doctor_odd-htd-crazy-1.jpgdoctor_odd-htd-crazy-2.jpgDOCTOR ODD

Real Name: Unrevealed (surname possibly Odd)

Identity/Class: Human magic-user

Occupation: Sorcerer, stage magician

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Amazing Fred;
    he invoked Azoozoo, Gloom, Donner, and Blitzen

Enemies: None known;
    although those transported to the Odd dimension may have had a bone to pick with him. These included
the Amazing Fred, the Apple Sisters and their All-Girl Apple Corps, Captain Wongo and his Norwegian Camels, Gregor, Howard the Duck, Mack Exacto, Beverly Switzler, and Lee Switzler; the burlesque show building's janitor; the employees of Joe's Dinner (sic), including the alleged former Vice-President of the United States of America

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly a burlesque house in the unidentified "Odd dimension"

First Appearance: Crazy Magazine#65 (August, 1980)doctor_odd-htd-crazy-spell.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Doctor Odd had some magical abilties, and he was able to cast a spell to transport an entire building (or possibly several buildings) to an unidentified dimension; however, he did so while trying to only transport the building's stage there.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 5'9")
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 140 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed (looked gray or white in the black and white magazine)

(Crazy Magazine#65) - Trying out for the burlesque show run by Howard the Duck, Dr. Odd asked if he was next after Mack Exacto went. Howard told Odd repeatedly to wait his turn so the Amazing Fred and then the Apple Sisters and their All-Girl Apple Corps could go.

    When it was finally Odd's turn, Howard, noting he was a magician, told him he better be good, as he didn't have patience for the same old, tired card tricks and such; he wanted something new and different. As cards, coins, and a rabbit fell out of the tophat he held behind his back, Odd told Howard he wouldn't dream of foisting old tricks upon him, and that, "Dr. Odd is a student of true sorcery!"

    Howard angrily grabbed Odd's lapels and accused him of running a scam, and Howard's girlfriend, Beverly, urged Howard to give the man a chance. Ignoring the cigar smoke Howard was blowing into his face, Odd assured him, "Mine are the true magicks!" To prove this, Odd announced his plans to transport the stage to another dimension.

    Reading from a page, he chanted, "By the spores of drab Azoozoo, by the all unseeing Gloom, by Donner and by Blitzen, take us from this musty room!"

    There was a "PIFF!" and a light globe shattered...and nothing else seemed to change.doctor_odd-htd-profile-dimension.jpg

    Reviewing his page, Odd couldn't understand, as he knew they should have been transported to another realm.

    Kicking him in the butt and out the door, Howard told Odd the only place he was being transported to was O-U-T!"

    Dejectedly, Odd noted that he had tried so hard, but the Amazing Fred, a talking dog, told Odd not to let it get him down, as there would be other auditions.

    Neither of them realized they were walking a path along an alien realm, and that the entire building and perhaps some of the surrounding buildings (like Joe's Diner) had been transported there by his spell.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, Pat Broderick, and Armando Gil.

    Crazy Magazine#65 was misnumbered #66 on the cover. It is numbered correctly in the indicia. It's the one with the Alka-Seltzer-like cover.

    It's anyone's guess from what book Odd obtained the page that contained the spell he recited.

    The realm to which Odd transported Howard has not been identified. I believe I've informally referred to it as the "Odd" dimension.

    It's not been told how Howard and Beverly got back to Earth (they were in that realm for a few issues)...nor has it been detailed whether Odd or any of the others ever made it back.

Profile by Snood.

Doctor Odd
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Crazy Magazine#65, Howard the Duck story, pg. 1, panel 1 (mostly full body);
       pg. 2, panel 5 (face);
       pg. 3, panel 4 (casting spell);
          panel 7 (wandering pathways of alien dimension)

Crazy Magazine#65 (August, 1980) - Roger Stern (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), Armando Gil (inker), Jim Owsley (associate editor), Larry Hama (editor)

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