Real Name: Alexis the Duck

Identity/Class: Terrestrial creation ("clone", using alien and human DNA)

Occupation: Henpecker

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly Dr. Dwight Clive, Howard the Duck, Ed "MacMann"

Enemies: Howard the Duck

Known Relatives: Alexis the Duck (creator); "Babbette," Howard the Duck (clonal parents)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly Dr. Clive's mountaintop castle

First Appearance: Howard the Duck I#33 (September, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Alexis cares only about material wealth and possessions, and will swiftly spend all money and credit she can get her hands on. If runs out of money, she will berate whoever she has just drained. She is able to complain incessantly.







(Howard the Duck I#33 - BTS) - In exchange for the remaining millions in his newly-won fortune, Dr. Dwight Clive designed a female companion for Howard. From a castle in the North, Clive took cell samples from Howard and a beautiful French-Canadian woman, "Babbette" and developed a female duck-woman body. Clive then sent Ed to obtain a brain for the body, and he obtained the brain from the corpse of a recently-deceased, spoiled, overindulged wife of an upwardly mobile personal injury attorney (it was small and easy to carry).

(Howard the Duck I#33) - Clive completed work on Alexis and summoned Howard and Ed to witness as he awakened her. With some maniacal cackling and a lot of noise and energy output from his machinery, Clive began the process, which proved to powerful for the machinery, causing it to explode. Alexis, however, awakened unharmed, and Howard was instantly smitten.
    Over the next several weeks, Clive patiently worked to educate Alexis in the ways of the world, but found that the only concept she grasped was basic math, and only how to run numbers up, not down. The first words she spoke were "credit card." Finally Clive introduced Alexis to Howard, but she quickly turned out to be a cold, money-hungry shrew. She told Howard not to get any ideas, because she had a migraine, and even if she didn't, nothing was going to happen until she got a new outfit anyway. She demanded his cash and credit cards and upon learning he had given up everything for her, she was furious at him for bringing her into the world at the poverty level. She continued to nag him incessantly.
    After further research, Clive realized the source from which Ed had obtained the brain. Devastated by what he had created, Clive took to drinking. Howard promptly packed his bags and left, ignoring her complaints and insults as he did so.
    A subsequent news report described "the mutant creation of Dr. Dwight Clive having escaped from his mountain top castle. At this time she is considered to be still at large. And a dangerous credit risk." As Howard hitched a ride back home, he saw Alexis with another man, who was plying her with credit cards and champagne.






Comments: Created by Christopher Stager and Val Mayerik.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Howard the Duck I#33, p23, panel 5 (sitting)
        p26, panel 2 (shrewing)
        p27, panel 3 (pointing)

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