Real Name: Clara Menninger

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Clairvoyant at the Quentin Carnival

Group Membership: Quentin Carnival (Aura-Lee, Johnny Blaze, Buster, Carl, Lobster Lad (Double-Tap), Madame Yang Kwei Fei, Kody, Princess Python, Roach (Tex), Shorty, George Waters, Marianne Waters, Wolf, Miranda Woods, many others)

Affiliations: Craig Blaze, Emma Blaze, Roxanne Blaze, Holden Blevins, Caretaker, Dr. Stephen Strange, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Lobster Lad (unidentified), Man-Thing (Ted Sallis), Tyrell Manhunter, Quinn McIntyre, Punisher (Frank Castle), Captain Rawlins, Roach (unidentified), Mr. Schenker, Seer, Eve Two Crows, Uri-El, Vengeance (Michael Badilino), Warpath (James Proudstar), Wendigo, Wyatt Wingfoot, Timmy Woods;
formerly Eli McIntyre, Oculist

EnemiesAnung-Ite (Darryl Licht), Centurious, Kristall Starrer, Lilin (Blackout, Creed, Pilgrim), Lilith, "Moksgm'ol", Oculist, Shadrach Brothers, Steel Vengeance, Steel Wind, Styge's demons, Undead MC (Blivet, Charnel, Dolores, Hairball, Joy, Roadkill), US Army;
formerly Aura-Lee, Double-Tap, Tex, Vengeance

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile with the Quentin Carnival

First Appearance: Ghost Rider III#27 (July, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Clara Menninger possesses no eyes and has fused eyelids but "sees" through her psychic powers. She was a learned psychologist and powerful psychic. As a clairvoyant she often had premonitions of the future and present she could see by touching others, dreaming about them and through visions. She could coerce those those visions through rituals, but was often just overcome by them without warning. She could also sense connections between people and their inolvement with others. Her powers are presumably magic in nature.
   The mystical Eyes of the Kristall Starrer, which were imbued with the energies created by the Kristall Starrer's experiments, could bond with her by creating eyelids and serving as her non-existent eyes. The eyes linked her to other dimensions, enabled her to see those dimensions and all kind of auras and energies on Earth and in general focus her psychic powers more thorougly sometimes creating life-like visions that could be viewed by others like they were on television. Placing the basket of Roberta Elk Step while she used the eyes of the Kristall Starrer enabled Clara to create light beams from the eyes, which broke through dimensional and mystical barriers and could serve as guiding beams to travel through dimensions. The eyes, as part of their former owner's own evil personality, heavily influenced Clara's behavior, making her seem more cruel and aggressive in various ways. She sometimes feared to become possessed by them completely.

Height: 5'6"(by approximation)
Weight: 128 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: None; (using Eyes of the Kristall Starrer) blue
Hair: Blonde


(Blaze II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Oculist, owner of the eyes of the Kristall Starrer, examined Clara Menninger when she was a child. At some point the Oculist told Clara that the Kristall Starrer's eyes, which had been in his possession since World War II, had their own will and were cursed.

(Blaze II#1 (fb) - BTS) - <Around ten years before the events of Blaze II#1> The Oculist sent the eyes of the Kristall Starrer to Clara, but due to her working at the travelling Quentin Carnival they never reached her.

(Ghost Rider III#27) - While the Quentin Carnival moved from New Orleans to the north Clara told Blaze that she has had a vision about Ghost Rider (Ketch) being in New Orleans in the French Quarter and that he needed help. Blaze asked Clara to tell Roxanne and his children that he would catch up with the carnival in Rhode Island.

(Spirits of Vengeance#1) - Blaze and Ghost Rider caught up with Quentin Carnival in Providence, Rhode Island. After waking up from a nightmare that night Blaze went over to Clara's wagon. Clara was expecting him already and knew that he had had a nightmare. She grabbed his hands and used her psychic powers to see a vision of a future filled with magic, dimensional walls breaking and evil crossing over to Earth. Clara told Blaze that he and Ghost Rider needed to ally with the other people from Blaze's dream (to form the Midnight Sons) to join forces against the upcoming evil (Lilith and her Lilin at first, more to come later). Blaze didn't want to hear anything about returning into the hero business because he wanted to be with his family, but Clara made it clear that Blaze his family would always be in danger because mystical things were drawn to him. Blaze still didn't want to listen to her and left her wagon.

   After an attack by the Lilin Pilgrim, Blackout and Creed Blaze sent his family away with Marianne and George Waters while the rest of Quentin Carnival stayed at his side. Clara approached him again to tell him how sorry she was that Blaze had to send them away and then told Blaze about another vision to guide Blaze and Ghost Rider to Martine Bancroft in New York City. After they were gone Clara asked Dr. Strange (he just appeared out of thin air) if he was sure that they and the others were ready to deal with the challenges they would soon face.

(Spirits of Vengeance#2) - Upon Blaze's return from NYC Clara asked him if he and Ghost Rider had found anothe player from her vision and Blaze told her about the murderous Morbius. Clara pushed Blaze to find more of his future allies because the fate of the world depended on them.

(Spirits of Vengeance#4) - While in Dover, New Jersey with Quentin Carnival Clara told Blaze, Eli, Wolf and Kody that Lilith was just the beginning and that far greater threats were awaiting Blaze and his allies. Clara couldn't see any of the future threats clearly, but urged Blaze to stay careful.

(Spirits of Vengeance#5) - Timothy Woods knocked on Clara's wagon to make sure she was ok. She told him to go straight back to his own trailer and suddenly had a vision of the Quentin Carnival burning and Timothy's corpse. She began to scream and Timothy called his parents.

(Spirits of Vengeance#5 - BTS) - Clara apparently passed out.

(Spirits of Vengeance#6) - Regaining her consciousness she was surrounded by Timmy's mother Miranda, Kody, Wolf and Eli. Miranda and Eli appeared dead to her and she began to scream again and had convulsions. Wolf told Miranda to call a doctor.

(Spirits of Vengeance#7) - When Blaze and Ghost Rider returned to Quentin Carnival Clara was still surrounded by Kody, Eli, Wolf and Miranda in her trailer. When Clara heard Blaze she insisted that Quentin Carnival had to leave as fast as possible before it was too late and everyone died because they were coming...and suddenly they were here and it was too late and the Quentin Carnival was attacked by Steel Wind, Steel Vengeance and Reverend Styge's demons.

(Spirits of Vengeance#9) - After the attack Miranda asked Clara where Timmy was. Clara saw him outside with Styge's demons and asked Blaze to save him before passing out. Kody stayed at Clara's bed.

   Clara woke up screaming to tell the others that Styge's demons and the Steel sisters returned to Quentin Carnival to kill them all. Clara asked Kody if he would go with the others to fight against the demons, but Kody replied that he couldn't.

(Spirits of Vengeance#10) - Clara was present when Blaze returned Timmy to his mother. When demons assaulted Clara inside the main tent Kody transformed into his bear-form to come to her aid.

    After the demons, the Steel sisters and Vengeance had been defeated Kody with an unconscious Clara in his arms joined the other survivors of Quentin Carnival.

(Ghost Rider III#39) - Blaze took Kody, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Kody, Clara, Wolf and Miranda to Greenwich Village in a truck. They stayed at Dan's apartment while Blaze tried to figure out Eli's last note for him.

(Spirits of Vengeance#12) - When the survivors returned to Quentin Carnival, which had been quarantined by the military, their truck was stopped outside Dover. Clara had to calm down Kody, who knocked out the soldiers. Clara and the others soon arrived at the cabin of Eli's son Quinn.

   The next morning Clara joined Wolf, Miranda, Kody, Ghost Rider, Blaze and Quinn, Eli's son, at Eli's funeral.

(Gun Runner#1 (fb) - BTS) - Clara had a vision of great danger in Las Vegas. Blaze and Ghost Rider followed her hunch and ended up fighting Gun Runner and Cynodd warriors.

(Spirits of Vengeance#15) - Clara was shocked when Ghost Rider returned to Quinn's cabin with a seriously injured Blaze in his arms, whose life needed to be saved as soon as possible. She, Kody, Wolf and Miranda waited in the cabin while Quinn took care of Blaze. When Vengeance attacked the cabin Clara screamed for John to run away, but Vengeance didn't care for Blaze and instead wanted Ghost Rider. When Clara aided Ghost Rider he was surprised, but she told him that she does so because Blaze would do the same. Clara and the others witnessed Blaze knock out Vengeance with his Hellfire shotgun (forcing Vengeance's transformation back to Michael Badilino). Blaze then told the Quentin Carnival survivors if they would join him in living the cabin right now.

(Ghost Rider III#43) - Clara joined Ghost Rider, Blaze, Seer and the other carnies when they went to Cypress Hills Cemetery where they met Vengeance and Caretaker. When Caretaker overpowered Vengeance and Ghost Rider Seer told the others to stay out of the fight. Blaze followed Caretaker while Clara and the other carnies went with Seer.

(Spirits of Vengeance#16) - At the Blood's Nightclub Clara flipped out because she saw a vision of Blaze getting assaulted by Zarathos. Kody calmed her down. When Ghost Rider, Blaze, Vengeance and Caretaker returned to the Nightclub with Mrs. Ketch, Clara was surprised because....her vision didn't come true or she misinterpreted it (?). Caretaker promised to fill her in on what had happened later. Miranda and Clara then took care of Mrs. Ketch.

(Blaze: Legacy of Blood#1) - Clara and Seer watched Blaze getting drunk and beating up bikers. They approached him after a fight and Clara told Blaze that they needed his help and that the problem concerned his family. Blaze was going to leave when an unidentified red monster-thingie with big claws (I'll just call it Red Claw) attacked him. After slaying the "Red Claw" Blaze left and told Clara and Seer to stay away from his wife and kids. Clara and Seer later found Blaze passed out in an alley. They picked him up and brought him back to Quinn McIntyre's cabin. Kody and Wolf helped Clara and Seer sober up Blaze at the cabin. Clara watched silently as Blaze got a call from his son Craig and then left.

(Spirits of Vengeance#21) - While attempting to encourage Blaze, who didn't want to let down Kody like the rest of Quentin Carnival, Clara touched Blaze's hand at the same time as his wife Roxanne. Clara was sorry, but Roxanne got angry and immediately wanted to talk with Blaze. Seconds later Clara had a vision that showed Kody in danger in New York City. Blaze told Clara to get ready to leave in 15 minutes. Clara joined Blaze and they left Quinn's cabin on his bike.

   An hour later they arrived in NYC and Clara felt that he was nearby, frightened and angry. Clara tripped and was going to tell Blaze about her feelings for him when he helped her up, but instead kissed him. Blaze pushed her away while Clara explained that she didn't mean to do that. Kody, who saw the kiss, assaulted Blaze because he loved Clara. Kody took Clara with him. Blaze caught up with them and told Kody that he was not going to take Clara from Kody, but to aid Kody against his family. Moments later they were surrounded by Kody's family and attacked. Kody, Blaze and Clara attempted to flee, but Clara and Blaze ran right into the arms of Kody's father Bern, who threatened to kill them if Kody didn't take his rightful place among his family. Bern dropped Clara when Blaze threatened to shoot him with the Hellfire-shotgun and concentrated his attacks on Blaze until Kody stopped him. To Clara's shock Kody didn't fight back when Bern continued to go after him. Clara came to Kody's aid and stabbed him in the chest with a knife, but Bern just kicked her away before being shot by Blaze. The Hellfire-shotgun shell left Bern lying on the ground giving Kody the opportunity to once again tell Bern that he would not rejoin his family. Bern's clan left after that and Bern declared Kody an outcast. Sitting down on the sidewalk Clara explained to Kody that she never knew about his feelings for her (dumb) and then asked Kody to come back with them. Kody did as Clara asked him to and left NYC with Blaze and Clara.

(Spirits of Vengeance#22) - When Clara approached Blaze in his trailer he was afraid she wanted to talk about the kiss, but she didn't because it was still too painful for her. Instead she told him that she felt that Miranda's son Timmy might still be alive somewhere in New York City.

(Spirits of Vengeance#22 - BTS) - Clara pointed Blaze to Children Inc.. He found Timmy there and after a rough fight returned him to his mother Miranda.

(Spirits of Vengeance#23) - Blaze got drunk after his wife Roxanne's death and his children went missing (in Ghost Rider III#50). He went to Clara and forced her into a sénce to find his children. She didn't feel his children, but she felt the return of Centurious. Blaze immediately planned to go after Centurious despite Clara telling him he couldn't (and he did alongside Steel Wind).

   The next day Clara attended Roxanne's funeral alongside Kody, Wolf, Blaze, Miranda and Timmy Woods.

(Blaze II#1) - While the Quentin Carnival was in Pennsylvania Clara and Kody drove to a nearby town to buy groceries. Grocery shop owner Mr. Schenker, presumably possessed by Ice Box Bob, not only gave them groceries, but also, to Clara's surprise, a package for Clara that had been sent ten years ago and now had finally caught up with her. Clara took the package and didn't even want to know how it caught up with her. She was going to leave the ship with Kody, but Schenker first had to show them his main attraction---the corpse of serial killer Ice Box Bob.

(Blaze II#1 - BTS) - According to Kody Clara had started acting strange after receiving the package.

(Blaze II#1) - Clara knew that the package sent from Austria had to be from the Oculist, who she had known since childhood. Inside the package were the eyes of the Kristall Starrer. Clara opened the eyes' container and after trying to remember what the Oculist had told her years ago about the eyes, she was jumped at by the eyes, which crawled into her arms and inserted themselves into her non-existent eye sockets. Clara could finally see.

(Blaze II#1 - BTS) - Clara soon returned the eyes into the container, but presumably saw Ice Box Bob's ghost assaulting women at the Quentin Carnival.

(Blaze II#1) - After the attack by Ice Box Bob's ghost Clara and Blaze talked to the local sheriff. Clara saw something, but ran away because she knew that the sheriff would not believe a blind woman to be an eye-witness. Back in her wagon Clara closed the lid on the eyes' container again when Blaze and Kody knocked on her door. She told her friends that she had seen Ice Box Bob, the man, whose corpse Kody and her had seen at Schenker's store. After telling Blaze and Kody this she sent them away and hugged the container with the Kristall Starrer's eyes. She later laid Tarot cards for Blaze, which showed that Blaze would eventually triumph over the dark forces at a terrible price.

(Blaze II#2) - On their way to Brownings Corners the Quentin Carnival encountered the Man-Thing and Blaze shot the creature. Clara jumped in the way of another shot from Wolf and explained that Man-Thing was not evil, but a guardian and portal to other realms. Blaze stopped his attacks, but Wolf got angry at Clara because she was acting weird and was explaining things the way only a seeing person could since she got the package from Austria. Kody came to Clara's aid and protected her from Wolf's accusations by reminding Wolf that Clara was always describing things like a seeing person. Quentin Carnival then continued their journey to Brownings Corners to recruit new members for the Carnival.

  The Kristall Starrer's eyes jumped back into Clara's eye sockets and showed her Man-Thing and the Nexus of All Realities (this was a message brought to her by Ice Box Bob....he had some kind of connection to the eyes and could do that). She was watched by the Shadrach Brothers, who broke into her wagon to steal the magic eyes, which would lead them to Man-Thing.

(Blaze II#2 - BTS) - The Shadrach Brothers beat up Clara and stole the Kristall Starrer's eyes from her by gouging them out of her eye sockets. When she was found Wolf rushed to Blaze to tell him about the attack.

(Blaze II#2) - Kody caressed Clara until Blaze and Wolf returned to her wagon. Clara told them that the brothers had stolen the Kristall Starrer's eyes and planned to use them to capture the Man-Thing. Blaze had no clue which eyes she meant, but Clara kind of explained that she had eyes that were not evil even though they showed her dreadful things she wanted them back....and so Blaze went after the Shadrach Brothers, who got killed by the Man-Thing, and then lost the eyes to Holden Blevins...a ghost kid..

(Blaze II#3) - Holden and Blaze returned the eyes to Clara, who only asked for the eyes and not Blaze's children, which angered Blaze. Kody and Wolf defended Clara, but when she didn't start telling Blaze more about his children he took the eyes from her and threatened to destroy them. Scared to lose the eyes she promised to tell Blaze everything she knew. For the first time Blaze, Wolf and Kody witnessed the eyes crawl into Clara's arms until they reappeared in her eye sockets. She explained to her friends that the eyes had the power to pierce the veils between dimensions, enabled her to see the darkness in their friends' souls and that they finally made her see how ugly Kody actually was. The insult hurt Kody, but he was sure the evil eyes were influencing Clara and it wasn't actually her talking. Wolf jumped at her to cut out the eyes, but Blaze stopped him. Moments later Holden entered the wagon and Blaze was surprised that everyone could see him. Clara saw a weird aura around Holden and asked him how he had escaped Ice Box Bob. Holden told them how his mother had rescued him before she died herself. Though Clara assured Blaze and the others that Holden was telling the truth she also told them that Holden was not telling everything. Clara's new eyes, manipulated by Ice Box Bob, suddenly created a powerful energy blast and she delivered a message from Ice Box Bob for Blaze: The murderer wanted to meet Blaze on the highway. Blaze left for the highway while Kody, Wolf and Clara stayed behind. After a phone call Wolf returned to Clara and Kody. On their way to the highway Wolf explained that Holden was the unborn child of Mary Blevins. They found Blaze on the highway, but without Holden or his own children with him.

(Blaze II#4) - While the Carnival waited at a trading post somewhere in Arizona Blaze aided Wyatt Wingfoot and Warpath with investigation regarding the murders of a family and the disappearance of their last unaccounted for son Jesse Pinto. To aid them he asked Clara to aid them by using the Kristall Starrer's eyes. She was scared to use them again, but Blaze asked her to do it for his children and Jesse Pinto. Wingfoot ultimately convinced her to do it by telling her there was a way to use the eyes without endangering herself.

   Wyatt invited Clara, Warpath and Blaze to his home and put the Kristall Starrer's eyes into his grandmother's mystical basket. The room was filled with light and they had a spirit vision, which Blaze interrupted when he flipped out when the demon Baal told him that he had his children. Afterward Wingfoot got a call from Captain Tyrell Manhunter from the local tribal police that there was another murder at the trading post. Clara joined them, but quietly stayed in Wingfoot's pickup truck while the police and her friends were assaulted by Anung-Ite. When the creature fled Blaze and Warpath went after him and Clara held back Wingfoot telling him that Blaze and Warpath had to deal with this on their own.

(Blaze II#5) - Joined by the rest of Quentin Carnival Clara and Wingfoot followed Blaze's trail. They found Blaze's motorbike and by touching it Clara learned that Blaze and Warpath had been overpowered by Anung-Ite and were now surrounded by rock, trapped inside a nearby mesa. To find out more about the mesa Clara put in the Kristall Starrer's eyes and had Wyatt put his grandmother's mystical basket over her head for a moment. As soon as he had done this the eyes created a light beams that cut through reality and opened up a path into the nearby mesa. Clara took Blaze's motorbike and was joined by Princess Python to ride into the mesa. Meanwhile Clara's beams were not only seen inside the mesa by Anung-Ite, Blaze and Warpath, but also in another dimension by Wendigo, Blaze's kids and Jesse Pinto. Wendigo rode the light beams like a rail and Pinto gave him the nail file he had found in Ice Box Bob's head. During their ride towards the mesa Princess Python's snake picked up Blaze's Hellfire shotgun from the ground. Inside the mesa Blaze and Warpath fought Anung-Ite. During the fight Wendigo arrived and gave Blaze the nail file. Clara ran the bike into the mesa through the wall, which allowed them to pass through due to her mystical eye beams, and Princess Python threw the Hellfire shotgun to Blaze. Anung-Ite stopped the bike abruptly. Blaze put the nail file into one of his shotgun's bullets and shot Anung-Ite, who transformed back into Darryl Licht. The mesa around them disappeared as well and nobody got injured, including Clara.

(Blaze II#6) - When Quentin Carnival pulled into Bellingham Kody took the Kristall Starrer's eyes from Clara because he was afraid they would take her over completely. Blaze joined the quarrel and sided with Kody because he too saw that Clara needed the eyes more and more. Local shaman Eve Two Crows intervened and hit Blaze with her purse and told Kody to give Clara back the eyes. As soon as she got them back Clara put the eyes back in and told Blaze that Eve was the one Warpath and Wingfoot sent Blaze to meet. Despite that Clara didn't believe Eve would be of much help. Clara soon joined Eve and Blaze in Eve's office and used her mystical powers, creating a lightbeam to light up the electronic highway to speed up Blaze's search for the Wendigo (Blaze commented on her new outfit...Clara called it good taste....I call it slutty). The Wendigo appeared out of nowhere and Blaze's hunt for him began....without Clara.

(Blaze II#7) - Clara and the eyes visited Blaze in hospital after he got injured during a show when the criminal Double-Tap, who was rejeceted by Blaze to join the Carnival, shot the rope Blaze was riding on with his bike. Because Double-Tap and his crew not only caused Blaze's injury, but also robbed the Carnival and and killed ticked salesman Buster, the carnies told Blaze that they would go after the criminals. After the other were gone Blaze asked Clara to put in the Kristall Starrer's eyes, but she was afraid because she felt that she had grown addicted to the eyes and that they were slowly taking control over her. Clara stayed with Blaze then gave him his shotgun, put in the Kristall Starrer's eyes and together they picked up Blaze's damaged motorbike at the San Francisco police impound yard. A shot from the Hellfire shotgun repaired the damaged bike. Clara homed in on the aura of newest Carnival member Yang Kwei Fei to find them and the criminals. When they finally arrived at the Municipal Aquarium Yang Kwei Fei had already dealt with Double-Tap and his crew by turning them into her freak servants.

(Blaze II#8) - Clara and the others were a bit surprised when Blaze signed the Mad Monk (secretly Arcade) for the Carnival. Clara hit on Blaze and told him that since he told her to put the eyes in she kept them in all the time. She wanted to show him the worlds she saw and Blaze joined her in her wagon even though he thought it was a bad idea. After awhile were going to kiss, but they were interrupted when the Mad Monk's trailer transformed into Murder World. Clara watched as Blaze saved Princess Python and Kody from Arcade's Murder World and Baal's high priestess Amanuensis, who had hired Arcade to deal with Johnny Blaze.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - After Clara kissed Blaze he realized how much she had changed since she put the Kristall Starrer's eyes back in. Clara reminded Blaze that he made her do it. Yang Kwei Fei brought the Oculist, who had sent the eyes to Clara, to Clara's wagon. When he saw that Clara was using the eyes he ordered her to take them out because the Kristall Starrer had returned from the dimension he had been since World War II and wanted his eyes back by any means necessary. Clara was shocked because the Oculist had once told her that the Kristall Starrer was dead, but the Oculist corrected her that he never called him dead, but only told her that he had passed over to another plane of existence. When Clara didn't want to give up the eyes the Oculist tried to force her, but Blaze sent him packing.

(Blaze II#9) - Yang Kwei Fei and Princess Python held down Clara on her bed while Kody and Wolf protected Clara's wagon while Johnny Blaze waited for the Kristall Starrer's attack. Captain Rawlins of the state police visited Clara's wagon and told them that the Oculist, who had died soon after he was forced to leave by Blaze, had strangled himself to death. Clara, Rawlins and the others went over to Blaze's trailer and bashed in the moment after Blaze had defeated the shadowy form of the Kristall Starrer with the Hellfire light from his motorbike. Clara was glad that the eyes were once again hers again and put them back in immediately and started laughing maniacally.

(Blaze II#10) - Clara rode with Blaze on his motorbike to the Quentin Carnival's next location on the Jersey Shore. Clara started seeing things and showed Blaze the dimension where his children had passed through. She was finally sure that she could aid Blaze to find his children by using the eyes of the Kristall Starrer. Blaze stopped when he saw blood on the road and Clara felt an echo of great evil and dead things not far away. Blaze wanted to check it out with the others. They found a dead woman hanging on a lamppost. The woman pointed to a pavilion. While Blaze entered it the other carnies, including Clara, were attacked by members of the Undead MC on the pier outside the pavilion. After a short fight the vampires fled from them. Clara, Kody, Python and Wolf followed them into the pavilion.

(Blaze II#11) - Clara and the others joined Blaze and the Punisher inside the pavilion, but the Undead MC escaped. Clara became the guide to Blaze and the Punisher on their hunt for the Undead MC. They found them beneath the New Jersey Turnpike. Immediately after finding them Clara felt another power that was beyond her understanding.

(Blaze II#12) - Clara told Blaze that the power she felt was inside the box the Undead MC were protecting. Blaze shot the box and it exploded and freed the mystical warrior Uri-El. When Johnny Blaze's children suddenly appeared Charnel of the Undead MC attacked Craig Blaze, witnessed by Clara. In the end the Undead MC were destroyed by Blaze with Uri-El's sword and he was finally reunited with his children. Clara watched this happening.

   The next morning Clara, Blaze, the Punisher, Craig, Emma and Jesse Pinto were joined by the other carnies, who had caught the Undead MC's ally Shelob. Clara removed the Kristall Starrer's eyes, put them back in a jar and handed it over to Blaze for safekeeping because she didn't want to be consumed by the occult. Clara then went to Kody for a hug.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie (writer), Jim Lee (pencils) & Mike Witherby (inks).

The forgotten co-star of Blaze's solo title. She, along with the Kristall Starrer's eyes, was the main focus of the series.

Is she a mutant? Even though she was born without eyes there was never any indication given that she had the x-gene within her and this was during a time when even Cloak & Dagger were temporarily pushed as mutants. Just your average freak of nature, who tapped into supernatural forces.

Not 100% sure on this, but it seems Clara was named after famous psychiatrist Karl Menninger. The names are just too similar!

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Clara Menninger has no known connection to:

Clara's wagon

An old wooden wagon was her home and working place at the Quentin Carnival. It either survived the attack by Styge's demons, the Steel sisters and Vengeance on the Quentin Carnival or was rebuilt as it was seen again multiple times after the attack.

--Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#1 (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#1, 5-7, Blaze II#1-4, 6, 8-9

Tyrell Manhunter

Captain Tyrell Manhunter was the top cop of the tribal police in an Arizona reserve. He was told by the Tribal Council to cooperate with Wyatt Wingfoot, who was called in from Oklahoma to help out with a series of murders. He called Wyatt Wingfoot to the Trading Post after another murder took place there. Tyrell and the local police had the alleged murderer Darryl Licht trapped at the post. When Tyrell saw Blaze, Clara and Warpath arrive along with Wyatt, Tyrell wanted to know why Wyatt brought the circus along. Wyatt explained that these people had a special interest and knowledge of the situation. Tyrell hoped nothing went wrong and revealed that Licht was holed up inside the Trading Post and that Licht was the prime suspect in the murders. Blaze and Warpath went in against Tyrell's orders and were attacked by the Native American monstrosity Anung-Ite (actually Licht transform into Anung-Ite). Anung-Ite fled the scene going through Tyrell and his policemen.

--Blaze II#4


Captain Rawlins was a member of the state police. He investigated the death of the Oculist and because the old man had a ticket to the Quentin Carnival's show he visited carnival owner Johnny Blaze and told him that the old man had his eyes gouged out before he was strangled to death. After further investigation he returned to the carnival and told Clara, Princess Python, Kody and Wolf that the Oculist had committed suicide and that he had gouged out his own eyes. He accompanied the carnies to Blaze's trailer, which was lighted up and kicked in the door. Upon entering it the light was so intense that he couldn't see a thing. Moments later the light was gone and Blaze explained that the Kristall Starrer was gone. Clara was glad that she had the Kristall Starrer once again for herself and Rawlins had nothing more to say and left.

--Blaze II#9

Shadrach Brothers

J.B. (right) and R.L. (left) were the Shadrach Brothers from Brownings Corners. They owned the Shadrach Bros. Konvenience Store and Gator Wrestling Pit. The latter had been closed for some time. When the Quentin Carnival arrived in town one of them had a quick talk with Blaze, who had a run-in on his way to town with the Man-Thing. They followed the Quentin Carnival to steal whatever they could and saw Clara using the Kristall Starrer's eyes. The eyes created a lightshow which showed the Man-Thing. Realizing the eyes could lead them to the Man-Thing, which they planned to catch as a freakhow attraction, the brothers broke into Clara's trailer, beat her up and gouged the eyes out of her eye sockets, stealing them. They then drove into the swamp with the eyes, which led them to the Man-Thing. They shot at it a few times and tried to run it over with their pick-up, but Man-Thing oozed through the cracks and burnt J.B., who showed fear. The car crashed into a tree and R.L. was confronted by Blaze, who wanted the eyes back. R.L. didn't want to return the eyes and instead threatened to shoot Blaze, but before R.L. could do that the Man-Thing engulfed him and R.L. was burnt as well at the touch of the Man-Thing.

--Blaze II#2

Eve Two Crows

Eve Two Crows was a shaman and social worker from Bellingham. Her offices were on West Holly Street. Wyatt Wingfoot and Warpath sent Blaze to Bellingham to meet Eve, but their first encounter was an unfortunate one. She hit Blaze with her handbag when she witnessed Blaze fighting with Clara Menninger, who wanted the Kristall Starrer's eyes back from Kody. Eve told them to give Clara back her property and Kody gave in after Blaze told him as well. With the eyes returned to her Clara told Blaze that the woman which hit him was Eve Two Crows. Blaze accompanied Eve to her offices. Eve gave Blaze some ice to cool the bump on his head and they talked about Blaze's missing children, who were according to his and Warpath's visions with a Wendigo. Eve went through her database to look for Wendigo sightings over the last twenty years. Clara joined them to help them by lighting up the electronic highway with the Kristall Starrer's eyes to open a portal to the Wendigo they were looking for.

--Blaze II#6

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Blaze II#12, p21, pan2 (main image)
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#1, p22, pan4 (usual Quentin Carnival outfit)
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#1, p23, pan1 (séance with Blaze, using powers)
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#21, p14, pan2 (Clara wears pants)
Blaze II#1, p6, pan2 (with glasses)
Blaze II#1, p10, pan1-3 (first with Kristall Starrer's eyes)
Blaze II#8, p8, pan1 (leather outfit)
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#1, p22, pan2 (Clara's wagon)
Blaze II#4, p16, pan4 (Tyrell Manhunter, body shot)
Blaze II#4, p16, pan3 (Tyrell Manhunter, head shot)
Blaze II#9, p22, pan5 (Captain Rawlins)
Blaze II#2, p10, pan1 (Shadrach Brothers)
Blaze II#6, p6, pan3 (Eve Two Crows)

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