World War II era

This page will link to characters known to be active in the the 1930's to @ 1945.
For now, I'm only going to add the newly uploaded profiles, but if you let me know of a character (from this site) that belongs on this page, I'll add it.

Abejaron, Jose (Merzah's valet)

Adler, Manfred (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Admiral Pierce (WW2, Terror character)

Aerivar the 18th (Inhuman, Sky-Island king) - by Chadman

Afari, Jamal (Blade's former mentor) - by Markus Raymond

Agent Axis (WW2, Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

Agent McCloskey (WWII-era FBI agent, Captain America ally) - by Proto-Man

Agent O'Brien (WWII-era FBI agent)

Agent of 1,000 Faces (Nazi spy, Howling Commandos foe) - by Prime Eternal

Agent X (Dutch spy, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

Agents of Agent Axis (WW2, Invaders foes)

"air transformer" (stolen by Pinhead, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) story)

Alfie (Invaders foe) - by John Kaminski

Ali ?? (piano player, Mike's Chicago Bar)

Alice (cow, Stuporman ally)

Ambrose the Ape (GA, Vagabond character)

American Samurai (Elektra foe) - by Future


Anderson (S.S. Recovery)

Andre, Captain (RCAF, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

Ann ?? (Bill Williams' girlfriend)

Antonio ?? (Nazi collaborator, Leatherneck Raiders foe)

Anuxa (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Archie the Gruesome (hapless Golden Age hero) - by Proto-Man

Architect (Elektra foe) - by Future

Argot, Mildred (Hodiah Twist ally)

Armless Tiger Man (Angel foe) - by Prime Eternal

Armourer (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Arnett, Mary (Captain America foe) - by Grendel Prime

Arsenal (Avengers/Hulk foe(s) ) - by Stunner, Madison Carter & Prime Eternal (before retcon)

Asbestos Lady (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by MarvellousLuke

assassin (Elektra character)

Atwell, Dr. Paul (Young Allies character)

Auferstehungs Corps (Hydra, Captain America foes)

August, Darla ("snow vampire")

Axis Annie (Übermädchen)

Baby Battalion (Young Allies foes)

Bailey, Barney (Vision (Aarkus) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Baker, Lee (schoolteacher, Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Baldini (Exiles)

Balthar (Captain America/Bucky foe) - by Spidermay

Bard, Eli (Eliphas, vampiric Selene servant) - by Proto-Man

Barkley, Moose (wrestled Jay Little Bear) - by Prime Eternal

Barko, Karl (Golden Age, Blue Blaze foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Barlow, Abel (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Barnes, Bucky imposter (WW2, Midge)

Baron Blood (John Falsworth, Super-Axis) - by Prime Eternal

Baron Boche (Young Allies foe)

Baron Knuckleduster of Earth-333333333 (armored Nazi agent)

Baron von Königsblut (WW2 Nazi werewolf, Captain America foe) - by Markus Raymond

Baron Zemo (Heinrich, 12th Baron Zemo) - by Prime Eternal

Baron Zemo's Androids (Zola creations, served Baron Zemo) - by Prime Eternal

Barrow, Sheila (Deep-Sea Dan's daughter, Sub-Mariner character)

Barzak, Andreas (1940s, shrinking Nazi spy) - by Ron Fredricks

Baskerville, Henry (Sir Baskerville)

Bass, Sgt (Nick Fury's drill instructor) - by Prime Eternal

Bates (Golden Age, bank teller)

Bates, Marina (Captain America character)

Bates, Mr. (Ra the Avenger victim)

Batmen (WW2, Captain America foes)

"Beans" (Subbie character)

Bellaman, Danny "Drummer" (Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Bellis, Anthony (son of Martin, romanced Darla August)

Bellis, Martin (father of Martin, Darla August victim)

Bellis, Mary (daughter of Martin)

Bellis house (Bellis family, haunted by "snow vampire" Darla August)

Benny the Beggar (Phantom Bullet foe)

Berditchev, Itzhak (Avengers character)

Bev ?? (manager of WWII-era diner) - by Proto-Man

Bev's Diner (WWII-era popular Virginia diner) - by Proto-Man

Bey, Pasha Omar (Marrakech, Sam Sawyer foe)

Big Earl Kawolski (sword swallower, Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders, Dominic Fortune character)

Big Joe (street cleaner, Archie the Gruesome)

Biggotty, Horace Milton III (Lilith--Daughter of Dracula character)

Biggs (Captain America character)

Billy ?? (Inhumans character) - by Chadman

Black Axe (Marvel UK) - by Changeling

Black Fox (First Line member) - by Norvo

Black Marvel (Golden Age hero, Slingers character) - by MarvellousLuke

Black Talon (WW2, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Black Toad (World War II era, Captain America) - by Future

Black Widow (Golden Age heroine, Twelve member) - by AvatarWarlord72 & Norvo

Black Widow (Anya Derevkova, Howling Commandos character) - by Markus Raymond

Black Womb (Gambit character)

Blitzen of Earth-333333333 (Nazi agent of Baron Knuckleduster)

Blitzkrieg (Vernichtungs Kommandos, Captain America foe)

Blitzkrieg Squad (Baron Strucker's team, Howling Commandos' counterparts) - by Prime Eternal

Blue Blade (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Blue Blaze (Golden Age hero) - by AvatarWarlord72

Boffo the Clown (1930s, Dugan Travellig Circus of Wonders, Dominic Fortune character)

Bolo (Golden Age, Marvex creator)

Bont, Alexander (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Bont, Lucy Chambers (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Boss McGool (Golden Age, Moon-Man foe)

Bova (New Men, Avengers character)

Bradley, John (Poison, Inc. victim, Terror (Pevely) character)

Brady, Patrick "Boot-Camp" (1950s era US Marines instructor) - by Grendel Prime

Brain Drain (Invaders/Liberty Legion/Alpha Flight foe) - by SQUEAK

Brenner, Wolfgang (Red Skull's servant) - by Prime Eternal

Brent, Steve (Captain Wonder foe)

Brinner, George (Golden Age Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Broen, Friedrich (Nazi Fifth Columnists)

Brooklyn Badgers (Black Toad)

Brownie Bear (brown bear, Little Pan ally)

Bucky of Earth-20051 (James Buchanan Barnes, former partner of Captain America) - by Mike Castle

Buka (Golden Age, Black Marvel foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Burgos, Carl (real life Timely/Marvel Comics artist, Human Torch ("Jim Hammond") ally) - by Proto-Man

"burning glass" (Scar invention, Destroyer story)

Burns, Andrews (Martin Simon Burns' father)

Burns, Barbara (Martin Simon Burns' mother)

Butterfly (Captain America foe, WWII era) - by Future

Cadavus, Franz (Exiles)

Calhoun, Joseph "Licorice" (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Candra (Externals, X-Men/Gambit character)

Cappy (fisherman, controlled Super Slave)

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Captain America of Earth-8160 (William Nasland, Gates of What If?)

Captain Axis (Hulk foe)

Captain Connor (Howling Commandos/Deadly Dozen C.O.) - by Prime Eternal

Captain Fate (Man-Thing foe)

Captain Fein (WW2, Captain America character)

Captain Flame (World War II hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Captain Kerosene (Plasmer character)

Captain McDonald (World War II character) - by Grendel Prime

Captain Tim (Tim Mulrooney, Captain Wonder sidekick) - by Norvo

Captain Wings (Crusaders, Invaders character) - by MarvellousLuke

Captain Wonder (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

caretaking automaton (Silver Surfer character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL only

Carley, Ev (S.S. Recovery)

Carlson's Raiders (World War II US Marines)

Carol ?? (Golden Age, encountered Sub-Earth Man)

Carpenter, Ronson (Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

Carson, Jean (Golden Age, Gary Gaunt's girlfriend)

Carson, Matt (Vision (Aarkus) foe)

Case, Rafael (broker, Phantom Bullet character)

Cassidy Keep (ancestral Cassidy family castle) - by Proto-Man

Castel, Peter (WW2/1950s US Marine, Carlson's Raiders) - by Grendel Prime

castle (King Jago's castle, Dragon-Men of Ligra)

Catman (Golden Age, Human Torch foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Centurious (Ghost Rider foe) - by Barry Reese

Centurius (Conspiracy, Nick Fury/Bloodstone/Avengers character)

Cephallo (1930s, Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders, Dominic Fortune character)

Chaka (Inuit ally of the Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Challenger (Bill Waring, Golden Age hero) - by MarvellousLuke

Chamberlain, Neville (UK citizen)

Chang (Night-Raven foe)

Chaos Mites (Skreet's race, Diableri creations) - by Donald Campbell

Charnel (Undead MC)

Chesney (father of Lawrence Chesney, former artist's model for Copperhead pulp stories) - by Chadman

Chess Master (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Ching, General (Exiles)

Chinook (Alpha Flight foe) - by Grendel Prime

Chip ?? (encountered "Speed Demon")

Chiseler, Prof. O.U. ("Bullet-Proof" McNasty partner, Golden Age scam artist)

Chisholm (Golden Age, Black Marvel foe)

Chloe (Reptile)

Cholmondeley, Herbert (Australian counterfeiter, Leatherneck Raiders foe) - by Prime Eternal

Chowder, Clem (inventor, "the All-American Screw-ball")

Christians, Isaac (Gargoyle, Defenders member)

Christina (Hodiah Twist foe, vampire)

Chronol-Capacitor (Human Torch (Hammond) story)

Chthon (the Other, Elder God, author of the Darkhold) - by Patrick D Ryall

Circus of Death (WWII Captain America foes) - by Chadman

Clancy ?? (Combat Kelly's trainer) - by Prime Eternal

Clark, C.G. (Bill Williams character)

Clarke, Walter (Cult of the Third Moon)

Clea (Dr. Strange's wife, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Cleito (Man-Thing character)

Coger, Forrest (Golden Age hillbilly)

Coger, Pvt. Lee (US Army private, Golden Age Captain America character)

Cohen, Irving (Izzy's father)

Cohen, Isadore "Izzy" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Cohen, Selma (Izzy's mother)

Cole (Cable ally) - by Prime Eternal

Colonel America (Project: Rebirth operative) - by David Lawrence

Colonel Klaue (Howling Commandos foe) - by Prime Eternal

Colonel Krieghund (Invaders/Liberty Legion foe) - by Markus Raymond

Colonel Bryon Kritzberg (Howling Commandos foe)

Colonel Rand (Golden Age, patriarch of the Rand clan)

Colonel Sakata (Japanese officer, Ben Grimm/Leatherneck Raiders foe) - by Prime Eternal

Colonel Witherspoon (Hodiah Twist ally)

Combat Kelly (boxer, Deadly Dozen's leader) - by Prime Eternal

Commander Morton (C.O. of Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Commander Ritter (Subbie foe)

Contrares, Anastasia (Fantastic Four character)

Copperhead of Earth-75924 (Richard Crandell, used venom-gun to stalk criminals) - by Chadman

Corby, Bud (1932-1973, resurrected by Mysterious Fan Boy)

Corkey (Poison, Inc. victim, Terror (Pevely) character)

Corley, Jeff (1950s, time travelling convict) - by Ron Fredricks

corpse-beings (Dr. Varoz creations)

Cortland, Egbert "Eggie" (Subbie character)

Cosgrove, Ralph "Hoss" (wrestler, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Council of Seven (Si-Fan) - by Prime Eternal

Count Kronin (vampire, 1950s) - by Spidermay

Count von Blitzkrieg (Nazi, 1959s Avengers foe) - by Markus Raymond

Cragg, Silas X. (Captain America foe)

Crandall, Clara (Golden Age character)

Crash, Alan (Monstro the Mighty character)

crew of the Serpent's Crown (Man-Thing foes)

Cross, Lucas (Blade's father, Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond & Julien Vivé

Crusaders (Invaders characters) - by MarvellousLuke

Cult of the Third Moon (Werewolf by Night foes) - by Markus Raymond

Cult of the Unliving Four (Omar Karindu)

Daschundkicker, Fritz (Nazi agent, Winston S. Quaill character)

Daemon, Alisabeth (Lady Daemon)

Daemon, Lady (Earth-616? 1930s era magic user) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Daily Bugle article (1930s, on flying sacuer sighting in New Jersey)

Damballah (spawn of Set)

Dame Kackle (Golden Age, Defender foe) - by Grendel Prime

Damien (Enclave)

Danting, Dennis (Golden Age, Silver Scorpion character)

Danting, Mrs. (Golden Age, Silver Scorpion character)

Dark Wind (Daredevil/Wolverine character)

Davis, Leroy (Missouri Marauders)

Deadly Dozen (the biggest World War II team book of them all!) - by Prime Eternal

Deadly Ernest (Alpha Flight foe) - by Norvo

Death Master (Night Raven foe) - by LV

"death ray" (Scar invention, Destroyer story)

death-rays (Dragon-Men of Ligra weapons)

Decker, Dran (WW2, Terror foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Decyst, Daniel (Hulk character) - by Caesar Godzillatron

Deep-Sea Dan (Dan Barrow, Sub-Mariner character)

Defender (Golden Age hero) - by Grendel Prime

Defense Commissioner Newsome (WWII defense commissioner, killed by Circus of Death) - by Chadman

DeGroot, Christine (Danish freedom fighter)

DeGroot, Josef (Danish freedom fighter, Christine's father)

Demon (worked with Davey Drew, Golden Age)

Dempsey (High Evolutionary's first New Man) - by John Kaminski

Dernier, Jacques (French resistance, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

Desinna (1934, Saku dimension, Doc Savage story)

Destine, Florence (ClanDestine, older clairvoyant) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Gracie (ClanDestine, X-Men character) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Maurice (ClanDestine, alias Maurice Fortuit)

Dherk (Ka-Zar character)

"Diamond of Death" (fake diamond, Black Marvel story)

Dillon (Golden Age, Black Marvel character)

Dinosaurs of Barney Bailey (Vision (Aarkus) foes)

DiPriggia, Matteo of Earth-717

Dimensional Gateway (Invaders story, Nazi device) - by Ron Fredricks

Dr. Agony (WW2, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

DoctOrangutan (1959 Avengers/Fight Man/Agent X foe) - by Markus Raymond & Mikel Midnight

Doctor Barrow (English scientist, Invaders character)

Doctor Death (Doctor Nemesis, Invaders foe) - by Ronald Byrd & MarvellousLuke

Doctor Dreer (Vision (Aarkus) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Dr. Ross Ekker (Golden Age, Vision foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Jurgen Enderle (built hand for Colonel Klaue)

Doctor Fear (WW2, Blazing Skull foe) - by Spidermay

Dr. Vincent Fishler (Bridge)

Dr. Francis (Golden Age, Human Torch character)

Doctor Geist (Hydra, Captain America foe)

Dr. Grimm (WW2, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Hans Groitzig (WW2, Patriot (Mace) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Dr. Friederich Krause (Namor foe) - by Chadman

Dr. Martin Livingstone (WW2, Young Allies ally) - by AvatarWarlord72

Doctor Nemesis (James Bradley, X-Men character) - by Ronald Byrd & MarvellousLuke

Dr. Olsen (scientist, served Nazis)

Dr. Reich (Howard the Duck character)

Dr. Steiner (operated Black Talon, WW2)

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, Iron Fist character) - by Minor Irritant

Dolan, Mike (Jack Frost foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dolman, Gray (Spider-Man/Spider-Woman foe) - by Minor Irritant

Donner of Earth-333333333 (Nazi agent of Baron Knuckleduster)

Doris ?? (Lucy Chamber Bont's friend)

Draconis (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dracula (1430-modern era)- A literal MONSTER of a profile - by the Masters of the Obscure

Dragonfire (Night-Raven foe) - by Loki

Dragon-Lord (Namor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon-Men of Ligra (Golden Age, Electro robot foes)

Dragon Tong (Dragonfire)

Drew, Davey (Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Druff, Dan (lazy man, "the Stingiest Man in the World")

"Drummer" (Danny Bellaman)

Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders (1930s, Dominic Fortune characters)

Duro, Maria (el Sombro character)

Durrance, Teddy (Hodiah Twist ally)

Duval, Pierre (French resistane, WW2) - by Spidermay

Dynamic Man (Golden Age hero, Twelve member/foe) - by Norvo

Eddie ?? (Hooded Horror victim)

Effendi Mahomad (Golden Age, Silver Scorpion foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Eisenhardt, Ruth (Magneto's sister) - by Peteparker

el Condor of the 1930s (Delvadian revolutionary)

el Sombro (Mexican Old West hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Elder Demon (Silver Surfer foe) - by Future - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL only

Electro (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Elga ?? (Festung von Furcht)

Enclave (cult)

Erik the Lion Tamer (1930s, Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders, Dominic Fortune character)

Erika ?? (charge of Sister Angelique)

Erlking (Auferstehungs Corps)

Errol, Douglas (1930s, flying saucer witness, possibly abducted by Skrulls) - by Donald Campbell

Erskine, Abraham (Captain America character, Operation: Rebirth) - by G Morrow

Esther ?? (charge of Sister Angelique)

Evans (WW2 pilot, Garaz enemy)

Evans, P.J. (Defender foe)

Everett, Mr. (Master Mind Excello's father)

Everett, Bill (real life Timely/Marvel Comics artist, Human Torch ("Jim Hammond") ally) - by Proto-Man

Exiles (Captain America foes)

The Face (Col. Eisen, Invaders foe) - by Spidermay

"False Memory Chamber" (Captain America story) - by Ron Fredricks

Falsworth Jr., John (Baron Blood)

Farber, Siegfried (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Fates (cosmic beings) - by AvatarWarlord72

Father Thompson (missionary, Leatherneck Raiders ally) - by Prime Eternal

Fiery Mask (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Fisher, Michelle (Captain Savage character) - by Prime Eternal

Flame Men (Golden Age, Sub-Earth Man followers)

Flexo (World War II robot/hero) - by AvatarWarlord72

Fliegentod (Teutonic Knight's flying warship, Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

Flint, Captain (one time C.O. of Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

Florus Homo (World War 2, Vision (Aarkus) foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Fog (Golden Age, Defender foe) - by Grendel Prime

Forever Man (Captain America and Avengers foe)

Forever Man (Dracula foe)

Forgotten One (Gilgamesh, Eternals & Avengers member) - by Prime Eternal

four unidentified thugs (Super Slave enemies)

Four Winds (Elektra foes) - by Future

Francis, Gloria (heiress, Phantom Bullet character)

Fräulein Fatale (Übermädchen)

Freese, Larry (Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Frog-Man (Strange Tales) - by Future

Frost, Deacon (Blade/Hannibal King foe) - by Markus Raymond & Snood

Fu Manchu (the greatest fiend the world has ever known, Shang-Chi's father) - by Prime Eternal

Fury, Nick

Gale, Sir Ronald (Queen Nara's father)

Galen, Mike (Golden Age, Captain America character)

Galloway (Vision (Aarkus) foe)

Garaz (ancient "underworld demi-god") - by Ron Fredricks

Gaunt, Gary (Golden Age mutate) - by Ron Fredricks

Geist (Wolverine foe)

Gendron, Henri (Howling Commandos ally)

General Blaine (military general, killed by Circus of Death) - by Chadman

General Brinkhaus (World War II, Namor foe) - by Chadman

General Hunt (Jack Fury's superior officer) - by Prime Eternal

General Mahling (Nazi, World War II, Hans Reuger handler)

General Manor (WW2, Red Skull victim)

General Skul (Sky Wolves foe)- by Markus Raymond

General Ten Per Cent (Captain Savage character) - by Prime Eternal

General Theresa (Italian partisan, Leatherneck Raiders ally) - by Prime Eternal

General Thompson (WW2, Terror character)

Georges, Esme (Captain America foe)

Ghost Girl (Crusaders, Invaders character) - by MarvellousLuke

Giant Buzzards (Zombie Master)

"Giant-Size Invaders" (Invaders foes) - by MarvellousLuke

giant snapping turtles (Turtle-Man pets)

giant spiders (WW2, Miss America foes)

Glaven, Nelson (oil magnate, Phantom Bullet character)

Glory ?? (circus telekinetic, Dominic Fortune character) - by Loki

Goebbels, Joseph of Earth-333333333 (Nazi agent)

Goering, Hermann of Earth-333333333 (Nazi agent)

Goettler, Professor Simon (Dynamic Man creator)

Golem (Jacob Goldstein, Invaders character) - by Spidermay

Gomurr the Ancient (Juggernaut/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Gor (Lion-People of Ligra)

Gorgolla (Marvel Monster, Stonians) - by MarvellousLuke

Gorro (Dr. Grimm experiment)

Gouger (Baron Shinto, WWII Miss America foe) - by Grendel Prime

Green, Spike (Marvex foe)

Green Terror (3 X's foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

"Green Terror Squad" (3 X's foes)

Greene, John (Miss America character)

Gremlin (Nazi weapon) - by Proto-Man

Gremlins (more of the above)

Grettle (Vision (Aarkus) foe)

Greco (gangster, Terror/Laslo Pevely foe)

Griggs, Captain (U.S.S. Sea Wolf)

Griffith (Pixie's great-grandmother)

Grinner (Golden Age, Black Marvel) - by MarvellousLuke

Gruber, Emil (WW2, Captain America character) - by Grendel Prime

Gruning, Eric (Exiles)

Gus (Reptile)

Haines, Lou (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Hall of Shame (Golden Age organization of losers) - by David Lawrence

Halligan, Smokey (World War 2, US Army) - by Grendel Prime

Hamilton, Roland "Ace" (gambler, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Hanes, Frank (1950s time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Hans ?? (Nazi, disguised as Jacques Dernier)

"Hans" (secretly Dr. Doom)

Hansen, Jim (Marvex character)

Hargrove, Lewis (Red's brother)

Hargrove, Red (Nick Fury's best friend) - by Prime Eternal

Harris, Steel (Nick Fury foe) - by John Kaminski

Harrison, Rolfe (Australian, Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Harvey, John (WW2, Miss America (Madeliny Joyce) character)

Hashizume, Shiro (Japanese swimmer) - JAPANESE

Hauptmann, Gert (Fantastic Four character)

Hauptmann, Gustav (Fantastic Four character)

Hawking, Stephen (famous English physicist and astronomer) - by MarvellousLuke

Hawley, Evelyn (Nick Fury character)

Hawley, Pamela (Nick Fury lover)

Hawley, Peter (Nick Fury character)

Hawkeye (Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Hayes, Leroy (Hodiah Twist ally)

Hayes, Randy (1940s, FBI agent)

Head (Young Allies foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Headhunters (Young Allies foes)

head hunters (Phantom Bullet foes)

Heap (World War II character) - by Madison Carter

Heart of Candra (gem imbued with essence of Candra's real heart)

Heller, Aaron (Nazi hunter) - by Prime Eternal

Hellhound of Ravenflight (Hodiah Twist foe)

Herbie (Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

"Hercules" (reborn as Marvel Boy/Martin Simon Burns)

"Hercules" (empowered Marvel Boy/Martin Oksner Burns)

Herr Dwarf (Nazi, Captain Wonder foe) - by Norvo

He-Who-Summons (Watcher, High Tribunal) - by Patrick D Ryall & Donald Campbell

Hidden Ones (Inhumans, Fantastic Four foes) - by Proto-Man

Hitler, Adolf (That Nazi Guy) - by Prime Eternal

Hodge, Gilmore (WW2, Captain America foe) - by GrendelPrime

Hooded Horror (Nazi, Captain America (Steve Rogers) foe) - by Prime Eternal

Hook, Gabriel (Monstro the Mighty character)

Horhaga Brothers (vampires, 1930s) - by Markus Raymond

Howling Commandos (World War II ranger squadron) - by Prime Eternal

Hugo ?? (Golden Age, Vision foe)

Human Fly (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Human Meteor (Invaders character) - by Ronald Byrd

Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

Hyena (Henry Mortonson, Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Hypnotist (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by Grendel Prime

Ickes, Sec. Harold L. (real life WWII-era Secretary of the Interior) - by Proto-Man

Igan (patient/henchman of Dr. Grimm)

"Inspector" (Hodiah Twist ally)

"Iron Hand" Hauptmann (Exiles, Captain America foe) - by Snood & Markus Raymond

Immortalis (Marvel UK)

Ingrediento (Marvex foe)

Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler, Invaders/Thunderbolts character)

Iron Cross (Oskar Mors, Invaders foe)

Isaacs, Herbert (Doorman)

Jaggar, Erik (Nazi captain, Hidden Ones foe)

Jago (king of Dragon-Men of Ligra, Electro robot foe)

Jameson, "Old Man" (Daily Bugle, World War II)

Jane ?? (Cappy's daughter, saved by Super Slave)

Jeavons, Conrad (Hodiah Twist ally)

Jenkins, Bob (Missouri Marauders)

Jenks (Night Raven story)

Jensen, Jake (pickpocket, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Jim ?? (Thin Man character)

Joe ?? (World War II-era NYPD officer)

Joey ?? (Alexander Bont character) - by Chadman

Johns, Jesse (Sky Wolves)

Johnson, "Rickets" (Maulers member) - by Prime Eternal

Jones, Albert "Slow-Motion" (Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Jones, Fred (Howling Commandos)

Jones, Gladys (Hodiah Twist ally)

Jones, Private (Maulers member)

Jordan, Caroline (Captain Wonder's wife)

Josh, "Jolly Joe" (double feature matinee creator)

Judas Man (Spider-Woman ally) - by Will U

Juniper, Jonathan "Junior" (Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

"Jupiter" ("Hercules" father)

Kale, Dante (Dan Ketch/Johnny Blaze ancestor, Ghost Rider character) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Destin (17th century, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch ancestor) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Magdelena (17th century, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch ancestor) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Noble (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch's spirit of vengeance) - by Proto-Man

Kalimachh (Vision (Aarkus) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Kanegawa, Hiroyuki (Agent Axis component)

Kao (Chinese resistance fighter)

Kapplebaum, Abraham (Anna's father)

Kapplebaum, Anna (Captain America character) - by Norvo

Karal (Atlantean guard) - by Prime Eternal

Karindu, Omar (Dr. Strange character)

Karl ?? (aide of Dr. Sweikert)

Karr, Jameson (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Katrina the Bareback Rider (1930s, Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders, Dominic Fortune character)

Keene, Spencer (1930s cyborg, Dominic Fortune foe) - by Loki

Keepers of the Sacred Koan (American Samurai)

Keller, Dr. Martin (Gordon Sanders victim)

Kelt, Louie (zombie gangster, Dominic Fortune foe) - by Prime Eternal

Khan (Night-Raven foe)

Khonshu (Egyptian God)

Khordes (satyr, Man-Thing character)

Killer Bane (Golden Age, Captain America foe)

King Cobra (WW2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

King of Lai-Son (People of the Sea king)

Klauber, Hans (Nazi general) - by John Kaminski

Klaus, Dr. Adler (Nazi scientist, Sgt. Fury foe)

Klaus, Sgt. Hans (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Klein-Schmidt, Fritz (Nazi Fifth Columnist, Captain America foe) - by Proto-Man

Knight Errant (William Matson, elderly British vigilante) - by Proto-Man

Knorda (Thor/Avengers/Fantastic Four character)

Knox, Sec. Frank (real life WWII-era Secretary of the US Navy) - by Proto-Man

Knuckles O'Shaugnessy (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Koenig, Eric (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Koenig, Ilsa (Eric's sister) - by Prime Eternal

Kranz, Walter (creator of Copperhead pulp stories) - by Chadman

Kravadka, Casimir (would-be conqueror, mad scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

Kristall Starrer (Johnny Blaze foe) - by Markus Raymond

Krott, Phil (WW2, Terror foe)

Kruger, Heinz (Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Krugg, Walter (Tales to Astonish, Hiroshima victim) - by John Kaminski

Krushki (Exiles)

Kyusha, Miko (Mister Black victim)

Lady Lotus (Super-Axis, Invaders foe....later Lotus Newmark)

Lamia (vampire, Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Lance of St. Maurice (Spear of Destiny, legendary magical weapon) - by MarvellousLuke

Lane, Bob (cursed undead) - by Spidermay

landcraft (Dragon-Men of Ligra vehicle)

Lanford, Diana (Merzah's assistant)

Larch, Lifer (Miss America foe)

Larocque, Jacques (Frenchman, Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Larry ?? (Human Torch (Hammond) foe)

LaSanne, Nadia (Golden Age, Moon-Man character)

Laughing Mask (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Leatherneck Raiders (Captain Savage's marines) - by Prime Eternal

Lederle, Horst (Red Skull's servant) - by Prime Eternal

Lee, Gweny (Jay Little Bear's Chinese girlfriend) - by Prime Eternal

Leila ?? (Vision (Aarkus) character)

Lenny (Captain America foe, WWII era)

Leres (criminal, Gary Gaunt foe)

Leroux, Captain Eric (Marrakech, Sam Sawyer foe)

Lt. Erikson (trained Leatherneck Raiders for winter combat) - by Prime Eternal

Lt. Mabuchi (Chinese military, World War II)

Life-Like Doll Company (Dran Decker's HQ, WW2 Terror story)

L'il Prof (diminuative Golden Age inventor) - by Norvo

Ling (Dragon Tong)

Lion-People of Ligra (xt race, Electro robot characters)

Little Bear, Jay (Native American, Leatherneck Raiders/Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

"Little John" (Jesse Johns, Sky Wolves)

Little Hercules (twelve-year old Golden Age hero) - by Prime Eternal

Little Pan (Golden Age comedy character) - by MarvellousLuke

Little Poison (Nazi, Monstro the Mighty foe)

Livingston, Laurie (Deadly Dozen's only female member) - by Prime Eternal

Livingstone, Dora (Martin Livingstone's daughter)

Llhupa (Golden Age, Vision foe) - by Norvo

Lo Parino (mobster, Sgt. Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Logan of Earth-65 (Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy foe) - by Minor Irritant

Lomm (Dr. Grimm's assistant)

Longtree, Richard (Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

Lord Ha-Ha (Howling Commandos foe)

Lord Haw-Haw of Earth-333333333 (Nazi agent, traitor)

Lord of Death (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Lord Tuan (K'un-Lun, Iron Fist character) - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL only

Lubischt, Dr. Franz (Nazi, Genesis Coalition)

Lucifer (the fallen angel, Ghost Rider (Blaze) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Ludwig ?? (WW2 Nazi, Patriot (Mace) foe)

MacInnis, Ian (Lady Daemon)

MacLain, Dr. Myron (inventor of adamantium and Cap's shield) - by Prime Eternal

MacReedy, James (Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Mad Mechanic (Young Allies foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Mad Monk (WW2, Vagabond foe) - by Grendel Prime

Madame Angela (Hodiah Twist foe, vampire)

Madame Mauser (Übermädchen)

Maddicks, Lester (Black Widow (Voyant) foe)

Magda (Magneto's wife, Vision and Scarlet Witch mother)

"Magic Bullet" (Vârcolac item)

Major Carlson (doctor, Avengers ally) - by Prime Eternal

Major Croy (WW2, Red Skull victim)

Major Douglas (WW2, Red Skull victim)

Major Albrecht Kerfoot (Nazi, Heinz Kruger ally) - by Spidermay

Major Rudolph Kruuger (Sgt. Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Major Liberty (Golden Age hero) - by MarvellousLuke

Major Nagasha (Japanese prison commander, Leatheneck Raiders foe)

Major Schmidt (Nazi)

Major Richard Uberhart (Nazi, Red Skull agent)

Malloy, Jake (gunrunner, Leatherneck Raiders foe) - by Prime Eternal

Malvagio, Aldo (Agent Axis component)

Manelli, Dino (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Man-Mountain McCoy (Maulers member) - by Prime Eternal

Manor, Mildred (General Manor's wife)

Man-To (Golden Age, Black Marvel character)

Mantor (Golden Age hero) - by MarvellousLuke

Marcus, Gaylord (1930s, head of Movietown Studios, Dominic Fortune character)

Mari (South African tribe; Golden Age Black Marvel characters)

Markham (Night Raven foe)

Marmaduke, "Musclebound" (Super Baby rival, "the child Hercules")

Martin, Jack "Mad-Dog" (Deadly Dozen pilot) - by Prime Eternal

Martin, "Machine Gun" John (1930s, role model of Skrulls of Kral) - by Snood & Donald Campbell

Marvel Boy (Martin Simon Burns, Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Marvel Boy (Martin Oksner Burns, Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Marvex (Golden Age hero) - by LV

Masked Maiden (1940s heroine, possibly metafictional) - by Ron Fredricks

Master Interrogator (Nazi, Captain America foe)

Master Izo (former member of Hand and Chaste, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Master Mind Excello (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Master of Matrix Eight (Matrix Eight)

Matrix Eight (Captain America foes)

Maulers (rival squad of the Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

Mauller, Siegfried (Nazi torturer) - by Grendel Prime

Mawson, Ron(Missouri Marauders)

Mayer, Lee (O.S.S., Howling Commandos ally) - by Prime Eternal

McGarthey, Lem (WW2, Blazing Skull character)

McGiveney, Sgt. Bull (Maulers leader) - by Prime Eternal

McGurk, Goatie ("Musclebound" Marmaduke ally)

McKenzie, Leonard of Earth-717

Mechanical Mole (WW2, Agent Axis vehicle, Invaders story)

mechanical surgeon (Doctor Dreer invention)

Medusa Cannon (Baron Zemo death ray variant) - by Donald Campbell

Mendelhaus, Klaus (Nazi war criminal) - by Prime Eternal

Merzah the Mystic (World War II hero) - by AvatarWarlord72

Messenger, Tobias (Promise, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Metallic Monster (Captain America foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide) - by Proto-Man

Microman (Jimmy Everett, Golden Age) - by Ron Fredricks

Miguel ?? (Dr. Varoz ally)

Mike ?? (Sgt. Fury character, Casablanca homage) - by Prime Eternal

Miller, Michael "Bullseye" (Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Ming, Charly (gunman, Sam Sawyer foe)

Miss Prim (Marvel Boy/Martin Oksner Burns' teacher)

Missing Link (Circus of Death member) - by Chadman

Missouri Marauders (Sgt. Fury allies) - by Prime Eternal

Mister Black (Strange Tales character) - by John Kaminski

Mister Death (Max Blucher, Captain Wonder foe) - by Norvo

Mister E (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by LV & Norvo

Mr. Hayward (Darkhold user) - by Patrick D Ryall

Mister Lao (lung dragon adviser to the Atlas Foundation) - by Proto-Man

Mr. Pitt (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Mistress (Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Modebl (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Monez, Alveroz (Phantom Bullet foe)

Monk (WW2, Black Talon's gang)

Monsoon, Toshiro (Samurai Squadron)

Monster Men (Miss America foes)

Monstro the Mighty (son of Ares) - by Loki

Moon-Man (Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Mor the Mighty (Electro the Marvel of the Age foe) - by Spidermay

Morita, Jim (Howling Commandos ally) - by Prime Eternal

Morita, Sgt. Joe (Samurai Squadron)

Mother (Atlantean/Pangean robot, Ka-Zar foe)

Mother submarine (Vision (Aarkus) story, Shark-Subs base)

Mueller, Ernst (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Mugsy (Captain Wonder foe)

Murdock, "Killer" (Asbestos Lady's brother, Human Torch (Hammond) foe)

Muskrat, Mike (Golden Age gangster)

Mustin, Gus (Power Pack character) - by Markus Raymond

Mycroft (Nick Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Nacht, Adelmo (Nazi, father of Axl Nacht/Gotteskrieger)

Naga (Namor character)


Namora (Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, Namora's cousin, Agents of Atlas member) - by MarvellousLuke

Naylor, Steve (Golden Age, Marvel Mystery Comics character) - by David Lawrence

Nazi Fifth Columnists (Marvel Boy/Martin Simon Burns foes)

Nazi Sleepers 1-3 (original Sleepers) - by John Kaminski & Prime Eternal

Negus, Solomon (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Nelson, Rod (S.S. Recovery)

Neptune (Olympian God) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal, Snood & Will U

Nesbit, Albert (found Midgard Serpent tear) - by Ron Fredricks

Netar (Subbie's companion)

Night Raven (Marvel UK hero) - by Snood & Mark Caithness

Nisei Squadron (Howling Commandos allies)

Nordo (Invaders foe)

"Norman" (Golden Age, bank teller)

Nosferatu (Bloodstone/Dracula/Frankenstein monster foe) - by Markus Raymond

Nox (Fear Lords, Dr. Strange foe)

Officer O'Malley (World War II-era NYPD officer, Betty Dean ally) - by Proto-Man

old inventor (created Phantom Bullet's gun)

Old One (Golden Age, Terror (Pevely) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Oldow (Golden Age, Defender foe) - by Grendel Prime

Omar (Sando's partner, Captain America/Bucky foe)

Omir the Snake Charmer (Circus of Death member) - by Chadman

The One (repository of the knowledge of the Watchers, Fantastic Force/Fantastic Four character) - by Donald Campbell

The One (K'un-Lun robot, Iron Fist foe)

Ordo Draconum (holy order, Daredevil characters) - by Chadman & Markus Raymond

O'Reilly, Eveline (Abraham van Helsing's daughter, Dracula character) - by MarvellousLuke

Orphan (estraterrestrial creature) - by Markus Raymond

Orphelus (Dracula character)

Ox (Night Raven foe)

Parker, Mr. (Ra the Avenger victim)

Parsons, Mr. (GA, Mad Monk's brother)

Parsons, Penelope (GA, Mad Monk's niece)

Paskuniak, Jake (GA, Vagabond character)

Patch (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Patriot of Earth-8160 (Captain America/Jeff Mace, Gates of What If?)

Paul ?? (charge of Sister Angelique)

Peddler of Doom (1940s, Miss America (Joyce) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Penny Panzer (Übermädchen)

People of the Sea (Lai-Son natives)

Petrovich, Ivan (Black Widow character) - by Chadman

Phantom Bullet (Golden Age hero) - by MarvellousLuke

Phantom Hound of Cardiff Moor (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Phantom of the Underworld (Golden Age hero) - by LV

Phantom Reporter (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Phillipe ?? (charge of Sister Angelique)

Pinhead (Nazi, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Pinkerton, Percival "Pinky" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Pinkerton, Reginald (Percival's brother) - by Prime Eternal

Pinkley, Zelda (Dominic Fortune character) - by Prime Eternal

Pixiu (Heroes for Hire foe) - by Proto-Man

Planner (Sgt. Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Pluto (Olympian God) - by Chadman & Will U

Poison, Inc. (Golden Age, Terror (Pevely) foes)

Police Commissioner (Defender character)

Poprycz, William (soldier, vamped by Baron Blood)

Power Drill (Red Skull weapon)

Powers, Cliff (medic, Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Priest of Sickles (Johan Richter, Kulan Gath servant) - by Proto-Man

Prince of Good (ancient sorcerer, Davey Drew's Demon foe)

Prince Shinto (Young Allies foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Professor (Siegfried Mauller enemy)

Professor Drakla (Miss America foe) - by John Kaminski

Professor Horton (Timeslip)

Professor Imam of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme character) - by Norvo

Professor Morte (WW2, Miss America character)

Professor Plotz (Bale College lecturer, transformed into the evil Dr. Krotz, Stuporman ally)

Professor Rangely (found & raised Tyranno)

Project: Vanish (military weapon, World War 2) - by Prime Eternal

Quaill, Winston S. of Earth-333333333 (Adolf Hitler double, UK character) - by Loki

Queen Nara of Ligra (Electro robot character)

Queen of Lai-Son (People of the Sea)

Ra the Avenger (Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Rabe, Otto (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (Golden Age, Whizzer ally) - by Loki

Rajar the elephant (Circus of Death trained elephant) - by Chadman

Ralston, Robert "Reb" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Rand, Druscilla (Golden Age character)

Rand, Pvt. Jonce (Golden Age character)

Rawlings, Celia (Cedric's sister)

Rawlings, Cedric (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Reaper (Captain America and Bucky foe)

Red ?? (Golden Age, Human Torch foe)

Redek, Gary (She-Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Red Fox (Chinese resistance fighter, Leatherneck Raiders ally) - by Prime Eternal

Red Rajah (Star of Capistan)

Red Skull (George Maxon, Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Red Skull

"Reggie" (Subbie foe)

Reiker, Terry (Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Remus (Wolverine character) - by Markus Raymond

Remz, Sylar (Blade foe)

Reptile (android Human Torch foe) - by Future

Reuger, Hans (World War II, Nazi saboteur) - by Ron Fredricks

Rex (Dr. John Storm's dog)

Ribando, Red (Poison, Inc. victim, Terror (Pevely) character)

Ridley (Golden Age, Black Marvel character)

Riggley, Bernard (Black Toad)

Riko (Golden Age bank robber, Whizzer foe)

Ringmaster of Death (Fritz Tiboldt, Circus of Death leader) - by Chadman

Ritchie ?? (Alexander Bont character)

Robinson, Eddie (Missouri Marauders)

Robot Army (used by Mad Mechanic)

rocket ship (Dragon-Men of Ligra vehicle)

Rockman (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Rodney, "Slip" (Golden Age, criminal)

Rogers, Walter (Captain America character--not related)

Roland, Bob (Golden Age, encountered Sub-Earth Man)

Rooten, Hans (Howling Commandos mascot) - by Prime Eternal

Roth, Arnold (Captain America character) - by Norvo

Roxxon (A big evil corporation!) - by SQUEAK

Ruby Scarab (Invaders stories)

Rudolph ?? (Subbie foe)

Rudy the Robot (Golden Age robot servant) - by Norvo

Rumor (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Running Elk (Golden Age, Black Marvel character)

Russoff, Gregor (Werewolf father) - by Loki

Russoff, Jerome (musical werewolf, pre-World War II)

Russoff, Renfield (musical werewolf, pre-World War II)

Russoff, Stefan (musical werewolf, pre-World War II)

Russoff Trio (musical werewolf group, pre-World War II) - by Proto-Man

Sablinova, Ernst (Silver Sable's father) - by Minor Irritant

Sablinova, Fritz (Silver Sable's uncle/foe) - by Minor Irritant

Säurespritze (Vernichtungs Kommandos, Captain America foe)

Sage, Henry (Blade/Spider-Man foe)

Sally ?? (Hooded Horror victim)

Sample, Donald (draftsman, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

"Samurai" Guards (Lady Lotus minions)

Samurai Squadron (Leatherneck Raiders allies)

Sanders, Gordon (Golden Age, Vision foe) - by Grendel Prime

Sando (World War II, Captain America/Bucky foe) - by David Lawrence

Sapper (Night Raven foe)

Sardo, Anthony "Tony" (Golden Age, Human Torch foe) - by John Kaminski

Saunders, Arthur (Mantor foe)

Saunders, Neil (Mantor foe)

Savage, Jack (1940s, U.S. Department of Justice agent)

Savage, Kathy (Simon's wife)

Savage, Captain Simon (Skipper, Leatherneck Raiders leader) - by Prime Eternal

Savages of New America (WW2, Young Allies foes)

Sawyer, Samuel (General, commanding officer of the Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

Scalphunter (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Scar (Golden Age, Destroyer foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Scarlet Scarab (Invaders character)

sceptre (Invaders story, Hitler item) - Ron Fredricks

Schade, Paul (Missouri Marauders)

Scharrolla (WW2, Patriot (Mace) foe)

Schmidt, Dr. Harold (1940s scientist, Microman ally)

Schmidt, Wilhelm (father of Lump, former aide of Baron Strucker) - by Prime Eternal

Schoen, Sgt. (Devil's Island soldier)

Schroeder, Karl (Combat Kelly boxing opponent) - by Prime Eternal

Schroeder, Ludwig (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Schultz, Wilhelm (Silver Sable foe) - by Will U

Schumann, Daniel (Tess-One creator)

Scorpio (Jake Fury, Zodiac Cartel and LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Scott, Jacob "Jake" (WW2, encountered Effigy)

Senso (Hidden Ones)

Serpent Crown (talisman of Set) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Serpent's Crown (Captain fate's ship)

Set (Elder God) - by Per Degaton and Snood

Shaw, Jacob (Sebastian Shaw's father)

Shocker (Miss America foe) - by John Kaminski

Sister Angelique (nun, Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

shadow (Marvel Boy/Martin Simon Burns ally)

Shadow King (X-Men foe)

Shadowqueen (Dr. Strange foe) Extra-Dimensional only

Shark (Sub-Mariner/Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

Shark-Subs (Japanese submarines, Vision (Aarkus) story) - by Ron Fredricks

Shigeta, Howard (drug dealer, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Shou-Lao the Undying (Iron Fist character) - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL only

Shady Deale (Night Raven character)

Shostakov, Alexi (Red Guardian/Ronin)

shrinking fluid (used by Dran Decker, WW2 Terror story)

Shultz, Gustav (Nazi Fifth Columnists)

Sidney, Wally (clothier, Howard the Duck foe)

Si-Fan (Fu Manchu's minions) - by Prime Eternal

Silhouette (Dominic Fortune foe) - by Prime Eternal

Simons, David (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Simple Simon's mother

Simpson, Emory "Snakeye" (black market dealer, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Siobhan (Baron Blood's lover) - by Prime Eternal

Sites, C. Thomas (reporter, Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

Sites, Helen (C. Thomas Sites' wife)

Skreet (Lunatik/Thanos character) - by Markus Raymond

Skul, General (Sky Wolves foe) - by Markus Raymond

Skul, Gretchyn (General Skul's daughter)

Sky Bird (Little Hercules' plane)

Skyshark (Invaders & Liberty Legion foe) - by Spidermay

Sky Wolves (World War II combat pilots)- by Markus Raymond

Slade, Jr., Matt (son of the western hero, father of Matt Slade III)

Slade III, Matt (Sky Wolves)

Slave of Souls (Thing character) - by Proto-Man

Slicer (Liberty Legion foe) - by LV

Slinkard, Cecil B. (Conspiracy) - by Prime Eternal

Slug (Golden Age, Red Skull henchman)

Smith, Dwight (Missouri Marauders)

Smith, Wildcat (Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

Smithers, Jack (Plasmer character)

Sons of the Scarab (Invaders foes)

Sorrow (Man-Thing character)

Spats (Night Raven foe)

"Speed Demon" (pre-modern speedster) - by Ron Fredricks

Speedster (Blue Blaze's car)

Spider (Debon, infant turned four-legged, six-armed fiend)

Spider (WW2, Black Talon's gang)

Spiderman (WW2, Miss America foe) - by Spidermay

Spider-Queen (Invaders character) - by Ronald Byrd

Spike (Circus of Death member) - by Chadman

Spirit Banner of Temujin (Atlas Foundation artifact) - by Proto-Man

"Spirit" of Miles Danting (Golden Age, created by Effendi Mahomad)

S.S. Recovery (Marvel Comics#1, Namor story) - by Prime Eternal

Stalin, Josef (Communist Soviet ruler)

Star of Capistan (Defenders power item)

Steel, David (Vision (Aarkus) character)

Steel Kommando (agent of General Skul)

Steimle, Dr. Lola (Nazi doctor)

Stein, Emil (Captain America and Iron Man foe)

Steinem, Dr. Kurt (Deadly Dozen foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sternberg, Berthold (Infinity Formula developer, Nick Fury character) - by John Kaminski

Steuben, Wilhelm (German scientist)

Stick (the Chaste, Daredevil/Elektra character) - by Chadman

Stinger (Golden Age Angel foe) - by Markus Raymond

Stinson, Jim (Golden Age, service station attendant)

Stohl, Frank (Nazi Fifth Columnists)

Stone, Roy "Blarney" (sailor, Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Stoner, Rick (SHIELD director)

Stones of Merlin (Merlin creations, owned by Doctor Doom) - by Donald Campbell

Stonewell, George (Howling Commandos, replacement member) - by Prime Eternal

Storm, Dr. John (mutated Terror/Laslo Pevely)

Strangler Burns (hand given to Black Talon, WW2)

Strasser, Major (Devil's Island commander) - by Prime Eternal

Strega (Auferstehungs Corps)

Stryker, Karl (Captain America foe) - by Markus Raymond

Stuporman (Marmaduke Snood, Jr., Golden Age parody character) - by Prime Eternal

Styx, Sapphire (Wolverine/X-Men foe) - by Markus Raymond

Subbie (Golden Age character) - by Loki

Sub-Earth Man (Golden Age, subterranean would-be conqueror) - by Ron Fredricks

Super Baby (Golden Age infant superhero) - by Prime Eternal

Super Slave (Golden Age, Mystic Comics hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Supersonic Sound Machine (Dr. Ekker invention)

Supreme Hydra (original Hydra leader) - by Prime Eternal

surgical device (WW2, Agent Axis machine, Invaders story)

Survivor (Silver Surfer character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL only

Swain, Carla (Gabe Jones' former fiancee) - by Prime Eternal

Swarm (Fritz von Meyer, Spider-Man/Champions foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Sweikert, Dr. Max (Nazi surgeon, Deadly Dozen foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sydenham, Geoffrey (Wolverine/Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Talbert, Russ (Sgt. Fury character)- by Prime Eternal

Tanaka, Tom (Howling Commandos ally)- by Prime Eternal

Tanaka, Uchio (telepath, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Tank 666 (Ghost Rider characters) - by Loki

Tar (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Tarros (1934, Saku dimension, Doc Savage story)

Tartarus (Hidden Ones)

teardrop of Midgard Serpent's statue (caught by Albert Nesbit)

Teena (giant spider, Young Allies foe)

telescope (Dragon-Men of Ligra device)

Temple of Lai-Son (home of the People of the Sea)

Terror (Laslo Pevely, Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Tess-One (Captain America/Avengers foe) - by Norvo

Teutonic Knight (WW2, Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

Thunderfist (Crusaders, Invaders character) - by MarvellousLuke

Twist, Hodiah (Vampire Tales character) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Thakorr of Earth-717

That Which Endures (Avengers foes)

Thomas, Gen. Roy (World War II military expert, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Proto-Man

Thoth (Egyptian god)

Thule (Cloak & Dagger foe)

Tiboldt, Lola (Ringmaster of Death's wife & Ringmaster/Maynard Tiboldt's mother) - by Chadman

Tittle, Oscar ("candid camera fiend" victim)

tomb of Garaz (ancient prison of Garaz, near Great Wall of China)

Tommy Lightning (Crusaders, Invaders character) - by MarvellousLuke

Tommy Thumb (Circus of Death member) - by Chadman

"torpedoes" (1930s Spencer Keene's goons, Dominic Fortune foes)

torture chamber (Dragon-Men of Ligra, Jago's castle)

Transisto-Mech (WW2, Jim "Taxi" Taylor's robot) - by Ron Fredricks

Trapeze Trio (Circus of Death members) - by Chadman

Trefkov, Ivan (Genesis Coalition, Silver Sable foe) - by Spidermay

Triple Destruction (Whizzer foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Tula (Dr. Agony's panther)

Turner, Fred (Bill Williams character)

Turtle Gang (Golden Age, Captain America foes)

Turtle-Man (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Tuschoff, Major (Festung von Furcht)

two-headed monster (Dr. Varoz creation)

Tyranno (tyrannosaurus, Captain America (Mace)/Golden Girl foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Übermädchen (Miss America/1950s Avengers foes) - by Markus Raymond

Ulysses Bloodstone

Undead G-Man (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

unidentified American Anthracite Company superintendent (Blue Blaze character)

unidentified anarchist assassin (Invaders foe)

unidentified bank customer (1940s, Miss America (Joyce) character)

unidentified first mate (S.S. Recovery)

unidentified florist shop (1940s, Peddler of Doom base)

unidentified girl (World War 2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) character)

unidentified girl (kidnapped girl, Little Pan ally)

unidentified kidnappers (1940s criminal trio)

unidentified Mystic Flame host (Fiery Mask character)

unidentified scientist (World War 2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) character)

Vampire (Mister E foe, Golden Age) - by LV

Vandeveer (Holland underground spy)

Vârcolac (Werewolf by Night foe) - by Markus Raymond

Varoz, Dr. Bruno (Electro the Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Vernichtungs Kommandos (Nazis, Captain America foes) - by Markus Raymond

Vichy Vixen (Übermädchen)


Volker, Berthold (Agent Axis component)

von Blubber, Goderich (Marvel Boy/Martin Oksner Burns foe)

von Crabb (Marvex foe)

von Eisenbluth, Luther (Elektra foe)

von Himmel, Eric (Young Avenger foe) - by Grendel Prime

von Sin, Wilhelm (Golden Age, Destroyer foe) - by Ron Fredricks

von Sydow, Fritz (Blitzkrieg Squad)

von Voltzman, Fritz of Earth-9904

"Vool-Kan" (Golden Age, Buka)

Voyager (Marvel UK, Frontier Comics)

Voyant, Deborah "Debbie" (Black Widow's sister)

Vulture (WW2, Captain America foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Vunderknight (Nazi, 1959s Avengers foe) - by Markus Raymond

Wagner, Larry "Hillbilly" (country singer, Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal

Walpole, Herbert (Night Raven story)

Walpole, Kitty (Night Raven story)

Walton, Clip (Thin Man foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Warren, Ethan (Wolverine foe)

Wasserreich of Earth-717

Watchlord (Black Widow foe) - by Spidermay

Waterfield, Dr.Cedericke (Night Raven story)

Waterfield, Emily (Night Raven story)

Watson, Doc (doctor, Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

Watson family (got milk delivered by Edwin Jarvis)

Weiss, Otto (World War II, Namor foe)

Welsh Dragon (Pete Wisdom/Thor foe) - by Markus Raymond

Wexler, Milton (publisher of Copperhead pulp stories) - by Chadman

White, Eddie (World War II, American P.F.C.)

Wilcox, Lon (Sgt. Fury character)- by Prime Eternal

Wilhite (Sea Wolf captain) - by Prime Eternal

Willliams, Bill (Marvel Comics#1 character) - by David Lawrence

"Williams, Dan" (WW2 soldier)

Williams, Joel (Flexo inventor)

Williams, Joshua (Flexo inventor)

Windmere, Jack (WW2, Captain America character)

Winters, Jeffrey (Hodiah Twist foe)

Winters, Joan (heiress, Mantor character)

Witness (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

"wizard" (Ancient Egypt, Thing foe)

Wolf, Skyler (Sky Wolves)

Wolfsblade (Vârcolac item)

"Wolfseye" (Vârcolac item)

Wolverine (James Howlett)

Wood, David (Missouri Marauders)

"World War Two Hulk" of Earth-81799 (alternate Hulk) - by Loki

Yates, Sam "Yakkety" (seargent, Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Yellow Eyes (World War 2 soldier) - by John Kaminski

Young Avenger (Golden Age hero) - by Grendel Prime

Zabu (Electro the Marvel of the Age foe)

Zahnmörder (Vernichtungs Kommando, Captain America foe)

Zandow (Circus of Death member) - by Chadman

Zemo, Heinrich (12th Baron Zemo)- by Prime Eternal

Zemo, Hilda (Heinrich Zemo's wife, Helmut's mother) - by Donald Campbell

Zemo's androids (robots)- by Prime Eternal

Zeus (Olympian God)

Zombie Master (Fiery Mask foe) - by Madison Carter

Zombo (Rockman foe) - by Spidermay

Zoor (Dragon-Men of Ligra, Electro robot foe)

Z-Rays (Cedric Rawlings' radiation)

Zyklon (Heinrich Himmler)



Doc Fantastic

Five for the Future

Mister Feral

Mister Fixit

Mister Grimm

Mister "Mist" Nelson

Mister Strange


Monocle's Men

Storm, Sue

Frost, Zachariah of Ultraverse (Seventh Sign)

Seventh Sign of Ultraverse (covert US government organization)

White Ghost of Earth-4011 (John Howlett Jr.)

Witch Hunter of Ultraverse (paranormal investigator & assassin) - by Grendel Prime

wraiths of Ultraverse (Seventh Sign foes)

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