Real Name: Sadae Tsumura

Identity/Class: Human mutate; cyborg and presumptive magic user

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Agent of Centurious and Reverend Styge; ally of Steel Wind and the Demons of Styge

Enemies: John Blaze, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Quentin Carnival (Wolf), Centurious

Known Relatives: Steel Wind (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Centurious' base in who knows (or cares) where

First Appearance: Spirits of Vengeance#2 (September, 1992)

Powers: Steel Vengeance was a cyborg. She possessed superhuman strength (enhanced human to Class 10-25) and durability. She apparently was also imbued with magical energy and could be resurrected (or terminated) at will by Centurious. Her primary weapon was her cycle, which was a gigantic engine of destruction.
She could project energy blasts, used gigantic energy guns, and could produce knives or Wolverine-like claws from her wrists.

History: (Spirits of Vengeance#2(fb)-BTS)-After Steel Wind was rendered virtually comatose by Ghost Rider/Blaze/Zarathos, her sister became associated with Centurious and Reverend Styge. In return for rehabilitating Steel Wind, they transformed her sister into a cyborg, Steel Vengeance. Centurious apparently also took their souls (or at least Steel Vengeance's) as part of the deal. As Steel Vengeance, she worked for the men who transformed her.

(SoV#2)-Steel Vengeance showed she was bad news by taking a hitch-hiker back to her place, killing him, using his blood to make a painting, and then stabbing the painting. Following this, she tracked down John Blaze and Ghost Rider/Ketch at the Quentin Carnival and attacked them, desiring...well, vengeance for her sister's and her troubles. Ghost Rider collapsed, temporarily inert from some pyschic vision-dealy-o, just as she arrived. She was furious that he would cheat her out of a fair fight.The dwarfish Wolf surprised her with a Puck-like cartwheel kick, but she then blasted him aside. She managed to get the better of Blaze, but then GR revived. GR tried his penance stare, which was ineffective because she lacked a soul. Then, rather than fight the battle she had come to fight, she drove her cycle off a cliff to seemingly perish in the explosion at the bottom. However, as she fell, she promised to be back.

(SoV#7)-Steel Wind, now physically a part of her cycle, returned at the side of Steel Vengeance and the demons of Styge to attack the Quentin Carnival. They started to tangle with Blaze and Ghost Rider, but the fight was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Mephisto, who teleported Blaze and Ghost Rider away.

(SoV#9)-Centurious killed Steel Vengeance, as punishment for failing to bring in Blaze.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie and Adam Kubert.

Read Ghost Rider II#75--J. M. DeMatteis first writes Steel Wind--virtual poetry.
Read Spirits of Vengeance#2--Mackie removes the interesting parts of Steel Wind and hypes her up into a female Deathlok/Wolverine sort of character..two dimensional...feh. That's the early 90's for you...I'm surprised the issue didn't come in a double-holographic foil cover.

Since Steel Vengeance didn't have any soul and could be recreated by Centurious at will, there's no reason she couldn't come back. However, I'd much rather see some do Steel Wind well, and leave Steel Vengeance in the embarrasing past.

Her picture at the top of the profile is what's known as a "hygiene shot."

Her real name was revealed in Ghost Rider (Blaze)'s entry in OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover#4.

Clarifications: She should be differentiated from:
Steel Wind, her sister, @ Ghost Rider II#75
Vengeance, Mike Badalino, @ Spirits of Vengeance#9

Centurious, the Man without a Soul, @ Ghost Rider II#74, shuld be distinguished from:
Centurius, Dr. Noah Black, of the
Conspiracy, @ Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#2
---both of whom have entries in the OHotMU Master edition

Ghost Rider

Spirits of Vengeance#2 (September, 1992) - Howard Mackie (writer), Adam Kubert (pencils), Chris Warner (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Spirits of Vengeance#7 (September, 1992) - Howard Mackie (writer), Adam Kubert (pencils), Bill Reinhold (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Spirits of Vengeance#9 (September, 1992) - Howard Mackie (writer), Adam Kubert (pencils), Bill Reinhold & Klaus Janson (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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