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Real Name: Steve Jordan

Identity/Class: Human mutate (World War II to modern era)

Occupation: Adventurer; former chemistry professor

Group Membership: The Twelve (Black Widow/Claire Voyant, Blue Blade/Roy Chambers, Dynamic Man, Electro, Fiery Mask/Jack Castle, Laughing Mask/Dennis Burton, Master Mind Excello/Earl Everett, Mister E/Victor Jay, Phantom Reporter/Richard "Dick" Jones, Rockman, Witness), former partner of Captain Tim

Affiliations: Blue Diamond, Colonel Frank Dexter, Senator Dobbs, Invaders (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Miss America/Madeline Joyce Frank, Whizzer/Robert Frank), Vision (Aarkus)

Enemies: Steve Brent, Dynamic Man, Herr Dwarf, Adolf Hitler, Japanese, Mister Death (Max Blucher), Nazis

Known Relatives: Caroline Jordan (wife, deceased), David L. Jordan (son, deceased), William F. Jordan (son, deceased)

Aliases: "Earl" (nickname used by his wife), "Jerky Jordan", "Sissy" (nicknames used by Steve Brent)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
formerly the Twelve's mansion, New York;
                                  formerly a bunker in Berlin, Germany;
                                  formerly a town in Wisconsin

First Appearance: Kids Komics I#1/1 (February, 1943)

Powers/Abilities: Exposure to an experimental chemical compound called "Wonder Fluid" gave Professor Jordan superhuman strength (class 50), speed, endurance, nigh invulnerability, immunity to poisons, retarded aging and the power of flight. Wonder's skin is extremely durable, but can be burned by extremely high temperatures. The left side of Wonder's face is permanently scarred as a result of third degree burns. He has taken to wear a golden mask over that part of his face to hide the damage and not frighten those around him needlessly. Wonder has a degree in teaching and science and is proficient in the use of guns and pistols. Conscientious, patriotic and almost naively noble, Captain Wonder truly believes in using his powers for good. A devoted family man, the loss of his wife and children continues to weigh heavy on him.

Height: 6'1" (by approximation)
Weight: 250 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


(The Twelve I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Born some time during the 1910s, Steve Jordan grew up to become a professor at a local Wisconsin school. He married his wife Caroline Jordan in the late 1930s. Together, they had two sons: William F. Jordan (born in 1940) and David L. Jordan (born in 1942). Steve was a loving and dedicated father to his children and a stable force in the household. Caroline knew her husband would always keep his promises.

(Kid Komics I#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Some time in 1943, dreaming of becoming a man of strength, Professor Jordan began working on a chemical formula that should give him superhuman powers. So sure of his inevitable success, he'd already created a costume for himself that he kept hidden in his laboratory. Eventually, he discovered the Wonder Fluid, waiting for just the right moment to use it.

(Kid Komics I#1/1) - After he hit Professor Jordan in the back of the head with a rubber band, Tim was forced to stay after class. Inquiring why Tim was acting this way, Professor Jordan was startled when the boy revealed he felt science was the bunk and that athletics trumped any scientific achievement. Hoping to change Tim's mind, Jordan showed him a vial of his most recent discovery: Wonder Fluid, which could grant anyone the strength of ten men. However, the naturally clumsy Jordan dropped the vial, which caused the Wonder Fluid to escape and quickly fill the room. Both Tim and the professor were doused in the fumes, but Tim managed to open a window that allowed the Wonder Fluid vapors to escape.

(The Twelve I#7 - BTS) - Because he opened the window, Tim didn't receive the same dosage of Wonder Fluid, which resulted in him being slightly less powerful than Jordan. His powers also waned over time, perhaps because of this.

(Kid Komics I#1/1) - Professor Jordan quickly realized the Fluid had entered his bloodstream and changed his body, granting him great strength. To test this theory, he held a quick sparring match with gym instructor Steve Brent who continuously put the meek science teacher down. Jordan knocked the self-aggrandizing "tough-as-nails" Brent for a loop with a single punch.

(The Twelve I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The exposure to the Wonder Fluid gave Jordan and Tim superhuman abilities. Eager to fight crime, Professor Jordan put on the costume he had already created and assumed the codename Captain Wonder. Not being able to think of an alternate identity, Mulrooney went with Tim.

(Kid Komics I#1/1) - During one of their few recorded cases, Captain Wonder and Tim faced the menace of Mister Death, who went about murdering key government officials pretending to be the actual grim reaper, able to kill merely by pointing at his victims (in reality, Mr. Death was a saboteur who sprayed his targets with an invisible, quick acting poisonous gas.) In the end, Tim distracted the villain long enough for Captain Wonder to knock him into a tray of corrosive chemicals, which proved fatal.

(Kid Komics I#2 - BTS) - Following orders from Hitler, Herr Dwarf ambushed and hypnotized several key political figures, one of them elderly Senator Hammond. He forced them all to commit suicide, making their deaths look like an accident and baffling the police, even though Dwarf forced his victims to write suicide notes announcing who the next victim would be.

(Kid Komics I#2) - Learning of the mysterious suicides from the papers, Captain Wonder and Tim traveled to Washington to investigate the matter. The note left by Hammond before he died announced his fellow Senator Dobbs would be next. Wonder and Tim decided to stay near the senator to make sure they'd be able to act as soon as the killer showed himself.

(Kid Komics I#2 - BTS) - With some of his underlings already in place near the house of Dobbs should he fail,  Dwarf used his borderline mystical long distance hypnotic powers to quietly take control of the senator. Aware of the situation the Dwarf decided Captain Wonder would be his next victim right after making sure Dobbs wrote another suicide note before he was told to shoot himself using his personal handgun.

(Kid Komics I#2) - Captain Wonder and Tim were too late to prevent Dobbs from suddenly shooting himself through the head. Still rattled, they reacted to a noise outside created by Dwarf's henchmen. Leaping into action, the heroes found themselves captured by the gun-toting criminals who took them to a nearby house while waiting for the Dwarf's orders. However, Wonder and Tim freed themselves and started beating on the criminals.  The gang's leader made a run for it, rushing to a car and driving to the Dwarf's hideout while Wonder and Tim ran behind the vehicle. Arriving before the heroes, the criminal told his associate Mugsy to shoot the two heroes on sight.

(Kid Komics I#2 - BTS) - Despite having his automatic rifle at the ready, Mugsy was no match for Captain Wonder who knocked him out. At the same time, Tim had snuck into the house and was captured by the Dwarf and his forces. Furious his sidekick might be hurt or worse, Wonder rushed in only to get ambushed and knocked out as well.

(Kid Komics I#2) - Wonder and Tim were reunited and chained up, to find themselves in the presence of the Dwarf who boldly announced he was their new master. Tim scoffed at the notion, forcing the Dwarf to use his hypnosis on Captain Wonder, successfully bending the hero to his will (in reality, Wonder only played along). Dwarf ordered Wonder to throw Tim into a lava pit conveniently located under his base. However, Wonder signaled Tim at the last moment before throwing him towards the Dwarf and his men. Tim beat up the tiny man, but the Nazi gave as good as he received and knocked Tim aside before running away from Captain Wonder, jumping across several platforms that hung over the lava. Wonder gave chase, finally catching up with the Dwarf at the heart of the firepit. The wily villain almost succeeded in making Wonder fall off the platform to his death, but Tim used his expert aim (honed by playing high school football) to throw a gun he found on the floor at the Dwarf, making him lose his balance and fall to his death in the lava. Captain Wonder commented that his young partner had ensured the killer had a just death even as the Dwarf's corpse sizzled away in the molten rock.

(Kids Komics I#1-2) - Wonder and Tim got involved in the United States' war with the Japanese, on at least two occasions fighting the "Japanazi" threat.

(The Twelve I#2 (fb) ) - In the mid 1940s, with the war in Europe still going strong, Captain Wonder felt he needed to do his patriotic duty and announced to his wife he'd be going there to help win the war. Caroline had her misgivings, worried her husband wouldn't come back but he promised her that no matter what, he'd come back. All he wanted was for her to believe that and it would be fine.

(The Twelve: Spearhead#1) - In 1945, Captain Wonder was fighting the Nazis along with the allied forces and several other costumed vigilantes. On a forward base in Germany, he was spotted by the Phantom Reporter and Mister E while he helped a damaged bomber aircraft stay aloft by supporting it with his own massive strength. Mister E confused him with Captain America, but the Reporter corrected him by pointing out Captain America can't fly and has the decency to wear pants. A little while later, Captain Wonder assisted the Invaders and several other heroes in securing a hidden Waffen SS facility that doubled as a rocket science lab and a storage depot for occult artifacts like the Lance of St. Maurice.

(The Twelve I#1) - On Wednesday April 25th, 1945, the Allies began their final assault on Berlin. Captain Wonder and eleven other vigilantes eventually found themselves teaming up to investigate the largely abandoned headquarters of the SS for possible snipers or other opposition. The search led them to an underground lab facility which actually turned out to be a trap. Once they were all inside, the doors closed. Captain Wonder immediately attempted to break out and flew up to smash the ceiling only to be shot by a high voltage electrical burst that immobilized him completely. Moments later a special knockout gas was pumped in to take down the others. SS officers hurried in to put the heroes in freezing tubes, planning to study and dissect these "supermen" after the war so they could turn the next generation of Nazis into a true master race.

(The Twelve I#1 - BTS) - The SS officers hadn't counted on the Russian army reaching strategic parts of Berlin before the allied forces. The Russians captured and executed the SS officers responsible for keeping Captain Wonder and the other heroes on ice.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) - BTS) - All the heroes were bombarded by the continuous cybernetic thought waves of the robot Electro who was desperate and alone after the impenetrable bunker cut off his connection to its inventor Philo Zog. Eventually, he'd form a bond with the Dynamic Man's more advanced android mind, essentially becoming his servant. However, the continued exposure left the robot particularly susceptible to the other prisoners'  brainwaves as well.

(The Twelve I#1 - BTS) - In recent years a German construction crew accidentally unearthed the underground facility where the heroes were being kept. The American authorities were informed and quickly took charge of the situation, bringing everyone back to the United States where they were revived in a makeshift 1940s hospital, complete with vintage nurses' outfits, equipment and even music of the day to help them accommodate to having been asleep for the past 60 years.

(The Twelve I#1) - Captain Wonder seemingly had no clue he was 60 years in the future, though he did think it odd he wasn't allowed to call his wife. To protect his identity, he kept his mask on all the time. When the Phantom Reporter started to realize nothing was quite what it seemed, he wandered into Wonder's room for a talk. He convinced the Captain to go outside the "hospital"  to check if they were really in the United States. Wonder agreed and brushed past the nurses and orderlies who attempted to stop him. Once on the roof of the building, he was overwhelmed by the sight and sounds of modern day New York City. With the secret out, the military saw no other choice but to inform Captain Wonder's fellow compatriots about their current predicament.

(The Twelve I#1 - BTS) - Captain Wonder approached Colonel Dexter, assigned by the army as the group's liaison, about contacting his family. After some research, Dexter was sad to report that both Caroline and his sons had died decades ago.

(The Twelve I#1) - Despite being understandably overwrought, the grieving Captain Wonder joined the others in agreeing to Dexter's offer to have the army help them get adjusted so they could be what they were before: heroes serving their country in its hour of need.

(The Twelve I#2) - Captain Wonder and the others moved to a luxurious mansion outside of New York supplied and funded by the army. On a bus making its way out of New York City, Captain Wonder couldn't help but remark the future seemed so different from the way everyone always said it would be, with rocket packs and flying cars. He figured that maybe they were in a different part of town. Once they arrived at their new mansion, Dexter assured the heroes they could live rent- and expense free for a twelve month period. After the meeting, he handed Captain Wonder information about his family's graves. He immediately flew off to visit his wife and childrens' final resting place. When he spotted the inscription on Caroline's tombstone "Come the darkness, I still believe", he flashed back to 1943 when he asked her to believe his promise that he'd return no matter what. Overcome with emotion, he hugged the stone and broke down sobbing. Later that night at the mansion, he continued to mourn his loved ones in silence, even as Rockman kept everyone else up with his frustrated slamming on the cellar floor (which he did in an attempt to contact his subterranean people).

(The Twelve I#3 - BTS) - Phantom Reporter typed up his personal observations on his fellow 1940s heroes, noting that Captain Wonder was still grieving the loss of his family.

(The Twelve I#4) - Despite feeling depressed and aimless, Captain Wonder still attended Master Mind Excello's going-away party (the wealthy mentalist had bought an estate in Upstate New York where he could get the peace and quiet he needed to focus himself). Jordan had a talk with the Fiery Mask, explaining that he he had no idea what to do anymore. He mainly went out as Captain Wonder to make sure the world was a safer place for his family. With them gone, there didn't seem anything left. The Mask assured him that the world still needed men like him and that he could make all the difference in the lives of many other mothers, children and fathers. Captain Wonder's musings were interrupted by the arrival of the Dynamic Man who made fun of the fact they were all standing around feeling sorry for themselves while he had been out, doing what they were meant to do: be heroes. The annoyed Phantom Reporter enraged Dynamic Man. when he compared the super strong, seemingly perfect man to Hitler's master race. Dynamic Man would have killed the reporter, if not for Captain Wonder intervening and breaking up the fight. Switching gears, Dynamic Man sarcastically carried in Electro, to remind the others they were just like the robot: a forgotten relic nobody knew what to do with anymore.

(The Twelve I#5) - To slowly get back into action again, Captain Wonder agreed to give a talk to some local New York City school children. On the morning before his talk, while he was wistfully looking at a picture of his lost family, Dynamic Man showed up to mock and needle him some more. When the insensitive android called Jordan's actions "a pity party", the usually composed professor grew furious and hit Dynamic Man. Before a fight could break out, Fiery Mask intervened and used his fire powers to keep the combatants apart. Captain Wonder went to New York City for his scheduled talk, but found that his motivational words fell on deaf ears. The innercity class didn't buy his promises of the American dream and the inevitability of success if you only worked hard and stayed out of trouble. One of the pupils shocked him when he told Wonder that well over half the members of the class had either been arrested, shot or had a family member shot. Completely dumbstruck, he was speechless to think somebody would shoot kids. The pupil calmly informed him there really wasn't anything he could say that would mean anything to them. After that disastrous appearance, Wonder went outside to sit on a school bench to let it all sink in. He was joined by Dynamic Man
, hovering over him and explaining what he had found out since entering this new world. Dynamic Man was meant to be the man of the future according to both his father and the media, but he had since concluded that this wasn't the perfect future he was meant for. That future was to be clean, pure and perfect with flying cars, jet packs and lunar colonies, not the cesspool he'd found himself in now. That's why he kept so busy, preferring to stay in the air because he couldn't handle the depravity on the ground. He advised Wonder to do the same, but the demoralized hero simply told him to fly away, which he did. Still, later that night, Steve Jordan decided to take the words of Dynamic Man to heart. He put on his costume and went out on patrol, figuring that sometimes you'd better keep running because slowing down means having the world and your life catch up with you.

(The Twelve I#6) - For a full week, Captain Wonder kept himself busy with superheroics. He saved the malfunctioning space shuttle Olympus, rescued firefighters, helped find lost children and even rescued a US Senator from a terrorist attack. But while his fellow 1940s hero Dynamic Man visibly enjoyed the work and was more than ready to give interviews, Wonder declined any comment after his heroic deeds, leading journalists to conclude his heart didn't appear to be in it.

(The Twelve I#7 - BTS) - Captain Wonder's old sidekick Tim Mulrooney was diagnosed with inoperable lymph node cancer. Not too long after that, he received word that Captain Wonder was alive and well, after the news of the 1940s heroes being found in their Berlin bunker broke. He contacted the military to set up a meeting.

(The Twelve I#7) - Eventually granted an audience, Mulrooney visited the estate Captain Wonder and the others were staying at. Initially, Captain Wonder didn't recognize his former, aged sidekick but the two soon reconnected, with Wonder telling Fiery Mask how he and Tim used to fight evil together. When Fiery Mask excused himself to allow the two of them to catch up, Tim quickly came to business: he wanted another dose of Wonder Fluid, both to fight his cancer and to be special again. He figured that, after 65+ years, Jordan would have perfected the formula, unaware the professor had spent all that time in hibernation. When Wonder tried to explain he couldn't help him, Mulrooney angrily stormed off, calling his old friend a "sonofabitch" and telling him to go to Hell.

(The Twelve I#7 - BTS) - Some time later, thoroughly demoralized now that his final chance was gone, Mulrooney climbed to the roof of a skyscraper, put on his Captain Tim cape and jumped to his death, with "special" being the final word on his lips as he fell.

(The Twelve I#9) - Captain  Wonder was present at the mansion along with most of the others when Master Mind Excello dropped by for a mysterious visit. Excello explained that though his visions told him his presence amongst them was important, he could not yet figure out why. A little while later, unaware the Phantom Reporter had been called away to investigate the murder of the Blue Blade by the robot Electro, Captain Wonder was seen casually chatting with Rockman and Master Mind Excello.

(The Twelve I#10) - Captain Wonder, along with the surviving 1940s heroes, gathered at the mansion to hear the Phantom Reporter and Master Mind Excello's proof the robot Electro wasn't responsible for the recent death of their ally Blue Blade's. Slowly establishing the evidence, they revealed the overly zealous, moral Dynamic Man was the true culprit and a sexless android to boot. Infuriated his true, inhuman origin was uncovered, the superbly powerful creature vowed to kill every last one of them.

(The Twelve I#11) - Figuring that Captain Wonder was the biggest threat, the enraged Dynamic Man hit him first. Wonder went flying through several walls, ending up outside. By the time he got back, Dynamic Man had decided to destroy all the lode-bearing beams holding up the mansion, burying his opponents while he flew off. Captain Wonder tried to chase D.M, but lost him in the clouds. Returning to the ruins, he didn't have to dig his friends out, the super strong Rockman had kept part of the structure up long enough for them to escape. Captain Wonder and Fiery Mask were picked by Phantom Reporter to accompany him in dealing with Dynamic Man once and for all. Master Mind Excello opted to accompany them. Wonder tore off a piece of roofing big enough for the three men to sit on and used it to fly them to Dynamic Man's location which Excello's prescience told them was the android's creator's lab. There, Wonder stormed in to confront Dynamic Man only to be incapacitated by an electrical ray device set up by Dynamic Man While Excello and the Reporter kept the villainous artificial man busy, Fiery Mask tried to burn the machine keeping Wonder paralyzed. He recovered in time to see Dynamic Man kill Fiery Mask, who used his final moments to grant Phantom Reporter his mystical fire powers. Not willing to waste the opportunity, the Reporter told Wonder to grab a hold of Dynamic Man while he used his new abilities to burn the android to slag. The extreme heat necessary to destroy Dynamic Man began to affect Captain Wonder as well, but he ordered the Reporter to keep going. In the process, he endured severe burns to the left side of his face which he ignored after the fight to get everyone home.

(The Twelve I#11 - BTS) - Eventually seeking medical assistance, the doctors were unable to treat Captain Wonder's burns with a common procedure like a skin graft because none of their equipment could pierce his enhanced, durable skin. All they could do was bandage his face.

(The Twelve I#11) - A few days later, Captain Wonder attended the funeral of the Fiery Mask, his face still covered in bandages. He assured his worried friends that he was fine despite the fact he was now permanently scarred. After all, it beat being dead.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) ) - Their mansion destroyed and a fair number of them either dead or retired (Mister E had quit shortly after Castle's funeral), Wonder and the surviving 1940s heroes were briefly transferred to a local army base.

(The Twelve I#12 - BTS) - Before he got ready to go out into the field, Professor Jordan decided to cover up the scarred part of his face by wearing half a face mask, loosely patterned after the one worn by the Laughing Mask.

(The Twelve I#12) - On his first real field mission, Captain Wonder found himself in Kentucky to rescue a school class trapped by a cave-in. Using his strength to move the rocks blocking the entrance to the cave, he approached the children who were understandably scared by him and his unusual appearance. He made a point of it to repeatedly tell them not to be scared. On the way out, one of the trapped girls heard a voice in the darkness asking her to tell Wonder and the others that he was alright and that he'd found his princess. While the girl's teacher dismissed this story, Captain Wonder knew it could only have been Rockman, who had been missing since the Dynamic Man incident. Wonder made sure to tell the Phantom Reporter of it as well.

Comments: Created by Otto Binder (writer), Frank Giacoia (pencils & inks).

The Twelve were found in Germany on Wednesday August 2nd, 2008. This was during the rise of the Initiative in comics. The date is topical.

J. Michael Straczynski modernized and streamlined Captain Wonder's origin story somewhat, leaving out the admittedly convoluted notion of the power negating black fluid and Wonder and Tim using serum-injecting rings to change back and forth. A possible in-universe explanation might be that Jordan incorrectly believed he could only access his powers if he injected himself with the Wonder Fluid, unaware it was actually the fumes he inhaled that granted him the power instead of the actual liquid.

When I read the origin of the Terror and saw that Dr. John Storm gave Laslo Pevely both a serum and "high radio frequency waves" it reminded me of the addition of the Vita rays to Captain America's origin in Captain America I#109 (January, 1969). Dr. John Storm could've been added to Cap's origin as the creator or co-creator of the Vita Ray Machine and Professor Steve Jordan/Captain Wonder as an assistant to Professor Reinstein (Abraham Erskine) in Cap's origin and his Wonder Fluid as an improvement on Cap's Super Soldier Serum.

Profile by Norvo.

Captain Wonder should not be confused with

Caroline Jordan

Born in 1920, Caroline eventually met and married Steve Jordan. Over time, they settled down in Wisconsin where Steve worked as a chemistry professor and Caroline eventually bore him two sons: David and William. When Steve accidentally gained superhuman powers and began fighting crime as Captain Wonder, Caroline was concerned for her husband. In 1943, she reluctantly agreed with her husband's plans to go to Europe to fight the Nazis there. Jordan promised his wife he would return, no matter what. Knowing him to be an honorable man who never broke his word, Caroline faithfully waited. She was unaware that Captain Wonder and 11 of his fellow vigilantes were trapped in suspended animation in a subterranean Berlin bunker. Caroline always held out hope as months became years and eventually decades. She suffered a fatal heart attack in 1975, shortly after both her sons had been killed during the Vietnam War. To symbolize the faith she had in her missing husband, Caroline's tombstone was engraved with the line: "Come the darkness, I still believe."

--The Twelve I#2 (fb)

Steve Brent

Self-described as "tough-as-nails", Steve Brent worked as a gym teacher at the same school Professor Jordan taught at. Brent openly mocked and needled his bookish, meek colleague, even belittling him in front of the students. According to Brent, weak men like Jordan were a disgrace to the school and should be expelled because "they had the spine of a jellyfish and the strength of a grasshopper". Over time, Jordan got so fed up with the constant put downs, he began working on a chemical compound that would increase his strength and make him as powerful as Brent. When he finally created the Wonder Fluid that turned him into a muscular powerhouse, Jordan wasted little time to look up Steve Brent. Quickly agreeing to a little sparring match with Jordan, Brent was knocked silly seconds after the gym teacher had put on his boxing gloves. Unable to stand after that one punch, Brent had trouble believing he'd been bested by Professor Jordan.

--Kids Komics I#1

images: (without ads)
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Kid Komics I#1, p10, pan6 (original costume)
The Twelve I#1, p12, pan4 (knocked out by Nazis)
The Twelve I#7, p15, pan2 (cursed by sidekick Tim)
The Twelve I#11, p25, pan1 (will live with the scars)
The Twelve I#12, p15, pan5 (new look)
The Twelve I#2, p15, pan3 (Caroline Jordan)
Kid Komics I#1, p7, pan2 (Steve Brent)

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