Real Name: Jacob Russoff (given name), Jack Russell (adopted name)

Identity/Class: Human variant (werewolf/Lycanthropes)

Occupation: Adventurer, wanderer;
    former sanitation engineer

Group Membership: Legion of Monsters (Living Mummy, Manphibian, Morbius); Midnight Sons (Hellstorm, Jennifer Kale, Morbius, Werewolf/Jack Russell)
    formerly Sarnak's Army of Fear, "Legion of Monsters" (Ghost Rider (Blaze), Man-Thing, Morbius), Night Shift (Brothers Grimm (Grimes), Dansen Macabre, Digger,
Gypsy Moth, Misfit, Needle, Shroud, Tatterdemalion, Tick-Tock), SHIELD's Howling Commandos unit (Abominable Snowman, Bradley Beemer, Brother Voodoo, Clone of Frankenstein, Glob/Joe Timms, Gorilla Man, Groot, Hellstorm, It the Living Colossus, Lilith, Living Mummy, Clay Quartermain, Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski), Vampire by Night, Warwolf/Vince Marcus, Zombie"John Doe", many others)

Affiliations: Father Adobe, ARMOR (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response), Martine Bancroft, Becky Barnes, Gideon Blaine, Elsa Bloodstone, Bug, Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Captain America, Caretaker, Cat People (non-demonic), Raymond Coker, Buck Cowan, Daddy Longlegs, Darkhold Redeemers, Deadpool (Jack/"Wade Wilson"), Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Dr. Voodoo (Jerico Drumm), Frank Drake, Henry Evans, Wanda Evans, Fearless Defenders (Elsa Bloodstone, Clea, Misty Knight, Dani Moonstar, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde, Warrior Woman/Hippolyta), Ferocia, Fenris Wolf, Fire-Eyes, Frankenstein's Monster, Ben Franklin, Freddie, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Ghost Rider (Noble Kale), Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch), Nate Grey, Grithstane, Gypsy Moth (Skein), Louise Hastings, Hercules (Heracles), Invisible Man, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), Iron Man (Tony Stark), David Ishima, John Jameson, Edwin Jarvis, Father Ramon Joquez, Jim Kerry, Lump, Magnus, Man-Thing, Marcus the Centaur, Elaine and Buttons Marston, Belaric Marcosa's victims, Lindsey McCabe, Michael the Necromancer, Midnight Sons, Modred the Mystic, Moon Knight, Morbius, Paingloss, Payat, Poltergeist, Nina Price, Punisher (Frank Castle), Red Hulk, Inger Rinefeld, Rintrah, Roxanna, Tina Sands, Jerome Selwin, Shamrock (Molly Fitzgerald), Shiklah, Shroud, Smedley, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Rhona Stuart, Terri (former girlfriend), Three Who Are All, Tier, Tigra, Topaz, Dr. Joanne Tumolo, Rachel van Helsing, Venom (Flash Thompson), Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, Wildpride (Kyllian), Clary Winters, Wolf Demon (Vârcolac), Wolfsbane, X-Factor Investigations (Longshot, M (Monet St. Croix), Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox, Rictor/Julio Richter, Shatterstar/Gaveedra-Seven, Siryn/Teresa Cassidy, Strong Guy/Guido Carosella, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), Max and Betty, Sam

Enemies: Adrienne, Aelfric, Army of Fear, Atlas, Baron Thunder, Bastet, Behemoth, Louis Belski, Marlene and Miles Blackgar (and his agents), Bloodthirst, Braineaters, Brotherhood of Baal, Calliope's Carnival and Circus, Mark Cephalos, Cerberus, Children of the Night, Chondu the Mystic (Harvey Schlemerman), the Committee, Cu Sith, Cult of the Third Moon, Darwin (Armando Munoz), DePrayve, Desmond (Luther Kane's agent), Dimensional Man (Joshua Farkas), Doc Samson (Leonard Samson), Dr. Glitternight, Dr. Nightshade, Dracula (Vlad Dracula), Dragonus, Dredmund Druid, D'Spayre, the Dwarf, Empirikul, Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton), Enforcer, Cal Escher, Fire-Eyes, Goblins, Gorilla-Man (Arthur Nagan), Max Grant, Lt. Lou Hackett, Half-Mad the Hunchback, Hangman (Harlan Krueger), Hellphyr, Hellrunners, Hellsgaard, Hulk, HYDRA, Detective Phil Jones, Joshua Kane and Luther Kane, Kraig, Krogg, the Lilin, Lilith (Mother of Demons), Locksmith, Los Angeles Police Department, Louis (Cephalos' agent), Ma Mayhem, Dr. Karl Malus, Belaric Marcosa, "Scratcher" Martin, Masked Marauder, Scotty McDowell, Detective Len Mico, Mr. Hyde, Moondark, Morgan Le Fey, Morning Star, Morphine, Morty the Slime Monster, Nightmare Creature, Lt. Victor Northrup, Possessors, Power Broker, Pynchon twins, Liza Pyne, Quicksand, Ruby Thursday (Thursday Rubinstein), Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Sardanus, Sidney Sarnak, Satan (Marduk Kurios), Sentinel of Hell, Shadow Sharks, S.H.I.E.L.D., Silver Dagger, Sin creature, Lucien Sinclair, Starseed, Strug (and the rest of Blackgar's failures), Swami Rihva, Switchblade (Blade), Sword of the Lord, Taboo-, Agatha Andrea Timly, Nathan Timly, Tri-Animan, Wendigo, weredemon, Brad Wrangle and his cultists and the demon they worshipped, Joaquin Zairre, "Werewolf Hunters" (Adrienne, Cal Escher, Pynchon Twins, unidentified member), group of rabid wolves, unidentified child molester, unidentified werewolf hunters in Salvage, Alabama;
    formerly Moon Knight, Tatterdemalion, Tick Tock

Known RelativesGrigori Russoff, Baron Russoff; (great, great, great grandfather, deceased);
    Louisa Russoff, Baroness Russoff (great, great, great grandmother, presumably deceased);
    Baroness Russoff (possible second wife of Grigori);
Maria Russoff, Baroness Russoff (grandmother, deceased);
Gregor Russoff, Baron Russoff (father, deceased);
Laura Russoff Russell, Baroness Russoff (mother, deceased);
Philip Russell (nee Russoff) (uncle and step-father);
    Lissa Russell Price (sister)
    Nina Price (niece)
    Mr. Price (brother-in-law)

Aliases: John Doe, Russ Jackson, Tab Russell (see comments), Werewolf by Night, Wildman of Borneo

Place of Birth: Medias, Transylvania

Citizenship: United States of America (naturalized)

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    often New York City, USA, notably Monster Metropolis;
    formerly Los Angeles, California, USA, specifically Colden House, Philip Russell's house

Extent of Education: High school graduate

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight I#2 (February, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Russell has above normal intelligence; while his human form had average to slightly above average abilities initially, they eventually elevated to peak human levels, though his durability is enhanced human.

    Russell can transform into a werewolf, a large powerful form which is a hybrid of human and wolf. Initially he only turned into a werewolf under the light of the full moon, and in werewolf form he was bestial and savage, only possessing the barest hint of his human form's emotions and desires. At other times, though he did still only transform under moonlight, he could control his werewolf form; however, under the light of the full moon, he lost control of his werewolf form, which returned to its bestial, savage persona. Eventually, Russell merged with his werewolf form, gaining the best qualities of both creatures; as such, he gained total control of his transformation and can do so at will. He can transform his entire body or an isolated portion he chooses. Still sunlight causes him minor irritation, and he feels an increased urge to transform during the full moon.

    As a werewolf, he possesses enhanced human physical abilities (strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, etc.). He has enhanced senses, especially his vision, which extends into ultraviolet and infrared ranges, the latter of which allows him to judge an individual's physical and mental state. The werewolf is virtually impossible to kill; though it can be severely wounded, it recovers from non-fatal wounds ten times faster than human. After being shot in the head, Werewolf regenerated a new head, though it stayed in puppy form for a time, indicating that it had to age back to normal. It is vulnerable to magical attack, as well as to assaults involving silver. Werewolf can sometimes be reverted back to human form when hit with a bio-electric shock.

Jack Russell frequently travels by motorcycle.

At one point in his history, Jack would have a vision of Hell whenever he transformed into the Werewolf.


Height: 5'10"; (as werewolf) 6'8" (varies)
Weight: 200 lbs.; (as werewolf) 300 lbs. (varies)
Eyes: Blue; (as werewolf) Red
Hair: Red; (as werewolf) Reddish-brown with black and tan streaks

(Marvel Spotlight I#2 (fb) - BTS) - He was born Jacob Russoff to Gregor and Laura Russoff.

(Tomb of Dracula I#18 (fb)) - While still very young, Jacob was held up in the air by his father who said, "Ah, Jacob - - You're a big lad, eh?  Big like your father - - bright like your mother!" 

(Marvel Spotlight I#2 (fb) - BTS) - His father was exposed as a Werewolf and killed by a silver bullet from villagers when he was little more than a year old.

(Marvel Spotlight I#2 (fb) - BTS) - His sister, Lissa, was born when Jack was less than two years old.

(Werewolf by Night I#14 (fb) - BTS) - After Gregor was killed, Laurawith her childrenmoved to the USA to live with her former lover Philip, who was Gregor's brother. A year later, they were married, and Laura and her children took the anglicized name Russell, which Philip had adopted after moving to America. Jacob, now Jack, and Lissa, remained unaware that their step-father was also their uncle.

(Marvel Spotlight I#2) - On the night before his eighteenth birthday (the first night of that month's full moon). Jack inherited his father's curse, transforming into a werewolf. The next day, Jack ran off during his birthday party and transformed again. During this time, his family's chauffeur, Max Grant, secretly an agent of the Committee, sabotaged the brakes on Laura Russell's car as retaliation for Philip's canceling payment; they were blackmailing he and Laura about Gregor having been a werewolf. Laura was mortally wounded in the ensuing car wreck, and Jack and Lissa suspected that Philip was involved with her death. Laura barely had time to tell Jack of his true parentage and make Jack promise to never raise his hand against his step-father, before dying. Turning into the Werewolf on the third night, Russell attacked and slew Grant, but some dim memory of his promise to his mother stopped him from harming his step-father.

(Marvel Spotlight I#4 (fb) - BTS) - After Laura's death, Castle Russoff was left to Jack Russell in her will, though Philip became the trustee. Philip sold the castle to Miles Blackgar, who had it shipped stone by stone from Europe and rebuilt on an island off the Monterey Coast.

(Marvel Spotlight I#3) - The Hellrunners, a rogue motorcycle gang, assaulted Lissa Russell until being driven off by the Werewolf, who was shot while fleeing the police. Fearing he might end up hurting his sister while the Werewolf, Russell decided to leave the area. Jack was picked up by Nathan Timly, who brought him to his wife Andrea, who sought the Darkhold, the magical text formerly held by his father. Jack knew nothing about the book and was thrown into a dungeon and was assaulted by the Timly's deformed servant Kraig, who subsequently lashed out and killed Nathan Timly before being killed by lightning while fighting the Werewolf. After the Werewolf escaped, Andrea tried to obtain power from "long-dead gods" without the Darkhold, and was slain in the process. (see comments)

(Marvel Spotlight I#4) - Jack met reporter Buck Cowan, who told him about Philip Russell selling Castle Russoff and about Gregor's possession of the Darkhold. Cowan assisted Jack in distracting Philip so Jack could investigate the Castle to find the Darkhold. There Jack encountered Miles and Marlene Blackgar, and learned that Miles was experimenting on human test subjects. Later, as the Werewolf he battled Blackgar's savage failures and then Blackgar himself, knocking him out a window and severely injuring him. Marlene then used her powers to turn the Werewolf into stone.

(Werewolf by Night I#1) - As the sun rose, the petrified Werewolf turned back into the flesh and blood Jack Russell. Buck arrived and helped Jack escape, though he stopped to grab the Darkhold before he left. However, Marlene Blackgar then informed Philip of Jack's theft, and Philip coerced Lissa into duping Jack into going to a meeting place. There Marlene and her agent Strug captured Jack and ransacked his apartment, but they were unable to find the Darkhold. Jack escaped, returning later as the Werewolf and battling Strug; Marlene tried to shoot the Werewolf, but instead hit Strug, killing him. Marlene again turned his gaze on the Werewolf, but found it reflected by a mirror, turning both her and her father into stone.

(Werewolf by Night I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Not wishing to return to his step-father's home, Jack stayed at Buck's place for a time.

(Werewolf by Night I#2) - The Werewolf escaped the LAPD and killed a shark, after which Jack was found and befriended by Max and Betty, who took him home. Crashing at Buck's place, Jack took the Darkhold to Father Joquez to translate. Later, Jack was abducted by Cephalos, who attempted to use the Werewolf's energies to stabilize his own mutated form. The Werewolf broke free in mid-process, fought Cephalos, and then caused Cephalos' helicopter to crash, apparently killing him.

(Werewolf by Night I#3) - Responding to a desperate phone call from Father Joquez, Jack drove to his church, but transformed into the Werewolf in mid-trip and crashed. Nonetheless, the Werewolf arrived at the church, finding Joquez possessed by Aelfric the Mad Monk, who subdued and captured the Werewolf. When Lissa arrived at the rectory, having followed Jack's message of his intent to go there, Aelfric plotted to use her for his purposes, causing the Werewolf to break his mystical bonds. Aelfric summoned Dragonus to protect him, but Aelfric ended up being gored after Dragonus tripped over the Werewolf, causing Dragonus to fade from the earthly plane.

(Werewolf by Night I#4 (fb) - The Werewolf carried Lissa into the hills, and Lissa realized that the creature was her brother. The Werewolf was hunted by Joshua Kane, an obsessed hunter and film star wanting to face dangerous prey; Kane held Lissa hostage to prevent Russell from simply fleeing. When the Werewolf turned back into Russell, Kane kept him under guard until the following evening, so that he could hunt him as the Werewolf on an abandoned film studio set.

(Werewolf by Night I#4) - Kane toyed with the Werewolf, but when the fight ended up back in Castle Kane, he became spooked in the dark by a bear he had slain and stuffed years before. When the bear resisted his gunfire and toppled onto Kane, he apparently had a heart attack and died.

(Werewolf by Night I#5) - Jack encountered Joshua's brother, Luther, who told him that while he couldn't cure Jack, he had the means to prevent Lissa from inheriting the family curse. He offered this to Jack in exchange for killing billionaire recluse Judson Hemp; reluctantly Jack guided the Werewolf after Hemp, but, after turning back human due to an eclipse, found the man to be completely harmless and left him alone. Jack returned to Kane, turned back into the Werewolf, and slew Kane's bodyguard Desmond. Joshua, struck by a knife hurled at the Werewolf by Desmond, died as well, and the Werewolf freed Lissa and escaped.

(Werewolf by Night I#6) - The Werewolf was attacked by a group of truckers, who fled upon seeing him clearly (some of these allegedly were affected by the curse of lycanthropy, eventually becoming the Braineaters). Nearly a month later, traveling to San Diego along with Lissa and Buck, Russell attended Calliope's Carnival and Circus, where their mysterious leader, Swami Rihva (yes, really!) hypnotized and captured him. Placed in exhibit as the Wildman of Borneo, Russell ended up fighting the Carnival members; Mige, the lion tamer, directed his lions to attack the Werewolf. (see comments)

(Werewolf by Night I#7) - Rihva attempted to use the Werewolf as the supernatural catalyst which would allow him to view a secret treasure map hidden on the surface of his "Bloodstone." However, the carnival member Elmo stopped the Werewolf's sacrifice long enough for the Werewolf to break free. Rihva died from the shock of trying to read the Werewolf's mind and the Carnival went up in flames in the resultant struggle.

(Werewolf by Night I#8) - The Werewolf took a glancing bullet to the head after stealing food from some hunters. The next night, Jack uncovered and unwittingly opened the tomb of the demon Krogg, freeing the demon, which attacked him. Needing a host-body in order to have substance in Earth's dimension, Krogg tried to possess Jack's body. When he found that it was already inhabited by the spirit of the wolf, Krogg was forced to possess a smaller, less powerful form (a bunny rabbit) and transform it to more closely resemble his own.  In the course of their struggle, Krogg fiery blasts caused a cave-in, burying the demon, while the Werewolf escaped...though a rabbit was seen fleeing the cave-in...

(Marvel Team-Up I#12 (fb)) - Jack visited San Francisco with Buck and Lissa, and was hynotized by the sorcerer Moondark, who forcibly transformed him into the Werewolf, then sent him to destroy Spider-Man.

(Marvel Team-up I#12) - The Werewolf fought Spider-Man, but Spider-Man managed to hold his own until daylight, and learned Russell's story from him. However, Moondark turned him back into the Werewolf and they continued their fight. In order to release the Werewolf from Moondark's control, Spider-Man vaulted Moondark through the mists he used for teleportation; without Moondark in proximity, his spell faded, and Russell turned back to normal.

(Werewolf by Night I#9) - While running through the streets of Los Angeles on a rainy night, the Werewolf was attacked by a cloaked derelict (later named the Tatterdemalion) but in the middle of the battle the derelict turned away in response to his master Sarnak's (silent) call even as the Werewolf experienced a pain in his head that was so agonizing that it caused him to pass out.  The next morning, Jack awoke in the drunk tank at the local police station and stayed there until his step-father and sister came to take him home with them.  That night, the cloaked derelict broke into Jack's room and attacked him, but Jack transformed into the Werewolf and fought back.  The ensuing struggle with Sarnak's derelicts ended when a high-pitched wail knocked out the Werewolf and allowed the derelicts to bring him to Sarnak's base in the sewers.  The Werewolf came to in a pit facing Sarnak, a masked figure who used his ultra-sonic control flute to induce extreme agony in the Werewolf.  Once the control flute was synchronized to the Werewolf's brain-waves, Sarnak sent him and the army of derelicts to Century City to attack the people there.  While there, the Army of Terror ran into Lissa and grabbed her but when the Werewolf tried to protect her he was knocked out again by Sarnak and he and Lissa were taken below.

(Werewolf by Night I#10) - The Werewolf and Lissa were both chained in a pit while Sarnak told them how he had been hired by the Committee to capture Jack and Lissa (whom the Committee suspected were werewolves) and to use his control whistle to create an army of fear that would create terror that would stimulate the economy.  Once daylight came, Jack became human again and was able to climb out of the pit.  Attacked by one of Sarnak's slaves, Jack knocked him out and then, unable to break Lissa's chains by himself, was forced to leave her behind to go get help.  Jack made his way to Buck Cowan's house and, with Buck's help, was able to get a sonic screen from sound engineer Jim Kerry.  That night, Jack located Sarnak and his army, and then, after changing into the Werewolf, he followed them below and attacked.  Protected by the sonic screen, the Werewolf was unaffected by Sarnak's command whistle and quickly defeated him, then he freed Lissa from her chains and the pit, and then watched as Sarnak's slaves, freed from his control, attacked their former master. 

(Werewolf by Night I#11) - Jack moved into his own apartment at Colden House.  Preoccupied with fixing up the place, Jack lost track of the time and barely made it to a nearby beach before transforming into the Werewolf.  Trying to reach a forest, the Werewolf was forced to battle a group of men partying on the beach but he ran off when the police came.  Rushing through the streets of Los Angeles, he unknowingly approached Lissa and Buck but was confronted by the Hangman.  When the Hangman threw Lissa aside (after she tried to force him away from Jack), the Werewolf attacked him, but later ran off in order to draw the Hangman away from Lissa.  While running through alleys to escape the police, the Werewolf was caught by the neck in the Hangman's noose and, strangling, was lifted off the ground.

(Werewolf by Night I#12) - The Werewolf freed himself from the Hangman's noose and then ran off when police cars approached.  Jack returned to his apartment building, found Sam and Clary waiting for him, and decided to relax with them.

(Werewolf by Night I#12 (fb)) - Jack spent time at the swimming pool with Sam and Clary, but when he called Lissa he learned that their step-father had disappeared two days earlier.  Before he could go to Lissa, Jack was knocked unconscious by two thugs sent to get him by the Committee.  That night, as Frank and Harry were transporting Jack in their car, Jack transformed into the Werewolf and killed both men before escaping to hunt down the Hangman.

(Werewolf by Night I#12) - On the rooftops, the Werewolf leaped down upon the Hangman, but when police arrived and the Hangman ran from them, the Werewolf stalked him back to his hidden lair and then attacked.  During their battle, one of the women the Hangman had imprisoned there was accidentally freed from her cell and she freed the other women.  The battle ended when the Werewolf threw the Hangman into a supporting pillar which cracked and allowed the ceiling to collapse on him.  As his prisoners escaped, the trapped Hangman begged the Werewolf to kill him since he didn't have anything to live for anymore, but the sickened Werewolf just left him there.

(Werewolf by Night I#13 (fb) -BTS) - Jack spent weeks searching for an uninhabited secluded location where he could hide away during the full moon each month before finding such a spot on the southern tip of the Verdugo Mountains.

(Werewolf by Night I#13 (fb)) - On the First Night, Jack became the Werewolf, but was quickly overcome by Topaz's mental powers and brought to Taboo's mosque.

(Werewolf by Night I#13) - Regaining consciousness, the Werewolf found himself confronted by Topaz who was somehow able to control him.  Brought before Taboo, the Werewolf had to be rendered unconscious again, and he later revived to find himself imprisoned with (but unable to reach) Philip Russell.  Questioned about the location of the Darkhold, the Werewolf's mind was read by Topaz who informed Taboo that it had been destroyed.  Angered, Taboo lowered the mystic barrier in the cell so that the Werewolf could kill Philip Russell but, restrained by the vow he made to Laura on her deathbed, he tore down the cell door instead and escaped.  The Werewolf then found Taboo and attacked, but was stopped by Topaz.  As Philip intervened, Topaz accidentally transferred his mind into the mutated body of Taboo's son, Algon, and put what little remained of Algon's mind into Philip's body.  As "Algon" rose, Taboo commanded him to slay the Werewolf.

(Werewolf by Night I#14) - The Werewolf battled "Algon" (containing Philip Russell's disoriented mind) until dawn changed him back into Jack.  Outmatched, Jack took Topaz as his willing hostage, and they took Philip's body and left Taboo's mosque.  At the Russell house, Jack watched as Topaz destroyed Algon's nearly-nonexistent mind, leaving Philip's body a hollow shell.  Leaving Lissa and Topaz to watch over Philip, Jack survived a run-in with some Committee thugs in a car, then arrived at Taboo's mosque in time to witness "Algon" being endowed with the power of transmutation.  Jack then became the Werewolf and began avoiding Algon's transmuting attacks, but when Taboo was crushed under a newly-golden idol the Werewolf shoved the distracted Algon into a mystic cauldron, killing Algon and freeing Philip's soul.  The Werewolf was knocked out by the collapsing mosque and the next morning Jack returned home to find Philip restored.  Jack and Lissa were shocked when Philip revealed that he was the brother of their father, Gregory Russoff, and explained that he hadn't had their mother killed for her estate but instead had been paying blackmail on her behalf to the Committee.  Jack was then reconciled with his step-father. 

    One week later, Jack and Topaz boarded a plane on their way to visit the Transylvanian village where his father died.

(Tomb of Dracula I#18) - Arriving in the Transylvanian village of his birth, Jack and Topaz rented rooms at Ye Olde Boot Inn.  When drunken sailor "Scratcher" Martin accosted Topaz, Jack floored him with one punch.  Later that night, Martin tried again to make Topaz his (by using a knife) but he found the Werewolf as well.  The ensuing struggle ended in the street when the Werewolf killed "Slasher" Martin.  The Werewolf and Topaz were then confronted by Dracula who easily knocked out the Werewolf, but was driven off by Topaz's power.  The next day, Jack and Topaz journeyed to Russoff Manor where they found a locked diary.  When Jack pulled a tab on the diary, a secret door opened which led to a passage which ended at a cave opening beneath Russoff Manor from which Jack's father had observed Castle Dracula (with a telescope). As they approached that castle, Topaz was abducted by Dracula, and Jack followed them to rescue her, but had transformed into the Werewolf by the time he found them.  The Werewolf attacked Dracula, resisting the vampire's attempts to control him, but, after being bitten by the Werewolf, Dracula rallied, knocked Topaz unconscious, and prepared to drink the blood of the Werewolf.

(Werewolf by Night I#15) - The Werewolf hurled Dracula from Castle Dracula but the vampire saved himself by transforming into a bat. The next day, back at Russoff Manor, Jack continued to study his family's diary and learned how his great-great-great grandfather, Grigori, had become a werewolf.  Preparing to battle Dracula, Jack asked Topaz to use her powers to enable his mind to control the Werewolf's body.  That night, after Jack transformed again, he and Dracula continued their battle until Dracula saw that Topaz had the Russoff diary and took it from her, but quickly lost it to the newly-arrived Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing. As Dracula departed to chase after them, Jack tried to stop him, but was thrown aside.

(Werewolf by Night I#16) - Delayed in France, Russell transformed into the Werewolf at an airport, and found himself involved in the schemes of Half-Mad the Hunchback, a mutant who had hijacked a plane. The Hunchback defeated the Werewolf and fled the plane with Topaz as a hostage, but the Werewolf pursued him to the Notre Dame cathedral. The two fought atop the cathedral, and the Werewolf attempted to hurl the Hunchback to the ground. Topaz swayed the Werewolf into trying to save him from falling, but the Werewolf could not pull him back up, and the Hunchback fell to his death.

(Werewolf by Night I#17) - When the police entered the cathedral to investigate, Topaz attempted to keep the Werewolf at bay with her powers, but he assaulted the police and nearly attacked her. Jack returned to normal in time, and they returned to Los Angeles. Jack visited his family, and returned to his apartment building.  Jack then spent weeks searching for a cure for the werewolf curse (so that his sister wouldn't become one when she soon turned eighteen).  After an encounter with Raymond Coker, Jack visited Mallet Studios, hoping that Joshua Kane might have left notes that could lead to a cure for his condition, but only learned that everything of Kane's had been taken away by his lawyer, Geraldo Kabal.  After long hours of looking through phone books for a listing for Kabal, Jack turned into the Werewolf just as Topaz came to visit him. She found herself almost unable to control the Werewolf, but was saved by the arrival of the Behemoth, an android sent after the Werewolf by the Committee. After tearing off the android's hands, it fled. The Werewolf turned on Topaz again, but she managed to hold it at bay until he became Russell again.  Later, Jack was sad when Topaz told him that she was leaving to return to India to try to strengthen her fading powers.  That evening, as Jack cleaned up the mess, Lt. Hackett came to his apartment and announced that he had reason to believe a werewolf was there.

(Werewolf by Night I#18) - While Jack was being questioned by Hackett, he saw that the "new cleaning lady" was swinging an axe at the back of the detective's skull.  Jack yanked Hackett out of the way, knocking him out while doing so, and then was confronted by Ma Mayhem who had been sent by the Committee to bring the Werewolf to them and who had waited until moonrise to attack.  Jack became the Werewolf and began battling Mayhem, who was armed with silver weapons.  During their battle, the Werewolf was thrown through a wall into Raymond Coker's apartment, destroying Coker's spell.  As the Werewolf renewed his struggle with mayhem, a talking black-furred werewolf appeared and attacked him.  After their struggle took the two werewolves outside, attacks by Hackett and other police caused them to flee to Griffith Park where they resumed their battle.  Hours later, as dawn approached, the black-furred werewolf fled to protect his human identity while the Werewolf changed back into Jack.  Back at his apartment, Jack found a ransom note from the Committee who had kidnapped Lissa and were demanding that he surrender himself to them to save her life.

(Giant-Size Creatures#1) - Strolling along a beach in Mexico, Jack encountered Greer Nelson, the heroine Tigra. He was struck down from behind by agents of HYDRA whom Tigra was battling, but the full moon transformed him into the Werewolf, and when he revived, he fought Tigra. The HYDRA agents took advantage of this, and took them both out with a sonic shatter cone (grenade). When the Werewolf awoke, Tigra and HYDRA were gone, and he followed Tigra's scent to HYDRA's base, where he broke out Tigra, and helped her rescue the Cat People HYDRA had imprisoned. Tigra's friend Dr. Tumolo slew the HYDRA agents by unleashing the Black Plague upon them. With the crisis over, the Werewolf turned on Tigra, overcome with lust, but she spurned him by becoming Greer again. The Werewolf departed to howl at the moon.

(Werewolf by Night I#19 (fb)) - Jack was confronted by Coker, who admitted to being the werewolf he had fought the night before. Later, Jack was called to Mallet Studios, where Clary Winters led him to view a trunk which belonged to Geraldo Kabal. Before he could examine the contents, Jack transformed into the Werewolf again. He found himself assaulted by the two vampires Liza Pyne and Louis Belski, former actors.

(Werewolf by Night I#19) - Coker, who had been trailing Russell, also transformed and aided him against the vampires. Witnessing Coker's actions, the Werewolf decided that they were of the same "pack," and together, they slew the vampires. After returning to normal, Coker and Russell examined Kabal's trunk, and found an inscription claiming that the only cure for a werewolf was for it to slay another werewolf under the full moon.

(Monsters Unleashed#6/5-7/5) - At his apartment complex Colden House, Jack Russell, Coker, Clary Winter, Tina Sands, and Sam (a woman)were held up by home invading bikers named Baldy Kingston, Boxer, and others who cut the phone lines (you can tell this story was written before cellphones and e-mail). The night before, Jack had turned into a werewolf. During a confrontation with Kingston, Jack turned into a werewolf again but Kingston somehow managed to hold his own with a chain. Coker evidentally turned into a werewolf and slew Kingston and Boxer.

(Werewolf by Night I#20) - A week after Lissa's kidnapping (by Baron Thunder), Jack was visited by Lt. Hackett who told him that Raymond Coker was the werewolf and pressured him into agreeing to help Hackett stop Coker.  Later, while Jack and Clary were on a date at a restaurant, they were joined by an admirer of hers, Geraldo Kabal, who presented her with a ring as a token of his esteem.  Upon seeing the ring, Jack was overcome with a compulsion to seize the ring and put it on.  When Kabal mentioned that he knew Baron Thunder, Jack managed to get him to reveal the Baron's address and then he left.  After arriving at Moonrise Hill and realizing that it would be difficult to enter, Jack wished that he could have the Werewolf's body while retaining his human mind and was shocked when he transformed into just such a creature.  After searching the house, Werewolf Jack ended up in an underground complex and found Lissa chained to a wall.  Werewolf Jack was confronted by (an undisguised) Ma Mayhem and attacked by Baron Thunder (who wanted the Werewolf's blood to strengthen the other members of the Committee as he had been strengthened).  During their battle, some of the machinery in the complex was damaged, fires started and when one bank of machines began to topple on them and Baron Thunder caught it, Jack Werewolf scrambled away before the machine crashed down onto the Baron.   After freeing Lissa and realizing that there was nothing they could do to save the Baron or Mayhem, Jack wished that he wasn't the Werewolf and, when he changed back to human form, realized that the ring was responsible.  Jack and Lissa escaped but he lost the oversized ring when it slipped from his finger.  As Jack and Lissa drove away, both the house and the subterranean complex were destroyed by explosions.

(Werewolf by Night I#21) - Locked up (at his own request) in a makeshift prison at Buck Cowan's house, Jack transformed into the Werewolf and broke free.  After traveling to Colden House, the Werewolf joined up with the Coker werewolf (misnamed PAUL Coker) and, running together, they tried to reach the forest outside LA but got lost in the alleys.  Attacked by a golden-furred third werewolf (Hackett transformed by a magic ring), the two werewolves fought back.  Realizing that he couldn't fight them in the alley, the golden-furred werewolf fled across the rooftops, leading them to a place where he had more room to move.  At a foundry, the golden-furred werewolf had gotten the Werewolf at his mercy, dangling over a vat of molten steel, when the Coker werewolf leaped down onto the golden-furred werewolf, knocking him over the railing and into the vat.  Once the golden-furred werewolf died, the black-furred werewolf changed back into his human form, cured of his lycanthropy.  At first seeing Coker as prey, the Werewolf almost attacked him but instead touched his shoulder and then left.

(Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#2) - Jack arrived at his step-father's house to visit Lissa only to discover that she had been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Baal.  After learning from Buck that the Brotherhood was a Satanic cult led by millionaire Danton Vayla, Jack drove off to rescue Lissa, but turned into the Werewolf on the way.  Escaping the car crash unharmed, the Werewolf ran off looking for the forest, but happened across Vayla's mansion.  Looking for prey, he burst in a window and attacked the Frankenstein Monster, but was soon defeated and knocked out.  As the Werewolf was about to be sacrificed to Satan in a Black Sabbath ritual, the Frankenstein Monster realized that the cultists were trying to put Satan's spirit into his body and turned against them.  Breaking free, the Werewolf joined the Monster in battling the Satanists, and torches dropped during the battle set the mansion ablaze.  The Werewolf and the Monster remained inside the burning mansion even after it fell over the cliff into the sea but they both survived the fire, the fall, and drowning to go their own ways.

(Werewolf by Night I#22) - Jack gave Buck a gun loaded with silver bullets and then had Buck lock him up again.  That night, Jack became the Werewolf and broke free again.  Confronted by Buck (who couldn't bring himself to kill him), the Werewolf attacked and would have killed Buck except for a distraction that enabled Buck to hide in a closet.  Seeking the forest, the Werewolf ended up at the estate of Simon Kolb and attacked Atlas, a madman who had just killed Kolb.  Their battle ended with the Werewolf lying unconscious on the ground and when Jack woke up the next morning, he was confronted by Lieutenant Northrup who wanted to bring him in for questioning about Kolb's murder.

(Werewolf by Night I#23) - After being questioned by Lt. Northrup, Jack was bailed out by Buck.  Back at Buck's house, Jack described the person who killed Kolb and Buck figured out that Atlas was Steve Rand, a former Hollywood star who had been disfigured during the filming of his last movie, and that it was probably Atlas who had recently killed three movie people before Kolb (since all four of them had been involved in his last film).  At sunset, Atlas attacked Buck, the writer of the movie's screenplay, but Russell became the Werewolf and attacked him.  Their fight carried them to Mann's Chinese Theater where, just as Atlas was about to club the Werewolf to death, Cowan shot him from behind, killing him. The Werewolf escaped in the confusion.
    Rand was described as having being responsible for seven murders (Buck would have been the eighth victim) but the story only depicted two and mentioned three others.

(Werewolf by Night I#24) - After going to his apartment, Jack learned that he'd been evicted by his landlady, Sandy, who held him accountable for all of the damages the Werewolf and his enemies had wrought.  Jack then went back to Buck's house where he learned that he'd been cleared of Kolb's murder.  After Buck revealed that scientist Winston Redditch's research into suppressing the bestial part of human brain might be an effective cure for lycanthropy, Jack and Buck visited Redditch's home just in time to be knocked out by DePrayve, the transformed Redditch.  Unconscious, Jack soon transformed into the Werewolf, who revived and soon encountered DePrayve.  When their battle was interrupted by the police, they both fled, but the Werewolf was caught in nets that the police had set up.

(Werewolf by Night I#25) - Trapped in the police nets, the Werewolf pulled Northrup in with him, then, after Northrup shot him, played dead until the police had nearly untangled them, then shredded the last layer and fled to resume his hunt for DePrayve.  Catching up to him, the two battled until DePrayve transformed back into Redditch and was knocked out.  Losing interest in his "lifeless" prey, the Werewolf ran off and transformed into Jack who made his way to the Russell house where his family treated the bullet wound in his leg.  Jack spent the next month recovering at home, then he and Buck went to the hospital to visit Redditch who agreed to let them use his serum to try to exorcise the werewolf.  Leaving the hospital, Jack evaded Northrup before becoming the Werewolf and going prowling, but he was soon caught by the neck in the noose of the Hangman and lifted off the ground.

(Werewolf by Night I#26) - After escaping the Hangman, the Werewolf ran to the forest and passed out, changing back to Jack at dawn.  Hours later, Buck found Jack and drove them back to Buck's house where Jack swallowed Redditch's serum and waited for moonrise.  When the serum proved to only delay the transformation by a few seconds, Jack changed into the Werewolf and hunted down the Hangman.  Tracking his scent to an abandoned movie theater, the Werewolf also detected the scent of Redditch whom the Hangman had kidnapped the previous night.  Just as the Werewolf attacked the Hangman, Redditch transformed into DePrayve and the three of them began battling each other.  The battle ended when DePrayve fled and was chased by the Werewolf.  The Hangman was arrested by the police while pursuing them and the Werewolf, distracted by the commotion behind him, lost the trail of DePrayve who soon changed back into Redditch.

(Giant-Size Werewolf By Night#3) - Via a dream-message sent by Topaz, Jack, Lissa and Buck went to Transylvania to look for her, following her trail to Russoff Manor. Jack witnessed an image projected by Topaz, but then changed into the Werewolf.  Faced with an angry mob, the Werewolf scattered most of them and then fled into the forest where he came across a Gypsy encampment and found Topaz chained in a wagon.  Before he could free her, the Werewolf was confronted by an old Gypsy woman who directed a bear wearing a silver collar and silver claws to attack the Werewolf.  After killing the bear, the Werewolf was then attacked by undead Gypsies, but as he was about to be killed by thrown silver knife, Topaz's mind-link restored Maria's sanity and she intercepted the knife.  Dawn changed the Werewolf back into Jack, who reached the dying old women in time to hear her ask forgiveness for not recognizing her grandson.  Jack then listened as Topaz recounted the history of Maria Russoff which had initiated her nightmarish ordeal.  When one of the villagers said that they had heard what Topaz had just said and that they would see that the Baroness Russoff had a burial befitting a woman of her standing, Jack replied, "Thanks a lot!  Too bad you didn't 'befit her standing' when she was still alive!"

(Werewolf by Night I#27) - A month after returning from Transylvania, Russell became the Werewolf at Buck's Malibu beach house, and broke free. He encountered Dr. Glitternight, who had transformed the dark portion of Topaz' soul into a monster, the Nightmare creature, which the Werewolf fought and mortally wounded. The next morning, Jack learned of the creature's origins from Topaz. Just then, Jack, Buck and Topaz were attacked by Dr. Glitternight, and rendered unconscious. After Jack awoke, he soon transformed into the Werewolf, and with Topaz's help, destroyed the Sin Creature, a second monster created from her dark soul by Glitternight.

(Werewolf by Night I#28) - Jack spent a month at Buck's Malibu beach house with Topaz, beginning with a night which the Werewolf spent locked up there. 
    Two weeks later, Lissa arrived for an extended stay.  The next night, the night of Lissa's eighteenth birthday, the foursome was attacked by a swarm of small winged bloodsuckers, then Dr. Glitternight appeared and told Topaz that she had two weeks to tell him where to find Taboo or else his pets would be back. 
    Nine days later, Topaz revealed that she'd had a precognitive dream in which she'd seen the four of them in a boat going to an island with a castle reeking of sorcery and that Taboo was alive in that castle.  Inspired by the dream, Jack suggested that, since there was going to be a full moon that night, they should all go the deserted island off the coast of Monterey where Castle Russoff had been rebuilt by Blackgar.  At the castle they encountered the essence of Taboo, given form by Glitternight who explained his origins. Taboo revealed that he had sent that dream to Topaz because he needed her help in opposing Glitternight's plan (to kill everyone on Earth so that he could transform their souls into a loyal army of demons), Jack began to transform into the Werewolf just as Glitternight and his winged thingies attacked the group.  Seeking vengeance, the Werewolf attacked Glitternight but was soon blasted out a window and fell to the ground below.  Quickly reviving, the Werewolf went after Glitternight again but when he tracked down his prey and crashed into the room, he found himself facing a hideous weredemon (and was unaware that it was Lissa).

(Werewolf by Night I#29) - The Werewolf and the Weredemon fought savagely throughout the castle, their struggle only ending when the Werewolf hurled them both off of the castle, landing on Lissa. When Jack returned to normal the next morning and returned to the castle, he found that Lissa was so traumatized by her experiences that she denied her transformation had even occurred, instead believing that what she recalled was only a nightmare.

(Werewolf by Night I#30) - Jack confronted the captive Glitternight in a futile attempt to get him to help Lissa.  Near moonrise, Jack discovered that Glitternight had escaped, and he realized that Lissa was in danger and desperately tried to find her, but changed into the Werewolf first.  He soon found Lissa, again transformed into the Weredemon, and the two of them began battling savagely.  The Werewolf soon got the upper hand when he seized the chain of light around the Weredemon's neck (Lissa's transformed soul) and used it to strangle her, but released her when she changed back into Lissa (after Taboo had sacrificed his remaining life essence and allowed Topaz to channel his energies into the then-soulless body of the Weredemon).  The Werewolf then attacked Glitternight, grabbing onto him and holding on as the sorcerer fled the island.  After an attack which caused Glitternight to explode, the Werewolf plummeted into the ocean and later washed ashore.

(Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#4/1) - In the alleys of Los Angeles, Jack transformed into the Werewolf who began trying to make his way to the forest.  Eventually, enraged at being trapped in the city, the Werewolf attacked the first being he encountered, Morbius.  After a quick battle, the Werewolf was downed; as dawn came, Morbius was drinking his blood even as he transformed into Jack.  A storekeeper found Jack lying in the street and brought him to Ravenswood Hospital as a John Doe for treatment of a suspected dog bite.  Jack regained consciousness in the hospital just before transforming into the Werewolf who fled for the forest until he chanced across the scent of Morbius and, seeking vengeance, tracked him to the La Brea Tar Pits.  Initially unwilling to battle the Werewolf, whom he knew was also an innocent human, Morbius changed his mind when his foe unknowingly destroyed a possible cure for his pseudo-vampirism.  In the ensuing battle, the Werewolf ended up trapped in the tar pits with Morbius about to deliver the death blow, but Martine convinced him to stop.  As Morbius walked away, Martine threw the Werewolf a rope so he could save himself, and then followed Morbius.

(Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#4/2) - After being approached by Clary Winters to do some stunt-work for Brad Wrangle, a stuntman who wanted to make his own picture using one of Buck's old scripts, Jack agreed and joined Clary, Buck, Brad and a film-crew in the town of Serenity Springs.  As Jack was performing a stunt during which he swung over the side of a cliff, someone shot the rope and he fell into the river in the gorge.  Jack made it to shore, but then passed out and didn't revive until just before he transformed into the Werewolf.  After roaming free in the forest all night, the Werewolf changed back into Jack, who found the town deserted.  Following a trail of slime leading to a small mountain with a vertical cave at the top, Jack saw that Buck and Clary were tied up inside, but was then knocked out.  When he revived, Jack found himself tied up alongside Buck and Clary as sacrifices whose blood Brad and the film-crew were planning to use to nourish the "god" they called their father.  Their waiting for the moon to be in the correct position allowed Jack to transform into the Werewolf and break free before anyone could be sacrificed.  The Werewolf attacked the cultists but discovered that they all had prehensile tentacles on their chests (since their god had reshaped them in his image).  During the battle, one of the cultists fell into the pit, awakening the "god" who caused the whole cave to shake until finally the pit-thing came up, grabbed Brad and devoured him, an act which (somehow) caused an earthquake so large that it collapsed the mountain, burying everyone except Buck, Clary and the Werewolf.

Note: This story takes place sometime after Jack met Brad Wrangle in WBN#13.  Where exactly, I have no clue.

(Giant-Size Werewolf By Night#5) - Jack and Buck visited the Satanist Joaquin Zairre for insight into a cure, but Zairre attempted to sacrifice Russell to Satan as an offering. At the last moment, Russell was teleported to the dimension Biphasia by the sorcerer Grithstane on behalf of Paingloss, who hoped to give the Werewolf to the queen Delandra. However, he found this impossible because half of Biphasia had no moon, meaning Russell could not become the Werewolf there. However, Russell aided Paingloss against his enemy Sardanus as the Werewolf, and slew him. Paingloss then had Grithstane return him to Earth.

(Werewolf by Night I#31) - A month later, Jack and Topaz went on a ski trip to northern California with Buck and his date, Elaine Marston, and her daughter, Buttons.  After a couple of enjoyable days, Buck drove Jack him into the deep woods and left him there where there would be nobody for him to harm.  As a blizzard started, Jack transformed into the Werewolf and went hunting for prey.  Soon finding Buttons, who had wandered off into the woods, the Werewolf  grabbed her but Buck arrived and knocked them apart before she was hurt.  Fighting to protect Buttons, Buck was savagely mauled by the Werewolf until he finally lost interest and left after Buck shielded Buttons with his body.  Jack awoke the next morning with no memory of what the Werewolf had done.

(Code of Honor#1 (fb)) - The Werewolf was spotted at Columbia University by one of the students there, who called the police. Lt. Jeff Piper and Lt. Mike Badalino responded with a group of policemen, but the Werewolf managed to escape them in their surprise. Little did Jack realize, but he was being trailed by the Moon Knight.

(Werewolf by Night I#32 (fb)) - After recovering his clothes and getting dressed, Jack returned to the Russell house where his step-father revealed that Buck had been mauled and might not survive.  Jack went to the hospital, learned that Buck was in a coma, and returned home to find Moon Knight there waiting for him.  After Moon Knight explained that he'd been hired to capture Jack and bring him to the Committee, Philip jumped him so that Jack could run.  Jack soon became the Werewolf, but was chased down by the helicopter carrying Moon Knight.

(Werewolf by Night I#32) - The Werewolf was severely injured by the silver weapons used against him by Moon Knight who eventually took him captive.

(Werewolf by Night I#33) - The Werewolf revived as Moon Knight was transporting him by helicopter and they both fell into the harbor where they continued their battle.  Eventually, just as the Werewolf had Moon Knight at his mercy, he changed back into Jack who was easily subdued by his foe.  When Jack revived he found himself in a cage in the Committee's headquarters and was told that they planned to use him as an assassin.  After Jack transformed into the Werewolf, Moon Knight, who'd been impressed by Jack's humanity, set him free to attack the Committee.  Once they were all fled or downed, the Werewolf tried to attack Moon Knight but he fled.  Left alone, the Werewolf just left.

(Marvel Premiere#28) - The Werewolf was assaulted by Morbius, who mistook him for an easy victim. The two monsters' struggle was interrupted by the arrival of the cosmic-powered Starseed, who caused a mountain to grow out of Los Angeles. Morbius went to investigate, and the Werewolf chased after him. The two encountered Ghost Rider and Man-Thing, and temporarily formed the "Legion of Monsters" in order to confront the Starseed. The Werewolf tried to kill Starseed, but was prevented by Ghost Rider. However, the injuries Starseed incurred proved fatal. Before dying, he briefly healed all four of the monster-men of their respective curses, but the effect vanished with his death.

(Werewolf by Night I#34 (fb)) - As Jack and the others were being told how serious Buck's condition was, Buck briefly became semi-conscious and mumbled that Belaric Marcosa was the only chance to save him.  Elaine then told Jack that she and her late husband had been part of a team of eight researchers who had gone to study Marcosa House because it was the world's most active center of haunting influences.  Jack and the others then went to see its owner, Jerome Selwin, who agreed to let them visit the house as long as they promised to tell him the secret of defeating death if they learned it.  Later, Jack learned that Buck had really been interviewing Elaine about Marcosa House because he had wanted to know if any incidents of lycanthropy had been observed.  As they traveled to Marcosa House, Elaine revealed that she had been the sole survivor of the team, and that the others had all died but that their bodies had never been found.


(Werewolf by Night I#34) - Jack, Lissa, Topaz, and Elaine Marston went to Marcosa House to find a way to save Buck's life.  The boards sealing the door flew off, then the door locked itself after they entered, then Topaz was strangled into unconsciousness by an unseen figure.  When an illusion of Steven Marston appeared, Jack transformed into the Werewolf and was forced to attack "Marston" and knock off the skull which his head had become.  Jack then returned to human form. . Topaz organized a sitting which summoned forth a medieval figure claiming to be the spirit of the Werewolf possessing Jack, that the curse of the werewolf had been exorcised from him when Aelfric had recorded his sins, that he had been forced to possess Jack's father when he had translated the Darkhold, and that he had been forced to possess Jack after Jack's father died. Exhausted after the sitting, Jack took a nap and had a dream in which the gargoyle from above the front doorway (the Sentinel of Hell) claimed that the secret he was looking for was inside him.  Later, Jack bashed open a cellar wall to which Topaz had been drawn and they found a skeleton which had been chained and entombed without its skull.  Jack was then confronted by the peasant, now in solid form, who transformed into the werewolf and attacked him.


(Werewolf by Night I#35) - Jack battled the werewolf until Topaz used her psi powers to stop him.  The werewolf then changed into the peasant who told Jack that his salvation was locked inside the gargoyle, then screamed and burst into flames when Marcosa punished him.  Jack then went to Lissa's room and found her being strangled by an apparition of Philip Russell who disappeared when Jack attacked him.  While Jack was checking out the gargoyle, it fell and shattered, revealing a skull that had been sealed inside it.  Jack and Topaz listened as Elaine told them everything she knew about Belaric Marcosa, his house, and the 47 people whose deaths he had caused.  Jack was then transformed into the Werewolf again and he ended up in a bedroom where Elaine had seemingly killed Topaz.  Before he could attack, the gargoyle burst in and attacked him, then disappeared as Jack returned to human form.  Holding Topaz's body, Jack was then confronted by Belaric Marcosa who appeared to have Buck dangling in a noose below him.


(Werewolf by Night I#36) - Confronted by Marcosa, Jack was enraged and climbed up to attack him but he vanished and "Buck" fell and broke his leg.  Jack then transformed into the Werewolf (but with his human mind) and began to believe it when "Buck" claimed to be the real person and not just one of the house's tricks.  Then Topaz's body revived and she attacked the Werewolf until he fought back and seemingly killed her again.  Back in the dining hall, Jack and Buck found the real Topaz was still there and had never left that room.  She warned Jack that Buck was just an apparition, but he insisted it was really Buck.  When Buck passed out, Jack the Werewolf carried him upstairs to a bedroom but they were attacked by a berserk Elaine who wounded Topaz before Jack stopped her. 
    Later, the group witnessed Marcosa restraining the peasant, but he managed to "show them the way" by sending them down to the cellar where Topaz felt compelled to attach the skull to the headless skeleton.  Once that was done, the spirit who had previously appeared as the peasant manifested in his true form of Gideon Blaine, a 19th Century psychic who had come to Marcosa House seeking vengeance for the murder of his wife but who had instead been killed, beheaded and walled up in the dungeon.  After Jack bashed a hole in another wall, Blaine led them to a catacomb full of the remains of Marcosa's other victims.  After the spirits of those victims agreed to save Buck's life if they were freed from Marcosa, Blaine directed the group to the crypt in which Marcosa's mortal remains were sealed.  When Jack opened the doors, slimy tentacles came out and attacked them, then withdrew and the door closed behind them.  Hearing sirens, Jack and the others went outside to greet the police, but found they were actually zombies so they retreated back into the house where "Buck" revealed that he was really Marcosa.


(Werewolf by Night I#37) - As the zombie police broke in, Jack and the others fought back against them but when they were defeated, Marcosa transformed the three women into demonic versions of themselves who began fighting each other.  Then the spirits of Marcosa's victims managed to make themselves and Marcosa's soul solid, and when Jack ripped open their prison, three of them controlled the demon-women while the others entered Marcosa and made him carnate as well.  When Jack attacked him, Marcosa "bled" ectoplasm which formed itself into duplicates of Glitternight, Moon Knight and the Hangman.  Jack battled and defeated all three, then faced Marcosa and ripped him to shreds.  With Marcosa's destruction, his power was broken and Jack and the women all returned to normal.  As the freed sprits left, Blaine told them that he would sacrifice himself to revive Buck from his coma (and he did).  Jack and the others found and destroyed Marcosa's physical remains and were later picked up by Jerome Selwin's men.

    Days later, on the eve of the next full moon, Jack drove up into the North Woods and then deliberately walked into the forest until he was lost.  As he waited for moonrise, Jack said "mental goodbyes" to the four people who counted in his life: Lissa, Philip Russell, Topaz and Buck.  Then Jack transformed into the Werewolf and ran off into the snowy woods.

(Werewolf by Night I#38) - While roaming the snowy California North Woods, the Werewolf found himself battling a pack of starving wolves that had been attacking a cabin.  At dawn, the Werewolf turned back into Jack who then passed out and was brought into the cabin by its owner, Mack.  After Jack revived, Mack revealed that he had brought his infant daughter Maura to the cabin to hide from his crazy ex-wife and her murderous lover, Morrison.  Learning how close it was to night, Jack tried to leave but Mack, not realizing why Jack needed to leave, tried to stop him and Jack ended up on the floor.  As Mack was reaching to help him up, he seemed to change into a cowled figure standing in darkness who told Jack that he had to remain there.  The Cowled One then revealed that it was one of the Three Who Are All, that they were changing his life, and that they would demonstrate that his life could be used to aid others.  As the vision ended, the Cowled One changed back into Mack (who was unaware of the whole encounter), and Jack passed out.  That night, Jack changed into the Werewolf and quietly crept towards an unwitting Mack from behind, but was prevented from attacking when Morrison and his men shot tear-gas into the cabin.  As the Werewolf fled out the window, Morrison's men mistook the shadowed figure for Mack and opened fire.  Unharmed but VERY annoyed by the gunfire, the Werewolf attacked the gunmen and chased them when they fled but he only caught and killed Morrison.  The next morning Jack returned to the cabin, not bothered much by what had happened there.  After Mack said that a miracle had happened, he and Maura seemed to become shadowy and a voice told Jack that the miracle was just beginning, that he would have no more thoughts of killing himself, and that it was time to return.  When Mack was himself again, he denied hearing any voice except Jack's and suggested that it was time to return.  As Jack accompanied Mack and Maura to the car, he realized that he had never told Mack his name.

(Werewolf by Night I#39) - Jack returned to his step-father's home to find Coker, Topaz, Lissa, Buck and Brother Voodoo present. Coker told Jack of an encounter he had had with one of the Three Who Are All, who had revealed to him that Russell would become involved in his quest to learn why his great-grandfather had returned to life as a zombie. The house was then attacked by zombies who captured Coker before the others could drive them away. As the full moon rose, Brother Voodoo used the spirit of his brother Daniel to prevent Jack from becoming the Werewolf. Topaz, Russell and Brother Voodoo journeyed to the Devil's Grotto, where they found that Dr. Glitternight was the master of the zombies, and had Coker as his prisoner. Brother Voodoo had to remove Daniel's spirit from Jack's body, causing him to become the Werewolf again.

(Werewolf by Night I#40) - Dr. Glitternight managed to capture Topaz, and disappeared with her and Coker. The Werewolf became Russell again, and joined Brother Voodoo in searching for Glitternight in the Devil's Grotto. They found themselves before the Three Who Are All, and Russell discovered that in their presence, he could become the Werewolf but retain his intellect. They informed them of Dr. Glitternight's origins, and led them to a black egg, such as the one Topaz's dark sould had emerged from. Russell passed through the egg, but was turned back into Russell. Brother Voodoo could not pass through it, but sent Daniel's spirit through. When they encountered Dr. Glitternight's creatures, the Three Who Are All appeared to inform Russell that he could become the Werewolf simply through force of will, and he did so. However, Dr. Glitternight unleashed Topaz upon them, having corrupted her soul, making her a harpy-like creature.

(Werewolf by Night I#41) - The Werewolf and Daniel fought Dr. Glitternight, Topaz and the other creatures, until they were joined by Brother Voodoo, who had broken through the egg. Daniel managed to remove Glitternight's influence from Topaz, and then returned to Brother Voodoo to aid him. Guided by the Three Who Are All, they managed to locate Glitternight, who was feeding off the energies of Coker and Vic Northrup. They nearly defeated Glitternight, but he then unleashed Fire-Eyes, a former member of the Three Who Are All. Fire-Eyes fought the Werewolf, but when Brother Voodoo removed Glitternight's tether to Fire-Eyes, he turned on Glitternight and destroyed them both. Glitternight's dimension was destroyed, and Jack, Topaz, Brother Voodoo, Coker and Northrup reappeared in the Devil's Grotto. The energies released during Fire-Eyes and Glitternight's destruction granted Jack control over the Werewolf. When Northrup witnessed the Werewolf change back into Jack, he declared that he would end his hunt for the Werewolf, and pretend that werewolves didn't exist.

(Werewolf by Night I#42 (fb)) - Jack and Topaz were in New York to celebrate Jack's recent change when they spotted some suspicious men near a bank's rear door and Jack decided to try to stop them.  After sending Topaz for the police, Jack transformed into the Werewolf and got into position to pounce on the crooks.

 (Werewolf by Night I#42) - As the Werewolf leaped at the Masked Marauder, he collided in mid-air with Iron Man who was also attacking.  Jumping to the wrong conclusion, Iron Man attacked the Werewolf who soon began fighting back and their battle continued until the Werewolf saved Iron Man from being shot in the back by the Marauder.  The duo teamed up against the real criminals but were blinded long enough to be unable to capture them.  When the Werewolf passed out, Iron Man brought him to Avengers' Mansion for some first aid.  After startling Jarvis, the Werewolf passed out and changed back to his human form.  Sleeping through the entire day, "Russ Jackson" woke up and agreed to help Iron Man capture the Marauder.  "Russ" gave Jarvis a thrill by letting him watch the change, and then the Werewolf and Iron Man crashed into the Marauder's hideout.  They quickly knocked out the thugs but not before the Marauder activated his new Tri-Animan, an android with the strength of a gorilla, the speed and agility of a cheetah and the raw savagery of an alligator.


(Werewolf by Night I#43) - The Werewolf and Iron Man continued to battle the Tri-Animan android in the Masked Marauder's hideout until they were both shocked unconscious.  When they revived, they found that the android was no longer under the Marauder's control.  While Iron Man followed the rampaging Tri-Animan's trail, the Werewolf saved the thugs from the three maddened animals that had been used in the Marauder's experiment, then imprisoned the animals, tied up the thugs, and called the police to collect them all.  Following the obvious trail, the Werewolf arrived at the construction site where the Tri-Animan was climbing the steel framework but was shot at by some policemen (who mistook him for the "monster running loose") until Iron Man set them straight.  When Iron Man was trapped and about to be killed by the Tri-Animan, the Werewolf pulled him off the building, landing in the harbor while the android hit the docks.  The Werewolf then ended the battle by diving down to the Marauder's crashed helicopter, rescuing him and turning his remote-control off.  The Werewolf then returned to Avengers' Mansion with Iron Man, returned to his human form, and left to rejoin Topaz.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#14: Werewolf) - To avoid tarnishing his already shaky reputation, Russell designed a virtually escape-proof cell for himself for the three nights of the full moon.

(Spider-Woman I#6) - Spider-Woman (seeking the Darkhold) arrived at Colden House, where Jack Russell lived, to find him having chained himself to a wall. She tore the chains apart in her effort to have him tell her where the book was, but just as soon as she did, he reverted to the mindless Werewolf and attacked her. After escaping, he attacked passersby until stopped by Spider-Woman, who took him to the lair of Morgan Le Fey. Le Fey held Magnus prisoner and demanded the whereabouts of the Darkhold. Magnus explained that while Russell did not possess the book, he had read it, and retained part of it in his memory. When Morgan attempted to strip Russell's mind, Magnus released his astral form to attack her. After her defeat, Magnus returned the Werewolf to his home, erasing his mind of the entire ordeal.

(Spider-Man I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Russell met with his friend Buck Cowan about a man who showed up at Cowan's home who had burst into flames after demanding a debt to be paid. While they were discussing the incident, the Enforcer arrived;  Russell immediately turned into his wolf-form, and was shot out a window by silver buckshot from a gun of the Enforcer's. The Enforcer then shot Buck with a "Tingler" dart, which fused with his spine, and would cause a metabolic reaction, setting the person on fire if they ever mentioned him to anyone.

(Spider-Woman I#19) - Jessica Drew was awakened to hear the howl of a nearby wolf-like creature. She donned her Spider-Woman garb and, outside of the complex she was staying at, found the Werewolf falling out of the window. Trying to stop the Enforcer, Spider-Woman was paralyzed by one of his Tingler stun darts. The Werewolf tried to attack him, only to be paralyzed by a Tingler as well. The Enforcer explained to the two what would happen if they crossed paths with him again, giving Spider-Woman time for her immune system to overturn the effects of the Tingler. She hit the Enforcer with a venom blast, left him for the police, and took the Werewolf back to the apartment from which he had fallen. His superhuman powers overturning the effects of the Tingler, he returned to human form and explained what had happened. Spider-Woman promised to return the following night to investigate the situation.

(Marvel Team-Up I#93) - While at the Cat's Jazz Club in Los Angeles, Jack was confronted by the Tatterdemalion, another agent of the Committee. He transformed into the Werewolf, and was aided by Spider-Man in battling the villain. The Tatterdemalion managed to capture the Werewolf, and planned to kill him for having risen above being an object of pity, but Spider-Man arrived and rescued the Werewolf, and the two heroes defeated the Tatterdemalion.

(Spider-Woman I#32) - Jack visited Dr. Karl Malus for aid with his transformations, seeking to maintain control during the full moon, and Malus placed him under his control with a device which would force the transformation into the Werewolf upon him. He sent the Werewolf out to kill Spider-Woman alongside the Hornet, formerly Spider-Woman's ally Scotty McDowell, but the Hornet was so far gone mentally that he struck the Werewolf down. Spider-Woman managed to remove the device affecting the Werewolf, and Russell chased down Malus and beat him.

(Ghost Rider II#55 (fb) - BTS) - While in a poolroom in L.A., Jack got a tip that the Tatterdemalion was going to strike in Las Vegas so he flew up there to nail him.

(Ghost Rider II#55) - Jack was staking out the Diamond Cowgirl Casino when it was attacked by the Tatterdemalion.  Jack changed into the Werewolf and tried to capture Tatterdemalion, but a pain in his head drove him berserk and he began a destructive rampage.  Ghost Rider (Blaze) appeared to oppose him and their battle continued until the sunrise transformed the Werewolf back into Jack, at which point Ghost Rider changed back into Johnny Blaze.  Jack confided in Johnny about his reason for being in Las Vegas and his concern about how he'd lost control even though there hadn't been a full moon, but insisted on staying to capture Tatterdemalion.  That night, while watching Blaze's daredevil stunt show, Jack had another attack, became the Werewolf and battled Ghost Rider briefly before regaining control of himself and returning to human form.  Jack then complied with Johnny's suggestion that he spend the rest of the night in a steel-reinforced Quonset hut. Early the next morning the Werewolf was accidentally released and attacked the Tatterdemalion as he tried to steal a million-dollar racing car, but was soon knocked out.  Quickly regaining consciousness and his senses, the Werewolf changed back to Jack and slipped away from the racetrack, but then went to a local medical center and told them that he was an alcoholic so that they'd lock him up for the night in the detox ward.  The next afternoon, when Johnny came to visit, Jack told him his theory that the electronic gizmo that Dr. Malus had used to control him a few weeks earlier had messed up his ability to control his werewolf self's behavior and that he was returning to L.A. to see if he could do something about it.

(Marvel Premiere#59/2) - Speeding down the Ventura Freeway in an attempt to get home before moonrise, Jack and Lissa got stuck in a traffic jam caused by a jackknifed truck (from which five wolves with a new strain of rabies had escaped).  Unable to hold back the change any longer, Jack leapt out of the car and then, as the Werewolf, ran off into nearby Topanga Canyon.  Following an odd scent and screams, the Werewolf came across the five rabid wolves menacing two young women.  Seeking to take over the pack, the Werewolf challenged the leader, inadvertently allowing the women to escape.  After a savage battle, the Werewolf killed the pack leader only to discover that men had netted the other rabid wolves.  Netted himself, the Werewolf tore free and escaped into the forest.

(Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, 2-3 (BTS)) - Jack Russell was one of the many hundreds of Earth's heroes gathered by Death and the Grandmaster during the latter's attempt to revive the Collector. At the conclusion of the game, Russell was returned to Earth with the others.

(Spider-Woman I#48) - Depressed after losing his job when he asked for a few days off, Jack was walking the streets of L.A. when he noticed that the full moon had risen.  Holding off the change, he returned home to his apartment, locked himself in his cell and chained himself up.  When Spider-Woman came to visit him, he begged her to leave because he didn't want to be seen like that, and then he changed into the Werewolf.

(Spider-Woman I#49) - The Werewolf was chained and howling in his cell with Spider-Woman keeping vigil outside.  When Spider-Woman couldn't watch anymore and turned away, the Werewolf's howls stopped and Spider-Woman turned around to find that he had vanished from his cell and his chains without a trace.

(Spider-Woman I#50 (fb - BTS)) - The Werewolf was secretly abducted by Locksmith and taken to his private prison.  Once there, Locksmith placed the Werewolf in a specialized body lock which somehow trapped his body in its wolf form.

(Spider-Woman I#50) - When Locksmith brought his latest captive (Spider-Woman) to his private prison, the Werewolf was one of fifteen "freaks" who were already imprisoned there.  When Spider-Woman broke free the next day, the Werewolf was one of the prisoners she freed first.  That night, Jack attended a celebration at Jessica Drew's apartment in San Francisco, and was later affected by a spell cast by the sorcerer Magnus which caused everybody in the world to forget that Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman ever existed. 

(Avengers I#240 (fb)) - Affected by the spell, Jack suddenly found himself in an apartment full of strangers.  When the Shroud was drawn to the apartment building's private courtyard, Jack was one of the party-goers who followed him and who regained their memories as soon as they saw Jessica's lifeless body. They rushed her to a hospital.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#14: Werewolf) - Malus' treatments had late effects in Russell again lost control of his transformations and began metamorphosizing into a more wolf-like state, with longer ears and snout, a curved spine, and digitigrade legs.

(Moon Knight I#29 (fb, BTS)) - Jack Russell found himself stalked by agents of the Morning Star, a Satanic priest who wanted his followers to drink the Werewolf's blood. They spent a year tracking Russell, and managed to hold on to him long enough to plant a homing device.

(Moon Knight I#29-30) - Jack went to Moon Knight for help, and Moon Knight tried to keep him under lock and key for his transformations, but the Werewolf broke free of Moon Knight's safehouse. Morning Star's agents captured Russell and Moon Knight, but Moon Knight was able to revive and escape from them with Russell. He then had his girlfriend Marlene Alraune use hypnosis on Russell, demonstrating that even the hypnotic suggestion of a full moon could cause Russell's transformations. Marlene planted the idea that Moon Knight was the Werewolf's friend into Russell's subconscious. Moon Knight then disguised himself as one of Morning Star's men in order to enter his base with Russell. When Russell became the Werewolf again, they joined forces against the cult and destroyed them. The Werewolf then departed.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#14: Werewolf) - Russell found the moon-influenced wolf-form to be increasing in strength with each passing month.

(West Coast Avengers II#5) - Russell turned himself over to Michael Morbius for treatment, but when the West Coast Avengers visited Morbius, he broke loose and fought them. He was finally calmed down by Tigra.

(Iron Man I#209) - Jack comforted Lissa after she had a recurring nightmare.  The next day, they went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura to see Buck Cowan. While there, Lissa attacked another visitor, Tony Stark.  When Stark revealed that he knew Jack was the Werewolf, Lissa attacked him again before collapsing.  Stark barely had time to mention that Lissa could be in grave danger from Morgan Le Fey before Jack had to leave quickly because it was nearly sunset.  As Stark was driving Jack to his holding cell, Morgan's spirit appeared and caused their car to go over a cliff, but Jack and Stark got out in time.  Jack changed into the Werewolf, Stark donned his Iron Man armor and they returned to the Faire to confront Morgan who had possessed Lissa's body.  As the battle continued, the Werewolf began to lose control of his bestial urges until finally he savagely slashed Morgan's back, causing Morgan's spirit to flee Lissa's wounded body.  As Iron Man and Buck called an ambulance for Lissa, the Werewolf ran off into the hills and stayed there for that night and the next two nights, baying at the moon.

(Captain America I#330-331) - Placed under the hypnotic powers of Dansen Macabre, Russell joined the Night Shift, a band of misfit supernatural criminals gathered by the Shroud. The Werewolf joined the Night Shift and Captain America in raiding the estate of the Power Broker, battling his superhuman henchmen.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update '89 #5: Night Shift) - Russell was the only other Night Shift member to realize that the Shroud was not actually a criminal, that he was using the Shift to fight other criminals, and that he was keeping them by his side to keep an eye on them and prevent them from harming innocents.

(Solo Avengers#3/2) - Russell was used by the Shroud to lure Moon Knight to the Tower of Shadows so that the Shroud could determine whether or not Moon Knight could replace him as the Night Shift's leader. The Shroud assured Moon Knight that Russell was safe with him.

(West Coast Avengers II#40) - After Digger was arrested by Mockingbird, a former Avenger, the Night Shift embarked without the Shroud to invade the Avengers Compound for revenge. The Werewolf was defeated along with the rest of the Night Shift, but the Shroud arrived to rescue them all from the Avengers.

(Marvel Comics Presents#54/2 (fb)) - When working with the Night Shift, the Werewolf's mind was controlled by Dansen Macabre.  Eventually the Werewolf built up a tolerance to her mind-control, attacked her and was subdued by the rest of the Night Shift.

(Incredible Hulk II#362) - While hunting animals in the Nevada desert, the Werewolf came across the gray "Mr. Fixit" Hulk "arguing" with his Banner persona. Attacking the Hulk, the Werewolf actually got the best of him. Before he could deliver another blow, the sun began to rise, sending both nocturnal monsters in opposite directions, reverting to their human forms. Russell then came across an old atomic test site and decided it would be a good place to keep himself chained for the next full moon. The next night, the two ran into each other again as the Werewolf chased Marlo Chandler in the desert. The Hulk used a chain to wrap up the Werewolf and slung him far away.

(Marvel Comics Presents#55/2 (fb, bts)) - Jack decided to seek a cure for his lycanthropy by going to the roots of his curse and contacting his father's spirit.  Jack studied the occult for months to be certain that he could identify the right spell and that he would know what he was doing when he found it.

(Marvel Comics Presents#54/2) - Awakening from a nightmare (in which he was running naked through a shadowy forest), Jack realized that he had dozed off after chaining himself in his "Howling Room."  Jack took a dose of thorazine and waited for moonrise.  When the Werewolf found himself chained up, he began to gnaw off his own arm but the drugs knocked him out before he could finish.

(Marvel Comics Presents#55/2) - Jack traded some of the Werewolf's fur for a copy of Lemarchand's Mourning Call, a parchment which contained a powerful necromantic spell.  Jack used the spell to summon his father's spirit to ask him how to end the curse.  His father's spirit told him that he could not cure himself of the werewolf because it was a part of his being, the beast within all men.  "Dad" also told Jack that the power to take the form of wolves was a "gift from elder gods that had become corrupted into a curse when men fell out of harmony with their primal selves", that he had deliberately invoked the curse in the mistaken belief that he could control it, and that Jack would soon die unless he and his beast could accept each other.  With a final warning to "Beware the grandchildren", the spirit faded away.  Contemplating the mess on his floor, Jack was completely surprised when his door was kicked open by Silver Dagger.

(Marvel Comics Presents#56/2 (fb)) - Jack was confronted by Silver Dagger who announced his intention to kill Jack.  Then the full moon rose and Jack transformed into the Werewolf who, recognizing that Silver Dagger was dangerous, jumped out the window and ran into the forest.  Silver Dagger caught up to him and severely injured the Werewolf with his silver daggers.

(Marvel Comics Presents#56/2) - Severely wounded, the Werewolf ran through the forest until he collapsed, then he crawled until he reached a road.  Lying there helpless, the Werewolf watched a group of single headlights approach, then he smelt a scent that was familiar but evil, and then he looked up and saw a group of werewolves.

(Marvel Comics Presents#57/2) - Rescued by a pack of werewolf motorcyclists who called themselves the Braineaters, Jack accompanied them to a drive-in movie and was shocked when the pack leader, Layla, revealed that Jack was the one who had made them werewolves.  When the full moon rose, Jack and the Braineaters all transformed but when the pack began feeding on the human members of the audience, the Werewolf was repelled by their evil nature and attacked.  The pack then turned on him and savagely wounded him but a gasoline explosion separated them, allowing the Werewolf to escape in the confusion. 

(Marvel Comics Presents#58/2) - The mortally-wounded Werewolf made his way to Death Valley where he found a hole, crawled in, and went to sleep.  On the brink of death, Jack's spirit swam into the darkest caverns of his subconscious mind where he found the spirit of the wolf, suffering and afraid, in the darkness where Jack had kept him prisoner all those years.  Faced with his imminent death, Jack's consciousness freed the wolf-spirit, then the two spirits fused together into one identity.  Revitalized by this fusion of spirits, the Werewolf's wounds were healed and he was reborn as a whole being who retained Jack's intellect and ability to speak.  Confronting the Braineaters when they caught up with him, the Werewolf defeated Layla and then paused, uncertain as to whether or not he should kill her.  Then all the werewolves were attacked by Silver Dagger and his team, the Sword of the Lord. 

(Marvel Comics Presents#59/2) - As the Braineaters and the Sword of the Lord massacred each other, the Werewolf was unable to save Layla.  He then attacked and easily defeated Silver Dagger, but decided not to kill him.  Instead, the Werewolf bit Silver Dagger and allowed him to (falsely) believe that he had been infected with lycanthropy.  Jack then embarked on a mission to seek out and help people like he used to be, people who were persecuted because their lives had been touched by the paranormal.  Jack found his first mission in a newspaper article about cattle in Colorado being mutilated by a man-beast.

(Dr. Strange III#26 (fb, bts)) - Jack wondered if werewolves that he'd created in the past might have been responsible so he went to Colorado to investigate.  Once there, he discovered that whoever had ritually slaughtered the cattle wasn't a werewolf.

(Dr. Strange III#26) - As the Werewolf, Jack staked out a recent "cattle mutilation."  When a trio of hunters spotted him and began shooting, Jack was wounded by their silver bullets, but managed to escape.  The next night, as Jack crept towards some cows, he was attacked by Rintrah but their fight was quickly ended by Doctor Strange.  Jack changed back into human form and explained himself to Strange, Rintrah and Topaz but the four were then taken by surprise and knocked unconscious by a group of local hunters whose bodies were possessed by the extradimensional aliens known as the Possessors.

(Dr. Strange III#27) - Jack, Topaz, Rintrah and Strange regained consciousness to find themselves encased in a mystic stonelike substance.  After the Possessors explained their plan (to use ritual bloodletting to open a gateway so that they could invade Earth), three of them then possessed the bodies of Jack, Rintrah and Strange.  After forcing the Werewolf to kill one of their former human host-bodies, the Possessors attacked an isolated house, letting the humans escape so that they would return with even more people to be sacrificed in the ultimate ritual of blood.  The Possessors began the ritual by having the Werewolf and Rintrah kill some cattle, but before they could progress to the human sacrifices Doctor Strange managed to get the Possessors to leave their Earthly bodies.  Jack regained control of his body only to find himself facing a mob of panicked humans armed with guns.  Wounded by a silver bullet, the Werewolf was trapped and seemingly fell to his death in a chasm, but he was actually magically rescued by Strange who left a werewolf image to die in his place.

(Marvel Comics Presents#87/4) - Werewolf helped Shroud together with Night Shift and Mockingbird against Manny and his gang in Los Angeles.

(Marvel Comics Presents#98/2) - Jack was driving through the country on his motorbike and made a stop at a bar somewhere in Kansas or Nebraska. He got himself a drink, watched a stripper and recognized another predator in the bar. It was Sabretooth who left the bar some time later with a woman. Jack followed them into the woods and saved the woman from
Sabretooth by attacking Creed as the Werewolf. Jack fought Sabretooth until local hunters came by. They didn't realize that Sabretooth was the bad guy and shot at the Werewolf. The Werewolf ran away, and after the wounds had healed again Jack hit the interstate with his bike and left.

(Marvel Comics Presents#107/3-112/3) - Jack tracked down another band of the Braineaters in New York, and found himself in conflict with the new Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch), who believed him to be responsible for the Braineaters' killings. The two then joined forces against the Braineaters, and Russell supplied Ghost Rider with silver bullets to hurl at the Braineaters, leaving them unable to shift from their human forms.

(Marvel Comics Presents#113/4) - On the one night of the year when the Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature roaming the Canadian forests, reverted to his human form, Russell traveled to Canada to perform a mercy killing. In his Werewolf form, he found and fought the Wendigo, and waited for the transformation to occur. When it did, Russell was horrified to learn that the man currently cursed to be the Wendigo was, in fact, happy with the situation. Realizing this man did not deserve a mercy death, the Werewolf left him to his curse.

(Captain America I#402 (BTS), 403-404) - Jack fell into the clutches of Dr. Nightshade, who was able to perfect her werewolf potions from studying Russell in his Werewolf form. The Werewolf was kept fastened down in Dr. Nightshade's lab while she transformed the populace of Starkesboro into werewolves.

(Captain America I#406-408) - After Captain America was transformed into a werewolf, he led the werewolves Dr. Nightshade could not control in breaking out of their prison. He had Russell set free, and Russell joined the other werewolves in aiding Captain America against Dredmund, Dr. Nightshade's superior. After Dredmund's defeat, Captain America had a cure for the lycanthropy administered to the residents of Starkesboro. He offered the cure to Russell, but Russell noted that because he could control his transformations now, he had effectively made peace with the wolf.

(Shadows & Light#3/2) - Jack left work early and went to the woods as the Werewolf. There he found a dead boy and through his olfactory senses he soon knew that the kid was murdered by a child molester. The next morning Jack went to elementary school in Wharton where he found the child molester searching for new prey. He made the molester a false offer and told him to meet him in room six in the Black Creek Motel. The molester came to the motel and Jack talked to him until the moon came up. Jack turned into the Werewolf and hunted the molester through the city to the woods. There the molester fell to his death.

(Moon Knight VI#20 (fb) - BTS) - Unidentified parties captured Jack Russell, using his blood to mutate others into werewolves and have them fight in a gladiatorial arena below the upscale Manhattan club Lu'pine.

(Moon Knight VI#20 (fb)) - Moon Knight investigated, released Russell and the other werewolves. A savage Russell Werewolf attacked Moon Knight, who subdued him with Marlene Alraune's aid, using silver weapons. The Werewolf reverted to Russell, whom Moon Knight allowed to go free.

(Marc Spector: Moon Knight#50) - As Gambit broke into Marc Spector's mansion, he was confronted by Russell, in his Werewolf form.

(Marc Spector: Moon Knight#52) - The Werewolf and Gambit continued their running battle throughout the Spector Estate, destroying irreplaceable 18th Century antiques in the process.  When Moon Knight eventually became aware of the security breach at the mansion and came to investigate, he found himself between the two combatants.

(Marc Spector: Moon Knight#53) - After a scuffle and Gambit's departure, the Werewolf revealed that he had come to hunt down Moon Knight whom he believed to be a rogue supernatural ever since the latter had manifested an occult presence within himself on live TV.  When Moon Knight insisted that he had already purged his body of the demonic entity which had been ravaging it, the Werewolf still smelt the "acrid reek of the supernatural" but they soon realized that it was coming from stains on his armor from the previous night's battle with two strange creatures.  The Werewolf and Moon Knight then went to Central Park and found themselves in battle with eight of the creatures who called themselves the Hellbent.  After some success, the duo were trapped and needed to be rescued by Gambit.  The trio then began to prevail, and the battle ended quickly after four of the defeated Hellbent were butchered by a Hellbent Predator known as the Manx.

(Morbius#12) - "Midnight Massacre - Part 4" - Jack came to New York City and tracked down his friend, Michael Morbius.  Jack changed into the Werewolf and (insanely) tried to convince Morbius that his curse could be a blessing if he would just stop fighting against it.  Morbius told Jack about the vampire-hunter, Blade, who had used a Darkhold page to transform himself into Switchblade the Demogorge, a being dedicated to eliminating the supernatural from the world.  When Switchblade confronted them and attacked Morbius, the Werewolf jumped in to help and was quickly killed when Switchblade created one of Demogoblin's pumpkin-bombs and stuffed it down the Werewolf's throat, blowing him to pieces. THWABOOM!

(Spirits of Vengeance#13) - "Midnight Massacre - Part 5" - The Werewolf and all of Switchblade's other victims were brought back from the dead when Professor Louise Hastings read the Darkhold's counter-spell that transformed Switchblade back into Blade.  Shaken by the experience, the Werewolf left quietly.

(Morbius#13) - Jack was present as Doctor Strange conducted a physical and spiritual examination of Michael Morbius and concluded that Morbius had no lifesigns and no soul.  Once Strange left, Jack resumed his "twelve step programs to overcoming his aversions to his curses" but they were interrupted by the appearance of the Darkhold dwarf who told Morbius of a Darkhold page that could grant his fondest wish.  Jack reminded Morbius that the Darkhold pages stole souls, but Morbius didn't listen and left.

(Morbius#14) - Jack searched for Morbius for over a week before he finally found him lying in an alley and brought him home.  After placing Morbius in his recuperative chamber, Jack called their mutual friend, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, for help.  When Morbius had a nightmare and exited the chamber in a crazed state, Jack became the Werewolf and restrained him long enough for Jacob to inject the serum to restore Morbius to his human appearance, but the serum no longer worked and Morbius slashed the Werewolf and fled.  The Werewolf went after him, catching up to him just after Morbius (secretly under the control of the Lilin Bloodthirst within him) had killed an innocent.  As the Werewolf realized that Morbius wasn't himself anymore, he was struck down by the fear-demon D'Spayre.  Regaining consciousness after D'Spayre had been driven away, the Werewolf offered to help Morbius to control the Lilin presence within him but Morbius struck him and flew off.

(Morbius#15) - Seeking someone capable of helping Morbius, the Werewolf tracked down the Ghost Rider (Ketch)and told him what was happening with Morbius.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#143/4-144/3) - While motorbiking through New Jersey on a Halloween night, Russell encountered the "Goblins," a group of Lilin that had been posing as trick-or-treaters and killing the residents of Morristown. Turning into the Werewolf, he tracked them down and killed them before returning to New York.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#5) - Modred began a plan to attack Salomé. Modred gathered Vengeance, Morbius and Werewolf and introduced them to Wildpride. They confronted Salomé, with Modred eventually turning on his group. Salomé wounded Modred and the others escaped.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#7/3) - Jack had a weird nightmare:

During a full moon, Jack was in a 24 hour store when three armed men tried to rob the checkout clerk.  Jack changed into the Werewolf, defeated them single-handedly and got free groceries as a reward.  And then Jack woke up and found he was half-naked in the mall parking lot, surrounded by empty food containers.  Uncertain how he ended up there, Jack saw that the mall window had been smashed through, had flashbacks in which he bit a man's head off and left a trail of bleeding bodies, and tasted Nutrasweet on his lips but a TV news report that no one was hurt during the break-in reassured Jack that he hadn't hurt anyone.  And then Jack woke up and found he was half-naked beside the divider in the middle of a highway.  Uncertain how he had ended up there, Jack saw that a store window had been broken out but a radio news report claiming the damage was due to "freak ram attacks" reassured him.  Then, after noticing that passing motorists were freaking out at the sight of him, Jack realized that his mouth was overflowing with foam that tasted like soap powder.  That night, after Jack chained himself up, he was shocked to see that the face of the full moon was covered by commercial messages.  Breaking loose, the Werewolf headed to the location from which Armstrong Associates was projecting the ads onto the Moon and mauled/killed some of the advertising company's personnel.  The Werewolf then smashed the projector and warned the audience about messing with the moon but then realized that the face of the moon was covered by even more advertisements beamed from all around the planet.  All the ads drove the Werewolf crazy...and then Jack woke up in his bed and realized that it had all been a nightmare induced by overexposure to advertising.

(Werewolf by Night II#5 (fb)) - Jack and his friend Freddie were working in New York City's dockside sewer system.  While fixing a broken sluice gate, Jack turned a wheel at the wrong time which caused a pipe to burst and the rush of water caused a sewer grille to fall on Freddie, snapping his spine and trapping him underwater.  Jack changed into the Werewolf, pulled the grille off Freddie, carried him to the ladder to the surface, and then changed back to human form and got medical help for Freddie.

(Ghost Rider III#55) - While having a drink at the Skin And Bones nightclub, Russell became aware of Calvin Zabo walking to one of the private rooms upstairs. Investigating, Russell entered the room, to see club owner Morphine announce Zabo to the stage. Morphine introduced Philip, a homeless man who was going to be cut open by Zabo for the pleasure of the audience, Jack transformed into the Werewolf, knocked Zabo aside and untied Philip.  Morphine shot him in the head but the bullet wasn't silver so he wasn't harmed and just spit it out.  Jack was then struck hard by Zabo's alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, and found himself facing the whole club, all armed with knives and ready to skin him but Ghost Rider showed up and disarmed them.  Ghost Rider prevented the club members from taking innocent hostages, stopped Morphine from firing into the crowd, shook hands with the Werewolf and left in pursuit of Hyde.  Alone with Morphine, the Werewolf grabbed him, showed him "these big, sharp claws" and said, "Let's play a little game."

(Morbius#27) - Jack went to McCooligan's Pub looking for Morbius but found Martine Bancroft instead.  When Martine mentioned that Morbius had thrown her out a window, Jack said he was sure that Morbius must have had a very good reason.  Martine asked Jack to tell Morbius that she'd be in touch, then burned his hand with her cigarette.  Jack transformed into the Werewolf, warned her not to start something she couldn't finish, and threatened to make her his next meal if she attacked him or Morbius again.

(Morbius#28) - Jack and Martine had a lot of sex in her apartment, then Jack left to go to St. Jude's hospital to ask Morbius for a favor.  Jack met up with Morbius who tricked him into returning to Morbius's apartment.  Before Jack realized what was happening, Morbius had chained himself up and stated that he'd asked Jack to come there so that he'd make sure that Morbius wouldn't leave the apartment.  Jack was furious that Morbius had lied to him and changed into the Werewolf in a futile attempt to break the chains.  Morbius later shattered the chains himself and overcame the Werewolf, but was just able to stop himself from feeding.  The Werewolf regained consciousness and, with Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, found Morbius lying dead on the floor.

(Morbius#29) - Following Morbius' death, Jack and Dr. Weisenthal worked together to get Morbius officially declared dead.  Jack then went to the Caretaker to get his help with the burial, then told Dan Ketch about Morbius' death and asked him to notify everyone else.  Jack then told Martine that Morbius was dead and offered to take her to the memorial service.  The Werewolf attended the midnight memorial service (but left before Morbius burst out of his grave).

(Morbius#30) - Jack and Martine had some more sex in her apartment.

(Werewolf by Night II#1) - Jack found himself losing control over his werewolf self again, and had gained the added curse of glimpsing Hell whenever he transformed. He began to suspect his transformations were being controlled by the cult of the Third Moon, whom he learned of from his friend Father Adobe.

(Werewolf by Night II#2) - Searching for the Cult of the Third Moon, Jack drove to upstate New York.  Arriving at the estate of Walter Clark, Jack was turned away by a guard but not before he noticed a wolf symbol on the guard's wrist.  Jack then changed into the Werewolf and returned to the Clark estate, interrupting a ceremony just after the cult had sacrificed a young man with an ancient dagger.  Slaughtering the murderous cultists, the Werewolf confronted Clark, the aged cult leader, and threatened to keep him alive (by infecting him with lycanthropy) unless he helped.  Before dying, Clark explained that the Werewolf would never overthrow the demon that controlled the werewolf aspect in man without the Wolfsblade but that it was only one of three parts.  Later, after returning to the city, Jack took Roxanna to a funfair.  While there, Jack was contacted by a short, balding man who knew of Jack's recent encounter with the cultists and offered to show him where he could find the two missing pieces he needed.  Bringing Jack to the Ghost Train funride, the stranger warned him that he would have to travel to his hell and it would be the most difficult ordeal he could ever face.  When Jack was told that the aperture to hell would only be open for another seventeen seconds, he chose to enter.

(Werewolf by Night II#3) - Jack had the following delusion:

Reaching the end of the ghost train ride at the funfair, Jack found that his face and hands were stuck in a bestial form.  After accidentally killing his girlfriend Roxanna, Jack's secret was exposed to the world and he became a hunted wolfman.  Hiding in the sewers, Jack survived by eating rats but as time passed he gave up his morality and began killing homeless people for their booze.  At one point Jack tried to force the man who had tricked him into taking the funfair ride into confessing what he had done to Jack but Jack ended up killing him.  Following that, the wolfman was forced to leave the lower east side when the mayor sent police to clean up the area.  Jack made his way south along the interstate until he reached the Florida Everglades.  Jack lived there in a shack for years, eating mostly alligators but killing people if they stopped in the swamp.  Seven years after killing a teenage girl named Wendy, an old Jack Russell was confronted by Wendy's father.  Jack told him his story and then the father killed Jack with a gunshot to the head. 

Then Jack suddenly found himself back in the funride as it truly came to an end and he realized that everything he'd lived through had never happened, it was just the ordeal that was his personal hell, made up of his deepest fears and greatest agonies.  Jack found the second of the three parts of the puzzle and then continued his search for the last piece.

(Werewolf by Night II#4) - Jack entered the wolf demon's hell in search of the third piece of the puzzle but he was soon confronted by the Wolf Demon whose body contained the souls of previous werewolves.  After battling the demon and finding the third piece, Jack realized that the only way to complete the puzzle and control the wolf was to accept both his human and wolf selves.  Jack then found himself exiting the funhouse back at the fair.  When Roxanna asked him where he'd been for the last hour, Jack told her that he'd gone and gotten a tattoo.

(Werewolf by Night II#5) - With his wolf person under control, Jack looked up a couple of old friends from his past.  While talking with Freddie, Jack had a flashback to three years ago about Freddie breaking his back. Jack then went to visit Lump, a deformed homeless person who had been watching over the Werewolf during the three nights each month when Jack locked himself up in a cage.  Jack asked Lump why he'd been watching over the Werewolf and listened to Lump's life story.  Jack then brought some red roses to Roxanna.

(Werewolf by Night II#6) - While on a double date with Roxanna and Freddie, Jack was contacted by the "little man" who had helped him overcome the Wolf Demon.  This "benefactor" asked Jack to visit the Underworld Club to find out who was responsible for some supernatural serial murders that have been committed in downtown New York. In the Underworld, Jack was jumped by three vampires, part of the Children of the Night, and their brawl continued until Ghost Rider, the new Lord of hell, commanded them to stop.  Jack asked Ghost Rider about the killings but Ghost Rider said he couldn't help, but did tell Jack that the killer was in the same room with them.  Leaving the club, Jack encountered a vampire who apologized for the earlier attack and shook Jack's hand.  Jack then went and locked himself up in his cell in the sewers.  After spending the night as a wolf, Jack awoke the next morning in his human form, but found that his cell door was open, he had blood on his hands and there was a body floating beside him.

(Moon Knight IV#4 - BTS) - After Moon Knight seemingly returned from the dead, "Jack Russell" placed an item in the Personals section of a New York newspaper.  Possibly meant for Moon Knight, it read "Welcome back to moon madness."  At Gena's Diner, Crawley read the item to "Jake Lockley", one of Moon Knight's alter-egos.

(Strange Tales IV#1/2) - After waking up to find a dead body floating beside him and blood on his hands, Jack had a flashback of him attacking the victim.  Finding himself mutating and unable to return to a fully human form, Jack met with Smedley (Jack's benefactor) and blamed him.  When Smedley said that Jack just hadn't been careful enough in his wish to be freed from the wolf demon, Jack ran off, ignoring Smedley's claims that he could help Jack and that Jack must embrace the disease because it would destroy him if he fought it.

(Strange Tales IV#2/2) - Feeling guilty for the killing he believed he had committed, Jack hid in the sewers (or on a rusted boat - the image isn't very clear).  Hallucinating (maybe) that he saw his father (in werewolf form), Jack told him that he thought he had killed someone and his father said "good."  Later, Jack visited the church on the lower east side of Manhattan where his friend Father Adobe worked.  Hiding within the confessional booth, Jack asked Adobe what he would do if he found tangible evidence of the supernatural.  When Adobe replied with an answer about the importance of faith over proof, Jack told him to open the grille and revealed himself as the Werewolf.

(Witches#1) - Jack Russell was one of several mystic-related people who sensed the release of the Hellphyr from the Tome of Zhered-Na.

(Amazing Fantasy II#12/2) - Jack began tracking his niece Nina Price, a vampire/werewolf hybird, and stalked her and her assistant Inger Rinfeld from Los Angeles to Toronto. When Nina stalked a potential victim for her vampiric bloodlust, she walked into an ambush set by S.H.I.E.L.D., who sought to recruit her for their "Howling Commandos." Jack shifted to his werewolf form and helped Nina defeat the agents. The sun began to rise as the battle ended, and he asked her if she knew who he was. She replied that she had recognized him right off as her uncle. Jack cautioned Nina to never trust the people who hunted them, then set off with her and Inger to tell Nina some things about her mother.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (Director's Cut)) - Jack was revealed to have been recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos unit, though he was an inactive member at the time.

(Astonishing Tales: One Shots (Boom Boom & Elsa) digital comic #1 (fb)) - Impressed with Jack Russell's sense of humor and the way he opened up after a few drinks, Elsa Bloodstone began dating him. She found, however, that while he got funnier and more fun as the moon came on, since she was synched up with the lunar cycle, he was always in heat when she wasn't into it. She allegedly broke up with him, breaking his heart.

(Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Jack drove his motorcycle to Salvage, Alabama, noting a number of silver collars and chains hanging from a bridge.

(Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1/1) - Jack Russell went into Sullivan's Bar and talked with Rhona Stuart and the barkeeper about werewolves. The barkeeper told him that there were no werewolves around in Salvage because they knew how to deal with them by using silver. Jack watched as the local "Werewolf Hunters" (Cal Escher, Adrienne, Pynchon twins, others) entered the bar, had Rhona choose a tarot card. The card was the moon, which forced her to reveal her werewolf nature. They were there to kill her, but Jack attacked the gang and then destroyed the light in the bar get an advantage. He took everyone out except for Adrienne, who tried to kill Rhona inside the bar, but Rhona got a hold of the tarot card and released the werewolf inside her. Rhona killed Adrienne and left the bar in shock. Jack, who was back in human form, comforted her and knocked out the last gang member before asking Rhona if she needed a ride. Jack and Rhona then drove off on Jack's motorcycle to Birmingham.

(Marvel Zombies 4#1 (fb) - BTS) - Along with Daimon Hellstrom and Jennifer Kale, Russell (at peace with his lyncanthropy by realizing he was doomed, and now drinking fairly heavily) was recruited into the Midnight Sons, agents of the group ARMOR, dedicated to hunting down and taking out mystical or monstrous threats. Their first mission was to eliminate the threat of the zombie plague unleashed by Deadpool of Reality-2149 and to track down and destroy or recover this Deadpool, who had been freed by the Zombie (Simon Garth). Morbius injected himself and each of his teammates with a vaccine to protect them from being turned into a zombie.

(Marvel Zombies 4#3 (fb)) - Russell made a final testament (in case he died on a mission), telling Lissa that no matter what happened, he was happy and accepted his fate in life.

(Marvel Zombies 4#2 (fb) - BTS) - Russell christened Jennifer Kale "The Normal Girl on the Munsters."

(Marvel Zombies 4#2 (fb) - BTS) - Morbius doused the other members in wolf pheromones so that the Werewolf would consider them "friendlies."

(Marvel Zombies 4#1) - The Midnight Sons confronted the zombified Piranha and the Men-Fish as they attacked the Royal Swedish cruise liner Tranquility. Werewolf tore several of the Men-Fish to pieces, but the group was soon confronted by Piranha herself.
    Meanwhile, Garth brought Deadpool-2149 to the Black Talon (Samuel Barone)'s plantation on the island Taino, and Black Talon contacted the Hood (Parker Robbins) to offer him Deadpool as a weapon of mass destruction.

(Marvel Zombies 4#2) - Jennifer Kale teleported Russell and Morbius off the Tranquility to Taino just before Hellstorm blew up its engines to destroy all the zombies present.
    Dormammu instructed the Hood to obtain the zombie virus, and the Hood traveled to Taino alongside Night Shift (Dansen Macabre, Digger, Needle, Tatterdemalion). Detecting the Midnight Sons' presence, he transported himself and Night Shift to ambush them. Tatterdemalion burnt the Werewolf with his acid gloves, but after Hellstorm drove off Tatterdemalion with fire, Werewolf slashed deep into Digger's side, who had already been wounded by Morbius. When a group of zombies created by Deadpool-2149 confronted them, Morbius fired his oxygen-generating bacterium into them, but instead of simply destroying the zombies, as intended, it turned them into an airborne, flesh-eating swarm/cloud.

(Marvel Zombies 4#3) - Werewolf howled at the zombie cloud, then attacked the Hood (who lost his power along with Dormammu's support). As the cloud was blown towards the coast, daylight turned the Werewolf back into Russell, while Kale unleashed the Man-Thing (who she'd kept bottled up in case of emergency). The Sons sought shelter as the zombie cloud began disgorging zombie virus rain. Deadpool-2149 formed a new body, took control of the zombie cloud, and destroyed the Man-Thing, and Russell had a reaction to Morbius' vaccine that turned him into one of the zombies. As he confronted Kale, she panicked and called on Dormammu to save her. Morbius ordered ARMOR to use nuclear weapons on Taino to eliminate the zombie threat, though Kale destroyed his communicator before he could give them his coordinates to teleport the Midnight Sons out of there.

(Marvel Zombies 4#4) - The Dormammu-possessed Jennifer Kale identified Deadpool-2149's presence and control and obliterated his new body, after which the Zombie put Deadpool-2149 on a rowboat and pushed him out to see, making it appear he had been destroyed. Hellstorm convinced Jennifer to have the courage to help him exorcise Dormammu from her form. The zombified Russell attacked Morbius and taunted Morbius to kill him, but Morbius, knowing Jack's biochemistry changed under the full moon, had Jennifer blast Jack with pure moonlight, turning him back into the Werewolf and purging the zombie plague from his system. In order to destroy the zombie cloud, the Sons coerced Black Talon into combining his magic with Kale's and incarnating the zombie into a physical form again. That form badly slashed the Werewolf, but then the re-formed Man-Thing burst in. The Man-Thing's relentless nature frightened the zombie-plague-given-form, and it was incinerated on contact with the Man-Thing. Kale and Black Talon then transferred the virus-mind into the mindless Simon Garth, where it was trapped and helpless.
    Morbius congratulated his teammates on their success and told them that ARMOR wanted to keep the Midnight Sons around; they resolved to find a containment facility to hold the likes of Garth, the apparent sole-carrier of the zombie plague (they were unaware of Deadpool-2149's escape).

(Tomb of Terror#1/3) - Suspecting a werewolf at large, Jack Russell investigated a trail of savage deaths, hoping also to uncover a cure for lycanthropy. He soon found the massive beast by moonlight and the two fought until gunfire from a local Cherokee called Payat broke up the brutal fray. Still in werewolf form, Russell fled but was found in the morning by Payat. Recognizing Russell as a "skinwalker", he invited Russell back, and secretly drugged him, leaving him as bait for the other massive werewolf (actually Payat's son). Like Rusell, Payat believed that if a werewolf killed another, then the curse of lycanthropy would be lifted. The two werewolves again fought, but this time Payat was mauled to death by his bestial son. Russell saw him die and then moved on.

(Deadpool Team-Up#894) - In Monster Metropolis, Russell, the Living Mummy and Man-Thing passed the unmasked Deadpool, oblivious to his presence.

(X-Factor III#222) - "Hearing" the summoning of Rahne Sinclair's soon-to-be-born baby, Jack Russell stood nearby as X-Factor Investigations was attacked by various hellish and mythical creatures all after the baby. He leapt in against Bastet and Cu Sith demon dogs, dispatching them in his werewolf form before becoming human again and offering his help to Sinclair (Wolfsbane).

(X-Factor III#223) - Russell and Sinclair drove down a country road in New York state where Russell told her of the semi-messianic summons he had received from the unborn baby. Cerberus attacked, throwing their car far into the forest. Now werewolf, Russell fought back, but was bout to be crushed when M, Shatterstar, Strong Guy and Fenris Wolf arrived and gave him time to recover.

(X-Factor III#224) - Russell spoke briefly with Madrox and the other X-Factor members there before rushing off to find Sinclair, who was about to give birth. A chaotic fight followed between the assembled forces until mystical energies converged that explosively banished the mythical creatures. Russell left the devastation and found Sinclair's wolfen baby, promising to keep him safe (while watched by the disbelieving ghost of Feral).

(Legion of Monsters II#1) - In werewolf form alongside the Living Mummy in Monster Metropolis, Russell tried to arrest the Dimensional Man, but had to be aided by Morbius and Manphibian. Elsa Bloodstone suddenly teleported into the underground city with a dead monster and was taken into custody. It was soon revealed that the dead monster had been corrupted by a powerful force.

(Legion of Monsters II#1) - In Monster Metropolis, Werewolf and the Mummy arrested the Dimensional Man (Joshua Farkas), who had been killing humans to sustain his life force addiction. During the fight, Werewolf was briefly knocked out as Dimensional Man escaped. When Elsa Bloodstone killed a monster that had been killing humans, Morbius ordered Werewolf and the others to arrest her. After realizing many monsters were being driven mad, the Legion of Monsters agreed to team up with Bloodstone to figure things out.

(Legion of Monsters II#2) - Bloodstone and the Legion of Monsters continued handling the mad monsters as Morbius struggled to contain Dimensional Man in his electrical prison. As Morbius stayed behind, Elsa and the others went on a mission, and Jack flirted with Elsa in his human form. The team sought out the Son of Satan. Werewolf boldly marched into Hell to confront demons, and was shocked when Elsa joined him, and they met with Helleyes and Satannish. Elsa sold her soul to Satannish, learning about an old massacre from decades before that Dracula and Morbius had been a part of. When demons tried ripping Elsa apart, Werewolf saved her. As they escaped through a portal back to Earth, Elsa threw a grenade through, and Werewolf was badly wounded in the explosion.

(Legion of Monsters II#3) - Elsa rushed Werewolf back to Morbius, where he received medical treatment.

(Legion of Monsters II#4) - Jack woke up from his wounds to see Manphibian in restraints, having been driven mad by the virus that was moving through the monster community. Jack changed to the Werewolf, affected by the virus himself, and he fought the others until the Dimensional Man escaped and absorbed the virus. The Dimensional Man was defeated and the monsters focused on rebuilding their city. Werewolf flirted with Elsa as she left.

(Hulk III#52) - Alongside Manphibian, Russell helped Red Hulk overcomepanicked monsters when Red Hulk journeyed to Monster Metropolis, guided by Dr. Strange, to stop the malevolent spirit of Doc Samson. Russellhelped defeat the gamma-hungry spirit.

(Wolverine and the X-Men I#19) - Werewolf applied for a teaching job at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but he was turned down.

(X-Factor III#242) - In werewolf form, Jack Russell attacked Darwin, who had beentracking Sinclair's child (now named Tier) to kill him. Darwin extended his evolution mutant ability to transform Russell back into human formbefore knocking him out.

(Morbius: the Living Vampire II#8) - Werewolf, Mummy, and Manphibian greeted Becky Barnes, Wanda Evans, and Henry Evans, all allies of Morbius, in Monstropolis, where they stayed for a time, needing protection. 

(Fearless Defenders I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Werewolf and Elsa dated for a time until she began participating in missions with her Defenders team, and Russell grew jealous.

(Fearless Defenders I#9) - Russell went to New York for drinks at an Irish bar with Elsa and her teammates, but he ended up only meeting the male love interests of the other teammates: Hercules, Cannonball, Iron Fist, Agent Venom, Dr. Strange, and Nate Grey there. Russell played darts and whined about his love life as Molly Fitzgerald (Shamrock) tended to them. Soon Werewolf and the others joined the Defenders in fighting villains Gorilla-Man, Chondu the Mystic, Quicksand, Ruby Thursday, and the Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton).

(Daredevil III#33 (fb) - BTS) - In possession of the Darkhold, the Legion of Monsters sought out the book's missing pages from sorcerer Lucien Sinclair.

(Daredevil III#32) - In Stone Hills, Kentucky, the Legion of Monsters (Werewolf, Satana, Frankenstein's Monster, Mummy) were attacked by a lynch mob who were hunting down two black men. The monsters fought back and were soon joined in the fight by Daredevil, who ended up shot. 

(Daredevil III#33) - The monsters got Daredevil to safety, and Mummy used his bandages to close Daredevil's wounds while Satana cast a spell to expedite his healing. Daredevil informed them that he was seeking to get the Darkhold from the Sons of the Serpent, and they realized Sinclair was working with the Sons. They stormed Sinclair's stronghold, fighting through illusions of serpents, but the building burned down, and Daredevil claimed the missing pages had been burned away.

(Deadpool: the Gauntlet Infinite Comic I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Werewolf was captured by Dracula, and he overheard vampires talking about Deadpool's marriage to Shiklah.

(Deadpool: the Gauntlet Infinite Comic I#7) - Dracula kept Werewolf in chains. When Deadpool and Shiklah failed to return on time, they prepared to use Werewolf.

(Deadpool: the Gauntlet Infinite Comic I#8) - Wearing a collar that kept him loyal to Dracula, Werewolf followed orders and attacked Deadpool, Shiklah, and Bug, until they knocked the collar off and he told them what had happened.

(Deadpool: the Gauntlet Infinite Comic I#12) - Werewolf joined Deadpool and Shiklah, Michael the Necromancer, the ghost of Benjamin Franklin, and Blade in attacking Dracula and his forces. 

(Deadpool: the Gauntlet Infinite Comic I#13) - Werewolf was present when the battle against Dracula concluded. 

(Deadpool IV#1) - Werewolf slept with Shiklah and a Gorgon, knowing he might make Deadpool angry.

(Deadpool and the Mercs for Money I#3) - Werewolf attended an auction for a Recorder robot hosted by Deadpool.

(Deadpool: Last Days of Magic I#1) - When the Empirikul attacked Monster Metropolis, Werewolf stood with Shiklah, Deadpool, Frankenstein's Monster, Ben Franklin's ghost, Dr. Voodoo, and Michael the Necromancer against them.

(Deadpool IV#14) - Werewolf saw Deadpool in the Monster Metropolis.

(Spider-Woman VI#10) - Spider-Woman worked with Werewolf and Manphibian to find Morty the Slime Monster, who'd been consuming house pets.

(Deadpool IV#17) - Deadpool found Werewolf in bed with Shiklah, and he shot Werewolf in the head, seemingly killing him.

(Deadpool IV#18) - Deadpool and Shiklah argued and made up over the corpse of the Werewolf. Shiklah realized quickly that Werewolf would heal, but that his head would be trapped in an infantile state for a time.

(Deadpool IV#28 (fb) - BTS) - Werewolf's face grew back but appeared like a puppy. 

(Deadpool IV#28) - As Shiklah declared war on the surface, Werewolf discussed his healing with Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Marcus, and the Invisible Man. Later, Dracula was defeated, and the monsters agreed to hold elections, with Werewolf suggesting that Invisible Man act as their representative in the meantime. 

(Spider-Man/Deadpool I#15) - When Deadpool was briefly trapped by a group of monsters, the puppy-faced Werewolf agreed to take him in to Shiklah, stating that they had a score to settle. Werewolf tied Deadpool up and took him to a monster party, where he apologized for having harmed Deadpool's marriage, but Deadpool shot Werewolf in the head again.

(Deadpool IV#29) - The revived Werewolf and the others joined the ghost of Benjamin Franklin in fighting against vampires loyal to Dracula, seeking to aid Shiklah in her mission to protect Monster Metropolis.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Michael Ploog.

    The origins of Werewolves are discussed in the comments of the Wolf-Men of Valusia profile.

    Tomb of Dracula II#3 claims that Grigori Russoff later apparently had a second wife, though whom he fathered "all of his offspring" who were all afflicted with the curse of the werewolf. The Official Handbook, however, states that because his children were all born before he was so afflicted, his offspring and the succeeding generations were spared the agony of turning into werewolves themselves.
    It has been repeatedly established that Gregor Russoff triggered the familial curse by reading the Darkhold, which would mean that he had not been affected by it before then, which makes the OHotMU version more likely to me.

    MCP#57/2 referenced Werewolf by Night I#6 as the attack that transformed them into werewolves. That issue featured two struggles, one involving a group of truckers who mistook the werewolf for the person who had been sabotaging their rugs, and one involving Swami Rihva and Calliope's Carnival and Circus.
    It was apparently supposed to be the truckers (or the wrong issue was referenced), but my guess is that the Braineaters represent a group of people attacked over several issues. Anyone scratched or bitten by a werewolf SHOULD be transformed into a werewolf. However, the heroes and super-villains who have fought Russell and other werewolves over the years were spared the curse of lycanthropy.  After accepting his wolf spirit fully during his encounter with the first sect of Braineaters, Russell learned to control who would be afflicted. Perhaps it's a subconscious thing...
    The Hellrunners cycle gang from Marvel Spotlight I#3 would have been a better group to reference as the original Braineaters
    Interestly, both Donald and I came to this conclusion independently. The easiest resolution is that the Hellrunners are the correct gang to be listed, but that one of the truckers from WwbN#6 was also wolfed-up after his scuffle with Russell, and recruited into the group.
    DB Sommer observes there's an even easier explanation - that the author was thinking of the biker gang from Monsters Unleashed#6 and got the issue number right, the series wrong. Seems compelling to me. - Prime Eternal

    According to the narrative in Spider-Woman I#49, Jack Russell had been a werewolf for the past six years (216 full moons). That may or may not be accurate given the sliding time scale.

Though he ended up only appearing in the Howling Commandos series in the Director Cut's gallery of members, Giffen had written him to have a cameo in one of the later issues, but when the book was published, Jack was not in the scene as written.

Proto Man pointed out Werewolf's appearance in Code of Honor#1

Moon Knight#20 (September, 2008) appearance.

Brazilian Marvel tales! "Frankenstein" started off as a simple translation of the Marvel comic book, but the last issues were all-Brazilian, with stories by Ruben Francisco Lucchetti and drawings by Jos Menezes, Mrio Lima and Jlio Shimamoto. "A Mmia Viva" ("The Living Mummy" from the "Supernatural Thrillers" title) started having Brazilian stories with #6, again written by R.F. Lucchetti and drawn by Jos Menezes, Mrio Lima and Shimamoto. "Lobisomem" (i.e. "Werewolf by Night") also published stories by Shimamoto and by Flvio Colin..."
Mike Feldman
   Expanding on this.
Capitão Mistério Apresenta (Captain Mystery Presents) was the header for a string of reprint horror titles published by Brazilian publisher Bloch (named for company founder Adolpho Bloch). The company gained the rights to reprint Marvel stories in 1975, and had Capitão Mistério Apresenta titles covering Frankenstein's Monster, Tomb of Dracula, Living Mummy and Werewolf by Night, among others. However, Bloch also began including new stories produced by Brazilian writers and artists for these characters. Capitão Mistério Apresenta Lobisomem#13-20 included new Werewolf by Night tales; in part because of these unauthorized new tales, Marvel terminated the contract with Bloch part way through 1978. The new stories called their protagonist "Tab" Russell rather than Jack Russell, but despite this tiny attempt at obfuscation it's visibly still the Marvel Werewolf in the stories.
   The new stories were as follows:

- Loki

At the end of Ka-Zar the Savage#34 (October, 1984) there is a back-up story that has Ka-Zar going to the Land of Cancelled Heroes. There is a ton of cameos from chacters whose books were cancelled including Werewolf.
Paradox Factor

See the Jack Russell timeline, compiled by Donald Campbell

Transformations image refurbed by Ron Fredricks.

Profile by Prime Eternal, Donald Campbell, Madison Carter, Snood, and Markus Raymond (plus a bit of Grendel Prime)

Jack Russell, Werewolf By Night, should not be confused with:

Werewolf By Night II#2, page 14, panel 1 (Top image)
OHOTMUDE#14, page 46, panel 1 (transformation)
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   #5, p28, panel 6 (Ploog Werewolf face)
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I've long been curious as to how well the Werewolf's guest appearances fit with events occurring in his own monthly series so I made up this timeline, including all the temporal references I came across.  Oddly enough, even though Doug Moench wrote the five stories in the last four GSWBN issues, only one of those stories has any direct tie-in to an issue of the monthly series.  All the others just have to be wedged in as best they can be.  And that's difficult since Moench, like other WBN writers before him, is fond of having the events of last issue occur "a month ago," something which doesn't leave a lot of room for guest appearances in other mags.


Anyway, I don't have Marvel Spotlight#3-4, Werewolf By Night#1-2 or Marvel Team-Up#12, so I'd appreciate it if you could send me any exact temporal references that there might be in those issues.  The WBN series was fond of labeling each of the three night of the full moon, so any such mentions would be helpful.


Don Campbell




Jack Russell Timeline


First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight I#2 (February, 1972)



Marvel Spotlight#2 (RT, GT?) - First Night; Jack's 18th birthday, Second Night; Laura's death, Third Night


Marvel Spotlight I#3 (GC) - night, day, night - occurs a month after MS#2, and "a few months" before WBN#9


Marvel Spotlight I#4 (GC) - day, night

Werewolf by Night I#1 (GC) - next day, night


Werewolf by Night I#2 (GC) - night, day, night





Werewolf by Night I#3 (GC) - First Night

Werewolf by Night I#4 (GC) - "Third Night" (should be "Second Night" since it's less than 24 hours after First Night)

Werewolf by Night I#5 (LW) - Third Night (interrupted by an eclipse of the moon) in Tugunga Canyon


Werewolf by Night I#6 (LW) - Third Night in San Fernando Valley, then one month later, then First Night at carnival

Question:  Is this Third Night a continuation of last issue's Third Night?  Or are they a month apart?

Werewolf by Night I#7 (LW) - First Night (cont'd), then Second Night at the carnival

Werewolf by Night I#8 (LW) - Second Night (cont'd) in California foothills, then Third Night


Marvel Team-Up I#12 (GC, LW) - night, then day in San Francisco (but no moon?)


Werewolf by Night I#9 (GC) - First Night in LA, (then day after WBN#8's day?), then Second Night in LA

Werewolf by Night I#10 (GC) - Second Night (cont'd), (then PR kidnapped day), then Third Night in LA



Werewolf by Night I#11 (MW) - Jack moved into Colden House, then "Second Night"(?) in LA

Werewolf by Night I#12 (MW) - Second Night (cont'd) in LA, then 2nd day of PR's disappearance, then Third Night

Werewolf by Night I#12 (fb) - day, PR hasn't come home in two days (since WBN#10), Jack kidnapped

Werewolf by Night I#12 (MW) - Third Night (cont'd) in LA


Werewolf by Night I#13 (MW) - First Night in the Verdugo Mountains

Werewolf by Night I#14 (MW) - First Night (cont'd), (PR has been missing almost a month),  then Second Night in Taboo's mosque, then one week later - Laura Russell died "almost one year" ago - no third night???

Note: Epilogue in WBN#14 is a week after the encounter with Taboo...but it leads directly into a full moon storyline in Transylvania?


Tomb of Dracula I#18 (MW) - First Night in Transylvania, then Second Night in Transylvania

Werewolf by Night I#15 (MW) - Second Night (cont'd), then Third Night in Transylvania - the sale of the Russoff castle (in MS#4) was over a year ago so Jack must be 19 years old by now.

Werewolf by Night I#16 (MF) - FOURTH Night in France

Werewolf by Night I#17 (MF) - Fourth Night in France (cont'd), then "weeks" pass, then First Night in LA (two months after Jack moved into Colden House)

Werewolf by Night I#18 (MF) - Second Night in LA, Lissa kidnapped by Ma Mayhem, first black-furred werewolf

Werewolf by Night I#19 (fb) - day, two days after WBN#17, then Third Night in LA

Werewolf by Night I#19 (MF) - Third Night (cont'd)


[Giant-Size Creatures#1 (TI) - three consecutive full moon nights in Mexico - BEFORE WBN#20]


Werewolf by Night I#20 (DM) - no moon, one week after WBN#19


Werewolf by Night I#21 (September, 1974 - DM) - First Night in LA, a month after WBN#18-19, no mention of the other two nights


Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#2 (October, 1974 - DM) - Night in LA, PR has been out of town for a month, after Buck tried locking Jack up in his spare room (in WBN#21?) - may be Second or Third Night after First Night in WBN#21


Werewolf by Night I#22 (October, 1974 - DM) - First Night in LA, a month after WBN#21

Werewolf by Night I#23 (DM) - Second Night in LA

Werewolf by Night I#24 (DM) - Second Night (cont'd), then Jack is evicted (after six months at Colden House), then Third Night in Pasadena - Lissa will turn 18 in a few months

Werewolf by Night I#25 (DM) - Third Night (cont'd), then a month passed, then First Night in LA

Werewolf by Night I#26 (DM) - First Night (cont'd), then Second Night - no third night???


Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#3 (January, 1975 - DM) - First Night in Transylvania, no mention of the other two nights - Jack has been living in Westwood for three days (after being evicted from Colden House in WBN#24), PR has been gone over a month, murders in Transylvania have been taking place for almost two months (so Topaz must have been there at least that long)


Werewolf by Night I#27 (DM) - First Night in Malibu, (a month after GSWBN#3), then Second Night

Werewolf by Night I#28 (DM) - Second Night (cont'd), Third Night (bts), then a month passed, then First Night on island (Lissa's 18th birthday, which should be six months after WBN#17-19)

Werewolf by Night I#29 (DM) - First Night (cont'd)

Werewolf by Night I#30 (DM) - Second Night on island - no third night???


Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#4/1 (DM) - First Night in LA, then Second Night - no third night???


Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#4/2 (DM) - First Night in Serenity Springs, then Second Night - no third night???


Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5 (DM) - "Fall" Night in LA

**Note: Since Buck isn't in a coma or a wheelchair, this adventure must occur before WBN#31


Werewolf by Night I#31 (DM) - First Night near a ski lodge in northern California, a month after WBN#30

Werewolf by Night I#32 (DM) - Second Night in LA, day after WBN#31

Werewolf by Night I#33 (DM) - Second Night (cont'd), then Third Night in LA


Marvel Premiere#28 (BM) - Moonlit Night in LA, after GSWBN#4

Note: Since the Marcosa House storyline in WBN#34-37 apparently begins right after WBN#31-33 (since there are 26 days until the next full moon), I don't see how MP#28 could occur between WBN#33 & 34.


Werewolf by Night I#34 - no moon, two days after WBN#33

Werewolf by Night I#35 - no moon

Werewolf by Night I#36 - no moon

Werewolf by Night I#37 - no moon, over two weeks after WBN#32

Note: Apparently time passed within Marcosa House at a slower rate than it did outside (i.e. one or two days inside versus two weeks outside).


Werewolf by Night I#38 (DM) - First Night and Second Night in northern California woods

Werewolf by Night I#39 (DM) - Third Night in Malibu and then in Haiti

Werewolf by Night I#40 (DM) - Third Night (cont'd) in Haiti

Werewolf by Night I#41 (DM) - Third Night (cont'd) in Haiti, then dawn


Werewolf by Night I#42-43 (DM) - 3/4 Moon Night in New York City, then the next day, then the next night

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Last updated: 02/13/2022

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