Real Name: Jubula Pride

Identity/Class: Human mutate, technology user

Occupation: Vigilante

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Julia Carpenter, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Shroud (Maximillian Coleridge)

Known Relatives: Owl (Leland Owlsley, father), mother (name unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: San Francisco, California, USA

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, name unrevealed): Daredevil IV#1 (May, 2014);
(fully seen, name revealed): Daredevil IV#14 (May, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: Jubula Pride had her genome altered as a young woman to allow her bones to fly, much like her father, the Owl. The Owl originally used a flight serum, along with technology, to allow him to fly and it caused long-term damage. It is unrevealed if Jubula used the same serum.

Using technology to form a battle suit, Jubula was capable of flying (how much due to her own power and how much due to the tech was unrevealed) and the suit was equipped with claws that extend and spinning razor blades.

Jubula seemed to have some training in combat and technology development.

Height: 5'5" (by approximation)
Weight: 110 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Daredevil IV#15 (fb)) – Jubula Pride grew up with her father, the Owl, after her mom left. The Owl doted on her and made her feel special, though she was aware of his criminal dealings. Wanting to share everything with Jubula, Owl hired scientists from A.I.M. to equip her with advanced Stark technology then he had geneticists alter her so she could fly the way he could. She developed a costume and went flying with her dad often.

(Daredevil IV#15 (fb)) – Jubula sold some of her flying technology to local criminals.

(Daredevil IV#1 – BTS) – Those criminals later used Jubula's tech to kidnap Chelsea Hastert, daughter of deputy mayor Charlie Hastert. Daredevil stopped them.

(Daredevil IV#14 (fb) – BTS) – Jubula got word that the Owl had been kidnapped by a supervillain in San Francisco so she went looking for him.

(Daredevil IV#14) – Jubula badly beat a man on a roof, demanding intel on the Owl, then she threw the man off the roof when he proved unhelpful. Daredevil saved the man then he watched Jubula fight off a bunch of criminals and he was impressed with her skills. After stopping Jubula from killing the men, he heard her story and agreed to help her find the Owl. They followed clues and battled criminals across the city then they found the Owl hooked up to wires on Alcatraz Island. The vigilante Shroud arrived, revealing himself and explaining that they couldn't disconnect the Owl or he could die. Jubula, realizing Shroud was lying, leapt to attack him.

(Daredevil IV#15) – Jubula lashed out at the Shroud then turned to try and free her father but Daredevil ensnared her in his billy club and pulled her out of the room and back into the boat, saying they weren't ready for this fight yet. Leaving Jubula tied up, Daredevil asked her to share her origin story and she did. Shroud began speaking to Jubula and Daredevil through computer and tech screens, revealing he was using the Owl as a conduit to monitor and access every Internet interface through northern California, all in an attempt to find his ex-girlfriend, Julia Carpenter. To keep Daredevil busy, Shroud publicly revealed that "Foggy" Nelson was alive then he posted private details in the life of Daredevil's girlfriend Kirsten McDuffie. Matt and Jubula went to the home of Charlie Hastert to ask for help but Charlie had just seen leaked footage of Jubula selling her tech and she called the police to escort Matt and Jubula away. Daredevil furiously lashed out at Jubula, now thinking her a criminal, but she reminded him that they needed each other. She agreed to go follow the Shroud while Matt looked for Julia Carpenter. Jubula also suspected she could find a way to stop the Shroud from making more broadcasts. Jubula flew away as the police closed in.

(Daredevil IV#16 (fb) – BTS) – Jubula found Shroud with Owl and agreed to help him get results on Julia as soon as possible.

(Daredevil IV#16) – Hating to see her father suffer, Jubula kept searching the intel for the whereabouts of Julia Carpenter. They discovered that Julia was on a flight to San Francisco scheduled to arrive soon. Shroud rushed to the airport to get her but Jubula followed and she grabbed Julia while Shroud was battling Daredevil, offering to trade her for the Owl.

(Daredevil IV#17) – Julia escaped Jubula's grasp, hit her with her elbow, then knocked Jubula down the stairs. Shroud lashed out at everyone around him but the Kingpin's men managed to get away with Julia.

(Daredevil IV#18) – Jubula returned to the Owl, still trying to free him from the equipment, and Shroud returned, angry with her for her betrayal. Shroud convinced her to lie to the Owl about the Kingpin being behind his pain and promised that if she did so, he would set Owl free. Once Owl was free, Jubula got him to safety.

Comments: Created by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

Profile by Chadman.

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images: (without ads)
Daredevil IV#14, p16, pan3 (main)
Daredevil IV#18, p5, pan5 (face)
Daredevil IV#14, p13, pan9 (2nd)

Daredevil IV#1 (May, 2014) – Mark Waid (writer), Chris Samnee (artist), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Daredevil IV#14-18 (May-November, 2015) – Mark Waid (writer), Chris Samnee (artist), Sana Amanat (editor)

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