Real Name: Horace Milton Biggotty

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Truck Driver

Affiliations: encountered Lilith (Daughter of Dracula)
    Jenny (former girlfriend)

Enemies: none

Known Relatives: George (father, deceased), mother (unnamed, deceased), Horace Milton Biggotty IV (grandfather), Horace Milton Biggotty III (great-grandfather), Horace Milton Biggotty II (great-great-grandfather), Horace Milton Biggotty (great-great-great-grandfather)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: mobile across ??; possibly in the pre-modern era (see comments)

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula II#3/4 (February, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: He is a competent truck driver, and that about sums up his skills.
    By his own reckoning, he was " stupid as a rock and ugly as a rotten tooth."

Appearance: "Women had been known to scream or bust out laughing upon getting a good look at Horace, according to their temperaments"

History: Horace had four relatives by the same name, all of whom had had their throats ripped out during the full moon of a Friday the 13th, apparently as a result of an old curse. His father, George, decided to give him that same name, just to prove that curses didn't exist. His father stumbled over a black cat and fell into a mirror, breaking it and bleeding to death after being slashed by its fragments. His mother ran away with the feed salesman when Horace was ten.

    Horace's early life consisted of morning whippings with a thorn twitch in the woodshed, three hours of chores before breakfast, bread and water for lunch, four hours of bible reading at nine, and then bedtime whippings. Whippings from his parents and taunting from other kids. He accidentally knocked Wendy Slocum down a well while he was trying to put his arm around her. Horace eventually found a girlfriend in Jenny, who was blind, whom he'd known since they were infants. Falling in love--but never...sealing the deal--Horace worked for 13 years to save up enough money to pay for a fancy treatment to give her back her site. The first time Jenny set eyes on Horace, she pretended that they'd never met. This was the closest Horace ever had to a real relationship.

    During a full moon on a Friday the 13th, Horace was driving his truck down a lonely country road. Though well aware of the curse, Horace picked up a black haired hottie by the side of the road, wearing a long black cape with red lining--even though she did have those long, prominent canine teeth. Horace thought he'd finally hit paydirt as the beauty pulled herself close to him as he drove, and "exerting fascinating pressures on various parts of his anatomy" while asking him to tell her his life story. Lilith felt sympathy for Horace and planned to give him some real pleasure before draining his blood. However, when Horace mentioned that he was carrying blood to the the hospital, she just mesmerized him, took some of the preserved blood and left him alive, with a note:
    Dearest Horace
  Tell them you had an accident. The truth shall be our little secret. Rest easy dear man, and accept my congratulations on avoiding the curse. With my help, of course. Though considering your luck, I am not certain I have done you a favor.

Comments: Created by Lora Byrne.

Stories such as this, which use no other characters locked into the modern era, can be easily fit into the real time in which they were published. I'd like to place this story as having occurred in 1980, to fill in Lilith's adventures in the pre-modern era.

Horace had said he was carry eight gallons of blood in his truck, but when he checked the back after Lilith left and saw there were six, he thought that three were missing. I'd guess that this was not a writer's mistake, but just another example of how stupid Horace was.

Lilith flirts with Horace:
"Horace the Fifth? Are you a liquor then?"

I think Lora is the wife of John Byrne.

This was a text story, and no images are available.

not so much

Horace Milton Biggotty I

Back in the 1839, he was reaping wheat under the full moon on a Friday the 13th when an old crone approached and asked him for a meal. Not a pleasant guy to begin with and with things worsened by recent hard times, Horace refused her and gave her a lecture on how honest hardworking Christian folks took care of themselves. The crone screamed back at him, "I curse you! You and all your kith and kin!" Minutes later, Horace was found dead, lying on his back with his throat ripped open.

--Tomb of Dracula II#3/4 (3/4(fb)

Horace Milton Biggotty II

He was answering nature's call in an outhouse, reading a copy of "The Good Christian's Infallible and Truthful Guide to God's Good Grace in this Awful and Ghastly Age" when the curse befell him. Not only was his death gruesome--it was embarrassing. And it was--what else?--Friday the 13th, with a full moon

--Tomb of Dracula II#3/4 (3/4(fb)

Horace Milton Biggotty III

He was a little more fortunate and a lot less righteous. While on furlow in Paris during the beginning of The Great War he's responded to the shadowy figure that beckoned to him from an upper window in a shadowy pension. "Oooo la la! See ya later, fellas!" he'd gurgled happily to his comrades as he headed up the stairs to his doom. It was Friday the 13th. The moon was full.

--Tomb of Dracula II#3/4 (3/4(fb)

Horace Milton Biggotty IV

The fourth Horace was many things: an avid beer bottle collector, a Betty Grable fan club president, and a coward. When Biggotty males of all persuasions were being drafted, Horace sneaked out of the house on one moon-bright Friday the 13th, dressed in his wife Daisy Pearl's best dress. He was found beside the main road out of town, beautifully coifed, with his throat ripped out and the dress absolutely spoiled.

--Tomb of Dracula II#3/4 (3/4(fb)

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