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Real Name: Simon Majors

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsKeng Chow, SeethiosSharalla (loved),

EnemiesTryphon and his bat-men monsters

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth and beyond

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#2 (October, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: After Seethios gave him his power Majors started to glow. His strength was increased and his touch became burning and deadly to Tryphon.

History: (Vampire Tales#2 (fb) - BTS) - Simon Majors read on ancient manuscript about some objects that opened a portal to another dimension. These objects were called "claws of Tryphon" and were little circular stones with a star carved into them.

(Vampire Tales#2 (fb)) - Majors travelled through the world to find the stones. He met bandits in the desert of Gobi and finally he gathered all five stones.

(Vampire Tales#2) - Then he went to the Cordilleras Mountains in Peru where the portal had to be.
    Just during the climbing he heard a scream coming from the peak, but when he arrived there, he found only a great rock and five little holes on the ground. He put the stones in the holes and a mist surrounded him. He suddenly found himself in another world.
    Perfumes came from flowers and trees as he walked through the forest. Soon he was attacked by some monsters with bat-like faces. He also met a beautiful girl, Sharalla, apparently leader of the bat-men. They imprisoned him in a cave waiting for the conjunction of two moons and for a sacrifice to Tryphon.
    Exploring the cave Majors met a strange being made of light resembling a star. His name was Seethios and he was a being born from the stars and an enemy of Tryphon, who imprisoned him there. Majors accepted Seethios' help and Seethios imbued him with his power. A golden glowing surrounded Majors, who left, full of hope of freeing Sharalla from his dreadful master.
    Once out of the prison Majors was captured again by the bat-men. This time it took six of them to subdue him.

   Sharalla, upon seing him again, confessed that she had feelings for him, but she couldn't avoid to obey to Tryphon, so the sacrifice started. Majors was on an altar and could not move. The two moons were in conjunction and Tryphon arrived from the darkness. The demon-like vampire tried to bite Majors, but the glowing that surrounded him burned Tryphon. The vampire wrongly guessed that it was a trap of Sharalla and assaulted the girl, but Majors was free and jumped on Tryphon, putting him ablaze. In few seconds Seethios' power had defeated the Vampire.
    Majors ran away with Sharalla because the world was dying without Tryphon. They crossed the portal, but after a few moments Sharalla faded and crumbled into dust as she could not exist without her creator. Majors cried for her.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox (writer), Jesus Blasco and John Romita Sr. (pencils and inks).

    The power wielded by Majors was probably concentrated sunlight. Tryphon could probably bear light emitted by the sun, at interplanetary distance, but could not bear the amount of sunlight possessed by Seethios and produced by Majors.

Profile by Spidermay.

Simon Majors has no known connections to any other "Major" character.

Keng Chow has no known connections to

Keng Chow

    Keng Chow was the leader of a group of bandits. They lived in the sands of the desert of Gobi.

    Keng Chow was one of the several persons approached by Simon Majors to retrieve the star-carved stones called Tryphon's claws.


--Vampire Tales#2


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Vampire Tales#2, p9, pan3 (Simon Majors, full image)
Vampire Tales#2, p9, pan3 (Simon Majors, head shot)
Vampire Tales#2, p3, pan6 (Keng Chow)

Vampire Tales#2 (October, 1973) - Gardner Fox (writer), Jesus Blasco (pencils), John Romita (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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