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Membership: Senso, Tartarus, numerous unidentified others (sub-species of humanity (Inhumans) mutates - see comments)

Purpose: To prevent themselves from being subjugated by infiltrating humanity

Affiliations: Numerous unwilling pawns including various bystanders, officials (including former presidents, military leaders and the Pope) and Vault Guardsmen

Enemies: Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom); the Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman (Sue Richards), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Thing (Ben Grimm)); Human Torch (android); other Inhumans (Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon), Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin), Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa (Medusalith Boltagon), Triton, numerous unidentified others); Sandorr's Hunters (Cordon, Linga, Mistur, Mud-Ah, Sandorr); Toro (Thomas Raymond); World War II-era Nazis (Adolf Hitler, Captain Erik Jaggar, unidentified colonel, doctor, sergeant, numerous others); indirectly Robert Herbert "Robbie" Marks III (secretly H.E.R.B.I.E.); William "Billy" McGurk; Franklin Richards

Base of Operations: Mobile on Earth

First Appearance: (unidentified): Fantastic Four III#51 (March, 2002); (identified as the Hidden Ones): Fantastic Four III#53 (May, 2002)


(Fantastic Four III#54 (fb)) - Decades ago, a group of Inhumans became distrusted among the other Inhumans for their perception-altering abilities. Deciding to leave the Inhumans' Great Refuge, the shunned Inhumans began mating with humans, blending in with the humans with each succeeding generation.

(Fantastic Four III#51 (fb)) - By 1942, the shunned Inhumans had established a valley community on the outskirts of the Great Refuge. Nazi Captain Erik Jaggar led an expedition into the Great Refuge (losing three men to frostbite in the process), where he found the shunned Inhumans' community. At first just happy to see a fire and food, Captain Jaggar and his men soon noticed the flying Inhumans and, becoming paranoid that the Inhumans could have been spying on them, the Nazis slaughtered every adult Inhuman they could find, leaving only the children alive. Upon seeing that the children did not run for their lives, Captain Jaggar thought that they could be trained to serve Adolf Hitler.

(Fantastic Four III#52 (fb)) - Drafted into the Nazi Loki Project, the Inhuman children were tortured in an attempt to train them to serve Hitler. When a Nazi officer came to check on the Loki Project's progress, the children caused the officer's head to implode, prompting the Nazi doctor to punish them by dialing up the level on their pain-inducing collars.

(Fantastic Four III#53 (fb)) - When the android Human Torch and his sidekick Toro killed Adolf Hitler, the Inhuman children secretly witnessed the event then escaped the Loki Project's headquarters amidst the fighting Nazis and Allied soldiers. Once outside, the children agreed to never be controlled or manipulated again, preferring instead to be the manipulators themselves. Now calling themselves the Hidden Ones, the Inhuman children vowed to remain hidden and unseen amongst normal humans, manipulating the humans to deflect attention away from themselves.

(Fantastic Four III#54 (fb) - BTS) - The Hidden Ones were somehow involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination, although they preferred to allow humanity to think there was a lone gunman.

(Fantastic Four III#51) - In the modern day, the Hidden Ones, disguised as government operatives, utilized Reed Richards' recent defense satellite system (Project: Stellar Shield) to destroy a fleeing spacecraft of the alien Sandorr's Hunters that had arrived on Earth seeking to capture the Inhuman Royal Family. The Hidden Ones secretly began an anti-alien campaign, using their powers to divert attention away from their presence on Earth as well as turn the public against the Inhuman Royal Family. With the successful shooting down of the alien spacecraft, the Hidden One Senso (in her guise as an aide to a military general) congratulated the general on accomplishing the "general public's" anti-alien interests. The Hidden Ones also secretly sent two Vault Guardsmen to search for the Chameloid alien Mistur, who had been left behind by the Hunters. The Guardsmen then brought Mistur back to the Vault, where Senso and a high-ranking military officer interrogated Mistur about his reasons for attacking the Inhumans. After the officer left, Senso used her powers on the Guardsmen to instill paranoia about the danger of Mistur, then left them as they powered up their blasters, apparently killing Mistur.

(Fantastic Four III#52) - Senso and another Hidden One, Tartarus, were present at a government meeting where Reed Richards chided the government for using his satellite system as an anti-alien weapon. Despite Reed's protests of the government's recent anti-alien agenda, the government announced that it was time for Phase 2 of their plan. Shortly thereafter, the Thing, who was searching for the alien Hunter Mistur, was attacked by Vault Guardsmen and Senso herself dealt the knockout blow to the Thing, who was captured. At the same instant, Mr. Fantastic appeared before a United Nations meeting, where Hidden Ones amongst the crowd incited panic in the national delegates, which was interrupted when Doctor Doom appeared and announced that the Inhuman Royal Family were welcome in Latveria. Ten minutes later, at a press conference to announce the Inhuman Royal Family's desire for asylum on Earth, Hidden Ones amongst the protesters manipulated some of the protesters into a frenzy that was quelled by the Baxter Building's security systems.

(Fantastic Four III#53) - As Doctor Doom continued his speech inviting the Inhumans to stay in Latveria, Senso was present with a government operative, watching the events unfold. While Franklin Richards dealt with the Hidden Ones-incited anti-alien panic at his private school and protesters swarmed the Baxter Building, Mr. Fantastic met at the Vault with the military directors of Project: Stellar Shield, where he learned that the Thing had been incarcerated at the Vault. The protesters eventually broke through the Baxter Building's walls with help from the Vault Guardsmen as Senso and Tartarus watched over the captive Ben Grimm, whom Senso had blocked from transforming into his Thing form. After quelling the Thing's subsequent breakout, Senso confronted Mr. Fantastic personally, downing him while the Invisible Woman went into labor amidst the protesters and Guardsmen at the Baxter Building.

(Fantastic Four III#54) - Senso monologued to the captive Mr. Fantastic about the Hidden Ones' plan to remove the Inhumans from Earth to prevent the discovery of the Hidden Ones themselves while the Inhuman Royal Family subdued the protesters and Guardsmen at the Baxter Building. With Senso focused on Mr. Fantastic, Ben Grimm managed to summon enough willpower to break Senso's blocks and transform into the Thing. The Thing quickly freed Mr. Fantastic and the duo learned from Mr. Fantastic's chest communicator that the Invisible Woman had went into labor. When Senso prepared to defeat both the Thing and Mr. Fantastic, Mr. Fantastic punched and subdued Senso, who admitted defeat. Announcing Mr. Fantastic to be a worthy foe, Senso transformed into her true Inhuman form and revealed the Hidden Ones' origins to Mr. Fantastic, revealing the Hidden Ones involvement in numerous American historical events. Mr. Fantastic then revealed that his chest communicator had recorded Senso's speech, an act that would reveal the Hidden Ones' presence on Earth but Senso crushed Mr. Fantastic's communicator with her foot then used her powers to seemingly disappear. Aware of Senso's perception-altering abilities, Mr. Fantastic warned the Thing to be wary, as Senso could still be in their presence. Having wasted much time battling Senso, Mr. Fantastic and the Thing left Senso behind so that they could get to the Invisible Woman. That night, the news reported of the military's intended mass firings of lower level personnel and officers, although none of those who were to be fired could be found for confirmation of their termination.

Comments: Created by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin, Karl Kesel, Mark Bagley and Al Vey.

Since the Hidden Ones were seen as children during the World War II-era and given their penchant for aging slowly (Senso was seen as a child in 1942 and an adult in the modern era, decades later), I would place the Hidden Ones as being first active sometime in the World War I-era. Also, while this might seem obvious given their group name, the Hidden Ones should be classified as a hidden race, even though the Hidden Ones are not a separate race in and of themselves but rather, a sub-species of the Inhumans race.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Hidden Ones have no known connections to

Captain Erik Jaggar has no known connections to William "Billy" McGurk has no known connections to Senso has no known connections to Tartarus has no known connections to

Erik JaggarCaptain Erik Jaggar

Captain Erik Jaggar was a Nazi military captain in 1942 who led an expedition into the Inhumans' Great Refuge. Once there, Jaggar and his men found a village in a valley on the outskirts of the Great Refuge, where he ordered the slaughter of every adult Inhuman present. He then took the Inhuman children into custody, where they were placed in the Loki Project and tortured into servitude to Hitler.

--Fantastic Four III#51 (fb)






Billy McGurkWilliam "Billy" McGurk

Billy McGurk was a student at Stern School, the private school attended by Franklin Richards in his guise as Richard Franklin. Billy's father was influenced by the Hidden Ones and transmitted his anti-alien hatred to his son, who badmouthed the Fantastic Four's alliance with the Inhumans while at school. When Franklin came to his family's defense, Billy threatened to beat up Franklin, who was saved by another new student, Robbie Marks (secretly the robotic H.E.R.B.I.E.).

--Fantastic Four III#53


Senso was a child in 1942 when Nazi Captain Erik Jaggar slaughtered the adult Inhumans at the colony outside the Great Refuge. Kidnapped with the other Inhuman children, Senso was drafted into Germany's Loki Project, where she was tortured in hopes of being trained to serve Hitler. Continuously fighting against the Nazi torture, Senso and the other Inhuman children escaped shortly after the android Human Torch killed Hitler and vowed never to be subjugated again, preferring to remain hidden amongst society in order to manipulate it. Decades later, having become leader of the now-adult Inhuman children (calling themselves the Hidden Ones), Senso disguised herself as the aide of a high-ranking US military general, whom she manipulated using her powers. When the Inhuman Royal Family were attacked the bounty hunting Sandorr's Hunters, Senso saw her chance to both get back at the Inhumans who had decades earlier shunned them as well as turn attention away from the Hidden Ones' own agenda by using her military influence to stir up anti-alien sentiments within the public. Her plans came to a head when she captured the Fantastic Four's Mr. Fantastic and the Thing (whom she forced to believe he could not transform into the Thing using her powers) as Hidden One-influenced protesters and Vault Guardsmen stormed the Baxter Building. After being subdued by Mr. Fantastic, Senso revealed her true form and origins to him before crushing Mr. Fantastic's chest communicator, which had recorded her story, and seemingly disappearing. With the Invisible Woman in danger at the Baxter Building, Mr. Fantastic and Thing chose to allow Senso to escape rather than risk further delay in rescuing the Invisible Woman.

Senso, like all of the Hidden Ones, possessed the ability to alter the perceptions of those in her vicinity, forcing them to see things as she desired them to, ranging from stirring up emotional anger, paranoia or specific beliefs to causing her victims to see her as different people. She also possessed a nictating membrane over her eyes that closed vertically, rather than horizontally.

--Fantastic Four III#51 (fb) (#52 (fb), #53 (fb), #51-54,


Tartarus was another Inhuman child that was captured in 1942 by Nazi Captain Erik Jaggar and drafted into the Loki Project. After escaping Nazi torture, he, along with the other children, vowed never to be controlled again, preferring to remain hidden amongst society and manipulate it instead. Tartarus often remained close by Senso's side, disguising himself as a high-ranking military officer and commenting on her toying with the captive Thing. Following the defeat of Senso by Mr. Fantastic and the Thing, Tartarus supposedly disappeared back into society along with Senso.

--Fantastic Four III#51 (fb) -BTS; (seen fully, unidentified): Fantastic Four III#52 (fb) (#53 (fb), #53, #54 - BTS,

images: (without ads)
Fantastic Four III#54, p16, pan3 (Hidden Ones, true form, main image)
Fantastic Four III#53, p3, pan2 (Hidden Ones, disguised as human children)
Fantastic Four III#51, p3, pan3 (Captain Erik Jaggar)
Fantastic Four III#53, p6, pan5 (William "Billy" McGurk)
Fantastic Four III#54, p16, pan1 (Senso)
Fantastic Four III#53, p15, pan3 (Tartarus)

Fantastic Four III#51 (March, 2002) - Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin (co-plotters), Karl Kesel (script, inks), Mark Bagley (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Fantastic Four III#52 (April, 2002) - Rafael Marin, Carlos Pacheco (co-plotters), Karl Kesel (script), Mark Bagley (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Fantastic Four III#53 (May, 2002) - Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin (co-plotters), Karl Kesel (script), Mark Bagley (pencils), Al Vey (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Fantastic Four III#54 (June, 2002) - Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin (co-plotters), Karl Kesel (script), Mark Bagley (pencils), Al Vey, Scott Koblish (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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