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Real Name: Tryphon

Identity/Class: Extradimensional vampire

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsSharalla (priestess), bat-men monsters

EnemiesSeethios, Simon Majors

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Archdemon of Darkness, Destroyer of Life, Lord of darkness

Base of Operations: None, he roamed among several worlds in an extradimensional realm

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#2 (October, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Long life-span, living in outer space, travelling intergalactic distances, building worlds, creating tools for opening dimensional portals. Tryphon's sustenance was human blood and/or human flesh. He probably knew several languages including one similar to an indian (native american from the Peruvian area) dialect.

History: (Vampire Tales#2 (fb)) - In the beginning, when the stars started to exist, Tryphon was born from the darkness. Tryphon voyaged through the darkness for countless eons and acquired great powers.

    When he saw that on some planets life was beginning he created his own world and filled it with creatures, who worshipped him. But there was only one way to enter in his world, so he created five stars, which could open the gates. He scattered the stars, turned into stones, on Earth.

(Vampire Tales#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tryphon entrapped a being born from the stars, Seethios, and held him in the darkness in caves of his world.

    In the meantime he used the beings of his world to survive. They were captured by his worshippers, bat-men monsters, while the priestess Sharalla summoned Tryphon, who fed of the prisoners' blood.

main image(Vampire Tales#2) - An American Simon Majors gathered the five "Tryphon's Claws stones" and opened the gates to Tryphon's realm. He was captured by the bat-men, but during his imprisonment he met Seethios, who empowered him with a golden glow, a power he could use against Tryphon.
    Shortly after that, at the conjunction of the two moons, Sharalla called Tryphon from the darkness. Tryphon arrived and immediately stretched out his fangs on Majors, but when his claws touched the glowing body, they started to burn. Tryphon thought that it was a trap of Sharalla and assaulted her, but he had underestimated Majors, who attacked him. The fires around Majors were deadly to Tryphon and he was entirely burned. While he was dying his world also vanished.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox (writer), Jesus Blasco and John Romita Sr. (pencils), Jesus Blasco and John Romita (inks).

    When Seethios recounted that Tryphon acquired great powers travelling through the darkness he probably meant that Tryphon travelled through outer space and visited places where he learnt these things, and knowledge is power!
    The power wielded by Majors was probably concentrated sunlight. Tryphon could probably bear light emitted by the sun on his world, but could not bear the amount of sunlight possessed by Seethios and produced by Majors.
    The gate between the two worlds was not so impenetrable, Majors heard a scream coming from the other side of the gate, but the gate was still closed.
    Time passed in a different way in Tryphon's dimension. A victim was killed by Tryphon few minutes before Majors opened the gates, but once in the new universe Majors had to wait for the conjunction of two moons before Tryphon was called, so, it probably many days had passed since then, to have another conjunction.
   Most of the sacrificial victims were probably from the same dimension as Tryphon. Tryphon's world was a land rich of vegetation and flowers.
    Sharalla and the bat-men spoke an indian (native american from the Peruvian area) dialect, implying that in the past:

  1. beings from Tryphon's world went to Earth and spread their language in the regions near the Andes;
  2. people from Earth managed to enter Tryphon's world and taught their language there.

Profile by Spidermay.

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    Seethios was a sentient being apparently made of glowing light. Seethios had no eyes, but had other senses and could also speak. The energy he was made of was deadly to Tryphon, but did not harm a human being. Seethios could lend part of his power, embuing another being with it.

    Seethios was imprisoned in a cave by Tryphon. Despite his powers being greater than Tryphon's Seethios could not escape.

    But one day a human being, who had entered Tryphon's dimension, arrived near Seethios. Seethios and the man, Simon Majors, made a pact to destroy Tryphon. Seethios imbued Majors with his light power.

    Later that power enabled Majors to burn Trypon to death.


--Vampire Tales#2


    Sharalla was part of Tryphon's world, one of his creations. Different from the other creatures, the bat-men, she had a stronger will and feelings too. She spoke a language similar to an indian dialect (native know the drill).
    Sharalla was the priestess of Tryphon and led the procedures of the sacrifices to Tryphon. The bat-men took orders from her.

    When Sharalla met Simon Majors she admitted to feel attracted to him, but she had to follow Tryphon's will, so she continued with the sacrifice and called Tryphon from the darkness. When the two moons were in conjunction Tryphon found Majors immobilized on the altar, as it had to be, but the powers given from Seethios to Majors burned Tryphon. Sharalla was almost killed by Trypon's fury, but Majors saved her just in time.
    Majors and Sharalla left the dying Tryphon and his world through the portal to Peru, but when they were in Major's world, on the Andes, Sharalla disintegrated into dust. She could not exist without Tryphon's power. Majors cried for her.


--Vampire Tales#2



Bat-men monsters

    The monsters were Tryphon's pawns and worshippers. They took orders from Sharalla and had the task to capture the sacrifices to Tryphon.
    They were dark-skinned humanoids, with bat-like faces. They were as strong as a well-trained muscular human being and spoke an indian dialect (see above). As weapons they had knives and sticks.

    The bat-men assaulted Majors soon after he entered Tryphon's world and imprisoned him in a cave closed with a big rock.
    Majors escaped, with Seethios' aid, but the bat-men found him and it took half a dozen of them to capture him again.

    Afterward they were present during the sacrifice, but they did not intervene in the struggle between Tryphon and Majors. They died with the death of Tryphon's world.


--Vampire Tales#2



Tryphon's claws

    In the world of Simon Majors the Claws of Tryphon were five stones with the a star carved into them.
   In Tryphon's dimension they were actually five stars whose function was to open a portal to another dimension.
    The stones had to be set into five holes on the ground somewhere on the Cordilleras Mountains in Peru.

    After Tryphon created the stars he scattered them on Earth.

   For unknown reasons the the five claws became known to man and were mentioned in some ancient manuscripts.

    Simon Majors gathered them after a long search. When he used them at the right spot on the Cordilleras Mountains, a mist arose around him, and transported him to Tryphon's dimension.

--Vampire Tales#2

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Vampire Tales#2, p8, pan4 (Tryphon, main image)
Vampire Tales#2, p8, pan5 (Tryphon, head shot)
Vampire Tales#2, p6, pan3 (Tryphon travelling in the space)
Vampire Tales#2, p6, pan1 (Seethios)
Vampire Tales#2, p5, pan4 (Sharalla)
Vampire Tales#2, p7, pan6 (bat-men monsters against Majors)
Vampire Tales#2, p7, pan5 (bat-man, head shot)
Vampire Tales#2, p2, pan4 (Tryphon's claws)

Vampire Tales#2 (October, 1973) - Gardner Fox (writer), Jesus Blasco (pencils), John Romita (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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