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Real Name: Earl Everett

Identity/Class: Human mutate (World War II to modern era)

Occupation: Director of EXC Enterprises; former adventurer, secret agent, socialite

Group Membership: The Twelve (Black Widow/Claire Voyant, Blue Blade/Roy Chambers, Captain Wonder/Jeff Jordan, Dynamic Man, Electro, Fiery Mask/Jack Castle, Laughing Mask/Dennis Burton, Mister E/Victor Jay, Phantom Reporter/Richard "Dick" Jones, Rockman, Witness)

Affiliations: Blue Diamond (Elton Morrow), Colonel Frank Dexter, Invaders (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Miss America/Madelyne Joyce Frank, Whizzer/Robert Frank), Vision (Aarkus)

Enemies: Ira Borovitch, Dynamic Man, Fritz, Kadash, Nazis, Dr. Marko, Otto

Known Relatives: Mr. Everett senior (father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: Excello (codename as a spy)

Base of Operations: E.X.C. Enterprises headquarters, New York City;
                                  formerly his lead lined estate in upstate New York;
                                 formerly the Twelve's mansion, New York;
                                  formerly a bunker in Berlin, Germany;
                                  formerly mobile throughout the United States

First Appearance: Mystic Comics I#2/1 (April, 1940) 

Powers/Abilities: The highly intelligent Earl Everett possessed no known superhuman abilities, though his brilliance earned him a Ph.D in molecular biology. Getting shot in the head with an experimental radioactive bullet unleashed Earl Everett's mental potential. When his psychic powers manifested themselves, he found he was able to read thoughts, sense intentions and correctly predict people's actions, anticipating on them instantly. He is also able to influence people's behavior in various ways. He can mentally throw a gunman's aim off or force someone to be temporarily paralyzed. He can telepathically force people not to notice him, allowing him to come and go unopposed. Excello is precognitive, intuitively sensing when and where he is needed and acting accordingly even though he often doesn't know himself how an event will play itself out.  His senses are extraordinarily sharp, enabling him to hear a pin drop a mile away or see up to 100.000 miles away. To focus his mental powers, Excello needs to meditate on a regular basis. Distractions like television signals, wireless digital communication and crowded spaces weaken his mental and extrasensory powers. Master Mind Excello is an excellent marksman, rarely missing his mark though that might also be a side-effect of his telepathy. Excello also has super strength, lifting at least 20 tons though he rarely uses this and any other of his powers because it moves the radioactive shrapnel in his brain ever closer to a vital artery. Even prior to the incident that gave him his powers, Master Mind Excello was always good at instinctively figuring out the odds, making him an expert and effortless gambler. He is a fair hand-to-hand combatant, licensed to fly most 1940s single engine airplanes and often uses an experimental machine gun called a "triple propeller pistol". As a US Office of Naval Intelligence Operative, Excello had access to experimental tools and devices such as acids, explosive liquids and Vacu-Pads, which enabled him to scale buildings. Excello is a master of disguise. Due to a series of intuitive longterm financial investments in the 1940s, Excello is independently wealthy.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, graying at temples


(The Twelve I#12 (fb) ) - Earl Everett was born into a wealthy family in the late 1890s. His father was a successful nuclear researcher who was so renowned and respected Albert Einstein kept up a regular correspondence with him. The Everett's vast family fortune caused him to grow up privileged, spoiled and bored, arguing with his father on multiple occasions.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Everett's doting mother told her son his face was perfectly proportioned, despite its somewhat unusual looks like a large nose and exaggerated, curved eyebrows.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) ) - As a young man, Everett spent most of his days as a socialite, casually wasting his father's fortune, spending his nights at casinos and carousing with prostitutes. However, because of his uncanny knack for gambling, he usually won far more than he spent. When Britain declared war against Germany in 1940, Earl accompanied his father on a trip to London. Everett Sr. had developed a new type of radioactive munition he planned to sell to the British, while Earl simply wanted to try his luck at the local casinos. Earl was in the room when his father showed off this new kind of bullet and somehow sensed that one of the men present was a Nazi double agent planning to kill his father with his own invention. In an uncharacteristic act of selflessness, Earl jumped in front of the bullet which got stuck inside his head, destroying the corpus callosum, the part of the brain that divides the two halves. Doctors operated on him for 16 hours straight, removing the bullet except for a few radioactive shards they couldn't reach. After the surgery, Earl was left comatose for a month, his father never far from his bed. When he finally woke up, his dad informed him of the shrapnel that remained in his skull, threatening a major artery. He vowed to get his son the best possible care in the U.S. to remedy the situation. However, on the weeks long boat trip back Earl started to notice his increased mental abilities, being able to foretell the actions of those around him and even sensing people's thoughts. Using this power, he foiled a kidnapping plot by two Nazi agents who wanted to commandeer the ship and hold the affluent passengers hostage. Over time, he developed his precognitive skills even further, sensing the future and the role he had to play in upcoming events.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Upon his return to the United States, Everett learned that no one was able to remove the irradiated shell fragments from his brain. He realized that the debris moved every time he used his mental powers, creeping closer to a major artery. Nevertheless, emboldened by his experiences, he decided to use his abilities to help defend his country. 

(Mystic Comics I#2/1 (fb) - BTS) - Using his well established reputation as a philandering socialite to do undercover work for the US Office of Naval Intelligence, Earl Everett went into action as Master Mind Excello.

(Mystic Comics I#2/1) - Returning home by boat from an assignment in Europe, Excello overheard a pair of Sovernian spies plotting against the United States. Before he could handle them, he was taken prisoner and taken to an armored Sovernian warship nearby. There, the spies presented him to their master Kadash, who had no time for Everett and told his men to lock him up. Down in the hold of the ship, Excello patiently waited and used his powers to learn of Kadash's plans: his men had planted explosives underneath every major American city which he intended to detonate with one Dr. Marko as soon as he'd picked up some important documents in New York City by seaplane. Using his super strength to break free, Excello fought Kadash's troops with both his fists and his triple propeller pistol. Eventually commandeering another single engine plane, he took off for New York where he easily located Kasash using his extrasensory abilities. Excello approached him undetected by scaling Kadash's high rise with the use of Vacu-Pads. He defeated the spy master and disguised himself as the villain himself to keep Kadash's appointment with Dr. Marko. As soon as he learned Marko had taken over a powerplant connected to all the explosive charges ready to go off, Excello revealed himself and defeated the doctor and his minions. When the police arrived to take Marko, Kadash and the others into custody, they spotted Master Mind Excello's calling card with its trademark saying "America first and always".

(Mystic Comics I#3/5) - Mastermind Excello determined that a recent series of rail incidents were actually caused by sabotage. Thanks to his remote, precognitive visions he determined the next train that was going to be attacked. He managed to reach the train as it took off, eventually even convincing the machinist to stop the vehicle before it reached the explosive planted on the tracks. However, just as he was getting rid of the bomb, he was jumped by the Kussian spies who had left it there. Overpowered, Excello was captured and sent off to be eliminated. His superior physical strength allowed him to easily escape the death trap they'd set up for him (the spies figured they could kill him by faking a car crash). He knocked out his captors and then focused to find out the identity of their master: the criminal Kussian mastermind Borovich whose next scheme was throwing all the rail switches connected to a powerhouse in an attempt to cause widespread chaos and panic. Sensing Borovich was waiting for his minion Fritz, Excello hurried to intercept the Kussian who was en route in a car. During the struggle, Fritz shot himself which allowed Excello to turn his attention to Borovich and the remaining spies who undertook a futile attempt to flee from him. Once again, all the authorities found when they came to arrest the criminals was Excello's usual calling card.

(Incredible Hercules#135 (fb) ) - Master Mind Excello's exploits soon became public knowledge, which made him increasingly popular with the American public. Always ready to profit from an opportunity, Everett created a series of made-for-radio fictionalized adventures that saw him facing off against his imagined archenemy Dr. Japanazi, the villain with two brains. The show was an excellent way for him to promote the products of the Excello Soap Company, which he owned.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) - BTS) - In early 1940, Everett had a vision about himself looking over New York City sixty years in the future. Though he was fascinated by that notion, he had no idea how this glimpse of a future reality could come to pass.

(The Twelve I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Excello's future sight and vast intellect allowed him to be ready for almost any conceivable eventuality, including time travel. While he felt he couldn't do too much to prepare against getting sent into the past, the future was a different matter altogether. He placed a considerable part of his wealth into a rolling trust at Switzerland's Bank of Geneva that would continue to accumulate interest even if he should disappear for several decades.

(The Twelve: Spearhead#1) - Excello was one of the many vigilantes who joined the war effort when the United States entered World War II in late December, 1941. He traveled to Western Europe along with the United States army. In early 1945, he was in Germany helping out the Allied forces by using his mentalism and predictions to fight the Nazis. On one such occasion, his visions helped pinpoint a Nazi facility that served as both a rocket science lab and a depot for occult items, including the Lance of St. Maurice. Convincing Captain America and the Invaders that the powerless Phantom Reporter should accompany them on their mission, Master Mind Excello and the Blue Diamond went to retrieve the lance while the others kept the Nazi soldiers busy, destroying their rocket science research in the process. Excello handed the lance to the U.S. military.

(The Twelve I#1) - On Wednesday April 25th, 1945, the Allies began their final assault on Berlin. Sensing this was where he was needed, Excello led eleven other vigilantes to investigate the largely abandoned headquarters of the SS for possible snipers or other opposition. The search took them to an underground lab facility which actually turned out to be a trap. Once they were all inside, the doors closed and a special knockout gas was pumped in. SS officers hurried in to put the heroes in freezing tubes, planning to study and dissect these "supermen" after the war so they could turn the next generation of Nazis into a true master race.

(The Twelve I#1 - BTS) - The SS officers hadn't counted on the Russian army reaching strategic parts of Berlin before the allied forces. The Russians captured and executed the SS officers responsible for keeping Excello and the other heroes on ice.

(The Twelve I#12 - BTS) - All the heroes were bombarded by the continuous cybernetic thought waves of the robot Electro who was desperate and alone after the impenetrable bunker cut off his connection to its inventor Philo Zog. Eventually, he'd form a bond with the android Dynamic Man, but the continued exposure to Electro's brainwaves left Excello and all the other heroes present uniquely capable of connecting with Electro.

(The Twelve I#1 - BTS) - In recent years a German construction crew accidentally unearthed the underground facility where the heroes were being kept. The American authorities were informed and quickly took charge of the situation, bringing everyone back to the United States where they were revived and led to believe it was still the 1940s in an attempt to gently accommodate them to having been asleep for the past 60 years.

(The Twelve I#1) - Phantom Reporter and Captain Wonder eventually saw through the ruse, forcing the military to inform the others of their current predicament as well. Excello and his compatriots all agreed with the army's offer to help them get adjusted so they could be what they were before: heroes serving their country in its hour of need.

(The Twelve I#2) - Master Mind Excello and the others moved to a luxurious mansion outside of New York supplied and funded by the army. They were welcomed by their liaison Colonel Dexter who informed them they were welcome to stay there rent- and expense free for 12 months while they got their bearings in this new world. Excello agreed to this deal, but noticed that since he came to New York his extraordinarily perceptive senses were being bombarded by the modern world's continuous, unrelenting input of information. This resulted in an almost unbearable amount of background noise that he hoped aspirin could quiet down. Despite this new source of stress, Everett wasted no time contacting the Bank of Geneva to confirm he was still alive in order to reclaim his wealth. Later that night, Excello was unable to get to sleep because of Rockman's incessant pounding in the basement (he was trying to contact his underground realm). The sound of Rockman's fists hitting the concrete felt like the pounding of a sledgehammer to Everett's sensitive ears.

(The Twelve I#3) - The next morning, Everett complained about the constant, overwhelming background noise to Colonel Dexter, calling it the worst kind of torture for someone with his enhanced senses. Dexter wasn't sure what he could do about it and listened quietly as Excello explained that he was currently unable to even focus on seeing his own destiny because of the constant distractions.

(The Twelve I#4 - BTS) - When the Bank of Geneva confirmed he was indeed Earl Everett, Excello was granted full control over his 1940s trust fund that by now had garnered countless millions of interest. He used part of the money to buy an estate in upstate New York that he had soundproofed and lead-lined so he could be free from the torturous distractions of today's world.

(The Twelve I#4) - Excello informed Dexter he was going to leave, the others threw him a send-off party later that day that was interrupted by the belligerent Dynamic Man who called his fellow 1940s heroes relics no one knew what to do with anymore before flying off. Later that evening, Excello said good-bye to his compatriots, assuring them they were all welcome to visit him any time they wanted... Except for Dynamic Man.

(The Twelve I#5) - Enjoying the comfort and luxury of his stately, lead-lined palatial mansion, Master Mind Excello acclimated to the new world. As a result, his future sight slowly began to return.

(The Twelve I#6) - Sensing the flow of time telling him something terrible was about to happen, Excello reached out to the Phantom Reporter to warn him of this unknown danger. At his home, he continued to focus his mental acuity to try and learn more of the coming tragedy.

(The Twelve I#7 - BTS) - Unable to fully calibrate himself to this new era yet, Excello nonetheless figured out the Phantom Reporter would play a central role in the rapidly approaching drama that would end in the death of one of their own. Always preparing ahead, Excello had a new, more durable and protective costume created for his ally even as he invited the Reporter over for a visit.

(The Twelve I#7) - Once the Phantom Reporter was in Master Mind Excello's lead lined safety room, he learned what little the mentalist had gleaned.
Even though the actual information he had to share was sketchy at best, Excello did his best to motivate the Reporter to be ready for whatever was about to happen. While he was sure that Phantom Reporter wasn't the killer, he couldn't tell if the death of one of their own would be the first of many. The Reporter left Excello with more questions than answers, which inspired him to investigate the matter himself.

(The Twelve I#8 - BTS) - Now more in tune with the ebb and flow of time, Excello had a vision about Rockman and his missing family. Reaching out to him in a dream, Excello left the despondent hero with the message that his people had heard him and that they would be coming for him soon. He then sent the Phantom Reporter the newly created, kevlar coated costume he had made for him, along with a note that read it might end up saving his life. Excello also wrote that he sensed the Laughing Mask had a role to play before the end, therefore he'd bailed him out of jail (The Mask had been linked to the murder of some gangsters back in 1940).

(The Twelve I#9) - Sensing it was where he was needed to be, Master Mind Excello left his estate and visited his 1940s associates in their mansion. Arriving unannounced, he briefly checked in with Rockman to see how he was doing and made sure Laughing Mask knew he needn't thank him for bailing him out. When the others asked him why he'd come, he freely admitted to still being a bit fuzzy about that himself but he was sure the answer would present itself shortly. Some time later (while Dynamic Man used his control over Electro to kill the Blue Blade, forcing the Reporter to go out and investigate the murder, Excello approached the Fiery Mask because he sensed the hero was troubled. While the rain poured down, Excello quietly listened to the Mask confess the true origins of his powers: he had allowed a good man to die just so he could inherit his abilities.

(The Twelve I#10 - BTS) - The Phantom Reporter returned to the mansion, aware that Dynamic Man was an android and responsible for turning Electro into a killer. He confided in Excello and  Fiery Mask, asking the latter to stand ready to burn away the Dynamic Man's costume at a moment's notice.

(The Twelve I#10) - Excello quietly backed up the Phantom Reporter when he gathered the surviving 1940s heroes at the mansion to prove the robot Electro wasn't responsible for the recent death of their ally Blue Blade. Slowly establishing the evidence, it became clear the overly zealous, moral Dynamic Man was the true culprit. Acting on the Phantom Reporter's cue, Fiery Mask burned off D.M.'s costume to reveal he was actually a sexless android. Infuriated his true, inhuman origin was uncovered, the superbly powerful creature vowed to kill every last one of them.

(The Twelve I#11) - Excello briefly kept out of the fighting, but was eventually trapped with the others when Dynamic Man destroyed the support beams of the house causing the structure to collapse on them. Thanks to Rockman's strength, everyone escaped unscathed even though the hero himself seemingly perished underneath the vast amount of rubble. Excello tried to assure the others his vision had shown him that Rockman would be with his family again after he had completed a great task and that they'd be proud of him. He then decided to accompany Captain Wonder, Phantom Reporter and Fiery Mask to stop the escaped Dynamic Man. To transport his allies, Wonder tore off a piece of the roof big enough for Excello, the Mask and the Reporter to sit on. Once they were up there, with Fiery Mask using his flames to keep them warm, Excello's visions pointed them to D.M's location: the lab of his creator Simon Goettler. After reaching the laboratory, the heroes faced Dynamic Man who took out Captain Wonder with some of the lab's electrical equipment. However, Excello was able to attack the android's mind telepathically, briefly paralyzing him until Fiery Mask could destroy the device keeping the Captain down. While Excello tried his best to keep D.M. at bay, the Reporter attempted to kill him by putting a bullet through his brain. The projectile didn't even hurt him, but the shot broke D.M.'s paralysis. He hit Excello, throwing Earl for a loop and then crushed Fiery Mask's windpipe. Everett recovered in time to see how the dying Fiery Mask transferred his mystical flame powers to the Phantom Reporter who then proceeded to melt their android opponent to slag. Later, he watched while the Reporter burned the entire lab to the ground to make sure no one could ever recreate the experimental android. The next day, Excello was present when relief workers finally dug out the ruins of the mansion in their search for Rockman, only to find a mile long hole in the cellar the hero had been living in. With no idea what had happened to him, but wishing him the best, Excello and the others attended Jack Castle's funeral a little later.

(The Twelve I#12 (fb) ) - Their mansion destroyed and a fair number of them either dead or retired (Mister E had quit shortly after Castle's funeral), Excello and the surviving 1940s heroes were briefly transferred to a local army base. Getting closer to both the Phantom Reporter and the Black Widow, Earl Everett used his precognitive power to play matchmaker by making sure the two had some alone time. Excello even confided in the Phantom Reporter his real origin story and the fact that the irradiated shrapnel in his brain was still there, ready to kill him at one point in the future. A little while later, Excello decided to strike out on his own without telling anyone when and where he was going. After making his bed, he simply walked out of the base one day using his telepathy to leave undetected.

(The Twelve I#12 - BTS) - Invigorated by this new era and convinced there was still work to be done with people who had the skills and the conviction, Earl Everett decided to use part of his vast fortune to buy the world's largest private investigation services and renaming them E.X.C. Enterprises. He contracted Black Widow and then figured he should get the Phantom Reporter involved too. Everett bought a luxurious apartment for the hero and had the military drive him there. Moments after the Reporter found Excello's card explaining the place now belonged to him as a gift, the Black Widow arrived to passionately celebrate their reunion.

(The Twelve I#12) - The next day, the Reporter and the Widow went to E.X.C. headquarters in New York to meet with Excello. Fascinated that the vision he had 60 years ago had now come to pass, Excello offered the two heroes all the resources and information at his disposal to help the world in need. Both the Widow and the Phantom Reporter happily agreed to work with Earl Everett's organization.

(The Twelve I#12 - BTS) - Some time later, Excello called the Reporter (now wearing a new costume to symbolize his newfound fire powers) to give him vital information on a case they were working on. The Reporter and the Black Widow set out in the night to fight the good fight.

Comments: Created by Arnold Hicks (pencils)

The Twelve were found in Germany on Wednesday August 2nd, 2008. This was during the rise of the Initiative in comics. The date is topical.

I'll be darned if "Master Mind Excello" isn't one of the coolest codenames, though by the time you're finished yelling that name in battle chances are so would the fight. JMS did an impressive job turning what was basically a bland detective-type pulp hero with only two Golden Age appearances under his belt into a captivating character. The idea that using the (precognitive) powers you love will be the eventual cause of your death and that you see it coming is intriguing to say the least. It also offered a logical explanation for Excello not using all the powers he was credited for in the 1940s. He isn't seen using his superhuman strength in the modern era, for instance.

Master Mind Excello received profiles in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#14 and Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special#1.

Profile by Norvo.

Master Mind Excello should not be confused with

Mr. Everett

Earl Everett's father was a genius nuclear researcher whose inventions had made him independently wealthy. His expertise was on par with Albert Einstein with whom he frequently corresponded. In 1940 he traveled with his socialite son Earl to London to sell his latest creation to the British. Everett had developed a radioactive bullet that could be handled safely because of a protective skin he had invented but were deadly once fired. This new bullet would massively increase fatalities because of the lingering effects of radiation poisoning. While Everett presented the projectile to the British army officers, an Axis double agent covertly grabbed the gun and bullets and fired them at their inventor. Earl Everett sensed the threat to his father and jumped to protect him, taking a bullet to the head as a result. In order to save his life, Earl was operated on for 16 hours to get the bullet out, though some irradiated shards remained. After the surgery, it took a month for his son to wake up, Everett Sr. sat beside his bed and vowed to abandon the radioactive munitions project, having seen first hand what their effects could be. When Earl woke up, Everett had to tell him that he was still in mortal danger because of the remaining shrapnel, though he promised to get him the best medical care in the United States to get those shards out. The Everetts returned to the States, both unaware that the bullet had activated Earl's dormant mental powers.

-- The Twelve I#12

images: (without ads)
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The Twelve: Spearhead#1, p15, pan2,3 (in a trance during WW II)
The Twelve I#7, p20, pans3 (confused in his lead-lined room)
The Twelve I#9, p4, pan5 (knows he's needed but not sure why)
The Twelve I#12, p12, pans4&5 (afraid to use powers)
The Twelve I#12, p22, pan2 (heads up EXC Enterprises)
The Twelve I#12, p9, pan5 (father)

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