Talismans of Mystic Power

All-Seeing Eye The Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad (2001) Enables wielder to see all things throughout the cosmos, sought by Jihad.

Alpha Stone Marvel Team-Up #16 (1973) Part of the Lifestone Tree, companion of Omega Stone, empowered Basilisk (Basil Elks).

Amulet of Amuk Marvel Super-Heroes #9 (1992) Olympian pendant, placed Venus under Ares' control in an attempt to conquer Olympus.

Amulet of Azmodeus West Coast Avengers #4 (1986) Used by Master Pandemonium to contain his demonic servant Azmodeus.

Amulet of Ka Kull the Conqueror #2 (1983) Pendant possessed by the Bird-Men, given to Kull to save Brule and Tu. Used in an attempt to raise Gallus from death, but raised an elder demon instead, thrown into ocean by Kull.

Amulet of Kalmari Marvel Super-Heroes #4 (1990) Pendant which contained the essence of Kalmari, destroyed by the Black Knight (Dane Whitman).

Amulet of Kulan Gath Marvel Team-Up #79 (1979) Contained the soul of Kulan Gath, transformed those who wielded it into Kulan Gath.

Amulet of Octaviano Blade: Vampire Hunter #7 (1994) Used by Deacon Frost to summon the demon Nezaral to Earth.


Amulet of Pathir Conan the Barbarian #179 (1986) Used to control Imhotep (Ravager of Worlds)


Amulet of Pazuzu Howard the Duck #3 (2002) Ancient artifact made of uranium, transforms wielder into a powerful warrior (Gub-gala-emegir).

Amulet of Power see Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan

Amulet of Quiox Exiles #32 (2003) Pendant from Earth-3931, used to slow the transformation of a human into a vampire.

Amulet of Right Captain Britain #1 (1976) Gifted by Merlyn & Roma, original source of Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)'s power. Later transformed by Merlyn to be "circuitry" in Captain Britain's revamped costume. Some of Captain Britain's fellow Corps members wear counterparts to the Amulet of Right.

Amulet of Set Conan the Barbarian #138 (1982) Pendant which can heal wounds and has power over Ishiti.

Amulet of Surtur Thor #36 (2001) Used by human worshipers of Surtur to revive him on Earth.

Amulet of the Spider-Clan Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2001 (2001) Pendant which granted supernatural power to the Spider-Clan tribe of Peru.


amulet Blade #7 (2007) Protects vampires against being staked


amulet Thor #443 (1992) Given to Eric Masterson by Dr. Strange, rendered him undetectable by the demons of Hell, lost in Hell

Amulets of Damballah Tales of the Zombie #1 (1973) Twin pendants, one worn by the Zombie around his neck, the other wielded by the one who controlled him.

Anomaly Rue Strange Tales #110 (1963) Seal of the Vishanti found in the window of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum; it protects the Sanctorum from most supernatural invaders, also called "Window of the Worlds."


Arm of Kx'ulthuum Conan the Barbarian #170 (1985) Arm of the demonic death lord Kx'ulthuum, bonded after Kx'ulthuum's death to the Hyborian warrior Fafnir, replacing his lost left arm, later merged with Hand of Nergal and the Heart of Tammuz.

Arrows of Eros Dr. Strange #15 (1990) Olympian weapons of Cupid; gold arrows cause love, lead arrows cause hatred.

Atlantean Dreamwave Midnight Sons Unlimited #6 (1994) Used by Dr. Strange to explore John Blaze's nightmares.

Azshiran Haunt of Horror #5 (1975) Ring, defends wearer against demons, given to Michael Heron by Satana.

Babylon Portal Sensational Spider-Man #21 (1997) Techno-magical portal into other dimensions used by the Technomancers.

Basket of Roberta Elk Step She-Hulk: Ceremony #1 (1989) Source of vast power, sought by Carlton Beatrice, who was ultimately defeated by it. Later used by Wyatt Wingfoot to aid Johnny Blaze.

Beatrice Medallion Uncanny X-Men #160 (1982) Pendant given to Illyana Rasputin by Belasco, contained five indents for "Bloodstones" that would mark when her soul would become his.

Bell of Endless Reach Thor #45 (2002) Asgardian, used by Thor to track his raven Munin.

Bell of Ikonn Dr. Strange #47 (1981) Fashioned by Ikonn's Tibetan worshipers; its ringing breaks down reality and enables Ikonn to access Earth.

Belt of Strength Journey into Mystery #91 (1963) Occasionally worn by Thor, enhances his strength but leaves him physically drained afterwards. Most recently worn by Red Norvell.

Black Clock Journey into Mystery #67 (1961) Enchanted clock, ages those touch it, can only be controlled by its rightful owner.

Black Mirror Tomb of Dracula #3 (1972) Forged by demons, opens portals into other dimensions, wielded by Ilsa Strangway and Marie Laveau.

Black Pearl Rom #34 (1982) Used by the Dire Wraiths to summon and control the Seaweed Man.

Blinding Brazier of Balthaak Iron Man #21 (1999) Transformed Samantha McGee into Inferno, the Exemplar of Balthaak.

Blood of the Gods Savage Sword of Conan #28 (1978) Gems of Alwazir, many of those who sought them perished. Cast into the Vilayet Sea by Alwazir, but still sought by Conan and Vallon.

Blood Opal Dr. Strange #63 (1994) Gem used to summon the power of the Whole Moon Hawk, claimed by the construct Strange.

Bloodgem see Godstone

Bloodgem Marvel Presents #1 (1975) Part of the Lifestone Tree, fragments became the Bloodstones, also known as "Starstone."

Bloodstones Marvel Presents #1 (1975) Fragments of the Bloodgem, one embedded in Ulysses Bloodstone's chest, granting him immortality; another wielded by Maha Yogi; a Bloodstone choker worn by Elsa Bloodstone.

Blue Glass Bottle Tales of Suspense #34 (1962) Bottle from Lilliput. Light reflected through the bottle could shrink objects caught within its rays. Wielded by Elias Dane, destroyed when he dropped it.

Box of Khyscz Marvel Comics Super Special #1 (1977) Inherited from mother by Victor von Doom, deemed too dangerous, stolen & hidden by Zefiro members while he was in Tibet, given to KISS band members by Zefiro "Dizzy the Hun," empowering them.


Brazier of Bom'galiath Thor #443 (1992) Used by Dr. Strange to allow Eric Masterson to travel to Mephisto's Hell.

Brazier of Truth Marvel Super-Heroes #17 (1968) When lit, could summon the spirit of Sir Percy of Scandia so that the modern-day Black Knight Dane Whitman could obtain guidance from him. Destroyed in an attempt to purge the Ebony Blade of its curse.

Breathing Guns Hellstorm #12 (1994) Enchanted firearms which can injure supernatural beings, used by Jaine Cutter and Stephen Loss.

Bride of Slorioth Secret Defenders #15 (1994) Statue wielded by Dr. Druid, used to preserve Shadowoman's life at cost of her soul.

Caduceus Avengers #284 (1987) Olympian staff of Hermes, allows him to channel his energies into others and transmute objects.

Casket of Ancient Winters Thor #346 (1984) Asgardian box, contains the Fimbulwinter of Ymir, creating massive snowstorms if opened.

Cauldron of Chthon Dr. Strange #24 (1990) Wielded by Dormammu.

Cauldron of the Cosmos Defenders #15 (1974) Meditative cauldron possessed by Dr. Strange.

Cestus Sub-Mariner #57 (1973) Olympian girdle of Venus, enhances her ability to control the emotions of others.


Chains of Living Bondage Strange Tales #156 (1967) Placed over the hands of Zom, possibly placed by Dormammu.

Chalice of Ruins Thor #20 (2000) Grants wielder vast power when filled with tears of the Designate, wielded by Thanos.

Chest of Strength Thor #45 (2002) Held at the bottom of the Crimson Waters, contains only a mirror; used by Zeus' to test Thor's inner strength.

Chimera Tomb of Dracula #26 (1974) Statue, has immense cosmic power over the universe, destroyed by Shiela Wittier.

Circlet of Enchantment Alpha Flight #19 (1985) Crown which identified Elizabeth Twoyoungman as the Talisman.

Clairvoyant Cauldron of Mammy Tuba Howard the Duck #9 (1981) Coin-operated summoning tool used by Mammy Tuba.

Clavis Key Motormouth #7 (1992) Opens portals into other dimensions, sought by Mys-Tech.

Claw of Bast Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards #1 (2000) Ancient artifact divided into three components, can restore life to the dead or dying, but can only be invoked nine times.

Cloak of Levitation Strange Tales #110 (1963) Cape worn by Dr. Strange, nearly indestructible, can be animated independently or according to Strange's mental commands. Dr. Strange's original cape was given to Rintrah, then later worn by the construct Strange.

Cobra Crown Savage Sword of Conan #40 (1979) Imperfect predecessor of the Serpent Crown created in ancient Lemuria and stored on the Nameless Isle; later briefly worn by followers of Set in place of the lost Serpent Crown but swiftly burnt out with usage.

Conversion Rings Spellbound #1 (1988) Formerly attached to Zxaxz's crown, used by Spellbinder and Roy Fortune to tap into magical energy, caused insanity with prolonged use, finally destroyed by Fortune.

Coral Crab Dr. Strange #64 (1994) Used to keep a primordial serpent asleep to prevent it from assaulting Atlantis; stolen by Strange.

Cosmic Calculator Howard the Duck #1 (1975) Source of Pro-Rata's mystical might, required Jeweled Key for full power.

Coup Stick of Owayodata Avengers #80 (1970) Enchanted by Owayodata to become more durable, wielded by Red Wolf (William Talltrees), can be used as staff or javelin in combat.


Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak (aka Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak) X-Men #12 (1965) Gem which transforms its bearer into the Juggernaut, Exemplar of Cyttorak.

Crown of Blindness Strange Tales #156 (1967) Used by Eternity to imprison Zom by covering his eyes.

Crown of Hathor Marvel Two-In-One #95 (1983) Crown used by Nephrus to ensorcel Alicia Masters.

Crystal Casque Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad (2001) Anchors mystical power, sought by Jihad.

Crystal Conclave Savage Sword of Conan I#216 (1993) housed spirits of Priests of Set (including Kha Semblor) drowned by Nitocris; reanimated by Sabbatha in the Temple of Nitocris hundreds of years later, shattered during final battle between Nitocris and Kha Semblor.

Crystal Globes Savage Sword of Conan #5 (1975) Used by Salome to communicate with others.

Crystal of Bas-Lyonesse Strange Tales #12 (1988) Used by Victoria Bentley to determine source of mystic attacks upon Dr. Strange.

Crystal of Blood Marvel Preview #10 (1976) Prophesized to cause the destruction of Asgard, destroyed by Thor.

Crystal of Kadavus Marvel Team-Up #21 (1974) Artifact possessed by Dr. Strange, stolen by Xandu in order to reenergize the Wand of Watoomb.

Crystal of Souls Ghost Rider #74 (1982) Used by Centurious to contain the souls he had stolen, used by Mephisto to imprison Zarathos, also called "the Soul Crystal."

Crystal of Torment Haunt of Horror #3 (1974) Contains the souls kept in Hell by Satan.

Crystal of Transference Thor #308 (1981) Asgardian, transfers objects from one location to another, used by Loki.

Crystal of Woi Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017) Mystic relic used by Yao to locate Demon Rider (Kushala).

Crystals of Conquest Dr. Strange #176 (1969) Hand weapons of the Sons of Satannish, fired blasts of magical energy.

Crystal Wand Warheads #10 (1993) Sister of the Crystal Wand of Aeish, transformed into Crystal Sword and later a Crystal Dagger able to slay Mephisto.

Crystal Wand of Aeish Warheads #6 (1992) Originated in pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis, taken from Aeish by Warheads, transformed into Crystal Sword by Mys-Tech's Rathcoole.

Cudgel of Yaziya Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #7 (2017) Magic hammer created by Sir Isaac Newton, later found & wielded by Dr. Strange against Newton.

Dark Crystal Marvel Team-Up #7 (1973) Asgardian, can stop time, used by Krylkk the Cruel.

Darklens Gems Marvel Super Special #11 (1979) Jewels which contain the essence of the dark god Darklens, possess those who wield them, created the Key of Illumination.

Darklore's talisman Warlock & the Infinity Watch #33 (1994) Used to banish Count Abyss extradimensionally.

Death Mask of Koala Munba Marvel Fanfare #38 (1988) Ancient artifact, can bestow youth upon others, drains youth from those who follow the wielders, destroyed by one of its wielders.

Demon's Heart Savage Sword of Conan #9 (1975) Pendant made from the heart of a demon which could be controlled by its wielder, Sarna. Destroyed by Kareesha, killing the demon as well.

Demuzaar Savage Sword of Conan #114 (1985) Mystic mask that transported those to the dimension Khaa, who saw its blinding light.

Diamonds of Doom Tales to Astonish #72 (1965) Mound of energy-draining diamonds located at the bottom of the ocean, dwelling place of the Demon of the Diamonds.

Dragon's Egg Amazing Spider-Man #349 (1991) Jewel owned by Cynthia von Doom, used by the Arcane Order of the Night in an attempt to summon a carnivorous insect swarm.

Dream Totem Alpha Flight #67 (1989) Used by Dreamqueen to access Earth.

Dropcloth of Invisibility Sensational She-Hulk #14 (1990) Used by Dr. Angst to conceal his magical items.

Electric Pentagram Hellstorm #20 (1994) Techno-magical pentagram used by Stephen Loss. Highly efficacious but releases high levels of radiation.

Enchanted Crystal Thor #139 (1967) Asgardian, used by Mogul of the Mystic Mountain to observe distant events.

Enchanted Lens Marvel Comics Presents #60 (1990) Used by Past Master to send a target's astral form into the past.

Enchanted Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power Thor #143 (1967) Possessed by Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, used by Volstagg to defeat Mutaurus.

Evil Eye Fantastic Four #55 (1966) Created in Avalon to combat Fomorian dark gods, usually wielded by Prester John.

Exorcists Nightstalkers #1 (1992) Technomagical weapons wielded by Frank Drake, Sam Buchanan and others, able to destroy supernatural beings.

Eye of Ages Rise of Apocalypse #1 (1996) Sought by Rama-Tut, stolen by Baal of the Crimson Sands.

Eye of Ahriman Marvel Two-in-One #49 (1979) Gem, used by Ennis Tremellyn to bind his soul to another's.

Eye of Asmodel Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death #1 (2008) Magic item/spell used by Shadu the Shady.

Eye of Bast Conan the Barbarian #226 (1989) Gem, allowed the Children of Bast to assume human form, stolen from them by Conan.

Eye of Bast Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards #2 (2000) One of the fragments of the Claw of Bast.

Eye of Dagon Conan the Barbarian #59 (1976) Eye-shaped silver pendant taken from the Bird-Riders' statue.

Eye of Force Cloak & Dagger #14 (1990) Medallions worn by Neo-Nazi followers of Thule to access the dimension of Schwarzraum.

Eye of Horus Thor #326 (1982) Egyptian artifact recovered from thieves by Scarlet Scarab & Thor.

Eye of Ibis Conan: Horn of Azoth (1990) Pendant stolen by Conan, used to find the Horn of Azoth in the Crypt of Shadows.

Eye of Kierrok X-Men #75 (1998) Eye of the N'Garai demon Kierrok, wielded by Pilgrim.

Eye of Necros Hulk Comic #45 (1980) Amulet wielded by Necromon, enabled him to observe events in his own and other dimensions, and to monitor the souls and minds of others.

Eye of Ra Marvel Universe: The End #2 (2003) Amulet used by Horus to spy on Akhenaten.

Eye of Tai-Shan Conan the Barbarian #251 (1991) Crystal ball wielded by Shing Luu.

Eye of True North Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017) Magic item wielded by 1950s sorceress Nina the Conjuror to magically find the correct path towards a goal.

Eye of Watoomb Ms. Marvel #4 (2006) Earth-58163 version of Wand of Watoomb reforged to replace Warren Traveler's missing eye.

Eye of Yin Amazing Adventures #3 (1970) Tibetan gem created centuries ago by Makluan sorcerers, sought by the Mandarin to increase his rings' powers.

Eye of Zartra Sub-Mariner #63 (1973) Jewel which Zartra kept in place of her missing eye, placed on the hilt of the Sword of Kamuu after her death, grants the sword's wielder immunity to magic.

Eyes of G'bharr Rjinn Savage Sword of Conan #107 (1984) Gemstone that were once the eyes of a pre-Hyborian era god who was destroyed by the Elder Gods of the Hyborian era after trying to dethrone them; they were stolen by the corsair Bor'aqh Sharaq. One fired searing bolts of eldritch flame (this one was returned to its sultan former owner by Conan), the other fired weirdling beams of mystic ice (this one was kept by the Snow Raven).

Eyes of Kristall-Starrer Blaze #1 (1994) Eyes of a dead sorcerer, worn by Clara Menninger.

Eyes of Set Conan the Barbarian I#79 (October, 1977) Pair of orb-like gems transferred between Hyborian cities of Attalus and Harkaht to symbolize their peaceful relationship. One of the Eyes wept blood when its holder (Conan) slew a priest of Set.

Fangs of Xka'ahk Savage Sword of Conan #65 (1981) Fangs from the statue of the snake demon Xka'ahk, created by F'sarr Bel Trann when he imprisoned it, but he subsequently lost it. The other passed through the hands of other sorcerers including Shamash-Shum-Ukun until stolen by Tamera and used to awaken the demon. When placed in the statue outside of its prison in the marshes of Gana-Seht, they could reawaken it.

Fearsome Fist of Farallah Iron Man #22 (1999) Transformed Andreas Zorba into Carnivore, Exemplar of Farallah.

Feathered Serpent Idol X-Men #25 (1966) Resting place of the Solar Stone.

Fire Jewel Thor Annual 2000 (2000) Gem used to guide bearer of the Map of All-Ending, possessed by Thanos.

The Five Sensational Spider-Man #32 (1998) Collection of items which imparted death, immortality, knowledge, madness and power to Override, Madame Web, Morris Maxwell, Norman Osborn and Mattie Franklin.

Fountain of Eros Avengers #38 (1967) Waters put those who drink them under spell of another (usually whoever had that person drink the water...or perhaps whoever that person first saw after drinking the water).

Freya's Cloak of Golden Feathers New Mutants Special Edition #1 (1985) Asgardian cloak, transforms wearer into an eagle.

G'uranthic Gemstone Hellcat #2 (2000) Gem from Dark Dimension, given to Hellcat by Umar to free Mephisto from Dormammu.

Gaea Shard Dr. Strange #41 (1992) Crystal containing a sliver of the essence of the Elder Goddess Gaea, wielded by Dr. Strange against the Undying Ones.

Gauntlet of Forever Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad (2001) Enables wearer to safely wield magical items, also called "Hand of Attainment," sought by Jihad.

Gehenna Stone Wolverine #11 (1989) Housed the soul of Baal and imparted the demon's power to those who possessed it, destroyed by Wolverine.

Gem of Infinite Suns Thor #32 (2001) Asgardian jewel forged from the heart of a star, can counter the effects of the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Gem of Kx'ulthuum Conan the Barbarian #170 (1985) One of hundreds of gems in Kx'ulthuum's treasure store, stolen by Conan, used by the Scarlet Mage to destroy Kx'ulthuum's undead servants. Magnify moonlight into blinding incandescence.

Gem of Siptah Savage Sword of Conan #45 (1979) Gem kept in the tower of Siptah, stolen by Conan, but lost destroying the gem's guardian.

Gem of Tartarus Defenders #3 (2001) Olympian gem, used by Pluto to imprison Defenders.

Gemstone of Marradan Exiles #18 (2002) Wielded by Callisto of Earth-2030, destroyed by the Exiles.

Girdle of Hippolyta Hercules #1 (2005) Symbol of Hippolyta's mastery over the Amazons, stolen from her by Hercules as one of his original labors.

Glistening Shield Marvel Fanfare #25 (1986) Enchanted mirror used by Lord Raven to monitor events on Weirdworld, also enabled him to step through it and emerge from another mirror in his castle.


Globe of Souls Defenders #108 (1982) Asgardian talisman used by Amora the Enchantress to contain the Valkyrie Brunnhilde's soul for centuries, later briefly trapped Amora.


God from Beyond Defenders #5 (2001) Statue, used by the Headmen to summon and control Orrgo.

Godstone Amazing Spider-Man #124 (1973) Part of the Lifestone Tree, transforms John Jameson into Man-Wolf/Stargod, also known as "Bloodgem," "Moongem" or "Weirdstone."


Golden Apple Domination Factor: Fantastic Four #1 (1989) One of the apples of Idunn, imbued with power by Odin, used by Loki to rejuvenate Knorda and alter reality, creating Earth-1000, eventually used by Knorda to prevent Loki's manipulations, disintegrated prior to first use in Earth-616 timeline.

Golden Beetle Master of Kung Fu #26 (1975) Egyptian artifact, contained ruby eyes which could hypnotize others, rubies destroyed by Shang-Chi.

Golden Serpent Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9 (1989) Used by Set to enslave Atlanteans, imprisoned by Neptune.


Great Guardian of Potosi Conan the Barbarian: Scarlet Sword #1 (1998)  Four-armed statue created by sorcerer of Potosi who hated Acheronians, allegedly founded the city and came to life in times of peril to save the town; awakened in 10,000 BC, when most Potosi no longer believed it, after Helliana danced and forced herself to believe in it, briefly bonded to the Scarlet Sword and was transformed into incarnation of Thun'da before the Sword forced it to kill itself, destroying both Sword and Guardian.

Great Key Alpha Flight #24 (1985) Immense key kept in Shaman's pouch, can transport people to the Realm of the Great Beasts.

Gungnir Thor #275 (1978) Asgardian uru spear wielded by Odin, also called "the Spear of Heaven."

Hand of Attainment see Gauntlet of Forever

Hand of Mumthazi Spectacular Spider-Man #257 (1998) Item fashioned after the hand of a legendary lord of Sufind, holds a ruby of great mystical power, sought by Conundrum.

Hand of Nergal Conan the Barbarian #30 (1973) Counter to the Heart of Tammuz, wielded by Fafnir Hellhand, Munthassem Khan and Atalis of Yaralet.

Hand of the Creator Strange Tales #1 (1994) Amulet used by the Keewazi to guard them against the creature Khlog.

Hand of the Vishanti Amazing Spider-Man #42 (2002) Used by Dr. Strange to help Spider-Man locate the Shade.


Hands of the Dead Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 (2007) Created in 6th century, used by Dr. Strange and Spider-Man in a futile attempt to save May Parker. Allow one to enter the tides of time and space, traveling the world in the blink of the eye and to be in several places at the same time; also allows limited time travel

He Who Protects Avengers #179 (1979) Totem which immobilized the Monolith.

Heart of Ahriman Giant-Size Conan #1 (1974) Used to revive Xaltotun, Ptah Mekri, also wielded by Diviatrix against the Black Ring.

Heart of Athena Hercules & the Heart of Chaos #1 (1997) Olympian artifact, amplifies energy, used by Ares to construct his Gabriel Horn.

Heart of Darkness Iron Man #309 (1994) Ancient extraterrestrial artifact, originally known as the Thuviskaroth of Cataphylaxis, used by Mandarin to empower his Avatars and reshape China, also called "Orb of Power," destroyed by Iron Man.


Heart of the Elephant Conan the Barbarian #4 (1971) Gem infused with the blood of Yag-Kosha so that he could gain revenge on Yara.

Heart of Pele X-Force #81 (1998) Mystic rock sought by the Lava Men to power their Firebringer weapon in an attempt to detonate all of the Earth's volcanoes, guarded by the goddess Pele.

Heart of Tammuz Conan the Barbarian #30 (1973) Used by Xaltotun, later absorbed by Fafnir Hellhand.


Heartstar of the Place Between Galaxies Nextwave #4 (2006) Granted to Captain by aliens Spa-Fon and Squa-Tront, infused its wearer with the Messianic-Siddha complex, granting super-strength, durability, flight, and vision.

Hell Toupee X-Men Unlimited #21 (1998) Headpiece worn by Melvin J. Weal to gain command over assorted demons.

Helmet of Power see Serpent Crown

Helmet of Truth Bloodseed#1 (1993) Headgear worn by Lysander, dispels illusions.

Hitler's Pistol Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 (2006) Able to pierce mystic defenses, formerly used by Brigand, destroyed by Dr. Strange.

Holy Grail Amazing Adventures #1 (1988) Cup which Jesus Christ drank from at the Last Supper, sought by Merlin Demonstorm, used by Baroness Blood to overcome her vampiric weaknesses. Duplicates used by GRAMPA.

Horn of Azoth Conan: Horn of Azoth (1990) Horn of the demon Azoth, held within the Crypt of Shadows, stolen by Natari and Conan, used to revive Azoth, restored to his body then torn off again by Conan.

Horn of Revelation Thor #41 (2001) Used by Cyra to help Tarene recover from her power loss.

IBIC Excalibur Annual #1 (1993) Technomagical talisman wielded by Khaos, allows him to channel magical energies.

Idol of the Nameless One Dr. Strange #183 (1969) Statue, served as a conduit between Earth and the realm of the Undying Ones.

Illumination Stone Thor #22 (2000) Used to guide bearer of the Map of All-Ending, stolen by Thanos.


Inficio Aquilus Gambit #3 (2004) Powerful (and allegedly the first) tarot deck crafted by the Order of the Frater Inficio circa 1300 AD. Granted great power to wielder, though was extremely dangerous. One card, the Incognizable, would explode the eyes of anyone who viewed it.

Inflatable Orbs of Igg Sensational She-Hulk #15 (1990) Floatation spheres, used by Dr. Angst to escape prison.

Iris of the All-Seeing Oracle Marvel Premiere #4 (1972) Summoning tool kept in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Ivory Idol of Ikonn Thor #17 (1999) Totem which transformed Olisa Kabaki into Bedlam, the Exemplar of Ikonn.

Jade Serpent Conan the Barbarian #8 (1971) Figure which becomes a live snake, protected by the Keepers of the Treasure-Crypt of Lanjau.

Jade Tiger Amulet Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 (1974) Head & paws of the Jade Tiger of Master Khan, worn by the Sons of the Tiger and White Tiger, grants enhanced strength.

Jewel from Beyond Savage Sword of Conan #11 (1976) Extraterrestrial gem, sought by the Three Men, contained within the Abode of the Damned until it erupted and killed everyone around it.

Jewel of Bhanjapur Savage Sword of Conan #90 (1983) Twin of the Jewel of Ghanjammide, used by Meldark to open a portal to the netherworld of the Devourers, but destroyed by Conan.

Jewel of Ghanjammide Savage Sword of Conan #96 (1984) Twin of the Jewel of Bhanjapur.

Jewel of Thazarra Conan the Barbarian #165 (1984) When united with the Mirror of Thazarra, could allow Thazarra to escape her imprisonment within the mirror.

Jewel of Transhypnosis Strange Tales #167 (1968) Possessed by the Ancient One, can teleport its wielder into another dimension by focusing their concentration upon it.

Jeweled-Demolisher Beam Strange Tales #119 (1964) Wielded by Aggamon, channels mystical energy.

Jeweled Key Howard the Duck #1 (1975) Tool from Maltesia, required to unlock full power of the Cosmic Calculator, later evolved the Cockroach and returned to Maltesia by Hemlock Shoals.

Ka Stone Nova #6 (1977) Part of the Lifestone Tree, empowered the Sphinx.

Kestrel Key of Krakkan Thor #17 (1999) Transformed Bridget Malone into Conquest, the Exemplar of Krakkan.

Kraken Captain America and Namor #635.1 (2012) Mystic mask created by the Lemurian death cult the Devourers. Acquired by the Thule Society during World War 2. Destroyed by Namor. Reassembled by Covenant.

Key of Illumination Marvel Super Special #13 (1979) Created by the Darklens Gems, enabled access to Darklens' tomb.

Lamp of Lucifer Strange Tales #151 (1966) Summoning tool used by Umar.


Lesser Grey God Defenders #148 (1985) Apparently created by the Six-Fingered Hand; in recent years sought by Minerva Bannister in hopes of restoring then-neutralized vampirism spell, last seen in possession of Rufus T. Hackstabber. Activate dormant magic.

Light of Darkness Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #3 (2017) Used by the Forgotten to destroy souls.

Living Talismans Thor #143 (1967) Sentient power sources of the Enchanters.

Lost Bones of Eh-Yuh Dr. Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #1 (2016) Time-reversing magic artifact used by Qu'vin the Malevolent then used by Dr. Strange to reverse failures to rescue his allies. Has set amount of mystic power, which it loses each time its time-reversing abilities are used.


Lunar Pendant Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1 (2007) Used by Gregory Russoff (father of Jack Russell) to control his lupine transformations, given to him by his wife, Laura Maria Russoff

Madripoor Collection X-Treme X-Men #10 (2002) Collection of jewels which can open a portal to Dimension X, one was in the possession of Storm.

Mallet of Destiny Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad (2001) Focuses magical power, sought by Jihad.

Mantic Organ Hellstorm #20 (1994) Enchanted musical device used by Stephen Loss. Causes seizures in demons

Map of All-Ending Thor #21 (2000) Guides bearer to the Designate, possessed by Thanos.

Mask of Death Web of Spider-Man #104 (1993) Macedonian artifact which empowered Deathgrin.

Mask of P'u-Hua Nightside #3 (2002) Earth-1211, enabled wearer to see the truth, taken from the Lost Treasures of Tao by Sydney Taine.

Master Key Warheads #3 (1992) Mys-Tech tool, used to open wormholes for the Warheads.

Medallion of Power Ghost Rider #1 (1990) Icon of the Blood, transforms Dan Ketch into Ghost Rider.

Medallion of the Dragon King Spider-Girl #4 (1999) Earth-982, pendant which transforms Dragon King (Carlton T. Hackmutter) into his monstrous form.

Medicine Pouch of Shaman X-Men #121 (1979) Portal into another dimension from which the wielder can draw forth various mystical items. A person who looks into the pouch will lose his mind.

Mirror of All Sight Marvel Premiere #38 (1977) Used by Grithstane to view events on Weirdworld.

Mirror of Mycha Thor: Son of Asgard #8 (2004) Asgardian, causes those who look into it to fall in love with the first person they see.

Mirror of Ptah Mesu Savage Sword of Conan #49 (1980) Used by Thulandra Thuu, able to carry messages across great distances.

Mirror of Thazarra Conan the Barbarian #165 (1984) When united with the Jewel of Thazarra, could allow Thazarra to escape her imprisonment within the mirror.

Mjolnir Venus #12 (1951) Enchanted Asgardian uru hammer wielded by Thor which enables him to command elements and channel his godly energies.

Momentary Princess Gambit #10 (1999) Jewel which appears briefly in alternating increments of 27 and 29 years, first sighted in 1887. Sought by the families of Baron Strucker and Gambit over the decades.

Moongem Kull the Conqueror #9 (1985) Used by a sorceress to conjure images of Kull and Gonra.

Moongem see Godstone

Moongem Captain America #169 (1974) Part of the Lifestone Tree, transformed both Lloyd Bloch and Karla Sofen into Moonstone, also known as "Moonstone."

Moonstone see Moongem

Murdoch Adams' Talisman Dr. Strange #28 (1978) Pendant, used to ward off the demon Ningal.

Mystic Prod Strange Tales #116 (1964) Wand wielded by Nightmare, allows him to control denizens of his dimension.


Nisanti Cabinet Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 (2006) Dr. Strange's sanctum, holds the Wands of Satannish and presumably other mystic artifacts.

Nivashi Stone Avengers #182 (1979) Used by Django Maximoff to animate objects.

Norn Stones Journey Into Mystery #116 (1965) Enchanted stones used by Loki among others. Originally belonged to Karnilla. During Dark Reign used to empower Hood and enhance his criminal army's powers.

Obsidian Stones see Stones of Merlin

Oculus Oroboros Dr. Strange #62 (1994) Mystic conduit hidden in Romania, claimed by the construct Strange.

Odinshield Thor #275 (1978) Asgardian, made from Ring of the Nibelung to preserve Balder's life when he was mortally wounded.


Omega Stone Marvel Team-Up #16 (1973) Part of the Lifestone Tree, companion of Alpha Stone, empowered the Basilisk (Basil Elks).

Omegatron Marvel Feature #1 (1971) Technomagical construct of Yandroth which housed his consciousness after his death, designed to activate all of Earth's nuclear weapons.

Omphalos Incredible Hercules#123 (2009) fearing the wrath of the Amazon nation upon them, Atlantis' council of sorcerers conspired to ensure their power would never be wrested from them by harnessing a fraction of the power of the Axis Mundi and placing it within their Omphalos, which they would use a fulcrum to control the turning of the axis, to make themselves the center of the world and have it always reflect their image; these energies proved too powerful to control and contributed to the Great Cataclysm; used by Artume to briefly re-write reality as Reality-92124

Orb of Agamotto Strange Tales #118 (1964) Used by Dr. Strange to view events on Earth and in other dimensions, can also access realm of Agamotto.

Orb of Eternity Warlock and the Infinity Watch #15 (1993) Possessed by Adam Warlock, enables him to contact Eternity.

Orb of Ommennon Defenders #73 (1979) Summoning tool wielded by Xhoohx of Tunnelworld.

Orb of Power see Heart of Darkness

Orb of Ra Bloodstone #3 (2002) Used to summon and dispel demons; wielded by Rakses, guarded by the Living Mummy.

Orb of Snnnr X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1 (2006) Used by Dr. Strange to communicate with the Pitiful One.

Otkid's Elixir Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 (2006) Able to cure all diseases on Earth, stolen from Otkid by Dr. Strange, destroyed by Nicodemus West; one drop was saved and used by Strange to cure Wong of brain cancer.


Pedestrian Prognosticator Sensational She-Hulk #15 (1990) Used by Dr. Angst to locate the Band of the Bland.


Pendant of Kukulcan see Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan.

Philosopher's Stone Fantastic Four #525 (2005) Powerful alchemist's tool for transmuting elements, possessed by Diablo.

Pincers of Power Strange Tales #140 (1966) Dark Dimension weapons used in duels, summon pincers of energy to bind an opponent.

Pink Mink Wolverine/Doop #1 (2003) Artifact worn by the Pink Lady, releases hallucinogenic chemicals when exposed to oxygen.

Plunger of Patootie Sensational She-Hulk #14 (1990) Used by Dr. Angst to create the Cosmic Blowhole.


Prism of Prescience Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe (1989) Earth-712, formerly used by Professor Imam.


Prisma-Crystal Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior #1 (1983) Crystalium; used by Ogeode to transform others into living crystal or to teleport objects or beings, also to bolster Ogeode's general magic abilities.

Purple Gem Strange Tales #119 (1964) Possessed by Dr. Strange, opens a portal into the Purple Dimension, can augment the power of Aggamon.

Pus-Knives Hellstorm #20 (1994) Used by Stephen Loss, track targets by taste.

Ragnahorn Marvel Knights #2 (2000) Asgardian item, left horn of Auohumla, sought on Earth by Ulik.

Ravager of Worlds' Amulet Conan the Barbarian #179 (1986) Pendant, enabled Ravager of Worlds to control his Sky Horde.

Raven Banner Marvel Graphic Novel #15 (1985) Asgardian standard, grants victory to the side who fights for it, but death to the one who bears it.

Resurrection Stone Avengers #209 (1981) Extraterrestrial rock, could reanimate or revive the dead, destroyed by the Beast.

Rhinegold Thor #294 (1980) Created by the fall of Mjolnir to Earth after a cycle in Ragnarok, forged into the Ring of the Nibelung by Alberich.


Ring of Molub Savage Sword of Conan #185 (1991) Summons the demon Molub, leads him to slaughter whomever his master passes the ring; unable to be given to another but can only be secretly passed to another.

Ring of Moondark Marvel Team-Up #91 (1980) Briefly used to contain John Blaze's soul.

Ring of the Abstract Runaways #6 (2003) Used by the Pride to decode the Abstract.

Ring of the Nibelung Thor #295 (1980) Made from the Rhinegold by Alberich, allowed wearer to shapeshift, forged into the Oversword.


ring Thor #443 (1992) Dipped in an ancient potion, given to Eric Masterson by Dr. Strange, allowed him to pierce the stygian depths of Hell and led him to Mjolnir, which Mephisto had usurped.

Ringed Ruby of Raggador Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11 (1999) Gem which transformed Utama Somchart into Stonecutter, the Exemplar of Raggador.

Ruby of Domination Marvel Fanfare #20 (1985) Gemstone wielded by Xandu.

Ruby of Sambana World of Fantasy#11 (1958) mystic talisman bound to South American village; grew heavier if removed from the village.

Ruby of Shadows Incredible Hulk #201 (1976) Gem from Terragonia, used to summon the Guardian of the Ruby, wielded by Kronak, destroyed when the Hulk defeated the Guardian.

Ruby Scarab Supernatural Thrillers #8 (1974) Gem, wielded by both Scarlet Scarabs, sought by the Elementals.

Ruinsaw of Giza Hellstorm #20 (1994) Techno-magical weapon used by Stephen Loss.

Runestaff Thor #235 (1975) Lion-headed staff, stolen from Rus by Possessor, channels cosmic energy and life forces.

Sacred Armor of Atlantis Namor #38 (1993) Worn by the Atlantean Kalen to drive off the Unforgiven Dead, given to Sub-Mariner by Neptune to combat Suma-Ket.

Sacred Necklace of Rhan
Venom: The Enemy Within #2 (1994) Empowered Charles Palentine, who inadvertently summoned demonic goblins. Used to protect Palentine from goblins & later used against Venom, Morbius & Demogoblin, who threw Necklace off Golden Gate Bridge.

Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan X-Men #25 (1966) Stores energy transmitted to it from the Solar Stone, empowered el Tigre and transformed him into the apparent reincarnation of Kukulcan, also called "the Amulet of Power."

Sacred Water Skin Black Panther #6 (1977) Contained waters of eternal youth taken from the city of the samurai.

Sapphire Pendant Namor #60 (1995) Used by Morgan Le Fay to possess the body of Vivian Morgan.

Sash of Dr. Strange Strange Tales #110 (1963) Worn around Dr. Strange's waist, can be extended over ten times its normal length.

Satan-Sphere Dr. Strange #175 (1968) Summoning crystal used by the Sons of Satannish.

Scarlet Tabernacle Werewolf by Night #13 (1974) Collection of mystic items owned by Taboo.

Sceptre of Shadow Incredible Hulk #126 (1970) Wielded by Night-Crawler to summon darkness, destroyed by Barbara Norriss, re-formed.

Screaming Idol Strange Tales #129 (1965) Statue, conduit to Tiboro's Sixth Dimension.


Screaming Masks of Cyttorak Spectacular Spider-Man #207 (1993) Trio of mystical masks that Cyttorak traded to Dr. Stephen Strange for unspecified services, set free when Strange's Sanctum was destroyed during "Siege of Darkness," possessed Spider-Man (Peter Parker). Possess people, turning them evil and granting them superhuman strength, gradually convert host into energy for use as energy-based attacks.

Scrying Vessel of Bo-Ling Immortal Iron Fist#8 (2007) K'un-Lun, used by Iron Fist (Daniel Rand) to observe the location of a specific person (Jeryn Hogarth). Only works with purity of conscience.


Serpent-Amulet Conan the Barbarian #74 (1977) Transformed wearer into a python for a short time.


Serpent Crown Tales to Astonish #101 (1968) Places its wearer under the influence of Set, grants mental powers. Has been worn by Atra, Naga, Destiny (Paul Destine), Namor the Sub-Mariner, Lady Dorma, Hugh Jones, the Thing, the Scarlet Witch, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Nagala and others. Also known as "Helmet of Power" and "Supreme Sceptre of Life and Death."


Serpent's Crown Captain Britain and MI13 #12 (2008) built around the magical idea of Captain Fate's vehicle, enlarged with Lilith's power, served as Dracula's ship to contain the vampires and the ordinance needed to subdue Britain, destroyed upon crashing into mystic barrier around Britain


Serpent-Tiara Conan the Barbarian #24 (1973) Transformed into giant serpent, slain by Conan + Red Sonja, restored to tiara, returned to King Ghanni

Shadow-Cloak Marvel Spotlight #33 (1977) Cloak worn by Devil-Slayer and Agents of Fortune, used to teleport to other dimensions or summon weaponry.


Shazana's globe Strange Tales #133 (1965) Stolen by Shazana from the unsuspecting, unidentified sorcerer who trained her; eventually absorbed by Dr. Strange

Shadow Key Sensational Spider-Man Annual 1996 (1996) Used by Shadowoman to access realm of the Void-Eater.

Shield of Cathloda Creatures on the Loose #23 (1973) Amulet possessed by Kaman Thuu, used to protect him from Athmar Phong's magic.

Shield of Endless Misery Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #1 (2017) Shield capable of displaying images, used by the Forgotten.

Shield of Klarn Epic Illustrated #9 (1981) Weirdworld crystal which kept the dragons of Klarn asleep until it was stolen by the dark god Nightgaunt. Also called the "Sleep Crystal."

Shield of Night Heroes for Hire #2 (1997) Gifted to the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) by the Lady of the Lake; partnered with the Sword of Light, could absorb energy and redirect it through the sword.

Shield of Valka Kull the Conqueror #4 (1984) Used to force Yagotha to seal the gateway to the "Elder Gods" and halt a blizzard they had unleashed.


Shining Trapezohedron Journey Into Mystery #4 (1973) Held by Serpent Men of Valusia, present in Atlantis, lost in Great Cataclysm, recovered by a Cretan, later released entity that possessed Ambrose Dexter.

Shroud of Cleito Man-Thing #7 (1998) Burial robe of Neptune's wife, has souls of the kings of Atlantis woven into it.

Siege Perilous Captain Britain #1 (1976) Gem which opens a portal that judges those who pass through it; given to the X-Men by Roma.


Silent Easter Captain Britain and MI13 #8 (2009) Intrusion of magical fields into another dimension, used by MI13 to capture Mindless Ones.

Silver Chalice Thor #320 (1982) Used by Rimthursar to control the Meangerie, destroyed by Thor.

Skull of Daimon Werewolf by Night #14 (1974) Wielded by Taboo, used to empower Algon.


Skull of Quincy Harker Captain Britain and MI13 #15 (2009) Per his will, following his death, Quincy's skull was specially treated to extend the vampire boundary condition to protect all of Britain, such that every vampire wanting to access Britain has to be invited or be destroyed upon entrance; destruction faked by MI13 to dupe Dracula into destroying much of his vampire horde during a mass invasion

Skull of Truth Nightside #3 (2002) Earth-1211; could reveal the truth of what people say, taken from the Lost Treasures of Tao by Sydney Taine.

Sleep Crystal see Shield of Klarn

Solar Stone X-Men #26 (1966) Empowered el Tigre as Kukulcan, found within the Feathered Serpent Idol.

Solomon Seal Alpha Flight #16 (1998) Can open portal to afterlife and exorcise demonic possession.

Soul-Catcher Marvel Chillers #5 (1976) Held by the Cheyenne, briefly contained the essence of the Super-Skrull.

Soul Crystal see Crystal of Souls

Soul-Mirror Dr. Strange Annual #1 (1976) Linked the souls of Lectra and Phaydra of Phaseworld, caused apparent destruction of Phaseworld when it was shattered.

Soul Orb of Moondark Marvel Team-Up #91 (1980) Contained souls of Moondark's victims so that he could offer them to his patrons.

Soul Shroud Thor #430 (1991) Mystic fabric used by Mephisto to contain the soul of Odin, later replaced him with the soul of Loki.

Soulgem Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19 (1975) Gemstone, used by Dhasha Khan to steal the souls of victims.

Spear of Destiny Strange Combat Tales#4 (1994) Spear which pierced the side of Jesus Christ at his crucifixion, wielded by Thanatos of Earth-9309.

Spear of Heaven see Gungnir

Sphere of Sara-Kath Sensational Spider-Man #21 (1997) Used by the Technomancers to augment their magic.

Spirit Gem of Nephrus Marvel Two-In-One #95 (1983) Contained the soul of Nephrus, allowed him to possess those who wielded it, destroyed.

Spirit Stone Ghost Rider #6 (1967) Grants wearer superhuman strength, intended for the Phantom Rider but taken by Towering Oak, side effects killed Towering Oak, buried with him.


Staff of the Creator Man-Thing #3 (1998) Buried with Earth's bowels by ancient Creator being, later held by Adam K'ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars. Allowed user to open portals in space/time, metamorphosize, and presumably much more.

Staff of David
Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1993) Used by Dr. Strange in battle with Wandor.

Staff of Ibis Marvel Feature I#6 (1976) Wielded by Karanthes, channeled power of Ibis (Thoth), allowed banishment of demons and other magical feats

Staff of Moses Kull and the Barbarians #1 (1975) Used to fight Anath-Na Mut. This staff was once held by Atlantean kings and priests of Bast. Later used by kings of Israel/Samaria and Judah, and also Solomon Kane, spoken of by Mohammed, possibly same as Staff of David, as his son Solomon used it.

Staff of One Runaways #4 (2003) Mystic conjuring staff wielded by the Minoru family, currently used by Nico Minoru (a.k.a. Sister Grimm), emerges from her body when she bleeds; limited by ability to perform each spell only once

Staff of Polar Power Strange Tales #151 (1966) Mystic wand wielded by Nebulos.

Star of Capistan Defenders #42 (1976) Created by the Bloodgem, kept by Omar Karindu for the Cult of the Unliving, transformed bearer into the Red Rajah, also used by Headmen to control Orrgo.

Star of Catalax Rampaging Hulk I#4 (1977) Powerful energy source, used by Chen K'an of Universe-7711 to destroy his planet, "Warnlin," which was beyond recovery.

Star of Khorala Savage Sword of Conan #14 (1976) Ring given to Alarkar, when worn by a good man causes others to fight for his cause and raises the dead to fight for him. Alarkar lost the ring when he became unworthy of its power.

Star Stone Creatures on the Loose#26 (1973) Rock from which both Star Swords were forged.

Starstone Marvel Super-Heroes II#17 (1968) Used by Merlin to create Ebony Sword. Imbued with a mysterious lifeforce energy originating from the previous universe.

Starstone Marvel Premiere #7 (1973) Received power from Kathulos to revive Dagoth when bathed in moonlight.

Starstone see Bloodgem

Statue of Khonshu Moon Knight #1 (1980) Used by the god Khonshu to communicate with Moon Knight.

Stone of Power Marvel Team-Up #16 (1973) Predecessor of the Alpha and Omega Stones.

Stones of Merlin Fantastic Four #5 (1962) Powerful magic rocks, repeatedly sought by Dr. Doom, also called "the Obsidian Stones."

Supreme Sceptre of Life and Death see Serpent Crown

Talisman of Abraxas Marvel Team-Up #8 (1998) Given to the Sub-Mariner by Dr. Strange to help him control his personality shifts.

Talisman of Darklore Warlock & the Infinity Watch #33 (1994) Used to banish Count Abyss into another dimension.


Talisman of Tartessus Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1993) Used by Calyxis to grant Tartessus access to Earth and to mentally ensnare others, shattered by Rintrah, seemingly draining his life force in the process.

Talismans of Power Fantastic Four #232 (1981) Summon elementals, wielded by Diablo and Taaru, destroyed by Valkyrie.


talisman of Ymir X-Men: First Class I#5 (2007)  Used by Midgard Vanir to summon Ymir to Earth.


talisman Thor #443 (1992) Given to Eric Masterson by Dr. Strange, took the form of a gun so Masterson could utilize it, fired energy blasts and freezing rays


Tavistick Iron Man #56 (1973) Staff of Rasputin, used to empower Fangor, destroyed.

Tear of Heaven Marvel Comics Presents #136 (1993) Gem used near the end of each century to summon either an age or enlightenment or darkness, hidden by the Temple of the Sun.

Tear of Nitocris Savage Sword of Conan I#216 (1993) Housed spirit of former Stygian queen, held by Rosina, melted down after Nitocris' spirit was released and took crystallien form and was destroyed while destroying crystalline form of Kha Semblor

Teeth of Gwahlur Savage Sword of Conan #25 (1977) Gems of Alkmeenon, sought by Conan and Thutmekri, ultimately lost in a deep lake.

Thor's Iron Gloves Thor #276 (1978) Occasionally worn by Thor to assist him in wielding Mjolnir, later temporarily adopted by Red Norvell.

Tomorrow Stone Gambit: Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone (1999) Controls temporal energies, can heal fatal wounds; used by Gambit to restore Spat to her normal age.

Trident of Neptune Tales to Astonish #75 (1966) Olympian trident crafted from Adamantine, wielded by Neptune, sometimes wielded by the Sub-Mariner to signify his lordship over Atlantis.

Trident of Suma-Ket Namor #37 (1993) Personal weapon of Suma-Ket, channeled his magical energies.

Two Gems That are One Dr. Strange #81 (1987) Jewels stolen from Dr. Strange by Urthona.

Un-Earth Hell's Angel #1 (1992) Magical replica of Earth used by Mys-Tech, causing changes upon their globe to affect the real world.


Vaal Talisman Spider-Man Family #5 (2007) Legendary Babylonian artifact, transfers one person's abilities to another, used by Morbius to steal Dr. Strange's powers to try to save his friend Dr. Hammond, combined with power of a Darkhold page, instead summoned the demon Set-Dagon, destroyed by Spider-Man.

Verdant Vial of Valtorr Iron Man #22 (1999) Transformed Yoshiro Hachiman into Decay, the Exemplar of Valtorr.

Voodoo King Journey into Mystery #82 (1962) Golden statue worshiped by voodoo practitioners, bonds to the hands of anyone who attempts to steal it.

Wand of Power Uncanny X-Men Annual #4 (1980) Margali Szardos' original power source.

Wand of Watoomb Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 (1965) Powerful mystic conduit, wielded by Xandu, Dr. Strange, Imus Champion, Warren Traveler and others.


Wand of Transmutation She-Hulk #29 (2008) Used by Dark Art to form mystic shields, etc., shattered by She-Hulk and appeared to unleash a number of souls from within it.


Wands of Satannish Dr. Strange: The Oath #1(2006) Held by Dr. Strange within Nisanti cabinet.


Wangal Strange Tales #169 (1973) Amulet wielded by false Damballah, enabled him to summon Damballah's power, can also possess the one who bears it.


Warp-Cloak Dr. Strange #72 (1985) Mystic fabric from the Dark Dimension, open into other dimensions.


Weirdstone see Godstone

Werewolf Rings Werewolf by Night #20 (1974) Transforms wearer into a werewolf with human intelligence, worn by Lou Hackett and Jack Russell, both destroyed.

Whole Moon Hawk Dr. Strange #64 (1994) Bird image fashioned by aborigines, use Blood Opal to summon elemental power.

Window of the Worlds see Anomaly Rue

Witch Compass Blade the Vampire Hunter #1 (1994) Created thousands of years ago by a Chinese psychic, held by the Cathari for centuries, storied in the Chiaroscuro, wielded by Bible John & Blade to track evil.

Wondrous Wand of Tiboro Strange Tales #129 (1965) Focused Tiboro's power, destroyed by the Black Knight (Dane Whitman).

Wondrous Waterfall of Watoomb Iron Man #22 (1999) Transformed Nicolette Giroux into Tempest, the Exemplar of Watoomb.

Yazdi Gem Tomb of Dracula #1 (1979) Ring which preserved the life of Augustus Ebers.

Zodiac Key Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1 (1968) Originates from the Ankh dimension, guarded by the Brotherhood of Ankh, wielded by various members of the Zodiac.

Zom's Amphora Strange Tales I#156 (1967) Vessel used to contain Zom.

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