Real Name: Seetah

Identity/Class: Extra- dimensional magic user

Occupation: unknown

Group Membership: the People

Affiliations: Gargoyle (Isaac Christians); the People

Enemies: the Coroner

Known Relatives: none known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: the Land

First Appearance: Strange Tales: Dark Corners I#1/3 (May, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: The origins of Seetah’s powers are unknown.   She was able to teleport from her home dimension of the Land to earth and back, to seek out the Gargoyle and compel him to follow, to wield lightning, and to see across the dimensions.   By singing, she was able to guide the Gargoyle through a dreamquest or hallucination of sorts to help him find his purpose.  

History: (Strange Tales: Dark Corners I#1 (fb)) – A seeming extradimensional sorceress, Seetah was a representative of ‘the People’ from a dimension called ‘the Land.’   She claimed that the People had once enlightened humankind on earth, but that that enlightenment had now been lost.   The Land was forever in twilight now, and the People forever in shadow.   She sought out a vessel to do the People’s will, and discovered the Gargoyle (a man named Isaac Christians whose soul inhabited a demon’s body) on earth, who had lost all sense of purpose.

(Strange Tales: Dark Corners I#1) – Seetah called to the Gargoyle, flashing lightning, and compelling him to follow her voice into the Land.   By singing, Seetah led Gargoyle in a seeming massive hallucination that caused him to face his dueling human and demon natures.   After facing these natures, Gargoyle was reawakened to a sense of hope.   Seetah sent him back to Earth and bid him seek out “the heart of silver and the dawn of eternity.”   She taught the Gargoyle that “one heart can change the world.”   She believed that the People had chosen well in choosing Gargoyle as their vessel.

(Silver Surfer I#139) – Seetah watched from afar as the Gargoyle sought out the Silver Surfer (who may have been the heart of silver).   Gargoyle was stopped, however, when a villain called the Coroner corrupted his influence and sent him to do battle with the Silver Surfer.   Gargoyle and Silver Surfer were able to defeat the Coroner, and Gargoyle was freed from the evil influence.   Seetah guided Gargoyle away to battle an ancient evil.

Comments: Created by John Marc DeMatteis and Mark Badger.

This character was never really explained, developed, or followed up on.   Gargoyle has had appearances since, but there has been no known follow up on Seetah.

Profile by Chadman.


Seetah has no known connections to any character not mentioned in this profile.

images :
Strange Tales: Dark Corners I#1, p29, pan1

Silver Surfer III#139 (May, 1998) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Roger Cruz, Joe Bennett & Jon Muth (artists), Jaye Gardner (editor)

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