Real Name: Janice Foswell

Identity/Class: Normal Human

Occupation: Criminal

Affiliations: The Enforcers, Crime-Master

Enemies: Spider-Man, Human Torch, Crime-Master, Sons of the Tiger

Known Relatives: Frederick Foswell (father, aka Big Man, aka Patch, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#39 (November, 1975)

Powers: None. Janice sometimes used a gun, and seemed to be a decent shot.

Weaknesses: Pathological hatred of Spider-Man.




Physical Description: Her costume was very similar to the original Big Man's costume, with the same droopy facemask. She wore a costume to hide the fact that she was a woman. This is what got her killed in the end.

History: Janice Foswell, daughter of Frederick Foswell, met Nick Lewis Jr. in Europe, while living off the inheritance her father's death had granted her. The two fell in love, but were both secretly planning to revenge themselves upon their father's deaths by killing Spider-Man. Donning her father's Big Man costume, Janice returned to Manhattan to set her plot in motion.

(Marvel Team-Up I#39)- The Big Man observed Spider-Man, and thought to herself: "I’ve waited years for this wall-crawler. Years when all I could think of was paying you back for what you did to me." She was about to shoot the uncharacteristically unaware Spider-Man, but was interrupted by a young kid coming to the roof of the building to feed his pigeons. After Spider-Man and the young kid talked for a while, the Big Man decided to shoot anyway. Both Spider-Man and the young kid managed to dodge the bullets, but Big Man escaped before Spider-Man could capture him. Spider-Man learned that the kid’s pigeon had been killed by a bullet.


Later, the Human Torch was attacked in his Fantasti-Car by Fancy Dan and Montana of the Enforcers. While fighting the two criminals, the Big Man shot the Human Torch with some kind of gas that extinguished his flame, and the Enforcers managed to knock the non-flaming Human Torch out. The Big Man told the Enforcers that the setting-up of Spider-Man was all going according to the plan. Later at a warehouse, a meeting with lots of random gangsters was taking place; the Big Man was about to hold an auction for the Human Torch, when Spider-Man arrived and freed the Torch, and they began to fight the gangsters. The fighting came to a halt when Sandman and the Crime-Master arrived.

(Marvel Team-Up I#40)- The fight continued, as the Big Man tried to shoot Spider-Man, who dodged, but Big Man managed to smack Spider-Man with the butt of the gun. Some of the gangsters took this opportunity to jump on Spider-Man, but he fought back. Meanwhile, Sandman managed to overpower the Human Torch. Big Man then knocked Spider-Man out, but began a quarrel with Crime-Master, since the both of them wanted Spider-Man. They left it up to the other gangsters to decide whom shall have Spider-Man, but before they could make a decision, Big Man is attacked by Lin Sun, of the Sons of the Tiger, and suddenly the rest of the "tigers" arrived to fight the gangsters. The criminals managed to escape when Crime-Master threw a gas bomb. The heroes went outside, but the criminals were gone. Spider-Man looked for them, and later he discovered them all climbing out of an open man-hole in an alley. The criminals went back to the warehouse where the Tigers were, and Sandman defeated them. Crime-Master was tired of Big Man’s orders, and decided to shoot his enemy. Suddenly Spider-Man arrived and freed the Tigers, who then helped Spider-Man to finally defeat the criminals. After they were defeated, Spider-Man pulled the mask off the Crime-Master and the dead Big Man, revealing that Big Man was actually a woman. Crime-Master told them that she was Janice and was the woman he loved, the daughter of the original Big Man, Frederick Foswell, and she just couldn't be dead (though he's the one that shot her). The Crime-Master was inconsolable from his loss.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema.

OK, so the top image is from the OHotMU Deluxe Edition#16's profile on the original Big Man, so sue me! It's a good image, and Janice wore a costume to appear identical to her father's character, so I say close enough!--Snood.

Big Man was the daughter of the original Big Man, aka Frederick Foswell @ Amazing Spider-Man I#10
However, she has no known connection to:
Big Man, aka
Kligger, @ Marvel Premiere#39
Big Man, Hank Pym Jr. of the MC2 universe, @ A-Next#12
Big Man of Earth-Deathlok, an ally of Godwulf, @ Captain America I#288
Big Mother, the mother of Grendel, @ Captain Marvel V#20, 21
Top Man, Maggia criminal leader, @ Fantastic Four I#101

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