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Real Name: Alana Jobson

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Government super-agent;
    former social worker

Group Membership: Initiative (Blue Shield (Joe Cartelli), others)

Affiliations: Sara Ehret, Vin Gonzales, Al O'Neil, Lisa Parfrey, Joe Robertson, Helen Rogers, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Enemies: Blindside (Nick Chernin), Commanda (Catherine D'Antan), Walter Declun, Menace (Lily Hollister), "Sinister-Skrull"

Known Relatives: Mr. Jobson (father)

Aliases: "Crackerjack"; impersonated Sara Ehret

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man II#546/2 (February, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: Via her consumption of human growth hormone, Mutant Growth Hormone, anabolic steroids, amphetamines, epinephrine, paracetamol, and a COX-2 inhibitor, Jackpot had superhuman strength (lifting five tons), agility, speed, endurance, and reflexes. They also made her highly durable; she was nearly bulletproof. She had some fighting skills, but was rather inexperienced.

Height: 5"10"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown (wore a red wig as Jackpot)

History: (Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1 (fb) ) - When she was twelve years old, Alana Jobson and her father were saved from an armed mugger by a young Spider-Man. Through her teenage years, she feigned a crush on Spider-Man to serve as a smokescreen for her burgeoning lesbianism. She eventually graduated college and became a social worker, but the pressures of the job and her sense of powerlessness drove her to alchoholism. Soon, her co-workers started to notice, and she was arrested for drunk driving. She lost her driver's licence and her job, and wallowed in self-pity for a week; eventually mustering the initiative to go grocery shopping, she bumped into young scientist Sara Ehret. They became friends; Alana fell in love with her, but never told her.

(Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Spider-Man)#1 - BTS/Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1 (fb) ) - One day, Alana saw Spider-Man and the superheroine Jackpot save a man from a speeding car - from her eyes and body language, Alana recognized Jackpot as Sara. Jackpot recognized her, and ran off, promising to explain later.

(Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1 (fb) ) - Sara eventually did tell Alana how she'd gained her powers and registered with the government, and also told her how much she hated being a superhero. Alana lied to her, claiming that she had super powers, too, and asked to  buy the Jackpot identity from her. After a week of pleading, Sara relented, handing over her costume and wig; she didn't alert the Initiative, allowing them to continue to believe that she was still Jackpot. To give herself powers, Alana started taking illegal Mutant Growth Hormone. After an intense self-pep-talk, she debuted as Jackpot; unlike her friend, she loved being a superhero, and enjoyed being able to solve problems she never could as a social worker. She eventually found that she needed more than MGH, however, and started taking a number of other drugs, legal and illegal, to enhance her abilities. 

(Amazing Spider-Man II#546/2) - Hearing about an explosives truck being hijacked on Park Avenue, Jackpot leapt into action, jumping off a ten story building and landing on the back of the truck. She raced to the front of the vehicle, where she found that there was no driver. She crashed through the windshield and managed to brake it, while the hijacker, the terrorist Menace, flew away cackling. Jackpot swore that she'd get her.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#549) - While roughing up a thug who was rumored to know the location of Menace's hideout, Jackpot was interrupted by Spider-Man, who thought she was being mugged. He soon recognized her (although he assumed she was the same Jackpot he'd encountered before), and they both chased the fleeing criminal into the subway. Spider-Man managed to grab on to the train, but jumped off when the thug opened fire. He and Jackpot walked through the tunnels for a bit, where she claimed Menace for her own rogues gallery, but she then had to be saved from an oncoming train. Spider-Man asked her if her initials were "MJ" (as Ehret had patterned her superhero persona after her favorite soap opera actress, Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man suspected that Mary Jane was Jackpot), but Jackpot jokingly brushed him off. They parted ways, and Jackpot tracked their quarry down on her own, learning that Menace's hideout was a warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. That night, she investigated it...only to be punched in the face by Spider-Man, who was also investigating it. As Spider-Man helped her to her feet, she noticed that someone else had found them - Blue Shield, who told Spider-Man that he was under arrest for violations of the Superhuman Registration Act.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#550) - After a brief struggle, Jackpot restrained Spider-Man while Blue Shield tried to unmask him; just then, however, Menace flew overhead, distracting the registered heroes. Spider-Man took advantage of this and knocked them both aside to pursue Menace. The next morning, Jackpot returned to the warehouse, where she found a sputtering Spider-Man trying to haul himself up on the docks. She helped him up and gave him a cup of coffee, then joined him in investigating Menace's lair, where they found blueprints for the Apollo Theater. After Spider-Man asked for her identity again, this time offering his own (Flash Thompson), she told him her name was Sara Ehret.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#551) - That night, Menace attacked the mayoral debate between Randall Crowne and Lisa Parfrey at the Apollo Theater; Jackpot arrived on the scene in time to save a web-fluid-less Spider-Man from plummeting to his death, and to see Menace abduct Parfrey. The two of them boarded a police helicopter and chased down the villain over Central Park; while Spider-Man engaged Menace, Jackpot, dangling from a cable, snagged Parfrey out of midair. She set her down in the street and joined Spider-Man in battling Menace; unfortunately, Jackpot miscalculated, hauling Menace off her glider and sending it speeding towards Parfrey. Neither she nor Spider-Man could get there in time, and the candidate was fatally impaled. Menace escaped, and when Spider-Man tried to comfort Jackpot, she angrily shoved him away.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual II#1 - BTS) - After Parfrey's death, Jackpot decided to avoid fighting super villains and go after normal criminals. She honed in on one in particular; corrupt businessman Walter Declun, who she began accumulating information on. She also checked on Flash Thompson and learned that he was serving overseas in the military, and therefore wasn't Spider-Man.

(Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man#1) - After spending weeks tracking down Declun's illicit dealings, Jackpot finally found out when his men were receiving a shipment of illict goods. She burst into his warehouse and beat up his men, only to discover that she'd just intercepted a shipment of DVD players. Her misstep earned her a scathing article in the DB, written by Betty Brant, and she went down to the DB's offices to complain, accompanied by overzealous Initiative union rep Helen Rogers. While Jackpot tried to explain that she only wanted to talk, Helen stormed around the office, picking fights with both Brant and DB publisher Dexter Bennett. Luckily for Jackpot, everyone soon had something else to deal with when Spider-Man burst through the walls of the DB offices...demanding to know where Spider-Man was. He attacked Jackpot; as they struggled, she told the DB's employees to flee. The ersatz Spider-Man revealed himself to be a Skrull, and shifted into his true, Super-Skrull form, possessing the powers of six of Spider-Man's deadliest enemies...

(Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Jackpot fought the Skrull while simultaneously hustling DB staffers Bennett, Brant, Joe Robertson, and NYPD officers Al O'Neil and Vin Gonzales down the stairs to the parking garage. After hitting the Skrull with a car's bumper, the five evacuees piled into a car and sped off to the Baxter Building, with Jackpot clinging to the roof. The Skrull, smelling Spider-Man's scent on all of them, followed. Jackpot tore off the trunk and tossed it at the Skrull, toppling him, but they soon found that the Baxter Building had been shunted into the Negative Zone. After another tussle with the Skrull, Jackpot leapt back in the car and they drove off to Stark Tower. Unfortunately, it was locked down, and the Skrull caught up to them. It leapt atop the car and tossed Jackpot into a Chicken Cow restaurant. Seeing the car drive off with the Skrull atop it, Jackpot ran after them, only to be snatched up by Menace!

(Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man#3) - Trying to escape Menace's clutches, Jackpot kicked the goblin in the junk, then tried to yank Menace's mask off (neither worked, because Menace actually looks that way due a mutation and does not wear a mask). Menace tried to just push her off her glider, but Jackpot grabbed on to its wing, throwing her off balance. They both crashed to the streets below...right into the Skrull. Her fall broken by a mailbox, Jackpot weathered the resulting explosion and found the Bugle evacuees...only for them to run away, as the Skrull (now with a goblin-glider embedded in its chest) was right behind her. Enraged, the Skrull pursued her and the evacuees to the Flannigan Street Fish Market. Jackpot had a flash of inspiration, and lured the Skrull into a deep-freeze freezer. She pinned it under a forklift, then barricaded the door with the evacuees until it froze solid. Several days later, after the Skrull invasion had been thwarted, Spider-Man and Jackpot met atop a rooftop to discuss recent events. Spider-Man showed Jackpot that the DB had printed an apology (buried in the crossword), and that they had given credit for defeating the Skrull to Walter Declun, who owned the fish market. Later, Jackpot retired to her apartment for a warm bath, during which she got a message from Sara on her answering machine, telling her that she'd done a great job.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual II#1) - Jackpot arrived on the scene at a bank to foil a robbery by temporary-blindness-inducing villain Blindside. Spider-Man arrived, as well, but too late for Jackpot to inform him of Blindside's powers, and he was promptly blinded and clobbered by the villain. Jackpot tended to him while Blindside absconded with his stolen money. Hearing the police on the way, and remembering that Spider-Man was still unregistered, Jackpot got him to safety. Over coffee, Jackpot talked about her Declun investigation, and suggested that Blindside was connected to him, as he'd worked for him in his civilian identity, Nick Chernin. That night, Jackpot returned to her apartment and found Spider-Man there; he'd tracked her down from a fingerprint she'd left on her coffee cup, and had found her stash of drugs and noticed the drug-induced rash on her back. She angrily threatened to call SHIELD, but Spider-Man asked her about her illegal drugs, and she admitted to buying the Jackpot identity from Ehret and using the drugs to give herself super powers. Spider-Man told her to quit superheroics and talked her into handing over her files on Declun. She remembered Chernin's address, however, and went there to bust him to get back in Spider-Man's good graces. There, she found Spider-Man battling Blindside and his girlfriend, the villainess Commanda. Jackpot swooped in to save Spider-Man, but Blindside injected her with his Oedipus toxin while she was distracted. Spider-Man gave her the antidote he'd devised, however, and together they defeated both villains. As they started to leave Chernin's house, Jackpot collapsed, suffering a massive heart attack from the cocktail of drugs in her system interacting with Oedipus. As she told Spider-Man that "all I ever wanted was...was to be a hero", she died in his arms. Later, Reed Richards examined her body, determing her cause of death and absolving Spider-Man of his fear that he'd accidentally poisoned her with the antidote.

(Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1) - Jackpot's spirit found itself in a dive bar, talking over her life with the bartender. He showed her that Sara was going to take up the Jackpot identity again, and told her that in the grand scheme of things, she'd done more good than bad. Deciding it was time to move on, she went out the front door, leaving her Jackpot wig behind.

Comments: Created by Marc Guggenheim, Greg Land, and Jay Leisten.

Sara Ehret later resumed using the Jackpot identity, and after her identity was revealed, she went into witness protection using the alias Alana Jobson as a tribute to her friend.

The whole Jackpot mystery was pretty confusing - initially, of course, it was heavily implied that she was Mary Jane, given the red hair and the Jackpot code name, but it turned out that Sara Ehret was just a big fan of MJ's from her Secret Hospital days (and Jobson emulated that persona because she wanted people to think there had only ever been one Jackpot).  And while Ehret was the Jackpot we first met in the FCBD book, all subsequent appearances up until the ASM Annual were Jobson. Ehret's aforementioned name change made matters even worse, because this wasn't confusing enough already.  Still, hey, beats reading X-books.

Paracetamol is the non-American name for acetaminophin (ie, Tylenol), a painkiller - presumably Alana was taking a higher-than-recommended dose, which can be extremely dangerous. COX-2 inhibitors are anti-inflammatory drugs. Epinephrine is the fight-or-flight hormone commonly known as adrenaline. Human growth hormone is, no kidding, a hormone that induces cell growth, and Mutant Growth Hormone is that same hormone extracted from superhumans (but not always mutants). Anabolic steroids stimulate muscle growth. Amphetamines stimulate the nervous system. All of the drugs she was taking have been known to cause high blood pressure or heart attacks. Comics blogger and actual doctor Scott did a medical review of the issue over at his blog, Polite Dissent.  Check it out

Jackpot was profiled in the 2008 Spider-Man Yearbook and All-New OHotMU HC volume 14.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Jackpot, alias Alana Jobson, should be distinguished from:

...but has no known connections to

Mr. Jobson

(Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1 (fb) ) - Mr. Jobson and his twelve-year-old daughter Alana were saved from an armed mugger by Spider-Man.

--(Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1 (#6/1 (fb)

images: (without ads)
Secret Invasion: Spider-Man#3, cover (main image)
Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1, p20, pan5 (headshot, without wig)

Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1, p13, pan1 (Jackpot in action
Amazing Spider-Man Annual II#1, p34, pan3 (dying)
Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/1, p2, pan3 (Mr. Jobson)

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