staff_of_solomon-marvprev19-p1-fullstaff_of_solomon-sosk5-catface-brownSTAFF of SOLOMON

Classification: Magic item;
    reportedly active in the Distant Past, pre-Cataclysmic era, post-Hyborian era/BC era, 17th century AD, and modern era (presumably; plus all eras in between)

Creator: Unrevealed; apparently further augmented by Yahweh (the Abrahamic (Judeo-Christian-Islamic) god)

Possessors: Moses, N'Longa, Priests of Bast, Solomon, Solomon Kane, Yussef of Hadji, unidentified "pre-Adamite" priests, unidentified Atlantean kings (see comments), unidentified Pharaohs

Aliases: Staff of Moses, Staff of Sulieman, ju ju staff, ju-ju stave, voodoo staff, voodoo stave, vudu stave

First Appearance: (Historical) Torah (Exodus 2:1);
    (Robert E. Howard's stories) Weird Tales (August, 1930) "Hills of the Dead"
    (Atlas) Bible Tales for Young Folks#3 (December, 1953);
    (Marvel) Nova I#7 (March, 1977)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Composed of a wood that exists nowhere on Earth, the staff has a cat's head on its top and on its side are carvings of hieroglyphics more ancient than the pyramids. However, the staff has appeared in various forms, with the top in various forms, from a simple blunt staff to various feline forms  (see comments).

    Light in weight, it nonetheless seemed as hard as iron.

    The staff is a powerful weapon of magic and against magical creations. While even simple wood is effective against a vampire when used to stake a vampire through the heart, the staff is effective as a blunt weapon, at least against the vampiric creatures he encountered in Africa.

    The staff seemed to be most effective against demons, or at least one particular demon.
    The staff had no power beyond being a wooden staff against monstrous creatures of a non mystic nature.

    However, at least one vampire, Rosella Carson, proved able to shatter the staff's shaft; whether she had some innate resistance to its power or perhaps mid-shaft is a weak point.

    Possessing the staff for a length of time gave its wielder an awareness of and ability to sense the occult.

    Moses used the staff to part the red seas and then collapse them again on the Pharaoh and his soldiers.

    Moses is shown turning the staff into a large and powerful serpent (which could consume similarly formed but smaller serpents formed by other sorcerers), although original sources show this to be the Rod of Aaron.

    N'Longa used the staff as a focus to communicate telepathically and/or astrally across a distance with a sleeping ally, to transfer his spirit into a host upon whom the staff was placed; in the latter form, he could speak and use his own magical powers.

    N'Longa transferred his mind into a corpse, which he could then reanimate and control. It is not revealed whether N'Longa used the staff to perform this or not.


(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - According to the aged scholar Yussef of Hadji, the staff was older than the Earth and held mighty magic.

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - Per Solomon Kane's sensing, the staff's pommel was carved with a different design, although he had no idea what the original figure was.

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) <Millions of years ago> - "So many million years ago that a man would shudder to count them," the staff was held by strange pre-Adamite priests in the silent cities beneath the seas, and it had drawn from an elder world of mystery and magic unguessed by humanity. These priests used the staff to fight "the evil that was ancient when the Earth was young."

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) -The Staff was held by nameless Atlantean Kings.

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - The staff was written of in ancient Iron-Bound Books (see comments).staff_of_solomon-bible_tales3-burning_bush

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - In ancient Egypt, Priests of Bast (the Panther God) and Pharaohs bore the staff before bowing, chanting worshippers.

(Bible Tales for Young Folks#3/Exodus 2:1 - 5:23) - Moses tended to sheep at the Mount Horeb when a bush burst into flame and God's voice, the angel Metatron, spoke to him delivering God (Yahweh)'s order to free the Israelites from slavery and bring them to a land flowing with milk and honey.

    God saw Moses' staff and empowered it with God's might (in the Marvel Universe, Moses' staff was already magic; presumably God further augmented its power)

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - <circa the 14th and 13th century BC> - Moses used the staff to perform wonders before the Pharaoh Ramses (see comments)staff_of_solomon-nov7-snakefight.jpg

( Exodus 7:8 - 7:13 / Nova I#7 (fb) / Fantastic Four Annual#12 (fb) / Fantastic Four I#212 (fb) / New Warriors I#12 (fb)) - Moses and his brother, Aaron, asked Pharaoh Ramses II once again for the Israelites' freedom.

    Ramses II called for his three court wizards including his mutant chief wizard Anath-Na Mut (and presumably Nephut-Sha) to oppose Moses.

    Moses had Aaron cast his mystic staff (see comments) on the ground, and it transformed into a serpent as it touched the ground.

    The pharaoh's wizards did the same, but Moses' serpent swallowed their serpents with ease. Ramses II nonetheless did not let free the Israelites.

(Nova I#7 (fb) - BTS) - After the tenth plague had hit the land Ramses II banished his chief wizard Anath-Na Mut from Egypt, Mut's journey eventually led him to the Temple of Ka where he found the Ka Stone, which transformed Mut into the immortal Sphinx.

(Bible Tales for Young Folks#3/Exodus 11:31 - 13:22) - Ramses II finally gave in and released the Israelites, who packed up their possessions and followed Moses to the promised land (accompanied by an angel of God in the form of a dark cloud, presumably the Angel of Death).

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - Moses carried the staff with him when he led his people to flee Egypt.

staff_of_solomon-moses-redsea(Incredible Hulk II#257 (fb)/Exodus 14:1 - 15:21) - Ramses II changed his mind (influenced by God, who decided still more sacrifices needed to be made in his name) and chased after the Israelites with his army. God warned Moses, who used his staff to part the Red Sea, then led the Israelites through to the dry land on the other side.

    Once again God influenced the Egyptians leading them into the parted sea where he confused their horses. God then ordered Moses to bring the sea back down, murdering Ramses II and his whole army, who all drowned in the Red Sea.

    The Israelites were safe on dry land and singing while the Egyptians finally feared the Israelites' God as they should because he was not a merciful God. staff_of_solomon-marvprev19-solomon

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) <Circa the 9th century BC> - King Solomon used the staff to drive off conjurers and evil magicians

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb)) - Across a trail in Africa, Solomon used his staff to drive a demon westward and into strange prisons.

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - The staff eventually became known as the Staff of Solomon.

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) <Circa the 6th century BC> - Mohammed spoke of the staff in allegory and parable.

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 (fb) - BTS) <Mid-16th Century> - Solomon Kane witnessed as N'Longa, possibly aided my the staff, sent his spirit to animate a corpse.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb)) - For Kane's aid in the restoration of his village, N'Longa gave  Kane his voodoo stave, telling him it had very powerful magic attached to it.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#1) - As Solomon Kane headed toward the coast where a ship awaited, he used the staff as a walking stick.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb)) - Possession of the staff raised unrelenting urges with Kane, and as he believed that it possessed powers granted by the dark gods of Africa, he wondered more than once if he had condemned his eternal soul by keeping it.

    However, he could not bring himself to throw it away.

<see comments>

(Dracula Lives#3/3 (fb) - BTS) - In Transylvania in search of a friend's missing daughter, Rosella Carson, Solomon Kane was using the staff as a walking stick when he was ambushed by a number of bandits; however, they fled before looting him as the moon was beginning to rise and they apparently feared Dracula or other vampires.

(Dracula Lives#3/3) - Kane was saved by Dracula from attack by wolves and brought back to his castle to recover.

    That night, a woman climbed into Kane's bed and began to caress him with her naked body. Resisting, he recognized her as Rosella Carson and used his stave to oppose her superhuman attack.

    Carson mockingly smashed her hand through the staff, but Kane then impaled her with the jagged lower portion.

(Dracula Lives#3/3 - BTS) - Kane confronted and gained the advantage over Dracula, but spared him due to having vowed to grant Dracula any boon after Dracula had spared his life.

<see comments>

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#4) - Haunted by his "voodoo staff" and seeking to learn its the nature, Kane booked passage on a British privateer ship en route to the North-African coast.

    Shortly after he had explained his possession of the staff to a woman on the ship, they were beset by Portuguese pirates who slew the woman and captured and brought Kane and the other passengers to a small coastal kingdom in the Arabian desert.

    Kane was spared, freed, and given the staff and other weapons back by the caliph's son and -- soon after -- successor, Ali-Ben Ar.

Following a religious discussion with Ali, who questioned his beliefs if he held such a fetish staff, Solomon cast it aside.

    However, after Ali's fiance committed suicide and left a note guiding him to renounce his future as a prophet and join her in death, Solomon reconsidered and
staff_of_solomon-sosk4-catface-detail reclaimed the staff.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb)) - Using the staff as a walking stick, Kane observed elephants and giraffes and even a sauropod (which he believed to be a legendary dragon) in the mists of some forgotten valley (see comments).

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb) - BTS) - Kane battled for his life against a savage tribe more ape than human.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb) - BTS) - Kane witnessed and fought against slavers.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb) - BTS) - Kane located N'Longastaff_of_solomon-katb2-impale-vampire

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 (fb) / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5)) - The old witch man N'Longa assured Kane that the voodoo staff (the Staff of Solomon) was still his, telling him when his gun failed him, the staff would save him.

N'Longa further advised Kane that if Kane wanted him, he should lay the staff on his chest, fold his hands, and then sleep, after which N'Longa would come to him in his sleep.

    Suspicious, Kane nonetheless considered the lightweight but strong staff to be at least a good weapon.

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - Weeks later, though troubled by what he perceived as the diabolical nature of the staff, Kane made his way out of the jungle to the veldt, where he saved the young Zunna from a lion, and then led her to a cave in nearby hills despite her warnings of the danger.

    There he was assaulted by a pair of vampiric creatures, which he ultimately slew via stabbing them with the staff.

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - Seeking guidance against the hundreds of such vampiric creatures, Kane placed the staff on his chest, folded his hands, and went to sleep.

    Appearing to Kane in a dream, N'Longa told Kane to have Zunna bring her lover to the cave and have him lie down as if to sleep holding the voodoo stave.staff_of_solomon-katb3-summon-nlonga

    After Zunna returned with Kran, he lied down and held the staff; as N'Longa's consciousness took over Kran's body, Zunna fainted.

    Both Kran and N'Longa's spirits were sent to the "Shadowland" temporarily.

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 - BTS / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - As the vampiric horde threatened to overwhelm the staff-wielding Kane, the creatures were assaulted vultures summoned by N'Longa, and when they fled back to their city, they were destroyed in flames caused by N'Longa.

(Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - N'Longa told Kane to keep the voodoo staff, the powers of which would prove useful against all sorcerers, serpents, and evil things.

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 - BTS) - N'Longa's spirit was sent back to his own body, and Kran and Zunna both awakened.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - With the voodoo stave in hand, Kane departed.

(Hawk of Basti) - Solomon Kane encountered Jeremy Hawk, a former English privateer turned pirate who had usurped the kingship of the city of Basti, located on the Isles of Ra of lake Nyayna in Africa, ruling over the Khabasti and Masutos peoples. The high priest Agara sought to overthrow Hawk, but N'Longa (communicating via a dream) advised Kane to give his juju staff to Hawk.

    During a subequent banquet, Hawk used the stfaff to overpower Agara, whom Kane then dispatched with his pistol. However, due to contact with the staff, Hawk found his soul banished to the shadow-land by N'Longa, whose own spirit possessed Hawk's body. N'Longa told Kane that the people needed a king to rule justly and allowed them to believe he was Hawk of Basti.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#6) <Circa 1559 AD> - Carrying the voodoo stave, Solomon Kane wandered into the village of the Bogonda, who had been plagued by the harpy-like Akaana.

    The Bogondan high priest, Goro, recognized Kane's staff as "the mighty ju ju stave that in times past had been the scepter of mighty priests in fallen empires."

    Kane ultimately slew the Akaana, but not before they wiped out all the Bogondans. Kane's staff was little use against these creatures, presumably indicating that they were, although monstrous, not magical in origin.

    Kane headed east, carrying his voodoo stave.

<see comments>

(Marvel Preview#19/2 (fb) - BTS) - Kane's long possession of he "ju-ju staff" granted him some occult keenness.

(Marvel Preview#19/2) - Still in Africa,  Kane carried the staff as he found a murdered slave that led him to track down a group of Arab slavers.

    Overwhelmed by numbers, Kane was captured and bound by them. Intending to sell Kane, Sheik Hassim Ben Said cast aside his stave.

    An older scholar, Yussef of Hadji, however, recognized the staff's true nature, and he asked Kane how he had gotten it, and then chided Hassim for casting it away before discussing its legend.

    Hassim nonetheless irreverently noted that it hadn't saved the jews from captivity nor Solomon from captivity. Advising Hassan that such mockery would come to no good end, Yussef stated that he would keep the staff, and he warned him not to hurt Kane.

    That night, as Yussef again approached Kane and spoke of the staff, Hassan mocked him as growing childish in his old age. Yussef advised him that Solomon had wielded the staff against demons in the very trail they followed.

    When they discovered a stone mausoleum, Hassan ignored Yussef's warnings, and he had it broken into in hopes of looting the wealth of a sultan he thought might be buried there. Instead, the mausoleum released an amorphous demon-creature that slew Hassan; shrieking, Yussef dropped the staff and fled (it is unrevealed if he escaped or was also slain).

    Picking up the staff, Kane struck the creature in its center with it, mortally wounding the creature; Kane then realized that this was a demon imprisoned by King Solomon (son of David).

    Kane thus appreciated that the staff was not a tool of black magic, but rather a sword of good and light against inhuman evil. Using the staff to force the creature's corpse back into its tomb, Kane freed the slaves (their captors having fled), shouldered the staff and headed eastward.

<see comments>

Savage Sword of Conan#219) - Captured by Death's Black Riders, Solomon Kane was transported to the hidden African city Negari, after which he was transported back to 16,000 BC Negari.

    Kane was pleased to find his vudu stave, but was also confronted by Conan the Cimmerian, who had also been transported there, from 10,000 BC.

    After a brief battle, the two -- apparently understanding each other via some magic in that land -- appreciated their common circumstances and united to investigate.

(Savage Sword of Conan#220) - Having acquired the Talisman of Thulsa Doom from the dying Nakura, Kane's vudu staff magically transported Kane and Conan to 16th century AD Negari.

    There, the two used the talisman to destroy Nakura's Black Riders before using the talisman to destroy Nakura's skull and itself, leading to Negari's destruction as well.

    Both Kane and Conan were transported to safety, with Kane traveling just outside the city and Conan being returned to 10,000 BC's Negari.

Savage Sword of Conan#20) - Carrying his voodoo staff, a more aged Solomon Kane returned to Devon, England

    After discussing his life history, Kane took his voodoo staff and wandered off to parts unrevealed.

Comments: Created by unidentified(?) writers of the Torah (which is largely the Old Testament in the Christian Bible);
    adapted by Robert E. Howard for his Solomon Kane character;
    Torah stories adapted by
unidentified writer & Joe Sinnott (artist);
    REH version first adapted into the Marvel Universe by Roy Thomas, Alan Weiss, and the "Crusty Bunkers."

    Kane receiving the voodoo staff in the Marvel Universe:

    Based on Kane's being gifted the "voodoo stave" at the end on the Red Shadows storyline, Kane would presumably have possessed the staff in Savage Sword of Conan#171/2 (which precedes Solomon Kane#2), Savage Sword of Conan#18/2, 19/2, 22/2 (which precede Dracula Lives#3/3), Savage Sword of Conan#25/2-26/2, 34/2, 37/2, 39/2, 62/2, 33/2 (which is adapted in Solomon Kane#3), Savage Sword of Conan#162/2, (which precede Solomon Kane#4-6),  Savage Sword of Conan#41/2 (which precedes Savage Sword of Conan#219-220), Savage Sword of Conan#83/4 (which precedes SSoC#20/2).

    As pointed out by Wolfram Bane: Exodus 4:2 was the first reference to the Staff of Moses. Exodus 7:9 was the first reference to Aaron's Rod. The staff and rod were often conflated with one another; for example, it was Aaron who transformed his rod into a snake, rather than Moses. 

    The Staff of Moses and the staff held by Solomon Kane appeared in various forms, from looking like an ordinary walking staff, to having various cat-head tops, some more round and realistic, some more angular. It may have changed in appearance over time, since it was held by the priests of Bast before Moses received it, it would make sense that it received the cat-head form before Moses had it, but it is consistently shown as a plain walking staff in the hands of Moses. The simple explanation is that only writers/artists involved with Solomon Kane stories depicted it with the cat head, or just chalk it up to artistic license. Perhaps Moses (or Yahweh) magically altered it to remove (or at least mystically cloak) the cat's head. And then perhaps N'Longa's mystic ties reverted it back.

    "Strange pre-Adamite priests in the silent cities beneath the seas." Pre-Adamite refers to existing before the time of the Biblical Adam, and we know in the Marvel Universe there were many Elder Races that existed on Earth before the rise of humanity. This race is described as having fought evil "so many million years ago that a man would shudder to count them." Since Atlantis sank in 18,000 BC, these Priests were from WAY before that, in another undersea city. And they were "strange," possibly indicating not quite human in appearance, or perhaps referring to behavior, customs, magic, etc. which would seem strange to civilizations in the last few hundred years.
    Any thoughts on what that race might be?

    An "evil that was old when the Earth that was young" could mean a lot of things, but an easy target would be the Old Ones.

    The "Nameless Atlantean kings" is an interesting reference. It could refer to either pre-Cataclysmic, surface Atlantis, or post-Cataclysmic undersea Atlantis. I would think it unlikely that these kings were not actually unnamed, but rather that their identities were not well known to the outside world millennia later , or at least not known by the otherwise knowledgeable Yussef of Hadji.

    Iron-Bound books typically reference texts to ancient to be in book form, as the basic technology to create a book didn't the pages were held together with rings of iron.

    The dinosaurs in the mists seen in Africa by Solomon Kane may be the same as those in Wakanda's Serpent Valley. Or not.

    Some discussion/extrapolation by Markus Raymond:

In the times of pharaohs it came in possession of priests of Bast, an offspring of Gaea's son Ammon Ra. Because she had been active since the Hyborian era, it is possible her followers from that era had gained possession of the staff and took it to Egypt where Bast was mainly worshipped (before becoming the patron of Wakanda as the Panther God). Moses probably took the staff from the Egyptian priests of Bast. The Judeo-Christian God probably increased the staff's power. He possibly was the one influencing Moses to take the staff in the first place (maybe Moses used his position as step-son of Sethos' daughter to gain access to the staff). After Moses' death it was used by kings of Israel/Samaria and Judah. It was spoken of by Mohammed and was used by Solomon to fight off magicians and wizards (it was renamed after him as the Staff of Solomon). Presumably in the 16th century the staff was found in Judea by African shaman N'Longa, who gave it, without knowing much of its power, to Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane in 1595, who used it to communicate with N'Longa over long distances and to fight monsters, the undead and mythical creatures.

    Note the staff also appears the the newer Fantastic Four Grand Design #1, an alternate reality retelling when the Sphinx fought Moses. It also stated Sphinx was a surviving Atlantean and served Rama-Tut, but this is in text only, thus the Egyptian pharoah Sphinx served when he faced Moses (confirmed as Moses in the Appendix) was still probably Ramses II rather than Rama-Tut.
--Wolfram Bane

Staff of Solomon in other media:

    The Staff of Solomon is also known as the Staff of Kings and was the focus of the video game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, wherein Nazis and Indiana Jones tried to get their hands on it.

    Fun fact: At DC the Staff of Moses was one of four artifacts granting powers to Global Guardians member Seraph (Chaim Lavon).

Profile by Snood.

The Staff of Solomon
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