Classification: Terrestrial (roughly the 9th century to modern era) castle

Creator: Liam Cassidy

User/Possessors: Banshee (Theresa Cassidy), Mrs. Bridges (housekeeper), Michael Flaherty, the Leprechauns of Cassidy Keep (Donal, Eoin, Kelson, Padraic, others), Eamon O'Donnell (seneschal); formerly Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Black Tom Cassidy (Thomas Samuel Eamon Cassidy), Liam Cassidy, Juggernaut (Cain Marko)

First Appearance: X-Men I#101 (October, 1976)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Cassidy Keep was built to withstand Viking raiders and over a span of centuries, was built stronger and stronger after surviving over a hundred sieges. The Keep was equipped with dungeons inside the rocky Cassidy Crag and, after being taken over by Black Tom Cassidy, various hidden traps such as trap doors that lead into the dungeons and energy blasters in the Keep's battlements. During Black Tom's time using Cassidy Keep, he also installed a laboratory in front of the dungeons that he equipped with technological devices capable of counteracting the X-Men's mutant powers.

History: (X-Men I#101 (fb) - BTS) - Cassidy Keep, located in a remote part of County Mayo, Ireland, was the ancestral castle home of the Cassidy family. Built by Liam Cassidy over a thousand years ago, Cassidy Keep was meant to defend the Irish coastline from Viking raiders. Over the centuries, as it stood against over a hundred different attempted sieges, Cassidy Keep was rebuilt several times but never fell. 

(Classic X-Men I#16/2 (fb) - BTS) - Cassidy Keep remained in the Cassidy family over the subsequent centuries.

(X-Men I#101 (fb) - BTS) - Sean Cassidy, later known as the mutant Banshee, grew up within Cassidy Keep battling imaginary dragons and rescuing imaginary damsels.

(X-Men I#103 (fb) - BTS) - Sean's cousin, Thomas Cassidy, also came to call Cassidy Keep his home.

(Classic X-Men I#16/2) - Following an attempted arrest by the police on trumped up charges on his way back from a concert, Sean Cassidy was rescued from the police by a motorcyclist whom the police had been actually searching for. When the cyclist's rear tire was shot out by Det.-Sgt. Damien McLanahan, Sean and the cyclist went over a cliff. Saved by Sean's mutant sonic powers, the cyclist was taken by Sean to Cassidy Keep, where Sean insisted they would be safe. Angry that she lost one of her best motorcycles, the cyclist removed her helmet to reveal herself a girl before punching Sean to the ground over the loss of her motorcycle. Realizing she had acted instinctively, the cyclist calmed down and Sean suggested they warm up a bit over cocoa and snacks. When the woman admitted she'd prefer something stronger, Sean agreed and led her into Cassidy Keep's kitchen, where the woman remarked on being impressed by the Keep. Sean replied that the Keep had seen better days but it had been in their family since before records were kept, prompting to ask if Sean was the Lord of the manor. Sean's cousin Tom then appeared in the kitchen, announcing that while Sean and himself were indeed Lords by title, they were also perpetually broke. Suggesting that after midnight was not a time for Sean to flaunt his mutant powers, Tom introduced himself and the woman introduced herself as Maeve Rourke. Some time later, Sean flew Maeve back home across the Irish border at her university's residence hall. Over the subsequent passage of time, Sean fell for Maeve, who was equally fond of Tom, forcing the two cousins to compete for her affections. One night, as Sean was preparing to take Maeve to her university ball within Cassidy Keep, he thought about outright asking Maeve in she had feelings for him but felt as if putting her on the spot might cause resentment. Before leaving, he wondered why love had to be such a muddle. After he left, Sean was run off the road by Det.-Sgt. McLanahan, who had earlier sworn to get revenge for Sean escaping his arrest. Barely returning to Cassidy Keep with his life, Sean was found by Tom, who immediately summoned the housekeeper Mrs. Bridges to put Sean into a bed while a doctor was contacted. Delirious from his injuries, Sean opted not to ruin Maeve's night, suggesting Tom visit Maeve to deliver the news and tell Maeve not to worry. Tom did as instructed and left the Keep to tell Maeve but he instead took her to the ball himself and waited several hours before telling Maeve what had happened in an effort to win her love by showing her a good time at the ball.

(Generation X I#10 (fb) - BTS) - During a mission for Interpol, Agent Sean Cassidy, following weeks of working with "Erik Lehnsherr" to find a serial killer, met his ally aboard a train. Lehnsherr warned that a genetic civil war of sorts was looming on the horizon and when Sean asked what he had to do with any of it, Lehnsherr remarked that Cassidy was more important than he realized and sternly suggested Cassidy return to his homestead at Cassidy Keep by the next twilight to find and permanently stop the serial killer.

(Generation X I#11 (fb)) - Doing as Lehnsherr suggested, Agent Cassidy went to Cassidy Keep in Ireland, where he felt like the trial of the serial killer had ended. Shocked when the French Inspector Magrite Devereaux shot the lock from the Keep's gate, Sean revealed his suspicions that someone was using mutants, like the serial killer he had been tracking, as living weapons. Realizing they had to storm Sean Cassidy's home to find their serial killer, Sean and Inspector Devereaux kicked the door, finding their serial killer, the mutant Arkady Rossovich, sitting above the door on a ledge. Admitting that he had been killing victims and leaving them as a trail for Cassidy to follow, Arkady announced his hopes that Sean would find and kill him. Demanding to know who had been covering up Arkady's killings, Cassidy was told that Arkady's Russian handlers were covering up the killings as part of the Cold War and explained that, technically, he didn't even exist. Tired of such an existence, Arkady once again revealed his hopes to die with Sean Cassidy's bullet. When Agent Cassidy refused to kill Arkady, Arkady tried to provoke Cassidy by infecting Inspector Devereaux with his mutant death spores, causing her to fall. Sean tried to grab the falling Devereaux's hand but he lost his grip due to rain. When Devereaux fell to her death after the slip, Sean Cassidy opened fire on Arkady. Sean ultimately defeated Arkady and turned him over to the authorities.

(X-Force I#31 (fb) - BTS) - Sean Cassidy's work with Interpol kept him away from Cassidy Keep for months. Unaware he had a daughter by Maeve or that Maeve had died, Sean continued his work while his cousin Thomas took in Sean's daughter Theresa, who would often go to Cassidy Keep's gardens to think.

(X-Force I#31 (fb)) - After Sean returned from a mission to find Maeve dead, he lashed out at Tom with his sonic powers, causing Tom to break his leg. Despite needing a cane to walk around, Thomas raised Theresa for years within Cassidy Keep while Sean immersed himself in Interpol work, staying away from Cassidy Keep. When Theresa was twelve, Tom had her sent from Cassidy Keep to boarding school to protect her from his own criminal activities. By the time Sean returned to Cassidy Keep to stay, secretly undercover to bring in Tom for his illegal activities, Theresa was in private school, hidden away from her father Sean at the Keep. Following a stint in jail for various scams, Tom met the superpowered criminal Juggernaut, taking the alias of Black Tom Cassidy and becoming Juggernaut's partner-in-crime.

(X-Men I#103 (fb)) - Following his escape from jail, Thomas tricked his way back into Cassidy Keep, bringing Juggernaut with him. The first night they were in the Keep, the two criminals captured most of the mystical leprechauns who lived within the Keep.

(X-Men I#101 (fb) - BTS) - Sean Cassidy eventually inherited the Keep. Unaware of his inheritance, Sean was informed via letter delivered by Sean's lawyer Mr. Flaherty a month later.

(X-Men I#103 (fb)) - Learning that Black Tom was working for a man in red armor (unaware that it was the Shi'ar alien Eric the Red), Eamon O'Donnell had written the letter Mr. Flaherty had delivered as a warning to Banshee that Tom had taken over the Keep.

(X-Men I#101) - Shortly after Professor X ordered the X-Men on an enforced vacation, Banshee received the letter from Mr. Flaherty and learned of his inheritance. Since they were ordered on vacation, Sean suggested the X-Men visit Cassidy Keep in Ireland, an idea that Professor X seconded. Banshee and his teammates in the X-Men soon boarded a plane to Dublin, where they spent a week sight-seeing before heading west towards the County Mayo location of Cassidy Keep via train. Upon arriving in Balina, the X-Men continued the last leg of their trek via rental car, driving bumpily over the Keep's roads as the Keep loomed over the background. Upon their arrival, the X-Men were shocked at the size of the Keep, unaware that Banshee's cousin, Black Tom Cassidy, had prepared a trap. Using the captive leprechauns as hostages, Black Tom Cassidy ordered Eamon O'Donnell to welcome Banshee and his allies into the Cassidy Keep, warning O'Donnell to not let them suspect anything was amiss. Refusing to have any part of Black Tom Cassidy's murder scheme, O'Donnell was struck by Black Tom and reminded of the lives that rested on O'Donnell cooperation. Reluctantly agreeing, O'Donnell left to welcome the X-Men as Black Tom's partner-in-crime, Juggernaut, warned Black Tom against trusting O'Donnell but Black Tom insisted that as long as the families remained his captives, O'Donnell would cooperate. As the X-Men marveled at the Keep, O'Donnell reminded Banshee that it was time they got settled and as they went up the staircase, Sean asked Eamon how the families were doing. Eamon hesitantly replied that they were well as he led Storm to her room, reminded her of the 8 o'clock dinner and led the other X-Men to their rooms. Some time later, Nightcrawler visited Storm's room to escort her to dinner as the other X-Men met with Banshee, who suspected something wrong after seeing Eamon freeze up earlier when questioned about the families. When Wolverine questioned why Banshee was dressed casual for a supposedly formal dinner, Banshee proudly proclaimed that, as Lord of Cassidy Keep, he could dress however he wanted for dinner. Upon meeting up with Storm and Nightcrawler, the X-Men briefly bantered with one another being falling into one of Black Tom's hidden trap doors. Somehow changing into costume mid-fall, the X-Men soon found themselves at the feet of Black Tom, who announced his plans to murder the X-Men. Upon hearing that they were surrounded by the rocky Cassidy Crag in the dungeons, Storm became claustrophobic and began screaming.

(X-Men I#102) - As Storm continued screaming, Black Tom's partner-in-crime, the Juggernaut, began fighting the X-Men as Banshee focused on his cousin Black Tom, who was immune to Banshee's sonic powers. The battle continued through Cassidy Keep until Juggernaut threatened Storm, who managed to psychically contact Professor X in America. Unfortunately for the X-Men, Cyclops refused Professor X's orders to assist, claiming that he wanted to stay by the side of Jean Grey, who had recently been injured as the X-Men returned from space, and that he couldn't get to the X-Men in Ireland in time to properly assist. When Nightcrawler hit Juggernaut with a chandelier to save Wolverine, Black Tom turned his attention towards Nightcrawler, blasting him down. Banshee fought back with renewed vigor to avenge his fallen teammate, unaware that Nightcrawler was pulled away from the scene by the leprechauns that resided in Cassidy Keep. Colossus then attempted to battle Juggernaut, who ripped up the stone floors of the Keep until Colossus caused a wall of the Keep to collapse on both himself and Juggernaut. Juggernaut emerged from the rubble victorious and easily swatted aside the only conscious X-Man, Storm, when she weakly attempted to hurl a lightning bolt. With the X-Men taken out, Juggernaut and Black Tom gloated that the X-Men's defeat would lure their leader, Professor X, into a trap.

(X-Men I#103) - The Leprechauns of Cassidy Keep carried Nightcrawler through the Keep as the Keep quieted down following the X-Men's defeat at the hands of Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut. When Nightcrawler came to, he was shocked to see actual leprechauns and Eamon O'Donnell explained Black Tom's plan to kill Banshee. O'Donnell admitted that Mr. Flaherty had earlier written Banshee thinking Black Tom was after Cassidy Keep, rather than Banshee himself, and then explained that Black Tom was working for Eric the Red. Nightcrawler announced plans to rescue his teammates but one of the leprechauns questioned how Nightcrawler was able to blend into shadows, a power he was unaware he had. After testing this ability, Nightcrawler became excited but the excitement was interrupted when one of the leprechauns arrived, exclaiming that Black Tom had taken the X-Men to his Cassidy Keep laboratory for torture. Led to the labs by Eamon O'Donnell, Nightcrawler learned that Black Tom and Juggernaut planned to torture the X-Men in an effort to lure Professor X into their clutches. Nightcrawler immediately teleported into the lab and used his image inducer to take their appearance of Professor X. Confronting the two villains, Nightcrawler provoked Juggernaut into punching a gaping hole in the wall of Cassidy Keep, allowing the claustrophobia Storm to see the sky. Determined to fly freely, away from the confining Keep, Storm began generating hurricane force winds, freeing the other X-Men as she flew into the sky. As the captive leprechauns escaped, Black Tom and Juggernaut grabbed Banshee and attempted to flee out onto Cassidy Keep's battlements. As the regrouped X-Men gave chase, Black Tom taunted that if the X-Men did not make it to the battlements within five minutes, he would throw the captive Banshee to them piece by piece. Storm impulsively flew to the villains, leaving Colossus to hurl Wolverine up while he followed by gripping the outer wall of the Keep and climbing. Black Tom soon began using energy blasters he had installed in the battlements against Storm while Juggernaut ripped off chunks of the Keep to hurl at the climbing Colossus. During the fight, Nightcrawler freed Banshee and Wolverine, who had landed on the opposite side of the Keep thanks to Colossus' strength, was led to the battle by the leprechaun Padraic. Banshee quickly took the fight directly to Black Tom while the other regrouped X-Men battled Juggernaut. Shortly after Banshee managed to flip Black Tom over the side of a Keep tower and into the water below, Juggernaut ran at the X-Men, who dodged, causing Juggernaut to join Black Tom in the stormy waters. Storm then calmed the gale that she had created during the battle, only to find no sign of Black Tom and Juggernaut.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#43 (fb) - BTS) - Cassidy Keep became the home to Sean Cassidy's daughter Theresa, who had become the heroic Siryn.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#43/4) - Irish superteam the Kinsmen arrived at Cassidy Keep seeking Banshee to debrief him following his time with Interpol. Finding only Banshee's daughter Siryn, the Kinsmen asked if her father was home and she claimed he was in the kitchen. Kinsmen member Boulder followed her into the kitchen, only to seemingly find it empty, before he was knocked by one of Siryn's sonic screams. She then ordered the Kinsmen out of Cassidy Keep but the Kinsmen insisted that they wanted information from Sean Cassidy, warning that no "lass" would keep the information from them. The Kinsman known as the Wee One then temporarily blinded Siryn with his "pixie dust," but she managed to erect a sonic shield around herself to repel the Wee One before blasting Highlander from Cassidy Keep. As the Kinsmen's leader, Mr. McFadden, retrieved Highlander, another Kinsman, Rapscallion, grabbed Siryn and prepared to crush her throat. Kicking Rapscallion away, Siryn remarked on how inexperienced the Kinsmen were before being attacked by the water-manipulating Dyke. Taking down Dyke with a sonic water bubble, Siryn was smashed into the Cassidy Keep wall by Boulder's magic boulder but used her powers to interfere with Boulder's control of it, hurling it back at Boulder and the Wee One. With the Kinsmen out of commission, Siryn suspected someone in the area they were working for and after scanning the area with her sonar abilities, Siryn discovered a helicopter housing Mr. McFadden and the Kinsman Teleplex outside the grounds of Cassidy Keep. Destroying the Kinsmen's helicopter, Siryn suggested they train more and perhaps call before dropping in unannounced on someone's house in the wee hours of the night.

(X-Force I#30 (fb) - BTS) - The Cassidy family lawyer, Michael, moved into Cassidy Keep, using it as his home.

(X-Force I#31 (fb) - BTS) - Having been neglected for some time, Cassidy Keep's gardens began to dry up and wither.

(X-Force I#30) - Following the realization that she was developing alcoholic tendacies, Siryn met with her teammate Warpath and suggested she take a vacation back home to Cassidy Keep. Unaware of Siryn and Warpath's plans to visit, Black Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut visited Cassidy Keep that night. When they knocked on door, they were met by the Cassidy family lawyer Michael Flaherty, who was quickly blasted aside by Tom, who remarked that Michael had taken up residence in a place that rightfully belonged to Tom. Tom then announced his return to Cassidy Keep.

(X-Force I#31) - Two weeks later, after arriving at Cassidy Keep and learning of Flaherty's injury, Siryn expressed her frustrations by getting drunk and tearing up Cassidy Keep's gardens with her sonic scream. Drunkenly thinking the gardens had been neglected and needed the nurturing of a caring soul, Siryn ended up falling asleep in a whiskey-induced slumber before she was brought inside by Warpath. Hours later, Warpath accused Siryn of not allowing him to help her, reminding her that he had done all of the investigating into Black Tom's attack on Flaherty while she had only drank. When an annoyed Warpath asked why she had even invited him to Cassidy Keep, Siryn exclaimed that she thought he would support her, rather than preach at her. Warpath responded, saying that she wasn't the only one who had a rough life and asked if she was so ready to give up on herself, why anyone should try to help her. The next morning, Eamon O'Donnell made Warpath and Siryn coffee as Siryn tended to the gardens outside. Warpath met up with Siryn, who explained that she had taken up gardening as a child due to Black Tom's gardening hobby. When Warpath remarked about how lonely it must have been, growing up alone in Cassidy Keep, Siryn reminded him that she had Eamon O'Donnell and his family for company. Warpath followed up, asking why Theresa had left Cassidy Keep if she was happy there, soon learning that Theresa had been sent to boarding school, where she had her first drink. A short time later, Theresa confronted Black Tom at Maeve Rourke's grave and convinced him to turn himself in to the police so that he could get help for his then-deteriorating mind and body, coming to terms with her own past in the process.

(Generation X I#7 - BTS) - Sean Cassidy, now the co-headmaster of the Massachusetts Academy and leader of the teenage mutant superteam Generation X, received an urgent phone call that Cassidy Keep had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

(Generation X I#8) - Banshee traveled across the globe with Generation X to investigate Cassidy Keep's disappearance, finding nothing but a smoking hole where it once stood. When looking at the mist spewing from the gaping hole where Cassidy Keep formerly stood, Generation X member Synch began seeing images of elves being hunted by knights, as if his mind had become synced with another world. Upon touching the mist, Synch disappeared into the mist and his teammate Chamber leapt in after him. Both disappeared into the mist but when another student, Skin, attempted to leap in after them, he found he did not disappear like the others, leaving the rest of Generation X behind. The White Queen was able to telepathically sense Chamber and Synch within the other world and used her connection to determine that the mist itself was sentient. Using her mental powers, she forced the mist to also accept the rest of Generation X and the entire group soon leapt into the mist as well, emerging in the strange fantasy realm where Cassidy Keep had been taken. Appearing on Cassidy Keep's highest turret, Generation X quickly realized that the realm did not contain the oxygen they needed to breathe before they all passed out. Awaking in Cassidy Keep's dungeons, Banshee and White Queen discussed where the students might be as well as White Queen's complaints about the danger she was regularly in since becoming co-leader of Generation X alongside Banshee before Banshee noticed that Eamon O'Donnell was also in the dungeons. Learning from Eamon that they needed to free the captive leprechauns of Cassidy Keep and retake the Keep before everything shifted into the Earth realm, Banshee realized if they couldn't accomplish that goal, they would all be stuck in the fantasy realm for the next three hundred years. While the students of Generation X dealt with the fairy Grand Dame, who wished them to fix the fairies' Glamour Machine, Banshee and White Queen escaped their dungeon cell and prepared to retake Cassidy Keep.

(Generation X I#9) - After White Queen shut down the mind of a troll patrolling Cassidy Keep, Banshee, White Queen and Eamon O'Donnell made their way through the Keep as Banshee explained how the Cassidy family had been the patrons of the leprechauns of Cassidy Keep for centuries. White Queen questioned whether the leprechauns were worth the lives of their students in Generation X, prompting Banshee to regret having gotten them involved in the situation before asking why they couldn't save the elves of this fantasy realm from oppression while also rescuing their missing students. Upon hearing Banshee and White Queen bicker, Eamon O'Donnell demanded they quit arguing and asked again if they planned to help the leprechauns. The two mutants then argued about how neither had said they wouldn't help, causing Eamon to grumble at their humanity before turning the corner and screaming when a giant troll grabbed him. When Banshee and White Queen tried to fight back, the troll exclaimed that the faeries needed the elven leprechauns to manually run their Glamour Machine and Generation X's interference would ruin the faeries. As the two mutants battled the troll, Chamber and Synch were led to Cassidy Keep by a group of small, pink-skinned elves, who admitted they had led the two students there so that they could save Eamon O'Donnell's leprechaun clan before they returned to Earth. Reluctant to help in a world where they didn't know who was fighting who, Chamber and Synch soon heard Banshee's scream from the other side of the Keep wall. Syncing his power with Chamber's energy blasts, Synch helped Chamber blast a hole through the wall, where they found Banshee and White Queen battling the troll as Eamon O'Donnell lay unconscious on the floor. Later, after Generation X helped restore the faeries' Glamour Machine so that they would stop using the native elves as slave labor, Generation X and the natives of the fantasy realm gathered within Cassidy Keep to celebrate their victory before Cassidy Keep returned to Earth at sunrise.

(Generation X I#11 - BTS) - After the White Queen entered Banshee's mind following an injury, she saw Banshee's memories of his earlier encounter with Arkady, the man who would become Omega Red, at Cassidy Keep. Once the memory had faded as Banshee regained consciousness, White Queen and Banshee spoke with one another about the outcome of that battle with Arkady on the astral plane, which still resembled Cassidy Keep from Banshee's mind.

(X-Factor III#7 (fb)) - In preparation for his possible death at some point, Sean Cassidy filmed a video for his daughter Theresa in front of Cassidy Keep. In the video, Sean expressed his pride in his daughter and remarked how her mother might be happy to see Theresa showing pride in her heritage since starting to introduce herself as "Theresa Cassidy," rather than "Theresa Rourke." He also explained that Cassidy Keep would be left to her but commented that Cassidy Keep was just stones and money would be heartless. Instead, he announced that he would be leaving her something special that he would have the X-Men's Cyclops deliver along with the video should he die. As he got on a horse to ride off into the sunset for a dramatic exit, Sean admitted that he never told Theresa how much he loved her in person but hoped that between the time he filmed the video and the time he died, he would get the chance to say it more.

(X-Factor III#7 - BTS) - Following Banshee's death saving a plane full of innocents, Cyclops brought Siryn the video Banshee had filmed in front of Cassidy Keep and the special present. After watching the video, Siryn opened the present to find Banshee's old smoking pipe.

(X-Factor III#200 (fb) - BTS) - Angry at Jamie Madrox, Theresa Cassidy flew away from him and returned to Cassidy Keep. Theresa's teammate M followed, hoping to help Theresa find herself, but each day, Theresa seemed more and more empty inside. Eventually, M left to find Madrox in hopes of getting the two X-Factor members to speak to one another again.

(X-Factor III#200) - Waking up following a night spent with the unhinged mercenary Deadpool at Cassidy Keep, Theresa announced that she had things to go. Deadpool attempted to get her to come back to bed but Theresa told Deadpool that while their night was great, they were over as a couple. Deadpool agreed and prepared to leave, commenting to himself that he already missed Theresa after she left Cassidy Keep on horseback.

(X-Men Unlimited III#26 (fb) - BTS) - Cassidy Keep's caretaker Eamon O'Donnell died through unrevealed means. Since the Keep's Lord, Banshee, had been deceased as well, Siryn became Cassidy Keep's new Keeper.

(X-Men Unlimited III#26 (fb) - BTS) - To properly celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, Siryn gave the leprechauns of Cassidy Keep the day off. In return they treated her to a day in their magical realm. One of the leprechauns, Eoin, stayed behind with Black Tom.

(X-Men Unlimited III#26) - Recently resurrected, Banshee visited the Cassidy Keep on Saint Patrick's Day. However upon his arrival, Sean believed the Keep had fallen in disarray when he entered the entrance hall to find it empty and full of dust. When Black Tom and leprechaun Eoin revealed their presence he made the assumption Black Tom was to blame. Their squabble soon led to a full out brawl until Siryn and the leprechauns returned from their festivities and cleared up the misunderstandings.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and Frank Chiaramonte.

I tried to cover every appearance of Cassidy Keep that I could find. Please let me know if I missed one!

Cassidy Keep also appears in Uncanny X-Men: First Class I#8 (April, 2010), but the First Class comics have been rendered out of Earth-616 continuity by Tom Brevoort. That isn't to say specific events that occurred in the First Class reality didn't also occur on Earth-616, but the rule of thumb is only the events that were specifically referenced in a 616 story occurred on Earth-616. All other events occurring in the First Class reality are assumed to not be on Earth-616. The Uncanny X-Men: First Class story involves one of the leprechauns of Cassidy Keep being murdered and the X-Men's attempts to find the murderer. It also introduces many leprechauns of Cassidy Keep and also introduces Cassidy Keep's cook, Mrs. Malone. Whether these previously unseen characters existed on Earth-616 remains to be seen. If something ever confirms the story's existence on Earth-616, I'll gladly add it into the history of Cassidy Keep.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Cassidy Keep should be distinguished from

Mrs. Bridges should be distinguished from

Mrs. Bridges

Mrs. Bridges was an employee of the Cassidys who presumably resided at Cassidy Keep. When Sean Cassidy was run off the road by Det.-Sgt. McLanahan in his youth, the injured Sean returned to Cassidy Keep, where his cousin Tom summoned Mrs. Bridges. After helping Sean into a bed, Mrs. Bridges watched over Sean until a doctor arrived.

--Classic X-Men I#16/2

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Any Additions/Corrections? please let me know.

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