Real Name: Dr. Jacob Weisenthal

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: General Practicioner

Group Membership: St. Jude's Hospital staff

Affiliations: Martine Bancroft, Black Cat, Blade, Brother Voodoo, Sam Buchanan, Cloak, Dagger, Caretaker, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Lena Ivana, Morbius, Nightwatch, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Mandy Tyler, Werewolf (Jack Russell)

EnemiesBloodthirst, Lilith, Simon Stroud (indrectly)

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife, unidentified father (deceased), Mrs. Klein (sister), Dr. David Klein (nephew)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Works and lives at his family practice for internal medicine on 19th Street, New York City;

Also works at St. Jude's Hospital, New York City

First Appearance: Morbius#1 (September, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: He is a highly intelligent physician.


(Morbius#2 (fb) - BTS) - Three years before meeting Morbius again, Jacob's father was robbed for $42.50 and shot in the face. He lived on machines for another year and a half. The punks responsible where out of prison again before he died.

(Morbius#1) - Jacob drank a hot coffee in the morning when his old friend Morbius crashed through his window and lost consciousness. Jacob took care of Morbius in his practice until Morbius woke up nine hours later.

(Morbius#1 - BTS) - Jacob treated Morbius in his practice and made a few tests while Morbius was still unconscious.

(Morbius#1) - Nine hours later Morbius had regained consciousness and looked human again. Jacob showed Morbius the results of the tests he had made and after Morbius reverted to his vampiric form, Jacob told him that they needed a sample of whatever it was that turned Morbius human again to control his condition and return Morbius to normal for longer periods. Morbius took the offer though he was surprised that Jacob would help him.

(Morbius#2) - After Martine had died at the hands of Dr. Langford, Morbius returned with a sample of Langford's formula to Jacob, who brought him to bed to get some rest.

(Morbius#2 - BTS) - Jacob had the damaged windows replaced.

(Morbius#2) - The next night Jacob told Morbius how sorry he was about what had happened to Martine. Morbius felt guilty that Jacob had become an accessory to his crimes. They discussed alternatives to fresh human blood, but Morbius made it clear that he could only survive by drinking exactly that. Jacob liked Morbius idea to kill criminals to survive. Jacob still wanted to use the serum sample to work on a medicine for Morbius to control his condition. They talked about finding a cover identity and a new place to live for Morbius, who didn't want Jacob to pay use his own money for Morbius' treatment and broke into a bank to cash in two checks.

(Morbius#3) - At St. Jude's Hospital Jacob made more tests with Morbius learning of Morbius' psionic powers and body-wide mutagenic changes. Jacob suspected that Morbius had been insane until his recent changes, but that the changes also made it more difficult to find a treatment. Morbius decided to get a blood sample from Spider-Man because it had helped him before to temporarily force his condition into remission.

(Morbius#5) - Jacob watched Morbius worked on a serum for himself with Spider-Man's blood added to it. Jacob tried to stop Morbius from using the serum without testing it, but Morbius just used it and it worked. Jacob warned Morbius that they didn't know how long the effect would last or if the serum was toxic, but Morbius was too happy to think about any side effects.

  Morbius returned home, transformed once again into his vampiric form, after a gang had beaten him up. He told Jacob that the bloodthirst was worse than before. Jacob made Morbius realize that he had to feed before the serum could work again. Morbius went after the punks that had attacked him earlier.

(Morbius#6) - Jacob realized that Morbius' recovery rate was tripled by his recent mutation. Aware that the accelerated metabolism would eventually poison Morbius, Jacob suggested dialysis treatments and the use of a hyperbaric chamber to saturate Morbius' body with oxygen. Morbius took the serum again despite Jacob's earlier warnings of unknown side effects. Before Morbius left for the lab Jacob reminded him of his interview at St. Jude's Hospital for the job in hematology.

(Morbius#7) - Jacob was happy when the dialysis treatment and hyperbaric chamber worked like they should for Morbius and he didn't even say a thing when Morbius continued to use the serum to look like a normal human. He watched Morbius leave as Dr. Michaels for his first day of work at St. Jude's Hospital.

(Morbius#10) - Jacob called Morbius at in his new home and told him to turn on Channel 7 to hear about the recent attacks of a vampire-killer. Jacob wanted to know if Morbius was behind it, but Morbius didn't remember a thing.

(Morbius#14) - Jacob came to Morbius' apartment after receiving a call from Jack Russell. Jacob wished he had never gotten involved with Morbius, but Jack told him how much Morbius needed friends like them now more than ever. Leaving his hyperbaric chamber Morbius tried to attack Jacob, but Jack turned into the Werewolf and held him down until Jacob could inject Morbius with his serum. Morbius flew out the window and Jacob decided to seperate him from the madness that was Morbius' life.

  Later that night Morbius broke into Jacob's home. With his wife scared, Jacob went looking for who had broken into their house with a flashlight and found Morbius sitting in the living room and rambling about how he wasn't himself anymore.

(Morbius#15) - In his home's attic Jacob was afraid of Morbius, whose look had become more monstrous than ever. After listening to Morbius, Jacob suggested to him to use his metamorphic powers to look more human again and use dark glasses and make-up to hide his white skin and red eyes. He then told Morbius how sorry he was that he had distanced himself from him.

(Morbius#20) - Jacob stole blood packeges from St. Jude's Hospital to support Morbius' plan to rid himself once and for all of the Lilin presence in his blood by filtering the parasite out. Jacob did most of the work and days later the parasite was finally gone from Morbius' blood.

(Morbius#20 - BTS) - A short time later the Lilin blood took on human form as Bloodthirst and attacked Jacob. Jacob was carried to St. Jude's Hospital by Bloodthirst.

(Morbius#20) - Bloodthirst tossed Jacob through a window at St. Jude's Hospital to get Morbius' attention. Jacob had to stay in hospital. Both his arms and legs were broken and his head was injured as well. Morbius was sorry, but Jacob was only happy that Morbius was there to stop Bloodthirst instead of being controlled by the monster himself.

(Morbius#27) - Jacob tried to talk to Morgan (Morbius) at St. Jude's Hospital, but Morgan had no time for him because he wanted to see Lena Ivana at the morgue (believing her to be dead at the time). When Jacob had found him again he tried to tell Morgan something important, but Morgan was talking to the nieces of a murdered man. Moments later Jacob insisted to talk to Morgan, but Morgan saw the children's uncle and realized that it was a criminal he had killed. Jacob tried to calm down Morgan, but he had enough and didn't want to hear anything about what Jacob had found out in his lab. Listening to Morbius, Jacob realized that he was thinking about committing suicide by not killing anymore (no blood = Morbius dead). Jacob told that he couldn't do this now and Morbius finally wanted to know what Jacob had found out in his lab.

(Morbius#28) - Jacob waited for Morbius in his lab at St. Jude's. When Morbius arrived he just wanted to take his serum to look human again, but Jacob wanted to talk to him first about his decision to die. Jacob finally told Morbius that he was onto something that could cure Martine, which caught Morbius' interest. Morbius still wanted to die and Morbius only wondered if Jacob was near of finding a cure for him as well. Jacob kept working on the cure for Martine and hoped that a few modifications would make it usable for Morbius as well. A sudden explosion of his chemicals knocked Jacob out for an hour. Jacob went with the finished cure to Morbius and found him dead on the floor next to Werewolf, who tried to stop Morbius from committing suicide by letting the sun shine on him in his weakened form. Jacob tried the curing serum, but it didn't work because Morbius was really dead.

(Morbius#29) - Jacob blamed himself for Morbius' death because he wasn't finished earlier with the curing serum. He found a suicide note by Morbius and gave it to Jack Russell. The note told them about Morbius' wish to be buried as soon as possible with only his closest friends in attendance. They wrapped up Morbius' body in a cloth and Russell brought it to St. Jude's Hospital. Close behind him, Jacob entered the morgue to fill out the death certificate and get it past the coroner. Lena, who worked at the morgue entered, and was surprised to see Morbius (she was afraid of him and didn't know he was also Dr. Morgan Michaels).

  A day later Jacob attended Morbius' midnight funeral along with Lena, who was surprised that Jacob took her there. Suddenly Morbius, brought back to life by Jacob's serum, broke through the coffin to everyone's surprise. The next morning more heroes came to attend the funeral, but Jacob stayed to tell everyone that Morbius' body had been stolen. Especially Sam Buchanan was angered because he only came to spit on Morbius' grave.

(Morbius#30 (fb) - BTS) - Jacob made an appointment with Martine, but didn't tell her that he wanted to cure her with a serum.

(Morbius#30) - Jacob bought nail clippers for Morbius and was impressed by his nightly transformation. Jacob was happy that Morbius was relaxed because his bloodlust was gone. Jacob told Morbius about the appointment with Martine. After leaving the bar Morbius and Jacob were awaited by some muggers, but Morbius scarred them off by breaking apart a pistol with ease. Morbius then flew away and Jacob wished him a good night.

(Morbius#32 (fb) - BTS) - Jacob saw Martine at the emergency room.

(Morbius#31) - Working at St. Jude's Jacob was called by a nurse when Dr. Michaels (Morbius) was found bloody in the supply closet. Jacob brought Morbius to his lab, but Morbius wanted to clean himself up before he entered it because Lena was waiting for him there. Arriving at the lab Jacob found a letter from Lena. Jacob talked with Morbius about the patient that died during Morbius operation and that had been drained of all his blood. Morbius knew it was his fault that the patient died, but he was sure he didn't drink the patient's blood. Jacob referenced that Morbius eyes weren't bloodshed and that his ears weren't elongated like normally at night, but Morbius saw this as no proof that he had drank a human's blood and left to go after Lena.

  Later the police asked Jacob questions about Dr. Morgan Michaels. They assumed he was taking drugs, but Jacob assured them that it was something else that caused Dr. Michaels' blackouts.

(Morbius#32) - Assisted by his nephew Dr. David Klein, a pediatrics resident, Jacob made the autopsy on Dr. Michaels' blood drained patient to find out if Morbius had drank his blood. He couldn't find any puncture wounds, but due to the multiple stab wounds Jacob thought that Morbius could've drank his blood without biting the patient. Eventually he accepted that Morbius wasn't responsible and wondered if Martine was somehow behind the patient's death because he had seen her the night before at the emergency room. Jacob later introduced Dr. Michaels to David in Michaels' lab.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Jacob continued his research to find a cure for Morbius. When he had finally found a cure (at least he thought he had found one) he waited for Morbius to show up again.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#20) - Following information from Simon Stroud's files Lilith, daughter of Dracula, visited Jacob in his apartment to learn from him Morbius' current whereabouts. Jacob didn't know where Morbius was and told her about th cure. Lilith didn't want to hear anything about a cure and killed Jacob by tossing him through the room and then dropping a machine on his head.

Comments: Created by Len Kaminski, Ron Wagner & Mike Witherby.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Dr. Jacob Weisenthal has no known connection to:

Dr. David Klein has no known connection to:

Dr. David Klein

David was the the son of Jacob's sister. He worked at St. Jude's Hospital as pediatrics resident. He waited for twenty years to work along his uncle and finally got the chance to work with him when Jacob needed help with an autopsy on one of Dr. Michaels' patients. David realized that his uncle was looking for more than just stab wounds. Later that day he was introduced to Dr. Michaels by his uncle.


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Morbius#32, p1 (head shots for Jacob Weisenthal & David Klein)

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