Real Name: Adam K'admon

Identity/Class: Human, magically empowered

Occupation: Guardian of the Nexus of Realities;
    Formerly Guardian of the Primal Matrix (unless they're the same thing)

Group Membership: Fallen Stars

Affiliations: Ellen Brandt, Jack and Gwyneth Burke, Cleito, Devil-Slayer, Dr. Strange, Sheriff Donald Fillmore, Howard the Duck, Man-Thing, Barbara Morse (later Mockingbird), Silver Surfer, Sorrow, Spider-Man

Enemies: Evenor, Daimon Hellstrom, Owen Jackson, Kometes, Lilith, Mahapralaya, Marduk Kurios, Mr. Termineus, Namor, Outrider, Scrier, Silver Surfer;
allegedly Lucifer

Known Relatives: Unnamed creator being ("grandfather"), Cleito (mother),
    Eve (wife, deceased), Lilith (alleged ex-wife);
    Cain, Abel, Seth (sons, deceased), their various descendents (see the Bible for the lineage)
    Ted Sallis, Job Burke, the Men of Lineage (descendents)

Aliases: Adam, Man of Lineage, Man-Thing, Nexus of Realities, Spyros

Base of Operations: Nexus of Reality;
    formerly the Man-Thing's swamp, outside Citrusville, Florida Everglades;
    formerly trapped within a staff deep within the Earth;
    formerly the Primal Matrix;
    possibly formerly the Garden of Eden

First Appearance:
(as Adam) the Bible;
    <Comics> Bible Tales For Young Folk#1 (August, 1953);
    <Marvel Comics> Vampire Tales#4 (April 1974);
(as Spyros) Marvel Spotlight I#17 (September, 1974)
(as K'ad-Mon) <BTS, spirit> Man-Thing III#3 (February, 1998);
    (named) Strange Tales IV#2 (October, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Spyros possesses an unrevealed degree of mystical powers. He has some resistance against Hellfire, and appears to be superhumanly strong. While possessing the Man-Thing, he could open portals in space/time, transform the Man-Thing into different form, and presumably much more. It is unknown how much of this power was within K'ad-Mon and how much was drawn from the Staff of the Creator.

    As Spyros he wielded a giant axe as a weapon.

Not all of the information fits 100% with established Marvel Chronology, so take it with a grain of salt (or let me know if you can figure out how to put it all together).

(Biblical Legend Genesis 1:27-2:20/Bible Tales For Young Folk#1) - Adam was the first man created by God on the "sixth day" of creation. 

(Strange Tales IV#2 (fb) - BTS / 4 (fb) - BTS) <According to Termineus> - An ancient creator being tired of creation and drew it back into itself, ending all existence. Eventually, after a timeless time, the creator again developed the inevitable whim, the urge, the desire to know itself and to express itself into all reality. The creator's dreams (of darkness and light, love and hate, male and female, life and death, etc) were given form via the creator's staff. The Fallen Stars were born; living beings--each one the embodiment of one of the creator's thoughts and/or feelings. Each one unique in the role it would play in the drama of creation. The Fallen Stars took shape and fell from the sky through the void of the universe, in the process creating planets, galaxies, etc.
    The creator hurled its staff into the boiling heart of Earth, forming the first land, from which was born the first woman: Cleito...mother of all things. From Cleito's loins sprang the first man, her perfect mate--yet in all ways her opposite. He was Adam K'ad-Mon, first Man of Lineage. It was K'ad-Mon's duty to maintain the dream of reality; without him everything would dissolve, dissipate, into mist and shadow, dreamstuff and fading memory. All others would follow Cleito, embracing and exulting in the creator's majestic illusion. Only the Man of Lineage would bear the burden of truth.
    The place where Cleito and K'ad-Mon were born became the Nexus of Reality, the focal point of the dream, where every universe, every parallel, and intersecting fancy came together.

(Biblical Legend Genesis 1:27-2:20/Bible Tales For Young Folk#1) - God placed Adam within the paradise of the Garden of Eden, and granted him dominion over all the creatures he had created.  However, there was no one among the animals who could be a suitable companion for Adam.

(Jewish Legend / Vampire Tales#4/6) - Lilith was the first wife of Adam, but she ultimately left him, refusing to accept his sexism, despite the pleas of the three angels, Sanvi, Sansanvi, and Semangeleaf. The angels slaughtered the children she had with Adam. As a result, Lilith changed, became vampiric, and tried to kill Adam's children by Eve. The angel's banished her, and afterwards, people used their names on amulets against Lilith.

(Genesis 2:21-5:5/Bible Tales For Young Folk#1) - God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs so that he would have a companion, and for a time, they were happy, until Satan  tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which God had forbidden.  Adam followed Eve into temptation, and they were cast out of Eden into the wilderness.  They raised a large family, and Adam's mortal form finally died at the age of 930.

(Hellstorm#20 (fb) - BTS) - The hide of the first man on Earth was magically preserved and used to protect a book, the Fur Bible or Fur Journal, which would later come into the possession of the Devil-Breaker Stephen Loss, who would transcribe into it the forbidden knowledge from the worst and most dangerous of the mystic texts of which he came into possession. Loss burned the original volume.

(Strange Tales IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - Down through the ages the Lineage continued, each descendent of Adam was initiated into the mysteries, accepting his role as keeper of the dream. However, as time passed, the Men of Lineage fell deeper into the illusion, forgetting who they were and what their role was.

(Marvel Spotlight I#17 (fb ) - BTS) - After his death, Adam was made to guard the Primal Matrix (a manifestation of the Nexus?), as both a reward and condemnation for what he had done in life. Wearing a mask to cover his scarred visage, Adam took the name Spyros.



(Marvel Spotlight I#17) - To halt a global catastrophe caused by the demon Kometes which threatened to destroy the Earth, Daimon Hellstrom was brought to the Primal Matrix by the Atlantean sorceress Zhered-Na, to use its power. Spyros fought Hellstrom to prevent him from using the Matrix's power, as none but he was allowed to access the Matrix.  Spyros hated Hellstrom, recognizing him as Marduk's son, but Hellstrom observed that while his father might have tempted him, Adam had made the choice to disobey himself.  Spyros hurled his axe at Hellstrom, but just then, Hellstrom threw off his aim with a blast of hellfire.  The axe missed and instead struck Kometes, slaying the demon.  With Kometes dead, the danger was past, and Hellstrom departed the Matrix with Zhered-Na.  Spyros was unable to pursue him, as he was bound to the Matrix.



(Man-Thing III#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, for reasons unknown, K'ad-Mon was imprisoned within the Staff of the Creator, which was buried deep within the Earth.

(Strange Tales IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - It became more difficult for the Fallen Stars whose role it was to guide the Men of Lineage out of sleep to awaken the sons of K'ad-mon to their destiny. At last one man turned away from the stars, unable to see their glory, unable to see anything but the illusion; that man was Ted Sallis.

(Man-Thing III#3 (fb) - BTS) - For unknown reasons, the Fallen Star Termineus, who sought to bring about the end of all reality, retrieved the Staff of the Creator from the bowels of the Earth.

(Man-Thing III#3) - Termineus appeared to Ellen in the swamp on Christmas Eve, giving her the Staff of the Creator, which contained the essence of K'ad-Mon. Via the Staff, K'ad-Mon spoke to Ellen, transporting her and the Man-Thing to the crater which had formerly been the home of Rosewell Sanitarium, which had been transported extradimensionally.

(Man-Thing III#4) - From the Staff of the Creator, K'ad-Mon energies called to the Man-Thing, briefly transferring its sentient spirit into him, transporting Ellen and the Man-Thing traveled to Rosewell. However, one of the inmates, Eric Simon Payne (Devil-Slayer) then lashed out at the Man-Thing, ripping him to shreds, causing a powerful energy backlash as he interacted with K'ad-Mon's energies.

(Man-Thing III#5 - BTS) - Rosewell returned to Earth, and Payne and the Man-Thing were re-formed, in the process removing the Nexus fragment from within Payne. Termineus then appeared and tried to claim the Nexus fragment, only to have Sorrow snatch the fragment, transform it into a necklace, and place it around Ellen's neck. Termineus then taunted Ellen with an illusion of a happy, normal life with Ted and Job, only to steal Job away, and leave her to curse at the Man-Thing's side. Seconds later, back in the swamp and holding the Staff of the Creator, they were confronted by Mahapralaya and the Cult of Entropy, who held Howard the Duck captive.

(Man-Thing III#6 - BTS) - Ellen took the Staff of the Creator and fled deep into the swamp, encountering Evenor. Meanwhile, the Man-Thing defeated the cult and removed the Nexus fragment from within Howard the Duck.

(Man-Thing III#7) - Using the Nexus fragment, the Man-Thing summoned the Staff of the Creator, allowing K'ad-Mon to possess him once again. He then transported himself and Namor to the ancient Atlantean City of the Golden Gate. There they learned that the next Nexus fragment was contained within the Shroud of Cleito, former wife of Neptune. However, as the Shroud was sacred to Atlantis, both Namor and Evenor forbade desecrating the the Shroud; when K'ad-Mon/Man-Thing tried to challenge Evenor, the ancient god transformed him back into the powerless Ted Sallis.

(Man-Thing III#8) - Briefly reunited with Ellen, Ted heeded the call of the Staff/K'ad-Mon, using its song to transport them into the distant past, where they obtained the Nexus fragment (which spanned the entire length of time) from Cleito prior to her death. As they headed off on their next mission, to a distant planet in the modern era, Ted transformed back into the Man-Thing, and then was possessed by K'ad-Mon, who commanded her silence.

(Strange Tales IV#1) - On the distant planet, they found that the Nexus fragment had brought life to the previously desolate world. The Silver Surfer tried to stop them from taking the Nexus and condemning the planet's race to death. As the Surfer fought the K'ad-Mon-possessed Man-Thing, Ellen tore the Nexus fragment from its moorings, destroying the race of beings in order to save all of Reality.

(Strange Tales IV#2) - Ellen and the K'ad-Mon-possessed Man-Thing returned to the swamp, where they found Jack and Gwyneth Burke and Sheriff Donald Fillmore, who had just been confronted by Mr. Termineus, who had trained Job Burke as his apprentice. As K'ad-Mon confronted Termineus, Job briefly blinked Ellen out of existence, then appeared to accept her as his long-lost mother, only to steal the Nexus fragment containing necklace from her when she embraced him. However, Job refused to give the necklace to Termineus until he explained Job's role in all of this. After Termineus did so, he revealed his mission to have Job destroy all creation, at which point Sorrow and Devil-Slayer arrived, having gathered the other Fallen Stars and promising to stop Termineus (who was certain they would fail).




(Strange Tales IV#3) - K'ad-Mon remade Ted Sallis, separating him from the Man-Thing. Termineus and K'ad-Mon spoke, discussing that Ellen's love for Ted was preordained by the creator being, to strengthen Ted's spirit with love, and to guide him along the path that would force him to return to his abandoned role as the Nexus Guardian. K'ad-Mon prepared to claim the necklace containing the  Nexus fragments from Job, when Termineus' agent Owen Jackson slew Job and gave the necklace to Termineus, who used it to extinguish all reality.

(Strange Tales IV#4) - After all planes of reality were consumed, there was only a Sea of Nothingness, containing only five figures: Ted Sallis, Ellen Brandt, the deceased Job Burke, the exhausted Termineus, and Sorrow. Ted's nature as the Man of Lineage (combined with his love for Ellen) allowed him to briefly maintain the dream of existence. Ellen argued against Termineus, hoping to strengthen Ted's resolve to restore existence, but as his strength faded, she was the first to vanish.
    However, Ted then realized that if life were but a dream, then so is death, and he restored Job to life. Job combined his will and power with Ted Sallis, becoming the Love that formed the Whim that formed Creation, and they restored all reality to existence. Ted Sallis became the Nexus, while he then returned Job to his parents, who left, to forget all that had happened...for now.

(Strange Tales IV#4 / Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 1999 (fb) - BTS) - Back in the swamp, K'ad-Mon, retaining full control of the Man-Thing, fulfilled Ellen's wishes, sending her to merge with Ted within the Nexus, the two of them actually becoming the Nexus itself.

(Strange Tales IV#4) - K'ad-Mon approached Termineus, offering him understanding of his actions, "...you, the Destroyer of the dream, love it more than any creature in all the universes. Why else would you have released me from imprisonment...given the Staff to the Mother of the Dream?"
    After a moment of contemplation, Termineus looked up at K'ad-Mon, sneered at him, and said,
"F@$% you." Termineus then sank beneath the Earth. K'ad-Mon walked deeper and deeper into the mists of the swamp.





 (Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 1999) - The ancient creature known as the Scrier obliterated the Man-Thing's form and usurped the power of the Staff of the Creator. Ted left the Nexus to help K'ad-Mon against the Scrier, who sought to usurp the power of the Nexus for himself. K'ad-Mon's spirit survived within the swamp and convinced Sallis to become the Man-Thing anew in order to oppose Scrier. Meanwhile, Scrier, having manipulated events so that Ellen would be left alone in the Nexus, sent his agent Outrider to attack her and steal the Nexus for Scrier. Combined within the form of the Man-Thing, K'ad-Mon and Sallis recruited Spider-Man to defend Ellen and the Nexus.
    Meanwhile, the Man-Thing, backed by the power of the Fallen Stars, confronted Scrier. With their powers so evenly matched that any confrontation threatened to destroy the world that he sought to save, K'ad-Mon agreed to Scrier's challenge that they would allow their champions to decide the fate of the Nexus: If Spider-Man won, the power of the Staff would be returned to K'ad-Mon, and Scrier would make no further strikes against the Nexus; if the Outrider won, Scrier would gain the Nexus and use it to re-write reality as he saw fit. Spider-Man was occupied by transportation into an alternate reality, allowing the Outrider to overpower Ellen and enter the Nexus. Escaping back to the Nexus at the last second, Spider-Man leapt into its core and struggled against the Outrider directly. In the course of the struggle, Ellen began to fade out of existence, but she then listened to a voice, more familiar than her own, and she fell down to Earth, taking the Nexus with her, and merging it and herself with Ted Sallis within the Man-Thing's form.
    Scrier was furious at this seeming betrayal, but Sallis explained that while K'ad-Mon had given his word, while he (Sallis) had not. Claiming that perhaps his goal had actually been to cause them to merge with the Nexus and the Man-Thing, Scrier vanished. The Man-Thing, holding the re-powered staff of the creator, looked in on Peter Parker before vanishing in a mystic vortex.

(Personal communication with J.M. DeMatteis) - K'ad-Mon remained within the form of the Man-Thing, along with the essences of Ted and Ellen, and the Nexus.

(Incredible Hulk III#6 (fb)) - The composite Ellen/Ted/Nexus/Man-Thing (possibly containing K'ad-Mon as well) departed Earth for a reality beyond, perhaps transforming into the Nexus itself. The energies of the swamp re-created the Man-Thing in its original form.

(Personal communication with J.M. DeMatteis) - The composite being continued on, fully anchoring itself as the Nexus of Realities.



Comments: Adapted by Don Rico and Jerry Robinson (Bible Tales), and into Marvel Comics by Tony Isabella with art by Ernie Chua;
    Spyros created by Steve Gerber, Jim Mooney and Sal Trapani.
    K'ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars created by J. M. DeMatteis and Liam Sharp

    I have personally confirmed with J. M. DeMatteis that K'ad-Mon was absolutely intended to be Adam.

    The Creator referred to in the Man-Thing/Strange Tales stories was supposed to be the Abrahamic God (or, more correctly, some non-denominational creator being).

    Whether or not God does exist in the Marvel Universe is a sticky issue which will not be delved into here.  For those of you who want a place for God in the Marvel cosmos, his most likely position is that of the "One Above All" whom the Living Tribunal has made reference to.

    Because Spyros was an enemy of Daimon Hellstrom, I'm assuming that the Satan he opposed was Hellstrom's father, Marduk Kurios, but it could easily have been any one of the countless other "Satans" the Marvel Universe is inundated with.

    Besides Satan, the Silent Ones, one of those races that existed before the age of humanity that some describe, take credit for Eve taking the apple from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.

Thanks to Per Degaton for pointing out the Vampire Tales appearance.

In Doctor Strange II#13 (April, 1976), Eternity tells Dr. Strange: "I am Adam Qadmon, the Archetypal Man, and in my bosom grew mortals, each on their various worlds." Eternity and K'ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars are both known as Adam K'ad-Mon, which in the Kabbalah (and other sources), is a phrase meaning "Primal Man." However, Eternity and K'ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars are probably not the same entity.
--Wolfram Bane

Profile by Prime Eternal and Snood.

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims, using info provided by Per Degaton and Snood, and then once again by Snood, with the K'ad-Mon/Fallen Stars information.

Spyros should not be confused with:

Man-Thing III#4, p8, panel 1
Marvel Spotlight I#17
Man-Thing III#8, last page - I'm pretty certain this should be colored white
Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 1998, p9, panel 1 (Nexus)
    last page, panel 3 (white Man-Thing)

Other appearances:
Marvel Spotlight I#17 (September, 1974) - Steve Gerebr (writer), Jim Mooney (pencils), Sal Trapani (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Man-Thing III#1-8 (December, 1997 - July, 1998) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Liam Roger Sharp (pencils/inks), Mark Bernardo (editor)
Strange Tales IV#1-2 (September-October 1998) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Liam Roger Sharp (pencils/inks), Pete Franco (editor)
Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 1999 (1999) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Al Rio & Liam Sharp (pencils), Dan Schaeter (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Incredible Hulk III#6 (September, 1999) - John Byrne (writer), Ron Garney (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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