JACKPOT, The One-Armed Bandit

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Gambler, Assassin

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Farrell; formerly Archie Sloan

Enemies: Cleft Chin, Howard the Duck, Archie Sloan, Beverly Switzler, unnamed mafia chieftain

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The One-Armed Bandit

Base of Operations: Cleveland, Ohio (of course)

First Appearance: Howard the Duck II#1/2 (October, 1979)







Powers: Jackpot is a walking slot machine. While he is missing his left arm, his right arm triggers the rolls in his eyes. If they come up in a match (which they always did), he would spew volumes of coins from his mouth. He apparently created the coins from his own matter or energy stores, as he could be exhausted (and nauseated) by too frequent and/or rapid use of his power. He could spew a surfeit, nay, a plethora of coins--enough to bury and suffocate a person, or to stop a moving car. Each of the coins serves as Jackpot's calling cards, as they are all distinctly marked with his name.
In addition, he is a compulsive gambler. He is more than willing to use his powers to take out competitors, or players in a game, in order to improve his odds of victory.



History: The source of Jackpot's powers are unknown.
"I once bet an arm and a leg against a mafia chieftain that I could pull off a heist before the he could. I lost the arm--but I made off with the leg and the loot! Since then he learned that there's no such thing as too big a gamble for--Jackpot, the One-Armed Bandit!"

(Howard the Duck II#1/2) - Jackpot bet on Farrell, a marathon runner, to win the Cleveland Marathon. Jackpot made a deal with the promoter of the Marathon, Archie Sloan, to fix the race. However, the race "got too big for a fix," and Sloan tried to weasel out of it. Jackput punished his reneging by burying him under a pile of coins, killing him.
Jackpot then decided to take matters into his own hands and ensure his own victory. Cleft Chin, another runner, was running in the lead. Jackpot drugged a drink that Cleft grabbed as he raced by. Chin soon passed out, but correctly suspecting foul (or is that fowl?) play, Howard the Duck pulled the runner into his cab and decided to help him. Beverly reasoned, "Someone cheated to keep Cleft out of the Marathon...We've got the cheat to keep him in!"). Anyway, they drove Cleft along the race course.

Undaunted, Jackpot rushed in front of Howard's cab and stopped it with a deluge of coins. Howard attempted to fend off Jackpot, using his Quak Fu skills. Jackpot recognized the fighting style of a devotee of Master Chaaj, but knocked Howard back with (you guessed it!) a burst of coins. Beverly rushed to Howard's aid, but Jackpot turned to unleash his crushing coinage on her. Howard jumped on Jackpot's back and triggered Jackpot's right arm repeatedly--exhausting his token stores, and giving him a bad case of the mollygrubs in the process. Howard and Beverly left Jackpot sprawled out on the ground, moaning "Gaak--Barf! Oy, my stomach!"
Howard and Beverly rushed Cleft Chin to the finish line and helped him cross it--the winner!

Comments: "Suggested" by Mark Gruenwald. Plotted by Bill Mantlo and Gene "The Dean" Colan.

"Jackpot! That's the name and the game! I'll wager you've never heard of me--but I've got a style that'll roll your bones!"

Somewhere, up above, I suspect Mark Gruenwald is looking down at this and saying, "...mmm...you don't really have to credit me for this one..."
That's ok, Jackpot only appeared in eight pages, and so the obvious gag didn't have time to get too old. I liked it, anyway.

Well, no known connections to any other Jacks or Pots.





Cleft Chin




The Marathon Runner sabotaged by Jackpot, and assisted by Howard and Beverly.
--Howard the Duck II#1/2







Archie Sloan




The head of Bets-R-Off Race Promotions, he agreed to fix the bet for Jackpot, but was killed by him when he tried to back out of the deal.
--Howard the Duck II#1/2







Howard the Duck II#1 (October, 1979) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Mike Golden (pencils), Klaus Janson (inks), Rick Marschall (editor)

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