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Real Name: Harold 

Identity/Class: Unrevealed (likely a native of some world (possibly Earth, but certainly possibly not) mutated to serve Galactongue)

Occupation: Herald to Galactongue

Group Membership: None

    the Throwaway was cursed to be drawn to and to observe Galactongue's consuming of worlds, but whether he had any exact relationship to either the Sulfer Surfer is unrevealed.

Enemies: Natives of Earth-85197 and presumably numerous other worlds (see comments)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    observed in proximity to Earth in Reality-85197 (possibly mobile throughout the universe and/or across realities)

First AppearanceUnpublished Howard the Duck script - Steve Gerber (1985)

Powers/AbilitiesA grimy and black being riding a surfboard through air and outer space, the Sulfur Surfer wields the Power Sulfuric. He locates planets suitable for consumption by Galactongue. Via yellow to black sulfury material expelled from his surfboard like exhaust, he coated the worlds with a material that was like "gravy on the feast" to Galactongue. This material could fill the sky, blocking out the sun's light, at least, and blanketing the world in darkness.

    The Sulfur Surfer can speak and communicate with others, as well as simply exist and survive, in the vacuum of space, unharmed.

Height: Unrevealed, but likely roughly human sized (around 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (his density is unrevealed)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Presumably none

Unpublished Howard the Duck#1: Howard the Duck's Secret Crisis II script (fb) - BTS) - Via incorporating Shadow Matter within her Poporb to make techno-fiction movies , Krylorian techno-artist Chirreep unwittingly caused Reality-791021 to be overlayed with Reality-616; when the two realities separated, Howard was pulled into an interdimensional rift between Reality-616 and -791021. It was believed that the two realities would seek to occupy the same "space," threatening them both.

    In 46 separate scenarios monitored by Chireep, Duckworld was destroyed. (see comments).

(Unpublished Howard the Duck#1: Howard the Duck's Secret Crisis II script) - In Chirreep's 47th scenario (Reality-85197, and possibly others; see comments), the universe's destruction was ordained by a "higher power" (the Brotherhood of Evil Prepositions, or something/one else). 

    Harold, the Sulfur Surfer, served Galactongue in finding and preparing worlds for his master to consume.  The Surfer released a trail of sulfurous emissions that coated the world in black glop -- "the gravy on the feast"-- like a gooey bonbon.

    As the Surfer's thick, billowing, yellow-grey glop coated the sky, blocking out the sun, and terrifying the natives (and assaulting them with its sulfur stench), including Ronald (Howard's father in this reality) and his neighbors (ducks, geese, and chickens) in their unspecified suburbs. Even in New Stork City, Duktor Strange was helpless to repel the sulfurous glop.

    The Throwaway then appeared before Strange and his ally Truman Capoultry, pointing out the futility of resistance.

    Once his master hovered around Earth, he Surfer offered, "Your supper, Galactongue." Thanking Harold, Galactongue devoured the world, after which it smacked its grinning lips, slurping and noting, "Mm-MMM! Dee-lish!" 

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber.

    Gerber's unpublished script (

    As the script was not published, we don't know how much/many of the story events contained within occurred as written, so I'm including them here in italics.
Only the published data is listed in regular text below:

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z harcover#5: Howard the Duck entry) - The cosmic axis tipped again as Howard’s world changed markedly.
    This takes place immediately before the Mr. Chicken adventure in Howard the Duck II#1

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z harcover#5: Howard the Duck entry) - Howard had Winda send him and Bev to "Duckworld," though it was not the world he remembered.

(Marvel Legacy: 1970s: Korrek entry / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z harcover#5: Howard the Duck entry) - Howard later joined with Dakimh the Enchanter, Korrek, Jennifer Kale, Man-Thing and others to resolve damage caused by a
reality warp initiated by Krylorian Techno-Artist Chireep.

    The Throwaway notes that he is doomed to watch an infinite number of worlds perish like the one we see the Sulfur Surfer deliver to Galactongue. We don't know for sure how many (if any) other worlds perished before this Earth, nor do we know for sure whether solely Earths were consumed across alternate realities or whether he had fed or was going to feed on other worlds in the same universe. I would think it MOST lilkely that it was Earths being destroyed as Chireep had witnessed multiple Earth's destructions and since the series was a play on Crisis on Infinite Earths...but obviously that's only guess-work...

    The Duckworld detailed as consumed by Galactongue is Reality-85197; Chirreep notes that she has viewed 47 scenarios via the Poborob and all resulted in the destruction of Duckworld (we don't know if any others were associated with Galactongue) either there are 46 other realities in which Duckworld was destroyed...or maybe it's the same reality, and she just couldn't change it or view anything else? Let's go with that, because, since we don't know anything else to distinguish them, I can't really designate them. Chirreep does ask the Poborb why it keeps "feeding the same vidstream into the fictionator."
    While we don't know what happened in the script for the second issue nor do we know what actually happened to Howard, we do know that Duckworld persisted, so the destruction Chirreep visualized was a divergent version of some fashion.

    The story refers to the Duckworld reality as being part of a Shadow Multiverse created via the Shadow Matter in Chirreep's Poporb. It seems more likely that she accessed and affected the realities than actually created one.

Profile by Snood.

The Sulfur Surfer
should be distinguished from:

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There are no images of the Silver Surfer (but he's supposed to be "grimy black from head to toe, but otherwise resembling the Silver Surfer)

Unpublished Howard the Duck#1: Howard the Duck's Secret Crisis II script - Steve Gerber (1985);

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