Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (18th Century to Modern era)

Occupation: Works at the Quentin Carnival

Group Membership: Quentin Carnival (Aura-Lee, Johnny Blaze, Buster, Carl, Kody, Lobster Lad (Double-Tap), Madame Yang Kwei Fei, Clara Menninger, Princess Python, Roach (Tex), Shorty, George Waters, Marianne Waters, Miranda Woods, many others);
formerly 18th century's Quentin Carnival of Magicks (Magdelena, Caleb Quentin, others)

Affiliations: Craig Blaze, Emma Blaze, Roxanne Blaze, Holden Blevins, Caretaker, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Lobster Lad (unidentified), Quinn McIntyre, Punisher (Frank Castle), Captain Rawlins, Roach (unidentified), Lt. Lee Russell, Seer, Craig "Crash" Simpson, Vengeance (Michael Badilino), Timmy Woods;
formerly Eli McIntyre

Enemies: Arcade, Centurious, Ice Box Bob, Naomi Kale, Kristall Starrer, Lilin (Blackout, Creed, Fang, Meatmarket, Outcast, Pilgrim), Lilith, Man-Thing, Oculist, Shelob, Steel Vengeance, Steel Wind, Styge's demons, Undead MC (Blivet, Charnel, Dolores, Hairball, Joy, Roadkill), US Army;
formerly Auralee, Double-Tap, Tex, Vengeance

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile with the Quentin Carnival

First Appearance: Spirits of Vengeance#1 (August, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Wolf is a diminutive acrobat skilled enough to pull off flips in any direction with ease. His weapon of choice was a shotgun, but he was also capable in using high-tech weaponry including energy rifles. His dislike for the supernatural never hindered him to go up against supernatural threats, but sometimes led to awkward situations with allies, who themselves possessed supernatural powers. He is extremely long-lived for unknown reasons and possibly even immortal.


(Ghost Rider III#78 (fb) ) - At some point in the 18th century Wolf drove Caleb Quentin's horse carriage through a blizzard. With their horses weakened by the long travel one of them, Pegasus, collapsed. While Wolf and Magdalena looked after the horse Quentin, who grew sick due to the cold, collapsed as well. They were soon found by Destin and Noble Kale, who helped them to their home town Patience to get Caleb some warmth. Wolf watched as Magdalena and Quentin left with the Kales to Patience.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb) - BTS) - Trapped by a blizzard the Quentin Carnival including Wolf were forced to stay in Patience. Caleb Quentin soon died.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb) ) - Wolf attended Caleb Quentin's funeral alongside Magdalena and the rest of Quentin Carnival of Magicks. Pastor Destin Kale spoke soothing words at the funeral.

(Spirits of Vengeance#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wolf apparently stayed with the Quentin Carnival throughout the ages.

(Ghost Rider III#-1) - Wolf worked at Quentin Carnival around the time Crash Simpson raised his daughter Roxanne and adoptive son Johnny at the Carnival. He sent Johnny Blaze, a teenager at this point, into a twenty minute break and took over controls at the big wheel. Wolf got distracted when he saw Johnny's mother Naomi Kale in the crowd. She didn't like him and Wolf seemingly didn't like her either.

(Spirits of Vengeance#1) - Though Wolf didn't believe in the supernatural he promised to stay with the Carnival's boss Johnny Blaze when he told him about the beings that were after him. Not willing to threaten any of the carnies, including Wolf, when his son Craig was abducted by the Lilin Blackout, Pilgrim and Creed, Blaze saved him alongside Ghost Rider (Ketch), and afterward sent his wife and children away. Wolf assured him once again he and the other carnies would stay with Blaze.

(Spirits of Vengeance#2 (fb) - BTS) - Wolf stayed in contact with Blaze's family, who didn't understand why Blaze couldn't be with them.

(Spirits of Vengeance#2) - When Blaze returned from NYC Wolf informed him that his family was doing fine, but didn't learn anything about the things Blaze did in NYC. When Steel Vengeance attacked Ghost Rider and Blaze at the Carnival Wolf and the other carnies protected Blaze from her assaults. She knocked out Wolf with an energy blast. Back on his feet Wolf watched Blaze tackle Steel Vengeance, who soon escaped and seemingly died driving off a cliff.

(Spirits of Vengeance#4) - Wolf observed Blaze driving around on his flaming motorcycle inside the Carnival's Big Top. He wanted to talk Carnival business with Blaze and didn't want to hear Blaze and Eli talk about magic. At a meeting Wolf demanded to get the Carnival back on its regular route, but Clara and Blaze told him that their supernatural problems were far from over. When Blaze offered to leave the Carnival to protect the others, Wolf angrily knocked him to the ground and told Blaze he and the other carnies would never run away from a fight and would stick with Blaze because he was family to them.

(Spirits of Vengeance#6) - After Clara had collapsed, Eli, Wolf, Kody and Miranda took care of her. Eli asked her if she could remember what had happened and she told them about a vision that showed all their deaths. When she went into convulsions Wolf told Eli to call a doctor.

(Spirits of Vengeance#7) - Wolf and the others were still with Clara in her trailer when Blaze returned. Clara told them that their enemies had arrived. Blaze told Kody and Wolf to get Clara, Eli and Miranda to safety when Styge's demons, Steel Vengeance and Steel Wind attacked.

(Spirits of Vengeance#9 (fb) - BTS) - The carnies continued to fight the attackers when Blaze and Ghost Rider (Ketch) went missing. Eli outfitted the carnies with weapons.

(Spirits of Vengeance#9) - When Blaze and Ghost Rider returned Wolf wanted to kill Ghost Rider because everything went downhill for the Carnival since he arrived, but Blaze convinced him not to do it. Wolf led Blaze and Ghost Rider back to the injured carnies. Informing Blaze that Styge's demons were still in town, Blaze wanted to leave Ghost Rider with the carnies to protect them, but Wolf ordered Blaze to take Ghost Rider with him or else he would kill him. When Styge's demons returned to kill all carnies Wolf led a team to fight them and Steel Wind.

(Spirits of Vengeance#10) - Wolf and his team shot many of Styge's demons, but they soon had to fall back to their tent as there were too many enemies for them to fight. The carnies eventually won and Wolf left the destroyed carnival along with Blaze, Clara, Kody, Ghost Rider, Miranda and Eli's corpse.

(Ghost Rider III#39) - Blaze took Kody, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Kody, Clara, Wolf and Miranda to Greenwich Village in a truck. They stayed at Dan's apartment while Blaze tried to figure out Eli's last note for him.

(Spirits of Vengeance#12) - (Spirits of Vengeance#12) - Kody, Ghost Rider, Blaze and Wolf returned to the site of the carnival. They failed to sneak past government soldiers and had to fight them to burn the corpses of the deceased carnies. After the main tent was blown up Wolf took a truck and brought Kody, Miranda and Clara away. When they were stopped by soldiers Kody knocked them out.

  The next morning Kody and the others joined Ghost Rider, Blaze and Quinn, Eli's son, at the funeral for Eli.

(Spirits of Vengeance#14) - At Eli's shack the remaining Quentin Carnival members were attacked by the reborn Lilin. Wolf fought Fang. The Lilin and Steel Wind soon departed when Pilgrim teleported them away.

(Spirits of Vengeance#15) - Kody asked Wolf, Miranda and Clara to come outside when Ghost Rider and Seer returned with Blaze, who had been injured. Wolf asked Quinn if he could help Blaze and Quinn was sure he can. When Vengeance attacked the shack Kody, Wolf and Ghost Rider fought him until Blaze came to aid them with new cybernetic implants and his Hellfire-shotgun.

(Ghost Rider III#43) - Wolf joined Ghost Rider, Blaze, Seer and the others carnies when they went to Cypress Hills Cemetery where they met Vengeance and Caretaker. When Caretaker overpowered Vengeance and Ghost Rider Seer told the others to stay out. Blaze followed Caretaker while Wolf and the carnies went with Seer.

(Spirits of Vengeance#16) - Wolf stayed with the other carnies and Seer at the Blood's Nightclub while Ghost Rider, Vengeance and Blaze fought Zarathos, Lilith and the Lilin.

(Blaze: Legacy of Blood#1) - Kody and Wolf helped Clara and Seer sober up Blaze at the cabin. Kody watched silently as Blaze got a call from his son Craig and then left.

(Blaze: Legacy of Blood#3) - When Blaze returned to the cabin with a knife stuck in his face, Kody held him down while Wolf pulled it out. With the knife gone Hellfire poured out of the wound and Quinn told Kody and Wolf to get out as fast as possible because it was out of control. Kody returned a while later when the situation was under control.

(Spirits of Vengeance#20) - Kody, Wolf and Quinn monitored Blaze when he broke into a secret military base in the Adirondack Mountains to destroy all the information and DNA the government got on the deceased Quentin Carnival members.

(Spirits of Vengeance#21) - Wolf packed up some guns to move out of Quinn's shack while Blaze and Clara left to help Kody against his family.

(Spirits of Vengeance#22) - Wolf watched Blaze calm down Miranda after she freaked out because nobody was looking for her son (Blaze then went off to find him and brought him back)

(Spirits of Vengeance#23) - Wolf, Kody, Miranda, Timmy, Clara and Blaze visited Roxanne's grave. They had decided to put the Quentin Carnival back together.

(Blaze#2) - When the carnival stopped at Citrusville Blaze got into a short fight with Man-Thing. Kody, Wolf and Clara came to aid him, but Man-Thing was already leaving and Clara stopped Wolf from shooting it. Wolf confronted Clara because she was talking about seeing things like a sighted person since receiving the package, but Kody defended her.

  A bit later Blaze held auditions for the carnival and Wolf kept the line moving. Meanwhile Clara was attacked by two local hoodlums--the Shadrach Brothers. Wolf rushed to Blaze to inform him about it after she was found.

(Blaze#3) - Kody and Wolf protected Clara from Blaze who confronted her about the magic eyes. They were shocked when they saw that the eyes were alive and that they could connect themselves to Clara--giving her real eyes. Everyone was sure that the eyes were evil and slowly taking control over Clara. Wolf decided to cut them out, but Blaze stopped him because he wanted to use them to find his children. Interrupted by Holden Blevins they learned from him how his mother saved him from the killer Ice Box Bob. Clara assured the others the boy was telling the truth. While Blaze and Holden left to fight Ice Box Bob, Wolf called Lt. Lee Russell to ask questions about Holden.

  Back at Clara's trailer Wolf told Clara and Kody that Holden was the unborn child of Mary Blevins, who committed suicide in a mental institution, after escaping Ice Box Bob. Wolf joined Kody and Clara to help Blaze save his children, but they came too late to prevent Baal from pulling them into another realm.

(Blaze#5) - Kody, Wolf and the rest of the carnival were ready to save Blaze when he was kidnapped by Anung-Ite, but Clara told them that they first had to learn more about the strange mesa not far away. Wolf didn't like Clara using the eyes, but watched as Clara used them and Wyatt's grandmother's magic basket to learn where they had to go. Wolf stayed behind while Clara and Princess Python took Blaze's motorcycle to get to Blaze.

(Blaze#7) - Blaze and Wolf held auditions for the carnival and angered trick shooter Double-Tap and his friends Tex and Aura-Lee when they didn't hire them.. Later at that night's show Wolf introduced Blaze's act. When the wire was split by a shot from Double-Tap Wolf helplessly watched Blaze crash with his bike. Wolf later visited Blaze along with Kody, Princess Python, Clara and their newest performers Madame Yang Kwei Fei, Lobster Lad and Roach at the hospital. They were joined by Lt. Bart Wegner of the SFPD because the carnival's cashier Buster was killed during the robbery by Double-Tap, Tex and Aura-Lee. Fei used her psychic powers to learn more from the cop than he would tell them. Wolf and the others left to go after the criminals, but Fei, Lobster Lad and Roach told them to stay behind when they found the criminals. When Blaze and Clara arrived Kody and Wolf told them to not go inside to Fei and the others. Suddenly the former Lobster Lad and Roach ran out looking like normal humans again because Fei had transferred their curse onto Double-Tap and Tex had while their partner Aura-Lee was turned into a monkey.

(Blaze#8) - When Blaze signed on Mad Monk (actually Arcade in disguise) for the carnival Kody and Wolf were surprised. After Arcade caught Kody and Princess Python his trailer transformed into a Murder World house of horror. Wolf handed Blaze his shotgun to fight his way through the house to safe them. After saving them Blaze ordered Wolf to bring Arcade's trailer to the middle of the desert and lose it. Wolf happily obeyed the order.

(Blaze#9 (fb) ) - Wolf tossed the Oculist out of the carnival when he tried to take back the Kristall Starrer's eyes from Clara to destroy them.

(Blaze#9) - Kody, Wolf, Fei, Python and Clara stayed inside a trailer while the spirit of the Kristall Starrer haunted the carnival in search for his eyes, which were guarded by Blaze (Clara's mystical eyes). Suddenly Captain Rawlins of the State Police knocked at their door to ask for Blaze. Wolf joined the others and the cop to help Blaze after they learned from Rawlins that the Oculist, who had warned Clara and Blaze of the Kristall Starrer, had died by strangling himself. They entered Blaze's trailer, but he had already saved himself by using the light of Hellfire to scare Kristall Starrer off.

(Blaze#10) - Quentin Carnival moved to the Jersey Shore. Kody drove the trailer with Princess Python and Wolf. They all stopped when Blaze found blood on the street. They joined Blaze to find and soon found a drained corpse hanging from a lamp post pointing to a nearby pavilion. Blaze went inside while Wolf and the others were attacked by members of the Undead MC. The vampires soon retreated and Kody, Wolf, Clara and Python went into the pavilion to help Blaze.

(Blaze#11) - When Wolf and the others found Blaze he already had help in form of the Punisher, who didn't want the circus folks' help. Wolf had to calm down Kody, who was extremely angered by the Punisher's comments. Kody, Wolf and Python returned to the rest of the carnival and told them what had happened and that Clara and Blaze went with the Punisher. Led by Madame Fei the carnival followed Blaze's tracks.

(Blaze#12 (fb) - BTS) - Wolf and the others had a run-in with Shelob, but Madame Fei trapped her inside a jar.

(Blaze#12) - Wolf and the others arrived when the fight between Blaze, the Punisher, Wendigo (who had returned Blaze's children to him) and Clara with the Undead MC and Uri-El was over. At sunset the Quentin Carnival stood united at a graveyard.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Adam Kubert & Joe Kubert.

Wolf was badass! And with only a few inches between him and Wolverine Marvel could've turned them into a team of angry dwarves.

Wolf originally had a much darker skin tone than in later appearances. Coloring sure bleached him! He is presumably of Latin American or Native American heritage.

Thanks to Ronald Byrd for pointing out that Wolf was part of the original Quentin Carnival in Noble Kale's time period. Wolf does look a bit like Wolverine so it fits for him to be that old.

Also thanks to Michael Fischer for pointing out Wolf's appearance in Ghost Rider #-1.

Ronald is correct that Wolf's past history explains why he hated the supernatural so much. Magdalena stayed with Noble Kale, bore him a son, and was eventually burnt at the stake as a witch by Noble's father Destin. When the Furies came to take revenge on Destin he sacrificed his own son to Mephisto to turn him into a weapon against the Furies. I'm not sure where Wolf was at that point as the Carnival had seemingly moved on, but I'm pretty sure he learned about it at some point making his negative attitude towards Ghost Rider (Ketch) and supernatural beings in general seem less erratic.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Wolf has no known connection to:

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