kid_commandos-wwii-inv28coverKID COMMANDOS

Membership: Bucky (James Buchanan Barnes; later Winter Soldier), Golden Girl (Gwenny Lou Sabuki), Human Top (David "Davy" Mitchell), Toro (Thomas Raymond)

Purpose: Fighting Axis threats in the USA while the Invaders were abroad; preventing the sacrifice of innocent life during the efforts to defeat the Axis powers

Aliases: They were several times referenced as "young allies" of the Invaders (see comments)

Affiliations: Invaders (most notably Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Namor the Sub-Mariner; very likely also affiliated with Miss America/Madeline Joyce, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Union Jack/Brian Falsworth, the Whizzer/Bob Frank), Dr. Hijiri "Sam" Sabuki;
    they were likely affiliated with the Liberty Legion (Blue Diamond/Elton Morrow, Bucky/James Barnes, Jack Frost, Miss America/Madeline Joyce, Patriot/Jeff Mace, Red Raven, Thin Man/Bruce Dickson, Whizzer/Robert Frank)

Enemies: Agent Axis (a gestalt of spies Hiroyuki Kanegawa, Aldo Malvagio and Berthold Volker) and his agents (Enrico, Ishido, Wilhelm), unidentified Japanese spies/saboteurs, Captain Simms, Lady Lotus, U-Man (Meranno);
    presumably many other Axis forces or other threats to the USA;
    briefly opposed
the Invaders (Bucky/Fred Davis, Captain America/William Nasland, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth), General Samuel "Happy Sam" Sawyer

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    they apparently utilized one of Namor the Sub-Mariner's flagships for transport

First Appearance: (Unidentified) Invaders I#27 (April 1978);
    (Kid Commandos) Invaders I#28 (May, 1978)


(Invaders I#20 - BTS) <1942> - Drugged and captured by Nazi forces, Toro was shot in the chest, and his level of flame was insufficient to melt the bullets, leaving him gravely wounded.

(Invaders I#21 - BTS) - The Invaders escaped in a plane, but damage from Nazi gunfire eventually forced them to land in the English Channel, with the Human Torch and Namor assisting the plane in making it that far. The Royal Navy soon approached.

(Invaders I#22 - BTS) - The H.M.S. Forester picked up the Invaders and took them to port on a small island. They were then taken to the island's airport, from which they boarded a plane to England.

(Invaders I#23 (fb) - BTS) - The Invaders arrived at an English hospital, and Toro was taken into the operating room.

(Invaders I#23 - BTS) - The doctor told the Invaders that the bullet was lodged near Toro's heart, and that it was too dangerous to risk trying to remove it. However, the doctor told them that there was one man alive who had successfully performed this operation, Dr. Sam Sabuki, who lived in California.

    Namor provided one of his flagships to swiftly and safely transport Toro across the Atlantic Ocean, and with the Torch needed for another mission, Bucky flew the flagship, while Toro received IV plasma (see comments).

(Invaders I#25 - BTS) - Bucky landed Namor's flagship in Southern California only to find that Dr. Sabuki had been taken to one of the detention centers used to hold Japanese-Americans during World War II.

(Invaders I#26 - BTS) - Bucky desperately flew Namor's flagship to Pacifica General where the surgeon, Dr. Olsen, told him that if he operated on Toro, the boy would die. When Bucky mentioned Dr. Sabuki, the surgeon noted that he only slightly knew him, but that not even he could do the surgery. However, Nurse Gimble subsequently told Bucky that she knew Dr. Sabuki and thought he might be able to save his friend; she further noted that Olsen had always been envious of Dr. Sabuki and also resented him for being Japanese. She further told Bucky that Dr. Sabuki was being held in the Sandy Flats detention center. 

    With Namor's flagship able to automatically zero in on any U.S. city on the East or West Coast, Bucky swiftly flew to Sandy Flats, and Bucky met with the commanding officer, Captain Simms. However, the anti-Japanese Simms refused to allow Sabuki to operate on an American, and so Bucky had to fight his way past some Military Police and then ask directions to Sabuki's dwelling, Compound Seven. Finding the small building to be home to five families, Bucky soon located Dr. Sabuki and his daughter, Gwenny Lou. 

    After Bucky explained the situation, Dr. Sabuki agreed to go with him, no matter what. When Gwenny Lou asked why he would help after what the Americans had done to them, her father hushed her and reminded her that she was American as well. As Bucky began to help Dr. Sabuki to his feet, the building started to rumble, and the Mechanical/Iron Mole, a giant drill-craft suddenly smashed through the ground, after which a trio of Agent Axis' agents (Enrico, Ishido, and Wilhelm) emerged from the craft. When Ishido (presumably) instructed Dr. Sabuki to come with him, he refused, causing the man to forcefully drag Dr. Sabuki with him. Gwenny Lou scratched Ishido in the face, leading Ishido to knock her back with a back-handed slap. Bucky then serially knocked down Axis' three agents and tried to get Dr. Sabuki out the door, only to be confronted by Agent Axis himself, who held Gwenny Lou at gunpoint. Although Gwenny Lou told her father to run and not concern himself with her, Bucky assaulted Agent Axis, only to be knocked out by Axis' enhanced strength. To save both his daughter and Bucky, Dr. Sabuki agreed to accompany Axis, and Axis and his men took Bucky and both Sabukis aboard their Iron Mole, which then backed down the tunnel it had created as Captain Simms soldiers entered and futilely fired on it. 

(Invaders I#27) - After Bucky explained how Toro was lying in Pacifica General hospital and needed Dr. Sabuki to save him, Agent Axis had Enrico redirect his Mechanical Mole to beneath that hospital (see comments).

    Meanwhile, as Dr. Olsen and Nurse Gimble discussed Bucky's fate, they were overheard by Davy Mitchell who was delivering some flowers to a woman in the hospital. Having idolized Toro, Davy walked into the unattended room and saw him lying unconscious on the table. Soon after, Agent Axis'  Mole tore through the flood, and Ishido and Wilhelm grabbed Toro. When Davy shouted for them to put Toro down, the two agents grabbed Davy and took him aboard the Mole and departed while using their handguns to hold off the arriving hospital guards. 

    After Dr. Sabuki revealed that Agent Axis had wanted him to cure him of having the minds of three men and that he had previously refused to help him, Agent Axis threatened to serially execute the youths unless he complied. Perhaps hoping to goad one of the trigger happy goons into shooting her so that Axis couldn't use her to force her father's compliance, Gwenny Lou kicked one of Axis' men, and Bucky and Davy soon joined the fight. However, Axis then put a gun to Toro's head, and while Gwenny Lou and Davy reasoned that they would all die if they surrendered, Dr. Sabuki agreed to help Axis if he could, but only if all of the youths were spared. As the Mole traveled to Axis' underground citadel, Bucky and Davy introduced themselves, and Bucky explained what had gone before to Davy. kid_commandos-wwii-inv27-machine.

(Invaders I#27 - BTS) - Having followed Bucky's trail to Sandy Flats, the Invaders learned from Captain Simms of Agent Axis' involvement. Via a tracking device from Namor's ship that Bucky had implanted in his belt-buckle, the Invaders then followed Bucky's trail. 

(Invaders I#27) - After Davy discussed his own past, Dr. Sabuki demanded that he be allowed to operate on Toro first, after which he would work on Axis, even if Toro died despite his efforts.

    After completing his examination of Toro and delaying things as long as he safely could so as to avoid helping Axis (and potentially making him more dangerous without his affliction), Dr. Sabuki took Toro to surgery. Assisted by Gwenny and witnessed by Bucky and Davy, Dr. Sabuki successfully removed the bullet and announced that Toro would be OK after considerable rest; however, Toro's inhuman nature allowed him to swiftly regain consciousness. 

    Although Dr. Sabuki argued that he needed to sleep, Axis demanded he being work on him immediately. 

    Axis then showed Dr. Sabuki his robotic surgical device, which would duplicate Sabuki's skills while not allowing Sabuki or anyone's hands to touch him. 

    Axis further had Gwenny and Davy strapped into his device, and he noted that if Axis was harmed, even accidentally, the device would automatically repeat the same moves on the two youths; additionally, the machine would electrocute them if Dr. Sabuki made one false move. 

kid_commandos-wwii-inv27-empowered    While Gwenny again urged her father that she and the other youths didn't matter and that he shouldn't help Axis, Dr. Sabuki told her that individuals did matter, and he refused to let her die. 

    As Axis had Enrico take Bucky away, however, Toro began to revive, and he projected a fiery blast at Enrico's boots. 

    As Bucky turned and punched Enrico, Enrico's gunfire struck Axis' machine, short-circuiting it and feeding electrical energy into Gwenny and Davy. 

    Seeing his plans fall apart, Axis leapt free but was surprised when Gwenny sat up and fired a golden light blast that knocked him back. 

    Davy found he could spin and move at great speeds, and he kept Ishido and Wilhelm off balance; they described him as a "Human Top," which he considered fitting. 

    Axis then ordered his men to kill the youths as well as Dr. Sabuki. After Toro and Bucky took down Wilhelm, Axis again held Dr. Sabuki at gunpoint, but just then the Invaders (Captain America, Human Torch, Namor) broke through the wall.

(Invaders I#28) - Although Gwenny had to remind the briefly overwhelmed Davy that they had gained powers, the two then joined the adult Invaders in engaging and taking down Axis' agents. 

    Yet again holding Dr. Sabuki at gunpoint, Axis forced the Invaders to allow him to escape with him inside his Iron Mole. 

kid_commandos-wwii-inv28-gathered(Invaders I#28 - BTS) - The Torch tried to pursue, but he was surprised to find that the Mole filled in the tunnel behind it. Nonetheless, the Torch could sense the Mole's heat, and he followed it closely, although Axis switched to an evasive pattern to throw him off before emerging in a desert reservoir. 

    As Axis prepared to finish off Dr. Sabuki, Namor emerged from the water and confronted him, leading Axis to throw Sabuki into the water to distract Namor with saving him while he fled...just as Namor had intended. Captain America then arrived in Namor's flagship and engaged Axis, ultimately subduing him.kid_commandos-wwii-inv28-costumed

(Invaders I#28) - As Axis' agents futilely tried to catch the fast-moving Human Top, Gwenny (described by them as "the Nisei" and "the Golden Girl") blinded them, causing them to not appreciate that they were running through a door, after which Bucky slammed the door shut, and Toro then melted the edges of the door, sealing them within. 

    Gwenny (adopting the name "Golden Girl") and Davy (adopting the "Human Top" alias) then introduced themselves to Toro, and they prepared to go rescue Dr. Sabuki until Captain America arrived with the defeated Agent Axis, and Namor and the Torch brought Dr. Sabuki in.

    The four young heroes then insisted that they couldn't go back to England with their senior members yet, and they were given Namor's flagship to transport themselves back to Sandy Flats. En route, Davy and Gwenny adopted costumes stored in the ship by Namor. 

    After they group arrived at the detention center and told Captain Simms that they would not be returning the Sabukis to their barracks, "Agent Axis" (actually Namor posing as Axis, unbeknownst to the kids, Dr. Sabuki, or the soldiers) emerged from the ground via the Iron Mole. While Axis easily took down several soldiers, Gwenny blinded him and then Davy repeatedly battered him before Bucky delivered the final punch to flatten him, after which Toro fused his Iron Mole into the ground. 

    Captain Simms prepared to take custody of both Sabukis, but he backed down when Gwenny threatened to use her powers against him; however, Dr. Sabuki agreed to remain in the detention center to take care of the sick detainees. 

    When Davy proclaimed their success, Gwenny asked what they had done while a hundred thousand Japanese-Americans were denied their right. Bucky replied that what they had done was a start, and perhaps they could accomplish some more good if they stayed together. When they returned to the other Invaders, they were surprised when "Axis" unmasked as Namor, revealing he had impersonated Axis to gain the clout in dealing with Simms; he assured the youths that he had fought with Axis' full power, which they had successfully overcome.

    The youths then revealed they would stay in the USA for a time to act as a group, hoping to wake up America in a couple ways, and Davy announced their name as the Kid Commandos. kid_commandos-wwii-inv38-spies

    When Gwenny noted that she was glad the Invaders wouldn't mind losing the boys for a while, the Torch and Cap replied that they had never been prouder of the boys, and that the youngsters were the hope of both America and the world's future. 

(Invaders I#38 (fb) - BTS) - The Kid Commandos chose to stay on the USA's West Coast to smash spies. 

(Invaders I#38 (fb)) - Via her crystal ball, Lady Lotus showed the Commandos fighting an "ineffectual gang" of Japanese spies.

(Invaders I#38 - BTS) - Lady Lotus then noted that she was solely interest in the Golden Girl.

(Invaders I#38) - Back in the USA to oppose the Iron Cross and then sent to investigate spy activity in San Diego, Captain America arranged a call to the Kid Commandos via an unspecified general who let them use his phone. The others waited as Bucky talked to Cap.

(Invaders I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Bucky and the others presumably waited as Toro spoke to the Torch.

(Invaders I#38 (fb) - BTS) - From a spy they had questioned, the Commandos learned of a Japanese sabotage ring docking on a pier in Santa Monica.

(Invaders I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Lady Lotus' mental abilities enabled her to learn of the Japanese spies planning to invade via Santa Monica pier. 

(Invaders I#38 - BTS) - With Namor, Miss America, and the Whizzer considered sufficient, Cap and the Torch headed to meet up with the Commandos.

    At the same time, Lotus sent the mind-controlled U-Man (Meranno) to recover Golden Girl for her.kid_commandos-wwii-inv38-defeated

(Invaders I#38) - The Kid Commandos waited until they saw their targets arriving at the pier, after which they made quick work of the four Japanese would-be saboteurs. As they prepared to call the authorities, however, they were ambushed by U-Man, who emerged from the water and landed on the pier. Meranno swiftly battered Bucky, the Top, and Toro unconscious, while Golden Girl fainted when his tower form grabbed her. Although he asked to kill the male members before departing, Lotus denied him this, instructing him to return with Golden Girl immediately. 

(Invaders I#39) - The arriving Captain America and Human Torch rushed U-Man, who punched out Cap before diving into the water and escaping with Golden Girl. 

    When the Commandos and Cap awakened, Bucky and Toro noted their frustrations about losing Gwenny Lou, and Davy considered that both of them "had it bad for her," but that neither of them had the guts to tell her. 

(Invaders I#39 (fb) - BTS) - U-Man held Golden Girl's head out of the water most of the way, allowing her to breathe, even though she remained unconscious.

(Invaders I#39) - U-Man delivered Golden Girl to Lady Lotus, who gently awakened her, revealed her own history, and tried to enlist her in her plot to destroy America for detaining all Japanese-Americans. When Gwenny refused, Lotus tried to take mental control of her and force her compliance, but Golden Girl resisted, blasting her back. kid_commandos-wwii-inv2-1

    Lotus then summoned U-Man and her own warrior agents to help subdue Gwenny, whose martial skills allowed her to side-step the powerful U-Man and then fight off the warriors until Cap, the Torch, and her teammates arrived. Not wanting to be captured or seen, Lotus had U-Man swiftly flee with her. 

    As her allies noted how impressed at how she had taken down the warriors on her own, an excited Bucky hugged Gwenny, but she rebuffed him and expressed embarrassment. 

    Irritated at Bucky's actions, Toro redirected everyone to the missing U-Man, and Gwenny told them of Lady Lotus; however, by that point, they were escaping aboard a plane Cap identified as moving too fast for even the Torches to catch.

    While Cap called the authorities, Bucky again apologized to Gwenny, who told him there was no need and asked that they forget it; however, she briefly glanced back and made eye contact with Toro, presumably indicating she was more interested in him. 

(Invaders II#1 (fb)) - As witnessed by the Thin Man, the Kid Commandos attended a War Bond rally.kid_commandos-wwii-cap-fa1

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Kid Commandos had "their fair share" (per the Torch) of missions and adventures independent of the Invaders, and they improved their skills significantly beyond what the Invaders knew of them. 

    The young heroes' powers increased with experience.

(Captain America: Forever Allies#1 (fb)) - The Kid Commandos celebrated an apparent victory.

(Captain America: Forever Allies#1 (fb) - BTS) - While Bucky never cared for the name "Kid Commandos," the others didn't seem to mind. 

    Given the times (and attitudes and ignorances), the Human Top and Golden Girl were called things a lot worse than "kid."kid_commandos-wwii-ani6-vi2

(All-New Invaders#6 (fb) - BTS) - Bucky mentioned an immense tidal wave generated by Giganto-like behemoths summoned by Namor via the Proteus Horn. 

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb)) -  After Captain America and Bucky seemingly perished during a conflict with Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, Gwen stepped up to leadership of the Kid Commandos, and Toro and Davy happily and consistently followed her lead. 

    The successor Bucky (Fred Davis) apparently stayed with the successor Captain America (William Nasland, formerly the Spirit of '76) in the Invaders, rather than joining the Kid Commandos.

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS) - After the war in Europe ended in May, 1945, the Allies turned their attention to Japan, who continued the war.

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS) - While the atomic bomb was being readied, the Invaders and their associates were not in the loop on this information.

(All-New Invaders#6 (fb) - BTS) - The spring following Bucky's discussion of the behemoth-generated tidal waves, Allied scientists had worked out a way to combine this with the Torch's ability to affect thermal pressure and to use a vortex created by Spitfire to create a gigantic cyclone tsunami to destroy the Japanese fleet. 

(All-New Invaders#6 (fb)) <July 2, 1945> - When "Happy Sam" Sawyer met with the Invaders to debrief them on their plans to create a mega-tsunami for use against the Japanese, Golden Girl objected, acknowledging that such an action would end the fighting, but arguing that it would also end the lives of the native populations on the islands around the fleets, who were innocents, not soldiers or kamikazes. 

    Gwen further argued that the scientists who had conceived of this plan had admitted that they could not control the tsunami once it had been created and that it could strike mainland Japan, causing further loss of life. 

    Sawyer countered that this was enemy life that would be risked, and he questioned whether being so close to Japan was affecting her view on the matter.kid_commandos-wwii-ani7-vs. Invaders

    Toro jumped in, defending Gwen and noting how much she had done for her country in the Kid Commandos, but Sawyer shut him down, reminding him that he was his superior officer, and explaining that is much like why the heroic U.S. Nisei regiments were also not brought in to fight in Japan. 

    When Toro argued that soldiers of Italian and German descent had been allowed to fight in Europe, the Torch silenced him; but when Gwen continued that innocent people were different than soldiers, the Torch noted that both Toro and Gwen made sense about the loss of lives. 

    Sawyer, however, insisted that the loss of Allied soldiers dying every day the war dragged on outweighed the native lives, and he further questioned who had let these children, the "Kid Commandos," in to sit at the adults' table. 

    Toro, Gwen, and Davy maintained frustrated silence as Sawyer informed them that the mission would go on tomorrow as planned.

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb)) - Following Gwen's lead, Toro and Davy agreed to fight the Invaders if necessary to stop this assault.

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb)) <July 3, 1945> - The next day, as the Invaders prepared to unleash the mega-tsunami...

(All-New Invaders#6 (fb) / All-New Invaders#7 (fb)) - Golden Girl led an assault on the Invaders, blasting back Namor and Union Jack. 

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb)) - As Toro engaged the Torch in even combat, the Human Top hurled Cap (Nasland)'s shield back at him, dropping him, and Gwen cast Spitfire out of the air, where the Top could swat her down. 

    Davy swiftly took down Bucky as well, and Gwen held her own against Namor until they crashed into a nearby island and realized its population. With the population at risk apparent to them, the Invaders refused to participate in the tsunami-assault, and Namor took the heat for the team.kid_commandos-wwii-ani7-vi2

(All-New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS) - With the tsunami-event no longer an option, the nuclear option was elected by the US government and military.

The USA dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9 (respectively), 1945,

(All-New Invaders#6 (fb) - BTS / All-New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS)) - After the energies released from Uatu the Watcher's eye by the organic eye-headed Orb caused many to learn new data/glimpse new memories, Gwenny Lou's granddaughter Radiance (Ryoko Sabuki) learned that the Invaders could have prevented the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. 

    Taking control of S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Japan, holding its agents hostage, Radiance demanded to meet with the android Human Torch, Namor, or Spitfire.

(All-New Invaders#6 (fb) - BTS / All-New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS)) - The Torch told Ryoko how and why her grandmother and her allies had done what they had done. Radiance released a powerful energy blast that destroyed the facility but also shielded those within it. The Torch took the blame for the energy blast, which allowed Ryoko to continue her career.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins, and Frank Springer.

    Toro having been dying from a gunshot wound to the chest stretched out over 8 months of stories real time. Invaders I#24 was a reprint of Marvel Mystery Comics#17, and a few other issues were split between new stories and reprints (or "new information" flashbacks).

    I was not planning to use the cover image from Invaders I#28 as the main image, as it's so commonly used, but it's by far the best image of the group together. I considered using an image from All-New Invaders#6-7, but the images were either the team standing off to the side or in a fight with the Invaders. The latter images were certainly very dynamic, but they also had many non-Kid Commandos members on-panel, and I decided they wouldn't be best as a main.


    Toro had a bottle labeled "plasma" hooked up to drain to his IV catheter, but the contents looked red like blood, rather than straw-colored, like plasma. 

    Axis' reasons for traveling to Pacifica General and taking Toro into his Iron Mole are unclear, but perhaps he wished another hostage to force Dr. Sabuki's compliance...or maybe he was just crazy from the three different men in his mind.

    Although Lotus continued to engage the Invaders in Invaders I#40-41, I don't think the Kid Commandos were mentioned again in that series, which ended with #41.

    The cover of Invaders I#38 is a much better image than the one of the defeated Kid Commandos shown within the issue, but it's not QUITE fitting with the story, so I relegated this image to the comments:

    I'm not going to try to explain or justify the detention centers, but the history is that Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor made some Americans fearful/suspicious of the Japanese and even Japanese-Americans, and people of that descent were rounded up and placed in detention centers. You can can Google it for more information.

    The Kid Commandos is one of two profiles we could find that were featured in the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe but had not had a subsequent OHotMU profile or Appendix website profile. With this profile, that only leaves the other one: The Knights of Wundagore. kid_commandos-wwii-ohotmu13

    Obviously Bucky and Toro have extensive history beyond the Kid Commandos (as well as receiving detailed profiles in various incarnations of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe), but Golden Girl and the Human Top (and the Kid Commandos as a team) had pretty much nothing for 14 years (Invaders II#1 (1993)), where they had a single panel flashback, before they finally got a little bit of expansion with the V-Battalion introducing their descendants in Thunderbolts I#40-41 (1997). 

    While Golden Girl/Woman and the Human Top and their descendants were fleshed out a little further in the V-Battalion, and there was another one-panel flashback in Captain America: Forever Allies#1 (2010), the Kid Commandos didn't really have another story until All-New Invaders#6-7 (2014).

        I'll target Dr. Sam Sabuki as the next profile from these stories, followed by Golden Girl/Woman, and then Golden Sun, Goldfire, and Radiance, after which I'll move to the Human Top, Twister, and Topspin...if those stories have more information on the Kid Commandos, either let me know or I'll add them when I review the issues. However, I'm not going to include all of the individual members' histories, as this profile is on the Kid Commandos. You'll have to wait for the individual profiles. 

    Ryoko Subuki asked the Torch if her grandmother and Toro had had a romance, but the Torch just told her to ask Toro.

    There were several references to the Kid Commandos being "young allies" of the Invaders, which was, of course, homage to the Young Allies World War II team, of which Bucky and Toro were both members.

    This profile was completed 8/3/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for a few cleaned up images.

Profile by Snood.

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