the house was called the House of Hate and had been the location for generations of murders, all caused by the House's hateful influence. Realizing that recent events had been influenced by the House of Hate, Captain America and Bucky decided to apprehend Piggy and his friend but the two thugs attacked the heroes and fled upstairs. Chasing the thugs to the roof, Captain America and Bucky witnessed the two become overcome with hate and kill each other. The House of Hate soon caught fire and Cap and Bucky rushed to rescue the still-affected Smiths. Narrowly escaping the fire, Captain America and Bucky watched as the House of Hate was consumed by the fire and with the House's destruction, the Smiths returned to their senses, embracing one another.

(All Winners Comics I#19) - When the Human Torch and Toro summoned the All Winners Squad to the city museum using fiery sky-writing, Captain America and Bucky jumped in a car and headed towards the museum, spotting the flying Miss America along the way. Once at the museum, Captain America asked what the urgency was and the Human Torch introduced the Squad to museum curator Professor Saba and his assistant, Simon Meke. When Saba revealed museum thefts from exhibits representing the various ages of mankind such as the Ice Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc., Captain America wondered aloud why the All Winners Squad was called in for petty vandalism, something the everyday police could handle. Saba then showed Cap a challenge note and clues for each Squad member left by the vandal calling himself Isbisa and Cap remarked on the odd name. When Miss America found her clue to Isbisa's challenge in the form of a note addressed from Isbisa to someone named Roman, Cap realized "Roman" spelled backward was "Namor" and the Squad looked towards their teammate Namor, asking if he was secretly working with Isbisa as a practical joke. Unfortunately, the hot-tempered Namor angrily took his clue and left, angry that his own teammates would accuse him of working with a villain, and when the Human Torch's sidekick Toro left with him, Captain America suggested the All Winners Squad see Isbisa's challenge through as part of their jobs as public servants.

(All Winners Comics I#19/What If? I#4) - Opening their clue from Isbisa, Captain America and Bucky learned Isbisa intended for the heroes to search the local art museum for a clue to his crime involving the Bronze Age. The two then ventured over to the Museum of Art and spoke with the museum director who showed them the museum's most valuable Bronze Age piece, the Idol with the Starry Eyes. As the heroes and the director looked at the Idol, one of Isbisa's thugs, Cellini, appeared with a shotgun and claimed to be a frustrated artist angry that the museum would not exhibit his art. Wildly firing his gun, Cellini quickly fled from Captain America and Bucky, leaving a note behind that he claimed would explain everything. Not content with just the note, Captain America pursued and tackled Cellini, only to be knocked out by Cellini's ally Porky. Bucky was soon knocked out as well and when the two heroes came to, the museum director read aloud the note left by Cellini informing them that the ammo in his shotgun was coated with particles of "Bronze Disease" to corrode the Idol. Deducing that Cellini was no artist and his criminal allies planned to steal the Idol's star sapphire eyes when the Idol was moved for the removal of the "Bronze Disease," Captain America and Bucky arranged for a police escort of the Idol but Captain America had a suspicion that the intended hijacking seemed too obvious a plan for the crooks. Returning to the museum that night, Captain America and Bucky witnessed Cellini and his friends attempting to steal the paintings, having used the Idol's removal as a red herring for their crimes. When Bucky was taken hostage, Captain America surrendered and was tied up alongside Bucky, claiming that he'd break free and punch Porky for two cents. A laughing Porky tossed two pennies at Cap before continuing on with their thefts, unaware that Captain America was cutting his bounds on a broken light bulb. After using one of Porky's pennies to unscrew the light bulb, Captain America shoved the penny in the bulb's socket, shorting out the lights to cover his and Bucky's escape. The two then rallied and defeated Cellini, Porky and their men, hoping they could interrogate Porky to reveal more of Isbisa's plan.

(All Winners Comics I#19/Avengers I Giant-Size#1 (fb)/Vision & the Scarlet Witch I#2 (fb)/Saga of the Sub-Mariner I#6 (fb)/Saga of the Original Human Torch I#3 (fb)) - Later, after each of the All Winners Squad halted crimes based on Isbisa's clues and both Namor and Toro had returned to the group, Captain America convened with the team to discuss what they had learned from interrogating Isbisa's other agents. Deducing that Isbisa had only used the agents to lure the All Winners Squad into his challenge, Captain America and the others were soon surprised when the Human Torch determined Isbisa's name was referencing the various Ages that his crimes were themed to. Realizing that Isbisa's entire challenge had been a distraction to lure the Squad away from his final crime representing the Atomic Age, the theft of an atomic bomb, the All Winners Squad rushed off to stop Isbisa. Once inside the atomic bomb facility, Captain America ordered the Whizzer to get through the door Isbisa had slammed on the team. Cap and Bucky then pursued Isbisa up a tube on the outer shell of the bomb. Forced to exit the tube area, Isbisa was knocked from the bomb by Miss America and when Isbisa attempted to escape via boat, he was routed by Namor and Captain America regrouped with the All Winners Squad to unmask Isbisa. Exposed as the museum assistant Simon Meke, Isbisa remarked that he could have become dictator of the world and Captain America replied that they'd had their fill of dictators.

(Sensational She-Hulk I#22) - FBI head J. Edgar Hoover summoned Captain America and the All Winners Squad, with their newest member Blonde Phantom, to FBI headquarters, where he informed the heroes of another plot to steal an atomic bomb. Captain America assured Hoover they would find the culprit planning the theft and the team was soon off towards the Las Vegas desert. Soon after, Captain America and the All Winners Squad located criminal Dutch Rosenblatt and his seeming allies, the time-traveling heroines She-Hulk and the Phantom Blonde, who were working with Rosenblatt to uncover where he might have hidden the bomb in their future era. Placing Rosenblatt under arrest, Captain America and Bucky jumped into the fight first, with Cap warning Bucky not to underestimate Rosenblatt's other armed men. Rosenblatt fought back with a bazooka and Cap deflected the shell but the impact knocked him, Bucky and the Blonde Phantom down, leaving Cap too weak to stop She-Hulk from grabbing the bomb. Leaving Cap and Bucky behind, the Blonde Phantom pursued She-Hulk and Rosenblatt but was left wondering what happened when she found Rosenblatt unconscious, unaware that the Phantom Blonde had knocked out the crook moments before the Phantom Blonde and She-Hulk returned to their proper time period.

(Captain America V#50/2 - BTS) - Despite having risen to carry the shield and colors of Captain America, Nasland never truly filled the shoes of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers.

(What If? I#4) - Captain America attended a meeting of the All Winners Squad in which Namor revealed his plans to return to his people in Atlantis. When Miss America suggested they all take a vacation, Captain America announced that it was settled and the All Winners Squad were taking some time off.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky accompanied the Human Torch and Toro to Boston as they departed for their time off. He listened as Toro revealed the Human Torch's plan to visit his creator, Phineas T. Horton.

(What If? I#4) - Captain America soon met back with the All Winners Squad when they were summoned by the Human Torch and Toro. When Captain America and the others were greeted by the Human Torch, Toro and their ally, the Patriot, Captain America asked who the Patriot was and the Patriot was surprised Captain America did not recognize, unaware that Steve Rogers and William Nasland were two different Captain Americas. Not wishing the public to learn he was not the original Captain America, Nasland feigned knowledge of the Patriot and quickly tried to change the subject by asking who the Patriot was holding. Captain America then listened as the Patriot had the Human Torch fill in the rest of the All Winners Squad on a plot by the android Adam-II to replace a Congressional candidate with an android. Upon hearing the story, Captain America asked if the Human Torch knew which of the ten Democratic candidates that Adam-II planned to replace but the Human Torch replied in the negative. The All-Winners Squad then split up in an attempt to find Adam-II's intended victim, each with a newspaper listing the candidates' schedule of appearances.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky scoured Boston in search of Adam-II and to protect whichever senator Adam-II planned to replace.

(What If? I#4/Captain America: Patriot#1/Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb)) - Captain America and Bucky located John F. Kennedy giving a campaign speech. Approaching the candidate closer, Captain America found Kennedy's chauffeur knocked out by a robot chauffeur and the heroic duo soon discovered that Adam-II had already prepared a Kennedy android with intent of replacing Kennedy following Kennedy's speech. Captain America almost immediately noticed the android's silver eyes, prompting Adam-II to emerge from Kennedy's limousine and attack the heroes. Captain America immediately fought back but Adam-II's android soldiers quickly overcame the hero. When Bucky was knocked out trying to save Cap, however, Captain America experienced an adrenalin rush and he managed to fight off two android soldiers. Staggering to his feet, Captain America escaped towards the Old North Church, hoping he could signal the other All Winners Squad members to Adam-II's location. Cap soon found himself pursued by one of Adam-II's androids but he managed to stave the android off until he reached the Church's steeple.

(What If? I#4/Captain America I#215 (fb)) - Before he could activate a signal flare, however, Cap was grappled by the android and crushed, using the last of his life to deactivate the android with the flare.

(What If? I#4/Captain America I Annual#6 (fb)/Captain America V#4 (fb)) - The dying William Nasland then collapsed onto the steeple's railing, dropping the flare.

(What If? I#4 (fb) - BTS/Captain America I#215 (fb)/Captain America V#4 (fb)/Captain America VI#19 (fb)) - The Squad's ally Patriot was near enough to see Nasland's flare and he soon arrived on the scene as the dying Nasland informed him of his true identity as a replacement Captain America.

(Captain America I#215 (fb)) - Lifting up Nasland's dying body, the Patriot vowed that as long as the USA needed a Captain America, it would have one in himself.

(Captain America: Patriot#1 (fb)) - The Patriot carried Nasland's body back to Namor's flagship, where Nasland weakly said a few words including his true name before succumbing to his injuries.

(What If? I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Wishing to finish what Nasland had started and also avenge the supposed death of the original Captain America, the Patriot took a spare Captain America costume from Namor's flagship and replaced Nasland as Captain America.

(What If? I#4 - BTS) - Following Adam-II's defeat, the Patriot revealed his identity to the All Winners Squad and exclaimed his wishes that he had died instead of Nasland.

(What If? I#4/Captain America I Annual#6 (fb)/Saga of the Sub-Mariner I#6 (fb)/Saga of the Original Human Torch I#3 (fb)/Marvel Comics I#1000/8) - The Patriot then joined the All Winners Squad in rushing to Boston to retrieve Nasland's body and the Patriot carried it as the Squad departed the scene. As he silently carried Nasland's body, the Patriot made a silent vow to be everything the original Captain America and Nasland was and more.

(Captain America & Bucky I#626 (fb)) - Immediately following Nasland's death, an emotional Fred Davis admitted to the Human Torch his own fears that he might die in action. When the Human Torch assured Davis that would not happen, Davis asked how the Torch could say that when they couldn't save Nasland or the original Captain America and Bucky. He then lashed out, calling the Human Torch a robot just like the one that had killed Nasland and the Torch, understanding that Davis was a scared child, left the room to allow Davis some time alone.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb) - BTS) - An autopsy was performed on William Nasland's corpse and it was determined that Nasland that died when his broken ribs had punctured multiple organs.

(Marvel Comics I#1000/8 - BTS) - Having heard of Nasland's death, his ally the Thunderer informed his friend Dr. Carlo Zota of the Scientists Guild and when the Guild began discussing how some of the Guild had bankrolled Prof. Phineas Horton into creating Adam-II, the Thunderer grew angry and refused to work for the Scientists Guild ever again.

(Captain America: Patriot#2 - BTS) - At some point after Nasland died, Jeff Mace met FBI special employee Betsy Ross.

(Captain America V#4 (fb) - BTS) - William Nasland was ultimately buried in Arlington National Cemetary in Virginia.

(Captain America: Patriot#2 - BTS) - In September 1946, Jeff Mace met with Betsy Ross, recalling their earlier meeting following William Nasland's death, and Ross revealed how Nasland's activities as Captain America were classified. When the superheroine Miss Patriot visited the All Winners Squad's headquarters to meet with Mace, she flirted with him and suggested filling the partnership if Mace needed a new Bucky, prompting Mace to get angry and ask Miss Patriot if she had any idea what had happened to the previous Captain America for him to have gotten the job.

(Captain America & Bucky I#628 (fb) - BTS) - In 1949, after being sidelined as Bucky due to a gunshot wound, Fred Davis was drinking at Joe's Tavern when he overheard some soldiers talking about Baron Zemo, prompting him to mention how Nasland and himself once fought Zemo. The soldiers, unaware Nasland and Davis had ever replaced Captain America and Bucky, angrily told Davis there was only one Captain America and Davis continued drinking. While leaving the tavern, Davis thought about how Nasland and himself had went from being heroes to nothing thanks to the public not being aware Captain America and Bucky had been replaced.

(Captain America VI#19 (fb) - BTS) - Decades later, after the original Captain America was found frozen in ice and revived, he read about William Nasland's and Jeff Mace's time as Captain America in his absence.

(Avengers I Giant-Size#1 - BTS) - Years after the original Captain America's revival, the aged Whizzer recalled his time with William Nasland and the All Winners Squad and their first mission against the criminal Isbisa.

(Vision & the Scarlet Witch I#2 - BTS) - Isbisa, in his guise as Dr. I.S. Bischoff, recalled his past defeat at the hands of Nasland and the All Winners Squad.

(Saga of the Sub-Mariner I#6 - BTS) - Namor the Sub-Mariner recalled his time with Nasland in the All Winners Squad against Isbisa and also Nasland's death as he recounted his life story.

(Saga of the Original Human Torch I#3 - BTS) - The original android Human Torch recalled the events of when Pres. Truman introduced him to Nasland as Captain America, accompanying Nasland against Isbisa and Nasland's death as he recounted his life story.

(Captain America I Annual#13 - BTS) - As the Red Skull escaped a battle with the original Captain America, both of whom had been in suspended animation for decades, the Skull thought back on the day in April 1945 when he had encountered Captain America, the Patriot, the Spirit of '76 and the Red Guardian as they tried to recover Adolf Hitler's strongbox.

(Captain America V#4 - BTS) - After the graves of William Nasland and Jeff Mace were damaged, the original Captain America (Steve Rogers) flew to Virginia to inspect the damage personally. Finding the tops of the gravestones damaged with chunks of rock laying around, Captain America asked the nearby Lt. Keller if he knew who Nasland and Mace were. Keller admitted that he assumed they were war heroes but had become more curious after being told Captain America was on his way. Keller then asked who Mace and Nasland really were and Rogers remarked "They were Captain America." Cap then gave Keller a brief history on Nasland and Mace before explaining how they had taken over as Captain America when Rogers disappeared towards the end of World War II. When Rogers then asked Keller where John F. Kennedy was buried, the man mentioned that they had to walk past Nasland and Mace's graves to get to Kennedy's and Rogers remarked on how appropriate that was, considering how Nasland and Mace had saved Kennedy during Kennedy's first Senate campaign. Captain America then revealed how Nasland had died saving Kennedy and how Mace had taken Nasland's place to continue his mission to defeat Adam-II. Keller then asked why anyone would vandalize Nasland and Mace's graves if their identities as Captain America were known only to high-ranking government officials and Rogers admitted his suspicions that the vandalizing was meant to be a personal attack on him.

(Captain America V#615.1 - BTS) - When an ex-military special forces officer named David Rickford tried to become the new Captain America in Steve Rogers' retirement of the identity, Rogers thought about others who had filled in as Captain America in his absence and took out a photo of William Nasland in action as the Spirit of '76. Taking out a photo of Jeff Mace as the Patriot, Rogers thought about how the Patriot took over as Captain America upon Nasland's death.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 (fb) - BTS) - An android was created and programmed to think it was the human William Nasland III, grandson of World War II hero William Nasland. He was programmed with false memories involving William Nasland falling in love with a woman named Lilith between overseas World War II missions and unknowingly fathering a child with her. Nasland III was also programmed to have the utmost respect for his "grandfather" who had served his country and sacrificed his life without taking any of the credit.

(Captain America & Bucky I#625 - BTS) - Fred Davis spoke about his first meeting with William Nasland in 1945 and being offered the role of Bucky to Nasland's Captain America at a veterans celebration. After Davis was attacked by android identical to the one that had killed William Nasland, Davis was visited by Steve Rogers and Davis told the story of Nasland's death to Rogers. When the duo was visited by William Nasland III, the two discussed the original Nasland's sacrifice as Captain America and Nasland III offered his resources and technical expertise in the investigation into the android that had attacked Davis as a way of honoring "Nasland, Sr." As Davis subsequently wondered why "Nasland, Sr." had never mentioned a lover in the past, Nasland III accompanied Captain America and met the original Human Torch, introducing himself as Nasland, Sr.'s grandson, and they departed to investigate the remains of the Adam-II android.

(Captain America & Bucky I#626 - BTS) - Davis began questioning whether he knew William Nasland as well as he thought and did some research into Nasland III's life, only to find any and all files classified. As Davis became suspicious and attempted to contact the original Human Torch, the Torch himself was with Nasland III investigating the remains of the Adam-II android, which overrode Nasland III, revealing Nasland III's android nature.

(Captain America & Bucky I#627 - BTS) - Nasland III, now the new body for Adam-II, located Captain America and revealed his role in the creation of Cap's ally General Matheson and Nasland III as part of a plot to eventually resurrect himself in physical form before gloating that he would now get to kill another Captain America.

(Captain America & Bucky I#628 - BTS) - Recalling how he felt forgotten following Nasland's death and his own gunshot injury that had forced his retirement as Bucky, Fred Davis saved the original Human Torch and assisted both him and Captain America in stopping the revived Adam-II and his ally/android creation General Matheson. Days later, Captain America and the Human Torch brought Davis to a VA hospital, where they revealed a statue in honor of William Nasland and Davis himself's selfless sacrifice to the country as Captain America and Bucky.

Comments: Technically created (due to retcon) by an unidentified writer and Vince Alascia. Actually created by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins and Frank Springer.

The Spirit of '76 (William Nasland) was actually a character created in the 1970s by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins and Frank Springer, but a retcon in What If? I#4 revealed that William Nasland had posed as Captain America (Steve Rogers) following Steve's seeming death battling Baron Zemo, a battle which saw Steve frozen in suspended animation for decades. Since stories have shown the true Steve Rogers to have been frozen in the later days of WWII, it was explained in the Official Marvel Index to Captain America TPB and other Marvel comics that Nasland was posing as Cap starting with Captain America Comics I#49, despite the issues showing Nasland being written as if it was Steve Rogers (because well, at the time the issues were originally made, it WAS Steve Rogers, who had yet to be retconned as being frozen in ice). Therefore, due to the later retcon in What If? I#4, Nasland would have first appeared in Captain America Comics I#49 as Captain America despite later retcons showing him active earlier than that as the Spirit of '76. I listed the profile history in chronological order here. Due to this retcon, certain flashbacks (such as ones referencing Cap and Bucky's wartime activities) mentioned by Captain America and Bucky might have actually happened to Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, rather than William Nasland and Fred Davis. One can only assume that Nasland and Davis did their research before taking over the identities and posing as Steve and Bucky and knew the history of Steve and Bucky's activities enough to reference them.

I'm surprised Nasland didn't suffer brain damage from all of the head injuries he suffered as Captain America. It seems in almost every issue of his tenure in Captain America Comics (and a few other stories such as the Invaders' fight with the Kid Commandos in the All-New Invaders comic), Nasland was hit over the head and knocked out by a criminal.

Captain America Comics I#55 has an odd dilemma: We see Nasland and Davis playing handball while Sensitivo and his men are a single floor below robbing a safe. When Sensitivo attacks the heroes a page or so later, he shoves Bucky out of the window & Captain America remarks that it was the top story window but how could it be the top story window when they were just playing handball a floor above that one?

Captain America fights a gangster named Lefty in Captain America Comics I#52/4 and there is also a gangster named Lefty (who is a subordinate to this "boss") in Captain America Comics I#55/2. One wonders if they were intended to be the same guy...

The uncredited writer of the Nasland Captain America stories must have known someone named Bill Summers, as the name first shows up as an alias used by a member of the League of Hate and later, an actual man named Bill Summers briefly became an enemy of Captain America when he fell for a superstitious inscription on a novelty statue.

Invaders I#14-15 was an unofficial tie-in with DC's Freedom Fighters#7-9. In both the Marvel and DC comics, each company's respective teams fought a group calling themselves the Crusaders, each member modeled off a character from the opposite company's book. For example, Spirit of '76's Crusaders were Marvel counterparts of the following:
Spirit of '76=Uncle Sam
Cap'n Wings=Black Condor
Tommy Lightning=The Ray (Though with a name like Tommy Lightning, one could also make the comparison to DC's Golden Age hero Johnny Thunder. The Human Torch even calls him "Johnny" at one point!!)
Ghost Girl=Phantom Lady
Thunderfist=Human Bomb
Dyna-Mite=Doll Man

The Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe MU1's Captain America entry mentions that the Spirit of '76 was a member of the Liberty Legion during World War II. This was likely an error, meant to reference the All Winners Squad not the Liberty Legion, but IF he were a member of the Liberty Legion, it would have had to either been during the period around 1940-1941 when he fought Nazis in America before relocating to Britain or sometime between 1942-1945 after the Crusaders disbanded. Given that no other actual comic story mentioned him being a true member of the Liberty Legion, I am choosing to disregard his membership in the Liberty Legion, especially since the Gamer's Handbooks of the Marvel Universe were made by TSR under license from Marvel and not Marvel itself. Another reason to support this being an error is that the Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe MU6's Spirit of '76 entry does not mention the Liberty Legion at all and instead, DOES mention the All Winners Squad. His "membership" in the Liberty Legion in the Gamer's Handbooks may reference the "Sudden Dawn: A Marvel Super Heroes Module" story that was published by TSR in Dragon#104, in which the Spirit of '76 teams up with the Liberty Legion for a mission. This appearance was exclusive to that Marvel Super Heroes RPG module and while the module was not published by Marvel, TSR did have the license to use the Marvel characters for its Marvel Super Heroes role playing game at that point and the module section in Dragon#104 does give a copyright to Marvel.

In What If? I#4, it is shown that Nasland arrived to meet the Invaders as Captain America while in Cap's costume and wearing his old Spirit of '76 mask and wig under the cowl. However, in Saga of the Original Human Torch I#3, the Human Torch's recounting of the event showed Nasland unmasked but with blonde hair, resembling Steve Rogers. This does somewhat go along with how Nasland was shown in the Captain America Comics of the 1940s, as he was shown with blonde hair and he even posed as Steve Rogers, at first in the US Army but afterwards as well. While it does make sense that Nasland would (and did) pose as Steve Rogers, even to the point of dying his hair blonde (or wearing a wig perhaps) in an effort to not arose suspicions that the real Steve Rogers had died, in numerous flashbacks we know that Nasland wore some of his old Spirit of '76 gear under the Cap costume when he met with the Invaders at this point. Therefore, I believe Nasland being depicted as blonde and unmasked in Saga of the Original Human Torch I#3 is an art error.

At one point in his Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition profile, the Spirit of '76 is mistakenly called the "Spirit of '16."

Alfie had the ability to force the Crusaders to complete his orders by turning off the superhuman powers. Given that the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition establishes that the Spirit of '76 designed his own bulletproof cloak, it's unclear what Alfie could have really done to the non-superpowered Spirit of '76 to force his hand...

While some online sources list the Captain America in Sensational She-Hulk I#22 time travel story as being Jeff Mace, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition confirms it to be William Nasland. Additionally, when She-Hulk travels back from the "present day" of 1990, the comic's caption says 44 years ago, which would make it 1946. Nasland did not die until late 1946 so while one could still argue it could be Mace VERY early in his career as Cap, it does seem more likely that it would be the whole Master Edition Handbook confirmation, which places the story in between the All Winners Squad story in All Winners Comics I#19 and Nasland's death in What If? I#4.

We see William Nasland being introduced to the World War II-era Red Guardian in Namor the Sub-Mariner I Annual#1 (1991), which occurs circa July 16-17, 1945, and the two act as if meeting for the first time but we later see the WWII-era Red Guardian meeting Captain America (Steve Rogers), the Patriot (Jeff Mace) and the Spirit of '76 (Nasland) in Berlin circa April 1945 in Captain America I Annual#13 (1994). So either the Red Guardian in Captain America I Annual#13 is not Aleksey Lebedev from Namor the Sub-Mariner I Annual#1 or Nasland was possibly pretending not to recognize the Red Guardian from their meeting a few months earlier in an effort to publicly keep up the facade of being Steve Rogers/Captain America. Then again, Rogers was also present during Nasland's first meeting with the Red Guardian so I guess one could also argue that Nasland simply didn't recognize the Red Guardian as being the same person since he was wearing a different costume in Namor the Sub-Mariner I Annual#1.

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man I#9 features a flashback of early superheroes and is specifically listed as occurring in 1945 but the shield Captain America is wielding is his original triangular shield. This can be chalked up to either an art error or the flashback did not actually occur in 1945 but rather, 1941 or so (which would then make it an appearance of the Steve Rogers Captain America, not William Nasland). Then again, it could've just been Nasland using a replica triangular shield for some reason...

In Captain America & Bucky I#625, Fred Davis told Steve Rogers that he and the other All Winners Squad were away when Nasland saved John F. Kennedy and subsequently perished but the original story in What If? I#4 shows that Davis was present with Nasland when they rescued John F. Kennedy but Davis was knocked unconscious during the fight, leaving Nasland to battle Adam-II's androids alone. Perhaps Davis was covering up being knocked out to Rogers out of embarrassment or he could've just not remembered what had happened exactly, either due to his head injury suffered during the battle or his advanced age/memory while discussing the matter with Rogers.

Some online sources listed Nasland as being mentioned in Winter Soldier II#1 (2019) but he is not listed anywhere in the issue by name. Tony Stark makes a joke about there having been "at least six" Captain Americas but Nasland is never mentioned by name nor is he directly referred to. I wouldn't chalk that up to a BTS appearance so much as Stark making a joke. Therefore, it is not included in this profile.

Spirit of '76's real name was first given as William Nasland in the original OHotMU I#14 (1984) Spirit of '76 profle. It was reiteraed in OHotMU Deluxe Edition#19 (1987) Spirit of '76 profile, OHotMU Master Edition (somewhere 1991-1993) Spirit of '76 profile, OHotMU Golden Age 2004 Spirit of '76 profile, OHotMU Teams 2005 All-Winners Squad profile, OHotMU A to Z HC Vol. 12 (2009) Spirit of '76 profile & countless other references in other profiles. Sadly, Gru [Mark Gruenwald], or his assistant, made a mistake when they misspelled the name Naslund in a featurette in Captain America#350 (1989), which listed the various other Caps up to Walker. Despite this misspelling, Gru continued with the correct Nasland spelling in the OHotMU Master Edition. Clearly a one-time mistake on his part...but...the internet propagated the Naslund misspelling & it is much more prevalent there (1,160,000 hits for "Captain America Naslund" vs. 12,400 hits for "Captain America Nasland" on Google). I don't think the real name showed up in comics anywhere again until the Naslund misspelling started showing up in Brubaker's run...& has been perptuated since. Another Schmidt/Shmidt... --Snood

Profile by Proto-Man.

Captain America (William Nasland) has no KNOWN connections to:

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