Real Name: Howard Mackie...mmm, not really

Identity/Class: Human variant (Blood) magic user

Occupation: Unrevealed

Affiliations: The Blood, Midnight Sons (Blade, John Blaze, Frank Drake, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch/Noble Kale, Hannibal King, Morbius, Vengeance), Quentin Carnival

Enemies: Fallen, the Hidden, Lilin, Lilith, Regent, Switchblade, Zarathos

Known Relatives: Presumably other members of the Blood

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Nightclub

First Appearance: Ghost Rider III#40 (August, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Seer has a number of abilities, which are presumably magical in nature. She has demonstrated clairvoyance, precognition, as well as the ability to heal others, fire energy blasts, and teleport herself and others.

History: Seer is the youngest of the Blood, which places her somewhere between 21 years and 20, 000 years old. Her past activities are unrevealed.

(Ghost Rider III#40) - Seer is identified as a magical being by Blade/Switchblade, who is possessed by Demogorge and is trying to kill all other creations of magical power. She is saved from him by Ghost Rider/Ketch and Frank Drake.

(Spirits of Vengeance#13)-Seer travels to the Nightclub and requests aid from the Blood, but an unnamed representative (Patriarch?) refuses.

(Ghost Rider III#41)-Seer brings Dan Ketch to the Nightclub, but the trip is interrupted by the Lilin.

(Ghost Rider III Annual#1)-Seer briefly interrupts their trip to send Ghost Rider after the vampire Night Terror.

(Ghost Rider III#41)-Ghost Rider leaves Seer to rescue Francis Ketch.

(Spirits of Vengeance#14)-Seer returns to the Nightclub and is chastised by that shadowy Blood representative (Patriarch?) for failing to return Ghost Rider and his piece of the Medallion of Power to him/them (the Blood).

(Ghost Rider III#42)-Seer finds Ghost Rider again and brings him to the Nightclub. She gives him a vision of the past of the Blood, and helps Ghost Rider free Blaze from Centurious. In the process, she is attacked by a reanimated Deathwatch.

(Spirits of Vengeance#15)-Seer follows Ghost Rider to the Quentin Carnival (or was it Carnival Quentino at that point) to save Blaze.

(Ghost Rider III#43)-She follows Ghost Rider to Cypress Hills Cemetery, then takes the members of the Quentin Carnival to the Nightclub to protect them from the Lilin, Lilith, and Zarathos.

(Spirits of Vengeance#16)-At the Nightclub, Seer felt the psychic backlash as Zarathos attacked the Midnight Sons. She later provided an energy boost to Caretaker so he can explain some of the origins of Ghost Rider via flaming images.

(Ghost Rider III#45)-At the Nightclub, Seer receives a psychic message from Caretaker, via Hannibal King. After learning of the Fallen's plan to convert or kill the rest of the Blood, she leads Ghost Rider and Vengeance to petition the aid of Patriarch. She watches as Ghost Rider apparently destroys Ranter, but Patriarch refuses to get involved. After they leave, Patriarch joins the Fallen.


(Marvel Comics Presents I#146)-Seer brings Ghost Rider to Cypress Hills Cemetery to rescue Caretaker, but they are duped and attacked by Metarchus.

(Spirits of Vengeance#19-BTS) - After Blaze fights off Varnae, Seer takes home a young woman whose boyfriend Varnae had killed.

(Blaze: Legacy of Blood#1-4)-Seer lets John Blaze know that his family is threatened by Regent. She helped him to track the Hidden and locate his missing children. She also assisted him against Regent and teleported Blaze's children to safety when he blew up Regent's base. She and Blaze hoped not to have to run into each other again.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie and Ron Garney.

Seer was/is 50% mystery, 50% fluff. She was introduced in "The Midnight Massacre", fleshed out minimally in "The Road to Vengeance", forgotten about in the middle of "The Siege of Darkness", and then returned for no great reason in "Legacy of Blood", before vanishing again.

No known connection to:
Seer of Earth-Chronomancer, blind leader of the Morlocks of that timeline, @ Bishop: The Last X-Man#10, 11
Seeress 2099, Sophia Striker, one of the Mutroids of Hellrock, @ Ravage 2099#1

Centurious, the Man without a Soul, @ Ghost Rider II#74, should be distinguished from:
Centurius, of the Conspiracy, @ Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#2
--Each has an entry in the OHotMU Master Edition

Switchblade, usually known as the vampire hunter Blade, @ Tomb of Dracula I#10, has no known connection to:
Switchblade, of the Requiem Sharks, @ Death's Head II (second series)#10

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