Real Name: Martine Bancroft

Identity/Class: Human vampire

Occupation: Predator;
former magazine publisher, occult priestess, love interest (I just added the last one because she was nothing beyond in early stories)

Group Membership: None;
formerly Entice Magazine crew, Cult of the New Order, Children of the Dark Portal (the latter was a fake name for the New Order)

Affiliations: Balkatar (Berreg), Johnny Blaze, Chthon (kind of), Daemond, Embyrre, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Emil Nikos, Parasite, Schmendrick, Randolph Simpson, Simon Stroud, Bella Strunk, Chief D. Warner, Jacob Weisenthal, Werewolf (Jack Russell);
formerly David Langford, Dr. Michael Morbius, Doctor Paine, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

EnemiesCaretakers of Arcturus, CIA (Agent Barrett & Agent China), Lena Ivana, David Langford, Dr. Michael Morbius, Doctor Paine, Parasite, Vic Slaughter, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Tara, Mandy Tyler, unidentified female atomic vampire;
formerly Simon Stroud, Werewolf

Known RelativesZinnea Desiree (cousin), Charisma Desiree (2nd cousin), Newton Desiree (cousin-in-law), unidentified 3rd cousin (Charisma's child)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An abandoned warehouse in New York City;
formerly Morbius' Upper West Side apartment several floors above McCooligan's Pub;
formerly Paramount Hotel, Room 616 near Times Square, New York City, New York;
formerly Mason Manor, Boston, Massachusetts;
formerly Mansion of New Order, Los Angeles, California;
formerly Greece

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#102 (November, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Martine possessed standard vampiric abilities including enhanced strength and speed, resistance to conventional injury and aging. She could turn into mist, transform into a bat in an instant, mesmerize others with a glance and influence them telepathically. She possessed fangs that she used to drain blood, her main sustenance, from her victims. She was vulnerable to sunlight, spiritual objects and could be killed by a stake plunged into her heart (killing her turned her flesh into ashes, leaving behind only her skeleton...removing the stake can presumably return her to life: see some Dracula stories).

   Her Darkhold-induced resurrection left her emotionless on a physical and mental level for some time. During this time her skin was chalk-white (though it reverted to her normal complexion later on while her emotionlessness remained). She was less vulnerable to physical harm and, unrestrained by her usual physical limitations, possessed peak human strength. (She presumably lost or at least learned to live with these abilities and limitations as seen in Strange Tales: Dark Corners).

   At one point she was temporarily mutated into a pseudo-vampire. At this point she possessed vampire-like fangs, enhanced human strength, durability, self-regeneration, minor hypnotic powers, the ability to float on air currents, and limited control over her body's physical properties. Not unlike a true vampire's bite her bite infected others with her form of pseudo-vampirism transforming them within three days after the bite into pseudo-vampires like herself. She needed to consume blood to slow down her body's disintegration from radioactive decay, a lethal side-effect of her mutation. (Morbius cured her from this mutation!)


(Blade I#2 (fb) - BTS) - As a kid and teen Martine played together with her cousin Zinnea. They stayed friends until their lives were separated when they grew older. Since then she only talked to her on the phone once or twice a year.

(Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Martine visited her cousin Zinnea in New Orleans. Martine changed the diapers of Zinnea's daughter Charisma.

(Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#4 (fb) ) - Martine and the scientist Michael Morbius were a happy couple for some time.

(Adventures into Fear#25 (fb) ) - Martine accompanied Morbius when he received his Nobel Prize award. (see comments because in Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 he didn't)

(Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1 (fb) - BTS) - Martine talked with Morbius about having a family. (shortly before his transformation)

(Amazing Spider-Man I#102 (fb)/Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 (fb) ) - Morbius kept his blood disease secret from Martine. When he and Nikos planned to continue their research on sea, Martine insisted to join them because she felt lonely. She traveled with them to an English seaport where they chartered a yacht. Though she showed interest in Morbius' new research he didn't tell her anything about it. Martine stayed on deck while Morbius and Nikos attempted to cure Morbius, but their experiment turned Morbius into a pseudo-vampire, who slew Nikos.

(Marvel Team-Up I#3 (fb)/Spectacular Spider-Man II#6 (fb) ) - Martine found Nikos' corpse and after searching Morbius' cabin discovered his notes about the experiment that turned Morbius into a living vampire.

(Marvel Team-Up I#3/Spectacular Spider-Man II#6) - Martine took the notes to the Fantastic Four because she also found letters Reed Richards had sent to Morbius. After the Invisible Woman had calmed down Martine. While Martine told Reed about Morbius' transformation, the Human Torch sought out Professor Hans Jorgenson, who was also corresponding with Morbius...and became the living vampire's target.

(Vampire Tales#1 - BTS) - In a fortune-teller's globe Morbius witnessed Martine's murder by a blade.

(Adventures into Fear#21 (fb) - BTS) - Daemond, somehow knowing about Morbius' connection to Martine, ensorcelled her to become a priestess in his cult, the Cult of the New Order.

(Adventures into Fear#21) - The Caretakers promised Morbius to find Martine for him if he aided them. Meanwhile Martine and Daemond summoned Balkatar. When Morbius attacked them, Balkatar overpowered him. Daemond, explaining that Morbius had become a threat to humanity by working with the Caretakers, led Martine to Morbius. Though she no longer loved Morbius she didn't wish him to suffer. Daemond's solution was to let Balkatar hold Morbius down until sunrise....because Daemond was a dumbass and actually thought the sun would kill Morbius.

(Adventures into Fear#22) - When Balkatar resisted Daemond's command and took Morbius to the Cat People's domain, the Land Within. Martine asked Daemond if they could follow them, but Daemond didn't even know where or how they could.

(Adventures into Fear#25) - Martine, wearing an old hag's mask, joined the other members of the Cult of the New Order (or the Children of the Dark Portal as they were called by Daemond with their masks on) in battle against Morbius and Tara. Obeying Daemond's commands, she attempted to resist, she almost slew Tara's younger self, but Morbius ripped off Martine's mask and distracted her long enough for Tara to reabsorb her older self and regain consciousness. The young Tara hit Martine with a psychokinetic blast from her eyes and Martine was hurled from the roof. Morbius caught Martine in mid-air, but could not resist to drink some of her blood. Morbius stopped his feast and feared he had slain Martine, but Tara informed him that Martine's pulse was still going strong. Martine revealed that Daemond had sacrificed the cultists Morbius had slain in combat moments before to increase his own mystic powers by feeding on their life forces. Martine then passed out and Morbius wouldn't leave her side as Tara insisted. Morbius still went along with Tara to reunite with the Caretakers. On their way there they were assaulted by Daemond, who threatened to slay Morbius to release a horde of demons upon Earth.

(Adventures into Fear#26) - Martine slowly regained consciousness while Morbius was knocked out by Daemond. Still under Daemond's control Martine carried Morbius to Daemond's Mansion of New Order. At the mansion Martine placed Morbius on the Altar of Sacrifice, but the Caretakers' flying agents aborted the sacrifice.....(and then everything went crazy and in the end Morbius was the last man standing as far as we know).

(Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#4) - Amnesiac after Daemond's death Martine wandered aimlessly through Los Angeles until Morbius found her. She regained her memories when Morbius reminded her of their past. He restrained himself from biting her and they continued their stroll through L.A. until they were assaulted by the Werewolf. Morbius defended Martine from the creature and bit him until the Werewolf turned back into Jack Russell. Martine and Morbius fled to a hotel before the sun rose. Martine found a key to a post office box in her pocket and gave it to Morbius. Morbius investigated the mystery of the box, Martine had used during her amnesia, and found a paper with a formula inside it that could potentially cure Morbius. To Morbius it didn't matter whether Daemond gave it to Martine to bribe her or if it belonged to the Caretakers because to Morbius it showed the Martine cared for him because she kept it save. Seeking retaliation the Werewolf assaulted them once again and Morbius lost the formula during the struggle. Morbius was so outraged at this that Martine had to remind Morbius that the Werewolf was also a human. Morbius left angrily while Martine gave the Werewolf a rope to pull himself out of the La Brea Tar Pits. She followed Morbius shortly after.

(Adventures into Fear#27) - Martine spent the last of Morbius' Nobel Prize money to buy Mason Manor. She devoted her time to furnishing the lab with all the equipment on Morbius' list and stole blood plasma from a blood bank, which Morbius could feast on until he healed himself of his pseudo-vampirism. Overcome with bloodlust Morbius nearly bit Martine, but chose to flee the estate before doing so to find another victim. When he returned home Martine fed him with more blood plasma, cried sob and fell asleep next to his bed. Startled when Morbius woke up Martine learned that feeding blood plasma didn't satiate Morbius' hunger because he needed to feel the warm blood. Martine went to sleep again, but was woken up again by a fight between Morbius and ex-CIA agent Simon Stroud. Martine threw herself into the line of fire to ensure Morbius' escape. The bullet didn't hit her and Stroud arrested her for harboring a murderer. Though Stroud learned that the true murderer, another vampire, was arrested, he took Martine to the police department, not listening to her explanations that Morbius could not turn others into vampires (as far as she knew).

(Adventures into Fear#28) - At the police station Martine repeated her explanation to Stroud and local police chief Warner, who told Martine and Stroud that the estate bought by Martine was haunted according to its former owner. Martine assumed it could be haunted by vampires and Stroud left to find out more. Meanwhile Morbius followed a haunt posing as Martine into Helleyes' dimension.

(Adventures into Fear#30) - Martine and Warner were assaulted by the vampiress arrested for murder after she broke her bounds. Her bite turned Martine into a vampire. Martine immediately feasted on Warner's corpse.

(Adventures into Fear#31) - Morbius and Martine fought each other until she fled the police station. The police lab report by Schmendrick revealed that the vampires were not true vampires and that their disease was based on radioactivity (it was all Morbius' fault after all). Armed with a serum based on Morbius' own blood Morbius and Stroud searched for Martine, who targeted a young student girl. Stroud saved the girl while Morbius continued his fight with Martine. Stroud injected Martine with the serum, but Morbius, overcome by bloodlust once again, bit her and nearly drained all her blood. They brought her to the nearest hospital where her life was saved. Martine was healed from her pseudo-vampirism, but the serum wouldn't work on Morbius. Morbius fled while Martine talked with Stroud about the possibility of an insanity plea for Morbius. With Morbius gone Martine told Stroud that Morbius would never allow himself to be caught.

(Morbius#1 (fb) - BTS) - In search for Morbius Martine moved to New York City. She found biochemist David Langford, who offered his help to cure Morbius.

(Morbius#1) - Ghost Rider (Ketch) and Johnny Blaze traveled to New York City where Martine lived in the Paramount Hotel near Times Square. She was searching for Morbius to heal him. She told them how Morbius became the Living Vampire. Joined by the Spirits of Vengeance Martine armed herself in case Morbius assaulted her when they found him and called Langford, who was later picked up by them. Martine witnessed the Spirits of Vengeance catch Morbius. At Langford's lab Martine and the Spirits left while Langford injected Morbius with a serum, secretly tainted by Lilin blood. Mutated by the serum Morbius fled. The crashing glass alerted Martine and the Spirits. Martine was shocked to learn that Morbius was gone. Langford contacted his backer Doctor Paine to tell him about the complications.

  The next day Martine returned and saw Langford talking to Paine's henchmen. Overhearing that Langford actually tried to kill Morbius Martine confronted him. Attacked by the henchmen Martine took a shot at them, but Langford disarmed her and shot Martine in the chest. Morbius returned and Martine died in his arms. Unable to control himself Morbius drank her blood, then took revenge on Langford and Paine's henchmen.

(Morbius#7 - BTS) - Morbius visited Martine's grave at Morningstar Cemetery. Vic Slaughter and the Hardcases ambushed him at the grave, but he defeated them and left after putting roses on Martine's grave.

(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#52, Morbius#9 - both BTS) - Nightmare deceived a drugged Morbius with a local demon posing as Martine Bancroft. Morbius turned "Martine" into a vampire and they tried to live happily ever after in a dream created by Nightmare for them, but Dr. Strange came to Morbius' aid and freed him from his own delusion. Morbius soon woke up from his nightmare. (not really her)

(Morbius#12 - BTS) - Morbius was slain by Switchblade and after death walked into the waiting arms of a nightmarish version of Martine. (don't think it was her actually)

Parasite inside Martine Bancroft

(Morbius#13) - Morbius used a Darkhold page to resurrect Martine, but her resurrection at the hands of the Other (Chthon) was tainted by the fact that she was infected with the Lilin Parasite, who controlled her body completely.

(Morbius#14-16, Marvel Comics Presents I#144/1-2) - Martine's body was under Parasite's control. (see Parasite's own profile)

(Morbius#17) - Parasite left Martine's dead body after Morbius cut her throat.

(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#61) - Salomé sensed the pain caused by Morbius slaying Martine that night.

(Morbius#17) - Blood member Embyrre killed Parasite before it could find a new host in Morbius. Embyrre then used her healing powers to bring Martine back to life. Alive again Martine couldn't remember anything that had happened while she was possessed by Parasite. She and Morbius were finally reunited, but Martine couldn't feel anymore. Morbius promised her that after she had returned from the dead it would be no problem to overcome this small problem as well.

(Morbius#18) - Martine saw Morbius' progress on his own physiology and asked him if he made any progress on her problems. She wasn't wild about him kissing her because she just didn't feel it anymore and got angry when he revealed that he had made no progress on her physical and emotional inability to feel.

(Morbius#20) - Hours after Morbius had succeeded to filter his blood and remove the Lilin presence from his body, Martine entered the lab and sat down on the stairs. Desiring nothing more than to feel again she watched as the filtered blood began to boil and broke free to form the Lilin Bloodthirst.
   That evening Martine visited St. Jude's Hospital to learn who Mandy Tyler, the woman Morbius was dating at the time, was. After seeing Mandy she began to suspect that Morbius wanted her to stay emotionless so that she couldn't remember her feelings for him. She wanted her feelings back!

(Morbius#21) - Martine visited Mandy Tyler, who was seriously injured during a confrontation between Morbius and Bloodthirst (in issue #20....Martine didn't stay around for the fight). She threatened Martine when she woke up and pressured her to convince Morbius to spend less time with Mandy and more time in his lab to help Martine. Returning to Morbius' apartment Martine ran into CIA agents China and Barrett. They recognized Martine and were a bit surprised that she was alive. She corrected them that she actually wasn't alive and told them that they shouldn't be there. She broke Barrett's hand and was shot two times by China, but the shots didn't even hurt her. Barrett still managed to knock her unconscious with an anesthetic injection. Barrett and China took Martine with them to blackmail Morbius into going after rogue CIA agent Randolph Simpson.

(Morbius#22) - Barrett and China stayed in a CIA safe house with Martine, who was handcuffed to a bed. Martine played possum and waited for the right moment to break her handcuffs.

(Morbius#23) - Martine kept playing possum while China expressed his dirty thoughts about her. She broke her handcuffs when Randolph, Morbius, Spider-Man and Vic Slaughter arrived. She broke China's neck and was targeted by Slaughter, who considered to feed on her as revenge for Morbius killing his Hardcases team. Spider-Man saved her and Morbius told Martine to get to safety, which she did....slowly....after Morbius went after Randolph.

(Morbius#26) - Martine waited for Morbius and hoped the reason for him coming home late was that he had found a cure for her. When he finally came home she had high hopes until he told her that he wasn't even in the lab she got mad. When Morbius came home again from St. Jude's Hospital Martine beseeched him to keep looking for a cure. He promised he would, but that they also needed to move on with their lives, which meant Martine had to move out of their place. Martine flipped out completely when she learned that Morbius had met another woman (Lena Ivana), who Morbius was helping instead of finding a cure for Martine. She attacked Morbius and when she jumped at him, crashed through a window. Falling down, Martine held on to a gargoyle, but was believed dead by Morbius (who cared so little about her that he didn't even look down for one second to check if she was dead or not).

(Morbius#27) - Martine looked at an apartment across town. She assaulted the the slimy landlord, who was hitting on her, and threatened to tear him apart if he ever tried to touch her again. Not willing to pay a rent she took up residence in an empty warehouse. She planned to set up a telescope to keep spying on Morbius and planned her revenge on Morbius and his new flame Lena. Martine later met Jack Russell, who was looking for Morbius, at McCooligan's Pub (the pub was on the building's first floor where Morbius floor). She told Jack how Morbius had thrown her out a window and told Jack to tell Morbius that she would be in touch with him. She dropped some cigarette ash on Jack's hand and he transformed into the Werewolf and told her to never attack him or Morbius again or else she would become Jack's next meal......

(Morbius#28) - Their conversation at the bar led to them spending the night together at Martine's warehouse (-....what?). Jack left the next morning after a long and drawn out goodbye....Martine was pleased to say the least. She hoped Jack would be thankful for the experience.

(Morbius#29) - Martine went shopping and tested binoculars. The shopkeeper got a bit too close when he showed her how to use them and she stomped on his foot after he didn't get her obvious rejection. A bit later Jack picked her up to tell her that Morbius had died this morning because he had stopped injecting blood. She went to Morbius funeral by herself and threw some dirt on his casket. She would never forgive him for just leaving her behind without ever curing her. Martine stayed and saw Lena and Jacob attending. Moments later Morbius rose from the grave after making a deal with Chthon's agent the Dwarf.

(Morbius#30) - Martine was still angry at Morbius despite his resurrection. She was with Jack again at her warehouse and despite her anger had a good time with him. Jack almost hoped Morbius would never find a cure because she was so much hotter in her undead state than a normal woman. In search for Morbius Martine later visited St. Jude's Hospital, who still worked there as Dr. Morgan Michaels. She found him and showed him, smeared with blood, laying in a storage room. The doctors called for help.

(Morbius#32) - Martine returned to her warehouse and spied on Morbius and Lena with her binoculars. She decided to finally ruin their relationship by telling Lena that Dr. Michaels was actually the monster Morbius. Lena ran to Michaels, who admitted the truth. Lena left him because she hated the monstrous Morbius and felt betrayed after spending the last night with Dr. Michaels, who didn't tell her who then who he really was.

(Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/2 - BTS) - Martine became publisher of Entice Magazine.

(Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/2) - Editorial projects manager Bella Strunk informed Martine that their chief operating officer forced them to change their lead feature for next issue to bring back Bettie Sheet, a character owned by Take Over Publications, last seen five or six years before. Strunk alluded it had something to do with their latest sales report and that Bettie was an attempt to boost sales. Martine didn't like it because it was a rush job. They needed a writer and were forced to scrap their current cover with Pierce Brosnan to replace it with a Bettie Sheet cover. Further problems arose when Strunk told Martine that they weren't able to locate the last Bettie Sheet stories and nobody even remembered where she last appeared or what had happened to her in her last few stories. Bella kept talking while Martine went outside on her balcony (Morbius secretly watched her the whole time, but didn't touch her). Martine received a phone call from her cousin Zinnea and when Morbius overheard that Zinnea's daughter was in trouble he decided to help Martine by helping her relatives. Bella returned with a bunch of Bettie Sheet's latest stories and Martine wasn't pleased.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#622 (fb) - BTS) - Martine had herself turned into a true vampire, so she could be with Morbius and turn him into a true undead as well.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#622) - In search for a blood sample of himself, which Black Cat had sold to vampire-wannabees called Dracs, Spider-Man went to the Eternal club as Peter Parker to get the blood back. There he ran into Martine Bancroft, who told him that Morbius had bought his blood sample and that he just had to find him. When Spider-Man had found Morbius Martine asked him to invite her in (old vampire have to invite them into your home or else they can't enter). Spider-Man did and Martine assaulted Morbius, who she planned to turn into a true vampire so they could be together forever. She swung Spider-Man into a wall when he tried to save Morbius from her. Turning into a bat Martine flew across the room to bite Spider-Man, but stopped short from doing it and tossed Spider-Man through a window, when Morbius asked her to stop. Taking a wooden stake from a broken table with him Spider-Man returned and Morbius shoved Martine into the stake. The stake went through her heart and soon her whole body had disintegrated, leaving only her skeleton behind.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas (writer), Gil Kane (pencils) & Frank Giacoia (inks).

Adventures into Fear#20 was just a flashback to the scene in Vampire Tales#1.

Morbius attended his Nobel Prize award ceremony as seen in Adventures into Fear#25, but not in Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1. Maybe the Nobel Prize ceremony he couldn't attend was for a second Nobel Prize?

Adventures into Fear#27-31 were reprinted in Morbius Revisited#1-5 (1993-1994).

The story in Strange Tales: Dark Corners was a prequel to a Blade mini from 1998. It was cancelled early with issue #3 and never finished. The story also felt a lot like Don McGregor was talking about Martine's own convoluted history with the Bettie Sheet bits (because he completely ignored Martine's previous appearances in Morbius and practically brought her back as a normal human....strangely enough the next writer using her turned her into a true vampire and killed her off....please pull out the stake and bring her back).

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Martine Bancroft has no known connection to:

David Langford has no known connections to:

Bella Strunk has no known connections to:

Chief D. Warner has no known connections to:

David Langford

(Morbius#1 (fb) - BTS) - David Langford, secretly an agent of Dr. Paine, worked with Martine on a "cure" for Morbius, which should actually kill Morbius.

(Morbius#1) - Ghost Rider, Blaze and Martine brought Morbius to Langford, who injected the deadly serum, but to his surprise Morbius survived (the Lilin Fang had tainted the sample), and fled the scene. Paine's agents visited Langford to confront him about his failure. They were overheard by Martine, who got into their faces and shot at them when they threatened her. Langford disarmed and shot Martine himself. Morbius returned to Langford's lab and found Martine, who died in his arms. Langford and Paine's men ran into him and were slain by Morbius, who drank Langford's blood to end his life.

(Morbius#2) - The NYPD, including Detective Butler, investigated the murder of Langford with his corpse still laying on the street.

--Morbius#1 (Morbius#1 (fb) - BTS, #1-2

Bella Strunk

(Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/2) - Bella was editorial projects manager at Entice Magazine. She informed her publisher, Martine, about a few changes forced upon them by their chief operating officer. And both were not pleased. Bella quickly did some research on Bettie Sheet, the character, who they were forced to bring back and found some back issues to show her who this Bettie Sheet character actually was. Martine was a bit shocked.

--Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/2

Chief D. Warner

(Adventures into Fear#27) - Stroud and Warner attended to funeral of another vampire attack victim. Warner told the undertakers to get lost. After opening the casket Warner watched Stroud destroy the "atomic vampire", who was already sporting fangs, with a stake. Simon Stroud later called Chief Warner to tell him to keep an eye on Ms. Stevens, who had been attacked by one of the supposed vampires in the area. Stroud found Morbius and Martine in their mansion outside Boston. Morbius fled and Stroud took Martine with him and called Warner again, who told him that they had caught a female vampire, who was caught by the police after killing someone 15 minutes ago. She was now kept in check by the police with crucifixes while she was bound to a chair.

(Adventures into Fear#28) - With the vampiress next to them Stroud and Warner talked about the Mason Estate, the mansion Martine and Morbius were living in. Warner told Stroud that it was supposedly haunted and sent Stroud to the mansion's former owner to talk to her.

(Adventures into Fear#30) - Warner interrogated Martine with the vampiress sitting behind her. When the vampiress broke free she murdered Warner and bit Martine, who turned into a vampire and fed on Warner's corpse.

--Adventures into Fear#27 (Adventures into Fear#27-28, 30

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Morbius#17-18 (January-February, 1994) - Gregory Wright (writer), Isaac Cordova (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#20-23 (April-July, 1994) - Gregory Wright (writer), Nick Napolitano (pencils), Ralph Cabrera (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#26-27 (October-November, 1994) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Craig Gilmore (pencils), Rick Bryant (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#28 (December, 1994) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Craig Gilmore (pencils), Rick Bryant & Mike Witherby (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#29-30 (January-February, 1995) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Craig Gilmore (pencils), Mike Witherby (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#32 (April, 1995) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Fabio Laguna (pencils), Mike Witherby (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1 (May, 1998) - Don McGregor (writer), Mike Dringenberg (artist), Mark Bernardo (editor)
Blade I#2 (December, 1998) - Don McGregor (writer), Brian Hagan (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks), Joe Andreani (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#622 (April, 2010) - Fred Van Lente (writer), Joe Quinones (artist), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 (February, 2013) - Joe Keatinge & Dan Slott (writers), Valentine Delandro (artist), Stephen Wacker (editor)

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