World War I era

This page will link to characters known to be active in the the 1900 to @ 1930.
For now, I'm only going to add the newly uploaded profiles, but if you let me know of a character (from this site) that belongs on this page, I'll add it.

Afari, Jamal (Blade's former mentor) - by Markus Raymond

Anderson, Curly (Phantom Eagle character)

Anuxa (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Architect (Elektra foe) - by Future

Assassin (Night Raven foe) - by Loki

August, Darla ("snow vampire")

Barlow, Abel (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Baron Blood (John Falsworth, Super-Axis) - by Prime Eternal

Baron Gothenvald (Thunderbolts foe) - by Grendel Prime

Baron Zemo (Heinrich, 12th Baron Zemo) - by Prime Eternal

Becker, Hans (World War I soldier) - by Grendel Prime

Bellis, Martin (father of Martin, Darla August victim)

Bellis house (Bellis family, haunted by "snow vampire" Darla August)

Biggotty, Horace Milton II (Lilith--Daughter of Dracula character)

Billy ?? (Inhumans character) - by Chadman

Birks, Ryan (vampire, Dracula foe)

Black, Jack of Earth-Storm Had Remained a Thief

Black Axe (Marvel UK) - by Changeling

Black Womb (Gambit character)

Boxcar Bertha of Earth-Storm Had Remained a Thief

Callaghan, Patrick (1920's detective)

Canalone, Carlo (Taxman victim)

Candra (Externals, X-Men/Gambit character)

Captain Verner Carlson (Phantom Eagle foe)

Captain Fate (Man-Thing foe)

caretaking automaton (Silver Surfer character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL only

Cassidy Keep (ancestral Cassidy family castle) - by Proto-Man

Centurious (Ghost Rider foe) - by Barry Reese

Chang (Night Raven foe)

Chaos Mites (Skreet's race, Diableri creations) - by Donald Campbell

Charnel (Undead MC)

Christians, Isaac (Gargoyle, Defenders member)

Chthon (the Other, Elder God, author of the Darkhold) - by Patrick D Ryall

Clarke, Walter (Cult of the Third Moon)

Cleito (Man-Thing character)

Cole (Cable ally) - by Prime Eternal

Correo, Pedro (el Sombro's father)

Council of Seven (Si-Fan) - by Prime Eternal

Count Kronin (vampire, 1950s) - by Spidermay

crew of the Serpent's Crown (Man-Thing foes)

Crimson Cavalier (WW1 hero, Freedom's Five) - by Prime Eternal

Cross, Lucas (Blade's father, Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond & Julien Vivé

Cult of the Third Moon (Werewolf by Night foes) - by Markus Raymond

Damballah (spawn of Set)

Danner, Hugo (Marvel Preview adaptation)

Deadly Ernest (Alpha Flight foe) - by Norvo

Decyst, Daniel (Hulk character) - by Caesar Godzillatron

Dherk (Ka-Zar character)

DiPriggia, Matteo of Earth-717

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, Iron Fist character) - by Minor Irritant

Dolman, Gray (Spider-Man/Spider-Woman foe) - by Minor Irritant

Doorman (Marvel UK, Plasmer character)

Dracula (1430-modern era)-A literal MONSTER of a profile-by the Masters of the Obscure

Dragonfire (Night Raven foe) - by Loki

Dragon Tong (Dragonfire)

Doyle, Captain (Night Raven character) - by Loki

Duro, Maria (el Sombro character)

Duro, Ramon (el Sombro charater)

Edwards, Curtis (Ghost Dancer foe)

el Sombro (Mexican Old West hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Elder Demon (Silver Surfer foe) - by Future - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL only

Feldstein, Albert (Night Raven character)

Forever Man (Captain America/Avengers foe)

Forgotten One (Gilgamesh, Eternals & Avengers member) - by Prime Eternal

Freedom's Five (World War 1 heroes) - by Prime Eternal

Four Winds (Elektra foes) - by Future

Frank (a man named) (Punisher character)

Frog-Man (Strange Tales) - by Future

Frost, Deacon (Blade/Hannibal King foe) - by Markus Raymond & Snood

Fu Manchu (the greatest fiend the world has ever known, Shang-Chi's father) - by Prime Eternal

Fury, Jack (World War I hero, father of Nick Fury) - by Prime Eternal

General Hunt (Jack Fury's superior officer) - by Prime Eternal

General Heinrich von Ronstadt (Phantom Eagle foe) - by Prime Eternal

Gerard ?? of Earth-717

Ghost Flyer (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Ghost Rider (World War I version) - by LV

Gladiator (Danner)

Gomurr the Ancient (Juggernaut/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Gorgolla (Marvel Monster, Stonians) - by MarvellousLuke

Gramps (Inhumans character)

Green Terror (3 X's foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Griffin, Rex (Phantom Eagle character)

Heart of Candra (gem imbued with essence of Candra's real heart)

Hellfire Club San Francisco (ca. 1906)

He-Who-Summons (Watcher, High Tribunal) - by Patrick D Ryall & Donald Campbell

Hitler, Adolf (Third Reich leader) - by Prime Eternal

Hypnotist (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by Grendel Prime

Ice King (Namor ally) - by AvatarWarlord72

Incarsicus (Thunderbolts foe)

Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler, Invaders/Thunderbolts character)

Isaacs, Herbert (Doorman)

It (Theodore Sturgeon character) - by Madison Carter

Jackson, Paula (Phantom Eagle character)

Kale, Dante (Dan Ketch/Johnny Blaze ancestor, Ghost Rider character) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Destin (17th century, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch ancestor) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Magdelena (17th century, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch ancestor) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Noble (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch's spirit of vengeance) - by Proto-Man

Kapplebaum, Abraham (Anna's father)

Kapplebaum, Anna (Captain America character) - by Norvo

Khan (Night Raven foe)

Khordes (satyr, Man-Thing character)

Kravadka, Casimir (would-be conqueror, mad scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

Kristall Starrer (Johnny Blaze foe) - by Markus Raymond

Lane, Bob (cursed undead) - by Spidermay

League of Sensitives (ca. 1906, Hellfire Club San Francisco Seers)

Lei Kung the Thunderer (Iron Fist character)

Ling (Dragon Tong)

Logan of Earth-717

Lord Molyneux (head of San Francisco Hellfire Club ca. 1906)

Lord Tuan (K'un-Lun, Iron Fist character) - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL only

Lucifer (the fallen angel, Ghost Rider (Blaze) foe) - by Markus Raymond

M-1 (1927 Atlas Foundation Menacer series robot) - by Proto-Man

Mad Monk (WW2, Vagabond foe) - by Grendel Prime

"Magic Bullet" (Vârcolac item)

man named Frank (Punisher character)

McHooey, 'Madman' (Night Raven foe)

McKenzie, Leonard of Earth-717

Man-God (Danner)

Medusa (Gorgon) - by Will U, Prime Eternal & Snood

Messenger, Tobias (Promise, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Midgard Serpent statue (encountered by Albert Nesbit)

Mister Big (Night Raven foe) - by Loki

Mister Lao (lung dragon adviser to the Atlas Foundation) - by Proto-Man

Mr. Pitt (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Monstro the Mighty (son of Ares) - by Loki

Moses, Wilbur of Earth-8107 (WW1 pilot, Spider-Man character) - by David Lawrence

Mother (Atlantean/Pangean robot, Ka-Zar foe)

Mustin, Gus (Power Pack character) - by Markus Raymond

Naga (Namor character)

Namor of Earth-717

Neal, Angelica (Dracula character)

Negus, Solomon (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Neptune (Olympian God) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal, Snood & Will U

Nesbit, Albert (found Midgard Serpent tear) - by Ron Fredricks

Nolan, Detective (Night Raven character) - by Loki

Norris, Jack (Phantom Eagle character)

Orphan (estraterrestrial creature) - by Markus Raymond

Orphelus (Dracula character)

Patch (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Phantom Eagle (WW1 hero, Freedom's Five) - by Prime Eternal

Pierce, Sir Waltham (WWI, Hellfire Club member)

Pixiu (Heroes for Hire foe) - by Proto-Man

Planner (Sgt. Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Pluto (Olympian God) - by Chadman & Will U

Princess Fen of Earth-717

Redek, Gary (She-Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal *

Remus (Wolverine character) - by Markus Raymond

Roth, Arnold (Captain America character) - by Norvo

Sage, Henry (Blade/Spider-Man foe)

Salome (San Francisco Hellfire Club @ 1906)

Scarface of Earth-717

Serpent's Crown (Captain fate's ship)

Set (Elder God) - by Per Degaton & Snood

Shadowqueen (Dr. Strange foe) - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL only

Shaw, Cornelius (1861-1915, Esau's father, Sebastian Shaw ancestor)

Shaw, Esau (English Army, Sebastian Shaw ancestor)

Shaw, Jacob (Sebastian Shaw's father)

Shou-Lao the Undying (Iron Fist character) - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL only

Si-Fan (Fu Manchu's minions) - by Prime Eternal

Sir Harry Manners (Hellfire Club, early 20th century)

Sir Steel (WW1 hero, Freedom's Five) - by Prime Eternal

Silver Squire (Sir Steel ally)

Skreet (Lunatik/Thanos character) - by Markus Raymond

Slave of Souls (Thing character) - by Proto-Man

Smithers, Jack (Plasmer character)

Sorrow (Man-Thing character)

Spirit Banner of Temujin (Atlas Foundation artifact) - by Proto-Man

Stalin, Josef (Communist Soviet ruler)

Stark (early 20th century, Louis Stark's father)

Stone, Sergeant (World War I soldier)

Stones of Merlin (Merlin creations, owned by Doctor Doom) - by Donald Campbell

Survivor (Silver Surfer character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL only

Tar (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Taxman (Night Raven foe) - by Loki

Taxman’s Thug (Night Raven foe)

That Which Endures (Avengers foes)

Tommy (Plasmer character)

Tony (Waiter, Taxman victim)

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Ultarnt (Inhuman) - by Chadman

Ulysses Bloodstone (Monser Hunter)

Uncegila (Wolverine foe) - by Markus Raymond

unidentified professor (encountered Albert Nesbit)

Vârcolac (Werewolf by Night foe) - by Markus Raymond

Venuti, Sam (Taxman victim)

Verminus Rex (Ghost Rider foe) - by LV

von Reitberger, Hermann (Phantom Eagle foe) - by Prime Eternal

Voyager (Marvel UK, Frontier Comics)

Vyrra (Atlantean, Namor character) - by Chadman

Welsh Dragon (Pete Wisdom/Thor foe) - by Markus Raymond

Wembley Mark V (Esau Shaw's pistol)

White Ghost of Earth-4011 (John Howlett Jr.)

"wizard" (Ancient Egypt, Thing foe)

Wolfsblade (Vârcolac item)

"Wolfseye" (Vârcolac item)

Yellow Kid (Runaways character) - by Loki

Zemo, Heinrich (12th Baron Zemo) - Prime Eternal

Zemo, Herman (11th Baron Zemo) - by Markus Raymond

Zemo, Hilda (Heinrich Zemo's wife, Helmut's mother) - by Donald Campbell

Zemo twins (sisters, encountered by Esau Shaw ca. WW I)

Zeus (Olympian God)

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