Real Name: ? Nolan

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Police detective

Affiliations: Captain Doyle; his department  

Enemies: The AssassinMr.Big; Night Raven

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations:  Unspecified American city, c. the Prohibition era (1920's and early '30s)

First Appearance: Hulk Comic#7/6 (April 18th 1979)  


History: (Hulk Comic#7/6) Detective Nolan was one of three detectives called into Captain Doyle's office to be given a briefing on the vigilante known as the Night Raven. Nolan asked his superior why they were hunting someone whose goals, that of resisting crime, matched their own, and was told that vigilantism, if unchallenged, was the first step on the road to anarchy. Then Doyle gave Nolan and his fellow officers the task of reading through a large pile of files to search out information that might help them identify Night Raven and the reasons behind his grudge against crime.

Some time later Nolan slammed down a heavy file, exasperated at the lack of results. Helping himself to a glass of water, he asked his fellows how their research had gone. Like him they had thus far come up blank, and with the hour getting ever later, they decided to call it a night. Nolan left the precinct questioning whether Night Raven even existed.

(Hulk Comic#8/6) Cutting through an alley on his way home, Nolan continued to speculate about the impossibility of identifying Night Raven. His reverie was interrupted when he came upon two men in the alley, one holding a gun on the other, and both masked by shadows. Nolan called to the gunman to drop his weapon, distracting him long enough for his victim to punch his assailant. Then Nolan realised that the hold-up victim was none other than the vigilante he had been reading about earlier that night. Nolan pulled his gun on Night Raven, and tried to arrest him, but the vigilante, hearing a gun cock behind him, ducked, just as the original gunman fired. The bullet missed its intended target, and struck Nolan on the right shoulder. The detective collapsed, and passed out.

(Hulk Comic#9/6) Nolan was awoken by a stream of liquid washing against his face. As he revived he became aware that the liquid was hooch - illegal booze. He stumbled to a nearby police phone box, and called headquarters, reported both his encounter with Night Raven and the alcohol, then asked for back-up.

(Hulk Comic#10/6) Minutes later several police cars arrived, with Captain Doyle riding the running board of the lead vehicle. Nolan, holding with wounded shoulder, pointed his boss in the direction of the alley.  

Comments: Created by Steve Parkhouse and David Lloyd. 

Profile by Loki

CLARIFICATIONS: No known connections to and not to be confused with

Image list:  Hulk Comic#8/6, p.1, panel 7

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