Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Former librarian

Group Membership: Formerly led an army of anti-faddists

Affiliations: Things that stay the same

Enemies: advertisers, Howard the Duck, Spider-Man;
    things that change

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cleveland, Ohio;
    formerly Belvedere Castle, Central Park, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#96 (August, 1980)




Powers/Abilities: Status Quo was a skilled orator, able to drive crowds into a frenzied mob-mentality. He was violently opposed to fads and anything that changed life from the way he liked it. Though not known to have any particular fighting skills, in an adrenalin rush he proved able to overpower a 40# humanoid duck. He also was either able to design or purchase TNT-packed explosive Frisbees and rocket-powered skateboards for his anti-faddists to use in their crusade.






(Marvel Team-Up I#96 (fb)) - A librarian in Cleveland, he was happy in his peacefully ordered life. His quiet existence was shattered by the arrival of hoola hoops and skateboards, and then came the joggers ("so rude in their fanatacism"). A pattern began to emerge in his mind as his hat disappeared down a storm drain, victim of a furious Frisbee. Like so many of his fellow Americans, his serene tenure on Earth was being destroyed by mindless fads. Disco music and roller-skates pounded in his ears as he tossed awake all night, and in those sleepless hours he determined to reverse the loathsome trend. He would destroy the faddists first! The Status Quo would prevail!
    He would embody the status quo--stamping out fads to preserve the America that he loved so much and missed so dearly. After hours at the library, he feverishly studied Madison Avenue media manipulation and subliminal seduction techniques. Within weeks he had drawn together believers from all over Cleveland.

His fundraising brought him to New York to gather new adherents, to raze Madison Avenue brick by brick.

(Marvel Team-Up I#96 (fb) - BTS) - He considered targeting Los Angeles, but due to limited funding for transportation he decided on New York instead. Seeking the status quo for transportation, he took a taxi, hiring Howard the Duck to drive all the way to Central Park in Manhattan, New York.

(Marvel Team-Up I#96) - As they arrived in Manhattan, Status Quo shared his origins. Howard dropped him off in Central Park, and Status Quo paid him $475 for his $474.75 fare, telling him to keep the change. Howard listened to his rally, and in short order, Status Quo had drawn a large and growing crowd (which activated Spider-Man's spider-sense and attracted the wallcrawler as well). Status Quo whipped the crowd into a frenzy, encouraging them to destroy anything and anyone following any fads that disrupted the status quo. The crowd soon began to attack anyone they suspected of being a faddist, starting with Frisbee freaks, Hoola hoopers, joggers, and Disco dancers. Willing to fight fads with fads, Status Quo passed out explosive Frisbees and rocket-powered skateboards to his anti-faddists, who used them against Spider-Man as he worked to save their victims. The anti-faddists soon denounced Howard as a midget-in-a-duck-suit fad follower. Howard took off, eventually stripping naked and hiding out amongst some normal ducks in the municipal reservoir. News of the movement made it to the Rockefeller Newsroom, and they dispatched reporters to cover the story.

As Spider-Man saved a group of kids considering forming a Spider-Man fan club from the rabid anti-faddist, Howard confronted Status Quo atop Belvedere Castle. However, Status Quo quickly overpowered Howard and prepared to hurl him to his doom
Howard: "Put me down, ya Ohio Oddball!" 
Status Quo: "I will duck! I will put you down forever!" (reminds me of Sideshow Bob!)
    However, Spider-Man arrived in time and webbed Status Quo up, though he continued to spout his views as the media arrived. Howard then denounced Status Quo as an opportunist, creating yet another fad. Status Quo decided to rethink his plan, and the police took him away, intending to let him cool out under psychiatric observation.
    The anti-faddists dispersed.

Comments: Created by Alan Kupperberg (script, art, letters, colors), Denny O'Neil (editor).

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Marvel Team-Up I#96, p4, panel 2 (speaking)
        p14, panel 4 (vs Howard)
        p16, panel 3 (face)

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