Real Name: N'Longa

Identity/Class: Human magic-user;
    16th century; possibly earlier and/or later

Occupation: King, Ju-Ju Man / witch doctor;
    presumptive former tribal ruler

Group Membership: People of Basti;
    fomerly an unidentified African tribe

Affiliations: Solomon Kane (blood-brother), Khabasti tribe, Kran (former host), Masutos tribe, Zunna; unidentified ju-ju men of southern and eastern Africa;
    worshipped the Black God/Gorilla God (see comments)
    formerly Songa

Enemies: Gulka the Gorilla-Slayer, Jeremy Hawk, le Loup, Songa, vampire-creatures of Engazi;
    former slave-owners

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Jeremy Hawk/Hawk of Basti (whose body he usurped)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    last seen in Basti, Africa;
    formerly his unspecified tribe's location in Africa

First Appearance: (Historical) Red Shadows by Robert E. Howard (first published in Weird Tales, August, 1928);
     (Marvel Universe) Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 (July, 1975)

nlonga-katb2-fullPowers/Abilities: N'Longa formerly wielded the Staff of Solomon, a powerful mystic totem.

    N'Longa can transfer his spirit, occupying and reanimating the form of an at least recently deceased person. Such reanimated corpses were unaffected by otherwise fatal penetrating or blunt wounds, etc. Presumably assaults that limited them mobility, such as severing limbs, or pinning under heavy rocks would be effective assaults.

    N'Longa can also occupy the form a living being, at least with the aid of the Staff of Solomon. He could temporarily displace a host's spirit to the "shadowland" (possibly a name for the astral plane or some other realm); he could also send at least one other person's spirit to the shadow realm at the same time, in some cases to act as a companion to the displaced spirit. N'Longa cou

    N'Longa's spirit could travel across unspecified distances, presumably at least hundreds of miles, at least with the aid the Staff of Solomon.

    Also aided by the Staff of Solomon, N'Longa could perform a spell to summon a vast venue/kettle of vultures.

    Using the Staff of Solomon, N'Longa could project his mind into the dreams of others.

    N'Longa also used the Staff to summon apparitions.

    What abilities N'Longa had and to what level he could perform them without the Staff of Solomon are unrevealed, although the fact that he gave it up so readily would seem to indicate his abilities were substantial even without the Staff.


Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'7"); (as Hawk) same as Solomon Kane (estimated to be 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 140 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown (hard and snaky); his host's eyes sometimes glowed red; (as Hawk) gray
Hair: None (bald or shaved; at least formerly black); (as Hawk) blond

(The Hills of the Dead (fb) - BTS / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 (fb) - BTS) - N'Longa was a man of African descent born decades, perhaps centuries, before the late sixteenth century.

    All his life he worked powerful magic, first learning from powerful ju-ju men from both the south and the east of the African continent.

    He was for a time the slave of white men and during this time learned even more magic, as well as how to speak English.

(The Hills of the Dead (fb) - BTS) - N'Longa came to possess the legendary Staff of Solomon, which he regarded as a powerful voodoo staff.

(Red Shadows - BTS, The Hills of the Dead - BTS) - N'Longa became the priest of the Black God, also known as the Gorilla God, worshipped by the tribe of Chief Songa, near the Slave Coast of Africa.

(Marvel Premiere#34 (fb) - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 (fb) - BTS, Red Shadows (fb) - BTS) <Around 1553 AD> - N'Longa saw the white man le Loup come to his village and form an alliance with Chief Songa; the two became blood brothers.

(Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 (fb) - BTS) - Le Loup supplanted N'Longa's position of power within the tribe.

(Marvel Premiere#34 - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 - BTS, Red Shadows - BTS) - Arriving on the Slave Coast of Africa aboard a Spanish vessel, in search of le Loup, Solomon Kane was ambushed and struck from behind by Gulka the Gorilla-Slayer, an agent of Chief Songa

(Marvel Premiere#34 (fb) - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 (fb) - BTS, Red Shadows (fb) - BTS) - After Kane's unconconscious and bound form was placed in a hut, N'Longa went to see him.

(Marvel Premiere#34, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1, Red Shadows) - As Kane revived, N'Longa greeted the white man and introduced himself. After Kane confirmed N'Longa's suspicion that he had come there hunting and seeking to kill another white man, N'Longa told him of Le Loup's alliance with Chief Songa.

    Instructing Kane to remain silent, N'Longa offered to help Kane accomplish his goal, as getting rid of Le Loup would allow N'Longa to be more powerful than Songa. N'Longa then departed the hut. nlonga-sosk1-full-fire

(Marvel Premiere#34 (fb) - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 (fb) - BTS, Red Shadows (fb) - BTS) - Hiding outside the hut, le Loup heard Kane and N'Longa's conversation, and he subsequently informed Songa, convincing him to have the two burned alive.

(Marvel Premiere#34, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1, Red Shadows) - Later, after Gulka had slain a tribesman to try to intimidate the bound Kane (after having to turn away from Kane's steely glance) , N'Longa rushed out and waved Gulka back.

    Initially slinking back, as if to avoid N'Longa's gaze, Gulka suddently turned and struck N'Longa, knocking him to the ground. N'Longa was then bound alongside Kane. nlonga-sosk1-reanimated

    After le Loup revealed he had overheard their plot and had convinced Songa to burn them both alive, N'Longa assured Kane he needn't worry as he was  powerful ju-ju man. Calling out to Songa, N'Longa's voice rose to a powerful screen that drowned out the clamoring drums; as torches were applied to the wood about their feet, N'Longa's head suddenly drooped.

(Marvel Premiere#34 - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 - BTS, Red Shadows - BTS) - N'Longa sent his spirit into the corpse.

(Marvel Premiere#34, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1, Red Shadows) - Le Loup mocked his seeming death, but all drumming suddenly stopped and silence spread across the crowd as the corpse of the man slain by Gulka and placed on the altar began to move.

    The corpse rose to its feet and moved jerkingly toward Songa. Screaming in terror, Songa futilely hurled his spear into the corpse's chest, after which N'Longa had the corpse stare into Songa's eyes and then grab him.

    Screaming, Songa crumpled and fell to the ground, and the corpse reeled and stiffly fell on Songa's already lifeless form (see comments).

    After the other tribesmen untied Kane, he examined N'Longa, finding him apparently dead, with his flesh already cold.

(Marvel Premiere#34 - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 - BTS, Red Shadows - BTS) - N'Longa's spirit returned to his form.

(Marvel Premiere#34, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1, Red Shadows) - Kane was shocked as N'Longa abruptly sat up, telling Kane what he had done and that now he could see what a great ju-ju man he was. Meanwhile, the tribesmen chanted N'Longa's name repeatedly in an ecstatic refrain of terror and worship. N'Longa then stood before the Gorilla God, his arms outstretched.

(Marvel Premiere#34 - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 - BTS, Red Shadows - BTS) - Kane slew le Loup in a duel, and Gulka was killed by a male gorilla whose wife Gulka had slain.

(Marvel Premiere#34 - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1 - BTS, Red Shadows - BTS; Hills of the Dead (fb) - BTS, Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 (fb) - BTS, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb) - BTS) - N'Longa and Solomon Kane became blood-brothers.

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2, (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb)) - As Solomon Kane prepared to depart, N'Longa gifted him an ancient voodoo staff (the legendary Staff of Solomon).

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#4 - BTS) <Around 1591 AD> - Haunted by his "voodoo staff" and seeking to learn its the nature, Kane traveled to the North-African coast.

((Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 (fb) - BTS) - Kane located N'Longa

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2) - N'Longa was pleased to see Kane, noting how long it had been a long time since they'd seen each other and become blood brothers. After Kane stated he had felt had been drawn back to Africa, N'Longa noted that the jungle sometimes seemed to call to him also, "She coil like a serpent about my hut and whisper strange things to me...even to me, N'Longa, mighty worker of magic." When N'Longa asked if Kane believed in his fetish work, Kane replied that though he didn't understand it, he had seen it work.

(Savage Sword of Conan #20/2 (fb)) - At a fire, N'Longa held the Staff of Solomon while summoning apparitions to demonstrate his magic to Solomon Kane.

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 (fb) / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5)) - N'Longa then returned the voodoo staff (the Staff of Solomon) to Kane, assuring him it was still his and telling him when his gun failed him, the staff would save him.

N'Longa further advised Kane that if Kane wanted him, he should lay the staff on his chest, fold his hands, and then sleep, after which N'Longa would come to him in his sleep.

    Suspicious, Kane nonetheless considered the lightweight but strong staff to be at least a good weapon.

(Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 - BTS / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 - BTS) - Weeks later, Kane met the young Zunna in the jungle veldt, and he encountered and slew a pair of the vampire-creatures of Engazi (see comments)
(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - Seeking guidance against the hundreds of such vampiric creatures, Kane placed the staff on his chest, folded his hands, and went to sleep.

    Appearing to Kane in a dream, N'Longa told Kane to have Zunna bring her lover to the cave and have him lie down as if to sleep holding the voodoo stave.

    After Zunna returned with her lover, Kran, he lied down and held the staff; as N'Longa's consciousness took over Kran's body, Zunna fainted.

    Both Kran and Zunna's spirits were sent to the "Shadowland" temporarily.

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - As Kane called to Kran to care for Zunna, N'Longa (in Kran's form) greeted Kane, noting his identity.

    Kane denounced him as Satan in Kran's body, but N'Longa -- explaining that bodies were like clothes, and he took them off and put 'em back on -- clarified that his body slept in his Juju hut while his ghost had traveled out and displaced Kran's ghost; N'Longa further revealed that Kran was not dead and that he had sent his ghost to Shadowland, and Zunna's ghost kept him company, but both would come back by and by.

    N'Longa and Kane then discussed plans to face "a nation of vampires."

    At dawn's light, N'Longa and Kane departed their cave (see comments), and N'Longa noted that the land had plenty of caves full of dead men. N'Longa further warned Kane to wear his hat to protect his brains from the hot African sun.

    As they spied from above the creature's former home, the crumbling city of "Engazi," N'Longa speculated that they had left to avoid being crushed by falling stones, and he noted that he thought they might fear other things, too.

    After telling Kane that the creatures were silent because they were dead, N'Longa conceived a plan, and he asked Kane to be silent, after which he drew a strange pattern in the clay with a dagger point,
squatted, and then seemed to fall into a trance (as he prepared a spell). One of the creatures attempted to attack the apparently helpless N'Longa, but Kane attacked it, ultimately knocking it off the cliff to fall and be shattered on the rocky plateau below.

    Reviving, N'Longa advised Kane of the advancing horde of vampire-creatures.nlonga-sosk5-spell

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - As Kane battled the creatures, N'Longa gathered a bundle of dried leaves (or arranged what he had brought with him, although you don't see anything with him prior to this).

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - As the vampiric horde threatened to overwhelm Kane, N'Longa uttered a long, piercing wail, and the creatures were assaulted vultures, who fed on their dead flesh.

    When the creatures fled back to their city, N'Longa used a flint and steel to generate sparks to light his bundle of dried leaves, which he then flung onto the dried grasses below.

    The fire swiftly spread into the city and consumed the vampire-creatures.

    N'Longa proclaimed he and Kane to be mighty men, explaining at Kane's request that the Puritan was a fine warrior but that he was like a little lost child when it came to magic. When Kane worried that he had become a pawn of the devil, N'Longa explained that magic was both good and bad, and he earned Kane's confidence that it could be good by returning to his own form and allowing Kran and Zunna to reclaim their forms.

(Sword of) Solomon Kane#5) - N'Longa told Kane to keep the voodoo staff, the powers of which would prove useful against all sorcerers, serpents, and evil things.

(Kull and the Barbarians#3/4 / (Sword of) Solomon Kane#5 - BTS) - N'Longa's spirit was sent back to his own body, and Kran and Zunna both awakened.

(Hawk of Basti - BTS) - During his journey through Africa, Solomon Kane encountered fellow Englishman Jeremy Hawk, with whom he had once served as a privateer under Sir Richard Grenville. Hawk had later become a pirate before using his knowledge of gunpowder to usurp the kingship of the lost city of Basti in Africa, located on the Isles of Ra upon Lake Nyayna. The city had originally been ruled by the brown skinned Khabasti with the black skinned Masutos as their slaves. For his own nefarious reasons, Hawk had granted the Masutos their freedom, but was opposed by the Khabasti cult ruled by high priest Agara.

(Hawk of Basti) - While having a dream, Kane was visited by N'Longa who advised him to give the Staff of Solomon to Hawk. During a subsequent banquet, Jeremy Hawk used the staff to overpower Agara, who was then dispatched with a pistol fired by Kane. However due to his contact with the staff, Hawk found his soul banished to "the shadow-land" by N'Longa, whose own soul possessed Hawk's body. N'Longa told Kane that the people of Basti needed a king to rule justly and allowed them to believe he was Hawk of Basti.

    Kane later departed the city, and N'Longa, still in the body of Hawk and aiding his followers in the fields, nodded at him as he walked by.

Comments: Created by Robert E. Howard.nlonga-marvprem34-blackhair

    The City of the "Vampires" did not receive an official name in the original story or the Marvel Adaptations. The name Engazi comes from the Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane by Pinnacle Games.

    The dates of "1555" (Solomon Kane#5) for Hills of the Dead and "1559" (Solomon Kane#6) for Wings in the Night were in error, as they occurred after the Battle of Flores in 1591.
--Wolfram Bane

    N'Longo described his early life to Solomon Kane in The Hills of the Dead: "I am so old that you would call me a liar if I told you my age. All my life I have worked magic, sitting first at the feet of mighty ju-ju men of the south and the east; then I was a slave to the Buckra and learned more." The term buckra or bakra is an African-American slang term to describe a white man, often a slave master.

    Hawk of Basti was originally an incomplete story fragment written by Robert E. Howard, which did not include mention of N'Longa. Ramsey Campbell later completed the fragment, with the N'Longa character added, which was published in the compilation Solomon Kane: The Hills of the Dead (1979). Hawk of Basti was never adapted to Marvel, but was confirmed as canon in The Trail of Solomon Kane and Kane... the Avenger by Fred Blosser.

    I had initially thought the N'Longa-animated corpse strangled Songa, but Songa seemed to die of fear or something else on contact with the corpse. You can't scream when you can't breathe. In (Sword of) Solomon Kane#1, the corpse breaks Songa's neck.

     Although Kull and the Barbarians#2/2 showed Kane being given the staff by N'Longa shortly before rescuing Zunna from the vampires, Solomon Kane#5 retconned this, depicting him receiving the staff decades earlier, at their first encountering, shortly after killing Le Loup.

      As the dates and histories are sometimes contradictory, it is difficult to be 100% certain of the placement of all the stories.

    In Kull and the Barbarians#3, N'Longa and Kane left the Staff of Solomon in the cave to protect Zunna and Kran.

     In Solomon Kane#5, N'Longa used the staff to draw a fetish sign to protect them, while -- once the creatures threatened to overwhelm him -- Kane wielded the staff against the creatures as N'Longa cast his spell.

    Also in Solomon Kane#5, N'Longa was in the midst of drawing a ju ju symbol in the dirt when the vampire-creature attempted to ambush him; N'Longa had not yet entered his trance. Kane beat it back off the edge of a cliff in this version, as well.

    In Marvel Premiere#34, N'Longa had black hair, but in his other appearances/adaptations, he was bald.

While Jeremy Hawk was not pictured, Wolfram Bane provided thei supplemental information:

    According to Hawk of Basti, "Jeremy Hawk was as tall as Solomon Kane and like him was rangy and powerful – steel springs and whalebone. But where Solomon was dark, Jeremy Hawk was blond. Now he was burned to light bronze by the sun, and his tangled yellow locks fell over his high narrow forehead. His jaw, masked by a yellow stubble, was lean and aggressive, and his thin gash of a mouth was cruel. His grey eyes were gleaming and restless, full of wild glitterings and shifting lights.

    After N'Longa possessed the body of Hawk, there is no indication of what happened to his original form, but he undoubtably arranged precautions for this. He has been depicted to briefly leave his body in the past in Red Shadows and The Hills of the Dead. In Red Shadows, his original form appeared to be dead: "He bent, laid a hand on the ju-ju man's shoulder. No doubt of it: he was dead, the flesh was already cold... Kane started to rise, then halted. Was he dreaming, or did he really feel a sudden warmth in the dead flesh he touched? Mind reeling, he again bent over the wizard's body, and slowly he felt warmness steal over the limbs and the blood begin to flow sluggishly through the veins again." In The Hills of the Dead, he stated simply that his form is sleeping, but may be speaking metaphorically: “My body sleep in ju-ju hut on Coast many treks from here."
    --I'd speculate that it was a  trance state where his body functions slowed sufficiently that Kane just thought he was dead.

Thanks to Wolfram Bane for the supplemental information not covered in the stories adapted by Marvel.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

nlonga-kane-marvprem34-gorilla_godnlonga-kane-sosk1-gorilla_godblack god / gorilla god

    The Gorilla God was worshipped by an African tribe of which Songa was king/chief and N'Longa was witch doctor / ju-ju man.

    A large stone statue of the Gorilla God existed in the tribal village, and sacrifices were made in its presence.

    After Gulka the Gorilla-Slayer slew a tribesman in an effort to intimidate Solomon Kane, Songa and his ally le Loup prepared to sacrifice
N'Longa and Solomon Kane. However, N'Longa turned the tables by possessing the dead tribesman and slaying Songa.

    As the
tribesmen chanted N'Longa's name repeatedly in an ecstatic refrain of terror and worship. N'Longa stood before the Gorilla God, his arms outstretched.

--Red Shadows; Kull and the Barbarians#2/2

N'Longa refered to himself as "priest of the Black God!" in The Hills of the Dead. The "Black God" was also confirmed as worshipped by Chief Songa and Gulka the Gorilla-Slayer in Red Shadows, but was refered to as the Gorilla God in Marvel Premiere #34.

    The Black God and the Gorilla God are probably one and the same, and perhaps the same as the African gorilla god Ghekre, a Vodu god who has been speculated to be the Gorilla God worshipped by the White Gorilla Cult of Wakanda (Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica: Vodu).

    Despite their reverence for the gorilla, both M'Baku (Man-Ape) and Gulka ritually slaughtered a gorilla.

--Wolfram Bane

    In the Black Panther movie, M’Baku referenced the Gorilla God as Hanuman.

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