B. E. S. T.

Doctor Reich
Membership: Nurse Barbara, Werner Blowhard, Doctor Reich, Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi, Supreme Soofi, Rev. Joon Moon Yuc.

Each of the leaders (except Barbara) had a loyal, cult-like following

Aliases: Bozoes Eagerly Serving Tyrants

Affiliations: S.O.O.F.I.

Enemies: Howard the Duck, Paul Same, Beverly Switzler, Winda Wester

Base of Operations: Dreadcliff Manor, (Not Cleveland), Ohio, USA

First Appearance: Howard the Duck Magazine#4/2 (March, 1980)



History: Like minds think alike. Nurse Barbara had been the lover of Dr. Reich for some time while he acted as director of Sauerbraten County Mental Health Facility. Reich had called in Rev. Yuc to investigate the possible possession of Winda Wester, who had demonstrated latent mental powers. After a debacle where Yuc caused Howard the Duck to be possessed by the darksoul of Daimon Hellstrom, Yuc and Reich (along with Barbara) relocated to Yuc's private university. From there they began to gather a number of others who sought to control others. Each members represents a group or cult who uses fanatical ideals to numb the minds of its followers

Supreme SOOFI
BEST's plan hinged on gaining control of Wester, and using her powers to access the cosmic axis, and project their visions into the confused minds of the entire world and place them under Reich's control. By duping Howard the Duck, now a close friend of Winda, into "winning" a trip for four to Dreadcliff Manor, they manipulated him into bringing Winda to them.

Reverend Yuc
Reich had little success attempting to force Winda to willingly assist him. Nurse Barbara smashed Winda's friend, Paul Same, who had wandered in with his unending sleepwalking, over the head with a mace. Fearing that Paul had been killed, Winda unleashed her powers on Reich, causing him to see a multitude of chaotic media images. Delusional, he began firing his gun, unwittingly shooting and killing the Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi. Beverly Swtizler, the last of Howard's foursome, having been freed by another stray bullet, kicked the Rev. Yuc out of a door and into a seemingly bottomless pit. Nurse Barbara was tripped by the now cured Paul Same, and took out Blowhard with her mace before tripping into the Supreme Soofi. As the group fell apart, Reich degenerated into believing he was in Berlin during the Allied invasion, and he took his own life with his gun.




COMMENTS: Created by Bill Mantlo and John Buscema, based on some characters by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan.

Doctor Reich, the Supreme Soofi, and Rev. Yuc all have their own entries.

Lastly, Rev. Yuc's name is rarely spelled, or even ordered, the same twice. I use the spelling from his original appearance used by Gerber.

Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi was an obvious satire of Maharish Mahesh Yogi (Wikipedia link), usually called just "Maharishi", a controversial Guru who was once associated with the Beatles. Leaving the matter of his ethics aside, Maharish's tradition is actually a branch of Hinduism, not Buddhism. Common mistake. - Daevanator.

The Supreme SOOFI may or may not be based on the real-life person of Anita Bryant (Wikipedia link), who conducted a famous and successful campaign in 1977 againt gay rights. - Daevanator

Rev. Joon Moon Yuc is almost certainly a satire of Reverend Sun Yung Moon - Daevanator

Clarifications: These Bozoes had no connection, other than the mind control, to the Bozoes in Nebulon's Celestial Mind Control plot.

Doctor Reich was obsessed with and used to be the dentist of

Nurse Barbara, last name unknown, formerly served alongside Dr. Reich at Sauerbraten. She served as both a nurse to the patients and secret lover to Reich. She had a penchant for leather, whips, and medieval weaponry. She wore a mask and wig to pose as Miss Danberry, the maid or hostess at Dreadcliff. Perhaps she's found a new boyfriend, like the Hate-Monger --Howard the Duck I#12( 13, 14, II#4/2

Werner Blowhard, was obsessed with having the imperceptible "It." He seemed to come from wealthy business stock, but not much was clarified about him. He took a blow to the face from a fouled throw of nurse Barbara's mace, but should still be alive and kicking.--Howard the Duck II#4/2

The Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi exploited those with an interest in Buddhism, preaching capitalism over the typical peace and love. his floral wreathes could squirt water from each of the flowers. He took a bullet in the face when Reich lost his marbles.--Howard the Duck II#4/2

Howard the Duck I#12 (May, 1977) - Steve Gerber (writer/editor), Gene Colan (artist), and Steve Leialoha (inker)
Howard the Duck I#13 (June, 1977) - Steve Gerber (writer/editor), Gene Colan (artist), and Steve Leialoha (inker)
Howard the Duck I#14 (July, 1977) - Steve Gerber (writer/editor), Gene Colan (artist), and Klaus Janson (inker)
Howard the Duck II#4 (March, 1980) - Bill Mantlo (writer), John Buscema (pencils), and Klaus Janson (inks), Lynn Graeme (editor)

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