Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human variant? (Blood), magic user

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror

Group Membership: leader of the Hidden

Affiliations: Blood; ; formerly Roxanne Simpson

Enemies: John, Roxanne, Emma, and Craig Blaze; Seer

Known Relatives: the exact relationship b/t members of the Blood is unknown, but Regent has no defined direct relatives

Aliases: None




Base of Operations: a stronghold among the Colorado Rockies


First Appearance: Blaze: Legacy of Blood#1 (December, 1993)


Powers/Abilities: Regent has a number of magical powers, including superhuman strength (enhanced human), healing, durability, endurance, and reflexes. He also possessed telekinesis and could project energy blasts.

History: Regent's origins are unknown. In the distant past, perhaps as long ago as 20, 000 BC, he may have warred against Zarathos.

In later years, after the threat of Zarathos was less prominent, Regent began to seek the power of the Medallion of Power for himself. He decided to take control of the bloodline which inherited the Medallion, and to make them his servants.


BTS-Shortly after John Blaze was possessed by Ghost Rider, Roxanne Simpson made a deal with Regent to cure him. Desperate to save her lover, she agreed to surrender any children she might have with Blaze to Regent.


(Blaze: LoB#1-4)-Regent sent agents of the Hidden to abduct Emma and Craig Blaze, and to kill John Blaze. While Blaze battled the Hidden, Regent himself abducted Roxanne while she was hospitalized from a previous Hidden attack. Despite the efforts of Blaze and Seer, the Hidden obtained the two children and brought them back to Regent's stronghold.
Blaze tracked them to the stronghold, where Regent confronted him. Blaze took out the Hidden agents with him, and then caused an avalanche that covered them both. Surprisingly enough, both recovered, and Regent caught back up with Blaze in his stronghold as he was atempting to rescue Roxanne and his kids. Regent grabbed the kids and threatened to slay them unless Blaze surrendered. However, Seer arrived blasted Regent, knocking the kids form his grasp. Blaze then blew up the entire stronghold, apparently taking out Regent and all of the Hidden present. Blaze and his family, and Seer, made it out safely, of course.



Comments: Created by Howard Mackie and Ron Wagner.

Recipe for a Mackie creation: a pinch of mystery, a dollop of hype, and a spoonful of grim and gritty.

I'm not sure why Roxanne or Regent think that Regent's part of the bargain was ever upheld.



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