Real Name: Maximillian "Max" Quincy Coleridge

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Vigilante; formerly posed as gangster, former explorer

Group Membership: None; formerly the Night Shift (Brothers Grimm/Barton & Percy Grimes, Dansen Macabre, Digger/Roderick Krupp, Gypsy Moth/Sybil Dvorak, Misfit/Mitchell Godey, Needle/Josef Saint, Tatterdemalion/Arnold Paffenroth, Tick-Tock, Werewolf/Jack Russell), the Cult of Kâli (Balinor, Kâli/Dalindra, others)

Affiliations: Angar the Screamer (David Angar), Arachne (Julia Carpenter), Avengers (Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Doctor Pym/Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Starfox/Eros, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Black Mamba (Tanya Sealy), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Luke Cage, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Rachel Carpenter, Cat, Circus of Crime (Clown/Eliot Franklin, Great Gambonnos/Ernesto & Luigi Gambonno, Human Cannonball/Jack Pulver, Rajah, Ringmaster/Maynard Tiboldt), Daddy Longlegs (Ramsey Kole), D-Man (Dennis Dunphy), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Ecstasy (Renee Deladier), Elektra, Enforcer (Charles Delazny Jr.), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Storm, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Firefly, Flying Tiger, Emma Frost, Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Gretchen, Gypsy Moth (Sybil Dvorak), David Ishima, Frank Jacoby, J. Jonah Jameson, Killer Shrike (Simon Maddicks), Amara King, Garrick King, Henry Kissinger, Misty Knight (Mercedes Knight), Lance, Lindsay McCabe, Justin Meagher, Mouse, Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura), Namor (Namor McKenzie), Needle (Josef Saint), Nekra, New Warriors (Dagger/Tandy Bowen, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Namorita/Namorita Prentiss, Rage/Elvin Haliday, Sillhouette/Silhouette Chord, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin), Omega Flight (Arachne/Julia Carpenter, USAgent/John Walker), Paladin, Poltergeist (Mickey Silk), Prince Rudolfo, Quagmire (Jerome Myers) of Earth-712, Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Betty Stein, Tigra (Greer Nelson), Vanisher, Werewolf (Jack Russell), West Coast Avengers (Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/James Rhodes, Mockingbird/Bobbi Barton, Moon Knight/Marc Spector, Tigra/Greer Nelson, Wonder Man/Simon Williams)

Enemies: A.I.M., Arvino, the Blank, Blind Justice, Boris, Boylan, the Captain (Steve Rogers), Kathryn Cinnibar, Crooked Man (Jay DeMore), Cult of Kâli (Kâli/Dalindra, Krago, Yannroth, others), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Darkling (Henrique Gallante), Deacon (Joey Farrell), Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Firefight (William Boddicker), Bobby Fortunado, Mikey Fortunado, Lucky Max Galleno, Graviton (Franklin Hall), Joey Gregson, the Hand, Charlie Hastert, Heisserer, Ikari, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Lassiter, Lilac Murderer, Locksmith, Lu, Dr. Karl Malus, Manny, Mash-Up, Kirsten McDuffie, McHenry, Dudley Miller, Meathook Moynihan, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Owl (Leland Owlsley), Power Broker (Curtiss Jackson), Jubula Pride, Puppet Master (Phillip Masters), Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave), Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Ross, Charles Sarnak, Rafael Scarfe, Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Speedo, Stanley, Stein, Taurus (Cornelius Van Lunt), Wonder Man (Simon Williams), Zipper;
formerly Dansen Macabre, Tatterdemalion, Tick-Tock

Known Relatives: Quincy Coleridge III (father, deceased), Julia Rose Coleridge (mother, deceased), Quincy Coleridge Jr. (grandfather, deceased), Quincy Coleridge Sr. (great-grandfather, deceased)

Aliases: Master of Darkness, Hand of Darkness

Base of Operations: San Francisco, California;
   formerly Los Angeles, California;
   formerly Manhattan, New York City, New York (place of birth)

First Appearance: Super-Villain Team-Up I#5 (April, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: When Maximilian Coleridge received the ‘kiss of Kali', he was struck blind, but he was granted mystic senses, allowing him a ‘radar sense' akin to Daredevil's in ways, allowing him to “see”: and perceive events all around him and through walls. Shroud soon developed the ability to manipulate darkness and shadows, channeling forces from the Darkforce dimension. Shroud can manifest darkness itself, in shadow form, as well as in gas and solid forms, making shapes as needed, even human forms. Shroud has also been trained in the martial arts, and he has used a number of weapons, including an asbestos-lined cape, jet planes, paralyzing mists, magnesium bombs, bomb-a-rangs, rocket-powered Magna-Rangs, and Titanium nets. Shroud's cape and suit are resistant to bullets, and he keeps a collapsible glider in his cape that allows him brief flight or gliding capabilities. Shroud has had a number of criminal contacts, most prominently the members of the Night Shift, and he has proven an effective leader of the team. He has had headquarters in various places, including a jazz club and a shadowy estate, and he has access to vast riches as part of his family company. Coleridge spent years training his body to peak athletic perfection, and he studied criminology, law enforcement, Cults of the East, and various forms of science for years. For a time, Shroud made his headquarters at the Tower of Shadows, an old castle, which he equipped with traps, including shooting darts, wall spikes, and pits of fire. While briefly stationed at Alcatraz, Shroud briefly controlled the Owl during a time when Owl was hooked up to vast information sources, allowing Shroud access to almost any kind of public data temporarily. Shroud controls a company with vast resources, and he was once able to have scientists replicate a serum that gave Arachne her powers back.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: Reddish-blond

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Maximillian Quincy Coleridge was born to Quincy III and Julia Rose. His father, Quincy, ran the family business of importing items from the Far East, something Max's grandfather (Quincy Jr.) and great-grandfather (Quincy Sr.) had done. Max was raised in the family estate, Coleridge House, which had been in business for over 100 years, and which contained the artifacts of nearly 200 years of exploring and acquiring.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - In front of a sign reading "Coleridge Explorers & Importers, Est. 1813", Quincy gave Max a lecture about the family business. Quincy hoped Max would take over one day.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#7 (fb) ) - As a boy, Max Coleridge was walking home with his parents from a concert when a mugger shot both of them in front of him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - Quincy and Julia, badly wounded, rushed home with Matt, and Quincy promised Matt they would both be okay, but he and Julia soon died from their wounds. Justin was there, remembering how life had gone on after Max's grandfather, Quincy Coleridge II, had died.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Max attended the funeral for his parents.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#7 (fb) ) - Max swore that night that he would devote his life to fighting killers and criminals.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - The family attorney, Justin Meagher, took over Max's upbringing.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - Justin pressured Max to do well in his studies so that he could one day run the family business from the same chair in the same study that his father and ancestors had always used to do, but Max felt intimidated by the chair and what it represented.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#7 (fb) ) - As he grew up, Max became an expert in criminology as well as a master scientist, and he trained his body to peak athletic perfection. As he watched the world fill with super-heroes, Max grew determined to become the same.

(Shroud#1 (fb) ) - Max was determined to be the best law-enforcement officer of his generation, and he studied and trained non-stop, but he obsessed over how it would never be enough. He studied a book on the Cults of the East.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - Max decided to look for answers in the East. Justin hoped he wouldn't leave, reminding Max that Quincy had wanted him to run the family business, but Max wanted to find answers for himself.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#7 (fb) ) - He traveled to Nepal and sought out the Cult of Kâli, who he'd learned were masters of darkness, high in the Himalayas. The Cult received him and taught him their deadly arts, including the worship of Kâli.

(Shroud#1 (fb) ) - At the temple, Max was befriended by mentor Balinor and his daughter, Dalindra, and Max developed feelings for Dalindra, but his unshakeable focus on his training stopped him from pursuing anything.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#17 (fb) ) - Max's success was rewarded when the Cult branded the mark of Kâli on his face, permanently blinding him but granting him mastery over the Darkforce in return. Max rushed outside into the snow to find relief for his pained eyes, but then found the temple missing completely. After making his way down the mountain and back to America, blind, Max designed the costumed identity of the Shroud for himself.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Max allowed the world to believe he was dead. A grave was placed next to his parents, saying how he'd been lost in an accident in the Himalayas.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Wanting to prove himself, Shroud began making plans to take down the deadliest villain of all, Doctor Doom.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#5) - In New York, the Shroud was discovered by the Human Torch, who hurled flame at Shroud, assuming he was an agent of Doctor Doom, but Shroud resisted the flame (due to his cape being lined with asbestos), kicked the hero back, then disappeared. Later, he watched over the Fantastic Four, waiting to get his revenge on Doctor Doom.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud flew a specially equipped plane to Latveria, following the Fantastic Four. He arrived there in four hours, then hid his plane.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#6) - Within Doom's castle, Shroud watched Doom ally with an American diplomat, Henry Kissinger, who then ordered the Fantastic Four not to act against Doom.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#7) - The Shroud approached Namor, explaining his origins to the sea-king before telling him of his plans to defeat Doom. Shroud found Doom tormenting the civilian Gretchen, so he attacked Doom, using his cloak to defend from Doom's blasts then tossing a bomb-a-rang at Doom, though the villain evaded it. Shroud then used a Parallo-Mist (paralyzing mist) and a Titanium net to ensnare Doom, but Doom swiftly broke free only to discover a magnesium bomb on his chest plate. Ripping the plate free, Doom was then accosted by wolves and hounds and knocked off a cliff. Believing Doom dead, Shroud kissed Gretchen, then he went back to get Namor, boasting of his victory.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#8) - Shroud got Namor back to water, but Namor complained he'd still been poisoned and only had a day to live. Shroud promised to get the hero back to New York to find a cure, but the Latverian peasants had discovered Shroud's plane and were destroying it. A guard dog attacked Shroud and Namor, and the two fled from the mob of peasants, crossing a narrow bridge to safety, then crashing it behind them. They soon came upon a circus tent and discovered the Circus of Crime inside. Namor asked Ringmaster for help, but the villain refused, and sent the Great Gambonnos (who Shroud evaded), the Human Cannonball, and the elephant-riding Rajah against Namor and Shroud. After Namor overwhelmed the circus, the villains let Namor and Shroud hide among them, with Shroud disguised as a roustabout. They soon went to perform for Doctor Doom himself and Shroud was shocked the man was still alive. Namor accused Shroud of lying, and Shroud punched Namor down, then Doom's soldiers closed in.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#9) - Doctor Doom let the Circus of Crime leave after learning the true identities of Namor and Shroud. Doom administered the antidote to the Sub-Mariner then revealed that he was really Prince Rudolfo, disguised as Doom and prepared to lead a rebel force to take over Latveria. Shroud chose to team up with Rudolfo, but Sub-Mariner flew away, refusing to be involved. Shroud put on his costume and prepared for revolution.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#10) - With Prince Rudolfo, Shroud stormed Doom's castle, fighting off the guards, with Shroud using a bomb-arang against some. They found the Red Skull sitting on the throne, and the Skull seemingly shot Rudolfo dead. Skull told Shroud that Doctor Doom was still alive and on his way back to Latveria.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#11) - Shroud sparred with Red Skull until one of his henchmen hit Shroud in the head with a wrench. Red Skull showed Shroud on a video monitor that Doctor Doom was alive and with Captain America (Shroud's personal hero) aboard a ship. As Shroud cried out, Red Skull fired at the ship, then he boasted about his world domination plans. Namor returned to confront the Red Skull, but Shroud (who held the seemingly lifeless body of Rudolfo) inspired Namor to remember his heroism. Soon, Captain America and Doctor Doom joined the fight against Red Skull, and Shroud leapt into the fight, first fighting the Skull and then Doctor Doom. Captain America knocked Shroud back, telling him to leave Doom alone, Rudolfo, barely alive, forced Red Skull to teleport away, then Shroud begged the others to help the rebel prince. From afar, Red Skull prepared to activate his deadly Hypno-Ray.

(Super-Villain Team-Up I#12) - Shroud went with Doom into space and donned a space-suit to shut down the Hypno-Ray, while Doom rushed to the moon to confront the Red Skull. Reminding himself that he wanted to be a hero, Shroud used a rocket-powered Magna-Rang to affix to the ray's ship, but the ray went off and Shroud was hit. Captain America pulled Shroud aboard his own ship with a tractor beam and worried that the ray would drive Shroud insane. Soon, Red Skull was defeated.

(Captain America I#330 (fb) - BTS) - While recovering in the hospital, Shroud talked to Captain America about pursuing a new path to heroism by getting super-villains to trust him, establishing himself as a criminal in the underworld to achieve good.

(Spider-Woman I#13 (fb) - BTS) - After recovering, Shroud discovered he could manipulate darkness completely.

(Spider-Woman I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud, disillusioned and wandering, found evidence of Kâli worshippers in New York City. Wondering if he could find his way back to the temple where he'd spent years, he followed them to San Francisco.

(Spider-Woman I#13) - Shroud snuck into the Hatros Clinic, where he subdued secretary Jessica Drew before looking in on an all-night therapy group. Spider-Woman attacked, struggling to connect with Shroud until she managed to trip him, then she knocked him out with a venom blast. Just then, armed men in turbans surrounded her.

(Spider-Woman I#14) - As Spider-Woman battled the armed men, Shroud awakened and covered the room in darkness. He defeated the men, and then disappeared.

(Spider-Woman I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud followed the cultists back to their base (in an underground base under the cemetery) and waited hours, hoping to learn who their leader was. After hearing about a plan against S.H.I.E.L.D., Shroud decided to recruit Spider-Woman.

(Spider-Woman I#14) - That evening, Shroud showed up in Jessica Drew's home as she was getting out of the shower.

(Spider-Woman I#15) - Shroud revealed his origins to Spider-Woman and asked for her help with the cultists, and she reluctantly agreed. After Shroud slept on her couch for a few hours and made her breakfast, he and Spider-Woman snuck into the S.H.I.E.D. base and he covered the room in darkness. Spider-Woman looked up the Cult of Kâli on the computer and read the intel to Shroud, as he couldn't read the text himself, and he determined this Cult had no relation to the priests who had trained him. Spider-Woman insisted they get steaks and wine before continuing, then he led her back to the cult base, where they soon found the cultists ready to sacrifice two innocents (including Jerry Hunt). Spider-Woman and Shroud attacked, defeating the cultists, but their mysterious leader (Nekra) escaped. After flirting with Spider-Woman a bit, Shroud disappeared into the shadows.

(Marvel Preview I#21/4) - In California, the Shroud, now calling himself the Master of Darkness, stormed the mansion of crime boss the Crooked Man, who was in a meeting with his henchmen, including Cat and Mouse. Shroud defeated Crooked Man's men, then asked to join the Crooked Man's organization. Crooked Man agreed to let Shroud accompany him to the Los Angeles Gallery of Art, where the Crooked Man used trick cigarettes to knock out the guards and patrons, then he kidnapped a young artist named Lance and ordered Shroud to deliver Lance to Frank Jacoby for a ransom. Cat and Mouse turned on Shroud, stealing the ransom and leaving him to the police, including Lt. Berg. Just as the police were closing in on Shroud, Cat and Mouse returned to save him, then they agreed to help him turn on the Crooked Man. Shroud cornered Crooked Man in his mansion and, evading his gunfire, knocked him unconscious and left him for the police. Shroud kept Cat and Mouse hidden from the police, then invited them to join his criminal organization. He planned to take down all organized crime from within until he ran it all.

(Marvel Team-Up I#93 (fb) - BTS) - With Cat and Mouse still working for him, Shroud set up shop at Cat's Jazz Club in Los Angeles, where musicians performed for patrons, who drank and ate.

(Marvel Team-Up I#93) - When Tatterdemalion attacked Cat's Jazz Club, Shroud secretly blanketed the club in darkness, then he watched silently as Spider-Man and Werewolf battled the villain. Shroud watched with suspicion as a female patron (Dansen Macabre) watched the fight.

(Marvel Team-Up I#94) - Spider-Man returned to the Jazz Club, where he webbed up Cat and Mouse. Shroud attacked, sparring with the hero in the darkness. Spider-Man assumed he had knocked Shroud out, but it was a decoy made of Darkforce energy. Shroud followed Spidey and the decoy back to Dansen's headquarters, and he saw her try to kill the decoy in front of a statue of Shiva. Shroud revealed himself and battled Dansen, who tried to control his mind with her dancing, but Shroud was blind and unaffected. Dansen tried turning herself invisible to human perception, but it didn't work on Shroud, though he was briefly winded by a kick from Dansen. Spider-Man stopped the Shiva statue from crushing Shroud, then Dansen lay defeated. Spidey wanted to take Dansen to the police, but Shroud refused to see the police, and he left Spider-Man holding his cloak. Later, in regular clothes, Shroud approached Peter Parker, Spider-Man's civilian identity, and showed him his scars and that he was blind, giving Spidey clues to Shroud's identity.

(Contest of Champions I#1) - Shroud was among the heroes gathered from Earth by Grandmaster and Collector to participate in the contest of champions, though ultimately he wasn't selected to compete.

(Spider-Woman I#50 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud was among the super-powered operatives captured by Locksmith and Tick-Tock and placed in a makeshift prison. Shroud was kept in restraints with headphones on that overwhelmed his senses. Other captives included Tigra, Werewolf, Poltergeist, Dansen Macabre, Daddy Longlegs, Angar the Screamer, the Enforcer, Gypsy Moth, Killer Shrike, Needle, Nekra, Tatterdemalion, and Flying Tiger.

(Spider-Woman I#50) - Spider-Woman, from another cell, broke through to Shroud by calling out his name repeatedly, inspiring him to start smashing his restraints against the wall. Soon, Spider-Woman helped Poltergeist's powers overload and the cell walls fell. Tick-Tock and Locksmith were easily defeated. Shroud joined the others at Spider-Woman's apartment for a brief celebration.

(Avengers I#240 (fb) ) - As the party ended, Shroud found Jessica lifeless outside. He and Tigra performed CPR, stabilizing her until the authorities arrived, and she was placed comatose in a hospital. Weeks later, Shroud was on patrol when he sensed Jessica's astral form near him briefly.

(Avengers I#240) - At Jessica's hospital, Shroud revealed himself to the Wasp on the roof. Below, various heroes worked to revive Jessica.

(Avengers I#241) - When Jessica had a medical crisis, Shroud rushed in with Tigra and the Avengers (She-Hulk, Starfox, Wasp) to her room, where they found a mystic barrier protecting it, but with effort the heroes were able to pass through. Inside, they found Doctor Strange and more Avengers (Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Pym) performing spells over Jessica's body, learning that her astral form was disconnected from her body, held in abeyance by Morgan le Fey. Shroud joined the heroes in battling Morgan le Fey and her spells on the Astral Plane, and Jessica was restored and awakened in the end.

(West Coast Avengers I#1) - Jessica Drew called Cat's Jazz Club, asking the Shroud to keep an eye on Tigra when she arrived in Los Angeles. He followed her to a meeting and, thinking her in danger, bypassed the building's security system and infiltrated the base. Mockingbird hit Shroud with her battle stave as he knocked her out with a nerve pinch, then Hawkeye sent Shroud running with a sonic arrow. Iron Man shredded Shroud's cape as he threw him through the window, then Wonder Man tossed Shroud into a tree, hurting his ribs, before Tigra intervened and called the fight off. Bandaged up, Shroud explained that he had only been checking on Tigra and hadn't realized she was there with the West Coast Avengers until after the fight had started. Hawkeye invited Shroud to join the team, and Shroud was honored but he turned down the invitation, wanting to continue his work from within the criminal community.

(Doctor Strange II#67) - After helping her defeat some muggers, Shroud visited Jessica Drew in San Francisco, where she was working as a private investigator.

(West Coast Avengers I#3) - Shroud returned from San Francisco and found Cat and Mouse wounded at the Jazz Club, and Tigra and Wonder Man had just entered the club. Shroud revealed himself, and discovered that members of the Galleno gang, working for a new leader, had attacked the club to deliver a message. Shroud was reluctant to accept the help of Tigra and Wonder Man until they wore disguises. Shroud went to the home of Lucky Max Galleno and discovered the man who'd orchestrated the attack was the Blank. The Blank tossed Wonder Man into Shroud, then Tigra tackled him, then Graviton entered the room, easily repelling everyone in the group. He tossed Shroud and the others into the pool outside, then prepared to fight the Avengers.

(West Coast Avengers I#4) - Tigra saved Shroud from drowning, then Iron Man pulled them from the water. Later, the Avengers defeated Graviton.

(Captain America I#330 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud infiltrated a team of monstrous misfits called the Night Shift, including Dansen Macabre, Needle, Digger, the Brothers Grimm, Tick-Tock, Gypsy Moth, and Tatterdemalion. Establishing himself as their leader, the Shroud plotted with the team, using Dansen's mind control dance and Tick-Tock's future predictions to help form their plots. Setting up base in their headquarters, the Tower of Shadows, they used the Los Angeles sewer system to move throughout the city. When super-powered mutates, reject experiments of the Power Broker, began appearing in the sewers, Shroud worried they would endanger his team, and the Night Shift began capturing them and keeping them in the Tower of Shadows until they could determine what to do. The Night Shift captured Dr. Karl Malus in the sewers as well.

(Captain America I#330) - Captain America and the Werewolf were found battling the mutates in the Night Shift, Shroud revealed himself and had a private consultation with Captain America, telling him the truth of his mission. Shroud pretended to beat up Cap, then shielded his eyes so that Dansen's spells wouldn't work on him. Thinking Cap was being mind-controlled, the Night Shift questioned the entranced Malus, who revealed where the Power Broker's headquarters was. Soon, they infiltrated the Power Broker's headquarters and battled his guards.

(Captain America I#331) - Shroud helped Cap stabilize D-Man, Cap's ally and another of Power Broker's experiments, then Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura), yet another experiment, joined with the hero in helping with the clean-up. After the operation was shut down, Shroud took his leave before the police showed up, but he promised to come after the Power Broker with the men from the sewers. Knowing Moon Knight was looking for Cornelius Van Lunt, Shroud sent out inquiries to find the villain.

(Solo Avengers#3 (fb) - BTS) - Werewolf joined the Night Shift, and Dansen kept the beast under control. Hearing about the heroic Moon Knight, Shroud had Werewolf invite him there, and Shroud set up traps to see if Moon Knight would be a good addition to the team.

(Solo Avengers#3) - When Moon Knight entered the Tower of Shadows, he survived several booby traps, including shooting darts, wall spikes, and pits of fire, before Shroud himself attacked. Moon Knight nearly bested Shroud, using magnesium flares before choking him with his cape, then Shroud revealed the Night Shift, including the Werewolf, who Moon Knight was there to find. Shroud revealed this had all been a test, and he invited Moon Knight to join, but Moon Knight turned him down, even after Shroud offered him leadership of the team.

(West Coast Avengers II#29) - Taurus of the Zodiac tried coercing Shroud into joining his team and changing his name to Pisces, but Shroud refused, then turned Taurus over to Moon Knight.

(Solo Avengers#9) - Shroud used his darkness to help Hawkeye battle several thugs on the docks. As Hawkeye prepared to go after Speedo and Zipper, they saw Blind Justice seemingly gunned down by Speedo before Hawkeye stopped him.

(West Coast Avengers II#40 (fb) - BTS) - For months, Shroud convinced the Night Shift to stay away from the West Coast Avengers, and he occasionally met with Hawkeye to discuss plans. The Night Shift worked consistently to steal from other criminals, including Meathook Moynihan and Charles Sarnak, and they kept the treasures at the Tower.

(West Coast Avengers I#40) - While Shroud was in San Francisco on business, Mockingbird arrested Digger, then the Night Shift retaliated by attacking the Avengers. Tigra, Moon Knight, and Mockingbird infiltrated the Tower of Shadows, bypassing the traps there, then found the treasures. Shroud returned to find the heroes there and he plunged them into darkness. Realizing the Night Shift had attacked the Avengers, he rushed to Avengers Compound and ordered his team to flee as he cloaked the heroes in darkness. Later, he met Hawkeye and they both promised to get their teams in order.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#54/2) - Shroud went to investigate a new Kâli statue at the museum and found the Firefly seeking to destroy the statue, and her light powers countered his shadows. Shroud followed Firefly as she confronted Krago, the leader of the Cult of Kâli, and he learned he had killed her family. Shroud got Firefly to safety, but she lashed out against him and escaped. The next morning, Shroud got word that the Kâli statue had been moved, and Shroud stopped Firefly from touching it, knowing it had been rigged with a trap. Krago attacked, and Firefly worked with Shroud to defeat him, then Firefly drew upon too much power and went mad with it, lashing out at Shroud. Firefly then collapsed, seemingly dead from the overload of power.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#87/4 (fb) - BTS) - Senior citizens were being attacked by a gang, including Betty Stein, who'd been out walking her dog. Shroud investigated, questioning criminal Manny and learning that Manny's gang was the one attacking others.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#87/4) - After visiting Betty in the hospital, Shroud attacked and defeated the gang, taking the Brothers Grimm, Werewolf, and Mockingbird with him. Later, he was with Betty as she died.

(Marvel Super-Heroes II#7) - In Los Angeles, Shroud stopped an assassin from killing the super-powered preacher, the Deacon, but then Deacon himself emitted a light that removed Shroud's radar sense as well as the sight of the gunman, who tripped and fell off the roof. Deacon then hit Shroud with lightning and fire, causing Shroud to remove his cloak and rush away in darkness. For a week, Deacon inspired riots across the city as he made plays on the local criminals, and Shroud worked with Cat and Mouse to learn the truth about him. As Shroud began to realize that criminal Kathryn Cinnibar was working with Deacon, Deacon himself showed up at the Jazz Club and struck the building with lightning before running off. Shroud showed up to question Cinnibar, but arrived just in time to save her as Deacon turned against her. Deacon knocked Shroud out with his light, bound him, then dumped him in the water, but Shroud soon escaped and, by focusing his powers, managed to overwhelm the Deacon's light. He took Deacon to the police, leaving Cinnibar tied up behind him.

(Captain America I#420 - BTS) - The Night Shift dumped Shroud as their leader when they found out that he was actually working for the law.

(Avengers West Coast#76 - BTS) - The Night Shift ousted their traitorous leader Shroud and the Werewolf. Hangman (Jason Roland) took over as their leader.

(New Warriors I#33 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud and other Darkforce users, including Black Mamba, Quagmire, Ecstacy, and Vanisher, were apprehended by Darkling and kept in darkness.

(New Warriors I#33) - Doctor Strange found Shroud and the others held in darkness.

(New Warriors I#34) - Darkling forced Shroud and the others to fight the New Warriors, and Shroud did battle with Dagger.

(New Warriors Annual I#3) - Under Darkling's control Shroud fought Firestar before Darkling was finally defeated by the combined efforts of Firestar and Dagger, freeing those he had under control.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud set up a base in an abandoned asylum on Roosevelt Island, where he gathered many of the relics from his adventures, including the "Albino Ape Head", the "Skeleton of Torquemada", and the "Maori tattoo-pick" with which he carved entries into a journal.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#207 (fb) - BTS) - After arms dealer Joey Gregson left dead bodies in the Los Angeles river, Shroud pursued the criminal to New York City.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#207) - After frightening away civilian Stanley, Shroud confronted Gregson, who was in an arms deal with McHenry, and he scared them away near the ruins of the Sanctum Sanctorum. As Shroud was examining the guns, Spider-Man attacked, thinking him a criminal, and they sparred until Gregson, McHenry, and another man were possessed by demonic masks (connected to Cyttorak) from the wreckage.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#208) - Shroud was quickly overwhelmed by the strength of the possessed men, but he set off an explosion to defeat one of them. Spider-Man continued to distrust the Shroud as he realized how to use his darkness to block the masks from their power sources, or the men they were possessing. As Spider-Man was possessed by one of the masks, Shroud was knocked out briefly, but he woke up in time to help Spider-Man bury the masks in the local dump under the cover of Shroud's darkness.

(Shroud#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hearing about a money laundering operation between mob leaders Garrick King and "the Captain", Shroud took Cat and Mouse with him to New York City. Shroud worked with Garrick King to put a plan in place. Someone sent a mystery letter with the seal of Kâli that set up some of the Captain's upcoming operations.

(Shroud#1) - Shroud briefly battled the Captain's mob, then he returned to King to put pressure on him, but Shroud hid from King's wife, Amara King. Back at base with Cat and Mouse, Shroud contemplated his origins. Later, when the Scorpion attacked King, Shroud fought back, creating shadowy illusions of himself to throw Scorpion off. Spider-Man also fought Scorpion, and the villain prepared to set off a massive explosion to defeat Spidey and Shroud.

(Shroud#2) - After stopping the explosion, Shroud sparred with Scorpion as Spider-Man awakened. Shroud got Scorpion away and questioned him, using shadows and scorpion illusions, to learn that King's boss, Lassiter, had hired Scorpion to kill King. Leaving Scorpion with Cat and Mouse, Shroud questioned King, who mentioned he'd seen the Kâli symbol in Lassiter's office. Shroud investigated the office, then knocked out the guards and planted eavesdropping equipment there. Later, Shroud heard King place a call to Lassiter, who wanted the money King had stolen. That night, Shroud was shocked to come across a Temple of Kâli in New York, and inside he found his old mentor, Balinor, who said he'd sent Shroud the note about the money. Balinor revealed that his wife and Dalindra were dead, and a man named Yannroth had taken over the Cult. Balinor stated that Yannroth was now working with Lassiter, and he claimed he didn't know why Max had been turned away from the temple all those years before. Later, Shroud was on the rooftops when assassins closed in on him, and a stray shot grazed Shroud.

(Shroud#3) - After convincing the assassins he was dead by temporarily slowing his own pulse, Shroud attacked the men, swiftly defeating them in the shadows, making them hit each other with gunfire. Despite his radar sense being disrupted from the gunshot, Shroud questioned one of the men and realized they were CIA agents working with Amara King. Shroud revealed himself to Amara, learning the truth about her and resisting her flirtations before telling her he was calling the shots now. Cat and Mouse lost control of the captive Scorpion, so Shroud fought him, but Scorpion hit Shroud with his tail and escaped. Later, Lassiter attacked Shroud on the docks. While King was grabbed by Scorpion, Shroud was hit by the warrior woman called Kâli, who was branded with the mark of Kâli on her forehead.

(Shroud#4) - Still blind, Shroud sparred with Kâli, realizing she was Dalindra, but he escaped in water after evading gunfire directed at he and Kâli from the men aboard the boat. After returning to Cat and Mouse defeated and having his powers restored, Shroud returned to Balinor, who told him that he had been kicked out of the Cult years before so that he could one day restore them to the rightful way; Balinor said that Shroud was now expected to kill Dalindra. Shroud soon sought out Scorpion and Lassiter, who were holding King, and he had Amara slip them a key that revealed the location of the money, with Shroud planning to lure Yannroth into a trap. Shroud ignored Cat and Mouse's concerns that this mission was too personal for him, so they called in Spider-Man to help him. As the villains gathered together, Shroud posed as a cult member but was soon exposed, and he battled Kâli as Spider-Man defeated Scorpion. Despite being hit with shuriken (which his body armor protected him against), Shroud knocked Kâli out but she soon ran away. Amara drew a gun on Shroud, threatening to arrest him, but he escaped under darkness, knowing the Cult had dissipated and its connections to the mob were disrupted.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3) - Max visited the graves of his parents for the first time since he was a child, and he saw his own grave next to theirs. The family lawyer, Justin Meagher, was there and he recognized Max, who rushed away. Back in his asylum headquarters, Shroud wrote in his journal, and he frightened away Cat and Mouse when they tried to check on him. Out in the streets fighting crime, Shroud, seemingly losing his sanity, savagely beat and tortured two muggers, Ross and Stein, who had just horribly assaulted an old woman. Max returned to his family estate, finding it boarded up, and he reflected on his past and family legacy. After sending Cat and Mouse back to the West Coast, Max visited Meagher, revealing he was alive, and he stated that he was taking over the family business.

(Ms. Marvel II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud began dating Julia Carpenter, the super-hero Arachne, and things got serious over a few months.

(Ms. Marvel II#9 (fb) - BTS) - When they first met, Julia was in a wheelchair. Max had his company synthesize the serum that gave her her powers, and Julia got her powers back, then Max was at her side as she learned how to walk again. Max also got to know Julia's daughter, Rachel.

(Ms. Marvel II#7 (fb) - BTS) - When the Superhuman Registration Act passed, Julia chose to register, but Shroud didn't. Rachel went to live with Julia's parents.

(Ms. Marvel II#6) - Julia returned to the Shroud, kissing him before telling him that it was likely that Iron Man was going to send his forces in. She expressed a willingness to fight on Shroud's side, but he didn't want her to put her freedom, and thus her relationship with her daughter, in jeopardy. When the authorities showed up, Shroud tried claiming that Arachne was innocent, but she chose to fight by his side, blasting the agents with venom.

(Ms. Marvel II#7) - Shroud and Arachne stole clothes from a dryer in the laundromat, then hotwired a car to escape. Shroud encouraged Julia to flee to Canada with him, but she was determined to get her daughter first. Government agents Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man attacked their car as they drove south, causing it to crash, and Shroud was captured as Julia escaped.

(Ms. Marvel II#8) - Ms. Marvel questioned Shroud, who was indignant about her choice to enforce the Registration Act by hunting down a single mother.

(Civil War I#6) - Shroud was kept in a cell until Captain America and his allies released him and everyone else who'd been arrested. They then prepared to fight Iron Man and those on the side of the Registration Act.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1 - BTS) - Iron Man considered Shroud as a potential Initiative recruit.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#6/4 (fb) - BTS) - Arachne joined the Canadian team, Omega Flight, keeping her daughter with her there. Shroud stayed in hiding but saw Arachne as often as he could.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#6/4) - At the request of Arachne and her team leader USAgent, Shroud covered himself and Arachne in shadows and listened in on Iron Man giving a report. He kissed Julia goodbye, promising to stay safe.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Daredevil joined the Hand and built Shadowland, a large fortress, in New York City, Shroud saw how crime was going up. A number of criminals began turning up dead and, though the evidence made it look like the Hand was committing the murders, Shroud suspected someone was trying to frame them.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets#1) - Shroud found the corpse of Mikey Fortunado, another supposed victim of the Hand, but he ran from the cops, including Rafael Scarfe, before he could do much investigating. He sensed someone watching him on a nearby roof. Shroud followed Mikey's brother, Bobby Fortunato, and saw him reach out to Misty Knight regarding Mikey's death; after Mikey left, Shroud revealed himself to Misty, encouraging her to look into the case. Shroud flew, using the Darkforce and a collapsible glider hidden in his cape, to check on Bobby, but he was shot out of the air by Paladin, the man who'd been watching him earlier.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets#2) - Shroud realized the bullet had only struck his cape, and he fought back against Paladin, soon overcoming the mercenary before learning that Paladin had thought Shroud was the one who killed Mikey. Paladin revealed that Mikey had hired Paladin to kill Bobby, and Shroud went off to investigate more.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets#3) - Shroud discovered that a man named Dudley Miller had been killed, seemingly by the Hand again, and he remembered the name from the papers, knowing Miller was a child pornographer, and he sought out Miller's storage unit to confirm. Shroud tracked down Paladin and helped him fight off members of the Hand.

(Shadowland: Blood on the Streets#4) - Misty Knight assembled Silver Sable and Shroud, then exposed the Hand ninjas behind the recent murders as corrupt cops led by Rafael Scarfe. The Hand attacked and Shroud helped fight them off, then he helped defeat Scarfe and his men so they could be arrested.

(Shadowland: Bullseye#1) - Shroud patrolled past the morgue.

(Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow#1 - BTS) - Shroud spotted ninjas fleeing Colleen Wing's apartment and told Misty Knight.

(Heroic Age: Heroes#1 - BTS) - Steve Rogers wrote about Shroud in his assessment of potential heroes for his cause.

(Heroes for Hire III#9) - When a hammer crashed into the Raft, destroying it, Misty Knight called Shroud and asked him to investigate. He found the building destroyed and, after fighting some of the escaped prisoners, he was attacked by super-powered criminals Mash-up and Firefight. Elektra arrived to help him fight. Inside, they found the Purple Man, who was controlling many super-powered prisoners, standing over the body of the Puppet Master.

(Heroes for Hire III#10) - Shroud blanketed the room in darkness so that he and Elektra could defeat the criminals, but then Purple Man controlled Elektra, told her to kill Shroud.

(Heroes for Hire III#11) - Elektra resisted Killgrave's influence and turned against him, though Killgrave soon escaped. Shroud was impressed with Elektra, but wondered if the Killgrave situation wouldn't come back to bite them.

(Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire#1) - Misty Knight called Shroud, Black Cat, and Luke Cage to help fight off A.I.M. agents who had developed spider-powers during a contagion in the city where civilians were also getting super powers. Two days later, Shroud continued to fight spider-powered civilians alongside Elektra, Black Widow, and Gargoyle.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#668) - Mayor Jameson deputized Shroud and many other heroes to fight to help quarantine Manhattan Island.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#672) - Shroud was among the heroes who prevented the spider-beings from leaving the borders of New York, while other heroes took down the one behind it, the Queen.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#673) - During the clean-up of New York City, civilians who'd been changed back to human scrambled to find clothing. Emma Frost teased that Shroud could provide them all with shadow cover, but he didn't want to.

(Daredevil IV#3 (fb) - BTS) - Under unrevealed circumstances, Shroud and Julia broke up, and she went into hiding. Shroud worked hard to find her, obsessed with reuniting and rekindling their relationship. Shroud seemed to go slightly mad as he turned to more criminal activities and relocated to San Francisco.

(Daredevil IV#2/3 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud captured four criminals (Lu, Boylan, Heisserer, Arvino), all with connections to the Owl, from different families in San Francisco and questioned them about each other, leaving them strung up in his home.

(Daredevil IV#2) - The Shroud had a nightmare that he was giving an interview with reporter Tonya about his heroism only to be replaced by Daredevil. Upon waking, he heard Tonya on the news talking about missing men. After drinking rancid coffee and touching his photo of Julia, Shroud made sure the men were still tied up in his home, then, ignoring their cries of help, Shroud left. Shroud followed deputy mayor Charlotte Hastert to the home of Matt Murdock. On the roof, Daredevil confronted Shroud, who demanded that Daredevil leave town. They briefly sparred and Daredevil threatened to arrest Shroud, but he told him about the captive men, then offered to lead Daredevil to the new crime boss. He led Daredevil back to his own home, and attacked the hero in his darkness.

(Daredevil IV#3) - Daredevil and Shroud battled in the darkness until the hero got the upper hand. Shroud admitted he'd hoped to use the defeat of Daredevil as leverage to get an audience with the Owl, but the hero proposed they team up instead. After making Shroud shower, Daredevil went with him to the Owl's estate, where Murdock just walked right through the gate, being escorted in by Owl's employees. While Matt distracted Owl, Shroud snuck in and held a blade of darkness against Owl's throat, ready to kill him, but Owl shocked Shroud by promising to reunite him with Julia Carpenter. After hearing from Daredevil that Owl wasn't lying, Shroud chose to team with Owl, letting the villain open up a death trap under Murdock's feet.

(Daredevil IV#4) - Shroud tossed Daredevil his billy club, then covered the room in darkness to help Murdock defeat the bad guys. During the fight, Shroud snuck away with Owl.

(Daredevil IV#4 - BTS) - Shroud beat up Owl for information, but it was ineffective. He then agreed to help Owl before learning where Julia was.

(Daredevil IV#4) - Owl had Shroud black out a facility, where Owl could download massive amounts of information directly into his own brain. Daredevil attacked and battled Shroud while Owl overwhelmed his own brain with the information before being taken away. Daredevil agreed to not see Shroud charged with a crime and said he'd help him find Julia later; he wondered if Shroud had secretly hoped to die in combat with Owl. Shroud disappeared in darkness, promising to return.

(Daredevil IV#15 (fb) - BTS) - Shroud took Owl to Alcatraz, where he wired Owl up against his will to the tech interface, which allowed Owl's brain to download and monitor all Internet activity in the region. As Owl's area of influence expanded throughout northern California, Shroud began actively searching for any intel on Julia Carpenter. He also monitored Daredevil directly, learning some of the hero's secrets.

(Daredevil IV#13) - Shroud showed up to help Daredevil stop the Lilac Murderer, promising to keep helping the hero when he could. Matt promised he was still looking for Julia. Back at his base, the Owl was at Shroud's side.

(Daredevil IV#14) - Daredevil and Jubula Pride (the daughter of the Owl) arrived and Shroud revealed himself, saying they couldn't disconnect the Owl or he would die. Realizing he was lying, Jubula leapt to attack the Owl.

(Daredevil IV#15) - Jubula briefly battled Shroud and again tried to free her father, but Daredevil pulled her out of the room and returned to mainland, realizing they were in over their heads. Shroud revealed himself through various tech devices, speaking to them both about his plans to expand Owl's control over the country. To keep Daredevil occupied, Shroud publicly revealed that Foggy Nelson was alive, and reporters like Christy Blanch, Sahren Kuni, and Bill Presley began swarming Foggy. Shroud then posted private details about Kirsten McDuffie, Matt's girlfriend, and then private details from the lives of his clients. Shroud then dropped intel that Jubula Pride had been selling her tech to criminals.

(Daredevil IV#16 (fb) - BTS) - Jubula found Shroud with Owl and agreed to try and help him find Julia as soon as possible so Shroud would set Owl free.

(Daredevil IV#16) - Hating to see her father, Jubula interpreted results from Owl's searches for Shroud, and they discovered that Julia was on a flight to San Francisco scheduled to arrive soon. Shroud showed up at the airport and wrapped Julia (who was blind) in a Darkforce bubble to talk to her. Julia punched Shroud, then Daredevil attacked him, before Jubula grabbed Julia and offered to trade her for the Owl.

(Daredevil IV#17) - After Julia escaped Jubula's grasp and knocked her down the stairs, Shroud lashed out at the crowd, hitting everyone around him with Darkforce, but the Kingpin's men managed to get away with Julia. After hours, Shroud discovered that Kingpin was holding Julia. He found Daredevil battling Ikari in the streets and knocked Ikari aside, but Ikari returned by wounding Shroud with a blade. Shroud aggressively impaled Ikari with a Darkforce hand and tossed him off the roof as Daredevil just screamed that now Kingpin would kill one of his hostages.

(Daredevil IV#18 (fb) - BTS) - Daredevil removed the costume from Ikari's corpse and made a plan to wear it and storm Kingpin's headquarters. Shroud wanted to do it himself, but Daredevil had another plan and convinced Shroud to follow it.

(Daredevil IV#18) - Shroud returned to his base, where Jubula was still trying to free the Owl, and he convinced Jubula Pride to tell her father that the Kingpin was behind his troubles; if she did so, he promised to set Owl free. Owl publicly revealed all of the Kingpin's criminal assets, then he helped Julia escape. Julia approached the Shroud and gave him a kiss, her lips covered in a paralytic that knocked him out. He was sent to prison for his crimes, including the murder of Ikari.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart (writer), Herb Trimpe (penciler) & Don Perlin (inker).

On the cover of Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire#1, Shroud appeared to have spider-powers, but he didn't show any spider powers in the book itself.

And here is the synopsis for Deadpool III#45, but it was very likely not in continuity.

Shroud's origin borrowed from Batman & the Shadow. Parents gunned down in front of him (Batman) & later as an adult going to Asia and gaining powers (Shadow).

Shroud has profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#10 (October, 1983), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#11 (October, 1986), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#13 (1991), All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update#4 (December, 2007) and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC#10 (2009).

Thanks to Markus Raymond for adding Captain America I#420, Avengers West Coast#76, New Warriors Annual I#3, Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow#1, Amazing Spider-Man I#668

Profile by Chadman.

Shroud should not be confused with:

Christy Blanch, Sahren Kuni, Bill Presley

(Daredevil IV#15 - BTS) - After news hit that Daredevil's best friend Foggy Nelson had faked his own death, reporters swarmed Nelson in San Francisco, including Christy Blanch from Channel 8, Sahren Kuni from Channel 4, and Bill Presley of 91-FM.

--[Daredevil IV#15]

Quincy Coleridge Sr. & Quincy Coleride Jr.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Quincy Coleridge Sr. helped run the Coleridge Explorers & Importers business, bringing items from the Far East to the western world. Quincy Sr. passed the business on to Quincy Jr., who fathered Quincy III, but Quincy Jr. later died, with family attorney Justin Meagher still serving him.

--[Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3]

Quincy Coleridge III and Julia Rose Coleridge

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Quincy Coleridge III was born into the family business, Coleridge Explorers & Importers, a family business that his father (Quincy II) and grandfather had established and run. At their home, the Coleridge House, Quincy saw many artifacts from their expeditions preserved. Quincy III married Julia Rose, and they had a child, Maximillian Quincy. Family attorney Justin Meagher served them.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - Quincy III told Max how he hoped the boy would take over the family business.

(Super-Villain Team-Up Team-Up I#7 (fb) ) - Quincy III and Julia were shot by a mugger in front of Max.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - Quincy and Julia returned home to Justin with Max, but they both quickly died from their wounds in the family estate.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Max attended the funeral of his parents.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3) - Max visited his parents' grave years later.

--Super-Villain Team-up I#7 (Super-Villain Team-up I#7 (fb), [Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb)], 14/3 (fb), [14/3 (fb)], 14/3 (fb)

Justin Meagher

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Justin Meagher was the attorney for the family of Quincy Coleridge the III, who ran an imports business, and his wife Julia Rose, as well as their son Maximillian, or Max. He had previously been the attorney for Quincy Coleridge II, Max's grandfather.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) ) - When Quincy and Julia were gunned down by a mugger, Justin met them at their home and soon saw them die from their wounds. Justin took over raising Max.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb)) - Justin pressured Max to do well in his studies so that he could run the Coleridge business. Years later, Max was determined to go to the Far East himself, and Justin encouraged him to stay and run the family business, but Max was determined and left.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Justin received word that Max had been killed in an accident in the Himalayas. He saw Max get a grave next to his parents.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3) - Justin was visiting the Coleridge graves when he was surprised to see Max there alive, but Max rushed away. Later, Max visited Justin, revealing he was alive and that he now wanted to run the family business.

--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 ([Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb)], 14/3 (fb), [14/3 (fb)], 14/3

Ross and Stein

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb) - BTS) - Ross and Stein beat up an old woman to steal her ring.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3) - Shroud attacked Ross and Stein, scaring them horribly and breaking Ross's wrist before taking them to the police station.

--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 ([Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#14/3 (fb)], 14/3


(Daredevil IV#2) - Tonya reported on four missing men in San Francisco.

--Daredevil IV#2

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Ms. Marvel II#6-8 (October-December, 2006) - Brian Reed (writer), Roberto de la Torre (penciler), Jon Sibal (inker), Andy Schmidt (editor)
Civil War I#6 (December, 2006) - Mark Millar (writer), Steve McNiven (penciler), Dexter Vines (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1 (May, 2007) - Anthony Flamini, Ronald Byrd (writers), Scott Kilins (artist), Jeff Youngquist (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents II#6/4 (April, 2008) - Rich Koslowski (writer), Andrea Di Vito (artist), John Barber (editor)
Shadowland: Blood in the Streets#1-4 (October, 2010-January, 2011) - Antony Johnston (writer), Wellington Alves (penciler), Nelson Pereira (inker), Joe Quesada (editor)
Shadowland: Bullseye#1 (October, 2010) - John Layman (writer), Sean Chen (penciler), Sandu Florea (inker), Stephan Wacker (editor)
Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow#1 (October, 2010) - Jason Henderson (writer), Ivan Rodriguez (artist), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Heroic Age: Heroes#1 (November, 2010) - various writers, Jeff Youngquist (editor)
Heroes for Hire III#9-11 (September-October, 2011) - Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (writers), Kyle Hotz (penciler), Bob Almond (inker), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#668 (October, 2011) - Dan Slott (writer), Humberto Ramos (penciler), Victor Olazaba (inker), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#672 (December, 2011) - Dan Slott (writer), Humberto Ramos (penciler), Victor Olazaba, Karl Kesel (inkers), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#673 (January, 2012) - Dan Slott (writer), Stefano Caselli (artist), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire#1 (December, 2011) - Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (writers), Kyle Hotz (penciler), Bob Almond (inker), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Daredevil IV#2-4 (June-August, 2014) - Mark Waid (writer), Chris Samnee (artist), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Daredevil IV#13-18 (April-November, 2015) - Mark Waid (writer), Chris Samnee (artist), Ellie Pyle (editor)

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