Real Name: Howard Duckson (see comments);
   originally his last name appears to have 5-6 letters, to start with a "P" (or "B" or "R") and end with a "K" (as seen when he erased it from a paycheck in Howard the Duck II#7);
    or maybe this was just a play on Howard Blank?

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (allegedly Duckworld); occasionally a magic or technology user

Occupation: Adventurer, reluctant warrior;
    former youth mascot for SOOPhI, cab driver, video store clerk, computer salesman, actor, nursing home attendant, baby sitter, balloon vendor, burlesque show director, poster child for Duckitis, dish washer, presidential candidate, amateur wrestler, repossession man

Group Membership: ARMOR (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response agency);
    formerly All-Night Party, Circus of Crime, "Daydreamers,"
Ducky Dozen (Battlestar/Lemar Hoskin, Blazing Skull/Mark Todd, Kurt "Breeze" Barton, Dragoon, Timothy "Dum-Dum" Dugan, Dynaman/Lagaro, Eternal Brain (see comments), Flexo, Gur, Red Raven, Taxi Taylor; - see comments), Fearsome Four (Frankenstein's monster, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, She-Hulk/Jen Walters), Ohio Initiative, SOOPhI (Service Organization Of Philanthropic Individuals; while brainwashed), To Hack and Back Cab Company

Affiliations: Mrs. Adler, Andy the Angel, Anthrax, John Blaze, Susan + Missy + Mrs. "Blust," Ellen Brandt, Caliph of Bagmom, Truman Capoultry, Chamber, Cleft Chin, Chirreep, Dr. Dwight Clive,  Critic , Dakimh the Enchanter, Defenders, Cyrus Degree, Destroyer Duck, Dino Digitalis, Doctor Strange, Officer Dragon, Amy Driscoll, Anne Darrow Driscoll, Jock Driscoll, Duck Deity, Sgt. Preston Dudley, Duktor Strange, Elizabeth the Siberian Husky, Elves of the North Pole, Fifi the Duck, Dionysus Finster, Sigmund Freud, Carmilla Frost of Earth-691's 21st century, Steve Gerber, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Splatter Gomorrah, Lynn Graeme, Dreyfuss Gultch, R. L. Haney, Harold H. Harold, Hellboozer, Hellstorm, Abu Ho Dadi, Hulk, the Interminable (Snoozy, Horny, Dicey, Ditzy, Mournful, Mopey, and Doc), Jason and Cara (possessors of the Secret Warts), K'ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars, Jennifer Kale, Jacali Kane of Earth-483, Killraven of Earth-691's 21st century, Korrek the Barbarian, Leech, Machine Man, Mad Dog the homeless man, Mad Genius Associates, Artie Maddicks, Mammy Tuba, Man-Thing, Louise Mason, Master Ch’aaj, Michael Morbius, NAAC-P30, Nighthawk, Nosferata, Old Skull of Earth-691's 21st century, "Rich Uncle Pennybags", Amy Pope, Johnny Quackson, Parsifal the Pit Bull, Spruce Payne, POTUS, Suzi Pazuzu, Ravel, Razorback, Franklin Richards, Heathcliff Rochester, Ceci Ryder, Simon Sampson, Santa Claus, Santa's helpers (Vito Claus, Bubba Clause, Santa Clara, Claus Tse-Tung, Sanity Claus, and Willy Lumpkin Claus), She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Hemlock Shoals, Hank Skidoo, Skin, Spider-Ham of Earth-8311, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Carol Starkowski, Claude Starkowski, Sunquist, Beverly "Lee" Switzler, Beverly Switzler, Tana Nile, the Terror, Thrasher, T.J., Tores, TuTu, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), "Deaf Melon" Washington, Ali Wazoo, Wigid, Brent Wilcox, Winda Wester, Winky Man, Yahweh;
    unidentified elderly female government agent, Egyptian woman living in the Boarding House of Mystery, janitor at the Burlesque house, owner of "All Night Donut";
    begrudgingly allied with Iris Raritan;
    formerly Amalgamated Charities, Joey Goniff, H.L. Histy, Dr. Knudson, Mr. Good-Ear;
    worshipped by the WACkies;
    Suffragists of Earth-12591 (Columbia, Libertas, Miss America/
Madeline Joyce, Riveter/Roz/Rosalind), Zephyr Zog of Earth-12591

EnemiesAbdul & Abdul, Alexis the Duck, Alvin the gnostician, J. Michael Anthony, Anti-Faddists, Bahndbird, judge Hiram "Don't Gimme No" Balogna, Baloney-verse natives, Band of the Bland, le Beaver, Bellboy, B.E.S.T., Black Hole, Black Talon, Werner Blowhard, Hinky & Dinky "Blust," Boyle-type zombies of Earth-691's 21st century, Bernie "Blind Boy" Buford, Bzzk'Joh, Tippi Canoe, Captain Americana and his family, Cecil, Chair-Thing, Charlie the Cat, Circus of Crime (Clown, Great Gambonnos, Human Cannonball, Princess Python and her pet, Ringmaster), Clockwise, Cockroach, Congress of Realities, Count Macho and his goons, Cult of Entropy, Donny and Tortuga Dearth/Dearth Vapors, Deuteronomy, Devil Dinosaur, "Dill", Doctor Angst, Doctor Bong, Doctor Reich, Dracula, Patsy Dragonsworth, Mrs. Dragonsworth, Seymour Driver, Duktor Doom of Earth-905237, Hubert Dunge, Judge Elmer Dwedd, EATR-type zombies of Earth-8410, Eggsmen, new Fantastic Four (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, gray Hulk/Bruce Banner, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett) of Earth-11099, Dr. Kenneth Flogg, Rev. Godfrey Gander, Garko the Man-Frog, Geriatrics, Gingerbread Man, Gonzo the Clown, Dr. Pheels Goode, Gopher, Commissioner Gordonski, Greedy Killerwatt, Grey Panther, Guardians of the Citadel of Sai-Fuur, Gur (zombified), prince Hassim, Hellcow, H.L. Histy, housefly, HYDRA, Imperium Emporium, Iprah, Jackpot, Jackson-type zombies of "Earth-12180," Jokester, Kidney Lady, Emile "The Goat" Klout, Kong Lomerate, George Lucas, Scrounge MacDrake, Ed "MacMann," Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi, Mahapralaya, Maller, Master Ch’aaj, Mighty Bull, Mister Chicken, Mr. Good-Ear, Mr. Phage, MODOT, Moonboy, Joe Mountbratten, Ted Newman, nurse Barbara, Phelch the Space Turnip, Pinball Lizard, Prodigal Can Company, Pro-Rata, Psycho-Man, Puffin, Quizling, Raimi-type zombies of Earth-555, Relf the Elf with a Gun, Romero-type zombies of Earth-483, Roxxon Oil Company, "Salty Kong" the Ape-Shaker, SHIELD regional director for supernormal affairs for Ohio, Hemlock Shoals, Wally Sidney, Sitting Bullseye, Skar units of Earth-691's 21st century, SOOFI, SOOPhI, Spanker, Status Quo, Wendell Stuart of "Earth-12180," Sudd, Sudd's neighborhood block association, Supreme Soofi, Thog and his demons, Tillie the Hun, Off. Tompkins, Turnip Man, Twin Barrels (Bradley & Patton Barrel), Tyler II, U.S. military, Vacuum Pack,  vampire refrigerator, Dr. Ludwig von Cluck, Ali Wazoo, Ian Whippingham, Whoatcher of Earth-905237, Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, Yucchies, General D. Zastermarch;
    unidentified fanatical Christian, Hare Krishna, homeless woman, muggers, sea serpent;
    annoyed by
the Amazing Fred, the Apple sisters and their All Girl Apple-Corps, Captain Wongo and his Norwegian Camels, Doctor Odd, Gregor the comedian, Mack Exacto
    formerly the Dark Hunter (Franklin Richards)
    Zombies of Earth-12591, including the zombie Asgardians (especially Skurge the Executioner and presumably the
Valkyrior), Invaders (Bucky/James Barnes, Destroyer/Roger Aubrey, Golden Girl/Betty Ross, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Vision/Aarkus, Whizzer/Bob Frank)., and the Waffen-ZZ (Dum-Dum Dugan, possibly other members of the Howling Commandos);
    possibly Galactongue and the Sulfur Surfer

Known Relatives: Dave (father), Dottie (mother), Theresa (sister, deceased), Orville (brother, deceased), other unidentified brother(s)

Aliases: Agent Howard (for ARMOR), Dirk Byrd, "Cheap Ducktective," Cynical Duck, Dark Mallard of the Night, "Demon Duck from Mexico," Dopey Duck, Doucheblade, Drakula, the Drivin' Drake, Duckboy, Duck-Man, the Ducknight Detective, "Ducko" (nickname from Lee Switzler), the Feathered Fury, Howard the Human, Iron Duck, Killmallard, Leonard the Duck, Master of Quak Fu, Mister Duck, Pondhopper, Prisoner 617, Santa Claus, Shang-Op (the Rising and Advancing of a Duck), Son of Satan, Unca Howie;
    possibly Uncle Waddles;
    briefly suspected of being Osama el-Braka

Base of Operations: Cleveland, Ohio; mobile
    formerly Hell;
    formerly the Boarding House of Mystery;
    formerly Mammoth Mall, Miami;
    formerly Wake No More nursing home, Miami, Florida;
    formerly a burlesque house in an unidentified alien dimension;
    formerly Manhattan, New York;
    formerly New Stork City, New Stork, Duckworld (see comments);
    formerly his unidentified homeworld

First Appearance: (Adventure into) Fear#19 (December, 1973)
    (identified) Man-Thing I#1 (January, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Though he rarely uses it, Howard is the master of a rare martial art known as Quak Fu, which enabled him to take out a gang of four adult men, and grab a hurled knife or spinning nunchaku out of mid-air. It might be that the abilities were briefly granted to him in a quasi-mystical matter, after which they swiftly faded.

    As Iron Duck, Howard wore a suit of armor armed with foot-springs, flame-throwers, a faceplate equipped with windshield wipers, a searchlight, a diamond-tipped drill, a radio to project his voice from within its helmet, and a magnetic uncoupler (which caused the armor to release him instantly). It reported contained air conditioning, which would have allowed Howard to smoke within the armor. The armor also granted Howard the strength (and fist protection) to crumple a trash can lid with a single punch.

    For a brief time after being bitten by Dracula, Howard had an aversion to sunlight and a pathologic thirst for blood, though he had no superhuman or supernatural powers.

    As Duck-Man, Howard used the Duckmobile, able to travel at at least 20 mph. I think it had Duck-jector seats, a Duck-Signal projector, and possibly a few other features, too (Payne loaded it with gimmicks to make their super-hero show all the more impressive). His costume had a utility belt, though he never used it.

    Howard briefly utilized a series of voodoo magic items, including the book "Do Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well," a voodoo doll able to cause pain in others via pin pricks, and the wishbone of duck, which combined with a spell from the voodoo magic book could summon a team of ducks.

    While holding the Amulet of Pazuzu, Howard was transformed into a gargantuanly-breasted killing machine, armed with an extendible blade on the wrist, and wearing mystical armor.

    The one thing Howard can't do, oddly enough, is swim (or fly, since he has no wings).

    While adept at adaptability, Howard is unassimilateable. He is a perpetual malcontent, never truly happy nor ever fitting in anywhere.

    Howard engages in exercise only when he feels like it.

    With ARMOR, Howard used his BFG (Big Freakin' Gun), which fired energy blasts sufficient to destroy one of Earth-691's 21st century Skar units. He also used a handtop device for communication with ARMOR (and access to its database) even across dimensions.

Height: 2'7"
Weight: 40 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Feathers: Yellow
Unusual Features: Howard is a humanoid duck, possessing characteristics of both humans and ducks. He has webbed feet and a bill (with upper and lower teeth), but doesn't have wings. He apparently has other human features...just ask Bev. That's his skeleton (via a radiograph ("x-ray") to the right.

(Howard the Duck II#8 (fb) / Howard the Duck I#13 (fb) / Howard the Duck II#6 (fb)) - Howard hatched from his egg, his parents' first child.

(Howard the Duck II#8 (fb)) - As a duckling, Howard played with blocks and a ball.

(Howard the Duck II#6 (fb)) - Howard enjoyed pounding round pegs into square holes in one of his childhood toys.

(Howard the Duck II#3 (fb)) - A young Howard enjoyed his rocking horse on Christmas, which greatly pleased his proud parents.

(Howard the Duck II#6 (fb)) - As a student, Howard was given a dunce cap and sat in the corner former carving E=MC2 into his desk.

(Howard the Duck II#3 (fb)) - Later Christmases were marred by Howard's jealousy over the attention and presents his young brother and sister got.

(Howard the Duck II#3 (fb)) - An adolescent Howard stormed off on Christmas Eve, not wanting to spend time with his family. However, when he saw a toy rocking horse it reminded him of happier days and he returned home.

(Howard the Duck I#13 (fb) / Howard the Duck II#6 (fb)) - A lot was expected of Howard as first-hatched, and his parents wanted him to be a lawyer, though his first aptitude test pegged him as a mortician. Unable to reconcile that with his middle class upbringing, Howard underwent a short, undistinguished academic career, graduating four years older if not four years smarter. As these were war years, college gave Howard his much-needed draft deferment, but he paid a high price for it in boredom.

(Howard the Duck I#13 (fb)) - Howard tried folk-singing. While this didn't pay as well as being a bum, it satisfied some artistic urge, temporarily. After that he tried his hand at everything from poetry to construction--and discovered his only talent was job-hunting.

(Marvel Zombies 5#2 (fb) - BTS) - By the time Howard dropped out of graduate school at age 32, he was interested mostly in pessimism, Schopenmallard and the like.

(Howard the Duck II#4 - text feature) - On Duckworld, Howard didn't fit any with any other group or type; his individualism was so potentially threatening and disruptive that he created a blind for himself, an appearance of blending in.

(Howard the Duck II#4 - text feature / Howard the Duck II#6 (fb)) - Howard decided that he had no use for society. He allegedly spent years seeking anonymity, even destroying government records of himself.

(Howard the Duck II#4 - text feature) - Howard was on his way to the drug-store, intending to buy some cigars, when he was swept up in a crowd of Quent State demonstrators denouncing President Duxon's domestic policy.

(Howard the Duck II#6 (fb)) - The military fired at the crowd of students, killing at least three of them. When Duxon reacted callously at him, the irate Howard leapt at him, denouncing his policies and telling him to "Get Down!"

(Howard the Duck II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Howard had intended to tell Duxon and all demogogues to get out of folks' lives. He wanted people to get down and fight back.

(Howard the Duck II#8 (fb)) - Howard vanished from Duckworld. Protesters holding a "Draft Beer, Not Ducks" sign could be seen in the background.

(Howard the Duck II#4 - text feature) - As he vanished, Howard's last recorded words were "I don't belong here. I'm trapped in a world I never made.

(Adventure into) Fear#19 - BTS / Howard the Duck I#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Nexus of Realities contained within the Man-Thing's swamp had been disrupted by a series of assaults on it, both mystical and mundane. Thog, posing as a human known as the Overmaster, joined forces with Congress of Realities in an effort to merge all of the Realities into one universe, under his control. The resultant disruption of the nexus brought several extradimensional beings to Earth, including Korrek the Barbarian and a semi-humanoid duck.

(Howard the Duck II#8 (fb) - BTS / Howard the Duck I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Howard arrived on Earth with a crash, landing on his butt and then found himself wading through a swamp.

(Adventure into) Fear#19) - After Korrek had fruitlessly battled the Man-Thing (having mistaken him for one of the demons causing the disruption), the cigar-smoking duck emerged from the woods in the swamp, proclaiming the absurdity of finding ones self in a world of talking apes. Korrek and Howard agreed to help search for the means to return to their respective worlds, but they ran headlong into the demons of Thog.

(Man-Thing I#1) - Korrek assaulted the demons of Thog to no avail, so Howard picked up a gun that had dropped by one of F.A. Schist's construction and shot one of the demons in the heart...or where it's heart would have been if it had one. As the bullet had no effect, the demon grabbed Howard and ran off with him. Dakimh the Enchanter then appeared and banished the demons, after which he transported Howard, Korrek, and the Man-Thing to his castle in the Land between Night and Day. After Dakimh had also summoned his apprentice, Jennifer Kale, he explained the threat to reality and then led his allies along a path to Therea. Dakimh warned Howard and Korrek to watch their step, as they were not protected by magical powers and could die if they fell from the path. Nonetheless, Howard tripped and fell into seeming nothingness.






(Giant-Size Man-Thing#4/2) - After falling through an interdimensional void, Howard was dumped back on Earth-616, mistaking it for his own world until seeing more hairless apes. Learning he was in the city of Cleveland--which he thought sounded so eerie and evil that he wondered how it could not be ruled by demons from two buys who directed him to a cigar shop, Howard purchased some cigars; his alien money still got him the purchase when the owner was flabbergasted upon seeing he was a talking duck. Howard then learned of the madman named Garko, who just then drank his special potion, transforming into the monstrous Garko the Man-Frog. Howard initially fled from Garko, but he eventually galvanized his courage and turned to face Garko armed with a garbage can for a shield and a board with a nail in it. Howard swung blindly at Garko, whose chemicals continued to take effect, transforming him into a normal-sized frog. Unaware of this, Howard continued to swing blindly, eventually smacking one of the arriving policemen in the face. Assuming Howard to be a midget in a duck costume, as well as the source of the commotion, the police (including Joe & Mike) hauled him away to their station. Garko the frog leapt into the streets and was run over by the police car.






(Giant-Size Man-Thing#5/2) - Howard languished in a jail cell until police commissioner Gordonski was called in; after subjecting Howard to a strip search and frisking him for a zipper (and not finding one), Gordonski became unnerved and instructed Howard to be released before the newspapers learned that they had booked a duck. Back out on the streets, Howard learned of a series of murders and decided that if he caught the killer, he could get a job as a policeman.
    Disguised as a person, Howard wandered the streets to attract the killer. He succeeded, learning that the killer was the vampiric bovine, Bessie the Hellcow. Fleeing into a nearby autoshop, Howard held Bessie at bay with a cross-shaped tire iron. Howard used a pointed stick (formerly the prop to hold his costume up to human size) as a stake, and then dropped the tire iron in order to grab a mallet. Howard narrowly dodged Bessie's next dive, but she became entangled in a pile of tires, and Howard finished her off with a wood steak to her heart.
    The police--including officer Tompkins arrived to investigate the seeming break-in at the autoshop, but as soon as they saw it was Howard they walked away and pretended they hadn't seen anything.

(Howard the Duck I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Reports of a talking duck led Jonah Jameson to send Peter Parker to Cleveland to investigate.







(Howard the Duck I#1) - Homeless and penniless, Howard contemplated suicide on the banks of the Cuyahoga River, but decided to go for a swim instead, until stepping in the slime-filled waters. Spying a nearby tower, Howard decided to leap from its top, finding that the tower was made of credit cards. Within it, he found the imprisoned Beverly Switzler and accidentally killed a man-turned-guard dog by dropping a heavy chandelier on him. Howard was then captured by the Tower's creator, Pro-Rata who sent both Howard (garbed in barbarian attire by Beverly under Pro-Rata's instructions while Howard was unconscious) and Beverly to the Citadel of Sai-Fuur to retrieve the jeweled Key to the Cosmic Calculator. Knocking out an attacking horsemen, Howard led Beverly to the top of the Citadel and claimed the Key, which awakened the Key's immense stone Guardians. Before the Guardians could attack Howard, however, they were both shattered by the immense Bahnd-Bird, which then came after the two invaders. Howard and Beverly fled back through the portal to Pro-Rata, but Howard refused to give up the Key, knowing it would allow Pro-Rata to control the Bahnd-Bird, but that it would also allow him to conquer the universe.
    Howard tossed the key from the tower, and it was caught by the arriving Spider-Man. Howard spoiled Pro-Rata's aim and his blast ignited the volatile pollutants within the Cuyahoga. Spidey webbed up the Bahnd-Bird, and when Pro-Rata tried again to strike down the webhead, Howard sacrificed himself, tackling Pro-Rata over the edge of the tower. Spidey caught Howard and gave him the Key while he went after the fleeing Bahnd-Bird, but Pro-Rata fell into the flames below.

(Howard the Duck II#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Not having any use for the jeweled Key, Howard hocked it.

(Howard the Duck I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Beverly invited Howard to stay at her house.






(Howard the Duck I#2) - Howard dreamed of being the lead character in Arthur Winslow (Beverly's friend)'s Killmallard (unpublished) novel.

Howard and Beverly took a bus ride to Arthur's house, which was interrupted when Howard's smoking attracted the ire of the deranged Kidney Lady. As their argument progressed to a conflict, they caused the bus driver to drive off the side of bridge, but they were saved by the Turnip-Man (Arthur Winslow mutated by the Space-Turnip). When the Space Turnip forced Winslow to abduct and attempt to force himself on Beverly, Howard came to the rescue, recovering from an energy blast and then tearing the greens from the back of the Space Turnip, effectively lobotomizing the Turnip and freeing Arthur. The greens then flew through the air, but Howard guided them into a smokestack, which he narrowly evaded.












(Howard the Duck I#3) - Howard and Beverly saw a Kung Fu movie, and Howard complained of the violence it promoted. Soon after a would-be Kung Fu youth crossed the path of Count Macho, who beat him savagely, and then Macho's gang joined in and a fight escalated until the boy was stabbed. While Bev went to the hospital (though the boy died anyway), Howard followed an ad to the school of Master C'haaj, who trained him to overcome Macho (in 3 hours and 17 minures, giving him a robe and a medallion--re-christening him "Shang-Op" (Rising and Advancing of a Duck), Master of Quak Fu" before vanishing along with his store. Macho and his boys kidnapped Howard, who took out the gang members. He held his own against Macho until the man became enraged and charged him, falling off the top of a building to his death.






(Howard the Duck I#4) - Howard met Paul Same, the sleep-walking would-be artist who briefly became the Winky-Man. The next week he accompanied Same to his art exhibit, where he helped Same gain closure by acting himself and ridiculing the pretentious art critic Xavier Couture.

(Howard the Duck I#5) - Down to their last dollar, Howard wasted fifty cents destroying a comic book that treated cartoon ducks stereotypes. While trying to speak out on this, Howard was mistaken for Dopey Duck and put on the Gonzo the Clown show, and he punched out Gonzo after receiving a pie in the face. He was next hired as a repo man, but he felt too much sympathy for his first assignment, the struggling single mother Mrs. Adler, and he quit his job. Finally he saw an advertisement for $10,000 to any man who could last three rounds with wrestling champion Emile "The Goat" Klout, and he figured this was his chance. En route he ran into the Kidney Lady again, but he chose to ignore her taunts so he wouldn't wreck his chances of winning the money.
    Wearing a handkerchief to cover his bill, Howard entered the ring, but found that Klout was immune to best Quak Fu. Finally, Howard dodged Klout's leap, and the wrester was stunned when he tore through the ring floor. Rallying his strength into one blow, Howard then punched Klout out. However, once he took off his handkerchief, the manager refused to pay him because the ad said, "any MAN who could stay in the ring." Still the manager did give him enough money to pay his bills.

(Howard the Duck I#6) - Howard got a kick out of the furshsluginer funnies in the magazine Crazy.

(Howard the Duck I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Howard and Bev hitchhiked into Pennsylvania, but when Howard refused to put out his cigar to appease one of the drivers, they were dumped out in the middle of nowhere.

(Howard the Duck I#6) - Walking along the highway at night in the rain, Howard and Bev were nearly run over by passing driver Joe Mountbratten, after which Bev became frustrated and left Howard, wandering up to Dragonsworth Manor, where she was mistaken for the new governess and welcomed in. Howard meanwhile slept in the woods and was rudely awakened in the morning by Yucchies, followers of Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, who condemned him as a devil-duck. Howard was rescued by real estate broker Heathcliff Rochester, who had gotten his instructions mixed up and thought he was picking up a Reverend Duck. Rochester brought what he thought was his potential buyer to Dragonsworth Manor, where he and Bev made up. Rev. Yuc then showed up, intending to purchase Dragonworth manor and consecrate it as his seminary to exorcise the evil forces quartered there by the young Patsy Dragonsworth. Patsy proclaimed that she was only making harmless cookies, but she then revealed her giant Gingerbread Man and brought it to life.

(Howard the Duck I#7) - Locked in the room with the Gingerbread Man, Howard bit off it's right leg, causing it to topple into Patsy' electrical system, which blew up the house. Howard and Bev dove to safety and decided to start heading towards New York. They were picked up by country singer Dreyfuss Gultch, a representative of the All-Night Party in town for the national election convention. Needing employment, Howard worked security for the convention, while Bev worked as a hospitality girl. In between receiving vague messages from "A Friend" regarding preparing a cake, Howard walked in on a government committee meeting, giving them a piece of his mind regarding government intelligence, or lack thereof. Howard eventually deciphered the cake messages as a recipe for Baked Alaska, and realized that someone was planning to bomb the Alaska section to kill the All-Night Party candidate, Wauldrop. Howard managed to knock the bomb into the Bicentennial birthday cake, smothering it, but Wauldrop quit to avoid further assassination attempts. The All-Night Party then picked Howard as their next candidate.

(Howard the Duck I#7 - BTS) - Howard took a swipe at a new high-rise apartment on New York's lower east side...with a baseball bat...knocking out a girder on the ground floor and upsetting project director Nils Harbinger.

(Howard the Duck I#7 - BTS) - Howard opposed the construction of a nuclear power plant in Fleasville, Arkansas, defeating engineer Hubert Dunge after a series of debates.

(Howard the Duck I#7 - BTS) - Howard voiced his approval of unemployment...respecting those who found the courage to buck the societal pressure to pursue material wealth.

(Howard the Duck I#7 - BTS) - Howard voiced his approval of the Beatles, disapproval of terrorism, his idea on taxing muggers, and his opinion on the ultimate future of humanity: "Waaaaugh. What's the use?"

(Marvel Treasury Edition#12) - Dr. Angst organized the Band of the Band and planned to make a name for them all by assassinating the All-Night Party's candidate for president: Howard the Duck. Meanwhile Howard and Beverly were kicked out of New York's Parkside Plaza Hotel for not having money to pay for their room (The All-Night Party had assumed they were wealthy and so did not pay for their room). Beverly tried to bring Howard to stay with some friends of hers, but she accidentally brought him to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum (bumping into Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson en route). Upon seeing Strange and the Defenders (Hulk, Nighthawk, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)), Howard realized they were in the wrong place, but Strange erected a magical force field to prevent them from leaving. Having sensed magic recently (Dr. Angst's magic), Strange asked Howard if he knew anything about it. Howard didn't know anything, but he then asked Howard about sending him back to his homeworld. As Strange prepared to locate Howard's world they were ambushed by the Band of the Bland, and Stange was knocked out by several tennis balls to the head. Strange released his astral self and temporarily granted Howard his own Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto, promising to guide him telepathically against the Band. Howard confronted the Band, summoning the Vapors of Valtorr to blind them, after which Angst teleported both the Band and the Defenders to Shea Stadium. At the same time, Angst placed a Mask of Concealment about Strange's thoughts and then summoned a giant needle and thread to bind him. Howard broke free and used the magic power Strange had granted him to cast several spells against Angst, who easily countered each of them. Howard then bound Angst in his Cloak and punched him out.
    Strange told Howard he had a natural aptitude for magic and offered to tutor him, but Howard declined. When Strange offered to try to send him back to his world again, Howard declined, realizing he wanted to stay with Bev.

(Howard the Duck I#8) - Howard survived a series of assassination attempts, after which he dumped his ad agency (G.Q. Studley Associates), disliking their false claims; he then hired Mad Genius Associates (run by Steve Gerber). Howard's candor and speaking of the truth impressed the public, and he shot to the top of the ratings. Continuing his activist campaign, he dumped a steam-shovelful of non-returnable containers at their manufacturer's, Prodigal Can Company; gagged parents protesting busing programs; and proposed that if the military needed money for more weapons they could gain it by cutting their own housing, sending them to live in caves: Fort Neanderthal. He similarly refused to play ball with a number of big businesses, telling them he'd rather lose the election than sell out. On the day before the election, following his final press conference--in which he stirred up more controversy, he survived a number of assassination attempts only to return to his hotel room and learn that he had been part of a smear campaign which showed a doctored photograph of he and Beverly sharing a bath together.

(Howard the Duck I#9) - Under pressure from Gultch, Howard and Bev flew to Canada on the trail of the bellboy who had perpetrated the smear campaign against them. They hopped aboard a Fly-By-Night plane bound to Canada, which turned out to be another trap from the bellboy, who operated the plane by remote control, sending it to crash in the wooded regions around Canada. Surviving, Howard and Bev were rescued by RCMP Sgt. Preston Dudley who led them to Dentrifis (the alleged mastermind behind the bellboy), but they took him for a crackpot and left. After the two were saved from another assassination attempt from the bellboy by Dudley's Siberian Huskey Elizabeth, Beverly was kidnapped by an army of beavers and brought to Niagara Falls, to which Howard followed them, encountering Dentrifis in the form of the "Le Beaver." Dentrifis explained the reason for his actions then challenged Howard to battle him on a tight-rope across the Falls, or else his beavers would chew down the tree in which Beverly has been placed, causing her to drop into the falls. Howard approached the Beaver, but then turned around and ran away. As Howard jumped off the rope, the recoil upset the balance of the Beaver, who plunged into the Falls.

(Howard the Duck I#10) - Overcome by angst over having turned his back on the recent conflict, Howard had a nervous breakdown and seemed to go through a series of surreal adventures.

(Howard the Duck I#11) - After being diagnosed with severe exhaustion and receiving a mega-vitamin injection, Howard recovered from his delirium, only to see Bev at dinner with the doctor. Irate, he boarded the first train out of New York, which turned out to be bound for Cleveland. After meeting fellow passenger Winda Wester, Howard was accosted in rapid succession by Alvin the gnosticologist, a fanatical Christian, and a Hare Krishna. When the Kidney Lady again appeared and assaulted him anew, Howard lost it and attacked the Kidney Lady, and the bus wrecked in the ensuing chaos. There were no fatalities, but the bus driver identified Howard, Winda, and the Kidney Lady as the ones responsible for the wreck, and they were all carted away by the police...with Howard in a straightjacket.

(Howard the Duck I#12) - Recovering his mind in prison, Howard was brought to trial under the honorable Hiram "Don't-gimme-no" Balogna, and Howard flipped out when the judge proved sympathetic to the Kidney Lady's story. Howard's violent outburst caused him to be sentenced to 90 days confinement in Sauerbraten Count Mental Facility (alongside Winda, due to her belief in her own possession by demons). Nurse Barbara had the orderly Cecil take Howard to a padded room where he flipped out from the isolation. Eventually agreeing to take s sedative in order to get out of the room, he was utterly incoherent when he was brought for examination by Dr. Avery. However, their session was interrupted by Winda released the figures of KISS (Cat, Demon, Space Ace, Starchild) through a dimensional portal accessed via her mind.



(Howard the Duck I#13) - Kiss's Cat whispered cryptic words in the incoherent Howard's ear before vanishing back into the portal in Winda's mind. Soon after, Nurse Barbara and Dr. Reich were surprised when the radiographs (x-rays) on Howard--whom they assumed to be a small man in a duck suit--revealed him to be a real duck. Howard recovered in the padded room with Winda, sharing some of his history with her. Dr. Avery summoned demonologist Daimon Hellstrom to examine Winda and found her to free of possession. However, Dr. Reich insisted on a second examination by Reverend Joon Moon Yuc. Howard attacked Cecil for allowing Winda to be taken away, only to be casually swatted away. Howard's door was left unlocked, and after recovering he rushed to Winda's rescue, only to walk right into a confrontation between Yuc and Hellstrom, which resulted in Hellstrom's darksoul being sent to possess Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#14) - The darksoul-possessed Howard grabbed Winda and flew away, but he swiftly became annoyed with her incessant chatter and he dropped her off on the ground, punching her as he left. He then flew to Paul Sames apartment, grabbed Bev and flew away with her. He began tormenting her and questioning her about her feelings for him, but then Daimon Hellstrom arrived, stunned Howard by slamming his car into him, and reclaimed his darksoul. Howard's own spirit was released from his body and it spread over the city of Cleveland, briefly merging with and experiencing the thoughts and feelings of everyone there before Hellstrom restored his spirit to his body.

(Howard the Duck I#28 (fb)) (see comments) - Howard and Bev attended the Squirrel Cage Cafe where Howard was mistaken for the contact of an elderly female government agent, who told him that the army was conducting experiments on unsuspecting civilians. Howard was punched out by other government agents pursuing the woman. Howard took a bus ride, forcing bus driver Seymour Driver to him to the nearest Army base by threatening him with a number two pencil. Howard then confronted General D. Zastermarch, escaping his gunfire and taking the files on "the top secret government file re: testing secret gases on civilians without them knowing what was going on."

(Howard the Duck I#28) - Howard told Bev that the army was testing laughing gas on people via the sewer system, intending to release it in case of nuclear war so that people could die happy. As he did so, he was observed by Dr. Pheels Goode--credit shrink--who had just had the secret agent, Seymour Driver, and General Zastermarch carted away to the funny farm for their stories of the talking duck. Seeing Howard was real, Dr. Goode lost his marbles, and he was carted away in a straight-jacket, complaining of a duck invasion. Quack! Quack! Quack!

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#12 (and other November, 1977 comics)) - Howard was commissioned to advertise a "six titles for the price of five" Marvel Comics subscription offer.

(Howard the Duck I#16) - Howard accompanied Steve Gerber on a cross-country trip, during which time they discussed numerous things. Howard described the Grand Canyon as the world's biggest, most convoluted rut (see comments).




(Howard the Duck Annual#1) - Winda, Paul, and Bev returned from shopping, and Winda knocked a cup of coffee onto Howard's head Howard after which Howard threatened to kill unless she got him a new cup. When Winda called men too rigid (or "wigid" with her speech impediment), she unwittingly activated the magic carpet of Wijid (a sorcerer of Bagmom) that they had just bought, and it transported them both to Bagmom. Howard and Paul were then assaulted by Abdul & Abdul, Bagmom enforcers sent to reclaim the carpet, but Howard and Paul fought back fiercely, delaying their attackers until they attracted attention from nearby neighbors. Having failed their beloved Bagmom, Abdul & Abdul leapt to their deaths. Howard then used a magic lamp, which Winda, Paul, and Bev had also bought, to arrange transport to Bagmom (he won a radio contest for a trip for two to Bagmom).
    The flight did not include a landing--Bagmom discouraged tourism--so Howard and Paul airdropped into Bagmom. They ran into Ali Wazoo, who led them to Bagmom's Underground Railway and then to Abu Ho Dadi, leader of the thieves, who in turn led them to Prince Hassim, who was consorting with Roxxon to help them obtain Bagmom's oil from the Caliph. Howard confronted Hassim, who thought his dad would love a talking duck, so they grabbed Howard and brought him to the palace. The Caliph was impressed with the talking duck, but the Paul & Ho Dadi then led the thieves to burst up through the Underground Railway to stage an uprising. Ho Dadi told the Caliph of Hassim's treachery, but Hassim grabbed Bev and Winda and took off in a stolen U.S. biplane. Wijid responded by activator his enchanted jeweled mule, which sprouted wings and flew Howard after Hassim. Howard rescued Bev & Winda, and Hassim began firing on them, but the jeweled mule fired back and destroyed Hassim's plane's propeller, causing him to crash across the border in Israel.
    The grateful Caliph booked Howard, Bev, Paul, and Winda a trip home aboard the luxury cruise liner the S.S. Damned.




(Howard the Duck I#15) - Howard tried to relax with Bev on the deck, but Winda accidentally nailed him in the head with a shuffleboard puck, knocking him overboard. Unable to swim, Howard thrashed about until a giant sea serpent (wearing a top hat) showed up and attacked the ship. Winda hit Howard in the head with a life preserver, but he grabbed it and floated over to the sea serpent, finding and pressing a button marked "To give serpent pleasure press here." This made the serpent happy, and it departed. Howard made it back aboard the ship and joined Bev for dinner, but he was nauseated when the meal turned out to be Duck L'Orange. Taking refuge on the deck, Howard was nearly crushed by the first of several boulders falling from the sky. One of the boulders cracked open, and a flying concrete swan flew Howard and Bev to a nearby island, though they were dumped in quicksand. They were rescued by a humanoid duck and group of mutates, after which they were confronted by the master of the island, Dr. Bong.


(Howard the Duck I#17) - Howard tried to walk away from Dr. Bong, who incapacitated him by clanging his bell. Bong had his agent carry Howard and he led Bev into his fortress. Howard was locked up in a room, where he was greeted and treated by Bong's french maid-type duckwoman, Fifi. When Fifi told Howard that he was set for reconstruction by Bong so that Howard and Fifi could produce offspring, the infuriated Howard rushed to confront Bong, but was again subdued by a powerful bong. Dr. Bong had him sent to the Evolvo-Chamber.


(Howard the Duck I#18) - While Howard was within the Evolvo-Chamber, Bev randomly flipped switches in an effort to free him, but only succeeded in catalyzing the process. Fifi defied Bong and freed Howard, taking him back to her room where he transformed into human form. Fifi calmed him with some clothes, but he nearly lost it when Fifi told him that Bev had agreed to marry Dr. Bong in order to save Howard and that they had already left for their honeymoon. A cigar proved sufficient to calm Howard again, and Fifi flew him back to the U.S.A. in a flying bonger. Unable to communicate from the bonger, Howard and Fifi were shot down by the U.S. Air Force and crashed in Central Park, Manhattan, New York. Fifi was killed in the explosion, but he human Howard was assumed to have just been a victim of a near miss. Howard sat on a park bench, trying to figure out what he should do until a cop came by and whacked him with a nightstick and told him to move on.

(Howard the Duck I#19) - The still-human Howard met the homeless Mad Dog and decided to join him for a cup of coffee, but Mad Dog went on a rampage, and Howard took off. However, he somehow earned the affection of Amy Pope, who sought his aid in escaping her boring boyfriend Elton. Amy brought Howard back to her apartment, changed into a skimpy outfit, and began stretching in front of him. After some conversation, Howard and Amy fell asleep. By the time Elton burst through the door looking for Amy, Howard had reverted back to duck form. He ran into their bathroom to grab a shower, only to again be confronted by Dr. Bong, who teleported into Amy's bathroom.







(Howard the Duck I#20) - Howard fled from Bong, then ambushed him, setting off his own bell by smacking it with a lead pipe, and Bong was teleported away. The naked Howard stole a t-shirt--which he later found was labeled "Foxy Lady"--from a laundry line, then went in to apply for a dishwasher job at the Coffee Shop. The owner was amused by the prospect of describing their dishes as untouched by human hands, and he hired Howard and introduced him to his soon-to-be-gone employee, Sudd (a member of S.O.O.F.I., Save Our Offspring From Indecency). In the process of training Howard, Sudd unwittingly turned on a microwave containing an aerosol foaming cleanser (Foam), and it exploded, transforming Sudd into...Sudd (the Scrubbing Bubble that walks like a Man). Sudd went on a rampage, and Howard's effort to wash him away with water only served to enlarge the concentrate-powered monster. Howard then put together the antidote to the the cleanser (nevermind that this was only an antidote to the chemical if swallowed) and dumped it on Sudd, destroying him. However, the neighborhood block association was upset by the disruption of Sudd's cleaning up of their neighborhood, and they attacked Howard and his boss.

(Howard the Duck I#21) - Howard and his boss escaped the mob by hiding under a woman's muumuu, after which they headed back to the apartment of his boss, who revealed himself to be Beverly "Lee" Switzler, Bev's uncle and namesake. Lee decided to quit the restaurant business, moved back to Cleveland, and left Howard with his apartment, for which the rent was paid up for a month. Shortly thereafter, Howard was ambushed and captured by the Supreme Soofi who attempted to brainwash him into joining SOOFI, but Howard proved immune to her treatments and punched her out.

(Howard the Duck I#22) - After Howard was attacked by Salty Kong the Ape-Shaker and a giant housefly, he was recruited by Dakimh the Enchanter to join the Man-Thing, Korrek, and Jennifer Kale to stop the creature's master, Bzzk'Joh, and his Imperium Emporium from razing the universe and building a giant strip mall. Dakimh gave Howard a weapon and tried to instruct him how to commune with the Farce--the binding energy of the universe that permits on to yok it up in the face of death, but as soon as Dakimh faded, Howard attempted to quit the mission. The Man-Thing saved Howard from an attack by Dill, another creation of Bzzk'Joh, after Bzzk'Joh arrived and abducted Jennifer Kale.

(Howard the Duck I#23) - As she vanished, Jennifer activated the mystic servants 2-2-2-2 and NAAC-P30, who joined the others and Howard (after he was forced to join them at sword-point by Korrek), and they flew the Epoch Weasel in pursuit. Narrowly escaping assaults by Emporium appliances and a customer service representative, they stopped the crippled Weasel at the Hollywok Canteen, where Howard stopped the threat of California men with the Farce, forcing them to realize the utter ridiculousness in themselves and the cosmos. Borrowing a dimensional cruiser, they continued on to the Death Store, accessing it through its weak point: its bookkeeping. The heroes fended off assaults from the various department store representatives, as well as Donny and Tortuga Dearth, and Howard used the Farce on Bzzk'joh, incapacitating him by forcing him to realize he had no sense of humor. Howard freed Jennifer and the group escaped before the Death Store blew up.









(Howard the Duck I#24) - Howard happily parted ways with the group after returning to Earth, but he found himself unable to sleep that night. Wandering the streets of New York, he encountered: (1) An alcoholic who held onto his leg, thinking him to be his lost lover Marie; (2) a trio of would-be muggers driven off by the alcoholic's scream when Howard stuck his cigar in his hand; (3) a homeless woman who spit in his face when he bumped into her; (4) an obscene phone caller (on a pay phone); (5) a woman who kept punching out her husband when he tried to act out her violent fantasies (and he turned down a romantic offer from the same woman); (6) the recently robbed owner of "All Night Donut" who gave Howard a cup of coffee for untying him; (7) Paul and Winda as the S.S. Damned docked at Pier 43, after which Howard fell swiftly to sleep.

(Thor I#271) - Howard and presumably Jennifer Kale visited the Baxter Building.


(Howard the Duck I#25) - Paul used his newfound riches--from sketching the wealthy--to buy Howard a new suit, cigars, etc., and generally squander his money. Paul introduced Howard to his new pseudo-girlfriend and benefactor, Iris Raritan, and she was immediately intrigued by Howard's uniqueness. After accepting an unspecified business partnership from Lee Switzler, Howard attended Iris' Long Island party, which featured the entertainment of the Circus of Crime, who mesmerized the entire party and stole their wealth...and as they left, he stole Howard, too.

(Howard the Duck I#26) - The Ringmaster and his allies forced Howard to join their troupe--on pain of death--and act as a crowd-warmer with a few jokes. He was a hit in the town of Skudge, Pennsylvania, though when he tried to warn the crowd to flee they thought he was still joking. When the Ringmaster's hat was shot by drunken former victim Ignatz Hubley, Iris--who had known the Ringmaster's true intent and had allowed his robbery so she could try to bring him down--Iris rushed onto the scene with her car, breaking Hubley's legs; Paul was shot by a bullet fired when Iris hit Ignatz. Howard attempted to teach Iris that actions had consequences.

(Howard the Duck I#27) - With no choice but to enlist Iris' aid, Howard tracked down the Circus of Crime, took pictures of them in action, and then he and Iris attacked the Circus, actually overpowering them. Howard covered the Human Cannonball's eyes, causing him to run into a large wooden post, but was then wrapped up by Princess Python's python until Howard bit her nose, causing the python to rush to see if she were ok. The furious Howard resisted the Ringmaster's mesmerism and punched him out. Howard told Iris to take the film to the police and he parted ways with her.

(Howard the Duck I#29) - Wandering around Cleveland, Howard encountered former comic Joey Goniff, who convinced him to work together on a telethon for the non-existent disease poultritis ampelopsis ("Duckitis") which was allegedly turning children into ducks. Working through Amalgamated Charities via Dr. Knudsen, they held their telethon at Las Vegas' Rancho Zircon. After Howard enjoyed the company of many sympathetic women, the telethon went on as planned, but Howard began to feel guilty. He wandered into the casino and made three million dollars at roulette, but lost it all on the next spin. Afterwards, Howard threatened to expose Joey's fraud unless he surrendered the earnings, which he eventually gave to a philanthropic little girl to give to her favorite charity. He then took a bus ride back to Cleveland.





(Howard the Duck I#30) - Howard returned to Skudge, where he and Lee visited Winda and Paul, at which point he was confronted by Dr. Bong, who challenged him to mortal combat, with the penalty of Bong destroying the hospital and his friends if he refused. Lee drove Howard back to Cleveland and introduced him to Claude Starkowski (a delusional veteran with shrapnel in head who believed himself to be Tony Stark's uncle), who designed the Iron Duck armor (as well as sonar dishes that nullified vibrations) to help Howard against Bong. After a brief period of training, Howard and Lee returned to Skudge and began setting up the sonar dishes, but Bong arrived to start the fight early.

(Howard the Duck I#31) - Howard briefly held his own against Bong, even managing to activate the sonar dishes to neutralize him. Unfortunately Starkowski had forgotten to put a battery in one of the dishes, and the victory was short-lived as the dish ran out of power and seconds. Howard hit Bong's bell with a hammer, setting up a vibration that transported them back to Bong's castle, after which Bong swiftly shattered Howard's armor. As Bong prepared his death knell, Beverly rushed in, showing Bong the quintuplets she had cloned from him using his Evolvo-Chamber. She told him she would publish a story about him being a negligent father, and he banished her and Howard back to the hospital in Skudge.





(Howard the Duck II#1) - Lee was driving Howard and Bev back to Ohio when they blew a tire just across the border. They sought a phone at Fairer Fowl Farms, where they were confronted by Mister Chicken, who wished to enslave them. Lee managed to escape, and Howard and Bev broke free after being mistreated by Mister Chicken's chicken handling equipment. Distracting Mister Chicken with eggs and steam, Howard and Bev escaped in Lee's repaired car, while Mister Chicken's employee, Hank Skidoo, slew him and took over the business, vowing to make it more humane.
    Howard and the Switzlers arrived back in Cleveland, which was detected by Pro-Rata, who began plotting against Howard.

(Howard the Duck II#1/2) - Lee convinced Howard to join him in the "To Hack and Back Cab Company," using cabs designed by Claude Starkowski. Bev accompanied Howard to his physical at the taxi commission, and he earned his license without a problem. Howard's first fare was Bev, but they wandered into an assassination attempt on Cleft Chin, the frontrunner in the Cleveland Marathon. Chin's energy drink was drugged and he collapsed on Howard's cab, so Howard and Bev decided to help him win. They were attacked by the assassin, Jackpot the One-Armed Bandit, but Howard exhausted Jackpot by repeatedly pumping his appendage (get your mind out of the was his arm...some people!), and Chin won the race.
    Pro-Rata took over as the accountant for movie producer Dino Digitalis, promising to find him a new actor for his leading role in Spaceships to Doom.

(Howard the Duck II#1/3) - Pro-Rata began his assault on Howard, smashing his cab into a construction workers car and leading to a fight with its driver...a fight which was soon joined by the Kidney Lady. The construction worker accidentally flattened the Kidney Lady, and Howard was cuffed by Off. Tompkins, but Dino Digitalis then arrived and convinced Tompkins he was arresting the wrong party. Dino made an offer for Howard and Bev to star and co-star in his film and they accepted.
    Bev brought Howard to the home she had rented for them, but its current owner turned out to be the Kidney Lady, who revealed herself to be a witch, and her new ally the construction worker. Bev unleashed her Chair-Thing against Howard, but Howard set it on fire with his cigar. Bev kicked the construction worker in the shin, causing him to flee. The Kidney Lady saved the Chair-Thing by turning it back to normal, after which she teleported away, vowing vengeance.
    Paul and Winda then arrived, and Howard and Bev invited them to share the house, after which Howard and Bev enjoined some...recreation, unaware that Pro-Rata was watching through his crystal ball.

(Howard the Duck II#2) - Wally Sidney's Demonstrations for Decency led the people of Cleveland to form a mob to attack Howard for not covering himself up more. Unwilling to repeatedly face the mob, Howard agree to wear a set of pants from then on.

(Howard the Duck II#2/2) - Howard continued to be plagued by Pro-Rata's spell, after which he met his real landlord, Cyrus Degree, who had been renting to "Miss Klady," Howard paid Degree, then he and Bev traveled to Digitalis' movie set at Union Terminal, where they were confronted and attacked by Pro-Rata and his Eggsmen (animated breakfast foods). As Pro-Rata had transformed the entire terminal into a financial otherverse, Howard and Bev were aided by an intelligent coin-operated rocket ship, which helped them destroy the Eggsmen. Pro-Rata sought to destroy Howard after learning he had hocked the Key he sought, but Pro-Rata found that without the Key, the Astral Auditor soon repossessed his power. Pro-Rata was pulled into a vortex which Howard and Bev narrowly escaped. With Pro-Rata gone, the entire terminal returned to normal

(Howard the Duck II#3) - Howard celebrated Christmas with Bev and Lee Switzler, Winda, Paul, and Claude Starkowski and his daughter Carol. Feeling homesick, Howard felt sympathy for Carol, who remembered Christmas as the day her parents broke up. While he tried to console her, they encountered the crashing Santa Claus, his elf Sunquist, and their reindeer and sleigh. Howard supplied Santa with fuel from Lee's gas tank, and he and Carol accompanied them back to the North Pole to get paid for the gas. There they encountered the Pinball Lizard and his trolls, who had taken over Santa's workshop. Howard and Carol helped free the workshop, and they then joined the elves and toys in opposing Pinball Lizard's master, Greedy Killerwatt, who ran the North Pole Nuclear Power Plant and plotted to cause a meltdown that would destroy the Earth. Killerwatt was eventually shot in the head, causing Pinball Lizard, the mutated animals, and the rest of Killerwatt's agents to return to normal. Santa returned them to Cleveland, and Carol's Christmas spirit was restored.

(Howard the Duck II#4) - Howard picked up Hemlock Shoals in his cab, and Shoals transported them to New York City, to the Barqu Book store, owned by R.L. Haney, in search of the Key to the Cosmic Calculator. They found the Key, but also found that it had mutated a cockroach into the human-sized Cockroach who sought to escape with the Key to form an army of giant cockroaches that could take over the world. Howard and Shoals were assisted by Haney against the Cockroach, whom they slew with a combination of sticky past, insecticide, and Shoals' dagger-tipped walking stick. Shoals then transported Howard back to Cleveland, though he left his cab headed the wrong way in traffic.

(Howard the Duck II#4/2 (fb)) - Howard and Bev were greeted by J. Michael Anthony, who informed them they had won a lottery drawing to stay at Dreadcliff Manor.

(Howard the Duck II#4/2) - Howard, Bev, Paul, and Winda arrived at the eerie Dreadcliff, where they soon began to fall into traps set by Nurse Barbara (posing as "Miss Danberry"). Bev and Winda were captured and held by B.E.S.T. (Bozoes Eagerly Serving Tyrants), led by Dr. Reich and his agents the Supreme Soofi, Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, the Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi, and Werner Blowhard. BEST sought Winda and Howard for their experiences with the cosmic axis, and they began to try to brainwash Winda. Discovering BEST, Howard put an armored helmet and a white sheet on the somnambulent Paul and sent him to spook them. Nurse Barbara flattened Paul with a mace to the helmet, and Howard assaulted them in another suit of armor before being disarmed (and dislegged). Winda lashed out at Dr. Reich with her psychic powers, causing him to fire his gun aimlessly, killing the Yogi and freeing Bev, who booted Yuc into a seemingly bottomless pit. Howard maneuvered Nurse Barbara to take out both herself and the Supreme Soofi, whose Formula 410 further affected Reich, causing him to commit suicide. Nurse Barbara revealed Dr. Reich to have been Hitler's dentist.

(Howard the Duck II#5) - On the way home from the Laundromat, Howard was assaulted by Dracula, who mistook him for a midget in a costume. Upon tasting real feathers, Dracula took off, but his bite nonetheless affected Howard, making him believe that he was the vampire Drakula, despite the fact that he gained no vampiric powers (save light sensitivity). Howard returned home, changed into a goofy outfit, and then attempted to put the bite on Winda. Mistaking his bloodthirst for lust, Bev kicked Howard out of the house. The sometime vampire hunter Harold H. Harold told Bev, Winda, and Paul about vampires, and they joined Lee and Claude in searching for Howard. Howard attempted to vamp the high school cheerleaders Fae and Adrienne, but actually landed on and devoured one of their pom poms. He fled when the crazy Baső rushed out to check out the commotion. Howard hid out in the sewers during the day, and later attempted to sink his nonexistent teeth into a real duck, just a short distance from Dracula. Bev found Howard and was able to get through to him, allowing him to fight off his vampiric tendencies. Dracula tried to vampirize Bev, but Howard staked Dracula with a piece of a picket fence. Seeking immortality, Harold foolishly removed the stake, and Dracula vampirized him. Three days later Howard read of reports of Harold clawing his way out of his grave.

(Howard the Duck II#5/3 - text) - Howard had a dinner interview with editor Lynn Graeme, during which time he complained about the absurdity of the characters he had encountered.

(Crazy#50 pg. 37) By Alan Kupperberg.  Howard was onstage in the Cleveland High School auditorium doing standup, commenting to the "hairless apes" in the audience that their sense of humor is warped.

(Crazy#51 pg. 39) Writer: Paul Laikin, Artist: Alan Kupperberg.  Howard was atop a soapbox on a street corner protesting Communism, and the crowd dispersed when it realized his ranting was inconsequential.

(Crazy#53 pg. 31) Writer: Michael Weiss Artist: Brian Moore.  A reluctant Howard accompanied by Bev entered a disco for some dancing, and had an attitude change when he heard "Disco Duck".

(Crazy#54 pg. 14) -  Writer: Rico Tallar Artist: Brian Moore.  Howard and Bev walked along the sidewalk and began talking about superstitious beliefs after they arrive at a leaning ladder.  Howard concluded the conversation in jest, with a hypocritical remark.

(Crazy#59 pg. 6) Writer Michael Weiss.  Bev tried to get Howard to attend a punk rock concert, but Howard resisted because it is not the "wholesome entertainment" that he remembered from the past.  A reversal of attitude occurred when Bev told him the lead singer bites the head off of a chicken.  Since he despised chickens, Howard agreed to go to the concert.

(Crazy#68 (fb) - BTS) - Howard signed on to run a burlesque house.

(Crazy#63) - Howard appeared on stage, lecturing the crowd on reality. They heckled him when they thought he was wearing a costume, but everyone shut up when he took off the costume to reveal he really was a duck.

(Crazy#65 <misnumbered as #66>) - Howard held auditions for his new burlesque show. Try-outs included Mack Exacto, Knife-thrower extraordinaire; the Amazing Fred, a seeming humanoid parrot who did excellent impersonations but was thrown out for being exposed as a dog dressed as a parrot; the Apple sisters and their All Girl Apple-Corps, busty patriotic babes; Dr. Odd, a sorcerer who seemingly failed to transport the entire stage to another dimension, though he actually transported the entire building and they just couldn't see it; and Captain Wongo and his Norwegian Camels. All were turned down.
    The building remained in the alien dimension.

(The correct Crazy#66) Writer: pg. 37-39 Steve Skeates Artists: Pat Broderick and Armando Gil.  Bev contemplated going on the Scaresyou Diet to lose weight.  Elsewhere in the cosmos, a young Indian maiden named Tippi Canoe
and her traveling companion, the Tyler II (a highly sophisticated computer) were in search of some meat.  A prospector directed them to a diner, where Tippi and Tyler encountered Howard and Beverly.  Tyler II aimed a microwave beam at Howard to cook him, but the beam was deflected backwards via a mirror and destroyed the two.  Howard caught a glimpse of the resulting explosion, but was unaware of the dastardly plan that was almost his demise.  Meanwhile, Bev (weighing herself on a conveniently placed scale in the odd universe), was ecstatic to learn she has lost half a pound already.  She and Howard then enjoyed banana splits in Joe's Diner to celebrate.

(Crazy#68) pg. 37-39 Writer: Steve Skeates Artists: Pat Broderick and Armando Gil.  Frustrated by the Apple Sisters' wailing, Howard and Bev take a break from the rehearsal at the burlesque house that she is running, and head to the diner for some burgers.  There, they get into a conversation with the diner's owner about the worst, lowest, and silliest job he's ever had... Vice President of the United States!  He promptly returns to the kitchen after telling his sob story without any real ending.  Beverly turns to Howard and asks if he believed that story.  Howard replies by saying, "He doesn't look familiar to me!  So maybe he WAS Vice President!"

(Crazy#69) -  Howard conducted rehearsals for his show and their new comic, Gregor, punched Lee in the face for laughing at him. Bev explained how the gullible Gregor had been the butt of jokes his whole life and figured no one would laugh at him as a comedian in a burlesque show.

(Crazy#71) - Listening to a bad baritone in the burlesque show, Howard and Bev's janitor told them a story about how he had lost his voice when a talking frog jumped down his throat. As he had begun to choke, a woman tried to kiss him and make him better. The frog actually was a transformed prince, and the kiss turned it back to normal, in the janitor's throat blowing him apart. Howard asked how the man could still be alive if that were true, and the man said he was a janitor at a burlesque how, "You call this living?"

(Crazy#72) - Howard dressed like Sherlock Holmes and initiated a bizarre investigation to find the missing key to the men's room. Eventually a safe was dropped from above and nearly hit him, and he found the key locked within the safe.

(Crazy#74) - Within the odd dimension, Howard and Bev were plagued by a vampire refrigerator until Howard went to the butcher shop, ordered a large porterhouse, strapped it to the hood of a Volkswagon and drove a steak through its heart.

(Crazy#75) - Howard and Bev wandered the dimension, finding it full of old slogans, memorabilia, clothes, etc., and Howard commented that the realm seemed to be a receptacle for all the stuff nobody in the real world had any need for any more. Bev took offense at the comment, and they got into an argument and split up, but they soon got over it. Howard realized his grumpiness was affecting Bev, so he decided to put on a happy face; actually, he put on a few dozen happy face buttons.

(Crazy#77) - Howard and Bev were assaulted by the Vacuum Pack, a gang of intelligent vacuum cleaners riding around on motorcycles, sucking up and terrorizing everything in sight. Howard was pulled into the leader of the pack, and Bev caused it to keep sucking things in until it got too full and exploded, releasing Howard. The owner of the restaurant stopped the rest of the vacuums by pulling their plugs.

(Crazy II#82 (fb) - BTS) - Howard lost his regular paying job with Crazy magazine, after which he became a balloon vendor.

(Crazy II#82) - ToHoward played a part in a Crazy magazine feature for a do it yourself comic strip, instructing the readers to cut out all of the word balloons on the next page and use them on the characters on that page to make a compelling and thought-provoking story.

(Howard the Duck II#5/4) - Howard lost control of his cab when a woman passenger punched out her aggressive date, and he crashed into Municipal Stadium. When a fly ball smashed through his windshield, the car was torn to pieces by rabid fans seeking the game ball. Lee was forced to let Howard (and Claude) go until the car could be paid for by insurance. Howard considered using Winda's powers to return to Duckworld but decided that he couldn't leave Bev. Following an advertisement for a child companion, Howard was stuck taking care of three uncontrollable children. Their father turned out to be the ultra-reactionary Captain Americana, who was easily convinced by his kids that Howard was a duck...and a pervert. Howard narrowly escaped with his life from the gun-wielding maniac.

(Howard the Duck II#5/4 // Howard the Duck II#6) - Upon returning home, Howard again considered returning to Duckworld. Bev decided to go with him, and Winda shifted the cosmic axis, sending them on their way.

(Howard the Duck II#6) - Howard and Bev arrived on Duckworld in New Stork, and the tables were turned as everyone there saw Bev as the freakish one. Howard was eventually realized to have been the drake who had vanished a few years back. In the meantime, the WACkies (the Witness of the Ascension Cult), led by Reverend Godfrey Gander and secretly funded by Scrounge MacDrake, had sprung up as a popular movement, misinterpretting Howard's words ("Get Down") as telling them to allow others--Gander, of course--to think for them. Initially fleeing from overzealous worshippers, Howard led Bev back to his former home, the base of the WACkies, and they learned what Gander had done. Howard spoke up to the crowd, denouncing Godfrey and revealing the message he had intended for them. Though initially reluctant, the Duckworlders agreed to start thinking for themselves, while Gander vowed vengeance for losing his franchise. Howard worked to win the people of Duckworld over to Bev, appearing with her on the Tonight Show with Johnny Quackson. In a "This is Your Life moment" Howard was reunited with his parents and his sister Theresa (now a nun) and brother Orville (now a mortician). However, the next guest, Dr. Ludwig von Cluck (a chicken, actually a paid agent of Gander) attempted to use his "Surrogate Sniffer" super-vacuum machine to expose Beverly as a robot. It exposed tearing off all of her clothes. The appearance of a naked human appalled the Duckworlders, Howard and Bev fled alongside fellow guest Truman Capoultry (who had written "Ducking Out, the Strange Disappearance of a Duck named Howard"). A former ally of Gander, Capoultry wished to follow Howard's word and helped them escape. To help them return to Earth, Capoultry brought them to Duktor Strange, Mallard of the Mystic Arts, who was a drunk living in an alley. Before Strange could do anything, Gander, MacDrake, and their allies showed up and attempted to gun Howard, Bev, Capoultry, and Strange down. Bev kicked a trash can into their attackers, after which they overpowered them one by one. Strange cast a spell sending them back to Earth, and while Gander saw this as a chance to revive the WACkies, Capoultry vowed to write a new book, telling the true story of Howard, which would foil Gander's plans.
    Howard and Bev arrived back on Earth in the middle of the Man-Thing's swamp, little realizing the Man-Thing was right behind them.

(Howard the Duck II#7) - Bev's terror attracted the Man-Thing until she passed out, and Howard's fear of the Man-Thing drew the muck-monster after him, though he got off with only a light singe and a toss into the swamp. By the time Howard had recovered--and escaped from an alligator, the Man-Thing was long gone, having taken Bev with him. Howard followed the Man-Thing into Swamp City where he was forced to play out its Monopoly game-like rules until being thrown in jail. There he met Jock Driscoll, who told him how the city was under the tyranny of Kong Lomerate. Howard faked hanging himself to facilitate a prison break-out, after which Jock led Howard back to his home, where they found that his empathic daughter Amy had guided the Man-Thing to bring Bev (to act as a surrogate mother). Howard, Bev, and the Driscolls tracked Kong Lomerate to his lair, and they were followed by the Man-Thing who terrified and then pursued Kong. Howard climbed Kong's Tower of Power to rescue Kong's hostage Amy. Driscoll generously paid Howard for his assistance, but upon leaving they found that it was Swamp City currency, useless outside of the city limits.

(Howard the Duck II#8: prologue) - As he lay in bed with Bev, Howard mused on super-powered versions of himself, such as Doctor Strange, Hulk (Bulky Duck), and Man-Thing, but ultimately decided that what he lacked in height and super-powers, he more than made up in fringe benefits.

(Howard the Duck II#8) - Hitching a ride in Miami, Howard met with limited success, but Bev showed a little leg and they were picked up by an agent of Dr. Atric, who had sent him to round up some young blood for his Wake No More nursing home. Howard and Beverly were hired as attendants at the home and hijinks ensured until Beverly was kidnapped and Howard nearly drowned by agents of the Grey Panther (Dr. Atric). Howard was saved by Social Security agent Simon Sampson who had been hired to investigate Wake No More and who had been posing as a resident. Sampson led Howard to the Grey Panther and Howard confronted him, only to be overpowered by by the Panther's waldos, but Sampson shot the Panther's control console, destroying his machines, and Atric had a heart attack.
    Howard tried to at least get his pay, but Sampson told him that Atric's money had all been taken fraudulently from the social security checks of his patents and had been impounded. Sampson suggested that he instead seek out an undercover unemployment agent.




(Howard the Duck II#8/2) - While attempting to enjoy Miami Beach, Howard got in a fight with a fat woman who carried a lot of weight with the Beach Committee, after which he drove off a shark closing in on Beverly by shoving a Beach Ball in its mouth. His efforts impressed entrepreneur Spruce Payne who hired Howard and Beverly to play the role of heroes Duck-Man and Duck Girl in his Mammoth Mall commercial for Super-Scent perfume, in which they opposed the Puffin, Jokester, and Quizling. The first show went well, but when they showed up for the next, they found Payne dead, a victim of the criminal actors' boss, the Maller. Initially mistaken for the killers by head of mall security Captain Gordonski, Howard and Beverly leapt aboard the Duckmobile and took off, catching up to and taking out the Maller and his minions amidst a batch of over-sized kitchen appliances. Gordonski apologized and offered them jobs, but Howard refused.










(Howard the Duck II#9) - Howard was targeted by the agents of the new Duck God-worshipping Black Talon, but they mistakenly kidnapped Bev as a sacrifice instead. Howard was tutored by Mammy Tuba, who gently nudged his latent mystic powers from their nap, as well as giving him a number of voodoo magic items to use against the Black Talon. Howard disrupted the Talon's ritual, using a voodoo doll and pins to pain him and summoning zombie ducks to oppose his human zombie legions. The Black Talon summoned the Duck Deity intending to sacrifice Howard to him, but the Duck Deity instead poached the Black Talon for encouraging cannibalism. Howard considered learning more from Mammy Tuba's book, but he instead tossed it into the bayou.

(Howard the Duck II#9/2) - Stopping at a hotel outside Louisiana, Howard and Bev got into a fight about his lack of communication. They went into separate rooms and did some individual soul-searching. Howard decided that he wanted to make a commitment to Bev, but she told him that she felt that he was too self-absorbed. She told him that they needed to go their separate ways for awhile, and Howard reluctantly accepted.

(Howard the Duck II#9/3 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking a new locale to help get his mind off of Bev, Howard traveled to Chicago.

(Howard the Duck II#9/3) - Still hung up on Bev, Howard stumbled into a gunfight between the criminal Thaxton and private investigator Dirk Byrd. Howard was knocked out, and he revived in Byrd's office where he was swiftly mistaken for Byrd and taken by Susan "Blust" to her family's mansion to carry out a job for which Byrd had been hired. There he met Susan's mother, Mrs. Blust, plus her daughter Missy, and their butler...he also found the real Dirk Byrd's corpse, which no one seemed to care about. Mrs. Blust instructed Howard to find her missing two-headed son, Hinky and Dinky. After a convoluted search and a couple attempts on his life, Howard determined that the butler was actually Hinky and Dinky, disguising himself via an over-sized mask, plotting to kill both of his sisters so he wouldn't have to share the inheritance. Howard called the police and reported Hinky and Dinky's murder of Dirk Byrd, then headed out to get a room and some rest.

(Official Marvel Index to Marvel Team-Up#5 - BTS) - Howard returned to Cleveland and took a job as a taxi driver (presumably not for Lee).

Marvel Team-Up I#96 (fb) - BTS) - Howard picked up a cab fare to drive all the way to Central Park in Manhattan, New York.

(Marvel Team-Up I#96) - As they arrived in Manhattan, the passenger revealed himself to be Status Quo as he shared his origins. Howard listened in as Status Quo whipped a crowd into a frenzy, encouraging them to destroy anything and anyone following any fads that disrupted the status quo. The crowd soon began to attack anyone they suspected of being a faddist, including Howard, whom they denounced as a midget in a duck suit fad follower. Howard took off, eventually stripping naked and hiding out amongst some normal ducks in a lake. Spider-Man arrived to help control the anti-faddist, and Howard confronted Status Quo atop Belvedere Castle. However, Status Quo quickly overpowered Howard and prepared to hurl him to his doom
Howard: "Put me down, ya Ohio Oddball!" 
Status Quo: "I will duck! I will put you down forever!" (reminds me of Sideshow Bob!)
    Spider-Man webbed Status Quo up, but he continued to spout his views as the media arrived. Howard denounced him as an opportunist, creating yet another fad. Status Quo decided to rethink his plan, and Howard returned to his cab, and a series of parking violation tickets.

(Bizarre Adventures#34/2) - A dejected Howard attempted to commit suicide by jumping off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. He was stopped by Andy the Angel who decided to show Howard that his life was worth living by showing him how much worse the world would be if he had never been in it. Andy allowed him to glimpse this alternate reality, Earth-83234, but they found Paul Same insanely wealthy, Arthur Winslow a popular network producer, and Beverly marrying the man of her dreams. Devastated by his failure, Andy decided to jump off the bridge, but Howard talked him out of it, after which he found that he was no longer in a suicidal mood. As Howard took Andy to a bar to buy him a drink, bell sounded, indicating Andy had earned his wings.

(Unpublished Gerber story) - See the script available on this page:

(Marvel Two-In-One#46) - The Thing bumped into a cigar smoking duck in Hollywood. When the Thing responded, "You're a duck!" The duck responded, "And what're you supposed to be...the Orange Brick Road? Hey, relax, Pal! This makeup ain't that great! Ain't you ever seen my Saturday morning kiddie show? I'm the famous Uncle Waddles!" He then directed Ben on how to get to Mr. Jusko's office.

(Howard the Duck I#32 (fb) - BTS) - Howard spent the most boring year of his life in San Francisco. Eventually he felt so mellow that he worried he might rot, so he hit the road.

(Howard the Duck I#32) - Hitching a ride in Utah's Great Salt Lakes Desert, Howard was picked up by truck driver Ceci Ryder, who quickly befriended him. Stopping in the Rocky Mountains to answer nature's call, Ceci and Howard stumbled into a giant gopher hole and found the subterranean city of Morton Erg, who wished to replace natural resources, like fields, forests, parks, etc. with condominiums. Erg transformed into the Gopher and attacked Howard and Ceci, but Howard tricked him into tunneling into the bottom of a lake, which apparently drowned him. Howard then accompanied Ceci all the way to her destination: Cleveland.

(Howard the Duck I#33 (fb)) - Howard won $10, 000, 000 from the American Garden and Family grand prize. He hired its spokesman, Ed "MacMann," as his consultant, and he bought an expensive mansion in Shaker Heights. He was soon a celebrity, swamped with solicitors and appearing on a television show. He was reunited with Beverly, but she found that wealth had changed him, that he no longer treated people with respect, and so she left him. Dr. Dwight Clive convinced Howard to pay him his remaining money if he made a compatible companion for him. Howard agreed and Clive created Alexis the Duck, but unwittingly used a brain taken from the corpse of the spoiled, overindulged wife of an upwardly mobile personal injury attorney. Alexis turned out to be a money hungry shrew, and Howard left her. He hitched a ride back to Cleveland.

(Howard the Duck I#33) - Howard quit on his advertisement deal, and then told the story of how he lost all the money, meaning he couldn't give it back. He made a plan to win the sweepstakes again next year.

(She-Hulk II#14 (fb) - BTS) - Howard and Beverly moved back in together, and Howard got a job as a computer salesman.

(She-Hulk II#14) - Dr. Angst plotted to unleash a multitude of Encroachiverses to crush reality and create a small locus, an Insipiverse, which he would rule. The She-Hulk reached through one of the compaction receptacles containing an Encroachiverse, and her hand briefly reappeared in Howard's refrigerator, startling the duck. The Critic transported Howard to She-Hulk's side, and when he appeared she accidentally knocked her associate Brent Wilcox into the compaction receptacle. She-Hulk took Howard through the compaction receptacle into the Baloney-verse, where she was turned back into Jen Walters.

(She-Hulk II#15) - Howard and Jen fled the natives of the Baloneyverse, until Jen turned into a savage grey She-Hulk and fought them off. The Critic returned Howard, She-Hulk, and Brent to Brent's office, where She-Hulk turned back into Jen on exposure to sunlight. Later, Howard pointed out when the sun was setting, and he reluctantly accompanied Jen, Brent, and Jen's secretary Louise Mason to Bruce Banner's former Desert lab where they locked her in the isolation chamber.

(She-Hulk II#16) - Howard and the others hid as the savage grey She-Hulk broke out of the chamber (with the help of Jason and Cara and their gamma ray-spawned "Secret Warts"). They were reunited after she had been turned to an intelligent grey form, and Howard tried to explain about the cosmic bald guy who had pulled him into the struggle. Howard joined the others in flying Jen's car back east, but they ran into another Encroachiverse, the Dimension of Suicide

(She-Hulk II#17) - Escaping the Dimension of Suicide, the group found that they had crossed all of Kansas and Missouri in under five minutes. After passing through the Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-Verse, the Trashi-verse, the Media-verse, the Narcissi-verse, the 976-verse, and the Noriega-verse, they emerged in London, and they quickly realized all reality was being compressed by the expanding Encroachiverses. Setting down in the New Jersey Palisades, they quickly realized that New Jersey was immune to the compression. When the Critic arrived with his new recruit, the Terror, and named the extremely mundane spots being spared, Howard recognized Angst's involvement. Meanwhile, Dr. Angst recognized Howard, She-Hulk, Brent Wilcox, Louise Mason, and the Critic and his new recruit, the Terror, to be the only threat to his plan, so he sent his Band of the Bland to wipe them out. The Spanker began tormenting Louise, but Howard jammed a cigar down the Spanker's throat, and Weezi punched him out. As the battle continued, Wilcox had the She-Hulk hold open the Black Hole's...cavity...and all of the Encroachiverses were pulled into it, ending the threat. With a blink of reality, things were back to normal, and Howard asked for a lift back to Cleveland.

(Marvel Tales#237/2) - When the Whoatcher (see comments) got gas from eating pizza and beer, the cosmic burp somehow latched on to both Spider-Ham of Earth-8311 and Howard the Duck, sending them hurtling through void between dimensions. They emerged on an Earth (see comments) in the castle of Duktor Doom. They made their introductions to each other as approached Doom. Just before they struck Doom, the Whoatcher took some interplanetary anti-acids, neutralizing his gas and reversing the effects of his cosmic burp. Howard and Spider-Ham were sent back to where they had been before the burp, though the energies released in the process nonetheless disrupted Doom's weapon, which was the perfect synthesis between science and magic and with which he had intended to conquer the world. Howard felt that he got off easy, but Duktor Doom materialized in the alley behind him.

(Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue#1) - During the Super-Olympics charity event in the Savage Land, Howard tried to provide a swimming exhibition, but banged his head on the diving board.

(Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue#1) - During the Super-Olympics/Stark Enterprises swimsuit charity event in the Savage Land, Howard enjoyed a tropical drink and a cigar during a photo shoot, but was started by some of the local fauna.

(Slapstick #1)  When the dimensional barrier between Earth and Dimension X collapsed on Steve Harmon (who would later become Slapstick), a number of individuals in the Earth dimension detected the disturbance.  Also depicted at that moment was Howard the Duck, vomiting into a pail in his room in Cleveland.

(Savage Hulk I#1) – Howard attended a trial against the Hulk in New York City.

(Spider-Man Team-Up I#5/2) - On a dinner date with Bev, Howard was again assaulted by the Kidney Lady, but Bev pulled him away before he could fight back. The next night Howard and Bev went to the Cirque de Somnabulism circus. Finding it closed, they sneaked a peak under the tent, and Howard swiftly recognized them as the Circus of Crime. From there they encountered both Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) and Peter Parker and then tracked down Relf the Elf with a Gun, who was trying to trade an extradimensional sitar device to the Savage Dragon in exchange for the Ringmaster's hypno-disk. Howard stood back during the fight until the Elf clocked Bev in the head with his gun. He rushed in to help her, colliding with Destroyer Duck in the process. Peter Parker saved Howard from the Clown's blade balls, and, as the Circus began to fall before the heroes, the Elf took off. Bev flirted with Parker as he parted ways with her and Howard, annoying Howard and leaving him wondering what the whole thing had been about.

(Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck) - Off. Dragon found that the Ringmaster's hypno-disc had somehow replaced a miniature sitar (actually a Neurostim designed by Dr. Brainard, which would affect the brain's chemicals, making its wearer feel good about themselves; Brainard wished to use these to start a "grassroots" super-freak movement) they had taken from a murdered telepathic cult-leader named Mr. Boyle. The Dragon received a message from "Ralph" (Actually Relf the Elf) instructing him to trade the hypno-disc for the sitar he had someone ended up with while robbing the Ringmaster. Off. Dragon teamed up with Destroyer Duck to attempt to foil Brainard's plot, meeting with Relf to exchange the two items. When Destroyer Duck met Howard, Relf used his powers to summon thousands of extradimensional duck-beings to Earth. In the commotion, Destroyer Duck grabbed "the real" Howard and Bev, fleeing with Officer Dragon after he had claimed the sitar and leaving one of the "clone/alternate" Howards back with Spider-Man (see comments). "The real Howard and Bev" were placed in a witness protection program as Leonard the Duck and Rhonda Martini.

(Savage Dragon#41) - "Leonard" and "Rhonda" joined dozens of guests from across the Omniverse, including some from Reality-616, in attending the wedding of Barbaric (Barney Runningbear) and Ricochet (Rikki Shaefer) on Officer Dragon's alternate Earth (see comments).




(Howard the Duck Holiday Special#1) -  Working as a temp in a Cleveland video store, Howard earned the wrath of Judge Elmer Dwedd when he mentioned pirating some video. Bev came to the rescue, drafting Howard to serve as a temporary Mondo Mega Mall Santa Claus, during which time he was robbed by Bernie "Blind Boy" Buford the midget-pickpocket. After getting stuck taking care of the recently orphaned Dionysus Finster, and he was then drafted--alongside a bunch on unstable Santa's helpers (Vito Claus, Bubba Clause, Santa Clara, Claus Tse-Tung, Sanity Claus, and Willy Lumpkin Claus) to rescue Santa Claus and the elves from Hydra. Upon arriving they found that Santa has actually allowed Hydra to buy him out, but Finster convinced him to renege, and the various Santa's helpers joined forces with Santa and the Elves to drive off Hydra. Returning to Cleveland, Howard caught up with "Blind Boy" and gave him a kick in the pants.







(Generation X#20) - In California, Howard picked up Chamber and Skin who were hitchhiking to Los Angeles.

(Generation X#21) - After arriving in LA, Howard joined Chamber at a bar, participating in a brawl to track down Skin's old associate, Tores. Howard dodged a baseball bat and then used it to take out the bartender. After Chamber demonstrated his powers, Tores appeared, and Howard was impressed to she was a she...and a hottie. Howard learned that Skin had faked his own death, but he was frustrated when Skin refused to explain the situation any further.

(Generation X#23 (fb) - BTS) - Chamber and Skin told Howard to stop by the Massachusetts Academy sometime. He picked up Bev and headed to the school.

(Generation X#23) - Franklin Richards, Artie, and Leech drug him into their treehouse in the Biosphere and introduced him to Tana Nile.

(Generation X#25) - As Black Tom Cassidy rampaged through the school, Howard tried to pour gasoline on and light him, but was discovered and cast to the ground. Howard nonetheless recovered and used his cigar to light Tom. Howard claimed victory until Tom began to revive, at which point Howard claimed flight. The Man-Thing then appeared. Howard asked it to save them, and it wrapped itself around Howard, Franklin, Artie, Leech, and Tana Nile and then vanished.

(DayDreamers#1-3) - Franklin--in denial over his parents' seeming deaths during the battle with Onslaught led Howard and the others to various imaginary realms created by his own subconscious. They were pursued by the Dark Hunter, who turned out to be another manifestation of Franklin, the part that wished him to accept what had happened. At one point they seemed to travel to Duckworld where Howard was worshipped, but this proved to be yet another dream-world, and Howard closed his eyes and forced it to vanish.
    Eventually, Howard and the rest forced Howard to accept the truth, and he returned them all to Earth.

(Ghost Rider III#81) - Howard waited at Jennifer Kale's East Village apartment, demanding she send him home when she arrived alongside John Blaze. Using a mystic tome delivered by Dr. Strange's manservant Wong, Jennifer opened a dimensional portal, but it went to Dinosaur World, and Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy rushed through it.

(Ghost Rider III#82) - After nearly being shrieked at by Moonboy and nearly devoured by Devil Dinosaur, Howard did his best to stay out of the struggle. Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) ultimately brought Devil Dinosaur down, and Moonboy was arrested by the police.

(Generation X: Crossroads, p50 (fb) - BTS) - The National Explainer, a Cleveland newspaper, reported, "Mutant Saucers invade Cleveland as Duckboy sighted again."

(Generation X: Crossroads, p182 (fb) - BTS) - The National Explainer reported, "Duckboy seen driving Cleveland taxicab."

(Man-Thing III#6 (fb) - BTS) - The return of the heroes from "Earth-Doom" (Franklin Richards' Counter Earth) shattered the Nexus of Reality. A fragment of it became lodged in Howard, who had passed through the Nexus years before.

(Man-Thing III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Howard began to feel ill, and he realized that this was more than just the flu.

(Man-Thing III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Weeks later, Howard was abducted by the Cult of Entropy and brought to the Man-Thing's swamp, where awaited the proper celestial alignment so that they could cut Howard open and remove and destroy the nexus fragment, which would result in the rapid decay of the universe.

(Man-Thing III#5) - The Man-Thing and Ellen Brandt encountered the Cult of Entropy in the swamps, and found that Howard was their captive.

(Man-Thing III#6) - Howard kicked free of Mahaprayala and entreated the Man-Thing to destroy him, but the cultists combined their powers and blew the Man-Thing to pieces. The cultists brought Howard--who was feeling severe gastrointestinal distress--and the Man-Thing to a location on the far side of the swamp. The Man-Thing re-formed in a sickly state, but some of the nexus energies then erupted from Howard as a blast of flatulence which restored the Man-Thing to good as new. The Man-Thing then poured itself down Howard's throat and merged with the nexus energies. Mahapralaya returned an hour later and prepared to sacrifice Howard until he vomited up the Man-Thing who--engorged with the nexus energies--grew to giant-size, drove off the cultists, and turned Mahapralaya back to normal.
    Drained by the experience, the Man-Thing again collapsed in a heap. Howard tried to carry the Man-Thing along, but it collapsed atop and buried him, at which point they were confronted by Namor the Sub-Mariner.

(Man-Thing III#7) - Namor pulled Howard free and, after the Man-Thing was restored, Howard headed back to Cleveland.

(Man-Thing III#6 (ff) - BTS) - Months later, Ellen Brandt (presumably via mystic communication) told Howard how while she appeared to be fleeing the Cult of Entropy, she had actually been summoned by Evenor.

(Vertigo Winter's Edge#2 (DC) ) <December 31, 1998> - Nevada and ostrich Bolero performed at the New Year party on the Las Vegas Strip. The party had a schtick: the selected building had to collapse to the delight of the public. Nevada blew the lyrics of the song and wasn't satisfied. Fortunately for her, everybody were obsessed with a party and nobody paid attention to the failure. A few minutes later Nevada and her ostrich left the scene. While Nevada was arguing with Phelch, Bolero screamed and tried to get her attention. When the conversation ended, Phelch noted that Bolero is not around. Nevada and Rip Lefkowitz went looking for the ostrich and asked random strangers if they seen Bolero. Nevada ran into "Leonard" and "Rhonda". Rhonda whispered to Leonard to ignore her because her "looks were strange". Leonard responded that he liked Nevada's outfit. Failing to get an adequate answer, Nevada drew attention to the police that gathered around the building that was going to be destroyed at the end of the party. Nevada learned that somebody in a "devil's mask" with a bird climbed into it. Inside the building she found a demon who abducted Bolero to avenge his brother's death. Nevada defeated him and ran out of the building before it exploded.

(Top Ten#8 (DC) ) - Howard went on a vacation to another reality.

(Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/5 (fb) - BTS) - The SHIELD regional director for supernormal affairs for Ohio investigated the endless reports of the "Duckman." It was eventually made the official policy of his office that the Duckman did not exist, which saved him a lot of time and paperwork.

(Howard the Duck III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Howard got a job as security guard at Histy's scraphead, and H.L. Histy also provided them with a small shack that they rented for him.





(Howard the Duck III#1) - Howard and Bev returned home after a busy day, and their microwave exploded, and Howard narrowly dodged an assault from their killer cat Charlie and was nearly trampled by their pit bull Parsifal. The next day Howard complained to Histy, who was less than sympathetic. However, Howard was pleased to learn that Bev's new job as supervisor at Globally Branded paid $125, 000 annually. She found some suspicious information and activities at, but it wasn't until she brought home their genetically engineered boy band prospect T.J. that Howard took her seriously. The next day, Howard researched and realized it was run by Dr. Bong. He rushed to and found Bev in Bong's clutches, and Bong forced them to accompany him to view the laboratory. When T.J. smashed Bong over the head with a pipe, the resultant vibrations knocked Howard into a vat. Abandoning his corporation in favor of revenge, Bong turned the dials into the red zone and then fled before the vat exploded, leaving Howard unconscious on the floor...and it also left him in the form of a humanoid mouse.










(Howard the Duck III#2) - Howard and Bev returned home, and Howard punched out the attacking cat.

    They decided to wash up, but Howard began to undergo a series of weird transformations, into an anteater, a basselope, a cow-lobster, back into a mouse, then into a unicorn, then back to a mouse.

    The military (and a rabid girl scout), alerted to Howard's location by Dr. Bong who had linked him to the terrorist Osama el-Braka (allegedly Braka was Arabic for duck).

    They destroyed his shack in the process of breaking in to capture "Osama," but agreed to leave upon finding no duck present.

    Howard and Bev--along with Parsifal--headed out, while Bong plotted new revenge.







(Howard the Duck III#3) - Howard, Bev, and Parsifal were kicked out of Hotel Egesta for having no money and for two of them being a rodent and a dog. They saw a notice about the Boarding House of Mystery, which would accept them even with their problems, but Howard began having a panic attack which continued into a nervous breakdown. They ran into Detective Suzi Pazuzu, who brought them into the station for questioning, but released them when she began to have visions of Mesopotamian times. Meanwhile, Dr. Bong enlisted the aid of Dr. Kenneth Flogg against Howard, and Flogg directed him to confront Det. Suzi Pazuzu, who wore the Amulet of Pazuzu. Stress would transform her into a gargantuanly-breasted killing machine that would hack Howard and Bev to pieces. Suzi began the transformation later that evening as Howard and Bev followed her to her house, but when Bong broke in he knocked Suzi to the floor and the Amulet of Pazuzu was knocked onto Howard's wrist instead. Howard was transformed into a gargantuanly-breasted killing machine and slew Flogg's agent Ian Whippingham, but Bev stopped...him short of attacking Bong and removed the Amulet from Howard, returning to "normal" mouse form. Bong departed and Bev, Howard, and Parsifal headed off to the Boarding House of Mystery.

(Howard the Duck III#4) - Howard, Bev, and Parsifal arrived at the Boarding House of Mystery, and they were greeted by Cain and shown to their room by his brother Abel. Finding that their wishes were granted there, Howard wished for an immense feast, while Bev sought a manly companion. Realizing the scope of the potential, Howard wished to become a duck, and he did, but a normal duck. Bev completed the thought, turning him at last back into Howard the Duck. After their respective feasts, they lay down to rest, but were disturbed by the commotion of various terrorist attacks, followed by a demon eating the terrorists. Wandering the house, they met Hellboozer, Anthrax, the Interminable (Snoozy, Horny, Dicey, Ditzy, Mournful, Mopey, and Doc), the seemingly Egyptian Utah and her pet Gastornis Ravel, and Splatter Gomorrah. The latter of these offered them a job exposing the talk show host Iprah as a marketing franchise.

(Howard the Duck III#5) - Following breakfast, Howard accompanied Bev and Splatter Gomorrah to Iprah's studio, though Howard was turned back into a humanoid mouse upon leaving the Boarding House. They shared their recent experience with Gomorrah, and while the show was being taped, Iprah was possessed by the demon-angel hybrid known as Deuteronomy. The Saint of Therapists Sigmund Freud appeared to stop her, but she blasted him to smithereens. Howard picked up the Saint's cigar and used it to blow a hole in Iprah's chest, killing her and banishing Deuteronomy from Earth. Reveling in his victory, Howard ignored advice to the contrary, took a puff from the cigar, and promptly disintegrated.

(Howard the Duck III#6) - In Hell, Howard encountered the angel Thrasher as well as God/Yahweh himself. Grateful to Howard for stopping Deuteronomy, God answered all of his questions on existence and the meaning of life, and he told Howard he could return to duck form if he wished. Howard did so; upon returning to Earth shortly thereafter, he wondered if he had dreamed the whole thing though he remained in duck form. A homeless man gave him a present from God, a snow globe showing one of the many realities they had glimpsed.

(Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/5 (fb) - BTS) - The SHIELD regional director for supernormal affairs for Ohio was nearly run over by Howard's cab. Howard was rude and unapologetic that the SHIELD agent decided he didn't deserve the place in the universe that God gave him, so he continued the policy that the Duckman did not exist.

(She-Hulk II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Jennifer Walters convinced Howard to stop smoking cigars.

(She-Hulk I#9) - Howard appeared at the law offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway, insisting the movie director George Lucas fulfill his contractual obligations, including a trilogy and prequels.

(She-Hulk II#3) - Howard was plucked (no pun intended) out of time, appearing at the She-Hulk's time infraction trial, commenting how she had helped him quit smoking. He was seated in the back between Nosferata and Razorback, heckling Razorback's misguided attempts to help She-Hulk's case.

(Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/5) - Wishing to avoid the government's ire, Howard brought Beverly  with him and tried to register for the Superhuman Registration Act. He encountered the nutjob called the Mighty Bull and then finding out he was in the wrong building, the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Kidney Lady was also present, but the two apparently did not cross paths. He went over to the correct building and tried to register, but found that he had been ruled officially non-existent, which was perfectly fine with him.

(Howard the Duck IV#1) - Howard picked up the Twin Barrels (Bradley & Patton Barrel, a pair of fraternal twin quantum physicists from Case University mocked for their poor hunting ability) in his cab, and they started shooting at him. After escaping both them (and the owners of a sporting goods store who initially opposed the Barrels but then agreed with their right to duck hunt), Howard got mad after realizing that the stray gun fire could have hurt Beverly, and he battered and subdued the Twin Barrels.
    MODOT, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Talking, conspired to use this event as part of his plot to gain power via his control of most of the world's radio and TV personalities.

(Howard the Duck IV#2) - MeTube videos of Howard's defeat of the Twin Barrels became popular, and he and Beverly appeared on the Bill Hammer show. Mr. Good-Ear was hired by Beverly's agent Sid McGuffin to serve as her and Howard's bodyguard. Howard observed a pair of men (AIM agents 66 & 77) leaving Hammer's set and entering a secret base. A hunter started shooting at Howard, and musician/hunter Ted Newman started firing back. Hammer was shot in the back of the head by stray fire, and Howard nailed Newman with a taser, but Newman's last shot hit Dick Wittingly, and Mr. Good-Ear took offense to this and turned Howard over to the authorities. Howard was thrown into a pound.

(Howard the Duck IV#3) - She-Hulk got Howard released by convincing him to register with the Superhuman Registration Act and to promise not to use any of his "powers" in public. Outside the courtyard he warned a crowd of people about a giant statue's falling sword, telling them to "Duck!", and the they got out of the way while She-Hulk stopped the blade. After Beverly learned that TV personality Barry Kingman was a robot, Howard and Beverly returned to the AIM base, where they discovered MODOT's existence and plans. They narrowly escaped capture by AIM, but when they tried to warn the public of MODOT's activities, Howard was arrested again, and a judge, deciding Howard was a verbal menace that had no rights since he wasn't a citizen, had Howard stripped, gagged, and placed in the Cleveland Zoo.

(Howard the Duck IV#4) - When Lance Pierce, a failing director, attempted to emulate Howard's Me-Tube popularity with the identity of the Glory Hound, Beverly used the distraction to break Howard out of his cage. They tricked the media into helping them break into AIM's base where Howard exposed MODOT to the media. After the Twin Barrels rushed in, Howard used their proton-anti-proton gun to take out MODOT. The Twin Barrels then tried to shoot Howard, but Beverly convinced the POTUS to make Howard a US citizen and to pardon him for any criminal activities. Freed, Howard subsequently slipped on some dog poop and fell down, possibly breaking his scapula.

(Marvel Zombies 5#2 (fb) - BTS) - Howard joined the Ohio Initiative.

(Marvel Zombies 5#2 (fb) - BTS) - After the feds shut down the Ohio Initiative, Howard was transferred over to ARMOR (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response).

(Marvel Zombies 5#2 (fb)) - Morbius informed Howard of a planestorm that would merge several alternate realities -- all afflicted with variation of zombieism. Morbius directed Howard to find Machine Man to bring back samples of each kind of zombie from the various realities.

(Marvel Zombies 5#2 (fb)) - Guided by ARMOR's desk jockeys, Howard located Machine Man at Big Sal's Beer Distributor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lamenting Jocasta's return to Ultron; told him of their next mission to recover samples of zombies across the multiverse.

(Marvel Zombies 5#1) - Despite an ARMOR ban from traveling to Earth-483, Howard and Machine Man traveled to that reality's Old West era as part of their multiverse-traversing quest to collect samples of every known zombie/brain-muncher to isolate a cure for the zombie plague on Earth-616. After Machine Man saved the newly empowered Jacali Kane from a Romero zombie (Ghoul Type-1068, named for George Romero, director of the Evil Dead) Iron Mask, he and and an energy gun-toting Howard introduced themselves. When Jacali asked to join them on their quest, they both approved, and they brought her with them to Earth-691 circa November, 2020 to hunt the Martian Protectorate.

(Marvel Zombies 5#2) - With his BFG (Big Freakin' Gun), Howard destroyed a Skar unit battling Machine Man, then berated Killraven for dismantling Machine Man with explosives. After a truce is made, Howard explained their mission (in this case to locate Boyle zombies ("infected" Type-0211, named for Dan Boyle, director of 28 days later) and progress (as well as concerns regarding Machine Man's suicidal tendencies) to Killraven and his group; based on this information, Carmilla Frost advised Killraven to convince Machine Man to enter the Martian Masters' base, and infect human prisoners with Earth-483's zombie virus, poisoning the Masters' food supply. When the zombies attacked, Howard destroyed a pregnant zombie woman who bit Old Skull, after which Killraven cut off Old Skull's arm above the bite wound to prevent his infection. Soon after, they were attacked by the zombie babies from the destroyed pregnant zombie women, and Howard helped destroy the babies before joining Jacali in going to rescue Machine Man. As the Martian Masters fled Earth to escape the zombies, zombie Death Breeders threatened to overwhelm them until Machine Man, having built his torso onto a tripod, destroyed the zombies. Howard complimented him on his new outfit.

(Marvel Zombies 5#3) - On Earth-555, Howard and Jacali rode atop Machine Man's immense tripod form in search of Raimi (possessed Type-834, named for Sam Raimi, director of the Evil Dead), zombie-like creatures empowered by the Darkhold. Approaching Carisbrooke Castle, they were assaulted by Raimi, one of whom, launched aflame from a catapult, took out one of the tripod's legs, sending it crashing into the castle. With the tripod destroyed, Howard and Jacali (both out of ammo) were condemned as "foul creatures of the faerie" by the local knights, one of whom held a sword to Howard's throat until Jacali disarmed him. Howard's handtop computer identified the zombie-type, and Jacali convinced the knights to help rebuild Machine Man if she could shut down the demons' source; Howard was reluctant to let her face the zombie army but she convinced him that she could evade the zombies only without anyone else slowing her down. After she destroyed the Darkhold with the Black Knight (Sir Percy)'s sword, Howard complimented Machine Man on his rebuilt retro look and encouraged him by noting they were going to Earth-8410, a cyperpunk dystopia where he could be rebuilt with high-tech materials.

(Marvel Zombies 5#4) - Howard, Machine Man, and Jacali arrived on Earth-8410 to investigate the EATRs (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robots), and Howard failed to distract Machine Man from seeking out that reality's Jocasta. He also failed to dissuade Jacali from getting a cybernetic implant to track down the EATRs via the Vidweb, which led to her receiving the EATR virus and chasing after Howard until Machine Man restrained her. Machine Man then destroyed Jocasta-8410, the EATR virus' host CPU, and planned to cure Jacali by removing her infected cybernetic implant.

(Marvel Zombies 5#5) - On "Earth-12180" (an Earth undesignated and listed only as Earth-0000 by ARMOR), Howard, Jacali, and Machine Man sought out an “infected/ghoul” type-928…a “Jackson” (named for Peter Jackson, director of Dead Alive and Braindead...though I first thought it was a reference to Michael Jackson from Thriller)  on an otherwise normal/powerless world. They eventually tracked down the sole zombie, Wendell Stuart, who had been transformed by dust on a copy of the scrapped Marvel Team-Up#151 (Machine Man and Howard the Duck) from Sumatra, Indonesia, and who was preparing for a career as the costumed Zombie Marvel before he was paralyzed by rigor mortis. Howard kicked the door down, and after obtaining a tissue sample, Machine Man incinerated Stuart.






(Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1 (fb) - BTS) - During the summer at a beach in Cleveland (do they have such things?), Bev kicked Howard in the crotch.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev and Howard were indoctrinated/brainwashed into serving SOOPhI as Swizzle (a dominatrix-type used for sex appeal) and Cynical Duck (youth mascot).

(Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1) - As Swizzle and Cynical Duck, Bev and Howard promoted SOOPhI at a public speech held for them by J. Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man subsequently interrupted a SOOPhI indoctrination at the New York Public Library's EMAX theatre, and Bev and the other SOOPhIs saw him as a semi-demonic figure and attacked. Spider-Man escaped with Howard and broke his brainwashing by noting the threat to Bev. Howard quickly explained SOOPhI's goals to Spider-Man.
    As Spider-Man publicly announced his long-standing support for SOOPhI (leading Jonah, in turn, to sever his support), Howard confronted Bev as she stood by the Supreme SOOPhI. Howard broke through to Bev, reminding her of SOOPhI's true goals as well as the time she kicked him in the crotch; and Howard convinced her to do the same with the Supreme SOOPhI. The leader ordered the SOOPhI's to throw the pair into the special Blanditron at Guantanamo bay, and Bev held off several of them with her whip. Spider-Man then arrived, unmasked the Supreme SOOPhI, and webbed up several other SOOPhI's, leading the rest to flee through their exploding teleporter (it exploded AFTER they escaped via teleportation). Figuring the SOOPhI's would lay low for awhile after such a defeat, he also hoped their Florida Everglades base might lead them to meet up with the Man-Thing.








(Fear Itself: Fearsome Four#4 (fb)) - Man-Thing yanked Howard from his home into the Nexus of All Realities. 

    Howard followed the Man-Thing through the surreal realm, but wasn't paying attention and tripped, and Man-Thing didn't do a thing to catch him.

    Howard fell for an extended period, though it he was only gone from the outside for a blink of an eye, as time stood still in the Nexus.

    Eventually Man-Thing silently confronted and gave Howard the Ultimate Annihilator before sending him back to Earth. The accompanying text box notes this flashback as being "way back when" - so it may well have occurred much earlier (Howard's wearing pants in the flashback, for whatever that's worth).

(Fear Itself: Fearsome Four#1) - During the Asgardian fear god the Serpent (Cul)'s assault on Earth, the Man-Thing rampaged across Manhattan.

    Howard allied with She-Hulk to bring Man-Thing in safely or to personally stop him.

    They happen upon and joined with Frankenstein's monster and Nighthawk; Howard dubbed the quartet the Fearsome Four.

    As they confronted Man-Thing, it unconsciously used the Nexus of All Realities to overlap each of the Four with monstrous alternate reality versions of themselves from "Earth-11086." (initial, partially-merged form shown to the right)

(Fear Itself: Fearsome Four#2) - Further maddened by their merger with their alternate realities selves (fully transformed forms shown to the left), the "Fearsome Four" attacked Man-Thing; they reverted to status quo when Man-Thing departed.

    After Frankenstein's monster revealed he had been captured and manipulated by an unidentified being into assaulting Man-Thing, the Four tracked down Psycho-Man & Man-Thing.

    Psycho-Man revealed his plot to collect the fear currently saturating the planet to build a doomsday device, a fear bomb that would bring countless worlds to their knees.

    Man-Thing then  summoned Earth-11099's new Fantastic Four (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, gray Hulk, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlettt).



(Fear Itself: Fearsome Four#3) - The "new" Fantastic Four attacked the "Fearsome Four," and Howard eventually used the Annihilator to banish the "new" FF.

    Howard tried to use the Annihilator against Man-Thing but was unable to activate it

(Fear Itself: Fearsome Four#4) - As Man-Thing's power rampaged out of control, Howard led the "Fearsome Four" to attack him/it until he realized they didn't need the Annihilator and that their own fears had been pushing the Man-Thing over the edge.

    Conquering their own fears, the Four calmed Man-Thing. The Four broke up: Nighthawk departed to protect the streets; Frankenstein's monster to pursue Psycho-Man; Man-Thing per Howard's advice.




(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #1 (fb) - BTS) - Learning that the Nazi zombies of Earth-12591 had neared completion of a cross-dimensional battleship (Valhalla's hammer) with which they planned to invade and infest/infect/conquer Earth-616, ARMOR gathered a number of agents to destroy the battleship and thwart the Nazi zombies' plot: Battlestar and/or Howard the Duck apparently gathered Blazing Skull, Breeze Barton, Dynaman, Eternal Brain, Flexo, Red Raven, Taxi Taylor, Dragoon of the Dragon-Men of Ligra, and Gur of the Lion-People of Ligra (see comments).

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #2 (fb) - BTS) - Howard was instructed to meet up Earth-12591's resistance (the Suffragists).

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #3 (fb) - BTS) - With or without instructions from his superiors, Howard planned to recruit "Dum Dum" Dugan so he could impersonate his Earth-12591 zombie counterpart and get them into the base.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #1) - Aided by Battlestar, Howard recruited "Dum Dum" Dugan into the group and then introduced him to the Ducky Dozen.

    En route to Earth-12591 aboard Taxi's ship, Howard gave a motivational speech, noting that "some sister realities are sending similar detachments to run interference so they could find their contacts." He further noted that their diversity was exactly what their enemy was trying to destroy.

    Arriving on Earth-12591, they were almost instantly attacked by zombies, and Gur was swiftly zombified, leading Howard to kick him out of the craft. At Howard's guidance, Breeze Barton took to the air and blasted apart other zombies being launched at their craft, but damage from Dugan's use of heavy artillery inside the ship soon caused it to crash.

    They were then confronted by Zombie Invaders (Bucky, Destroyer, Golden Girl, Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Spitfire, Vision/Aarkus, Whizzer), and Namor tore Barton in half.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #2) - While Dugan questioned how much information had been withheld from him, Howard tried to distract him by urging him into combat, though he noted that they were to meet the resistance. Howard was saved from being consumed by the Whizzer by Dynaman, who was subsequently consumed by a zombie(?)-squid controlled by Zombie Namor. With the aid of the arriving Suffragists (Columbia, Libertas, Miss America, Riveter), the Invaders were destroyed, although Red Raven perished in the fight. Howard and the remaining members of the Ducky Dozen joined the Suffragists in their headquarters, where they were introduced to Zephyr Zog, a Nazi scientist aiding their efforts against the zombies. Howard helped Battlestar restrain Blazing Skull from killing Zog.

    After Zog revealed the cause of the zombie plague, Battlestar noted that they needed to get Dugan into place so that they could not only had to destroy Valhalla's Hammer, they needed to find and destroy the death spore flower that started the zombie plague. After Howard explained to Dugan that the zombies had been able to take over the world via alliance with the gods. As the Waffen-ZZ arrived, Howard and the others repelled out of the building, and Howard caught Dugan when an explosion tore through his rope.

    Nonetheless, Dugan was furious upon seeing his own zombie counterpart and realizing that he was brought in to replace that counterpart.

howardtheduck-marzomdes4(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #3) - As they swung helplessly in front of the Waffen-ZZ, Howard and Dugan were rescued by Libertas, who flew them to the ground, although Dugan had to be stopped from strangling Howard.

    En route to the Nazi base in Zog's train, Howard admitted that he had planned for Dugan to impersonate his zombie self.

    The train was subsequently assaulted by the zombie Brunnhilde the Valkyrie and the rest of the Valkyrior. After hearing noise on the roof followed by seeing Zog's disembodied head hurled from the front of the train, Howard instructed everyone to focus their fire on the roof. The Valkyrior were eventually destroyed, but Columbia was lost in the struggle.

    Howard and the others were then joined by Loki-12591, who admitted to having caused the zombie plague.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #4) - As Loki explained how the zombie plague had affected all of the Asgardians and that he thought he could reverse the plague if he could access the flower that began it, Howard asked the mouthless Eternal Brain if he could have his beer.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #4 - BTS) - As the zombie Asgardians assaulted their train, Loki magically hid the Ducky Dozen and Suffragists in a travel trunk, which went unnoticed by the gods.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #4) - After the gods departed, the Ducky Dozen and Suffragists exited the trunk and made their way to the zombie stronghold where Dugan impersonated his zombie counterpart to gain access to zombie's trans-dimensional ship. As Howard and the others waited outside, they were unable to prevent Skurge the Executioner from biting and zombifying Dragoon.

    As Dugan had not yet opened the gates, Howard had the Eternal Brain open the locks to let them in. Once inside, Howard and Battlestar saw the zombified goats chained to the zombies' weapon.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #5) - After Dugan arrived, Loki appeared and explained that the goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr, who had been consumed by the zombie Thor, reanimated as zombies, and then consumed zombie Odin to become immensely powerful, were the power source of the zombies' transdimensional craft.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #5 - BTS) - As the Red Skull and his troops arrived, Loki transported himself, Miss America, and Dugan away, leaving Blazing Skull and Flexo to be torn apart by the giant goats. They succeeded in launching a weapon to destroy the zombies, although Loki and Miss America were lost in the process.

(Marvel Zombies Destroy! #5) - Before dying, Loki transported Dugan back to his allies, and he warned them of the coming weapon and the need to escape. As they were surrounded by Nazi zombies (or zombie Nazis, not sure which is more appropriate...or worse...), Eternal Brain had the Riveter shatter his brain casing, allowing his brain to expand to giant size, and distracting the zombies as they fed upon it.

    Capitalizing on the distraction, Howard led Battlestar, Dugan, Riveter, and Taxi to a commercial-sized refrigerator within which they might escape the coming explosion; though they found the partially consumed form of Captain America within it, they had no time to remove it, and Taxi brought them back to Earth-616.

    However, Captain America-12591 then ominously/secretly revived.

 (S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Legion of Howards, a "cross-existential reality force" (group of alternate reality) Howard the Ducks that fought for "hyperjustice," was formed by  and/or included <at least> the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Howard the Duck of Earth-88011, Howard the Roboduck of Earth-19171, the Mjolnir-wielding Howard the Duck of Earth-20160, Sister Howard the Duck of Earth-32951), Strangeduck of Earth-80118, and duck bill costume-wearing redheaded human woman Howard the Duck.

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Legion of Howards did not invite the Howard the Duck active on Earth-616 because, well, you know...thing-duck-zipper-chain
    For the rest of the profile, I'm going with the 616-dwelling Howard for conciseness/clarity/because I feel like it).

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Multiversal "Spider-Verse" conflict involving numerous alternate reality Spider-beings fighting the spider-totem-eating Inheritors led to progressive spatial anomalies that apparently threatened the entire Multiverse.

    After the "Zipper Unripper" was spat out by the chaos, Earth-616's S.H.I.E.L.D. mystic agent Jeremiah Warrick determined that it could only be utilized to mend the damage by a being from an alternate reality. It was determined that Howard the Duck could be that being.

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Legion of Howards gathered to oppose the threat of Ducanard of Earth-15110, who felt he was born to create a perfect pate from the blended livers of one single duck who existed in many forms across diverse realities.

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 - BTS) - On Earth-616 Warrick and fellow agent Leo Fitz summoned (616-dwelling) Howard the Duck and informed him of his role, after which Warrick magically transported Howard to an alternate Earth (or perhaps a location where realities were crossing-over) to utilize the Zipper Unripper...and then he accidentally transported Fitz there as well.

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 (fb) - BTS) - Strangeduck informed the rest of the Legion that the 616-dwelling Howard had the device needed to save their universes.

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10) - The Legion of Howards encountered the 616-dwelling Howard and Fitz and introduced themselves, with Howard-89517 taking the lead, referencing Ducanard, and identifying herself and Howard the Roboduck.

    When the 616-dwelling Howard questioned the Legion's story, asking why he had never been invited to join their group, the other Howards all looked away awkwardly (presumably preferring to avoid voicing something like, "because you're a jerk.").

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10) - As the Mjolnir-wielding Howard-20160 advised the 616-dwelling Howard that he needed to use the tool he had been given to save all of their universes, Ducanard suddenly impaled Howard-20160 with his long fork deal, apparently killing him. Clearly distraught, Howard-89517 screamed "Ducky!" warping back home

    After Ducanard blew up Howard the Roboduck-19171, explained his motives (in French, but there were subtitles/translation boxes), and wounded Fitz with his fork-deal, Fitz apparently modified pieces of Roboduck into a weapon he used to blast and incapacitate Ducanard.

    A blast from the giant Liverer them apparently incinerated Ducanard. Seeing the giant, partially open zipper/warp on the Liverer, the 616-dwelling Howard drew the Zipper Unripper, but the Liverer grabbed the 616-dwelling Howard, causing him to drop the Unripper. 

    However, Sister Howard, aided by Fitz, used the Unripper to grab the Liverer's zipper and pull it down to reclose it.

    Howard-89517 noted that it was working and the zipper was closing, and she grabbed Fitz's foot and helped pull; Strangeduck then grabbed Bev's foot, and the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Howard/Thing/Duck-88011 grabbed Strangeduck's foot and held Howard.

    As the zipper approached closure, Fitz noted that everyone was headed back to their proper realities and they had to stay together if they wanted to end up back home.

(S.H.I.E.L.D.III#10 - BTS) - Glimpsing and considering multiple other realities, the 616-dwelling Howard nonetheless completed the zipper's closure and returned to Earth-616 with Fitz.

    Warrick noted that the Multiversal anomaly had vanished a second before Howard and Fitz had reappeared.

    The surviving Howards were presumably sent back to their respective worlds. Perhaps even those who perished or were destroyed were restored? Or not...


Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Val Mayerik, and Sal Trapani.

    Howard the Duck#4 announced that Howard the Duck was running for president.

    Apparently at some point Disney took action against Howard the Duck, forcing him to make a number of changes so that the two drakes wouldn't be confused. Amongst these was making Howard wear pants...see the article in Howard the Duck II#8.
    Not any real conflict, but interesting as such in retrospect:
    In the 1/1/78 Sunday paper HtD story, Howard felt lonely, and Arthur Winslow said, “Gee, if you’re lonely, you could become a mouse and start your own club.”

(Giant-Size Man-Thing#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - My uncle used to run a drycleaning store, and his motto was "Courtesy First."
    The only difference between his world and Earth-616: more ducks...apes don't talk. That's all.

    Abandoning the stigma of bestiality due to Howard's intelligence and alien nature, Beverly and Howard were shown to share the same bed as early as Howard the Duck I#2, but it wasn't until Howard the Duck magazine that their physical relationship was confirmed.

    Howard the Duck I#2's next issue promo advertised the Kidney Lady's bizarre revenge. She was not in #3.

    Howard the Duck I#16 missed the deadline. Instead of printing a reprint, which they usually did when this happened, Gerber wrote a whole stream of consciousness essay patterned as discussions between Gerber and Howard.

    Howard the Duck I#19 sports not only a letter from Kurt Busiek, but also a response telling readers, "Arthur Winslow if Don McGregor. Beverly Switzler is Mary Skrenes. And everybody else in the strip, including the villains, is Steve (Gerber). I have NO idea if that was intended as a joke or not.

    Howard the Duck I#28 featured a series of recent? flashbacks which took place at a time when Howard and Beverly were together, though at the time the story was published, Bev was still married to Dr. Bong. So, the story either had to take place  before Howard the Duck Annual#1 (which is entirely possible) or after Howard the Duck I#31(?).

    Marvel Two-In-One#46? Is this really Howard and he's just being sarcastic (as is his wont), or is it another actor?
I think the Marvel Chronology Project had this issue placed right before Howard the Duck I#1, which is odd, b/c HtD I#1 came out in 1/76, while MTIO#46 came out in 12/78. It seems to fit best after the end of the Howard the Duck magazine series.

Howard's father was named as in a script written by Steve Gerber, but never published by Marvel.

Howard the Duck's chronology is a little hard to place in Marvel Team-Up I#96. It came out around Howard the Duck II#5, and would fit with him working as a taxi driver under Lee Switzler, based out of Cleveland. This is where the Marvel Chronology Project places it.
    However, he's driving a standard yellow/checkered Cab, as opposed to his "To Hack and Back" model. Could just be artistic license or error, or it could be that it takes place after the end of the second series, when he returns to Cleveland and starts driving cabs again. He never references Bev or anything. This is where the Official Marvel Index to Marvel Team-Up places it. And that's where I'm placing it.






The Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck#1 story, courtesy of Madison Carter:

It's possible that it was the "real" Officer Dragon and Destroyer Duck. Not only have we plenty of past evidence of characters slipping between realities (Howard himself, for example), perhaps sometimes without even realizing they are no longer on their native worlds, but also there are plenty of examples of alternate Earths merging so that history is temporarily altered and the residents are none the wiser during the merger, with everyone's memories altered to prevent them from noticing the discrepancies. As readers, we normally see this in major storylines where the changes are obvious, but there's no reason it couldn't happen naturally on a smaller scale from time to time - it'd explain why the likes of Destroyer Duck and the TMNT are present in a universe they aren't normally resident in without any mention from any of them about interdimensional travel. Yes, the "real" TMNT and DD might have Image reality counterparts, but then why (putting aside real world copyright issues and looking at it only from an in-universe perspective) do they never turn up for any of Image's "everyone turns up to help" mega-crossover events?

Leonard's next and, as far as I can ascertain, only appearance after Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck is at Barbaric and Ricochet's wedding in Savage Dragon#41. This is attended by characters from several different comic universes, some officially (e.g. with permission of their creators) and some unofficially. Among the latter are several Marvel characters, including the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man. Given that Howard clearly returned to the Marvel Universe fairly soon after Destroyer Duck rescued him, my personal theory is that Howard and Beverly hadn't enjoyed being in Witness Protection and so hitched a lift back to Earth-616 with Reed and co.

    Ghost Rider III#81 references a dimensional wormhole opened by Dr. Strange and Jennifer Kale as the reason he arrived on Earth. The reference is "It happened a long time ago in the Howard the Duck series."
To which I respond, "No, it didn't."

    BTW, there's a few things of significance from the Howard the Duck MAX series I can't mention on a family friendly page like this.

Steve Gerber does the definitive duck

    OK...I totally think Gerber--as creator--has some trump privileges with the character. At the same time, I HATE the idea of writing off stories as non-continuity. Here's how I see it.

    Crazy#63 says "Follow the adventures of Howard the Duck in each and every issue of Crazy and in his own bi-monthly magazine." I don't have any other issues after #63 beyond the ones I've listed here. Let me know if you do have them and Howard's in them, b/c I'll add them.
    The Crazy issues can fit in without too much trouble. They seem to best fit in before the Duckworld adventure, b/c after that Howard left Cleveland and traveled the country for awhile during which time Howard and Bev broke up, whereas the Crazy issues started out in Cleveland with Bev (and Lee) Switzler by his side. Alternatively, they could have taken place somewhere shortly before the She-Hulk stories, as by then Howard was back in Cleveland and reunited with Bev.

    The Marvel Tales issue is supposed to be on an alternate world (not Larval Earth/Earth-8311) per Spider-Ham's comment that all of the superhumans had been banished from his world the previous issue.
    Our own Elf with a Gun further points out that the Watcher of Earth-8311 is actually called the Watchdog, so the Whoatcher is someone else, maybe from the same
Earth-905237 as that issue's Duktor Doom.

    Thanks to Sean Curtin for pointing out the Slapstick appearance.

    Thanks to Lava Rock (Arthur) for filling in several Crazy appearances. And for adding this: One other thing that I notice is missing from the chronological project is Howard's appearances in a newspaper strip.  I don't have those, but you can probably obtain information from this link...

Crazy#36 pg. 42,43 had a pictorial "conceived by Jim Newsome" titled "OTHER VERSIONS OF Howard The Duck" that shows Howard drawn as Duckey Crockett, Batduck, Sheerluck Duck, Duck Carter of Mars, Duckula, Duc Savage, Duck Fury agent of Q.U.A.C.K. and Drake Vader.

Crazy#65 This issue was mis-numbered as #66.  The storyline is the one described as #66 on the chronological report.  One thing important to note is that at the end of the story, there is dialogue box that mentions Howard will be appearing in his own magazine, on sale July 22nd 1980  From this tidbit, may I suggest that the chronology be adjusted?  HTD II would appear AFTER these Crazy stories.
Howard the Duck magazine pretty much continues from the last issue of the regular series, and there's no break from during the regular series before like #15. It has to be in the magazine after the first issue... I put them where I where I did b/c Howard had stopped his cab driving career, and it was before the trip to Duckworld, which led to a series of adventures that concluded with Howard & Beverly breaking up.

Scott Elliot pointed out that Howard was also seen on the cover of She-Hulk I#8 (but not in the comic itself). He also told us about Howard's cameo in DC's Top Ten#8. Howard is in the top right of the image.

At the end of Ka-Zar the Savage#34 (October, 1984) there is a back-up story that has Ka-Zar going to the Land of Cancelled Heroes. There is a ton of cameos from characters whose books were cancelled including Howard the Duck, who was hanging a banner that says "Coming Soon Cryst." I assume it's supposed to be Crystar.
--Paradox Factor




Marvel Zombies 5 #5 shows the cover for the Earth-12180's legendary final issue of Marvel Team-Up Volume One (#151, from 1985), whose entire print run was allegedly scrapped because the inker slipped a "dirty word" into one background. Only 30 copies were supposed to have existed on that world. Wendell Stuart bought a copy from someone in Sumatra, Indonesia (the same place the monkey infecting everyone in Peter Jackson's Braindead was from), and was turned into a Jackson-type zombie by inhaling dust contained in the box in which the book shipped. Anyway, all we can tell from the cover is that it featured Howard the Duck and Machine Man fighting against some shadowy-tentacled creature with a large central eye (vaguely reminiscent of Shuma-Gorath), invading Earth's realm over an unspecified city, in a story called "Doom is a Dark Dimension." Apparently penciled by Frank Brunner? We could obviously speculate on a whole host of things, but for now, there's no evidence that such a story occurred on Earth-616...but, you never know.



    As you all may know, Steve Gerber was writing an 8 issue Dr. Fate feature for DC in "Countdown to Mystery" at the time of his death. For the final part in issue #8, DC printed four different four page conclusions by four different writers and artists. Gail Simone had a delusional Kent Nelson muttering "Ducks and bog monsters and a team of loner freaks who become friends somehow and a bizarro and a dancer with an ostrich and God, God, what wonders yet remained to be put to paper?" Adam Beechen has Kent Nelson, Inza Fox and Maddy rescued from the demon Negal and his lackey Ymp by a gun-toting elf who blows the demons away. "All clear. Anything else?" he asks. A voice answers him, "Nah. You done good. Come on home. Me, Bev, Megs [Omega the Uknown, I presume] and Thunny [Thundarr the Barbarian} are going for beer with the big guy (Steve Gerber) before he heads upstairs. You're welcome to join us." "I dunno," the Elf says, "Feels like more should happen before he goes. That there's more to do down here." "He feels the same way, pal," says the voice. "But he's cool with it. He's leaving behind a bunch a'others he's taught to handle things. Wauuggh." DCU appearances. Only one of four possible endings. But still worthy of mention?
--Al Sjoerdsma

    Beyond Howard, Battlestar, and Dugan, the other nine members of the Ducky Dozen either were from or based on characters who appeared during the first year of Timely Comics.
    However, some of the characters who were supposed to be the originals had significantly different histories than had previously been documented (Eternal Brain, for example), so some or all of them may have been alternate reality counterparts.
    Given the involvement of A.R.M.O.R., that's a really easily explanation.

    Earth-12591 Loki arranged for Hitler to consume the death spore flower (allegedly plucked from Hel) that transformed him into zombie, plague spread throughout Nazis, who won World War II and then to Asgardians collectively when an Odinsleep deprived Odin investigated and was bitten. Nazi Zombies sought to invade Earth-616, ultimately foiled/destroyed by Ducky Dozen. Marvel Zombies Destroy #1 (2012)

A few things Per Degaton had to add:
First, in his second appearance, the one involving Garrko the man-frog, Howard paid for an item in a store with a dollar bill from his homeworld. That dollar bill had a portrait of a member of that species with powdered wig on pace George Washington. I do not recall if that name of that individual read legibly. However, this later became important, because in a letters page of Howard the Duck when he ran for the presidency, the editor replied that although Howard came from an alternate Earth, his country still has the name the "United States of America" and an extremely similar constitution.

    Second, when Howard fought Bessie the Hell-Cow, he used a tire-iron as a makeshift cross, which suggests that on his world, the cross serves as a sacred symbol.

    Howard the Duck II#1 page 13: "Nice little place ya got here skidoo---reminds me of a concentration camp called Duckschwitz that the Ratzis set up on my world during the Great War!".
  This could reinforce that anthromorphic mice exist on Howard's world.

    "Leonard" was the nickname that the Groucho Marx "What's My Line" production staff had for the duck who dropped down when someone "said the secret woid."

    In John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) none of the comic books ("Neutron Man", "Tarantula Man", ["Laser Man"]) in Tommy's collection are real. Copies of Howard the Duck comics stood-in for the fictional titles. If three super-heroes of those names ever turn up in a story, it might well be the most obscure Howard the Duck reference except for the ones that are too obscure for me to know about.
--Ronald Byrd

    Howard's full name was revealed to be Howard Duckson in War of the Realms: War Scrolls#1 (June, 2019).
--Mike Castle

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

He should be differentiated from his extradimensional counterparts, some of whom include:

Howard the Duck I#1, p1 (full body)
    p7, panel 1 (barbarian)
(Adventure into) Fear#19, p15, panel 5 (Howard with hat)
Giant-Size Man-Thing#4/2, p1 (falling through cosmic void)
Giant-Size Man-Thing#5/2, p7, panel 2 (overcoat)
Howard the Duck I#2, p1 (Killmallard)
        p2, panel 3 (Killmallard face)
    #3 cover (Quak-Fu) - by Rich Buckler & Steve Leialoha
    #4 letter page (Get Down America)
Marvel Two-In-One#46, p8, panel 3 (Uncle Waddles)
Howard the Duck II#8 cover (Duck-Man & Duck Girl) - by John Pound
    p35, panel 1 (Duckmobile)
Marvel Treasury Edition#12, p18 (not including cover), panel 5 (Dr. Strange)
Howard the Duck I#13, last page, last panel (A Duck Possessed)
Howard the Duck Annual#1 cover (Bagmom)
Howard the Duck I#19, p1 (Howard the Human full body)
    #18, p12, panel 3 (Howard the Human face)
Howard the Duck I#23, p11, panel 5 (Farce)
    cover (Star Waaugh)
Howard the Duck I#30 cover (Iron Duck) - by Gene Colan
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition: Howard the Duck (pants wearing fool)
Howard the Duck II#5, story page #11 (Drakula)
    #9, p13 (by page numbers), panel 3 (voodoo)
Howard the Duck Holiday Special#1, p10, panel 1 (santa)
Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue#1 - photo shoot, pg. 4 - swimsuits
Generation X#21, p5, panel 1 (polka dot tie + pants)
Howard the Duck III#1 cover (mouse)
Howard the Duck III#2, p8, panel 1 (anteater)
            panel 4 (basselope)
        p10, panel 3 (surf and turf)
        p15 (unicorn)
    #4, p19, panel 1 (Amulet of Pazuzu)
Marvel Zombies 5#1, pg. 22 (Old West gear with energy gun - ARMOR)
Marvel Zombies 5#2, pg. 6, panel 2 - ARMOR costume, with his BFG (Big Freakin’ Gun)
Marvel Zombies 5#5, pg. 3 (cover of Earth-12180's Marvel Team-Up #151)
Fearsome Four#1, second to last page, panel 2 (Howard overlapped with monstrous Earth-11086 self - early mutation)
    #2, story page 2, panel 2 (straight on upper body) and pg. 3, panel 5 (side view whole body) (Howard overlapped with monstrous Earth-11086 self - early mutation)
Marvel Zombies Destroy! #4, pg. 17, panel 1 (military fatigues)

Man-Thing I#1 (January, 1974) - by Steve Gerber (writer), Val Mayerik (pencils), Sal Trapani (inks), and Roy Thomas (editor)
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