Real Name: "Charlton Magnum"

Identity/Class: Human, gun user

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Joe McCarthy (idol)

EnemiesHoward the Duck, pinko communists

Known Relatives: "Emily Magnum" (wife), Junior, Billy (sons), Sissy (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: 1529 Patriotic Place, Shaker Heights, Ohio

First Appearance: Howard the Duck II#5 (May, 1980)






Powers/Abilities: Captain Americana was armed with righteous fury...and a shot-fun. He carried a shield, which he could hurl with enough skill to close an open door and then ricochet back into his hand. He could recognize anyone as a communist, and once recognized, he was more than happy to shoot them. He kept a number of guns, most likely loaded at all times, either on his person or on the walls of his house.






(Howard the Duck II#5) - Captain Americana returned home from a hard days work and greeted his "good little Americans." Upon finding that his wife had hired a duck (Howard the) as his kids' babysitter, he became furious that his kids were having their pure American environment polluted by a feathered foreigner. Howard tried to make tracks, but Captain Americana slammed the door shut and denounced Howard as a purveyor of perversions, sent to undermine the American home. Remarking that he was a believer in the right of every American to bear arms, Captain Americana pulled out a shotgun and announced, "It's hunting season, pinko duck!" Howard fled into Americana's den and his under a sofa, but Americana saw his hat and began firing into his furniture. Howard escaped perforation again and rushed to the front door, which was still locked, where Americana caught up with him. Americana refused negotiations, stating that debate sapped will-power, just like Senator Joe McCarthy had stated back in the 1950s. When Howard didn't recognize McCarthy's name, Americana denounced him as a blasphemer, but the distraction allowed Howard to escape out the window. Americana fired straight through the wall of his house and was pleased to find a duck laying on the ground. He bragged about saving his children from this foul fowl and offered it to them for dinner, but his freshly returned wife pointed out that he had merely shot his own decoy, which had been hanging on the wall.






Comments: Created by by Bill Mantlo, Gene Colan, and Dave Simon.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Billy and Sissy "Magnum"


    The children of "Charlton" and "Emily," they immediately hated their odd baby-sitter, Howard the Duck, just as they mocked their parents, considering them both wackos and wondering how those two could have conceived kids as normal as them. As soon as their mom left, Billy started complaining how their parents were stuck in the past and shattered one of their Sinatra records. When Howard tried to escape the blade-wielding Junior, Sissy tripped him. Shortly thereafter, Sissy insisted Howard give her a buck, threatening to tell her father that he had propositioned her if he didn't. Both kids then began pelting him with toys, and Howard ran downstairs, slamming right into their dad's newly arrived legs. Billy and Sissy told their dad to save them from the duck-creature. When he mistook a decoy for Howard, allowing the real deal to escape, Billy and Sissy mocked him.


--Howard the Duck II#5









Junior "Magnum"


    The oldest son of "Charlton" and "Emily," he began regressing in behavior when his parents acted as if history had stopped decades ago. Though fifteen years old, he behaved like a toddler, and speaking mostly in "goo." As soon as his mother left, he came after Howard with a pair of electric shears, cutting his jacket and nearly his back and head. Howard was able to stop him by writing out "Cool it, kid" in blocks. After his dad shot a decoy while going after Howard, Junior said, "Daddy's a goo-ber!"


--Howard the Duck II#5








Emily "Magnum"


    The wife of "Charlton," she put out a newspaper ad for a "child companion" for a typical American family, stating that references were not necessary as they believed character showed in one's face. When Howard arrived at her house, she showed him to the kids and then rushed off to a bridge game. She returned shortly after Howard had escaped, and she pointed out to her husband that the duck he was proudly displaying as having shot was actually his own decoy.


--Howard the Duck II#5









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