Real Name: Theo Stazak

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Gang boss

Affiliations: his thugs; the Assassin

Enemies: Captain Doyle; Detective Nolan; Night Raven

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His speakeasy, the City (probably Chicago or New York)

First Appearance: Hulk Comic#7/6 (April 18th 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Mr.Big displayed no powers during his brief appearances. Indeed, being wheel-chair bound, he would be a below average hand-to-hand fighter. But he was a tough old bird and knew one end of a machine-gun from another.

History: (bts) Tired of Night Raven's constant interference in his business, Mr.Big put out the word that he would pay good money to see the vigilante killed.

(Hulk Comic#7/6) Mr.Big watched with interest as an Assassin demonstrated his marksmanship down in Mr.Big's secret underground shooting range. Satisfied with this audition, he gave the Assassin the job, but pointed out that Night Raven would be tougher than the dummy target the killer just shot.

(Hulk Comic#10/6) Later that evening Mr.Big was less than pleased when Night Raven came crashing through the window of his speakeasy. He called for his men to kill the vigilante as he wheeled himself out of the line of fire. During the ensuing gun battle, Mr.Big heard the sound of approaching police sirens, and shouyed for one of his men to get him out. Someone grabbed his wheelchair from behind and asked him where he wanted to go. Mr.Big told him the rear exit, not realising the man pushing him along was actually Night Raven. They left out the fire doors, with Mr.Big still unaware of the company he was keeping, but as they entered the back alley, Night Raven was tackled by the Assassin, and lost his grip on the wheelchair. Unfortunately for the crimelord, he was on a hill, and his chair started rolling down, rapidly picking up speed. At the bottom of the slope the police were waiting. When they called for him to stop, Mr.Big pulled out a machine gun and opened fire.

(Hulk Comic#11/6) Mr.Big hurtled past the cops before they could stop him, shouting that nobody would take him alive...straight into the path of a two-ton truck, which crushed him like a bug.  

Comments: Created by Steve Parkhouse and David Lloyd.

Mr. Big received a real name in Night Raven's profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#8.

CLARIFICATIONS:  No known connection to and not to be confused with

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