Real Name: Beverly "Bev" Switzler

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Former actress, art model, burlesque show co-director, harem girl, hospitality girl, governess, lifeguard, ninja, nursing home attendant, Santa's Candy Cane Elf (at the Mondo Mega Mall), SOOPhI promoter/enforcer

Group Membership: Formerly the All-Night Party, SOOPhI (while brainwashed)

Affiliations: Abel of the Boarding House of Mystery, Bong Quintuplets, Britney, Cain of the Boarding House of Mystery, Caliph of Bagmom, Carlo, Charlie, Cleft Chin, Defenders (Dr. Stephen Strange, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Cyrus Degree, Dino Digitalis, Dr. Bong's creations, Patsy Dragonsworth, Mrs. Dragonsworth, (sp?), Amy Driscoll, Anne Darrow Driscoll, Jock Driscoll, Duck Deity, Sgt. Preston Dudley, Elizabeth the husky, Dionysus Finster, Glory Hound (Lance Pierce), Splatter Gomorrah, Gregor the comedian, Greta, Dreyfuss Gultch, Harold H. Harold, Heather, Howard the Duck, the Interminable (Snoozy, Horny, Dicey, Ditzy, Mournful, Mopey, and Doc), Jennifer, Kimberly, Lassie, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Man-Thing (Ted Sallis), Mr. Goodear, Parsival, Spruce Payne, Suzi Pazuzu (they're not friends, but not enemies, either), President Of The United States, Prince the horse, Ravel, Franklin Richards, Mrs. Rosenzweig, Simon Samson, Paul Same (formerly Winky-Man), Santa (Yitzak), Serge, She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Carol Starkowski, Claude Starkowski, Tana Nile, Tiffany, TJ, Mary Jane Watson, Ali Wazoo, Winda Wester, Wigid, Arthur Winslow (Turnip Man),;
  David, unidentified group of flight attendants living in Greenwich Village, unidentified young man stabbed at a diner, unidentified Canadian doctor, unspecified Vice-President of the United States, unidentified janitor at a burlesque show, unidentified African man;
Truman Capoultry & Duktor Strange of Duckworld;
    Officer Dragon and Destroyer Duck of Earth-Image;
    annoyed by the Amazing Fred, the Apple sisters and their All Girl Apple-Corps, Captain Wongo and his Norwegian Camels, Doctor Odd, Gregor the comedian, Mack Exacto

EnemiesBahndbird, Band of the Bland, le Beaver, Bellhop, B.E.S.T, Black Hole, Black Talon (Thibodaux Boudreaux) and his zombies, Bernie "Blind Boy" Buford, "Black" Tom Cassidy, Circus of Crime, Cleveland Clobberer, Count Macho and his goons, Doctor Bong, Dr. Odd, Doctor Reich, Dracula, Judge Elmer Dwedd, Eggs-Men, Gingerbread Man, Grey Panther, Guardians of the Citadel of Sai-Fuur, Hassim, Iprah, Jackpot the One-Armed Bandit, Jokester, Kidney Lady, Kong Lomerate, Maller, Mister Chicken, M.O.D.O.T., Joe Mountbratten, nurse Barbara, Phelch the Space Turnip, Puffin, Quizling, Rashid, Pro-Rata, Relf the Elf with a Gun, SOOPhI, Spanker, Vacuum Pack, vampire refrigerator and other appliances, Reverend Joon Moon Yuc
Reverend Godfrey Gander, Scrounge McDrake, Dr. Ludwig von Cluck of Duckworld

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents, Harriet (sister), Beverly "Lee" Switzler (paternal uncle), Lily (great aunt, deceased);
    Bong Quintuplets/Lester Jr., Chester, Nestor, Fester & Howie Verde (creations - she didn't have any genetic relationship to them, but she took Bong's DNA (from his fingernail clippings) and created them via Bong's equipment)
    Dr. Bong (Lester Verde) was her semi-official husband - see comments

Aliases: "Bev the Leaf Girl," "the 'Come Here, Stud' Blimp Lady," Duck-Girl, Eve, "Half-Naked Girl," Jane Jones, "Little Miss Intuition," Rhonda Martini, Swizzle, "Thunder-Thighs" (high school nickname)

Base of Operations: Various apartments in Cleveland, Ohio;
    formerly the Boarding House of Mystery;
    formerly Buffalo, New York, Earth-Image;
    formerly Mammoth Mall, Miami;
    formerly Wake No More nursing home, Miami, Florida;
    formerly a burlesque house in an unidentified alien "Odd" dimension;
    formerly a house in Bay Village (Cuyahoga County, just west of Cleveland), Ohio;
    formerly Dr. Bong's mobile castle;
    formerly Manhattan, New York;
    formerly Arthur Winslow's house, Cleveland, Ohio;
    formerly unidentified university

Education: Studied theatre in unspecified college; presumably did not obtain any degree;
    also trained in dancing, and took private acting lessons from Diana Rigg

First Appearance: Howard the Duck I#1 (January, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: An eternal optimist, Bev has some abilities and training in dancing, art modeling (often nude), acting, first aid, and playing the recorder. She is apparently well-versed in the arts carnal, and she also has unspecified ninja skills.

Height: Unrevealed; perhaps 5'4"
Weight: Unrevealed; perhaps 133 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

(Howard the Duck I#25 (fb) - BTS) - Bev's mother's marriage involved plenty of fireworks and promises before the ceremony, then afterwards a crock of...

(Howard the Duck daily comic strip 10/23/77) - Bev's dad worked in concrete.

(Howard the Duck daily comic strip 1/20/78 / 1/21/78) - Bev's great aunt Lily supplied the capital for Bev's father's venture on the condition that he make Bev partner in his concrete company.

(Howard the Duck I#21 (fb) - BTS) - Beverly was named for her paternal uncle Beverly "Lee" Switzler.

(Howard the Duck I#21 (fb) - BTS) - Taking after her namesake, Bev was a free spirit, always taking matters into her own hands, acting on intuition, impulse & instinct, and driving her parents half-crazy.

(Howard the Duck daily comic strip 1/1/78) - Bev's dancing instructor said she was a natural.

(Howard the Duck daily comic strip 1/20/78) - Bev released her father from his obligation to take her into his business; Lily swore revenge, vowing to get Bev's toenails someday.
Whatever that means...

(Howard the Duck II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Bev began hitch-hiking rides with strangers in junior high school.

(Howard the Duck I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Working one summer as a lifeguard, Bev took a first aid training course.

(Marvel Treasury Edition#12 (fb) - BTS) - Bev went to high school in Cleveland.

(Howard the Duck III#3 (fb) - BTS) - In high school, Bev never got along with classmate Suzi Pazuzu, for her involvement with modern dance as opposed to cheerleading; and hanging with "art fags" instead of the jocks, etc.

(Howard the Duck I#15 (fb) - BTS) - In high school, the boys used to call Bev "Thunder-Thighs."

(Howard the Duck I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Bev used to play the recorder.

(Howard the Duck I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Bev received a standing offer for modeling work at the life-drawing class. Whenever she needed money, she posed for it.

(Howard the Duck III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev's sophomore year in college involved at least one occasion of "dripping with protein and being abandoned on a boiler room floor."

(Howard the Duck I#17 (fb) - BTS) - In college, Bev fell in love, mutually, with a guy named David.

(Howard the Duck II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Bev gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to an art student overcome at the sight of her modeling in the nude.

(Howard the Duck I#17 (fb)) <9 years before the main story> - While Bev studied theatre in college, she modeled for a life-drawing course four times while Lester Verde was taking the class. Afterward, Verde made a pass at Bev, but she rebuffed him, greeting instead her boyfriend, David. A week later, David's parents pulled him out of school for dating a non-Jewish girl, information they received from Verde.

(Howard the Duck I#17 (fb) - BTS) - David died in a car crash driving back to school through a blizzard to see Bev.

(Howard the Duck II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Some of Bev's modeling assignments involved cold studios and colder hands.

(Marvel Treasury Edition#12 (fb) - BTS) - Bev kept in touch with some high school friends who became stewardesses (flight attendants...) and had a house in Greenwich Village.

(Howard the Duck I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Bev was roommates with Arthur Winslow. She respected his intelligence and his work as a writer, but any romantic interest in him was limited by his childish lines and entendres. Bev considered him more of a brotherly figure.

(Howard the Duck I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Bev met her upstairs neighbor, Paul Same, and considered him the sort of guy who might leave his door unlocked.

(Howard the Duck I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Answering an advertisement for an artist's model, Beverly fell into the clutches of Pro-Rata, the mad financial wizard, who chained her up within his credit card tower on the bank of the Cuyahoga river.

(Howard the Duck I#1) - Chained within Pro-Rata's credit card tower, Beverly encountered Howard the Duck when he climbed into a window to take a break from scaling the tower (with the intent of leaping to his death from its top). Though naturally surprised by his nature, she begged Howard to save/free her. When Pro-Rata's hired barbarian (in canine form) rushed to attack, she encouraged him to defend himself with a ceremonial axe; Howard inadvertently severed a rope supporting a huge chandelier, which crushed the dog-man.

(Howard the Duck I#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Pro-Rata zapped Howard unconscious, Beverly dressed Howard in a Conan/barbarian-like outfit at Pro-Rata's instruction. Realizing Howard might want/need the cigar and matches she found in his breast pocket, she hid the former in his scabbard, and the latter on her person somewhere.

(Howard the Duck I#1) - Needing a replacement for his lost barbarian servant, Pro-Rata sent Beverly and Howard to the dimension of the Citadel of Sai-Fuur to retrieve the jeweled Key to the Cosmic Calculator for him. When Howard wished he had a cigar to help him figure out how to obtain the Key (suspended over a spike-filled pit), Beverly showed him the cigar and matches she had hid. Impressed by Bev, Howard took a few puffs, then hurled the cigar to burn through the thread suspending the Key, which Bev caught with his helmet (per Howard's instruction). This, however, activated the Citadel's immense stone Guardians, from which they fled before a giant Bahnd-Bird attacked them. Fearing they would die, they exchanged names, at which point Pro-Rata summoned them back to his tower, though he inadvertently brought the Bahnd-Bird as well. Aided by the arriving Spider-Man, Howard knocked Pro-Rata off the tower to his seeming death, and the Bahnd-Bird flew off. Giving Howard back the Key, Spider-Man took off after the Bahnd-Bird, leaving Howard and Beverly on the tower's top.

(Howard the Duck I#2 (fb)) - Bev and Howard were rescued by a helicopter sent by Spider-Man.

(Howard the Duck I#2) - Bev was awakened as Howard had a nightmare based on Arthur's current writing project, Killmallard. Unable to sleep, Bev made Howard coffee and baloney sandwiches, and she shared one of Arthur's cigars. Howard was encouraged to learn Arthur was not her boyfriend, but he called it a night when Bev began to criticize Howard's cynicism and lack of social conscience.
    The following afternoon, as she and Howard shared a bus ride back to Arthur's house, Bev was pleased to have everyone staring at something other than her chest for a change. After Howard got into a fight with the Kidney Lady, they were saved from a bus crash by the Turnip Man, whom Bev swiftly recognized as Arthur. Seeking to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh, Phelch, the Space Turnip who had empowered Arthur, took over control of Arthur's form, forced him to kiss Bev, then to fly off with her to Sunspot Slope. Bev made out with Arthur/Turnip Man/Phelch for nearly an hour, but she got turned off when Phelch accessed Arthur's thought patterns and made a lame double entendre. Howard arrived shortly thereafter and ultimately destroyed Phelch.
    Returning to Arthur's apartment, Bev told him she hoped he had learned something from all this.

(Howard the Duck I#3) - After watching a Kung Fu movie with Howard, Bev listened to him rant about its gratuitous violence, which encouraged similar violence in local youths, and its cheapening of an ancient philosophy. Noting she had not pegged Howard as an intellectual, she soon pulled him into a diner to prevent him from provoking a violent response from the street-fighting youths he taunted. As similar violence persisted inside, Bev tried to get Howard to keep his voice down until Count Macho brutally assaulted a young boy pretending in the martial arts. Bev tried futilely to get Macho to leave the small youth alone, and when the youth was stabbed after the entire diner erupted into violence, she called for police and an ambulance. Learning of her first aid training, Howard cleared a path to the youth for her, telling everyone she was a nurse, and she tended to him until the ambulance arrived, after which she accompanied him to the hospital, only to learn the doctors were unable to save him. Dejected, she left the hospital, but was then ambushed and captured by a trio of Macho's followers; they took her to Macho who sought to regain his medallion (which had been given to Howard after a crash-training martial arts course by Macho's former sensei, Master C'haaj). While held, suspended by a rope attached to a crane's hook, she tried to explain to Macho that Howard was not a midget in a costume and that she had no idea about any medallion, but Howard arrived to stop Macho before he could assault her. While battling Howard, Macho fell off the building; he grabbed Bev's foot, but was unable to hold on and fell to his apparent death. Howard safely released Bev from her bonds.

(Howard the Duck I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Bev took Howard to see a veterinarian.

(Howard the Duck I#4) - Disturbed by their ceiling starting to cave-in in the middle of the night, Howard and Bev went upstairs to Paul Same's apartment, where they found the somnambulistic Same pounding on the floor. After Howard awakened Same, Bev brewed some coffee while Same began relating his sleepwalking history. After Howard angrily stormed out, Bev apologized, agreeing to talk more with Paul in the morning. Unaware Paul had begun acting out his frustrations as the sleepwalking Winky-Man, Bev was impressed with a nude statue of her Paul had sculpted from memory and imagination; she wished she could fantasize her body into such good shape. Over the next few days, he made a painting of her as well.. The next week at showing of Paul's art, Bev witnessed art critic Xavier Couture bad-mouthing Paul's work; initially encouraging him to retaliate, she led him to the couch when he began to seem pale. He swiftly changed into the Winky-Man and threatened Couture before being awakened by sprinklers, after which Same (encouraged by Howard) told off Couture without hiding behind his sleeping identity. When Same later slept restfully, Bev praised Howard for having changed Paul's destiny.

(Howard the Duck I#5) - Searching her apartment for her money stash, Bev was elated to find a whole quarter. With the change they had found in the drawers, she sent Howard to the store to buy them each a candy bar for dinner...though they had $108 in unpaid bills. Bev tried to soothe Howard with a fantasy of making a million dollars, going off where no one could find them, and ruling the world, but he rained on her parade by telling her it wasn't too likely at the $2.10 an hour she made at the modeling class. When Howard returned, candy bar-less after having used up their money, paying for a comic book (which portrayed ducks as sadistic bear-abusers) he had mangled on principal, Beverly just didn't get it. After a failed attempt to voice his complaints on a talk radio show (WDUM), Howard went to WHAP-TV, but was mistaken for the clown Gonzo's sidekick, which led to Howard punching out Gonzo. This earned Howard a job with the E-Z Credit Appliance Store, trying to get creditors to pay their bills, but he quit after visiting a debtor and taking sympathy in how she had been sucked into E-Z's promotion. Howard returned to Bev and explained his problems, but she was pleased to have made enough for dinner that day. When Howard insisted he needed to find something better, Bev suggested it was just his male ego that was bruised, as he couldn't stand having a woman support him. She offered him the want ads to find something in, and he took interest in an ad paying $10,000 to any man who could last three rounds with wrestling champion Emil "The Goat" Klout. Despite Bev's advice to the contrary, she joined Howard in traveling to the Cleveland Athletic Association Gym the next day, and Howard planned to use the money he would make to take them to New York where they could get a taste of the big city in style. En route by bus, they were accosted by the Kidney Lady; Bev tried to get her to bug off, but ultimately she and Howard ignored her as best they could until they got off at their stop. After telling how some guys hitting on her, Bev watched in horror as Howard challenged Klout. Howard eventually knocked Klout out of the ring when he got off balance chasing the swift duck, but the manager refused to pay b/c Howard wasn't a man, as the ad spelled out. Nonetheless, they conceded enough for Howard and Bev to pay their bills...and maybe enough for a room when they traveled to New York. So they started hitch-hiking.

((Howard the Duck I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Howard and Bev were dropped off by their latest driver in Pennsylvania's Poconos when Howard refused to put out his last cigar.

(Howard the Duck I#6) - Trying to hitchhike during a rainstorm in the Poconos, Bev and Howard were nearly run over by Joe Mountbratten, regional sales manager of Rubbercorp International, who was thrown off by the "monstrous duck" at her side. Frustrated, Bev blamed Howard. Fearful they'd be stuck there and forced to eat each other ("which would be acceptable in the Andes, but not the Poconos"), she kicked him in the rear, announced their partnership dissolved, and marched off. For hours, she trudged uphill in the storm until she came to a Victorian mansion with a single light burning in the top-most tower window; pushing aside her caution in favor of shelter and warmth, she knocked on the door and was greeted by young Patsy Dragonworth. Asked if she was the new governess, Bev said "sure, why not?" to get in the door.
    After a few hours' sleep, Bev woke Patsy up and made her corn flakes, and Patsy suspected she wasn't cut out for this work. Patsy then introduced her "insane mother," who promptly informed Patsy the townspeople were coming to eat her. As Patsy reassured Bev, Heathcliff Rochester, of Seven Gables Realty Corp & All Nite Key Grinding Service, soon showed up on horseback (with Howard riding behind him) with dogs to drive off the villagers. Seeing Bev, Howard fell off the horse and the dogs ran towards him but continued past, only slightly trampling him. Seeing this, Bev rushed out to Howard and the two made up. As Patsy explained the villagers thought she was making a monster when she was really just baking cookies, Rev. Joon Moon Yuc showed up and accused her of evil. Patsy took them to the tower, where she revealed her laboratory and her giant Gingerbread Man, which she then brought to life.

(Howard the Duck I#7) - As the giant Gingerbread Man staggered about, Bev urged Howard to the stairs, but they found the door out locked. Rather then waiting to be eaten, Howard jumped down and bit through the cookie creature's leg, causing it to topple into Patsy's electrical systems. As the room burst into flames, Bev and Howard fled up another set of stairs to the tower, and they leapt to the roof and shimmied down a poll. Running and leaping, they avoided the ensuing explosion and assumed the others to have perished when they saw only debris left on the ground. They headed to a gas station to get cleaned up so they could hitch a ride to New York.
    Having caught a ride in the limousine of country singer Dreyfuss Gultch, they soon arrived in the city. After Gultch discussed how he was singing the national anthem at the opening of the All-Night National Convention, Bev asked if there might be other jobs for them, so they could make some money quickly and get an apartment. Noticing Bev's cleavage, Gultch assured her he could find work for such an exceptional pair. With Gultch's aid, the two soon had a suite at the Plaza hotel. The Bellboy soon delivered packages containing their costumes (with Bev as a hospitality girl and Howard as a security guard) and a mysterious note, "The mix is in the pan. Just thought you'd want to know. A friend." When the Bellboy stood there with his hand outstretched, waiting for a tip, the penniless Bev thanked him repeatedly and kissed him on the back of his hand.
    Bev and Howard split up to do their jobs at the convention at Madison Square Garden. At day's end, Bev's bottom had been pinched so much she couldn't sit down for a cup of coffee, and they went back to the hotel, where they found another note, "The ice cream's on the cake. Just thought you'd like to know. A friend." Bev decided the notes weren't from Gultch.
    The next day, Howard received another note, "It's all in the oven. Just thought you'd like to know."
    The following morning, Howard told Bev of the latest note, and she thought it sounded like somebody making Baked Alaska. Realizing that this was a veiled threat to a bomb on the convention floor, Howard rushed in and threw the Alaska standard, which had begun to smoke, into the party's big cake, and the cake muffled the explosion largely, though everyone was covered in icing. When Wauldrop, the All-Night Party's candidate, quit due to danger, Gultch proposed Howard to be the new candidate, and Howard was soon borne overhead by people chanting "We want the duck!" (Bev may have been standing amongst the crowd).

(Marvel Treasury Edition#12) - The All-Night Party having failed to pay for Howard and Bev's room, the pair was literally booted out of the Plaza Hotel. Bev suggested the Party had assumed he was wealthy since he was a presidential candidate. They took the subway towards Greenwich Village to meet up with Bev's high school friends, in hopes that they would put them up. Walking in the Village, they bumped into Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker, who recognized her from meeting them as Spider-Man, catching him off guard. Mary Jane gave them directions, but they ended up at Dr. Stephen Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, where Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) let them in, and they met the rest of the Defenders (Dr. Strange, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde). Not liking the look of this, Howard urged Bev to depart, but Dr. Strange erected a mystic barrier to keep them until he could discuss matters with them. Meanwhile, Dr. Angst (Floyd Mangles), having gathered his Band of the Bland, plotted to gain fame and wealth by assassinating the All-Night Party's presidential candidate. The Band attacked soon after, and an incapacitated Strange granted Howard a measure of his mystic abilities, which Howard used to transport the Band, the Defenders, and Bev to Shea stadium. The Spanker paddled Bev's rump until Nighthawk pulled him off of her. When the Black Hole threatened to pull in the Hulk and the entire stadium, Bev instead grabbed the Black Hole's elbow and pushed his hand into his black hole, which swiftly pulled the rest of his body in after it. After  the Band's defeat, Bev comforted an exhausted Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#8) - As Howard & Bev left Dr. Strange's sanctum, a group of would-be assassins took each other out, and Dreyfuss Gultch rescued them in his limousine, equipped with bulletproof glass. Gultch told them the assassination attempts were due to the wild-eyed promises his ad agency, G.Q. Studley Associates. Studley had Howard taken away for a makeover, while he explained to Bev that Howard was leading the race because he had the highest assassination quotient. Bev knew Howard would never stand for reciting the information Studley's people wrote, and she happily left with him after he fired Studley; she then took him into a telephone booth, where he picked a new ad agency at random in the phone book: Mad Genius Associates. Bev traveled with Howard as his campaign took off over the next 30 days. Overwhelmed by the fame and politics, Bev wandered through Central Park, where she warned off an approaching man, then left him as he said he just wanted to feed the ducks...she didn't see as he choked one of the ducks, something he said he made a point to do every day.
    At Drey Gultch Ranch, Bev briefly enjoyed the gifts lavished on them until Howard told the businessmen he wouldn't sell out. Later, after a press conference in Hotel Rykrisp, New York City on November 1, Bev leapt up on the table, did a dance, blew a whistle, and chirped, "Th-th-that's all, folks!" Soon thereafter, the two of them narrowly escaped a series of assassination attempts, only to return to their hotel room to see someone had printed a falsified picture of Howard and Beverly in a bathtub together, with the headline "Scandal Plucks Duck...Pollsters say he's finished!"

(Howard the Duck I#9) - Bev, with Howard and Dreyfuss, sat amidst the rubble of HTD campaign HQ, pondering the consequences of coast-to-coast public humiliation; Bev was frustrated because she had worked long and hard to convince everyone in Cleveland that she was a good girl. Gultch, via information from a CIA friend, granted proof the photograph was a fake (two images spliced together), since there wasn't a faucet on either end of the bathtub, and that the photograph had been traced to Canada...though the CIA was not going to investigate, as they were glad Howard had lost, but they did provide a forwarding address from the Bellhop, the only one who could have taken the pictures. Hoping to salvage her reputation, particularly to her parents, Bev pressured Howard into flying into Canada with her.
    Two nights later, they boarded a plane from Fly-By-Night Airways, unaware the Bellhop was flying the plane via remote control. Seven hours and 44 minutes later the plane crashed in Canada, though they were both only roughed up a bit. They were recovered by Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Preston Dudley (aboard his trusty steed, Prince, and alongside his trusty Huskie, Elizabeth), who was quite smitten with Bev, and helped the pair back to his outpost, 60 miles from London, Ontario. Dudley swiftly recognized their assailant as Canadian super-patriot Pierre Dentifris and, when Bev noted how "the cops back home can't even catch a cold!" he invited them to come along and observe him in action. Bev seemed impressed when Dudley led them to Dentifris' clearly marked home, but Howard and Bev felt sorry for the seemingly helpless old man and left him, convincing Dudley to come with them. When Howard and Ben went to bed, however, Dentifris' Bellhop agent burst in with an a hatchet; as Howard and Bev struggled against him, Elizabeth bit the Bellhop in the arm, and Dudley arrived soon after and arrested him. Meanwhile, however, Bev was borne away by a colony of beavers under Dentifris' control and taken to Niagara Falls and placed atop a tree on its edge, a tree at the base of which the beavers began gnawing. Howard followed soon after, but was confronted by Dentifris, wearing an exoskeleton as le Beaver, who challenged him to a battle atop a rope spanning the Falls. Howard started to meet him, then instead just turned around and ran off, while le Beaver fell, perhaps losing his balance from Howard's actions (deliberate or not). Dudley then arrived and helped Bev down, but though she praised Howard as brilliant, he just wandered off.

(Howard the Duck I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Upon arriving in their hotel room, Howard collapsed on the bed, varying between tossing and screaming incoherently, then lying peacefully for days.

(Howard the Duck I#10 - BTS) - Bev watched over Howard as he remained in an addled stupor in his bed, exhausted and overwhelmed by his recent actions.

(Howard the Duck I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Bev eventually summoned a doctor to examine Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#11) - As Howard remained incoherent, the doctor administered a megavitamin injection. As Bev feared the worst for Howard and lapsed into hysterics, the doctor convinced her to come have some hot tea and a meal with him so they could discuss the matter calmly. No sooner had they departed when Howard awakened and swiftly despaired that Bev had abandoned him. Bev remained unaware as she talked to the doctor over tea at the Office & Coffee Shop that Howard had wandered up to the window outside the Shop, concluded that Bev had a left to have a good time with a human male; Howard rushed to the nearest bus station, gave all of his remaining money for a ticket on the next bus, unaware it was headed to Cleveland.

(Howard the Duck I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Bev returned home from her discussion with the doctor to find Howard gone with no indication of what had happened or where he had gone. She eventually returned to Cleveland, figuring it was the most logical place Howard would try to find her. Paul Same let her stay with him.

(Howard the Duck I#14) - After a week without a peep ("let alone a quack"), Bev expressed her fears to Paul Same while he painted her portrait, at which point Howard, possessed by Daimon Hellstrom (aka Son of Satan)'s Darksoul -- as a result of a conflict between Hellstrom and Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, the latter of whom was in the midst of an attempt to exorcise alleged demons from Winda Wester -- flew in through the window. Bev was ecstatic to see him, but Howard, the Darksoul acting out his own angst over his perceived abandonment by Bev in favor of a handsome human doctor, yanked her painfully by the hair and then flew away to torture her further, dragging her by her shirt. Alighting on Sunspot Slope, Howard encased them in a circle of Hellfire, bent back her wrist, and inquistioned her about her feelings for him. Having followed Howard and the Darksoul with Winda, Hellstorm rammed Howard with their car, allowing Bev to flee while Daimon reclaimed his Darksoul. As she and Winda returned, Hellstrom explained that Howard's spirit had left his body. After Hellstorm reunited Howard's spirit and body, Bev hugged Howard while Paul agreed to take on Howard and Winda as additional boarders.

(Howard the Duck I#28 (fb)) - Bev and Howard attended the Squirrel Cage Cafe, where a disguised espionage agent known only as "Miz" (who had misheard her contact as Mr. Duck, rather than Mr. Dutch) told Howard she had obtained the evidence he had wanted, that the army was conducting secret experiments on unsuspecting civilians. Howard and Bev thought she was a crazy waitress until she fled from soldiers rushing to stop her.

(Howard the Duck I#28) - After Howard had uncovered the plot of General D. Zastermarch, Bev walked down the street discussing the matter with Howard. Bev was pleased that the free press was going to print the story. When psychiatrist Dr. Pheels Goode was taken away in a straight jacket, ranting about ducks taking over the country after a series of his patients had reported a talking duck, Bev worried that if the shrinks were going nuts, what chance did the rest of the people have.

(Howard the Duck Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - After eight week of communal living in Paul's one-room apartment Howard slept late on a Saturday, and Bev, Paul, & Winda went out shopping. Bev picked out a genuine Persian rug at a bargain, unaware the rug was the magic/flying rug of the wizard Wigid.

(Howard the Duck Annual#1) - Bev, Paul, & Winda returned to Paul's apartment, and Bev tried and failed to soothe Howard, who was irate after tripping over a soup can and then having his coffee spilled over him when Winda flung the door open. Bev showed Howard the Persian rug, but he was unimpressed, meanwhile Winda unwittingly said Wigid (trying to describe men as being too rigid with her rhotacistic speech impediment), activating the rug, which promptly flew them to the rug's owner, Wigid, in Bagmom, with both Bev and Winda aboard. The rug brought Bev & Winda to the palace of the caliph of Bagmom, and the caliph assumed to have been brought by divine providence. As he began to inspect them, Beverly slapped him; while appreciating her spunk, the caliph summoned his powerfully built servant Rashid to take them to the harem. Wijid cautioned about Americans being sensitive to abduction of nationals, but the caliph assured him it was Allah's it they assuaged his son (Hassim)'s appetite for things western, all the better.
    Meanwhile, with aid from a magic lamp (also obtained on their shopping venture, and presumably originally belonging to Wigid, as well), Paul and Howard arrived in Bagmom, learned of Hassim's corruption and dealings with Roxxon Oil Company, and allied with the thief Ali Wazoo. Howard was captured by Hassim and brought before the caliph as a gift. Seeking a diversion, the caliph requested his new harem duet, and Rashid  ordered the two to sing and dance, or heads would roll. Desperately, they sang some nonsense version of "The Lullaby of Broadway," until Paul, alongside Ali Wazoo and his army of loyal patriots tore through the palace floor, revealing Hassim had bought off the caliph's army with petrodollars for his own enrichment. Hassim fled in his bi-plane, but Wigid granted Howard his coin-operated flying mule ride, which Howard flew alongside the plane, allowing the ladies to climb aboard; Wigid's "missile launcher" (a little robot throwing knives) then took out Hassim's plane's propellar, causing his plane to crash in Israel.
    The caliph arranged for Bev, Howard, Paul, & Winda's passage home aboard his ship, the S.S. Damned. 

(Howard the Duck I#15) - Walking the ship's deck after a swim, Bev encouraged Howard to ignore all the whispers and comments. They enjoyed watching the relaxing ocean until Winda accidentally beaned Howard with a shuffleboard puck, knocking him into the water, and the ship was attacked by a sea serpent in a top hat. Bev wondered if she could charm the creature by playing the recorder, but Howard hit a literal pleasure button on the serpent, and it happily swam away; Bev helped dry off Howard as he was hauled back aboard. Bev, Howard, Paul, and Winda were invited to dinner by the ship's captain, and they danced to hard rock played on piano before dinner, and Howard ran off to barf when it was revealed as duck l'orange. Bev and the others rushed to the deck after hearing a boulder crash, after which they watched a shower of stones pelt the ship. Bev and friends hid out under a rug until the neared an island, after which a boulder hatched open to reveal a concrete swan, and Bev, panicking, held onto its wing as it flew off, leading Howard to hold onto Bev as well. They landed in a pool of quicksand, but were pulled to safety by a group of Dr. Bong's creatures. Initially surprised by her lack of reaction to this madness, Bev nonetheless was shocked when they were confronted by Bong himself. When he said, "May I welcome you to the island of Dr. Bong!", Bev replied, "What if I said, 'No, you may not'?"

(Howard the Duck I#17) - Via the tintinnabulation of his bell-helmet, Bong incapacitated Howard, then physically led Bev into his fortress. Bev was impressed with the stone castle and his computer banks and machinery, but Bong admitted the latter two were non-functional ornamentation, purely to intimidate superficial intellects (like Bev's, he was quick to point out). Bev remained confused as Bong defined himself as style over substance, thanked her for the lessons she had taught him long ago, and showed her his true seat of power, a typewriter.

(Howard the Duck I#17 - BTS) - Bev changed into an outfit designed by Bong's couturier (possibly Carlo)

(Howard the Duck I#17) - Bong revealed his true identity and history to Bev, noting their past interactions. As he subsequently proposed to her, Howard swung in to the rescue, but was swiftly restrained by Bong's creations, and Bong threatened to have Howard them kill Howard unless she agreed to marry him. Bev desperately acquiesced, but she wondered what she'd done to Howard (and herself) after Bong ordered Howard be taken to the Evolvo-Chamber.

(Howard the Duck I#18) - Having misunderstood that Bong would leave Howard alone if she agreed to his request, Bev was distraught when Bong clarified that he had only promised Howard would not perish...he still planned to do several things to Howard. As Howard stewed in the Evolvo-Chamber, Bong tried to convince Bev she would approve of the changes he had planned; instead, Bev rushed to the chamber's controls, ignoring Bong's orders to desist, and began frantically flipping switches, pressing buttons, twisting dials, etc. Nonetheless, the fluid in the chamber continued to fill over Howard's bill, and Bev gave up, fearing she had only hastened the process. Sobbing that she had let Howard down when he needed her most, she attempted to flee the castle, but was surprised to open a door showing the castle was now atop a Himalayan peak. Unable to accept the entire castle being relocating, Bev dropped to the ground, but Bong soon appeared, informing of her of her intended role as supportive, trusting, and obedient, not disruptive. Agreeing to get him to stop squeezing her shoulder (she said her trapezius, but it was her deltoid...), she vanished with him to be married, via a clang of his bell; as a result of all this, both Bong and Bev were unaware Fifi had pulled Howard from the chamber, as well as that Howard morphed into human form.
    180 miles off the coast of Maine, Bev appeared with Bong aboard a Russian trawler, transporting away an approaching Coast Guard cutter in exchange for the Russian captain marrying him and Bev.

(Howard the Duck I#19) - Back at Bong's castle, Bev rejoiced upon learning Howard had escaped, but Bong dropped her to the floor with a clang of his bell, warning he wouldn't countenance another such display of disloyalty. As she was his wife now, he demanded her allegiance, reminding her he could kill as easily as paralyze with a single peal. Bong then ordered his servants to take her to his chambers, and he would join her after he had exterminated Howard. Via newspaper reports, he tracked Howard and confronted him in Amy Pope's bathroom.

(Howard the Duck I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Howard escaped Bong by striking his bell with a lead pipe, set up emanations that teleported Bong away.

(Howard the Duck I#25) - In Bong's Himalayan castle, Bev sat alone at the dinner table. She initially scolded Bong's creation Lassie for begging, but eventually gave Lassie her whole plate as she didn't have any appetite herself. She lamented that it was bad enough to be have married Bong to save Howard, but unforgivable that Bong never paid any attention to her. Comparing it to her mother's marriage, she stormed into Bong's lab where he was performing pointless experiments, and she reminded him of how he had lusted her, refused to be relegated to a cage in his menagerie, and demanded he take off his bell and play house. He did so and embraced her, warning her that he played every game for keeps, and she shushed him, trying to prevent him from ballooning her expectations.

(Howard the Duck I#31 (fb) - BTS) - Rather than consummate their marriage, however, Bong apparently insisted on reciting Poe's "The Bells" every night until dawn.

(Howard the Duck I#27) - In Bong's Himalayan castle, Bev did some gymnastics and dancing for Bong; exhausted by the effort, she was nonetheless happy to receive his applause. She admitted to being happy with him, and glad he had coerced her into marrying him. She was aghast, however, when he announced his plans for world conquest were proceeding apace, that they would rule the planet together, and he would regain his dignity by slaying Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#30 (fb) - BTS) - Bev established a good relationship with Bong's creations, sneaking them double food portions and forcing Bong to ease off on their speech therapy.

(Howard the Duck I#30) - Bong confronted Howard, noting he must be destroyed because Bev still cared for him and that Howard was coming between him and Bev's undivided affections. Bong announced his plans to slay Howard in front of Bev and humanity, then returned to his Himalayan castle. Meanwhile, Bev convinced Bong's creation Greta to give her the key with which she then activated Bong's Evolvo-Chamber, just seconds before Bong arrived home. As he bragged of Howard's impending doom, Bev secretly pondered her plans to save Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#31) - As Bong and Howard's battle in Skudge, Pennsylvania, carried them back to Bong's Himalayan stronghold, Bev was pleased to see Bong' creations had completed printing the desired newspapers. She then delivered all but one copy of the papers to llama-riding messenger, directing him to deliver them to Cleveland. She then directed Bong's creations to bring the Evolvo-Chamber, and she confronted Bong just as he prepared to deliver a fatal blow to Howard. She then introduced Bong to the Bong Quintuplets within the Evolvo-Chamber; he denied being their father since he had never consummated the marriage, but she threatened him with the newspaper that would headline on Cleveland's Plain-Dealer newspaper the next day if any harm befell her or Howard: "Bong negligent father...abandons quintuplets." Faced with his image being impugned, Bong gave up, banishing Bev and Howard back to Skudge hospital (alongside Lee, Winda, & Paul).

(Howard the Duck II#1) - Bev and Howard rode with Lee in his 1957 Plymouth Valiant back to Ohio.

(Howard the Duck II#1 (fb) - BTS) - En route, Lee stopped at the truck stop Speed and Briscos for dinner.

(Howard the Duck II#1) - Bev reaffirmed Her and Howard's relation as the cross the state board into Ohio, but shortly thereafter Lee's car blew a tire. Lacking a spare, they walked to a house on the hill (part of Fairer Fowl Farms estates); Bev and Lee left Howard behind when he thought the place suspect, but he soon followed after see a lightning bolt. Bev convinced foreman Hank Skidoo to let them in, but the crazed owner Mr. Chicken soon had Skidoo take Howard and Bev to be part of the farm; Lee escaped. Howard was sent to the rooster room, while Mr. Chicken's waldoes attempted to pluck Bev. When the waldoes grabbed Bev's hindquarters, she angrily tore the mechanical arms apart, comparing the experience to some of her past modeling assignments: cold studios and colder hands. She grabbed Howard (dazed in a partially successful attempt to break out of the rooster room), but ran into Mr. Chicken on the way out. Bev and Howard dodged rocket-powered feather darts, and Howard occupied Mr. Chicken with ejected eggs and opening the steamer cabinets until Lee returned, his tire replaced and smashing his way into the coop with his car. Bev and Howard dove for the car, and Bev pulled the lagging Howard in before Lee took off.
    A few hours later, the trio arrived in Cleveland. As dawn arrived, Lee brought Bev and Howard to "To Hack and Back" taxi garage, which he had purchased with the money he had made from selling his New York diner; Lee offered Howard a job driving one of the taxis. Lee then introduced Bev to Claude Starkowski (called Starkowitz most of the time from here on out), a brain damaged war veteran who fancied himself Tony Stark's relative, and who was serving as Lee's mechanic. Bev and Lee both chastised Howard when he blatantly ridiculed Claude, and Bev forced Howard to realize he needed to accept the job to pay his portion of the rent.

(Howard the Duck II#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Bev spent the day apartment hunting and lining up modeling assignments.

(Howard the Duck II#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - In a darkened room, Bev unwittingly rented a partially-furnished top floor of a house in Bay Village from the Kidney Lady.

(Howard the Duck II#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Bev read about leading marathon runner Cleft Chin in People magazine.

(Howard the Duck II#1/2) - The next day, Bev accompanied Howard for moral support during his application to the taxi commission. She congratulated him when he successfully passed the exam. Later, at To Hack and Back, Bev was amused when Bev got into the cab and could barely see over the dashboard. As Howard drove Bev to her first assignment, they were nearly overrun by Cleveland Marathon runners, and then Cleft Chin collapsed on the cab. Realizing Cleft had been drugged, Bev convinced Howard to help Howard win the race, rationalizing the cheating as OK to balance out the previous cheat. They earned the ire of assassin Jackpot, the One-Armed Bandit, who stopped their car with a jackpot of coins. Jackpot stopped Howard's next assault, but when Jackpot threatened Bev, Howard began pulling Jackpot's arm down repeatedly, forcing him to disgorge all of his coins and leaving him wasted. Bev helped Cleft across the finish line, and Howard revealed the drugging, so Cleft was declared the winner.

(Howard the Duck II#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Dino Digitalis' accountant, Pro-Rata, recommended Howard and Bev as the hero and heroine in his new movie, Duck Rogers; the former male star had been killed in mudslide of his Malibu home.

(Howard the Duck II#1/3) - Working the dispatch radio at Lee's office, Bev failed to receive a plea for help from Howard, due to Claude having "fixed" the radio-transmitter. Later, Bev arrived as Howard's rescuer, producer Dino Digitalis offered Howard a starring movie role, and when Dino offered to make her the co-star, she convinced Howard to accept the offer. Bev then brought Howard to their new home, but soon after Howard and Bev were ambushed by the Kidney Lady and her construction worker ally, the Cleveland Clobberer. After Howard set-afire the Kidney Lady's monstrous Chair-Thing, Bev kicked the Clobberer in the shin and then drove him off with a broom. As the Kidney Lady had fled, Bev comforted a stunned Howard, and they then welcomed the newly arrived Winda and Paul, whom they allowed to stay in their living room. Relaxing at last, Bev and Howard enjoyed some romance, unaware they were being watched by Pro-Rata via his mystic crystal ball.

(Howard the Duck II#2) <One October day - topical?> - At Cleveland's Arcade shopping center, Bev was with Howard when he was confronted by the angry Demonstration for Decency mob denouncing the pants-less Howard as indecent/perverse. When Howard escalated things into a fight, he was quickly overwhelmed, and Bev pulled him out and fled. When the mob caught up to them, they accepted an offer to hide out by Wally Sidney in his Conservative Clothier shop. Sidney swiftly admitted that he had been behind the whole animal-clothing movement, and he convinced Howard to start wearing pants to avoid being assaulted by the mob. Bev was disappointed that Howard had to cover up his tailfeathers, which represented his duckness; she wondered if there was anything they could do to get him back to normal, and Howard encouraged the public to pressure on the people who had done this to him (see comments).

(Howard the Duck II#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Bev watched as Howard had nightmare after nightmare ever since they returned to Cleveland.

(Howard the Duck II#2/2) - Asking Howard to shut off the alarm, she was surprised when he shattered it (to Howard it had come to life and attacked him, possibly an illusion or a short-lived transformation from Pro-Rata). Brushing off Howard's disparaging every town they lived in, Bev took a shower, and had Howard scrub her back. She seemed to disappear to Howard, but then surprised him with a tap on the shoulder (delusion? illusion? other?), after which she cooked him bacon and eggs, having forgotten his distaste for eggs, of which he reminded her. As they said goodbye to Paul and Winda, they met their landlord, Cyrus Degree, after which Lee and Claude arrived to give them a ride to Union Terminal, where their movie, Duck Rogers, was to be shot (Digitalis Productions midwest home of the stars). Dino soon greeted them and showed them to their dressing rooms, while Pro-Rata dispelled the illusion of the set and production team he had conjured within the terminal. They were surprised to find the lot vacant as they re-entered it, after which Pro-Rata confronted them, and Bev said "Oh, Ducky, look! It' know, What's-His-Name!" They tried to flee, but he blocked them with a gilded prison gate and then a money blizzard. Pro-Rata demanded the jeweled key to the Cosmic Calculator, and Howard revealed he had hocked it after their previous adventure to pay for clothes. Enraged, Pro-Rata assaulted them, but they defeated him and his Eggs-Men with aid from a talking coin-operated moon rocket ship. When the rocket stopped, allowing OJ to douse Bev with orange juice, she angrily kicked the coin deposit, which tilted, spitting out coins that she fed back into it, allowing the rocket to fly anew. After the rocket slammed into Pro-Rata's flying cash register, Bev unwittingly distracted Howard, causing him to lose the advantage against Pro-Rata, but she redeemed herself by hitting the register's close button, dislodging Pro-Rata, sending him spiraling down to punishment from those who had loaned him power. Howard and Bev narrowly escaped Pro-Rata's collapsing fiscal-verse, and they re-affirmed their feelings for each other after arriving on the vacant Union Terminal's floor.

(Howard the Duck II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Bev noticed Howard moping as soon as the Christmas season arrived.

(Howard the Duck II#3) - Bev sang Christmas carols as Howard looked out the window, while Winda used the somnambulant Paul's outstretched arms to help her string popcorn. Bev praised Winda's ability to see advantage in adversity while criticizing Howard for being more depressive. Soon after, Lee and Claude arrived, along with Claude's daughter, Carol. Bev welcomed them, and Lee soon proposed a toast, but then Carol threw an ornament against the wall, shattering it. As Bev questioned her reasons, Carol screamed that she hated Christmas and her father, too, and ran out. Howard headed out to talk to her (and to get away from the group himself).
    Later, as Bev sang more carols and offered Winda more egg nog, Howard and Carol returned (arriving via the chimney) after a strange adventure saving Santa Claus' workshop from Greedy Killerwatt and Pinball Lizard's forces. After Carol apologized to her father and admitted why she had been upset, an impressed Bev questioned how Howard as managed that classy piece of child psychology. Howard vaguely referenced an encounter convincing Carol that Christmas was not as phony as she thought.

(Howard the Duck II#4 (fb)) - Returning home from the supermarket, Bev light-heartedly teased Howard about his cynical nature. Back in their home, Winda introduced them to J. Michael Anthony, who had been waiting for Howard. Introducing himself as a representative of Wormy Bread Wonder Sweepstakes, which Howard had just won (from a postcard he had allegedly filled out in the supermarket, though Howard knew he had not done so), with the grand prize being a paid vacation to Dreadcliff Manor.

(Howard the Duck II#4) - Two days later, Bev, Howard, Paul, and Winda were shown around Dreadcliff (which seemed to be a stereotypical haunted house) by "Miss Danberry." In their bedroom, Bev changed into something more comfortable and tried to get Howard to come to bed, but Howard was unable to overcome a feeling of dread. Bev rushed to the window after Howard saw Dr. Reich (a Hitler lookalike, though Howard just thought it was someone with a face like a gargoyle), but there was no one there by that time. Bev returned to bed and turned out the light, which activated a trap that flipped her mattress over, sending her down a trap door.

(Howard the Duck II#4 - BTS) - Bev landed in the hands of Dr. Reich and "Miss Danberry," and she was put in a cage alongside the also captured Winda.

(Howard the Duck II#4) - Miss Danberry unmasked revealing herself as nurse Barbara, with whom Winda was acquainted. They were then introduced to the Supreme SOOFI, Reverend Joon Moon Yuc (misidentified by nurse Barbara as Moon June Yuk), the Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi, Werner Blowhard, and Dr. Reich (who claimed to be Hitler), all part of BEST (Bozoes Eagerly Serving Tyrants). When the members displayed brainwashing techniques they planned to use on mankind, Bev noted Howard and Winda (both of whom were sought by BEST for their experience with the cosmic axis) were strong enough to resist their manipulations. Despite Bev's efforts, Winda was pulled from the cage and put to the test until Howard disrupted the proceedings, much to Bev's pleasure. Ultimately, Winda drove Reich suicidally mad with a series of mental projections, and the rest of BEST was taken out in the ensuing chaos; a stray bullet shattered the chain suspending Bev's cage, freeing her as well...and Bev kicked Yuc in the butt, knocking him out a deadfall door. Paul regained consciousness amidst the struggle, and Bev and friends realized Winda's powers might enable her to send Howard back home.

(Howard the Duck II#5 (fb) - BTS) - For two hours, Bev posed mostly nude for Paul for Howard's birthday present.

(Howard the Duck II#5) - As Bev urged Paul to finish before Howard returned home, a dazed Howard (who had been briefly bitten by Dracula -- enough to make Howard think and act like a vampire, without transforming, developing fangs or other abilities), wandered in and headed straight to his room without a word to anyone. Bev was pleased with Paul's painting (a bowl of fruit and vegetables with a pair of suspicious looking grapefruits that led to a two-part "nice grapefruits" gag), feeling it mirrored her soul. Bev entered their room in a robe only after Howard had donned some of her lingerie in an effort to look more vampiric and had dived on top of Winda, seeking her blood. Mistaking Howard's motives as sexual, Bev threw him downstairs, and he headed back out into the night. As Paul and Winda comforted Bev, noting Howard's odd behavior, Harold H. Harold arrived, explaining Dracula's involvement and Howard's status; Harold led them to pursue Dracula, which would also bring them to Howard.

(Howard the Duck II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Bev, Paul, Winda, and Harold spent the night fruitlessly seeking Howard and/or Dracula, though they did come across was a cheerleader's pom-pom Howard had assaulted.

(Howard the Duck II#5) - Bev expressed frustration with their lack of success, but Harold assured them they were on the right track.

(Howard the Duck II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Bev, Paul, Winda, and Harold spent the day fruitlessly seeking Howard and/or Dracula, both of whom were sleeping in the dark of some sewer tunnels.

(Howard the Duck II#5) - When Harold suggested they'd cover more ground in a car, Bev called her uncle Lee to borrow a cab. That evening, Claude drove Bev, Harold, and Lee around until they followed a police report of strange nocturnal attacks at the Cleveland zoo. While Harold unsuccessfully confronted Dracula, Bev followed a large quack to find Howard assaulting a terrestrial duck; Bev's kind words and caresses broke through Howard's vampire-programming, returning him to normal. Dracula, however, then turned his eye to Bev, entrancing her to come to his side, but Howard broke off a piece of a picket fence and staked Dracula with it. Before decomposing, however, Dracula convinced Harold that his life would be nothing without Dracula, and Harold removed the stake; Dracula departed after fatally draining Harold.
    Three days later, while Bev did some calisthenics, Howard read a report of Harold climbing out of his grave.

(Crazy#53) - Bev convinced a reluctant Howard to accompany her into the "??? (half of last letter seen and it looks like an 's') 45" disco. After Bev told him he hadn't any appreciation for music, he criticized the music as pure trash...until they played Disco Duck, at which point he decided it wasn't so bad after all and started dancing with Bev.

(Crazy#54) - After Bev advised Howard not to walk under a ladder, Howard mocked superstition in general, but soon after knocked on wood for luck.

(Crazy#59) - Bev lucked into two tickets to "The Dips" concert, but Howard was appalled by punk rock. When Bev noted the lead singer would bite off the head of a chicken during the middle of the show, Howard agreed to go, as he figured anyone who hated chickens couldn't be all bad.

(Crazy#63) - When Howard lectured on reality, the crowd was much more impressed with Bev when she brought out a chart for him in fishnet stockings.

(Crazy#65 <misnumbered as #66>) - Bev helped Howard review a series of vaudeville acts, including Mack Exacto, the Amazing Fred, the Apple Sisters and their All-Girl Apple Corps, Dr. Odd, and Captain Wongo and his Dancing Norwegian Camels. They failed to realize that Odd, who had seemingly failed to transport the stage to another dimension, had instead transported the entire building to some unidentified realm.

(The correct Crazy#66: pg. 37-39) Bev contemplated going on the Scaresyou Diet to lose weight.  At Joe's Diner, Howard was targeted Indian maiden Tippi Canoe and Tyler II (a highly sophisticated computer), the former of whom was in search of some meat. Tyler II aimed a microwave beam at Howard to cook him, but the beam was deflected backwards via a mirror and destroyed the two. Meanwhile, an oblivious Bev (weighing herself on a conveniently placed scale in the odd universe), was ecstatic to learn she has lost half a pound already. Bev and Howard then enjoyed banana splits in Joe's Diner to celebrate.

(Crazy#68: pg. 37-39) - Frustrated by the Apple Sisters' wailing, Howard and Bev took a break from the rehearsal at the burlesque house that they were running, and headed to the diner for some burgers.  There, the owner complained of the worst, lowest, and silliest job he's ever had... Vice President of the United States!  After he told his story, Beverly asked if he believed it.  Howard replied, "He doesn't look familiar to me!  So maybe he WAS the Vice President!"

(Crazy#69: pg. 37-39) -  Howard and Bev reviewed rehearsals for his show. Their new comic, Gregor, punched Lee in the face for laughing at him. Bev related the history of the gullible Gregor who had been the butt of jokes his whole life and figured no one would laugh at him as a comedian in a burlesque show.

(Crazy#71: pg. 37-39) - As Bev and Howard listened to a bad baritone in the burlesque show, their janitor told them a story about how he had lost his voice when a talking frog jumped down his throat. As he had begun to choke, a woman tried to kiss him and make him better. The frog actually was a transformed prince, and the kiss turned it back to normal, in the janitor's throat blowing him apart. Howard asked how the man could still be alive if that were true, and the man said he was a janitor at a burlesque how, "You call this living?"

(Crazy#72: pg. 37-39) - A puzzled Bev followed Howard as he dressed like Sherlock Holmes and initiated a bizarre investigation to find the missing key to the men's room. Eventually a safe was dropped from above and nearly hit him, and he found the key locked within the safe. Bev was frustrated at the lack of resolution, wondering how the key ended up in the safe, and what that had to do with a man who had walked out of the theater (as opposed to running out, like everyone else).

(Crazy#74: pg. 37-39) - Within the odd dimension, Bev noticed that the washing  machines at a Laundromat had come to life. Howard and Bev were then plagued by a vampire refrigerator (who controlled the other appliances) until Howard went to the butcher shop, ordered a large porterhouse, strapped it to the hood of a Volkswagon and drove a steak through its heart. He had to explain what he had done to Bev...

(Crazy#75: pg. 37-39) - Howard and Bev wandered the dimension, stepping between giant letters, "BITE THE WAX TADPOLE" (see comments), which Howard noted to be a phrase they were passing through. They also encountered garbage, old memorabilia, clothes, etc., and Howard commented that the realm seemed to be a receptacle for all the stuff nobody in the real world had any need for any more. Bev became annoyed, already frustrated with being stuck in the odd dimension, and not wanting to feel she was as unwanted as the other stuff around there. When she noted that Howard was at least in a land as strange as him, he got mad and left, intending to move to the other edge of the dimension. Howard quickly realized his grumpiness was what was making Bev grumpy, so he decided to put on a happy face; actually, he put on a few dozen happy face buttons. Surprised, she noted he looked like a whole group of smirking people, a veritable Munchkin crowd scene; she told him to take the buttons off.

(Crazy#77: pg. 37-39) - At the diner, Howard and Bev were assaulted by the Vacuum Pack, a gang of intelligent vacuum cleaners riding around on motorcycles, sucking up and terrorizing everything in sight. Howard was pulled into the leader of the pack, and Bev caused it to keep sucking things in until it got too full and exploded, releasing Howard. The owner of the restaurant stopped the rest of the vacuums by pulling their plugs.

(Howard the Duck II#5/2) - After Lee closed his taxi company after Howard's cab was demolished by homerun baseball-seeking Cleveland Indians fans, Howard looked in on the sleeping Bev and resolved to take another job rather than having Winda send him to Duckworld. Following an encounter with Captain Americana and his crazed family while working as a child companion, Howard decided he needed to go back to Duckworld. Bev was devastated that Howard was leaving her, but when she found he planned to just take a trip there and then return to her, she decided to go with him, to experience what it had been like for him.

(Howard the Duck II#6) - Bev bade Lee and the other goodbye before departing to Duckworld.

(Howard the Duck II#5/2 // Howard the Duck II#6) - Winda then used her powers to open the dimensional portal, and, bolstered by their own desires to reach Duckworld, Bev and Howard plunged through it.

(Howard the Duck II#6) - Arriving rump-first on Duckworld, Bev introduced herself to the first natives she encountered, Morty Fowler and Booker T. Wackerton; she then told Howard how happy she was for him. Bumping her head on the shorter door of a candy store, Bev waited outside, but when she peered inside, she mortified the owner so that he gave Howard some free cigars. Soon after, Bev noticed a crowd staring at them; recognizing Bev's name from Truman Capoultry's book, they realized that Howard (who had achieved nigh-messianic status following his disappearance) had returned to them; the crowd swarmed the pair, seeking souvenirs, and Bev & Howard narrowly escaped the crowd with half their clothes, hiding out by some trash cans. After the crowd passed, they made their way to Howard's family's old house and were surprised to learn of the Witnesses of the Ascension Cult WACkies) and of Howard's legendary status. Hearing Reverend Godfrey Gander's spiel, Bev restrained Howard when he irately argued how he had been misunderstood. When Howard finally spoke out to the group, Bev greeted the Duckworlders, and was amazed to see how the people loved him, though they were appalled to learn of Howard and Bev's relationship; Bev was incensed until Howard explained she was only experiencing what he had lived through on her world, and they agreed they could make it through anything together.
    Later, however, on the Johnny Quackson show, Dr. Ludwig von Cluck, a scientist employed by Gander, used a vacuum machine to tear off Bev's clothes, fully exposing her alien nature to the Duckworlders. As the crowd denounced this "bestiality," Capoultry gave Bev part of the curtain to cover herself, and they escaped again. Hiding out in an alley, they encountered the destitute and drunken Duktor Strange moments before being discovered by Gander and his henchmen, who intended to kill them and announce Howard's permanent disappearance. Instead, Bev kicked some trash cans into the men and Howard and Bev took out their attackers. When a stray gunshot shattered Strange's bottle, he transported them back to Earth-616. Arriving in the Nexus of Realities in Citrusville, Florida's swampland, Bev was so happy to be back on her Earth she didn't notice (or mind) she was sitting barely draped in swamp water; neither she nor Howard noticed the Man-Thing standing behind them.

(Howard the Duck II#7) - Perched atop a log in the swamp, Bev and Howard consoled each other over recent events, agreeing that while they may not belong on Earth OR Duckworld, they definitely belonged together. When the Man-Thing was drawn by their positive emotions, Howard tried unsuccessfully to keep Bev calm, but her fears faded when she fainted. Man-Thing hurled Howard away, knocking him out, and then carried Bev away, returning to the Monopoly game-like Swamp City. Recovering, Howard followed as best he could, even as Man-Thing passed  through the city.

(Howard the Duck II#7 - BTS) - Man-Thing brought Bev to Amy Driscoll to serve as a mother figure (after Monk Keys took over the city, imprisoned Amy's father, Jock Driscoll, and virtually brainwashed Amy's mother, Anne, with material wealth). Amy adorned Bev in her mother's clothes.

(Howard the Duck II#7) - When Howard approached the Driscoll house and squared off against the Man-Thing, Bev rushed out to stop the conflict, and Amy explained the Man-Thing's actions. When Howard questioned whether they should get involved in Swamp City business, Bev pointed out that they didn't have the money to go anywhere else, that Amy needed their help, and that the "Chance" men were back. As Man-Thing fought off the Chance men, Bev pushed Amy's wheelchair as they fled with Howard. A literal roll of Monk Key (now Kong Lomerate)'s dice facilitated Bev and Howard obtaining a van with the keys in the ignition from a Free Parking lot, and they soon encountered and boarded a train driven by Jock Driscoll (who had been freed by Howard). Their train was totaled upon running into the Swamp City bank, but they took a new train out and made their way to Kong Lomerate's Boardwalk headquarters (Howard tried to bail out, but when Bev continued without him, Howard followed). Upon confronting Kong Lomerate and learning of his hold on Anne, Bev tried unsuccessfully to convince her family was more important than Kong's tower of appliances. When Kong scaled the tower with Amy his captive, Bev tossed Howard onto the tower to follow him. Man-Thing pursued Amy and the terrified Kong, and the tower ultimately collapsed, apparently slaying Kong. Jock gave Bev and Howard a wad of money as thanks, and they headed out of town on a Greyhound bus, but were thrown out when the driver realized their money was worthless Swamp City currency. Bev encouraged Howard to remember they still had each other, but Howard asked her to remind her feet of that as they headed towards Miami, 50 miles away.

(Howard the Duck II#8: prologue) - As he lay in bed with Bev, Howard mused on super-powered versions of himself, such as Doctor Strange, Hulk (Bulky Duck), and Man-Thing, but ultimately decided that what he lacked in height and super-powers, he more than made up in fringe benefits.

(Howard the Duck II#8) - As they neared Miami's city limits, Bev turned down a ride with some hippies (who offered to pick up her, but not Howard), claiming to be allergic to naugahyde upholstery. Showing a little leg, she got them a ride with an agent of Dr. Gerald Atric of Wake No More nursing home, and Dr. Atric employed them as attendants/caretakers. Bev complained to Howard about how caustic and verbally abusive he had been to her since the return from Duckworld, and he noted that she didn't seem to have patience for him anymore. When Bev helped Mrs. Rosenzweig down for her nap, suggesting she consider vitamin E treatments to help restore her skin's youthful appearance, Dr. Atric observed this and condemned her for presuming to know better than her elders. Donning his Grey Panther costume, Atric and his agents captured Bev and tried to drown Howard, though Howard was rescued by undercover Social Security agent Simon Samson. Bev was chained to a chair alongside other former caretakers and forced (via mechanical servo-arms) to participate in stereotypical senior activities (in Bev's case, crocheting scarves, hats, afghans, placemats, etc). As Howard occupied the Grey Panther, Samson shot his control panel, releasing all of his captives. The Grey Panther vowed to punish Bev and Howard for ruining his dream, but then had a heart attack. Because of Atric's illegal activities, neither Howard nor Bev earned any pay for their work.

(Howard the Duck II#8/2) - Bev commented on how great it was on Miami's beach, but that they needed to start looking for jobs; she further made a point to Howard that she needed some economic and emotional security. When a woman complained about Bev's "pet," Bev decided to take a swim. When a shark was sited, Howard rushed to rescue Bev, ultimately driving off the shark by sticking a beach ball in its mouth. The feat earned them the attention of Spruce Payne, who offered them a job, and Bev pressed Howard to accept.
    The next day, as Duck-Man and Duck Girl, Howard and Bev pretended to break up a seeming assault from villain actors Puffin, Jokester, and Quizzling, saving Payne's Super-Scent product, allegedly made from super-hero sweat. After receiving pay and enjoying a pizza, Howard and Bev re-donned their costumes, only to find Payne dead, a victim of the Maller, who had employed Payne's villain actors as part of his racketeering operation. When police commissioner Gordonski tried to arrest Howard and Bev, they fled, using Payne's Duckmobile to track down the real criminals. After accidentally ejecting Howard, Bev worked on the Duckmobile's gimmicks, briefly blinding Maller and Jokester and then smashing the latter before knocking Puffin into a "futuristic" oven that left him inside a pastry. Howard returned and they eventually cast Maller into a giant display pizza. After the criminals were taken in and Gordonski attempted to recruit them as mall security, Howard had Bev remove the costumes as they departed, though Bev thought they were kind of cute.

(Howard the Duck II#9) - In New Orleans' Mardi Gras', Bev chided Howard for only being able to complain about the crowds, encouraging him to loosen up and enjoy himself. She was frustrated that he was doing nothing to meet people and hopefully find a place to sleep that night, and so she wandered off to dance with a man dressed as one of the Three Musketeers; subsequently, an zombie-like agent of Black Talon (Thibodaux Boudreaux), having misunderstand his masters' instructions to capture Howard, chloroformed Bev and took her away.
    While Howard was guided by Mammy Tuba to confront and oppose Black Talon to rescue Bev, Bev was placed upon the altar, but Black Talon sensed the power he had previously sensed was lacking, and realized the mistake; Bev wondered if he meant her power to attract men. Correctly suspecting Howard would come to the rescue, the Black Talon continued apace. Howard untied Bev, and as the Talon's zombies swarmed on them, Howard reanimated dead ducks to oppose them. Ultimately, Bev and Howard watched as the Duck Deity, who struck down the Talon for trying to sacrifice a duck to him. Hand and hand, Bev and Howard left the swamp.

(Howard the Duck II#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Howard and Bev hitchhiked and worked odd jobs all week to scrape together the money to sleep one night out of the rain in the Mohawk hotel.

(Howard the Duck II#9/2) - Stopping at a hotel outside Louisiana, Howard and Bev got into a fight about his lack of communication. They went into separate rooms and did some individual soul-searching. Howard decided that he wanted to make a commitment to Bev, but she told him that she felt that he was too self-absorbed. She told him that they needed to go their separate ways for awhile, and Howard reluctantly accepted. As Howard left, Bev wondered why she felt like throwing up.

(Howard the Duck I#33) - Bev visited Howard after he had won $10 million dollars and was living the life of luxury. She was turned off by how demanding and abusive and self-absorbed he had become, and she soon left him again.


(Sensational She-Hulk#14 (fb) - BTS) - Bev and Howard got back together at some point.

(Sensational She-Hulk#14 (fb) - BTS) - Bev took a job as a ninja warrior based on Rent-a-Ninja's TV commercial, "Earn big bucks! Become a ninja warrior"

(Sensational She-Hulk#14 (fb) - BTS) - As a ninja, Bev worked guarding shopping mall art sale.

(Sensational She-Hulk#14) - Bev returned from her mall job, complaining about having jumped on the ninja bandwagon too late. When she sought some diet soda from the refrigerator, Howard warned her to watch out for the big green arm (as She-Hulk had unwittingly reached through a warp portal into the fridge earlier and nearly grabbed Howard).








(Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue#1) - During the Super-Olympics/Stark Enterprises swimsuit charity event in the Savage Land, Bev enjoyed a tropical drink during a photo shoot while supporting a swimsuit by Leialoha of California.









(Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2) - Bev accompanied Howard to Donner's restaurant, allowing him to pick the movie when he was allowed in because the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" sign didn't specify a policy about pants (or of being a duck). When they were assaulted by the Kidney Lady, Bev pulled Henry from a fight, after which Bev convinced Howard to go see the Cirque du Somnambulism; Howard convinced her they should go the next night, as he couldn't handle any more symbolism. The next night, at Cleveland Sunspot Hill fairgrounds, they continued past everyone walking away from the tent and discovered the circus was actually the same Circus of Crime Howard had been forced to serve years before. When they bumped into Peter Parker, Bev was intrigued with him, and they later followed a trail to a meeting with Relf the Elf and the Circus, during which Bev grabbed Relf only to be clocked by his gun. Later, Bev warned Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) of the approaching Human Cannonball, and eventually Relf abandoned the Circus, ending the threat.

(Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck) - When Howard literally bumped into Destroyer Duck during the struggle, Relf added to the confusion by mystically summoning and/or generating thousands of other humanoid ducks. In the ensuing chaos, Destroyer Duck and Officer Dragon carried out Howard and Bev respectively; with the danger ending, Dragon suggested they could bring them back to their friends, but Destroyer Duck said they didn't have any friends over there, and they should come the pair with them. Destroyer further noted that one of the "clones" (apparently one of the other ducks who looked just like Howard) had run out towards the others, and those people would never know the difference.

(Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2) - Later, at the Cleveland airport, Peter Parker rebuffed offers from Bev, who commented that her relationship with Howard wasn't that far from Dr. Kevorkian's relationship with death. As Peter left, "Howard" questioned some of the unsolved issues, but Bev suggested that some mysteries were better left unsolved. "Howard" then turned to complaining about the Kevorkian analogy (see comments).

(Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck) - As part of the witness protection program, Bev died her hair black and took the name Rhonda Martini. A now-black-feathered Howard took the name Leonard, after which Dragon informed them they were to relocate to Buffalo, New York.






(Howard the Duck Holiday Special (fb) - BTS) - Bev took a job as Santa's Candy Cane Elf at the Mondo Mega Mall, in hopes of finding a low-stress job.

(Howard the Duck Holiday Special (fb) - BTS) - After the Mall Santa (Yitzak, returning from a seven Martini lunch) got his beard caught in an escalator and was killed, Bev sought Howard to act as a stand-in Santa so the kids waiting to see Santa wouldn't be disappointed.

(Howard the Duck Holiday Special) - When Judge Elmer Dwedd of the CIA (Copyright Infringement Agency) attempted to arrest Howard for his working at a video store that rented some pirated videos, Bev rushed in, decked Dwedd with a giant candy cane, and dragged Howard off to see the Santa spectacle; despite his reluctance, she convinced him to be a stand-in Santa. Bev fell for the sympathy scam of Bernie "Blind Boy" Buford the midget-pickpocket as he robbed Howard/"Santa" (of his wallet and cigars; but not his spectacles or ...) also losing all of her candy canes to Buford before his departure, after which Dwedd showed up and revealed Buford's true identity. Nonetheless, Bev stopped Howard from going after Buford, reminding him to make sure all the kids were taken care of. Bev was further sympathetic to the last kid in line, the pathetic misfit Dionysus Finster. One of Santa's real elves then appeared and informed them of the terrorist Hydra's assault on Santa's workshop and convinced Bev, Howard, a number of other Santa Claus helpers, and Finster to help them save Christmas; they boarded the Reindeer bus on the mall's roof. Upon arriving they found that Santa has actually allowed Hydra to buy him out, but Finster and Howard convinced him to renege, and the various Santa's helpers joined forces with Santa and the Elves to drive off Hydra. Santa awarded Howard and the rest of substitute Santas the North Pole Medal of Honor with gold leaf clusters and crossed candy canes. Returning to Cleveland, Howard caught up with "Blind Boy" and gave him a kick in the pants; recovering his wallet and cigars, Howard gave the rest of Buford's loot to a Salvation Army santa.

(Generation X#23 (fb) - BTS) - Howard stopped by with Bev at the Massachusetts Academy so Bev could meet his acquaintances Skin and Chamber

(Generation X#23) - Within Massachusetts Academy's Bio-Sphere, Bev helped Franklin and Artie Maddicks drag Howard to meet their friend, Tana Nile the Rigellian.

(Generation X#25) - Bev was in the Bio-Sphere's tree house with Howard, Franklin, Artie, Leech, and Tana Nile when they were assaulted by Black Tom Cassidy. After Howard stunned Cassidy, he located the Man-Thing, who tuned into Franklin Richards' pain over his parents' disappearance (and seeming death) and transported the group extradimensionally.

(Vertigo: Winter's Edge#2/8) - Leonard and Rhonda Martini attended a New Years party at which Nevada performed.

(Howard the Duck III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Living in a shack at Histy's Scrapheap, where Howard was employed as guard, Bev adopted a pit bull, which they named Parsival, and a cat, which they named Charlie, who  repeatedly tried to attack Howard.

(Howard the Duck III#1 (fb) - BTS) - When their microwave exploded, they went out to the junkyard and found a new one.

(Howard the Duck III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev interviewed with Globally Branded Content.Com, though she felt had lost the job after denouncing the Supreme Court's handling of the 2000 US presidential election.

(Howard the Duck III#1) - Back on the Scrapheap, Bev cleaned up after their microwave exploded when Howard tried to warm her up a cup of coffee, reminding Howard they'd just get another one from the junkyard. The next day, Bev was surprised to learn from Mr. Pitterpool that she'd been hired and even more surprised that she had been named supervisor for $125,000 a year, overseeing a group of teenage girls: Heather, Tiffany, Jennifer, Britney, and Kimberly. She called Howard to tell him the good news, then went to oversee Tiffany (all the girls were virtually identical, and Bev couldn't tell them apart) in the first data collection project, where homosexual men were monitored for sexual interest in potential boy band members (as they had learned that their interests matched closely those of prepubescent girls). Later, Bev voiced concerns to Howard about the Backdoor Boys project, but Howard encouraged her to focus on the substantial salary, which got her through the next day at work. After asking Britney whether they found the work peculiar, she happened across TJ who had escaped destruction after failing the review. Bev took TJ home aboard the bus. TJ revealed how the band members were genetically engineered; Howard encouraged Bev to keep a low profile at work while he investigated the company the next day. As Howard's investigations exposed the truth, Bev met the CEO, Dr. Bong, who had hired her purely to reclaim her as his wife. When Howard burst in, Bong stunned him with a bellclap then had Pitterpool and a number of mutates join them as they toured the facility. Per Howard's plan, TJ ambushed Bong, but Howard was knocked into a vat, which re-engineered him into humanoid mouse form; Bev was exposed to the vat's contents when it exploded but was otherwise unaffected.

(Howard the Duck III#2) - Bev accompanied the mouse-Howard back to the scrap heap, trying to bring him out of his depression, and convincing Parsival that Howard wasn't a meal for him. Prior to joining him for a shower (their limited hot water made it a necessity), Bev answered a phone call from Bong whom she encouraged to grow himself a new girl and leave him alone. In the shower, however, Howard's condition destabilized, and he turned into an anteater...with their proximity, his height, and her anatomy making for an awkward situation. After she exited the shower, she hung up on Bong again, in between watching Howard turn into a bass-antelope hybrid, then a lobster-cow hybrid, and finally back into a mouse. Encouraging Howard to relax and watch TV, she returned to see her former high school classmate Det. Suzi Pazuzu on the news and wondered if she should call Suzi before the police come knocking. When the phone rang again, an angry Bev picked it up and told the caller (whom she assumed was Bong again) to "go F@&% yourself!"...upon finding out it was her mom calling, Bev told her she'd call back. She turned around to find Howard seemingly gone, then cut her hand when she reached in the vicinity of his voice; looking in the mirror with him, she saw he was now a unicorn, which Bev couldn't see because she wasn't a virgin. After Bong called again and, upon learning Howard was still alive, threatened to burry them alive, Bev noted that her life had been on a downward spiral since she'd met Howard and seemed to head towards suggesting they break up, but they were interrupted when various military forces crashed down their hovel, seeking Arabic terrorist Osama el-Braka (Braka being Arabic for duck), whom Bong had tipped them was present there. Finding no duck there, they military left them there. They put some clothes on and left with Parsival. When the phone rang again, Bev, ever hopeful, wanted to answer in case it wasn't Bong but rather some radio station calling to tell them they had won $10, 000. Howard pulled her away, and they departed.

(Howard the Duck III#3) - Bev and Howard were kicked out of the Hotel Egesta for having no credit, no cash, no home address, and for having a dog and for one of them being a rodent. Bev suggested they could stay with her mother, but Howard reminded Bev that was in Cincinnati, 240 miles away, and they didn't have a car (plus, her mom wouldn't want a gia nt mouse in the house); optimistically, Bev agreed, but noted that with his unstable DNA he might be a cute bunny or something by then. As Howard degenerated into a panic attack, Bev found an ad for the Boarding House of Mystery, which rented rooms to those without cash or credit, and noted rodents and pit bulls were OK, too. Bev finally had to slap Howard to slow him down a bit, after which Suzi Pazuzu stopped, intending to investigate the giant "rat" then recognized Bev and noted she had been looking for Bev because she had been on Globally Branded Content.Com's employee list. Suzi took them to the police station and questioned them, disbelieving everything until realizing Howard actually was a giant mouse. After Suzi came under the influence of the Amulet of Pazuzu, she decided to let Howard and Bev go; realizing something was wrong, Bev convinced Howard to follow Suzi back to her house, where they saw the amulet activate, turning her into Doucheblade. When Bong and Ian Whippingham arrived and tried to claim the amulet, Howard ended up with it instead; Bev claimed the Doucheblade sword long enough to reverse Howard's transformation and drive off Bong. Not recalling what happened, Suzi let them go, and they decided to check out the Boarding House of Mystery.

(Howard the Duck III#4) - Along with Howard and Parsival, Bev arrived at the Boarding House of Mystery. They were recognized and welcomed by Cain, despite not having any money, and shown to their room (309) by Abel. After Howard realized their room had wish fulfillment amenities, Bev wished an umbrella drink and an evening a well muscled African man. After she was satisfied, she wished him away since there wasn't room for three in their bed. Exhausted, Bev quickly went to sleep. They were awakened by terrorists battling each other, until Hellboozer summoned a demon to slaughter the last terrorist. They next followed a gas sound to meet Anthrax, after which they considered leaving the strange place rather than risk their lives. They next ran into the Interminable (Snoozy, Horny, Dicey, Ditzy, Mournful, Mopey, & Doc). Realizing Parsival was missing, Bev knocked on another door, where they encountered ??? (meant to be a counterpart or parody of Nevada) and her pet Gastornis, Ravel. Having had no luck, they continued down the hall to Splatter Gomorrah's room, where they found Parsival toking up on some drug dealio, next to a cigarette-smoking three-headed cat. Bev recognized Gomorrah's name, noting he had been fired from every newspaper in town. Gomorrah decided that Bev and Howard could serve as his assistants in exposing talk show host Iprah as a fraud.

(Howard the Duck III#5) -  Nauseated by choices such as a human heart and pus for breakfast, Bev and Howard departed with Gomorrah, though Howard reverted to mouse-form upon leaving the building. Via bus they arrived at the Iprah Show, during which Gomorrah promised to write Howard and Bev's story, noting that if she was convincing on Iprah they might let Bev play herself. On the show, Bev played Gomorrah's pathetic girlfriend (she being Jane Jones to his John Smith). Dr. Phlip advised "Jane" on how to reach her potential, until Deuteronomy, a demon/angel hybrid that had escaped its containment in Heaven, possessed Iprah. In return Heaven (or at least Cherub Thrasher, representing the Religion as a Replacement for Thought Coalition) sent a revived Sigmund Freud, aka the Saint of Therapists, to stop the merged creature. Iprah/Deuteronomy blew a whole through Freud, but Howard picked up Freud's energy cigar and blasted a whole through the merged being, slaying Iprah and driving the demon/angel out of her. Ignoring Bev's warning that the cigar was too metaphysical of a smoke for him, Howard took a drag off Freud's cigar, and was instantly incinerated (or otherwise turned into ash), crumbling as a startled Bev touched him.

(Howard the Duck III#6 - BTS) - With help from God/Yahweh, Howard returned to Earth in duck form.

(Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/5) - Bev prompted Howard to register for the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA), noting that they might qualify for a substantial salary and special SHIELD training. Bev encouraged Howard that the line couldn't be too long because there were so few superhumans in Ohio, but they found the line quite long...and realized they were in line for the Department of Motor Vehicles upon making it to the front. They found their way to the right place, and Bev suggested Howard get in the "Aliens" line, but Howard insisted he was and always had been an "Other." Bev donned a costume to be his sidekick. However, SHIELD's regional director of Supernormal Affairs of Ohio explained that Howard was officially considered to not exist. Feigning outrage, Howard explained to Bev once outside that he was ecstatic as he no longer had to deal with parking tickets, taxes, jury duty, etc.

(Howard the Duck IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev worked in a beer advertisement that played during a Super Bowl: after saying "C'mere, stud," she fell out of a blimp after a fat guy farted.

(Howard the Duck IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev's beer ad caught the attention of director Serge, who employed her in an "Adam and Eve" play.

(Howard the Duck IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev made her ringtone, "C'mere, stud."

(Howard the Duck IV#1) - While Howard napped, a driver's license-less Bev dangerously drove them to her rehearsal. Howard was upset that she had put a ding in his cab, but she kissed him, noting it was a little bent out of shape, just like him. Her ringtone attracted director Lance Pierce, who insisted she play the leading lady in his work, "Dip Thong," which was to open at Playhouse Square next month; she politely told him she'd pass it on to her agent, then gave Howard her phone so she could call him for a ride when she was done. Bev completed the rehearsal, but noted to director Serge that it seemed odd, for various reasons, to be using a banana during the "fruit of the Tree of Knowledge" scene. She also thought it weird that Serge continued to film her after the scene was over. Soon after, Bev witnessed the Twin Barrels (Bradley & Patton Barrel) trying to shoot Howard to redeem themselves for their failure during hunting season. Bev begged others to help, to no avail. Howard hid successfully, but when he realized Bev might be harmed, he lured the Barrel brothers in with Bev's ringtone, then knocked the pair out with a hunting store mannequin and one of the brothers' rifles. As Serge filmed the whole thing, he cued Bev to identify the play on film. As she stepped in Howard's cab, she appreciated that a piece of concrete fountain angel (shot by the Barrel brothers) and knocked the ding back out of the cab. Using the $20 he had earned from the Barrel brothers (who had been one of his fares before they tried to kill him), Howard offered Bev dinner, and she told him he was her hero.

(Howard the Duck IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - Serge filmed Howard's defeat of the Barrel brothers and uploaded the video to MeTube, and it went viral. Upon arriving home, Howard and Bev made a drinking game of hearing their names on TV.

(Howard the Duck IV#2) - Bev awoke pleasantly to Howard's 7AM alarm to find the radio show still talking about them. Serge tried to make a MeTube sequel, but succeeded mostly in injuring himself and his crew, after which Bev's agent, Sid McGuffin, showed up and informed them that Bill Hammer wanted both of them on his talk show; Bev convinced Howard to do the show. That Wednesday night, they went to the Cleveland train station for the show, where they met their bodyguard, the left-sided deaf but right-sided superhuman hearing Mr. Goodear. Before the show, Sid introduced them to the other guest, Ted Newman (the Buffalo city badman), Dick Wittingly (shot in the face by the vice-president), and Cajun cook Paul Proudfoot. Howard was dissuaded from following AIM agents 66 & 77 by Mr. Goodear. As the show started, Bev objected to being introduced as "Beverly, the half-naked girl." When the show degenerated into hunters shooting at Howard, he grabbed Bev and fled. After Howard used a taser on Newman (who had previously shot Bill Hammer and whose stunned response shot Wittingly), Howard was arrested as the seeming murderer of Hammer, despite the on-film evidence. Not being an Earth-616 American citizen, Howard was thrown into a pound.

(Howard the Duck IV#3 (fb) - BTS) - Bev appeared on talk shows for 24 hours straight to raise awareness and sympathy for Howard's plight and to get Howard out of prison.

(Howard the Duck IV#3) - Bev appeared on the Barry Kingman show. When Bev argued with Kingman that the video clip clearly showed that Howard had not shot Bill Hammer and/or Wittingly, but that people like Kingman kept saying Howard had shot them. Kingman, actually a robot under MODOT (Mental Organism Designed Only for Talking)'s control, malfunctioned, began sparking and hissing, and had to be taken away by disguised AIM technicians. She-Hulk got Howard out of prison on the condition that he register in the SHRA and not quack or swim in public (not a problem, since he couldn't actually swim). Upon Howard's release, Bev informed him about Kingman being a robot. A mob swarmed around Howard, and he yelled for everyone to duck when a statue collapsed because people had climbed atop it; the people ducked, saving them from injury. Bev then accompanied Howard to Union Station to investigate the secret base hidden below it; Bev feared they might get in more trouble, but Howard convinced her that the country was at risk. When an AIM technician discovered them, he recognized Bev as the girl from the beer commercial, and she convinced him to "Come here, stud" so she could drop him with a knee to the groin. They saw MODOT controlling various media people and realized MODOT was trying to take over America, but when they ran out into the main section of Union Station to warn the public, Howard was arrested for seemingly used some superhuman power to make people duck. Bev could only watch as a judge declared Howard wasn't human and didn't have any rights, then had Howard gagged and placed in the Cleveland zoo.

(Howard the Duck IV#4 (fb) - BTS) - She-Hulk told Bev she thought she could get Howard declared a lawful being if she contributed $10,000 to some congressional re-election campaigns.

(Howard the Duck IV#4) - Bev called to a despondent Howard in his cage at the zoo, offering to use her life savings (see comments) to get him out the zoo. Via a distraction from Lance Pierce (now the costumed Glory Hound), Bev broke Howard out of his cage with a boltcutter. Ignoring the risk to her acting career, she rushed Howard to his cab, and they returned to Union Station, under pursuit by the media. When they arrived, they found the locks on the secret base changed, but Bev shouted out that she was unzipping her coat, and the media rushed to film this, smashing the door open in the process. Howard then led them to MODOT himself, exposing his plot and disabling MODOT's control of his various robots, shows, etc.; but the Twin Barrels then captured Howard. Even the arriving President Of The United States (George W. Bush, topical) was going to let them shoot Howard as their hunting license was in order, but Bev convinced the POTUS he owed Howard for saving America, and he signed a form making Howard an actual American citizen, as well as pardoning him for his recent legal troubles. Bev enthusiastically hugged Howard after a legal hearing made the above official, and they headed out in his cab...or, they were going to, until Howard slipped on some dog poop and fell, possibly breaking his shoulder blade.



(Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1 (fb) - BTS) - During the summer at a beach in Cleveland (do they have such things?), Bev kicked Howard in the crotch.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bev and Howard were indoctrinated/brainwashed into serving SOOPhI as Swizzle (a dominatrix-type used for sex appeal) and Cynical Duck (youth mascot).

(Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1) - As Swizzle and Cynical Duck, Bev and Howard promoted SOOPhI at a public speech held for them by J. Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man subsequently interrupted a SOOPhI indoctrination at the New York Public Library's EMAX theatre, and Bev and the other SOOPhIs saw him as a semi-demonic figure and attacked. Spider-Man escaped with Howard and broke his brainwashing by noting the threat to Bev.
    As Spider-Man publicly announced his long-standing support for SOOPhI (leading Jonah, in turn, to sever his support), Howard confronted Bev as she stood by the Supreme SOOPhI. Howard broke through to Bev, reminding her of SOOPhI's true goals as well as the time she kicked him in the crotch; and Howard convinced her to do the same with the Supreme SOOPhI. The leader ordered the SOOPhI's to throw the pair into the special Blanditron at Guantanamo bay, and Bev held off several of them with her whip. Spider-Man then arrived, unmasked the Supreme SOOPhI, and webbed up several other SOOPhI's, leading the rest to flee through their exploding teleporter (it exploded AFTER they escaped via teleportation). Figuring the SOOPhI's would lay low for awhile after such a defeat, he also hoped their Florida Everglades base might lead them to meet up with the Man-Thing.



(New Avengers II#7) - Beverly applied for the job as the nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' baby daughter Danielle. She told them about her on- and off-again relationship with a talking duck and wasn't sure if this was a plus or minus. She didn't get the job.


Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Frank Brunner, and Steve Leialoha.

    Dr. Bong had the captain of a Russian trawler marry he and Bev. Most people believe ship captains have the power to marry people.

Stuart Vandal notes, however:
Basically, they can't marry people unless the ship's captain also happened to hold a separate license specifically for the purpose of marrying people (some cruise ship captains do, simply because people believe the myth and think it romantic, and so being able to marry them becomes a selling point for the cruise). Can't see a Russian trawler captain having gone and gotten himself a license.

OHotMU Update '89 lists Beverly Switzler as Bong's ex-wife. The Deadpool handbook followed suit and included that information, as well. That's either:

  1. Error
  2. Indicative that the Russian captain indeed had such a license to marry others...would Bong have known that?
  3. Maritime law may be different in the Marvel Universe than in the real world.
  4. Other?

    In Howard the Duck I#27, Howard had a dream in which Bev served as judge (or magistrate) of Howard in First Karmic Court, in which he was charged with terminal negativism. When Howard pleaded not guilty by reason of sanity, she held him in contempt, then asked the persecutor, the State of Mind, to present its case. When Howard described a mid-capacity glass of water as half empty, the prosecution rested its case. Bev announced she found the evidence incriminating, and the jury, composed of a bunch more Howards, found him guilty as Hell. Bev announced the sentence to life imprisonment in his own rut. Speaking in his own defense, Howard realized he wasn't negative, he was just angry.
    In an infinite omniverse, every dream mirrors some other reality, and this one mirrors that of Earth-78927

    Duck-Man and Duck-Girl actually premiered in a pin-up/portfolio picture in Howard the Duck II#7, drawn by Marshall Rogers and part of a Duck of Many Faces featurette.

    Given the choice, I'd consider the name Brostergil as the realm to which Dr. Odd sent Howard's theater, a tribute to writer Stern and artists Broderick, and Gil.

    Bite the Wax Tadpole:

    We understand Howard went over to the Image Universe for awhile as Leonard, and that Bev became Rhonda Martini, though both had definitely returned to -616 by the time of the MAX series, as approved by Gerber and as printed in his handbook entries. 
Obviously Destroyer Duck carries out Howard and Savage Dragon carries out Bev after Relf generates thousands of ducks to add to the chaos...and some other duck is left behind on -616, acting as Howard.
    HOWEVER, what I don't get, is Bev is carried out and becomes Rhonda Martini...but Bev is also seen with "Howard" at the end of Spider-Man Team-Up, after the switcheroo.
    Presumably (the easy fix) is that Relf generated a Bev double, too, after she jumped him moments before he generated the ducks...
    But, was this ever addressed anywhere?

    Assuming that's the case, the Howard and Bev would presumably represent these doubles in Howard the Duck Holiday Special#1 & Generation X#23,25...

    The "Heroes Return" disruption of the Nexus of All-Realities and involvement of Howard would seem a likely point for Howard and/or Bev's return to -616.
    As far as I can tell, Bev was with Howard when Man-Thing teleported everyone away in Generation X#25, but she wasn't in the Daydreamers mini-series that followed directly after that. Perhaps that was the last appearance of the Bev duplicate, and the next appearance was the real Bev (and former Rhonda Martini)'s return?

    I'm not sure how and when Bev accrued $10,000 as her life savings...they never had a dollar to spare for most of their existence, and any fortune they came into was swiftly spent or otherwise used.

    The Gerber-written Howard the Duck cartoon strips would seem to fit into Earth-616 continuity fairly well, but there are some minor differences in the Winky-Man story re-telling, and all stories from the first six issues can be considered an alternate reality: Earth-77606; some of the stories may have occurred on Earth-616 as printed or in slightly different versions; however, as they were written by Gerber himself, it has been ruled that they at least share a past history, so events referenced from Howard, Bev, and others' histories are included for those characters. Need to add some in for Howard and Bev.
   The following several story arcs of the newspaper strip after Gerber left are markedly different, particularly with the revelation that Howard came from another planet in Earth-616's universe. These events are considered another reality: Earth-78423. 

Profile by Snood.

Beverly Switzler, Howard's soulmate, should not be confused with:

Rhonda Martini, Bev's alias on Earth-Image, should not be confused with:

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Howard the Duck II#8 cover - Duck-Girl - color reference, but not quite what she wore (stockings, at least, were different)
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        #8/2, Duck-Girl, showing the duck tail portion of her costume 
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