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Real Name: Lindsay McCabe

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Private investigator;
formerly actress, bartender

Group Membership: "Wolverine Rescue Squad"

Affiliations: Belle (Madripoor bar maid), Chang, Colonel Archie Corrigan, Daddy Longlegs (Ramsey Kole), Clint Eastwood, David Ishima, Gypsy Moth (Sybil Dvorak), Hatros Institute, Impossible Man (Impy), Judas Man (Michael Kramer), Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh) Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Matriarch Elhalyn, Lt. Sabrina Morrel, Murph (her Colden House landlord), O'Donnell, Pamela Kramer, Poltergeist (Mickey Silk), Shroud (Maximillian Coleridge), Shadowoman (Jillian Marie Woods), Silver Samurai (Kenuichio Harada), Tigra (Greer Nelson), Police Chief Tai, Tyger Tiger (Jessan Hoan), X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Rachel Grey, Rogue/Anna Marie, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe), Werewolf (Jack Russell), Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett aka. Patch), Rose Wu

Enemies: Angar the Screamer, Beyonder, Bloodscream, Cult of the Black Blade, Gamesman, Freedom Force (Avalanche/Dominic Petros, Blob/Fred J. Dukes, Pyro/St. John Allerdyce, Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, Spiral/Rita Wayword), Killer Clown, Morgan Le Fay, Nguyen Ngoc Coy, Roughouse, Viper (Ophelia Sarkissian), Void-Eater

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Guinevere, Kiddo, Lin, Lyndsay McCabe

Base of Operations: Madripoor;
formerly 1 Yarboro Court, San Francisco;
formerly Colden House appartment building, Los Angeles

First Appearance: Spider-Woman I#14 (May, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Lindsay McCabe possesses no superhuman powers, but she is a joyful, outgoing, multi-talented and above all spirited young woman who can hold her liquor and doesn't scare easily. Apart from being a gifted actress, able to read people's body language, she is a trained singer capable of entertaining a nightclub audience. Lindsay is also a skilled driver, having picked up quite a few tricks from an old Hollywood stunt driver boyfriend. She is proficient in the use of rifles, handgun and firearms, both from experience working on the Vietnam War era TV show Tour Of Duty and thanks to Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood who, or so she claimed, taught her how to handle a weapon. Lindsay is one of only a few people born with a natural immunity to Spider-Woman's pheromones.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


(Spider-Woman I#14 & 18 - BTS) - Lindsay McCabe had been a regular participant in the "Agressive Sensitivity" course offered by the Hatros Institute for emotional research. She considered the sessions to be little more than a game, a charade to see how much she could tell others about herself without showing them who she truly was inside. Unbeknownst to her, Spider-Woman, in her civilian guise as Jessica Drew, participated in the course as well.

(Spider-Woman I#14) - At the start of a 10 hour session on the Hatros method of dealing with aggressive sensitivity, Lindsay chose Jessica Drew to be her partner, much to Drew's amazement considering she was usually picked last during similar trainings. Jessica and Lindsay were encouraged to share intimate details of their lives with one another as the hours dragged on. When the session came to a close, Jessica and Lindsay said goodbye to one another, leaving Jessica to wonder just why Lindsay wasn't wary of her like most of the other people she encountered.

(Spider-Woman I#17) - As Lindsay entered Hatros Institute for her afternoon session, she said hello to Jessica Drew who was sitting behind the secretary desk (Jessica Drew secured a secreterial position at the Hatros institute, even as she became aware that the institute was led by Nekra, a hatred addicted, KÔli worshipping mutant). Lindsay was a little disappointed when she learned Jessica was unable to join her, telling Drew she felt they had been pretty good partners the last time. As Jessica watched her go, she lamented the fact that she just might have alienated the one person who genuinely liked her.

(Spider-Woman I#17 - BTS) - In hopes of regulating the off putting effect she had on most people, Jessica Drew consulted Hatros clinic physician Sachs. He prescribed pills designed to inhibit her body's excess pheromone production, which should hamper the alarm allure signals her body was unconsciously sending.

(Spider-Woman I#19) - Jessica attended the scheduled agressive sensitivity afternoon group session, but the effects of her pheromone medication (in #17 in hopes of regulating the off putting effect she had on most people, Jessica Drew consulted Hatros clinic physician Sachs. He prescribed pills designed to inhibit her body's excess pheromone production, which should hamper the alarm allure signals her body was unconsciously sending) affected the other participants who responded violently towards her. Lindsay McCabe was the only one who stood up for the overwrought Jessica, even going so far as taking Drew away to Lindsay's apartment at Colden House, the LA singles complex she called home. The women bonded over tea, conversation and the music of Phoebe Snow well into the night. Lindsay insisted Jessica stayed over, offering her the guest room because she realized her friend was still in no condition to be alone. Jessica agreed, but snuck out while Lindsay slept after she heard the familiar howl of her old foe the Werewolf (Jack Russell). She also left some of her clothes in the guest closet.

(Spider-Woman I#21 (fb) ) - Lindsay offered Jessica to move in with her at Colden House. Jessica admitted to herself she was tempted to accept the offer, but in the end she figured it would be for the best to live alone. That way, it was easier to keep her dual identity as Spider-Woman a secret.

(Spider-Woman I#21) - Lindsay phoned Jessica, just as she was returning from a mission. Relieved to finally speak to her friend, she somewhat berated Jessica for being so unavailable of late. Feeling guilty for choosing work as a bounty hunter (she became a bounty hunter, working tirelessly to haul in criminals, aided by her downstairs neighbour Scotty McDowell) over the one true friend she'd been able to make, Jessica invited her out to dinner. Lindsay accepted the invitation and the two friends were about to catch up when Scottie wheeled up to Jessica's door and demanded her attention. Jessica said goodbye to Lindsay, adding that she looked forward to seeing her soon.

(Spider-Woman I#22 - BTS) - Scottie and Spider-Woman had been working on catching Killer Clown, a mysterious man who had strangled three girls in the Los Angeles area. She promised to give the case her full attention, before leaving to have dinner with Lindsay. On the way there, Spider-Woman happened to catch Killer Clown strangling his latest victim. Spider-Woman swooped in to take him out with her venom-blast but missed, which allowed him the opportunity to reach his car and escape.

   Deciding her priority was with the victim, Spider-Woman brought the injured girl to the hospital, before rushing off to honor her dinner date with Lindsay. All the while, the Killer Clown was following her in his car, looking for revenge. When he saw Jessica enter Lindsay's Colden House apartment through an unlocked window, he figured he had discovered where she lived and decided to pay her a little visit.

(Spider-Woman I#22) - Jessica entered Lindsay's apartment through the window of the guestroom she'd recently stayed in. Putting on the clothes she'd left in the guest closet, Jessica heard Lindsay puttering around in the kitchen. Quietly tiptoeing across the living room, she exited the apartment only to ring the doorbell, pretending she'd just arrived in the conventional way. Lindsay cheerfully answered the door and asked if Jessica could go out and buy some oregano for the lasagna she was making.

   Moments after Jessica left, Lindsay was confronted by Killer Clown who had climbed up to her apartment and figured she was Spider-Woman. He grabbed her hand and activated his 800 volt joy buzzer, figuring it would kill her. Discovering she was still alive, the murderous clown was getting ready to strangle her with his scarf when he heard Jessica return. He ran off, inadvertently leaving his scarf behind. Jessica recognized it from their earlier encounter and figured out the case of mistaken identity. She quickly called an ambulance for Lindsay, who was taken to Mount Zion hospital (see comments).

   When the police came to question Jessica at the hospital about Killer Clown's possible motives for targetting Lindsay, she came up with a ruse. Within earshot of a local reporter, Jessica lied about Lindsay telling her she had recognized the clown through his thick layer of circus makeup and would probably identify him as soon as she recovered. When the local news reported this, Killer Clown rushed to Lindsay's hospital room to silence her. Jessica, as Spider-Woman, was waiting for him however and after a tense battle, she defeated him.

(Spider-Woman I#24) - Lindsay called Jessica at home to tell her she'd been released from the hospital earlier that day. Ready to get back to living her life, she mentioned a possible new acting job and set up a lunchdate to tell Jessica all about it. After Jessica hung up the phone, she felt embarrassed for being so busy chasing criminals that she even forgot to call her best friend on her first day home.

(Spider-Woman I#25 - BTS) - Spider-Woman got caught up in a conflict between the Gamesman (Timothy Braverman) and his successor (Calvin Felder). Braverman had managed to steal and hide 10 million dollars before going to jail and the new Gamesman wanted to get his hands on the money. When he learned that Braverman and Spider-Woman were romantically attached, Felder thought up a plan. He had his henchmen kidnap Spider-Woman, locking her up in a doomsday room, rigged to explode within 60 seconds if she didn't help them get the money. After Spider-Woman refused, Felder switched to what he refered to as plan B and had his accomplice Fritzy sketch the heroine before leaving her to die. Spider-Woman managed to escape the doomsday room before it exploded without the Gamesman noticing. Figuring she was dead, he proceeded with the next phase of his plan. Through one of his henchmen, a silver-haired man who also attacked Spider-Woman, he got a hold of actress Lindsay McCabe. He had a form fitting replica of Spider-Woman's costume made for her, based on Fritzy's sketches.

(Spider-Woman I#25) - An overexcited Lindsay met Jessica for lunch, ecstatic about landing an acting job with the FBI. She mentioned a dreamy, distinguished looking silver-haired FBI agent, which struck Jessica as a bit odd and she warned her friend to be careful.

(Spider-Woman I#25 (fb) ) - After hearing her friend's story, Jessica figured out Lindsay had been hired by the Gamesman. She followed her around to confirm her suspicions and then surprised Lindsay in her bedroom just as she was trying on her own Spider-Woman costume. After some doing, Spider-Woman managed to convince Lindsay she would end up dead after she'd played her part. Lindsay handed the dark angel the copy of the script she was supposed to follow during her performance. Spider-Woman learned that Lindsay was supposed to help break her lover Braverman out of jail, in hopes that he would lead her to his hidden millions. Spider-Woman replaced Lindsay, using make up to mimic her facial features.

(Spider-Woman I#25) - Lindsay stayed behind as Spider-Woman went out to "play" her part in the Gamesman's plan.

(Wolverine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Clint Eastwood allegedly taught Lindsay how to use a magnum.

(Wolverine II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Lindsay worked one season on "Tour of Duty" with Vietnam vets and US Army troopers as technical advisers. They taught her a few things about weapons.

(Wolverine II#7 (fb) - BTS) - After performing less than stellar roles in several questionable movies, Lindsay faced facts and realized her acting career was in a slump. Among her movies: Last Train To Moscow, in which she got killed in the first reel, Cyber Witch, which saw its script butchered by the studio, and a soft porn snuff flick called Lethal Latex Lovelies.

(Spider-Woman I#34 - BTS) - Deciding she needed to leave LA to give her career a new impulse, she auditioned for and got accepted by the San Francisco Repertory Theatre. She also found a place to stay at 1 Yarboro Court.

(Spider-Woman I#34) - Jessica called Lindsay to ask if she could drive her to a job interview in the canyons. Lindsay agreed and even let Jessica borrow one of her outfits, claiming her friend looked almost as good in that rag as she did. After taking a detour because of a brushfire, Lindsay dropped off Jessica and left to go on an audition herself. The next day, Lindsay and Jessica were spending a sunny afternoon on the beach at Malibu. Lindsay teased Jessica about an exciting bit of news she was going to reveal at dinner that night. But before she could say anything else, she and the other beachgoers found themselves victims of Angar the Screamer who used his powers on some nearby cops.

(Spider-Woman I#35) - Lindsay was in the grips of Angar's illusion generating scream. She hallucinated that she had become a beautiful, living star whose touch burned and killed everyone around her, including Jessica. This reduced her to a vacantly sobbing, screaming mess before Jessica managed to calm her down. Within seconds Lindsay, and the other victims of Angar's assault, forgot all about the episode and went on their merry way.

   Later that night, over dinner at the fancy La Cirque D'Or restaurant, Lindsay told Jessica about her new job in San Francisco and her intentions to move out there. Since she didn't know anyone there, she asked if Jessica would come along and be her roommate, if only because the place was way too big for her alone. Jessica told her she was intrigued, but needed some time to think it over.

   As several days went by without any word from Jessica, Lindsay started to put her affairs in order, cleared out her Colden House apartment, said goodbye to her landlord Murph and was ready to leave. When she took the last of her suitcases to the car, she was met by Jessica who told the overjoyed Lindsay she was going with her. The two set off for San Francisco via the coast road on highway one. Lindsay promised it would be an incredibly beautiful drive, but the two got stuck in LA traffic for several hours.

(Spider-Woman I#36 (fb) BTS) - A small Tsyranian scoutship, containing matriarch Elhalyn, her unnamed husband, son and pet among others, landed near Point Wrath, California. The Tsyranians approached the local population in peace, but were brutally assaulted and taken prisoner. Elhalyn's husband managed to escape the Point Wrath police station, despite getting shot along the way.

(Spider-Woman I#36) - On the coastal road from LA to San Francisco, Lindsay and Jessica were surprised by a sudden fog. Barely able to see anything through this pea-souper, Lindsay almost hit the wounded Tsyranian who had stumbled on to the road. Swerving to avoid him, Lindsay almost ran her car off the edge of the cliff. The impact knocked her out, which allowed Jessica Drew to freely use her spider-strength to pull the car back up from the edge.

   After Lindsay came to, she and Jessica learned that the man had passed away from a gunshot wound and didn't look remotely human. Moments after the incident, the Point Wrath police arrived and arrested them on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. They wound up in jail, with an outraged Lindsay cursing them out along the way. Her mood seemed to change somewhat when they were fed. Unfortunately, her joy was shortlived when the meal turned out to be laced with sedatives and both Lindsay and Jessica fell unconscious to the floor. Thanks to her natural immunity to poisons, Jessica recovered first and used her enhanced strength to break the lock on their jail cell. As she went out as Spider-Woman to investigate, she got involved in the attempts of the mayor and the police force to cover up the situation.

   Lindsay woke up a while later, sick to her stomach. After vomiting, she was taken from her cell by the Tsyrani's monstrous pet and brought to their vessel for safekeeping. The pet then aided Spider-Woman in freeing the remaining Tsyrani. However, during the rescue operation Jessica was shot and blacked out from her wounds after the fighting ended.

   Lindsay greeted Jessica on board the Tsyrani vessel, after she had spent close to a day recovering from her injuries in the rejuvenation chamber. They attended the trial of the Point Wrath townsfolk. Lindsay managed to save all their lives by quoting Portia's monologue from Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice, on the quality of mercy. This convinced the Tsyrani to simply erase their existence from the minds of the townspeople. Jessica and Lindsay saw the Tsyrani off, wondering if they'd ever see them again.

(Spider-Woman I#37 - BTS) - After arriving in San Francisco, Lindsay and Jessica moved into 1 Yarboro Court. She met their new landlord David Ishima and quickly made friends at the San Francisco Repertory Theatre. She also confirmed her long held suspicion that Jessica was actually Spider-Woman, but kept quiet about it because she understood Jessica's reluctance to share this secret.

(Spider-Woman I#37) - Lindsay surprised her roommate Jessica when she threw an impromptu housewarming party. After helping her slightly startled roommate get used to the idea, Lindsay helped her pick an appropriate party outfit from her own closet. Making sure she was properly attired, Lindsay introduced Jessica to her colleagues and more importantly, to David Ishima, smiling to herself as she noticed that there was an instant attraction between them. Later, when Jessica told her she was going downstairs with David to see his garden, Lindsay encouraged her to "go for broke".

(Spider-Woman I#38) - With the party still going on and people coming and going, Lindsay didn't realize she had welcomed in Storm, Colossus and Angel (in their civilian guises) who were looking for Spider-Woman. When Jessica went off with them, Lindsay chided David for criticizing the way Jessica lived her life. She claimed that while worrying about her was fine, the thing Jessica needed most was to fly free.

(Spider-Woman I#40) - Lindsay accompanied Jessica to the dojo Captain Morrel, who had saved Jessica from drowning after a fight with Flying Tiger, had recommended. Watching her friend clearly in pain, made her concerned for Jessica's well being. She offered to go in with her, but Jessica told Lindsay to stop mothering and go to her rehearsal.

(Spider-Woman I#41) - Lindsay went up to Jessica's office, opening the door just as Jessica was being taunted by her old enemy Morgan Le Fay. Fed up with her posturing, Jessica fired a venom blast at her. While it passed harmlessly through the sorceress' spectral image, it did shatter the door and stunned Lindsay. Morgan vanished, leaving Jessica to tend to her unconscious friend. When Lindsay came to, Jessica tried to explain what had happened, but Lindsay told her she really didn't have to: she'd long since accepted strange things happened whenever Jessica was around. She even admitted she'd grown to like it.

   Lindsay then persuaded Jessica to visit Camelot Fair '81 with her, a medieval style carnival in Marin County where their landlord David Ishima was playing Sir Lancelot. Morgan Le Fay lay in waiting however and used her magic to control the minds of everyone attending the fair, making them believe they were actually living in medieval Camelot. Lindsay was cast as Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur who was secretly in love with Lancelot. This angered Jessica who, believing herself to be Morgan Le Fay, almost cast a deathspell to kill her friends out of misplaced jealousy.

   When this failed, Morgan openly showed herself and threatened to kill Lindsay on two seperate occasions if Spider-Woman refused to submit herself to Morgan's will. Morgan first turned herself into a dragon, almost burning Lindsay at the stake. She then declared she'd slit Lindsay's throat if Jessica didn't yield. In the end, Spider-Woman prevailed and saved both Lindsay and David from the evil sorceress. Moments after Morgan left, Lindsay and the other fair visitors forgot everything about what they had just gone through.

(Spider-Woman I#42 - BTS) - Spider-Woman got herself involved in a fight against the Silver Samurai and Viper who were after the Judas Man, a World War II veteran who was mutated by the Red Skull to be the carrier of a deadly plague. At the same time, the Judas Man's daughter Pamela contracted private detective Jessica Drew to track down her father. Knowing the villains involved in the search, Jessica feared for Pamela's safety and took her home to Lindsay.

(Spider-Woman I#42) - Lindsay was a bit surprised when she woke up to find Pamela Kramer in her kitchen. Jessica apologized for the situation and explained that there were dangerous complications involved in finding her father and that she needed to keep Pamela safe while she looked for him. Lindsay agreed to stay home and keep an eye on Pamela. For their own safety, Jessica told them not to answer the phone unless it was via the pre-arranged phone signal they had agreed on.

(Spider-Woman I#43 - BTS) - While out looking for clues about the Judas Man and his connection to Viper and the Samurai, Spider-Woman was still concerned with Lindsay and Pamela's safety. When she broke into San Francisco County Jail to interrogate Viper's underling Gino, she left a note for police lieutenant Sabrina Morrel, asking to check in on the two women. Morrel got the note, thinking to herself she admired Spider-Woman's style.

(Spider-Woman I#42) - When Lindsay's phone rang, Pamela unthinkingly answered it. Lindsay tried to stop her, figuring it might be the people who were after her. Moments after Lindsay slammed the phone on the hook (ahhh, the 80s), Sabrina Morrell rang the frontdoor.

(Spider-Woman I#43) - After checking out who was at the door, Lindsay quickly let lieutenant Morrel in and explained the situation as best she knew it. Morrel decided to stay and guard the women, while Lindsay attempted a shot at normalcy by preparing dinner and rehearsing lines. When Lindsay and Pam were sitting down to eat, Sabrina Morrel kept on the lookout for trouble, almost shooting Lindsay's cat Casey when he crept up on her. Initially relieved, Morrel then realized Lindsay had put Casey outside, which meant someone had just let the pet in. Before she knew it, she was jumped by Viper, who had come to collect Pamela Kramer. Morrel and Viper struggled briefly, the ruckus they caused caught the attention of Lindsay and Pam in the other room. When they heard a gunshot, Lindsay took action. She ordered Pam to go downtairs to David Ishima's empty, unlocked apartment and call the police, while she herself would head to the roof to distract Viper. Lindsay thought herself safe there, but was surprised by Viper who grabbed her from behind and threatened to kill her. In response, Lindsay twisted her body, causing both women to fall off the roof. The fall knocked Lindsay out, while Viper, injured and bleeding from getting shot earlier, heard police sirens and beat a hasty retreat.

(Spider-Woman I#43 - BTS) - The gravely injured Lindsay was discovered by Pamela and Sabrina Morrel, who called an ambulance for her. Lindsay was brought to the intensive care unit of Franklin hospital.

(Spider-Woman I#43) - After returning home from rescuing the Judas Man, Jessica was shocked to find the place ashambles. Figuring out what had happened, she rushed to Lindsay's side. Feeling responsible for what happened to her best friend, Jessica confessed to her that she was Spider-Woman. Lindsay told her she'd known for months. The two friends shared a brief moment of hilarity, until Lindsay yelled out in pain. She begged Jessica to stay with her, afraid she would die alone. Jessica assured her that she would live and that everything would be all right.

(Spider-Woman I#44) - Jessica looked in on Lindsay at the hospital, making sure she was all right before going out as Spider-Woman to confront Viper.

(Spider-Woman I#45 - BTS) - After an unrevealed period of recuperation, Lindsay officially joined Jessica's detective firm as Drew's self-described receptionist, secretary and associate.

(Spider-Woman I#45) - Lindsay met the Impossible Man, dressed as Humphrey Bogart, who had come to their detective agency looking for the famous, fictive private eye Sam Spade. Amused, Lindsay kept "Bogie" talking, putting up with his banter until he finally explained that he needed help finding his wife. While Jessica and the Impossible Man spent the better part of the day chasing clues and causing mischief all over San Francisco, Lindsay discovered the Impossible Woman had been in the office all along, hiding as a potted plant. The two women had a good long talk and by the time Jessica and Impy returned, Lindsay's mediation techniques had resolved all the trouble between them.

(Spider-Woman I#46 - BTS) - Lindsay took care of David Ishima when he was returned home after being injured during a confrontation with the Yakuza Dragon Clan.

(Spider-Woman I#47) - Lindsay calmed Spider-Woman down when she returned upset after fighting the Digger. This murderer, who prefers to bury his victims alive, had killed the missing woman she had been trying to find for weeks as Jessica Drew.

   Lindsay figured Jessica needed a break and persuaded her to tag along to LA, where Lindsay was planning a final attempt at landing a role in a TV show. While in LA, Lindsay and Jessica attended the dance show Arain. The performance was interrupted by Daddy Longlegs who tried to show off his dancing skills but only got laughed at. When he assaulted the audience, Spider-Woman took him down.

(Spider-Woman I#48) - Jessica comforted Lindsay who was depressed over the fact she wasn't landing any auditions. She had however met some interesting people during the "cattle calls" she went to and got invited to an uppercrust party in Bel Air, hosted by "an exotic woman named Sybarite" (The Gypsy Moth, having grown bored with her life of solitude, reimagined herself as Sybarite, the leader of a hedonistic cult of druggies that worshipped her like a queen. Her followers stole whatever she wanted, leading to roving gangs of addicts terrorising LA.). Jessica couldn't attend the party, because of a previous engagement with her old friend Jack Russell.

(Spider-Woman I#48 - BTS) - Lindsay arrived at the Sybarite party and was quickly overcome when she drank a glass of fruit punch that was secretly spiked with the drugs that made the Sybarite cultists loyal to their queen.

(Spider-Woman I#48) - Out patrolling LA after her visit with Jack Russell, Spider-Woman noticed a band of drug traffickers who were in the middle of handling a major shipment. When she learned the drugs were meant for the Bel Air party where Lindsay was supposed to be at, Spider-Woman was so shocked one of the drug dealers managed to drug and knock her out. Spider-Woman woke up at Sybarite's place and discovered the mysterious woman was actually her old semi-foe the Gypsy Moth. Initially friendly, she lost her temper and assaulted the Moth when she spotted a severly intoxicated Lindsay. After beating Gypsy into submission, Spider-Woman turned her attention to Lindsay who had collapsed from an apparent overdose.

   Spider-Woman brought Lindsay to the hospital where her stomach was pumped. The doctors assured her that, despite the many different types of drugs that came up, she'd be fine, except for a hangover.

(Spider-Woman I#49) - Lindsay and Jessica returned home from their LA trip and greeted their downstairs neighbour David Ishima who was mowing the lawn.

(Spider-Woman I#50) - Lindsay came running into Jessica's room after she heard her yelling in her sleep. Jessica explained she was having a nightmare, probably caused by the stress of the last couple of weeks in which all her superpowered friends and enemies seemed to vanish into thin air. Lindsay assured her friend she wasn't going anywhere and offered to make breakfast while Jessica took a shower. When breakfast was ready and the shower was still running, a teary-eyed Lindsay realized Jessica had disappeared too.

(Spider-Woman I#50) - Lindsay was pleasantly surprised when Jessica came home and brought along several of her super-powered friends and acquaintances after being collectively kidnapped by the Locksmith.

(Spider-Woman I#50 - BTS) - While Lindsay entertained the colorful cabal, Jessica was taken outside by David Ishima who broke up with her. Moments later, Ishima's body was taken over by Jessica's old friend, the 6th century wizard Magnus. He had come to gather Jessica for a final confrontation against Morgan Le Fay. As Magnus drew Jessica's astral self along with him on a journey through time, her body was left comatose on the floor. Moments after Magnus had taken Spider-Woman's spirit to the past, David regained control of his body and discovered his lover's body.

(Spider-Woman I#50) - As Spider-Woman and Magnus engaged Morgan Le Fay, the sorceress presented Jessica with a "present"; a soul globe that contained the souls of, among others, Lindsay, David Ishima, the Shroud, Daddy Longlegs and the Werewolf. Figuring that smashing the globe would set her friends free, Spider-Woman threw it on the floor. The opposite proved true: Morgan was able to manipulate the freed and confused souls, forcing them to attack Jessica. In the end, Spider-Woman fought off her friends' souls with a diffuse venom blast. However, while Lindsay and the others were able to return to their bodies, Morgan had used her magics to deny Jessica access to hers, rendering the heroine comatose.

(Avengers I#240 (fb) ) - After her soul returned to her body, Lindsay was one of the first to discover Jessica's comatose form. Assisted by David Ishima and Tigra, Lindsay made sure Jessica was brought to the nearest hospital, even as most of her superpowered allies like Gypsy Moth and Daddy Longlegs took off.

(Avengers I#240 - (fb) - BTS) - Tigra called in the Avengers, who in turn contacted Hank Pym and Doctor Strange. Together, they confronted Morgan Le Fay and forced her to allow Jessica Drew's spirit to return to her body. Seemingly restored to normal, Jessica soon discovered she had lost her spider-powers.

(West Coast Avengers I#1 - BTS) - After Jessica's soul was returned to her body, Lindsay and Tigra helped her get her career as a private investigator going again.

(West Coast Avengers I#1) - Just as Tigra was getting ready to take her leave, Lindsay came in to tell her she had a call from the strangest sounding man she'd ever heard. Intrigued, Tigra took the call.

(Uncanny X-Men I#203) - Lindsay was present when a Beyonder-powered Rachel Grey decided to rid the universe of his threat by embracing the power of the Phoenix and unleashing the ultimate black hole at the heart of the M'Kraan Crystal. When Rachel found she couldn't bring herself to kill the entire cosmos, the Beyonder appeared over 1 Yarboro Court to deliver final judgement himself. Lindsay looked on speechless as Kitty Pryde told off the one from beyond, thereby saving all their lives.

(Uncanny X-Men I#206 - BTS) - After the incident with the Beyonder, the X-Men decided to stay a few days at 1 Yarboro Court. During this peaceful, quiet period Lindsay and David Ishima became well acquainted with the mutant heroes. David bought two tickets to see Lila Cheney perform at San Francisco's Chi Chi Club. He planned to take Jessica, but when she was too busy working on a case, he asked Kitty Pryde, who happily accepted.

(Uncanny X-Men I#206) - As Kitty Pryde was getting ready for her date with David, Lindsay couldn't believe the outlandish outfit the young girl had picked out. She looked on as Kitty took off with David, while Ishima assured Storm he would behave.

   Lindsay was in the house with the other X-Men when Freedom Force, acting without official orders from their leader Mystique or the US government to arrest the X-Men, attacked. She was able to keep herself relatively safe during the altercation, but when she noticed her cat Casey was stuck on the roof, she risked her life to collect him. She lost her balance however, and would have plunged to her death if Colossus hadn't spotted her in time. Using his famous fastball special, he launched Shadowcat towards her. Kitty used her phasing power to "airwalk" Lindsay down.

   In the aftermath of the fight, Lindsay was reunited with Casey even as the X-Men decided it was for the best they left San Francisco before they attracted any more unwanted attention.

(Wolverine II#2 - (fb) - BTS) - Lindsay and Jessica were hired as couriers to deliver the famed and feared Muramasa Blade to Madripoor for safekeeping under the care of Clan Yashida samurai Kojima. However, Kojima was captured by pirates hired by the Cult of the Black Blade who wanted to get their hands on the blade. Kojima managed to warn his old friend Wolverine (who was staying in Madripoor under the assumed name of Patch).

(Wolverine II#1 - BTS) - Expecting trouble, Jessica and Lindsay decided to travel seperately to Madripoor, with Lindsay serving as decoy for anyone who might want to get their hands on the blade. Jessica would be the one carrying the actual blade into Madripoor.

(Wolverine II#1) - Lindsay arrived in Madripoor, unaware that she was being followed by both Patch and members of the Cult of the Black Blade. She was taken to a luxurious hotel where the exchange was scheduled to take place. However, instead of her contact Kojima she found three cultists waiting for her. When they realized Lindsay didn't have the blade, they threatened to kill her just as Patch busted in the door.

   While he dispatched two of them, Logan didn't dare use his claws for fear of blowing his secret identity. Lindsay took matters in her own hands by knocking out the final cultist with a lamp. Initially distrustful of Patch, who she didn't recognize as Wolverine, she was shocked to learn that she and Jessica had been misled and that the cult might already have both the blade and Jessica Drew, who compromised on her way to Madripoor and corrupted by both the cult and the Black Blade itself into joining the cult's cause.

(Wolverine II#2 - BTS) - Patch had the three cultists he and Lindsay had knocked out brought to the Princess Bar, the infamous establishment he co-owned with his partner O'Donnell, who kept his three unwanted guests locked in the cellar.

(Wolverine II#2) - Lindsay accompanied Patch to a bar in Madripoor's Lowtown, where she met and befriended an American barmaid called Belle. Trying to fit into this rough environment, Lindsay had an exceptionally stiff drink and fell to the floor, much to the amusement of Patch and Belle. After she had recovered, Patch asked Belle if she could keep the inebriated McCabe safe from both the other patrons and the cultists much to her own chagrin. She obeyed him however, and joined Belle behind the bar, even dressing up in a traditional outfit.

   Patch went out to look for clues and found both the Silver Samurai and the blade controlled Jessica Drew. Their fight eventually led to Lindsay's bar. When she spotted her best friend, Jessica lunged at her ready to kill. Lindsay was saved by Patch. The continued heavy fighting proved too much for the old building and it collapsed. Jessica escaped and Patch gave chase, ordering Lindsay to stay behind. However, she noticed how the Silver Samurai was pinned beneath the rubble of the bar and trapped underneath the rubble and forged a pack with him. They went after Patch, who had already caught up with Jessica and fought with her in a burning building over control of the blade. With Lindsay and the Samurai looking on, he managed to grab the weapon only to be possessed by its power too.

(Wolverine II#3) - The Muramasa Blade-possessed Wolverine abducted Jessica Drew, leaving Lindsay and the Silver Samurai clueless where to find them. Hoping to gather some intelligence, they decided to question the three cultists still locked up in the cellar of the Princess Bar.

   Keeping them seperated, Lindsay gave a command perfomance. Acting insane and swinging a knife around, she pretended like she was brutally interrogating one of them, complete with fake blood and screams. Her act broke one of the cultists, who told them where to find their sanctuary. As Lindsay and the Samurai prepared for the coming confrontation, she saw him without his armor and realized how he still looked impressive without it.

   O'Donnell accompanied them to the cult's hideout inside an old highland temple where they were preparing for a midnight ritual. When the trio were finished scouting the perimeter, the Samurai insisted Lindsay joined him inside, figuring Jessica would trust her more than O'Donnell. Furthermore O'Donnell would be best suited to deal with the authorities and avenge their deaths. Lindsay was handed a sniper rifle and followed the Samurai inside.

   Lindsay watched, sniper rifle at the ready, as Patch was getting ready to ritually sacrifice Jessica Drew. By slaying her, he told the cultists, the bond between him and the blade and Patch would become eternal and inviolable. Unsure if she should "save" Jessica by shooting her, or fire at Patch, she decided at the last moment to put a bullet in his head. This distracted the cultists, giving the Silver Samurai a prime opportunity to launch a surprise attack.

   Thinking it safe, Lindsay rushed to Jessica's aide, but Patch had survived and planned to thank Lindsay by killing her. The Samurai saved her, giving Lindsay another chance to get Jessica away from the altar. Just as Patch had dispatched both the Samurai and Lindsay, he was able to overcome the blade's control, thereby ending the threat.

(Wolverine II#4 - BTS) - General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, driven from his San Francisco powerbase by Lindsay's friend Spider-Woman (Drew), had come to Madripoor to rebuild his powerbase. He actively tried to take down Tyger Tiger (Jessan Hoan), who had only recently replaced crimelord Roche, by employing mercenaries Roughouse and Bloodscream to weaken Tyger's position. Meanwhile Wolverine, as Patch, invaded the general's stronghold and allied himself with Coy's niece, the mind controlling former New Mutant Karma.

(Wolverine II#4) - Lindsay and Jessica were visiting Lowtown's central bazaar, talking about their imminent return to San Francisco. Out of nowhere, they were picked up by the gregarious Roughouse who planted a big kiss on both and wanted to wine and dine them. Before they could respond, Roughouse's partner Bloodscream called him to order and the strongman left. Jessica was outraged, but Lindsay suggested she let it go, after all there was very little they could do against him.

   Lindsay was introduced to Tyger Tiger, who had come to the Princess Bar to ask Patch if he would accompany her to a meeting at the palace. On the way there, they were ambushed by Roughouse and Bloodscream, who gravely injured Tyger. Patch gave in to his berserker rage to free them and took Hoan back to the bar for medical attention. This convinced Lindsay that she and Jessica had to stay in Madripoor to help Tyger remain in charge. Drew didn't care for criminals either way, but agreed that Madripoor would be worse off with General Coy in charge. Lindsay and Jessica took Tyger Tiger to a secure location.

(Wolverine II#5) - Lindsay and Jessica delivered Jessan Hoan to the Madripoor offices of Landau, Luckman & Lake. Local employee Chang showed them in, but assured the duo that this wasn't the safest place. When Chang offered to come up with alternatives, the pressure got to Lindsay who remembered how she almost got killed the last time she tried to protect someone from people with super powers. Understanding Lindsay's apprehension, Chang provided her with a light weight battle armor of unknown origin and composition that was supposed to keep her safe from physical blows, projectiles and energy weapons. Mere seconds after Chang finished his explanation, Roughouse and Bloodscream burst through the wall and attacked.

(Wolverine II#6 (fb) ) - Caught off guard by the two villains, Lindsay still managed to take off the armor and gave it to Tyger Tiger who quickly put it on. Landau, Luckman & Lake aide Chang was the only one who didn't survive the encounter. Bloodscream and Roughouse took Tyger Tiger and the two women back to General Nguyen Ngoc Coy. Lindsay and Jessica were dressed as slave girls for the general's amusement.

(Wolverine II#6) - General Coy, Roughouse and Bloodscream humiliated Jessica and Lindsay. Coy considered selling them into slavery, but figured it would be more entertaining to keep them as his personal playthings. Coy needed their aid though, because with Hoan still encased in Lindsay's armor, she was practically invulnerable. Coy threatened Lindsay's life, hoping she'd buckle and show him how to unlock the armor. At that moment Patch and his allies Archie Corrigan and Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh) burst in ready to free them. Lindsay stayed on the sidelines, watching how Jessica and Tyger Tiger took out Bloodscream while Roughouse was defeated by Patch. Before anyone could touch General Coy, Madripoor's Prince Baran barged in with a small personal army.

(Wolverine II#7) - To Lindsay's surprise, Prince Baran turned out to be a fan of her work as an actress. He took her away and instructed his troops to tend to Lindsay's friends, inviting them to his side once they looked presentable. Once Patch, Jessica Drew and Tyger Tiger were rested and properly attired, they were brought to Baran's royal palace where they rejoined Lindsay in discovering just how big a fan Baran was. When he led them to a special honor gallery that contained statues depicting Lindsay in all her various roles, it became clear to her Baran truly enjoyed her work. After an extended tour, Lindsay and the others were free to go.

(Wolverine II#8) - Lindsay was singing at the Princess Bar, filling in for the regular chanteuse who was feeling under the weather. She was doing a more than passable job keeping the clientele entertained, Princess Bar co-owner O'Donnell even considered booking her permanently. Her performance was interrupted by Joe Fixit (Bruce Banner) who came in looking for Patch.

(Wolverine II#10 - BTS) - After their most recent Madripoor ordeals, Lindsay and Jessica decided to stay on the island rather than return to San Francisco. The two friends banded together and opened up Drew & McCabe Resolutions.

(Wolverine II#10) - Lindsay cheered on Patch and Jessica Drew, even as Logan was plagued by past memories that threatened to overwhelm him. During a quiet moment, Lindsay offered the services of Drew & McCabe Resolutions in trying to resolve his emotional issues. In the end, Sabretooth took care of the enemies targeting both Logan and Drew & McCabe Investigations.

(Savage Wolverine I#12) - Furious with the way Patch had been trying to deal with Madripoor's smuggling crisis, Jessica Drew stormed into the Princess Bar looking for him. Instead, she found Lindsay who had been acting as hostess for the evening. She directed her mad friend to the backroom.

(Wolverine II#14 - BTS) - After Jessica Drew learned that Patch was actually her old X-Men ally Wolverine in disguise, she told Lindsay. McCabe, in turn, told O'Donnell. They all kept this from Logan himself, not wanting to annoy a feral, adamantium clawed crazy man who for some reason desired to keep his identity a secret.

(Wolverine II#13 - BTS) - After a lethal knife fight in one of the Princess Bar's upstairs suites, O'Donnell was alerted when blood started dripping through the ceiling. He ran upstairs and found the bodies of twin brothers who had knifed each other to death, presumably over who got to hold the Gehenna Stone fragment that lie between them on the floor. O'Donnell quickly put the glistening, blood covered gem in his pocket for safekeeping.

(Wolverine II#14) - Police chief Tai arrived at the Princess Bar to investigate the lethal stabbing. O'Donnell caught Tai and Lindsay's attention when the blood covering the gem visibly stained his trademark white suit. Tai ordered O'Donnell to hand over the artifact, but he vehemently refused. After Tai left, Lindsay wanted to see it, but O'Donnell turned her down as well. Later that night, as O'Donnell appeared entranced by the fragment, Lindsay came to his room. She just had to see the stone, she said, and was willing to do anything for it. O'Donnell took advantage of that proposal and kissed her. A few hours later, their lovemaking was interrupted by a contingent of soldiers and Johann, Prince Baran's aide, who came to collect the stone fragment.

(Wolverine II#15 (fb) ) - Lindsay was the first to respond to Johann's demand, telling O'Donnell he shouldn't give up what was theirs. O'Donnell in turn wondered what she meant by "theirs". He reached for the Gehenna fragment, stored in a closet next to his gun. Johann noticed the firearm and ordered the soldiers to take aim, forcing O'Donnell to give up his prize. As Johann was leaving, O'Donnell grabbed his gun and threatened to blow Lindsay's brains out if he didn't get the stone back. Johann wasn't impressed by this threat, wryly requesting O'Donnell to at least wait until he'd left, considering spattered brains left such nasty stains. When Johann and the soldiers were gone, Lindsay took off as well, disappearing for several days.

(Wolverine II#15) - Patch saved Lindsay from police chief Tai who rather violently tried to interrogate her about the wherabouts of the Gehenna Stone. During Patch's fight with Tai's men, Lindsay ran away to the Princess Bar. Patch was right on time to catch her arguing with O'Donnell in the bar's backroom. Patch looked on as Lindsay slapped O'Donnell and even kneed him in the groin for his recent actions. When Patch tried to calm her down, a maddened Lindsay told him to keep out of her business, indirectly revealing she'd been aware he was really Wolverine for weeks, after Jessica Drew had told her.

(Wolverine II#16) - Lindsay made up with O'Donnell, who romanced her at the Princess Bar. Wolverine, looking on, commented that it was nice to know that without the stone's mind altering properties, Lindsay and O'Donnell might get a clear shot at romance.

(Uncanny X-Men I#261) - Lindsay was seen among the "Wolverine Rescue Squad", a band of Logan's friends gathered by Rose Wu to help rescue him after he was allegedly kidnapped by Hardcase & the Harriers. In reality, Wolverine and Hardcase were old friends who were asked by Logan to test how combat ready and reliable Jubilee and Psylocke were. Lindsay joined Wolverine and the others in having some drinks and pizza, celebrating the confusion his plan had caused.

(Wolverine II#27) - Lindsay was tending the bar when Wolverine and Madripoor crimelord Tyger Tiger entered the Princess Bar. Lindsay acted remarkably cynical towards Tyger, who subtly asked her to knock it off. At the bar, Wolverine wondered out loud to Jessica Drew if Lindsay knew what she was doing by mouthing off to Tyger Tiger. People had disappeared for less, after all. Jessica assured her that she could take care of both herself and Lindsay.

(Wolverine II#27) - It was decided it would be in the best interest of the gravely injured Jessica, who had been saved by Wolverine after being ambushed and severly beaten by a giant robot nicknamed Pinocchio, that she was moved to a stateside hospital. Lindsay McCabe accompanied her and Wolverine saw them off, casually commenting that Madripoor really never was a place for them, considering it was only filled with predators and prey. Annoyed, Lindsay asked him which one of the two he was, before slamming the hatch of the plane shut.

(Sensational Spider-Man Annual 96/2 - BTS) - The demonic Void-Eater kidnapped Jessica Drew to his mystical realm and placed her inside one of his eyes.

(Sensational Spider-Man Annual 96/2) - In her attempt to find and rescue her best friend, Lindsay enlisted the aid of Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) and the adventurer Shadowoman (Jillian Woods) who, through unrevealed ways, had come in possession of Jessica Drew's old Spider-Woman costume. Shadowoman used her powers to transport the women, including Lindsay, to the dimension of the Void-Eater, where they quickly realized the demon comprised most of its own realm. Shadowoman's costume managed to fully re-empower Jessica Drew who freed herself and accompanied the others back to Earth.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald (writer), Carmen Infantino (pencils), Al Gordon (inks).

One has to give Chris Claremont props for rescuing Lindsay McCabe from comics obscurity, a fate that befell so many early members of Spider-Woman's supporting cast (I'm looking at you, Scotty McDowell and Jerry Hunt). Even though that act of kindness did make this profile considerably longer and complex. Claremont took a real liking to her, seeing as he transplanted her and Jessica Drew from San Francisco to Madripoor where he continued their story as private eyes during his run on the Wolverine solo series.

Still, Lindsay had it rough in those early stories when she allegedly wasn't aware her best friend was Spider-Woman. In order to keep that particular secret safe, Lindsay ended up getting knocked out, assaulted, sedated, hospitalized or rendered unconscious during most of her appearances, allowing Jessica to sneak away and become Spider-Woman. When all that failed, she was bound to either lose her memory or simply act oblivious in the face of all things obvious...while she already knew. Yeah, guess she is a really good actress after all.

In her first three appearances, Lindsay's name is sometimes spelled "Lyndsay", she might have chosen this variation (in pronunciation) to set her apart from any other aspiring actresses who shared her first name.

Normally, an 800 volt jolt of electricity would be more than sufficient to lethally wound or even kill. While this was never explained or confirmed on panel, Lindsay most likely survived with relatively minor injuries because of the insulating quality of the rubber washing-up gloves she was wearing when Killer Clown zapped her.

The early dynamic between Lindsay and Jessica was reminiscent of Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern during the early seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Just like the streetwise Rhoda, the outgoing Lindsay hailed from New York and helped the protagonist as she tried to adjust to life as a single woman in the swinging seventies. Also like Rhoda, she also affectionally nicknamed Jessica "kid(do)". Which is a bit ironic, considering Jessica was born in the late 1920s and was already pushing 60 when they first met.

Apropos of nothing: Steve Leialoha draws the definitive Spider-Woman in my opinion. Even when it was Lindsay in the costume, the red/yellow/black costume never looked more iconic.

Profile by Norvo.

Lindsay McCabe has no known connections to

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