Real Name: Nikolai Apocaloff

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (Ultraverse) human paranormal(ultra?)/werewolf

Occupation: Aristocrat, Predator

Affiliations: J. D. Hunt, Teknight

Enemies: Eddie Domingo, Night Man;
Carol, Mrs. Waycross, and many others (victims)

Known Relatives: unnamed father and grandfather

Aliases: Hell-Wolf

Base of Operations: San Francisco, California (last seen in the city jail);
formerly Russia;

First Appearance: Night Man I#7 (April, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Apocaloff can transform at will into a lupine humanoid with superhuman strength (enhanced human), speed, durability, senses, etc. His claws can rend flesh with ease. While he prefers the light of the full moon, he does not appear to be dependent on the moon to maintain this form.
Apocaloff enjoys preying and feeding on humans, preferably women...he especially enjoys their eyes.

He also sometimes uses other weapons, such as acid-filled spheres.
He carries a wolf-headed cane, which is strictly for appearances.

Apocaloff is one of the few people who possessed secret information on J.D. Hunt: information which hunt was willing to go to almost any lengths to protect.





(Night Man I#8 (fb)-BTS) - Nikolai Apocaloff's origins are unknown. His statements make it appear that he is from a lineage in which the first born sons all possess the ability to transform into wolfmen. Whether this is supernatural in origin, or a derivation from some ultra-type mutation is unknown.
(NM#7 (fb) -BTS) - In the Czarist, Apocaloff's family was one of Russia's aristocracy. When the revolution came, they left much behind, but not the outlook on life they have always provided first sons.
He grew up living the life of a wealthy aristocrat, traveling the world and using his powers to prey on others as he pleased. He learned English, French, Latin, and Greek, as well as an appreciation for rare tobaccos and fine wines, and training in the lost Russian arts of personal combat.


(Night Man I#7) - Apocaloff traveled to San Francisco for the opening of the Hotz art museum. After preying on one of the city's residents, he had the opportunity to witness the Night Man in action, taking out a gang of criminals. Impressed, Apocaloff contacted his old ally, J.D. Hunt, who had a personal vendetta against the Night Man. After some heated discussion, Hunt agreed to allow Apocaloff the right to kill the Night Man in self-defense.
Later, Apocaloff slaughtered a group of people present at the Hotz museum, which drew the Night Man to him, as planned. The two fought, back and forth, until Apocaloff ripped open the chest of a security guard who got in the way--who happened to be the Night Man's father. Enraged, the Nightman fought back savagely, beating on the Wolf until he knocked him through a window, after which Apocaloff fled.
That evening, as Apocaloff enjoyed an evening with his latest woman, he planned his next encounter with the Night Man.

(NM#8) - Apocaloff traveled to a park in Mount Tamalpais and then contacted Lt. Briggs of the San Francisco Police Department, knowing that he, in turn, would contact the Night Man. The two fought again in the park, where the Wolf attempted to hunt the Night Man. However, the Night Man had prepared for the fight before confronting Apocaloff, by wearing kevlar and setting several traps. After a few skirmishes, he managed to catch Apocaloff in a snare, and then stun him into unconsciousness using both of his taser devices. He bound the Wolf in a special rope and headed off to get some park rangers to take him away. Apocaloff then turned back to human form and slipped out of the ropes, which was exactly what the Night Man had intended, and he punched out the human Apocaloff and bound his now smaller form, so that he could not escape again.

(NM#9) - Apocaloff, now in the SF city jail, sent word to JD Hunt to break him out. Hunt's agent, the Teknight successfully accomplished this, but as they exited the building, they were covered by a thick, fast-drying adhesive that bound them in place. The adhesive, fired from above by Eddie Domingo (the Night Man's father), prevented Apocaloff from growing to become the Wolf. The Teknight tried to tear free, but the adhesive proved to be stronger, and it only succeeded in tearing itself apart.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart and Kyle Hotz.

I don't know if Apocaloff is supposed to be a supernatural werewolf, or whether he's just an ultra with werewolf-like powers. There is no mention of vulnerabilities to silver, etc., and he changes back to human form at will under a full moon.

For a discussion on Werewolves of Earth-616, please see the comments under the Wolf-Men of Valusia. What the deal is in the Ultraverse is anybody's guess.

No known connection to:

Night Man I#7-8 (April-May, 1994) - Steve Englehart (writer), Kyle Hotz (pencils), Thomas Florimonte Jr. (inks), Roland Mann (editor)
Night Man I#9 (June, 1994) - Steve Englehart (writer), Kyle Hotz (artist), Roland Mann (editor)

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