and his

Membership: Captain Wongo, an unspecified number (presumably two or more...hence the plural) of dancing Norwegian camels.

Purpose: Presumably entertainment and profit (those were goals, although they may not have been achieved)

Aliases: None revealed

Affiliations: Howard the Duck, Beverly Switzler, and Lee Switzler;
    presumably some association with the other acts at the burlesque show (and others) that ended up in the Odd Dimension, including the Amazing Fred, the Apple Sisters and their All-Girl Apple Corps, Doctor Odd, Gregor, Mack Exacto, the burlesque show building's janitor; the employees of Joe's Dinner (sic), including the alleged former Vice-President of the United States of America (Vi-POTUS)

Enemies: None known

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly a burlesque house in the unidentified "Odd dimension"

First Appearance: Crazy Magazine#65 (August, 1980) - see comments

(Crazy Magazine#65 - BTS) - Auditioning for the burlesque show run by Howard the Duck, Captain Wongo and his Dancing Norwegian Camels were presumably far back in line.

    After magician Dr. Odd seemingly failed to transport the stage to another dimension (actually transporting the whole building and some of the surrounding buildings to the "Odd dimension"), Howard called the next act: Captain Wongo and his Dancing Norwegian Camels. There name alone, or at least, earned them a "WAUGH!" of disgust, disbelief, dischantment, or perhaps just disrespect from Howard.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern.

    All we know about these characters is the name of their group/act and that they tried out for Howard the Duck's burlesque show, during which time the building was transported to what has been referred to as the "Odd dimension." As far as I know, we never saw them and they were never mentioned again. Captain Wongo was presumably the trainer...was he a "normal" human or did he have some sort of power, like dodging camel spit? He could be a mutant, Deviant, Eternal, an alien, or any number of things...including just a strange person. We don't even know that Wongo is "he," nor do we know if Wongo is a stage name, a first name, a surname, or a full name (like Cher or Madonna).

    And the Norwegian camels...dancing, no less. Obviously, the name was just chosen to be silly, but camels are more of a desert-type creature. Regardless, are we talking Dromedary or Bactrian? In other words, one hump or two?
    That being said, camels in Norway is not unheard of:

    Given that Howard and Beverly were subsequently seen back on Earth, I'd imagine that the entire burlesque show/house and/or those who were transported to the Odd dimension all returned home...but we don't know that for sure...

    Crazy#65 was mis-numbered as #66 on the cover.  The storyline is the one described in the story that has as #66 in its indicia (the litte legal publication information).

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that say about a profile with no pictures?

Profile by Snood.

The Captain Wongo and his Dancing Norwegian Camels have no known connections to:

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No soup for you!

Crazy Magazine#65 (incorrectly numbered #66 on the cover; August, 1980) - Roger Stern (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), Armando Gil (inker), Jim Owsley (associate editor), Larry Hama (editor)

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