Real Name: Winda Wester

Identity/Class: Human mutant(?)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Caliph of Bagmom, Harold H. Harold, Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan, Hellstorm), Abu Ho Dadi, Howard the Duck, KISS, Iris Raritan, Paul Same, Carol Starkowitz, Claude Starkowitz, Beverly Switzler, Lee Switzler, Wijid, the captain of the S. S. Damned

Enemies: Dr. Morton Avery, BEST, Werner Blowhard, Doctor Bong, Doctor Reich, prince Hassim, Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi, Nurse Barbara, Supreme Soofi, Rev. Joon Moon Yuc

Known Relatives: Allegedly unnamed parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cleveland, Ohio

First Appearance: Howard the Duck I#11 (April, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Winda has relatively potent psychic powers, which she rarely uses. She can access dimensional portals, allowing transport to those realms or bringing residents of those realms to Earth-616. She uniformly speaks with a heavy speech impediment: every "r" and "l" is a "w."

(Howard the Duck II#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Ever since she was a child, Winda was visited by uncontrollable visions, which she failed to realize were actually portals into other dimensions.

(Howard the Duck I#11) - Winda met Howard the Duck aboard a bus to Cleveland, where she told him that her parents saw her making silly faces and heard her making silly noises, and they thought she was possessed. During the trip they encountered a number of crazies, including the Kidney Lady. As a result of a struggle between Howard and the Kidney Lady, the bus crashed and the driver pointed out the three troublemakers to the police, who carted them away.

(Howard the Duck I#12) - Howard and Winda were sent to Sauerbraten County Mental Hospital. She told them the same story she had told Howard, adding that though she disagreed, Winda consented to a trip to Cleveland to be exorcised. However, when they checked out the address she gave them for her parents, they found a vacant lot. Winda became frantic claiming that when she got onto the bus her parents had packed up everything, including the house. She was comforted when Dr. Avery offered to consult an exorcist for her. However, after she left the room, she generated manifestations of the members of the band KISS.

(Howard the Duck I#13) - Winda's KISS interacted with Howard and immobilized the police when they arrived, after which they were reabsorbed into her head. Avery summoned Daimon Hellstrom to examine her, and he determined that she was not possessed. However, the director of Sauerbraten then summoned Reverend Joon Moon Yuc for a second opinion, and he determined that Winda was possessed and he began trying to cure (cough...brainwash!) her via the divine application of sensation. Avery and Hellstorm rushed in to stop them, but the strong arms of Nurse Barbara and orderly Cecil moved to stop them. Daimon attempted to transform into the Son of Satan, but Yuc disrupted the process with a spell of his own, and Hellstrom's darksoul was sent into Howard instead.

(Howard the Duck I#14) - The darksoul-possessed Howard took Winda with him as he flew out of Sauerbraten, but after she caused them to crash by pushing Hellstrom's trident in an effort to force a landing, he slapped her and left her behind. Winda was picked up by Hellstrom and she went with him as he confronted Howard and retook his darksoul. With Hellstrom's backing, Dr. Avery released Howard and Winda, and they moved in with Beverly Switzler and Paul Same.

(Howard the Duck Annual#1) - Winda, Beverly, and Paul unwittingly purchased the Carpet of the wizard Wijid for their apartment. Winda's lisp caused her to say the wizard's name (while trying to say the word rigid), and she and Beverly were transported by the carpet to Wijid in the city of Bagmom, where they were thrown into the harem of the caliph. Paul and Howard joined forces with Abu Ho Dadi and his thieves guild, the Underground Railroad, and they helped stop a rebellion of the caliph's son, prince Hassim. In gratitude, the caliph booked them all travel home aboard the S. S. Damned.

(Howard the Duck I#15) - Aboard the S. S. Damned, Winda cracked Howard in the head with a shuffleboard weight, knocking him into the ocean. Though he was rescued, the ship suffered numerous illusionary assaults from Dr. Bong, who then abducted Howard and Beverly.

(Howard the Duck I#17) - As Bong's assaults were revealed as illusions, Winda begged the Captain to lead the rescue of Howard and Beverly, but he refused.

(Howard the Duck I#25 (fb) - BTS) - Paul earned $2500 selling portraits of passengers.

(Howard the Duck I#24) - The S. S. Damned docked in New York, and Winda and Paul were greeted by Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#25) - Paul and Winda squandered their money, much to Howard's consternation, and they met with the heiress (and former passenger) Iris Raritan. At Iris' party, they all fell victim to her entertainment, the Circus of Crime, who kidnapped Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#26 / [27(fb) - BTS]) - Winda and Paul rode with Iris in an effort to rescue Howard, but Paul grew tired of Iris and left her in the town of Skudge. When Winda criticized Iris for being foowishwy immatuwe, Iris kicked her out. Soon after, Winda was assaulted by a lusty man who beat her up when she resisted him.

(Howard the Duck I#30) - Winda regained consciousness in Skudge Hospital, though Paul remained comatose. She witnessed Dr. Bong's confrontation with Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#31) - Winda was happily reunited with Beverly and Howard after Beverly blackmailed Bong into leaving them alone.

(Howard the Duck II#1) - Winda sat by Paul's bedside, though as she rambled on relentlessly she missed his eyes opening...though he remained in a somnolent state.

(Howard the Duck II#1/3) - Just after Howard and Beverly drove off the Kidney Lady, Winda and Paul arrived, helping to clean up their new place, which the four of them shared.

(Howard the Duck II#2/2) - Winda thanked Beverly for allowing her and Paul to live in the downstairs of their house until they got back on their feet.

(Howard the Duck II#3) - Winda shared Christmas Eve with Paul, Howard, Beverly, Lee Switzler, and Claude and Carol Starkowitz. She particularly enjoyed Beverly's egg nog.

(Howard the Duck II#4/2) - Winda accompanied Howard, Beverly, and Paul to a prize paid vacation to Dreadcliff Manor, which turned out to be a trap by Dr. Reich and BEST (Bozoes Eagerly Serving Tyrants), who captured them before revealing their intent to use Winda's psychic powers to gain control of the cosmic axis to project their control onto the confused blank-slate minds of the entire world. She refused to help them, but the members of BEST began harassing her to force her compliance. After Nurse Barbara smashed the sleepwalking Paul across the head with a mace, Winda became irate, unleashing manifestations of the Beatles, Julia Childs, KISS, Devo, Elvis Presley, and a few others I don't recognize to torment Dr. Reich. The resultant chaos led to the death and/or defeat of the members of BEST, and Winda was pleased to see that the trauma had awakened Paul.

(Howard the Duck II#5) - Winda was assaulted by Howard after he came to believe himself a vampire after being briefly bitten by Dracula. She then encountered Harold H. Harold, who informed them of the true threat of Dracula. She joined Harold, Paul, and Beverly in searching for Howard, but she and Paul broke off to get some sleep, intending to relieve the Harold and Beverly at midnight and narrowly missing an encounter with Dracula.

(Howard the Duck II#5/2 // #6) - Howard had Winda use her powers to open an interdimensional portal, sending Howard and Beverly to Duckworld.



Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, and Steve Leialoha.

I debated witing, I mean writing, this whole pwofiwe in Winda's impediment, but uwtimatewy decided to spawe you.
However, if you're a glutton, check it out:
Winda Wester (Wook out Wowetta!)

Given that one of her earliest acts was to make the band Kiss appear, her name -- if one takes into consideration her speech impediment -- could be a reference to Wicked Lester, the proto-Kiss band that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley belonged to.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


Howard the Duck I#11, p17, panel 3 + 5 (normal +funny faces)
    #25, p1 (full body)
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