Membership: Bull, Goat, Pig, Wolf

Purpose: Extortion

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Rick Jones; Mr. Cansino

Base of Operations: The Bruja night club in San Juan, Puerto Rico

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#52/3 (June, 1990)

History: (MCP#52/3) The 'Vores are a group of common criminals who had been running extortion scams on inns in San Juan, Puerto Rico for an unknown period of time. While vacationing in Puerto Rico, Rick Jones watched as the 'Vores tried to extort money from the owner of the inn that he was staying at. Following them to the Bruja night club, Jones confronted them, but after a brief burst of offense, was hit by a pipe by Bull. Later, the 'Vores returned to the Inn, but Rick Jones had boobytrapped the place beforehand. A spring in the floor sent Wolf and Pig flying into a desk, knocking them out. Bull again threatened him with the club, but Jones simply met him with a kick to the face. As Goat prepared to take revenge, Jones hit the lights, which he had augmented with special bulbs, blinding him. The 'Vores winded up in jail, and San Juan's inns were safe... FOR NOW.

COMMENTS: Created by Rich Howell

The owner of the inn was watching, and believed Jones had used super powers to defeat the gang and was just trying to keep them a secret.

by Zerostar 

No known connection to:

Bull of the 'Vores should not be confused with...

Pig of the 'Vores should not be confused with...

Wolf of the 'Vores should not be confused with...

Marvel Comics Presents I#52, p21, pan1 ('Vores main image)

Marvel Comics Presents I#52 (June, 1990) - Richard Howell (writer/artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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