Real Name: Simon Stroud

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Special investigator, mercenary;
former government agent

Group Membership: None;
formerly NYPD Special Police Task Force, CIA

Affiliations: Martine Bancroft, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), FBI (Agent Randy Dehn & Agent Mel Katz), J. Jonah Jameson, Leticia Mason, NYPD (Detective Butler, unidentified 30th Precinct Lieutenant, others), Norman Osborn, Kristine Saunders, Schmendrick, J. Slocum, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), D. Warner;
formerly Hardcases, Dr. Michael Morbius, Vic Slaughter

Enemies: CIA (Agent Barrett & Agent China), Cricket, FACADE, Haunts, Helleyes, Kraven (Sergei Kravinoff), Man-Wolf (John Jameson), Morbius, Owl (Leland Owlsley), Randolph Simpson, Vic Slaughter, Trout, Harrisyn Turk, unidentified radioactive vampires;
formerly Martine Bancroft

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Several secret hideouts in New York City, New Jersey and other locations

First Appearance: Creatures on the Loose#30 (July, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman abilities. Stroud is a highly trained special operative and versatile fighter capable to deal in hand-to-hand combat with far stronger opponents. A very tactical fighter he often used his surroundings to his advantage. He used a vast arrange of weapons and equipment including night vision goggles, gas grenades, handgunds, sniper rifles, bazookas and explosives like thermite charges. Aside from his fighting prowess he was a skilled information gatherer and also possessed computer hacking skills. Additionally he could work stealthy enough to follow somebody like Spider-Man and put him under survellaince without being detected. Despite not being part of the CIA anymore he still had many friends there, who strongly supported him. He often used these connections to his advantage.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (formerly blond)


(Adventures into Fear#30 (fb) - BTS) - Simon Stroud witnessed the death of a lady (it was presumably somebody he had feelings for, it seemed that way at least).

(Marvel Team-Up I#98 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during his time with the CIA Simon met the Black Widow and did something for her. They became friends afterward. (years later she said that she owed him much)

(Creatures on the Loose#30 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud left the CIA and joined the NYPD as part of their Special Police Task Force.

(Creatures on the Loose#30) - NYPD's 30th Precinct Lieutenant called in Special Police Task Force's Simon Stroud to deal with a werewolf (actually Man-Wolf....John Jameson) recently seen in the city. The precinct's lieutenant told Stroud about the werewolf's attack on J. Jonah Jameson and the synthetic fabric found at the crime scene, which presumably belonged to John Jameson's astronaut suit. When a report got in that the werewolf had been seen near John's apartment Stroud immediately drove to the Daily Bugle to ask JJJ why the Bugle didn't print the story of the werewolf attack on JJJ and why a strip of his son's astronaut uniform was found at the crime scene. JJJ didn't tell Stroud anything (especially not that Man-Wolf was John Jameson). Stroud then drove to John's apartment and investigated the crime scene. Strolling through the city Stroud found Man-Wolf attacking two robbers and he shot Man-Wolf, who fled from Stroud. Stroud followed him and took a boat to the Statue of Liberty where Man-Wolf had fled to. On top of the Statue of Liberty's torch Man-Wolf jumped at Stroud after another shot, but Stroud ducked...

(Creatures on the Loose#30-31) - ....and watched Man-Wolf fall into the ocean to his apparent death. He was sure that Man-Wolf had not survived the fall and intended to close the case.

(Creatures on the Loose#33) - At the 30th Precinct Station Stroud was asked by the angry lieutenant to explain how Man-Wolf, who allegedly fell to his death, could injure NYPD officer Anello and fight Kraven the Hunter. Stroud was sorry for his false assumption and asked for another shot to take down Man-Wolf and the lieutenant agreed to it.

   Stroud secretly followed J. Jonah Jameson and Kristine Saunders to a park and protected Jameson from Man-Wolf. Kraven knocked out Stroud from behind, then continued his battle with Man-Wolf. Back on his feet Stroud knocked out Kraven with a gas grenade and then handcuffed him while Man-Wolf ran away to transform back into John Jameson under the rising sun. Reunited with his father and Kristine, John was arrested for by Stroud for going AWOL.

(Creatures on the Loose#34 (fb) ) - Stroud told J. Jonah Jameson to meet him and his son at the 30th Precinct Station. When John asked Stroud to at least get some proper clothes from his apartment before being sent to prison. Stroud obliged, but also confronted John about wearing the exact same clothes as Man-Wolf did. Stroud waited downstairs for John to return, but John fled through a window.

(Creatures on the Loose#34 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud eventually noticed that John was gone and drove to the station on his own.

(Creatures on the Loose#34 (fb) ) - Stroud stormed into the office where JJJ, Kristine, the lieutenant and FBI agents Dehn and Katz were already waiting. Stroud told them that John had fled, blowing any chance to clean his reputation. The lieutenant asked for a complete report on failing to apprehend John Jameson and the Man-Wolf.

(Creatures on the Loose#35 (fb) ) - At the Daily Bugle building Stroud listened while FBI agents Dehn and Katz asked JJJ about his son's whereabouts. After they left Stroud told JJJ that he knew that John was Man-Wolf. Stroud stormed off when JJJ didn't confirm Stroud's suspicion about John and Man-Wolf.

(Creatures on the Loose#36 - BTS) - Stroud put together the data on Man-Wolf and John Jameson's records and put them in two envelopes to confront JJJ once again with them.

(Creatures on the Loose#36) - Stroud met JJJ in his office at the Daily Bugle building and presented the two envelopes to JJJ, but JJJ still didn't want to confirm any of Stroud's suspicions. When FBI agents Dehn and Katz entered the office to inform JJJ that John had surrendered himself to the authorities at Cape Canaveral JJJ told the agents and Stroud to leave him alone because the case was closed in his opinion.

(Creatures on the Loose#37) - Stroud followed JJJ and Harrisyn Turk to the mansion and park where he had previously fought Kraven and Man-Wolf. Guessing Turk had been Kraven's employer Stroud tried to shoot him. JJJ jumped to the side while Turk fled into his house, closing a massive steel door behind himself. JJJ told Stroud that Turk had told him that Kristine was inside the house and that he was afraid that Kristine would die. Stroud promised that she won't die, but without a way to get inside the house he left with JJJ.

(Marvel Premiere#45 - BTS) - SHIELD entered Turk's home, but found nothing.

(Marvel Premiere#45) - Stroud and JJJ returned with the police to Turk's mansion and Stroud told JJJ that the police won't find anything either. Despite his words Stroud promised JJJ that he and JJJ would find Kristine because couldn't have vanished off the face of the Earth.....which she actually did because she had been transported to the Sky City of Other Realm.

(Adventures into Fear#27 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud was called back to Washington DC, ending his hunt for Man-Wolf prematurely.

(Adventures into Fear#27) - Angered at his superiors for being pulled off the Man-Wolf case Stroud wanted to know the reason and learned of a blood bank theft. Evidence hinted at the involvement of pseudo-vampire Dr. Michael Morbius, but this wasn't the only problem. There were also a bunch of corpses missing in the Boston area, who had died after alleged vampire attacks. Though he still didn't believe vampires were involved Stroud was convinced that it was a case worth checking out after all the chatter by his superiors. Stroud took the next flight, 45 minutes later, to Boston. His superiors gave Stroud the book The Vampire: His Kith and Kin by Montague Summers to read during the flight to avoid Stroud giving the stewardess trouble as usual.

  Stroud met the chief of police J. Slocum in Boston and looked through the five homicide cases that were allegedly vampire attacks. Upon leaving the police station Stroud heard a scream and ran his car right into the direction it came from. Arriving on the scene he found another corpse with bite marks on his neck.

(Adventures into Fear#27 - BTS) - Stroud called friends in higher places and received official approval to open the latest victim's casket and destroy him before he turned into a vampire.

(Adventures into Fear#27) - Three days later Stroud and Warner attended the latest victim's funeral. They sent away the undertakers before burying the casket and opened it. Stroud saw the corpse sporting fangs, but before the vampire could rise again Stroud destroyed him with a stake through the heart. Stroud then told Warner to grab a shovel to finish the job.

(Adventures into Fear#27 - BTS) - Stroud and Warner buried the casket afterward.

(Adventures into Fear#27) - Two hours later Stroud visited Ms. Stevens, who had been bitten by a supposed vampire. He questioned her and learned that Ms. Stevens had started craving raw meat since the bite. Stroud left and called Warner to tell him to keep an eye of Ms. Stevens. Warner had no new leads for Stroud, so Stroud decided to find new leads on his own. In Boston's business district Stroud showed a real estate agent an image of Morbius, but the agent didn't recognize him. Back in his car Stroud received a call from Warner, who told him about an alleged vampire attack on horses at a farm outside the city. Stroud only stayed with the farmer for a short time then left to find another lead on Morbius' location. He succeeded when he showed Martine Bancroft's photo to another real estate. The agent told Stroud that the woman had bought the Mason Estate.

  Stroud rushed in his car to the Mason Estate and broke down the door, armes with a crucifix and wooden stake. Morbius fed on some of the stolen blood when Stroud arrived, but was unimpressed by Stroud tossing the cross at his feet. Angered that the vampire book he was reading was no help at all Stroud attempted to stake Morbius through the heart, but Morbius was too fast for him. After being tossed around like a ragdoll Stroud pulled his gun on Morbius and shot him in the side. Martine, who had just returned home, shielded Morbius from Stroud and, knowing Stroud would not shoot her to get to Morbius, told him to run. Morbius escaped and Stroud took Martine to the authorities. Warner gave Stroud a call to inform Stroud that they had caught the vampire. Stroud was sure that she had been a victim of Morbius, but Martine assured Stroud that Morbius was incapable of passing on this curse because he just had a blood disease and was not an actual vampire. Stroud ignored her babbling.

(Adventures into Fear#28) - At the police station Stroud told Warner about his theory that the caught vampire was a victim of Morbius, who had been turned into a vampire by Morbius' bite, but Martine still insisted that this was impossible and that there had to be another explanation. Warner sided with Martine and told Warner about the Mason Estate and that it was allegedly haunted. Warner gave Stroud the address of the Rest Haven Sanitarium where Leticia Mason, the former owner of Mason Estate, was living and Stroud rushed off to talk to her.

  Stroud listened to Leticia Mason's story about the creatures at her former home and then immediately rushed to Mason Estate. Inside the mansion Stroud followed a Haunt, posing as Morbius, to a door and decided to blast through the closed door to learn where it went.

(Adventures into Fear#29 (fb) ) - After blasting through the door Stroud floated and saw the demon Helleyes. Stroud shot one of the demons' many eyes and immediately forgot about him. Stroud then fell into an ocean of blood and swam to a beach where he found Morbius.

(Adventures into Fear#29) - Stroud pulled his gun on Morbius, who was drinking blood from the sea. They had another fight when Stroud, who couldn't remember Helleyes, called Morbius crazy for talking about the demon. In the end Stroud gained the upper hand with the gun still in his hand, but things got strange when the resident crabs began to sing. Stroud and Morbius followed the crabs and other talking wildlife to Helleyes' temple. Helleyes taunted them from a tree and Stroud shot the demon, but Helleyes easily survived and teleported to his statue. Morbius knocked out Stroud with an elbow to the face before Stroud could shoot again (Morbius was smart enough to realize that the demon could not be slain that easily). When Stroud regained consciousness he decided to go after Helleyes again and climbed the statue to shoot Helleyes several times. Afraid the demon's murder had cost them a way to return to Earth Morbius angrily assaulted Stroud, but the demon rose again, this time showing his true size. Morbius and Stroud passed through one of Helleyes' eyes and after swimming in the sea of blood and entering the darkness they were back at Mason Manor. Though they were back home Stroud was still angry because he was no bit closer to solving the vampire case.

(Adventures into Fear#30) - Still inside Mason Manor Stroud and Morbius were attacked by a group of vampires. Stroud opened a door, knocked out a female vampire and considered fleeing, but he stayed to aid Morbius against the vampires. After destroying two vampires Stroud shattered a chair to create more stakes and continued the fight against the vampires with Morbius at his side. They went upstairs after slaying the vampires present. Morbius lost control over himself due to his thirst for blood and attempted to bite Stroud, but the crashed through a door and landed in front of more vampires. Morbius sated his hunger on a vampire while Stroud took a spear from a knight's armor to stake more vampires. They let one vampire live to interrogate him, but the vampire knew nothing beyond being bitten, awakening as a vampire three nights later and being drawn to Mason Estate. Stroud and Morbius took the vampire to the police. Arriving there they heard shots from inside the station. The vampiress caught by Warner had broken free and was attacking everyone. Stroud attempted to destroy her with an axe, but dropped the weapon. Morbius picked it up and finished her. Arriving at Warner's office Stroud and Morbius witnessed Martine, turned into a vampire, sating her hunger for blood on Warner. They were too late to save Martine.

(Adventures into Fear#31) - When Morbius refused to slay Martine Stroud attempted to take the axe from him to do her in, but Morbius knocked Stroud to the ground. Scientist Schmendrick arrived on the scene and after a slap by Stroud revealed that the dead vampiress' blood was highly radioactive. Stroud told Morbius about the radioactivity in the vampiress' blood after Martine had escaped. Stroud and Morbius concluded that somehow Morbius was responsible for the atomic vampires and that, unlike Morbius, they were not immune to the aftereffects of the radioactivity, which slowly dissolved them. Outside they find the vampire, they had brought to the station from Mason Manor, hat disintegrated as well. Stroud and Morbius split to find Martine and Stroud found her first and tried to shoot her with silver bullets, but they didn't work. Morbius arrived with a cure, made from his own blood, and while Stroud brought local student, who had nearly become Martine's victim, to safety. Morbius lost the siringe and got into a brutal fight with Martine. Stroud returned and took the siringe, but had to shoot Morbius, who thought he was still trying to kill Martine, before using the siringe on Martine. She hit Stroud hard before becoming human again, but Morbius' hunger took over and he bit Martine. Stroud cursed Morbius for doing this to Martine and beat him up until he got tired, but Martine was still alive. Stroud and Morbius rushed her to a hospital where she was soon healed, free of the radioactivity. Stroud surmised it had been removed by Morbius when he bit Martine. Morbius fled while Martine and Stroud talked about Morbius possibly pleading for insanity for the murders he committed. Stroud was unable to tell Morbius how much he would've liked to aid Morbius in finding a cure.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#10/2 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud's mind snapped after he failed to bring in Morbius and he began to claim to still be an official CIA agent. A network of loyal inside men helped him out on missions he believed should be run. He regularly used information from these men and even gave himself an undercover agent status after hacking into the CIA's network.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#3 (fb) - BTS) - When Morbius' killings continued Simon blamed himself for letting him get away.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#22 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud set up several bases over the years including one in New Jersey.

(Marvel Team-Up I#98) - Simon Stroud and Black Widow attacked an illegal arms delivery supervised by Owl's agent Cricket. They were joined by Spider-Man. During the battle Cricket threw a lit lighter at explosives and and gasoline tank, causing a huge fire. Stroud tried to warn the arachnid heroes, then ran after Cricket, who shot him in the side. Cricket's driver put the wounded Stroud into their trunk, taking him hostage. Spider-Man and Black Widow survived thanks to Spidey's net and went searching for Stroud. A stooge told Spider-Man about a crimeboos meeting at Tom Stoneham's estate. Joined by Black Widow Spider-Man found Stroud bound to a chair at the estate, but it was a trap by the Owl, who sent a bunch of henchman at the heroes. Seeing Black Widow in trouble gave Stroud the strength to break free from his bonds and even though his side hurt Stroud took a gun to aid the heroes. When the Owl attempted to flee Stroud shot his flying wheelchair and it exploded. Stroud was disappointed that it took him two shots to hit the target. He returned with Spider-Man to the inside to aid the Widow against the henchmen, but she had already knocked them all out.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#2 (fb) - BTS) - Simon Stroud went to San Salvador, presumably for the CIA, to keep a dissident execution camp fiasco secret.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#2) - After a report from NYPD Detective Butler, Simon was called by CIA contacts because his name was still flagged as "to be notified" in case of murders similar to file code: Stoker (the Adventures into Fear case, I assume). He was informed that the NYPD saw the case as low priority. After giving an update on the San Salvador situation, Stroud promised to file a full report at the end of the week. After the call Stroud ordered a ticket to New York City at American Airlines.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#3 (fb) ) - During the flight from San Salvador to New York's LaGuardia Airport Simon had nightmares of Morbius. Passengers informed a stewardess about the weird noises he made and she woke him up and asked him if he was alright. He lied because he actually still blamed himself for not stopping Morbius years ago. After arriving in NY he met with Butler, who handed over the file case on the recent vampire killings in NYC.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#10/2 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud had Butler paid by the CIA through one of his inside men.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#3 (fb) ) - At his hotel room Stroud accessed classified databases to learn more about the vampire killings and was shocked that the NYPD ignored these killings for months.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#3) - Wearing night-vision goggles Stroud, knowing Spider-Man had received a message from Morbius on Dick Packer's corpse to meet with him, eavesdropped on Spider-Man and followed him to the meeting.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#3 - BTS) - Stroud set up thermite charges around the area while Spider-Man confronted Morbius.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#3) - Stroud watched the meeting from a roof. When Spider-Man and Morbius began to fight Stroud took off his goggles, readied his tranquilizer rifle and took a shot at the fighting Spider-Man, distracted by the deactivation of the thermite charges, and Morbius. He hit both targets and came down from the roof to finish Morbius with his pistol by shooting him in the head, but agents of Dr. Paine shot him in the chest, knocking him only unconscious because he was protected by a bulletproof vest, before Stroud could pull the trigger. They abducted Morbius afterward.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#4 - BTS) - Stroud regained consciousness before Spider-Man and waited for him to do as well.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#4) - Stroud explained to Spider-Man that he had to sedate him to prevent Spider-Man from interfeering with Morbius' execution. Spider-Man, who wanted to help Morbius, was not too happy with Stroud's plan and didn't care for Stroud's speech about Morbius being a national security risk. Stroud pulled his gun on Spider-Man, but decided to let him leave when Spidey threatened him.

   Back in his hotel room Stroud realized that he couldn't go after Morbius all on his own and he called Butler to get more information on the vampire killer, but Butler was not willing to risk his job again to aid Stroud in his crusade against Morbius.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#6 (fb) - BTS) - Stroud made a few phone calls and plundered his Swiss bank account to hire Vic Slaughter and the Hardcases to hunt down Morbius.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#7 (fb) ) - Stroud showed Slaughter the file on Morbius and asked him if he could handle him. Stroud was sure that it would be easy.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#6) - Stroud and Slaughter were at Stroud's hotel room when Stroud called Butler again. Butler informed Stroud that Martine Bancroft's funeral was paid for in cash by a mysterious benefactor. Stroud wanted the details faxed to him and lost afterward to avoid any local interference. With a new lead on Morbius Stroud sent Slaughter and his team out into the field.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#7) - Stroud looked through the file of Vic Slaughter and remembered how he hired him. Stroud was sure Slaughter could execute Morbius....but Slaughter failed.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#10/2) - Stroud found Morbius once again and wildly shot at him with several weapons until he had no more bullets left. Morbius was still alive, overpowered Stroud and hypnotized Stroud so he would forget everything about Morbius. It worked leaving a baffled Stroud behind on a roof.

   Back at his hotel room Stroud found Morbius' case file on his computer, but he couldn't even remember who this Morbius character was and considered it a prank. Moments later Vic Slaughter crashed through the window and reversed Morbius' hypnosis after realizing what Morbius had done to Stroud. Slaughter then forced Stroud to aid him in locating Morbius, who had left town. As a gift Slaughter told Stroud that Morbius was masquerading as Dr. Morgan Michaels at St. Jude's Hospital (and probably also found out about his friendship with Dr. Jacob important fact for a story years later).

(Morbius the Living Vampire#11/2) - Learning that Slaughter had once again failed to execute Morbius Stroud and had become a vampire (or something like that) himself. With the knowledge of Morbius' alias at St. Jude's Hospital Stroud called Butler to set up a meeting at St. Jude's. Butler met Stroud outside the hospital while CIA agents Barrett and China talked to Dr. Morgan Michaels (who actually was Morbius) about Stroud's "delusion" that Michaels was Morbius. Butler and Stroud stormed into Michaels' office and were confronted by Michaels and the CIA agents. Stroud shot Michaels, then took Butler hostage and attempted to flee the hospital with him, but outside the NYPD had surrounded the building. Stroud finally realized that Butler had set him up. He shot three police officers before Morbius saved Butler and took Stroud to a nearby building's ledge after disarming him. The police picked up Stroud, who told the police that they were making a mistake.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#22 (fb) - BTS) - The CIA closed down all of Stroud's hideouts after he was sent to a mental institution...except for one in New Jersey.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#11/2) - Days later Stroud was rambling about Morbius being a creation of the CIA and KGB at the Lauderback Mental Institution. At the institution he received a call from Vic Slaughter, who held Stroud indirectly responsible for his mutation and threatened to kill Stroud after Morbius.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#20 (fb) - BTS) - Other patients grew scared of Stroud.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#20) - Still at Lauderbeck Mental Institution Stroud was having dinner and thought to himself that Agents Barrett and China had removed him because he knew the truth about Morbius. He swore to get out of the mental institution to take out Morbius and put Barrett and China where they belonged.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#21) - At Lauderbeck Mental Instituation Stroud broke off one leg of his chair and waited for the medics to give him his sedatives. He knocked them out, nearly getting shot by one of them, and stole one of the medics' keys to escape the institution through the front door.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#22) - Stroud returned to one of his hideouts in a forgotten warehouse across the river in New Jersey and hacked into the CIA's database to learn more about Agent Barrett and China. He planned to get revenge on them for removing him from his hunt for Morbius. Coincidentally they had found out a lot about Morbius because they were surveiying him to use him against Randolph Simpson, a rogue agent. Using their info Stroud went after Barrett, China and Morbius all at the same time.

   Stroud found the most recent victim of Randolph Simpson and waited on a nearby fire escape for Morbius to arrive on the crime scene. He shot at Morbius, but missed. Morbius tackled Stroud and together fell down into an alley, landing in a dumpster. Morbius once again tried to hypnotize Stroud, but Stroud gave him a headbutt to interrupt the process. Stroud then proceeded to threaten Morbius with his gun.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#23) - With Morbius and Stroud at each others throat Spider-Man intervened after Stroud failed to kill Morbius and pulled Morbius off the former CIA agent. Stroud introduced himself to Spider-Man once again because Spidey couldn't remember him. Stroud explained that Randolph Simpson was killing corrupt agents only and was therefore a true patriot for killing them. Though Morbius and Spider-Man were of a different opinion (killing is bad....strange for Morbius to say) they accepted Stroud's aid to protect the last agent on Simpson's list.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#23 - BTS) - Stroud sought Barrett and China by checking out different safehouses.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#23) - Stroud found them at the third safehouse and used surveillance equipment to learn that they were trying to recruit Simpson before the end of the Cold War for a KGB exchange. He planned to set them up, but everyone else was already arriving. Simpson saw Stroud sitting in his car, followed by Slaughter, who saw Stroud, and still sought revenge against him for becoming a pseudo-vampire. Morbius tackled Slaughter to save Stroud. Stroud followed Simpson into the safehouse and told Simpson not to kill Barrett and China because Stroud had enough proof to send them to prison. The fight between all parties continued and after Slaughter, Spidey and Morbius crashed through a window Simpson fled, after Barrett and China were dead, and Stroud was knocked out by Slaughter.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#23 - BTS) - Stroud escaped before the CIA arrived to bring him in.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#29) - Stroud attended Michael Morbius' supposed funeral, but due to a deal with the Dwarf Morbius was already alive again and there was no body to be laid to rest. Simon smoked a cigarette while Morbius' friend Dr. Weisenthal told the attendees that Morbius' body had been stolen.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#20 - BTS) - Lilith, daughter of Dracula, stole Simon Stroud's files and learned from them about Dr. Jacob Weisenthal's friendship with Dr. Michael Morbius. She visited the former to ask for the latter's whereabouts.

(Dark Reign Files) - The mercenary Simon Stroud discovered FACADE's identity and sent the information to HAMMER director Norman Osborn.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench (writer), George Tuska (pencils) & Vince Colletta (inks).

Stroud's e-mail address, as seen in Dark Reign Files, is

The actual reasons for him leaving the CIA are unknown to the reader.

Adventures into Fear#27-31 were reprinted in Morbius Revisited#1-5 (1993-1994).

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Simon Stroud has no known connection to:

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Barrett & China

Barrett is the bald agent with glasses. China is the one with hair.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#23 (fb) - BTS) - Barrett and China were two dirty CIA agents. During the Cold War they tried to recruit Randolph Simpson into a KGB exchange. They liked selling secrets to the Russians because it was profitable.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#10/2) - They went to NYC to talk to Detective Butler about Simon Stroud. They didn't like it that he pretended to not even know Stroud and after Barrett hit his head on the desk he told Butler Stroud's history with the CIA and how he wasn't even working for them anymore since his mind snapped after failing to bring in Morbius. They then explained that they were there to silence Vic Slaughter, who Stroud had brought in three days earlier to hunt for Morbius, and Stroud as well. They violently insisted that Butler aided them in subduing Stroud.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#11/2) - Barrett and CHina were with Butler in his office when Butler received a call from Stroud, who arranged a meeting with Butler at St. Jude's Hospital, where Stroud wanted to take down Dr. Michaels (aka. Morbius). Barrett and China met with Dr. Michaels and explained to him that Stroud was crazy. They protected Michaels from Stroud when he and Butler stormed in. They followed Stroud to the outside when he took Butler hostage and ordered the police to shoot Stroud, which they didn't because Stroud shot them first. After Morbius left Stroud on the ledge of a nearby building he was picked up by the police and taken to a mental institution by the authorization of Barrett and China.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#22 (fb) - BTS) - The CIA assigned Barrett and China to bring in Randolph Simpson.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#21 (fb) - BTS) - Barrett and China had Morbius under surveillance for months.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#21 (fb) - BTS) - They set up a trap to catch Randolph Simpson, but he killed the agent and got away.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#21) - Barrett and China approached Morbius when he fed on a victim of rogue CIA agent Randolph Simpson. They knew he wasn't the killer and asked him to aid them in finding Simpson because they needed him alive and feared other parties like Maggia have hired a powerful operative (they should've told him it was Vic Slaughter, but they didn't) to kill Simpson. Morbius suggested to lay a trap and not rely on his services, but the result of the last trap was the victim Morbius was feeding on. Morbius was still not interested to work with them. They decided to find a way to convince Morbius to work for them.

   They soon visited Morbius' home and only found Martine Bancroft there. They asked her to come with them after they recognized her as the recently deceased Ms. Bancroft. She assaulted them and broke Barrett's hand when the agents pulled their guns on her. Two shots by China didn't kill her, but a local anesthetic from Barrett at least sedated her temporarily. They abducted Martine.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#21 - BTS) - They brought Martine to their safehouse and Barrett got a cast on his broken arm.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#21) - The agents returned to Morbius' home and when he arrived told him that they had talked to a Daily Bugle reporter about Morbius' involvement with the CIA agents' murders and that they only needed to hand over evidence to frame Morbius. They knew about his secret identity as Dr. Michaels (surprise, surprise....see Morbius the Living Vampire#11/2). Their blackmailing attempt only made Morbius angry, but when they revealed that they had abducted Martine he finally gave in, but promised to get them if they double-crossed him by harming Martine.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#22) - At their safehouse Barrett received a call and was informed that Simpson succeeded to kill two more agents while China built a house of cards. They were not happy with Morbius failing to apprehend Simpson and with Slaughter being taken in by the competition (Maggia) because Slaughter knew far too much about Simpson. Martine listened to them while pretending to still be unconscious.

(Morbius the Living Vampire#23) - China made googly eyes at beautiful Martine, who still pretended to be out, then walked over to Barrett, who had just received a call that Simpson had killed Agent Shepherd before she could destroy all evidence against them. China was sure the CIA would soon make them disappear if their dealings became known to their employer and thought about making a deal with the CIA like handing over Morbius to research.

   Stroud found the safehouse of Barrett and China almost at the same time as Simpson, who was followed by Slaughter, Morbius and Spider-Man. The two agents saw the powered beings outside and decided to flee through a trapdoor in the floor, but Simpson bombed his way in through the ceiling. Martine broke free at the same time and grabbed China from behind. Simpson threatened to shoot Barrett, but Stroud came in to convince Simpson to let him live so they could hand the rogue agents over to the CIA and see them sent to prison. Barrett got into a hand-to-hand fight with Simpson while Martine broke China's neck, killing him. Simpson shot Barrett in the head after breaking his arm, killing him as well.

--Morbius the Living Vampire#10/2 (Morbius the Living Vampire#10/2, 11/2, 21-23

Mel Katz & Randy Dehn

They were FBI agents sent to bring in John Jameson for going AWOL. Stroud first met them at 30th Precinct Station after John had escaped his custody. Some time later they reported to JJJ and Stroud at the Daily Bugle about John's surrender at Cape Canaveral. JJJ asked Stroud and the agents to leave his office afterward.

--Creatures on the Loose#34 (Creatures on the Loose#34-36


He worked at the Boston police in the lab and examined the blood of an unidentified female vampire. He found out that her blood was highly radioactive and after being slapped in the face by Stroud because he panicked, reported this fact to Stroud.

--Adventures into Fear#31

J. Slocum

He was the chief of police in Boston and handed all the information Stroud needed on the five vampire killings.

--Adventures into Fear#27

unidentified 30th Precinct Lieutenant

(Creatures on the Loose#30) - The lieutenant called in Special Police Task Force's Simon Stroud to deal with the Man-Wolf and sent him to John Jameson, who had possibly been attacked by the Man-Wolf. An officer ran in to inform the lieutenant and Stroud that the werewolf had just been seen at John Jameson's home and Stroud rushed off. The lieutenant told him to be careful.

(Creatures on the Loose#33) - He was mad at Simon Stroud because the Man-Wolf was not dead and had seriously injured Officer Anella. Stroud was sorry and the lieutenant gave him another chance to take down the Man-Wolf.

(Creatures on the Loose#34) - The lieutenant was joined by J. Jonah Jameson, Kristine Saunders, Stroud and FBI agents Dehn and Katz in his office to discuss the whereabouts of John Jameosn, who had fled from Stroud's custody. The lieutenant wanted a complete report on the escape of John and the Man-Wolf from Stroud.

--Creatures on the Loose#30 (Creatures on the Loose#30, 33-34

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