Membership: (original team): Frank Dean, Leslie Dean, Alice Hayes, Gene Hayes, Robert Minoru, Tina Minoru, Janet Stein, Victor Stein, Catherine Wilder, Geoffrey Wilder, Dale Yorkes, Stacey Yorkes; formerly Marcus Roston (posing as "Eli");
("new" Pride): Hunter, Lotus, Stretch, Geoffrey Wilder

Purpose: (original team): To empower the Gibborim via sacrifice and to provide their children the Gibborim's proposed paradise;
("new" Pride): To avenge Alex Wilder's death

Aliases: (both): None

Affiliations: (original team): District Attorney Chalmers, high-ranking California politicians, Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), the LAPD (Lt. Flores, several other corrupt police officers), the Maggia, the Serpent Society (Anaconda/Blanche Sitzniski, Cobra/Klaus Voorhees, Diamondback/Rachel Leighton, Puff Adder/Gordon Fraley,  Rattler/Gustav Krueger, Sidewinder/Seth Voelker), various corporate CEOs, Alex Wilder; formerly Eli (later Marcus Roston), the Gibborim, Hunter Stein;
("new" Pride): Excelsior (Darkhawk/Chris Powell, Lightspeed/Julie Power, Ricochet/Johnny Gallo, Turbo/Mickey Musashi, Phil Urich) (they were manipulated by the "new" Pride)

Enemies: (original team): The Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Jim Rhodes, Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Vision/"Victor Shade," Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Destiny Gonzales, the Gibborim, Hangman (Harlan Krueger), Charlie Hu, the Illuminati (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Dr. Strange/Stephen Strange, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Professor X/Charles Xavier), Tamara Robinson, Tyree Robinson, Runaways (Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, Old Lace, Chase Stein, Gertrude Yorkes), the Silver Bullet Gang, Topher's vampire accomplices, an unidentified group of armored thugs;
("new" Pride): The Runaways (Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Victor Mancha, Nico Minoru, Old Lace, Chase Stein, Xavin, Gertrude Yorkes)

Base of Operations: (original team): The Vivarium, underwater near Santa Monica Beach, California, USA and the Wilder residence in Malibu, California, USA; formerly a headquarters beneath the La Brea Tar Pits Museum, California, USA, the former Stein residence in Malibu, California, USA, backup headquarters beneath Griffith Observatory, California, USA;
("new" Pride): The new Vivarium inside an original Pride base beneath Griffith Observatory, California, USA; formerly the Minoru summer home in Los Angeles, California, USA and the former Wilder residence in Los Angeles, California, USA

First Appearance: (original Pride): Runaways I#1 (July, 2003);
("new" Pride): Runaways II#6 (September, 2005)

History: (Runaways I#13 (fb)) - After committing a large robbery, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder were teleported from their car during a police chase and time travelers Dale and Stacey Yorkes were likewise teleported away moments after arriving in the modern era. Similar couples were also teleported away, including persecuted mutants Alice and Gene Hayes, scientists Victor and Janet Stein, newlyweds Robert and Tina Minoru, and actors Frank and Leslie Dean. The couples soon found themselves in the Vivarium, where they began fighting amongst themselves, accusing each other of teleporting the others there. Their in-fighting was broken up by the mystic Gibborim entities, who introduced themselves and revealed that they had been the ones to teleport the couples there. The Gibborim explained why they had summoned the young couples: they no longer possessed sufficient lifeforce to change the world back into the "peaceable utopia" they once lived in. They continued, revealing that they required a Pride of six couples: thieves, travelers, magicians, outcasts, wise men and colonists. The Gibborim further explained that, with the Pride's help, they would restore Earth to the glorious paradise it once was by destroying all of humanity. When the Deans what was in it for them, the Gibborim promised that they would augment each of the Pride's powers and give them dominion over the city of Los Angeles and beyond. Victor Stein asked what good their dominion would be in a destroyed world, prompting the Gibborim to reply that it would take a quarter of a century for the Pride to supply the Gibborim with the power they needed to effect change and promised that the world was the Pride's to do with as they pleased until that time. Once that time had arrived, six of the Pride's number would be permitted to join the Gibborim in their proposed paradise while the remaining six would perish with Earth. While the couples decided, Tina Minoru questioned what they would need to supply the Gibborim with and the Gibborim explained that once a year, the Pride would be required to perform the Rite of Blood, a sacrifice of a young adolescent female.

(Runaways I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Each couple agreed to become the Gibborim's Pride and sacrifice young women once a year to empower the Gibborim.

(Runaways I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Every year, after performing the Rite of Blood, the Pride were required to "enter humbly" (without weapons) into the presence of the Gibborim, where they performed the Rite of Thunder ceremony, in which they fed the spirit of their sacrifice to the Gibborim. To guard against entry into the Gibborim's underwater Vivarium lair, the Pride programmed a rock sentry that could only be deactivated by the word "philoprogenitiveness."

(Runaways I#3 (fb) - BTS) - As criminals, the Pride committed horrible crimes in secret.

(Runaways II#14 (fb) - BTS/Runaways II#15 (fb) - BTS) - A year into his membership with the Pride, after learning how to use the Abstract tome's Decoder Ring, Geoffrey Wilder was accidentally summoned from his era into the future by a group of his future son's video gaming friends, who used artifacts belonging to the Pride founders in an attempt to resurrect Geoffrey's deceased future son, Alex.

(Runaways II#18) - The time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder was mystically returned to his own era with no knowledge of what had transpired in his future. Only recalling checking into business on Sunset Boulevard, Geoffrey returned home to Catherine Wilder, who asked where he had been all night. Unable to recall, Geoffrey admitted that he had first thought that he had been attacked by some of the Pride's competition but found that his wallet was still present. He then realized that his Abstract Decoder Ring was missing but Catherine reminded him that they could still use hers to decipher the Abstract. Worried that whoever had taken his Decoder Ring could also translate the text, Geoffrey was comforted by Catherine, who reminded him that the Abstract was not exactly a book that just anyone could go to a library and get a copy of.

(Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The time-traveling members of the Pride did not share their secrets with the Minorus. Despite this, the Minorus remained loyal to the Pride and became acquaintances with the voodoo mystic Marie Laveau, eventually betraying her by stealing the Black Mirror artifact from her in an effort to learn its secrets of time travel. Being minor mystics, the Minorus saw something in the Black Mirror that they ultimately wished to hide and they mystically locked it from being further used, unlocking only for the blood of the last living Minoru descendant.

(Runaways I#8 (fb) - BTS) - As promised by the Gibborim, the Pride eventually came to secretly control nearly every bit of criminal activity in Los Angeles, even having potential criminals file for permits with the Pride in order to rob stores.

(Runaways I#18 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride's control of Los Angeles saw them create a network of conspirators within Los Angeles businesses, government and even law enforcement. Keeping their true plan a mystery from the public, the Pride's operatives handled some of the Pride's day-to-day activity ranging from racketeering to homicide.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride arranged a deal with the Los Angeles mayor to provide votes in exchange for leverage concerning their criminal actions.

(Runaways II#22 (fb) - BTS) - Robert and Tina Minoru ran the lycanthropic Silver Bullet Gang out of Los Angeles as part of the Pride's control of the city. Upon defeating the Silver Bullet Gang, the Pride created a file on the cowboy werewolves.

(Runaways I#13 (fb)) - Three years after the Pride's formation, the Pride met for their annual Rite of Blood ceremony, where Janet Stein revealed that she was pregnant. Leslie Dean immediately asked if Janet planned to keep it and Janet insisted she was going to keep it. Catherine Wilder remarked that while she wasn't the only one who hoped to have children, she wondered how Janet could bring a child into a world they were helping destroy. When Janet replied that she intended to give her spot in paradise over to her child if the Gibborim selected her to live, Stacey Yorkes admitted that she would also like to have a child. After the Minorus expressed interest in having a child as well, Geoffrey Wilder remarked that each of the couples could give a spot up to their children, allowing them to live on in paradise as the six selected by the Gibborim. The Deans immediately argued against the idea, exclaiming that they didn't even want children and the Hayeses admitted that, due to their mutant genes, they might not even be able to conceive. Pulling out the sacrificial knife, Geoffrey reminded the Pride that they had all agreed to journey towards Earth's destruction together and asked who was in or out. A reluctant Leslie Dean remarked that having a child would get her on the cover of People magazine and the Hayeses explained that it may take a while but they would try. With the Pride all in agreement, Geoffrey Wilder announced that they would tell their children about their activities as the Pride when the children turned eighteen, just before the Gibborim's proposed destruction of Earth, commenting that until that time, their children need not know the truth about the Pride.

(Runaways II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride became so well known amongst criminal circles for their control of Los Angeles crime that any superpowered villain who attempted to make a play for power in Los Angeles was sent back to New York "piece by piece," according to the Wrecking Crew's Bulldozer. They also set up a hidden headquarters beneath the La Brea Tar Pits Museum.

(Runaways II#4 (fb) - BTS) - In order to keep tabs on their international competition, the Pride installed a holographic rogues gallery in their headquarters beneath the La Brea Tar Pits Museum.

(Runaways III#10 (fb) - BTS) - A group of armored thugs attempted to make a power play for the Pride's territory, apparently unaware that the Pride killed anyone who tried to trespass on their territory.

(Runaways III#10 (fb)) - The Pride responded by killing all of the armored thugs and the mutant Hayeses telepathically forced the thugs' leader to watch as his soldiers were killed in front of him. After the battle, the leader remained affected by the Hayeses' telepathy, unable to shut his eyes and confined to a hospital with nurses constantly putting eye drops in to keep his eyes from drying out.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride allowed the vigilante Hangman to remain active within Los Angeles.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#6) - When the Hangman attacked the mentally-addled Tyree Johnson in an alley, two agents of the Pride witnessed Iron Man battling the Hangman and tracked him to a Pride-controlled lot in Los Angeles' Imperio subdivision. When Iron Man seemingly departed, the two agents returned to the scene of the Iron Man/Hangman battle and began inspecting the golf club bag with the Stark name on it. A derelict Tony Stark soon spied them and attacked, defeating the agents. The agents then returned to the Pride, where they informed Frank Dean of their findings. When the agents explained that they were the only ones who had witnessed Iron Man's activity in Los Angeles, Frank killed the two agents with his alien powers to keep them from talking. Victor Stein then asked the other Pride members why Tony Stark hadn't deployed Iron Man aerially, like he had in the past, Geoffrey Wilder explained that Stein wasn't thinking like a strategist. Geoffrey then announced his suspicions that Stark was attempting to sneak into Los Angeles under the Pride's radar and that Stark had just become the Pride's number one priority.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#7) - After Hangman was incarcerated following his defeat at the hands of Iron Man, Alice Hayes, Catherine Wilder and Janet Stein teleported into his cell, remarking about the lame quality of super villains that the Pride allowed to be active in their city. Catherine reminded Alice that if they let bigger villains into the city, they might find themselves dealing with super heroes as well. In an effort to learn more about Iron Man's presence in Los Angeles, the Pride had Alice Hayes telepathically coerce Hangman into telling them everything they knew about Tony Stark. Under telepathic manipulation, Hangman revealed that he had only encountered Iron Man and not Tony Stark, unaware they were the same man, and that he had tried to hang Tyree Robinson from the Imperio neighborhood. Recognizing the neighborhood as being where their thugs had found Tony Stark's golf clubs, the women of the Pride deduced that Stark was indeed seeking out the Pride and then had Alice telepathically force Hangman to hang himself. Geoffrey Wilder later spoke with the super villain Sidewinder, offering a chance to earn Sidewinder's Serpent Society a good reputation by killing Tony Stark as long as Sidewinder's activities were not traced back to the Pride. Geoffrey's son Alex interrupted the conversation, asking for a ride to his school A/V Club, but an annoyed Geoffrey hurled a phone at Alex and told him to call a car service. As Alex left the room, Geoffrey returned to his conversation with Sidewinder, who agreed to Geoffrey's deal. The Serpent Society then began gathering intel on Tony Stark and, noticing him in a borrowed sports jersey, deduced that Stark must really not want the Pride to learn what he was up to.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#8) - Following Tony Stark's defeat of the Serpent Society in a junkyard and Stark's rants about the Society's bald boss (whom Stark thought to be Obadiah Stane), the Pride met to discuss the events and became convinced Stark was out to take down the Pride and infiltrate their territory. Assuming Stark knew Geoffrey Wilder due to his reference to the Society's boss as "baldy," the Pride admitted that they must rid themselves of Tony Stark before their annual Rite to the Gibborim, which was rapidly approaching. Geoffrey Wilder agreed that they must get rid of Tony Stark but explained that the Pride's attempts to do so by proxy only managed to hospitalize the Serpent Society. Geoffrey then announced that the Pride had much more subtle ways of getting rid of Tony Stark and the Pride soon had Dale Yorkes threaten the head of Hu Venture Capital, Charlie Hu, into refusing Tony Stark a meeting regarding Stark's newest invention. The Pride continued to do the same to many other potential investors, forcing Stark, who still thought Obadiah Stane was causing his problems, to put up flyers announcing a speech at the Imperio Community Center. Upon seeing the flyers, Geoffrey Wilder, angry that the Pride's subtle approach didn't seem to be working, flew into a rage, alerting his son Alex, who asked if the price of Geritol had went up. Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder immediately ordered Alex to his room. Later, during Tony Stark's speech at the Community Center, armed gunmen attacked and were seemingly defeated by Iron Man (Jim Rhodes), much to the surprise of Tony Stark.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#9) - After Tony Stark obtained the money to purchase the former Imperio Techworks factory to produce his newest invention, the Pride further manipulated the business end, forcing a representative of the city to refuse Stark access to the factory, claiming that the factory was too structurally unsound and needed to be inspected. When Tony questioned when an inspector could be scheduled, the representative quietly whispered that he had been instructed to stall the inspections indefinitely by someone stratospherically above his pay grade. Refusing to play the business games anymore, Stark broke into the factory and attempted to begin production but the Pride had their lackeys within the LAPD surround the building, with orders to wipe out everyone inside within thirty minutes. Unfortunately for the Pride, the mayor overruled their orders and instructed the police to give Stark thirty hours instead, prompting Geoffrey Wilder to contact the mayor and angrily remind him about his earlier agreement with the Pride. Geoffrey also reminded the mayor who he was but the mayor replied that despite his business arrangement with the Pride, the news networks would crack down on Los Angeles if the LAPD began killing people trying to peaceably set up a small business. The mayor then ended his communication by announcing that Tony Stark had the Pride in check and suggested the Pride deal with Stark then he would see what he could do. Shortly after, Stark's ally Tyree Robinson ran out of the factory, apparently off his meds and talking crazy. When his sister Tamara followed, she found that Tyree was being influenced by telepathic Pride member Alice Hayes, who also took mental control of Tamara and announced her to be a bargaining chip against Stark and turned her over to Frank Dean, who promised not to hurt her much. Tamara was then turned over to Geoffrey Wilder, who revealed that the Pride planned to lure Stark into a trap then sacrifice Tamara to their masters, the Gibborim.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#10) - Pride member Tina Minoru explained the Pride's motivations and association with the Gibborim to Tamara Robinson, who began praying that Tony Stark didn't come for her and fall into the Pride's trap. That night, Stark noticed Tyree and Tamara's disappearance and while searching for them, he found a hologram of Geoffrey Wilder that commended Stark on his recent thwarting of every attempt by Wilder to run Stark out of town. Still not knowing who the Pride was and only beginning to realize that Wilder didn't work for Obadiah Stane, a confused Tony Stark asked who Geoffrey was. Impatient with Stark's lack of realization, Geoffrey Wilder informed Stark that he had Tyree and Tamara and order Stark to come without armor or costumes to the Malibu home where Tyree and Tamara were being kept, warning that if he didn't, they would die at dawn. Stark then asked if Geoffrey was going to properly introduce himself and explain what Stark had done to him. Geoffrey then explained who he was and announced that Stark was infringing on the territory of his Pride. When Stark asked if that was it, Geoffrey remarked that it was all it ever was then ended communication. The other Pride members, nearby for Geoffrey's holographic conversation, then realized that Stark had been completely unaware of the Pride's existence before Geoffrey hinted at it during the holographic message. Despite Janet Stein's interest in testing the Stein technology against Tony Stark's mind, the Pride squabbled amongst themselves about Stark's knowledge of the Pride until Catherine Wilder quieted the group to inform them that something had passed through their outside gates. Iron Man then busted into the Pride headquarters and the Pride remained confused, thinking Iron Man was still in Japan. Alice Hayes' surface mind scan revealed that Tony Stark was inside the  Iron Man armor, prompting the Pride, who were unaware of Stark's dual identity of Iron Man, to think Stark was simply wearing a duplicate Iron Man armor for his own protection. Stacey Yorkes ordered the others to kill Tamara Robinson to punish Stark for his insolence in arriving in armor but Tina Minoru reminded them that the time for the Gibborim's Rite was not yet right. When another Pride member suggested they kill Tyree instead, Dale Yorkes calmed the Pride and summoned a dinosaur to attack Iron Man, with Geoffrey's son Alex remaining unaware of the battle outside his home. As Iron Man gained the upper hand against the dinosaur, Stacey Yorkes blasted him with a Kinetic Drainer weapon, draining the armor's power as the other Pride members watched. Realizing that it had been the Pride attempting to stop him at every turn rather than Obadiah Stane, Iron Man continued to fight back, announcing that, for all the Pride's power and influence, they were just as paranoid as any street hustler. As Tina Minoru summoned vines to drag Iron Man down, Iron Man asked how the Pride planned to determine which six of them the Gibborim would take to paradise, throwing Tina off in surprise at Iron Man's knowledge of the Gibborim. Gene Hayes quickly probed Iron Man's mind and found verbatim Abstract passages in his memories. Iron Man soon recognized Victor and Janet Stein from an exo-skeleton conference in Geneva years ago but his reunion was cut short when Geoffrey Wilder demanded to know how Tony knew about the Gibborim and who he had told about them. The impatient Frank Dean announced his plans to burn off Tony's limbs until he explained his Gibborim knowledge but the Pride's interrogation was cut short by the arrival of a royal Shi'ar ship housing Tony's Illuminati teammates. As the Illuminati jumped into action, the injured Tony Stark revealed that as soon as the Pride had earlier mentioned the Gibborim, he put in a call to his allies, one of which was Dr. Strange, who decided to summon reinforcements. Dr. Strange proclaimed that the Pride would feel justice but the Pride readied themselves, with Geoffrey Wilder remarking that it was time the Illuminati faced their gods.

(Iron Man: Legacy I#11) - Dr. Strange quickly jumped into battle against the Minorus, trying to convince them that the Gibborim's promises were lies, while Professor X telepathically battled the Hayeses on the astral plane. Mr. Fantastic battled the Steins while Namor fought an aerial battle against the alien Deans. Black Bolt soon swooped overhead and blasted the ground near the Yorkeses, knocking them off-balance, as Namor remarked that the Pride did not appear to be such a threat. Iron Man proclaimed that it was Dr. Strange's decision to get the Illuminati involved as he fought off the gun-toting Wilders. The Illuminati eventually switched opponents to focus less on enemies that share their own expertise and the Pride was swiftly defeated, with all of the Illuminati except Iron Man and Mister Fantastic departing the scene as the police arrived. With Mr. Fantastic explaining the situation to the police, Iron Man ventured inside the Wilder residence to rescue Tyree and Tamara, silently avoiding Alex Wilder as he searched the home and eventually rescued Tyree and Tamara. As the Pride was arrested, Geoffrey Wilder yelled to Tony Stark that it was one thing to conquer territory but it was another thing entirely to hold it. The following morning, the Pride were released from prison when their lackey District Attorney Chalmers returned from Lake Tahoe. Geoffrey Wilder was informed that the Pride's criminal records had been wiped clean and it was as if the entire situation had never happened. Geoffrey showed his gratitude by punching Chalmers and announcing that in the following September, Chalmers would face a primary challenger to his District Attorney position and lose. He then departed the jail, announcing that it was time to get back to destroying Tony Stark and burning the Imperio neighborhood to the ground. When he returned home, Geoffrey Wilder found an auto-executing file on his computer. The file showed a message from Tony Stark explaining that he had thought of what Geoffrey had said and decided to give up all interest in Imperio Techworks. Stark also announced that he would leave the Los Angeles area and never tell his allies about the Pride's control of Los Angeles in exchange for the Pride leaving the Imperio neighborhood alone forever. When Stark's message concluded, Stark threatened that if the Pride so much as kept a streetlight from going up in Imperio, he would contact the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Inhumans and Atlanteans, and would not rest until the Pride was annihilated. The Pride subsequently held a meeting, where they voted on whether to continue action against Tony Stark and Geoffrey Wilder held the deciding vote not to pursue action, instead focusing on new business such as the Maggia's request to open a heroin route through Los Angeles.

(Avengers Academy I#27 (fb) - BTS) - During his days with the west coast branch of the Avengers, Hank Pym heard whispers about the Pride's existence but could never find proof that the Pride was anything but a rumor.

(Runaways I#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Yorkes recorded a holographic message for their daughter Gertrude within their home vault that explained their legacy left for Gertrude upon their death, including a deionychus engineered to respond to her mental commands and a copy of the Pride's Abstract mystic tome. In the message, which they expected Gert would never see unless they had perished, the Yorkes suggested that Gert seek out any members of the Pride that might still be living when she viewed the message, claiming that the Pride was Gert's family at that point.

(Runaways II#17 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride created a backup headquarters at a ley line convergence point beneath California's Griffith Observatory. During Karolina Dean's childhood, the Deans would often visit the headquarters under the guise of simply visiting the Observatory.

(Runaways III#1 (fb) - BTS) - After the Steins moved out of their Malibu home when their son Chase was still a child, they claimed to have sold the home while secretly keeping it active as a backup Pride headquarters, equipped with various alarm systems.

(Runaways I#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride had a close call run-in with Wonder Man.

(Runaways II#27 (fb)) - The Steins built a giant, frog-shaped transport dubbed the Leapfrog with the help of their Pride allies, the Yorkeses. During the Leapfrog's construction, Stacey Yorkes gave Victor Stein an energy amplifier, which the Yorkeses had stashed throughout the timestream in case they ever overshot a time-jump. Explaining that the energy amplifiers were good for a quick time-jump getaway, Stacey Yorkes also warned Victor that the amplifiers could only jump a maximum of fifty years on either side of their point of use. When Victor asked if there was any magic in them, Stacey replied no and asked why, prompting Victor to explain that almost all of his inventions were designed to be immune to magic since he didn't quite trust his fellow Pride teammates, the Minorus. Dale Yorkes commended Victor for his forward-thinking, admitting that he also never trusted magicians. Victor then asked Dale to cloak the Leapfrog when he finished his work, reminding him that it almost time for the Pride's annual tribute before departing. After Victor's departure, Stacey remarked to her husband Dale that the Steins likely had something cooked us to use against them at some point as well but Dale replied that it wasn't as if they had told anyone about the High Evolutionary's impending nervous breakdown during the 21st century. Their conversation was interrupted when a young Gertrude Yorkes overheard her parents talking, causing Stacey to order Dale to cloak the Leapfrog.

(Runaways I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Masquerading to their children that they were conducting fundraisers in secret with their "family friends," the Pride continued meeting once a year to conduct the Rite of Blood. At a previous "fundraiser," Karolina Dean noted that the Wilders did not have any vegan food.

(Daken: Dark Wolverine I#18 (fb)) - After having recruited a shapeshifter calling himself Eli (later actor Marcus Roston), supposedly the brother of one of the Pride, the Pride invited him to gatherings. One night, at the Steins' house, Eli and Victor Stein got into an argument. While Janet Stein got her son Chase out of the room, the insane Eli was expelled from the Pride. To remind the Steins that he could take their most precious possession and hurt them at any time, Eli occasionally returned to the Stein home and hovered above Chase's bed, smiling.

(Daken: Dark Wolverine I#19 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride banished Eli from Los Angeles.

(Runaways II#25 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride's control of Los Angeles earned the respect of New York crimelord, the Kingpin, who thought the Pride ran Los Angeles with efficiency and vision. Due to that mutual respect, the Kingpin stayed out of the Pride's territory and they stayed out of his.

(Civil War Files (fb) - BTS) - The Pride remained a secret to most of the superhero population. During his time based out of California, Iron Man continued to make it seem as if the Pride were nothing more than an urban legend and actually highly regarded the scientist Steins for their inventions, continuing a ruse of being unaware of their true nature as Pride members.

(Runaways I#11 (fb) - BTS) - In an effort to keep the Pride's cash flowing, the mystics Robert and Tina Minoru used the Spine of Agamotto artifact to install a "musclebound lummox" as the governor of California.

(Runaways I#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Pride's operatives within the LAPD extended to include Lt. Flores and several officers under his command.

(Runaways I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Gene and Alice Hayes, and Frank and Leslie Dean, secretly decided to murder the other Pride members to use their spots in paradise for their entire families and began planning the murders, which they tentatively planned to commit some two years later, at the Pride's Rite of Thunder meeting.

(Runaways I#17 (fb)) - One year later,during one of the Pride's Rite of Blood ceremonies, once again disguised as a fundraising event, Alex Wilder grew bored as the Pride's other children watched a movie and decided to investigate a secret passageway he had discovered inside his parents' home. Witnessing the Pride kill a young woman as part of the Rite of Blood, Alex freaked out but decided to give his parents the benefit of the doubt and opted to learn as much as he could about the Pride by sneaking into Geoffrey Wilder's sub-basement and reading his copy of the Abstract tome. Learning about the Pride's connection to the Gibborim, Alex believed the Pride were heroes and that the Rite of Blood was a necessary sacrifice to create the paradise the Gibborim had promised. At one point, Alex overheard the Deans and the Hayeses plotting to destroy the Abstract pages related to their future betrayal of the Pride, as the Abstract told of future events yet to occur. Hiding under a table, Alex continued to overhear the two couples as they discussed their intent to telepathically lobotomize the Wilders when they discovered the missing Abstract pages related to their future betrayal. Alex then became determined to prevent his parents' murder at the hands of their Pride allies and began plotting a plan to stop the two couples.

(Runaways I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Before that year's "fund raising" event had concluded, the Pride took a group photo with all of their children.

(Runaways II#11 (fb) - BTS) - The interdimensional drug dealer Pusher Man, being a huge fan of the Pride's work, made it a point to only deal between dimensions in an effort to stay away from the Pride's Los Angeles territory.

(Runaways II#28 (fb) - BTS) - Upon learning from Chase Stein's future counterpart that their daughter Gertrude would be killed, Dale and Stacey Yorkes wished to make those responsible pay, whether it conflicted with their contract with the Pride or not.

(Runaways III#13 (fb)) - Hunter Stein, the brother of Victor Stein, began trying to associate himself with Victor and Janet in an attempt to get in with the Pride and their connections. One evening, Victor grew tired of it and pulled a gun on Hunter, who fled after Victor's son Chase had also fled. Running into the street, Hunter Stein was apparently hit by Chase's van.

(Runaways I#1/Daken: Dark Wolverine I#17 (fb)) - A year later, in preparation for that year's Rite of Blood, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder ordered their son Alex to get ready and Catherine reminded him how the children of their "family friends" were looking forward to seeing him. At that same moment, Pride members Dale and Stacey Yorkes argued with their own child, Gertrude, who loudly expressed her lack of desire at attending the Wilders' get-together. While Pride members Frank and Leslie Dean prepared for their annual assemblage with their daughter Karolina, who was unaware of her parents' true status, other Pride members Victor and Janet Stein disciplined their son Chase for his lack of interest in his own education, warning Chase that they would discuss his future on the way to their meeting at the Wilders' home. Pride members Alice and Gene Hayes packed up for their meeting with the Wilders as their daughter Molly attempted to talk to Gene about her changing body, only to be met with promises that both her parents would discuss things after their meeting. At 6:49p.m., the Pride members Robert and Tina Minoru attempted to hurry their daughter Nico up so they wouldn't be late to their meeting. Shortly after, at 7:25p.m., the Pride's meeting began at the Wilder residence with the Minorus arriving late and apologizing, blaming traffic on the cliff side for their tardiness. With everyone present and accounted for, Geoffrey Wilder announced that the adults would retire to the library while the children were escorted to the Wilders' game room. During the Pride's secret meeting, their children grew bored and Alex Wilder suggested they spy on their parents to help pass the time. Revealing that he had discovered a secret security passage in his home months earlier, Alex managed to convince the other children to follow him into the Wilders' corridors, where they saw their parents, gathered together as the criminal Pride, sitting around a table discussing plots against their off-world enemies. Overhearing their parents refer to themselves as the Pride and seeing them in strange costumes, Alex Wilder deduced that the Pride must be superheroes until a young woman was brought out. Thinking something strange was going on, Alex had Karolina Dean lead Molly Hayes out of the corridors then overheard Dale Yorkes remark about the woman's origins and the Wilders' control of Los Angeles' drug and gambling trades. The Pride's then secretly watched as Geoffrey Wilder ordered the telekinetic Hayes couple to immobilize the young woman before confirmed that the Steins' machine was ready and active. Despite Alex's attempts to convince Nico Minoru that their parents weren't evil, the Pride's children continued watching as Geoffrey turned the floor over the sorcerous Minoru couple then stabbed the young woman, assuring her that she was helping them create a better tomorrow for their children. Shocked at what she had seen, Nico screamed, alerting the Pride to something strange going on within the Wilders' corridors.

(Runaways I#2) - Suspicious of the screaming sounds, the Pride turned towards a mirror that the scream seemed to emanate from. Geoffrey Wilder immediately suspected someone in their corridors but Alice Hayes explained that the sound was likely psychic residue left behind by their sacrifice. Geoffrey then ordered the disposal of their sacrifice's body and had Frank and Leslie Dean search the residence's tunnels while Catherine Wilder went to check on the Pride's children, still unaware that the scream had originated from Nico Minoru. Gene Hayes worried that their children had seen them sacrifice a woman and some of the other Pride members argued that the children were bound to find out eventually. When Catherine made it to the Wilders' game room, she found the children seemingly playing the board game Twister. Catherine asked if they were ok after they had heard yelling but Alex Wilder claimed everything was fine. Convinced by Alex's ruse, Catherine remarked that they would be done with "the last draft of the fundraising charter" shortly. She then told the children not to break anything expensive and left, unaware of what Alex and the others had witnessed before making their way back to the game room. A short time later, the Pride returned, resuming their ruse as normal parents, to the game room with a chest and Gene Hayes asked if some of the male children could help take the chest out to their car. Alex and Nico agreed to help, using the time to further discuss what they had seen the Pride do and what to do next. Later that night, the Pride's children met back up at Griffith Observatory, where they decided to call the police and inform them of the young woman's murder, and that their parents were villains calling themselves the Pride. Claiming that the kids were making the story up, the LAPD hung up on Alex Wilder. Deciding to find evidence of the Pride's activities, the children visited the Yorkes residence, where they found a secret vault and used a passcode to open the vault, from which they unleashed a deionychus.

(Runaways I#3 - BTS) - In the wee hours of the morning, LAPD Lt. Flores called in officer Douglas to ask about the call he had earlier received mentioning the Pride. Realizing that Douglas still thought the call's story had been made up, Flores suggested Douglas go home early that night. When a thankful Douglas left the office, Lt. Flores immediately phoned Geoffrey Wilder and asked if he knew where his son was. Flores then apologized for bothering Geoffrey so early in the morning but remarked that the Pride might have a problem on their hands.

(Runaways I#4) - Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder ventured into Alex's room, with Geoffrey prepared to explain to Alex that the sacrifice he had witnessed was merely an illusion. Unfortunately, Alex was not there and in his place, a mannequin head. Catherine quickly suggested that they could still come up with a cover story about the sacrifice but Geoffrey reminded her that Lt. Flores had told him that Alex had reported a homicide. Catherine then suggested they call together the rest of the Pride but Geoffrey explained that if the Pride found out that Alex knew about them, they would kill Geoffrey himself. Catherine then remarked that they couldn't keep the Pride in the dark about the situation, as they would need the help of the rest of the group to find their son. When the Runaways visited the Stein residence to check for more evidence against the Pride and to let Chase Stein gear up, they were confronted by Victor and Janet Stein, as well as Robert and Tina Minoru, who had been told of the missing Alex Wilder by his parents and learned that their own children were missing as well. The Steins announced that the children's punishment and explanations could wait until the following morning and ordered everyone to go home. When Chase argued back, wearing his parents' Fistigon weapons, Victor Stein used his watch device to blast Chase, prompting Alex Wilder to remove Karolina Dean's suppressive bracelet, allowing her to access her alien superpowers. Janet Stein then incapacitated Alex Wilder while Robert Minoru conjured a rush of water to douse Karolina's powers. Tina Minoru then went after her own daughter Nico, who asked why they were acting in such a way. Tina remarked that her attack would hurt herself more than it hurt Nico and she stabbed Nico with the Staff of One artifact, only to be surprised when Nico's body absorbed the Staff. Nico retaliated by hitting her mother with a piece of junk from the Steins' workshop while Janet Stein went to take Gertrude Yorkes into custody, only to be attacked by Gert's deionychus. When Robert Minoru tried to mystically kill the dinosaur, Nico hit him, breaking his concentration and freeing Karolina from the water spout. Alex then prompted Karolina to fight back and she succeeded in knocking out Robert Minoru before freeing Alex. Gert's dinosaur held the Steins at bay while Nico looked at her unconscious parents and sadly commented on how they were her only family. The Runaways then departed the scene with the unconscious Chase Stein. As the Runaways escaped in Chase Stein's van, Gertrude Yorkes received a phone call from her mother despite her phone not being on and was informed that if she did not stop "playing games," they would have to do something with her friend Molly Hayes. While Stacey Yorkes was speaking with Gertrude, Dale Yorkes, and Gene and Alice Hayes surrounded Molly.

(Runaways I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Stacey continued the phone call, warning that Molly would be killed if the Runaways went to the police about the Pride.

(Runaways I#5) - From the Hayes residence, Stacey Yorkes hung up the phone with her daughter Gertrude and informed the other 3 Pride members that she had told Gertrude that, unless the Runaways surrender to the Pride within the hour, Molly Hayes would be executed. Dale Yorkes asked if Stacey thought the Runaways would fall for such a bluff but Stacey reminded him that they had already witnessed the Pride killing a woman. Gene Hayes then commented that he couldn't imagine what was going through the children's minds after they had witnessed the sacrifice, prompting Alice Hayes to remind him that they would've had to tell the children about the Pride when they turned eighteen anyway. Dale asked if Molly Hayes would wake up in all of the impending commotion but Gene explained that Molly was being telepathically sedated. Molly then began to slip out of her telepathic trance and told Alice that she wasn't feeling well, claiming that she had earlier been bleeding, but Alice told Molly things were alright and attempted to get her to go back to sleep. While the Runaways were deciding to storm the Hayes residence and rescue Molly, Leslie Dean met with the other Pride members there, explaining that her husband Frank was stuck in Manhattan brokering an intergalactic weapons deal with a Skrull. When Gene Hayes expressed concerns that the Runaways might attack since the Minorus weren't responding to their communicators, Leslie Dean remarked the God should help any children stupid enough to attack the Pride. A short time later, the Runaways arrived at the Hayes residence and Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder went inside, telling Gene Hayes that the others would show once they had confirmed Molly's safety. Gene instead telekinetically forced the two children to kneel and ordered them to tell their friends to show themselves or he would psychically force them to snap each other's necks. Alex instead yelled "Beta Team, Phase Two" and Gertrude Yorkes' deionychus smashed through a window and attacked Gene. The Yorkes then entered the fray, with Dale knocking Alex out with the blunt end of his alternate reality samurai battle axe. When Gertrude threatened to sick her dinosaur on her parents, they politely informed her that the dinosaur was incapable of harming any member of the Yorkes family and when Nico tried to attack them, Dale Yorkes hit her with his axe, inadvertently cutting her wrist and causing the Staff of One to emerge from her chest, knocking Dale out. Nico then used the Staff of One to freeze Stacey Yorkes where she should and told Gertrude to let Alex know that she had moved on to Phase Three of their plan when he regained consciousness. Outside, Karolina and Chase waited for Alex's signal to rescue Molly but they were attacked Leslie Dean, who wrapped Chase in bands of multicolored energy. Leslie then explained to Karolina that her parents had tried to protect her by giving her a normal childhood. Angry that they had sheltered her and kept her from her true nature her entire life, Karolina wrapped her bracelet around her fist and punched Leslie Dean, knocking her out. Karolina then helped Chase to his feet while Nico confronted Alice Hayes in Molly's bedroom. Alice forced Nico to kneel before Molly woke up again with a bloody nose. Shocked, Alice Hayes was momentarily confused at the possibility that Molly's mutant nature was manifesting and Nico took advantage of the distraction to knock Alice out, prompting a misunderstanding Molly to order Nico to stop.

(Runaways I#6) - A confused Molly was about to attack Nico, who was still standing over the unconscious Alice Hayes, but Nico attempted to calm Molly down and Gertrude Yorkes explained to Molly about her parents being members of the criminal Pride and their earlier murder. Chase Stein further confirmed the story for the disbelieving Molly but their conversation was interrupted by Leslie Dean, who blew a hole in Molly's wall and monologued about how the children were all spoiled brats. Wrapping her energy around Gertrude, Leslie revealed that the Pride considered Gertrude expendable and threatened to squeeze the life from Gertrude if the other Runaways refused to stand down. Seeing Leslie hurt her friends, Molly used her mutant super-strength powers to shove Leslie through the wall and into the pool outside. With Molly rescued, the Runaways prepared to leave but Karolina refused to let her mother drown in the pool so Nico agreed to fish Leslie Dean out of the pool before they left. When Nico and the accompanying Alex ventured close to the pool, an extremely angry Leslie Dean emerged from the pool and yelled that the Pride had only used a small fraction of their strength against the Runaways, warning that when they took off their kid gloves, the Pride would annihilate them. When Leslie remarked that they brought the children into the world, Alex interrupted her, saying they could take them out, before knocking her out again with Nico's Staff of One. A short time later, while the Runaways escaped, Alex received a phone call from his father Geoffrey, who sarcastically remarked that the Runaways' little adventure went way past Alex's curfew. Alex exclaimed that they were going straight to the police but Geoffrey told Alex to turn his radio station to AM 1070, where a news report linking Alex and the Runaways to the Pride's earlier murder was being announced. Alex responded by claiming that they would prove the Pride's guilt but Geoffrey revealed that the police had tipped the Pride off to the Runaways' disappearance in the first place and that Geoffrey himself had ordered the media to report the false story. Geoffrey explained that the city belonged to the Pride but promised that if the Runaways returned, he would make their problems disappear. When Alex remarked that he'd rather die than return to his parents' lies, Catherine Wilder took the phone and begged Alex to reconsider, as the Pride would track them down and gut them. Alex then hung up and revealed the Pride's connections to the rest of the Runaways. Back at the Hayes residence, Alice Hayes recovered and discussed with the Yorkes how their children had betrayed them. Leslie Dean interrupted with a note revealing that one of the Runaways was still loyal to their parents. Unaware of which child had left the unsigned note, the Pride members were left to wonder who their mole was.

(Runaways I#7) - The Pride met at the Minorus' lair, where an upset Frank Dean demanded to know where his daughter was. When Victor Stein suggested Frank settle down, Frank blasted Victor into a piece of furniture, prompting the Minorus to warn Frank that if he broke another thing in their lair, they would teleport him back to his origin planet. Demanding to know what had happened during his New York absence, Frank was told about the Runaways' discovery of their parents' true identities and their witness of the murder of Destiny Gonzales. Geoffrey Wilder further explained to Frank that the Runaways only had knowledge of the Pride's existence, not the full scope of their plans. Dale Yorkes reminded Wilder that the Runaways had obtained the Yorkes' copy of the Abstract and that once it was deciphered, the Runaways would have full knowledge of the Pride's goals and their plans for the Next Wave. Geoffrey quickly replied that even if Alex Wilder were able to fully translate the Abstract, he couldn't take the information anywhere, as the Pride had operatives in every media or police precinct on Earth. Geoffrey continued, explaining how the Wilders had implicated their own son in the Gonzales murder and the "kidnapping" of Molly Hayes, choosing not to include Chase Stein or Molly Hayes herself in the crime to keep the media from tying all of the Pride families together. Questioning whether their children would attack them with the weapons they had recently acquired, Frank Dean was told not to be naive and Leslie Dean showed Frank the note proving that one of the Runaways remained loyal. Victor Stein interrupted, exclaiming that they couldn't wait around for the mole to contact them and that the Pride should be using every resource they had to find the Runaways. Geoffrey Wilder agreed, remarking that he had no doubt that the children were plotting to overthrow them as they spoke.

(Runaways I#8) - Later that night, Catherine Wilder brought a bunt cake to Geoffrey, explaining that the neighbors had seen the news report implicating their son Alex in murder, believed Alex was innocent and promised to have the Wilder family in their prayers. Remarking how their neighbors were imbeciles, Catherine learned from Geoffrey that the Pride's police mole had emailed with surveillance footage of the Runaways' earlier foiling of a Circle A store robbery. Surprised to see the Runaways still in California, the Wilders became curious who the thieves were, with Geoffrey commenting that whoever they were, they had not requested a permit from the Pride to rob their city's stores. He then told Catherine that if the Runaways had started playing as heroes, it was more imperative than ever that the Pride find them before a petty criminal made an example of them.

(Runaways I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Geoffrey Wilder worked with the rest of the Pride in an attempt to identify the three thugs that they witnessed the Runaways battling.

(Runaways I#9) - While on video conference with the other Pride members, Geoffrey Wilder was approached by his wife Catherine, who asked if he'd had any luck finding out who their children had fought. After learning that the thugs had enhanced strength, speed and durability, Geoffrey suggested they might be mutants but the Hayeses replied that it was not likely, as finding two mutants with the exact same powers was rare. When Gene Hayes suggested they were mutated by radioactive material or an artifact, Geoffrey asked Leslie Dean, who remarked that if they were aliens, they had set their sights considerably lower than other aliens. Checking with Victor Stein, Geoffrey learned that one of the thugs' fingerprints matched prints taken in 1939, prompting Geoffrey to ask the Yorkeses if perhaps the thug was a time traveler. The Yorkeses commented that, to the best of their knowledge, they were the only time travelers to pierce the 4th Dimensional barrier during the last temporal phase. Geoffrey's conversation with the Yorkeses was interrupted by the Minorus, who announced that they had a suggestion about the thugs' origins but were convinced Geoffrey would not like it.

(Runaways I#10 (fb) - BTS) - After learning of the thugs' true vampiric natures, Dale Yorkes, Robert Minoru and Alice Hayes of the Pride tracked down the two adult vampire thugs and hung them upside down in chains, demanding to know where their children were.

(Runaways I#10) - When Robert Minoru expressed disbelief that the thugs thought they could rob an establishment within the Pride's turf, one of the vampire thugs again exclaimed that they had no idea where the Pride's children were, only that they had taken off with their leader, Topher. Shocked, Dale Yorkes asked the thug to confirm that the Pride's children were with a vampire but one of the thugs confirmed that Topher had been slain the night before, the thugs having sensed the death of their master. The telepathic Alice Hayes confirmed that the thugs were telling the truth and Dale Yorkes ordered Robert Minoru to destroy the vampires. Robert did so by pulling a chain that opened the skylight on the roof of the warehouse, allowing in sunlight that eradicated the vampires. Alice then discussed with Dale the possibility that their children had murdered the vampire Topher, expressing the pride she felt in their children.

(Runaways I#11) - In an effort to find the Runaways for the Pride, LAPD Lt. Flores had New York vigilantes Cloak and Dagger visit Los Angeles, where he met them on a rooftop and gave them the false information that Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru and Gertrude Yorkes had murdered an innocent girl and kidnapped Molly Hayes. Once he had convinced Cloak and Dagger to take on the case of finding Molly Hayes, Lt. Flores phoned Geoffrey Wilder and informed him that the Pride was one step closer to getting their children back. The Pride later held a meeting at the Wilder residence, where Victor Stein presented the good news that the Steins had successfully counterfeited the new $50 bill, prompting Robert Minoru to remind the Pride about their involvement in installing a lummox as governor. Frank Dean interrupted, demanding to know what was being done to retrieve their Runaway children. The Hayeses explained that the Pride had yet to receive another message from whichever of their children was the mole within the Runaways but announced that they did have a plan for when the children were found: a complete telepathic erasure of the children's memories of having witnessed the Pride's activities. The Yorkeses immediately protested, exclaiming that half of those who were mind-wiped ended up brain-dead and the Hayeses replied that they believed their daughter to be strong enough to withstand the procedure. Geoffrey Wilder broke the argument up, explaining that there was no point in arguing until the children were found. Lt. Flores then revealed his presence at the meeting, explaining how he had hired Cloak and Dagger to find the Runaways. Annoyed that Flores had brought vigilantes into Los Angeles, Catherine Wilder demanded Flores' service revolver and used it to shoot Flores in the knee. As Flores fell to the floor in pain, the Pride discussed what to do about the situation, with Dale Yorkes remarking that if the Gibborim found out what was going on, they would need to take care of the situation yesterday. Janet Stein agreed but asked how they would handle it. Geoffrey Wilder announced that they would no longer need to use back channels or surrogates and Catherine exclaimed that it was time for the Pride to get their own hands dirty.

(Runaways I#12) - After Cloak and Dagger located the Runaways, they explained that their parents were actually super villains called the Pride and that the Lt. Flores who had hired Cloak and Dagger must be an agent of the Pride. Once hearing this, Dagger informed the Runaways that she would contact Black Widow in hopes of getting the Avengers to visit Los Angeles to take care of the Pride. After the Runaways parted ways with Cloak and Dagger, the mole within the Runaways phoned Lt. Flores in the hospital and informed him that Cloak and Dagger would be summoning other super heroes to take down the Pride. The mole also demanded that Lt. Flores clean up the mess he had caused by hiring Cloak and Dagger. When Flores exclaimed that he was in the hospital after the Pride had shot out his knee, the mole warned that Flores better do something or the next bullet would be in his brain. Shortly after, just before Cloak and Dagger teleported back to New York, the Pride's Frank Dean, Victor Dean and the Hayeses confronted Cloak and Dagger, pinning them in place with Frank's alien energy powers. The Hayeses telepathically scanned Cloak and Dagger's mind but were unable to determine the Runaways' whereabouts. Frank was ready to execute the vigilantes but Victor Stein remarked that it would draw too much attention, suggesting instead that the Hayeses mind-wipe Cloak and Dagger. Telepathically suggesting that Cloak and Dagger's lack of memory was attributed to binge drinking, the Hayeses succeeded in wiping the vigilantes' minds, with Victor Stein commenting how they hadn't such a close call since their earlier Wonder Man incident. Frank Dean agreed, though questioned why their mole didn't contact them directly if they were truly loyal to the Pride.

(Runaways I#13 - BTS) - Still working for the Pride, Lt. Flores located the Runaways' hideout, the Hostel, and confronted them shortly after they had learned of the Pride's origins via the Abstract tome. After finding them, Flores admitted to being on the Pride's payroll and remarked that he believed he had just gotten a raise.

(Runaways I#14) - Victor Stein interrupted Geoffrey Wilder as he viewed photos of his son growing up and the time they had spent together. Victor reminded Geoffrey that, while he also missed his son, the Rite of Thunder ceremony was that evening and they needed to prepare. Geoffrey asked why it even mattered, as they had been empowering the Gibborim for their children to inherit the Gibborim's paradise. Reminding Wilder that he wasn't always so magnanimous, Victor commented how they spent so much time trying to create a world that their "ungrateful brats" ran away from and asked Wilder to admit that he had considered letting his son perish and taking his spot in paradise instead. An angry Geoffrey proclaimed "NEVER!" and grabbed Victor by the throat, exclaiming that he had committed terrible acts in his lifetime but had for the past sixteen years, considered the acts done for a noble reason. Victor relented and replied that he was testing Geoffrey to see how dedicated he remained to the Pride's cause but their conversation was interrupted when Victor's wrist device picked up a police tip about a van matching Chase Stein's description parked in Bronson Canyon. Knowing they had to move fast, Geoffrey and Victor arrived at Bronson Canyon just after the Runaways had caused a cave-in battling the Pride's agent Lt. Flores and his LAPD goons. Using his scientific devices, Victor determined that the Runaways had burrowed their way out of the cave-in and Geoffrey suggested they go after the Runaways since they were close, but Victor opted to let the LAPD bring the kids in, as they could not be seen as Pride members but anyone not connected to the Pride. Their conversation was interrupted when one of the LAPD announced that they had pulled a survivor from the rubble. Upon seeing that it was Lt. Flores, Geoffrey Wilder killed Flores with a shotgun and warned the other Pride-loyal LAPD officers to find the Runaways within the next 12 hours or be killed like Flores. Geoffrey then beckoned for Victor to return to the Wilder residence to finish up the Pride's Rite of Thunder ceremony. At the Dean residence, the Hayeses and the Deans met to discuss the perceived failure on Wilder and Stein's part to acquire their missing children. Confident that their mole within the Runaways would soon inform them of their new location, Leslie Dean suggested they should get ready for the Rite of Thunder and Alice Hayes asked Frank Dean if Geoffrey Wilder had seemed mistrustful of them during their earlier conversation. Frank replied that if the other Pride members had any idea that the Deans and the Hayeses were planning to murder them during the Rite of Thunder, they would already be dead. Alice replied by asking if the Gibborim would even accept them into their paradise if they betrayed the other Pride members but Leslie Dean remarked that the two couples and their children made up the six that the Gibborim had promised would inherit their paradise. All in agreement on their murder plot, the two couples toasted to being the final six as well as being "parents of the year."

(Runaways I#15) - The Pride met on the Wilders' private beach for their annual Rite of Thunder, where Geoffrey Wilder and Victor Stein were running somewhat behind. Leslie Dean grew impatient and worried that the Gibborim would punish the Pride if the group was late to the Rite of Thunder but Geoffrey arrived and calmed Mrs. Dean. Geoffrey also announced that their attempt to retrieve their runaway children had met with failure, as the Runaways had made their escape and neither Geoffrey nor Victor could find a trace of them. When Alice Hayes remarked how news of their children's location could not have come on a worse night, Robert Minoru suggested that perhaps one of the Pride was feeding the Runaways information just as one of the Runaways was a mole for the Pride. Stacey Yorkes called Robert's comments "obscene," explaining that the Pride had given up everything for their children but Geoffrey suggested the Pride table the conversation until after the Rite of Thunder and asked Victor about their transportation. Victor Stein announced that their stealth vehicle, called the Leapfrog, was ready to go. As the Pride entered the Leapfrog, Gene Hayes discussed with the Deans and his wife about whether Robert Minoru suspected their betrayal. Alice Hayes expressed concern about whether the timing was right for the betrayal but Leslie Dean assured the other traitors that she had thought of everything, unaware that the Runaways were invading the Gibborim's Vivarium.

(Runaways I#16) - Still unaware of the Runaways' infiltration of the Vivarium, the Pride met within the Vivarium to conduct the Rite of Thunder. When Janet Stein announced that the Gibborim would appear within 30 minutes and expressed slight regret of her past actions, Catherine Wilder reminded her what the Pride was doing for their children. Robert Minoru then asked Stacey Yorkes if she regretted their past actions but Stacey replied that the Yorkes had visited numerous alternate futures and, with each one overran by super heroes, she felt that their children deserved something new instead of the same old status quo. While some of the Pride continued the discussion, the Deans and Hayeses continued to plot the others' murder until the Runaways appeared within the chamber. Shocked by the Runaways' sudden appearance, many of the Pride were surrounded by a fiery wall projected by Alex Wilder, who had been given the Fistigons to use after Chase Stein was earlier injured. Gertrude Yorkes and Karolina Dean then squared off against their parents, who gloated that neither Old Lace nor Karolina's powers could harm their own family. Gert instead had Old Lace attack the Deans while Karolina blasted the Yorkeses. When Nico used the Staff of One to float the Steins into the air, her parents mystically froze her as Molly Hayes hit the Minorus with a statue chunk before collapsing due to lack of energy. Gertrude Yorkes was knocked out by the Hayeses, who were in turn, attacked by Karolina Dean. Alex Wilder then turned on the other Runaways, revealing himself as the mole within their group and freeing his parents from the fiery cage he had placed them in. Confused, the Wilders asked Alex what was going on but Alex replied that he would explain more after the Rite of Thunder. When Geoffrey and Catherine asked about the rest of the Pride, who were unconscious, Alex explained that they no longer needed them.

(Runaways I#17 (fb) - Alex Wilder explained his determination to prevent his parents' murder at the hands of the Deans and Hayeses, and how he had been the mole within the Runaways to protect his parents.

(Runaways I#17/Daken: Dark Wolverine I#17 (fb)) - Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder remained by their son Alex's side as he freed Nico Minoru from the spell her parents placed her under. Upon seeing her unconscious teammates, Nico became upset but Alex tried to comfort her, assuring her that the Runaways had not been killed and that they were only unconscious like the rest of the Pride. Still in detail that Alex had betrayed them, Nico tried to tell herself that Alex was only luring the Pride into a false sense of security before springing his trap but Alex explained the whole situation to her. After learning that Alex had manipulated the Runaways into banding together to protect his own parents from murder, Nico learned that Alex did truly love her and that he had convinced his parents to amend the Pride's original agreement to allow the entire Wilder and Minoru family to take the six spots in the Gibborim's paradise. As Catherine Wilder helped the recovering Minorus, Robert Minoru explained to Nico that the Minorus and Wilders would kill the betraying Pride members before the Gibborim's Rite of Thunder arrival at midnight and Geoffrey Wilder further revealed that the Gibborim would likely award both families immortality with the other Pride members dead. Nico angrily punched Alex and refused to go along with the plans, forcing Alex to fight back as Nico revived Karolina. The recovering Pride watched as the Runaways regrouped and Alex tried to hold the bound Karolina hostage. Chase Stein eventually crashed the Pride's Leapfrog vehicle through the Vivarium wall. When the other Pride members learned that the Wilders and Minorus were planning to murder them and let their families use their spots in the Gibborim pact, the Pride started to fight until Molly Hayes interrupted, threatening to destroy the container housing the Rite of Blood sacrifice's soul if everyone did not stop fighting. Despite Catherine Wilder's attempts to calm Molly, Molly destroyed the container just as the Gibborim arrived for the Rite of Thunder. When Geoffrey Wilder attempted to apologize to the Gibborim for Molly's actions, Alex, trying to be an adult, took full responsibility for the actions and the Gibborim incinerated him. The Gibborim then announced that they would use their remaining power to end the Pride's lives. The Minorus ordered Nico and the Runaways to escape while they attempted to hold off the Gibborim and despite not wanting to leave her parents behind, Nico accompanied the Runaways as they escaped the Vivarium, leaving the Pride behind.

(Runaways II#1 (fb) - BTS/Avengers Arena I#4 (fb)) - The Pride members were all killed.

(Runaways I#18 - BTS) - The Pride organization was dismantled by the Avengers, whose leader Captain America had rescued the Runaways as they escaped the Vivarium. As part of the dismantling, the Pride's identities and status as part of a secret criminal organization were publicly revealed and many of the Pride's operatives within state government, corporate businesses and the LAPD were arrested on charges ranging from racketeering to homicide. With the Pride's organization in pieces, the Runaways assumed the Pride had all perished when the Vivarium exploded following their confrontation with the Gibborim.

(Runaways II#19 (fb) - BTS) - As the police cleaned up some of the Pride's old bases, one of the detectives secretly absconded with one of the Pride's mystic artifacts.

(Runaways II#14 (fb) - BTS) - Months after Alex Wilder had disappeared from their online gaming group, Alex's online friends Hunter, Lotus, Stretch and Oscar met up at the Local Watering Hole bar to discuss their missing friend. Hunter arrived late and revealed that, when Alex had gone missing, he had hacked Alex's video game account to learn his actual identity. Having learned that Alex was the son of the Pride members Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, the misinformed Hunter explained to his friends that the media had only labeled the Pride as villains and that they were actually the good guys, dedicated to keeping Los Angeles safe. When Stretch asked how Hunter knew all of this information about the Pride, Hunter further revealed that he had traced Alex's old IP address back to Alex's personal PC and read Alex's journals. Hunter then revealed how Alex had apparently died aiding the Pride. When Lotus asked why Alex had never told them any of that information, Hunter suggested that perhaps he had been trying to protect them then remarked that he suspected Alex knew they would look for him, as he had also found a file left behind by Alex. Oscar then asked if the file was a will but Hunter replied it was actually instructions on how to resurrect Alex. Months later, Hunter, Stretch, Oscar and Lotus had obtained various personal belongings of the Pride including the Steins' Abstract tome, a fuel cell from the Yorkes' time machine, one of the Wilders' daggers, the Deans' hometown compass, the Minorus' runestone and a sample of the Hayes' mutant blood. Despite's Lotus' reservations, Oscar announced that he had translated the Abstract sections that mattered even though he was unable to obtain Alex's Decoder Ring and began reading from the Abstract. Coming to a place he hadn't translated, Oscar was mystically incinerated before the room filled with smoke. Shocked that they had just gotten Oscar killed, the rest of the group were shocked when a man appeared in their presence. Asking if the man was Alex, Lotus was met by a young Geoffrey Wilder, who had been pulled forward through time by the Abstract.

(Runaways II#15 (fb) - BTS) - In order to gather intel on the Runaways, the younger Geoffrey Wilder used the Minorus' Chameleon Glamor charm to pose as the mutant hero Chamber.

(Runaways II#6) - After having impersonated Chamber within the Excelsior teen hero support group, the time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder returned to his new Pride and announced his fact-finding mission a success, claiming that he had successfully kept Excelsior away from the Runaways. He then announced that when their proverbial dish was cold enough, revenge would be theirs, proclaiming "Long live the Pride!"

(Runaways II#12) - As the Runaways finished up clearing Cloak of crimes committed by a Cloak impostor, Dagger recalled the memories that were mystically erased by the Pride, unaware that the new Pride was viewing the situation using an eye-spy cauldron that once belonged to the Minorus. As the members of this new Pride asked their leader what the Abstract tome held for the Runaways in the future, the leader replied that the Runaways would rest the following day but before the year was out, one of them would die.

(Runaways II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Suggesting that the new Pride gather as much information as possible on the Runaways, Geoffrey Wilder had Hunter use his tech skills in conjunction with equipment gathered from the original Pride to hack into Victor Mancha's cyborg brain in order to spy on the Runaways.

(Runaways II#15) - Watching the Runaways from afar, the new Pride overheard Chase Stein calling his parents genocidal maniacs. The young Geoffrey Wilder ordered the new Pride to halt the transmission, as he wasn't going to sit back and let some boy slander the Pride. Geoffrey angrily denounced the Runaways as murderers who were using lies to recruit foot soldiers into their punk gang and ordered Hunter to shut off the feed. Hunter reminded Geoffrey that he was the one who had suggested they spy on the Runaways in the first place and how it was not easy for him to hack Victor Mancha's brain. Quickly reminding Hunter of his place, the time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder informed Hunter that he had obtained all of the intel he needed during his time posing as Chamber, prompting Hunter to argue back that Geoffrey was only successful in gathering that information due to Hunter telling Geoffrey what to say via an earpiece and the Minorus' old Chameleon Glamor. Geoffrey replied that Hunter would not have been able to hack into Victor's brain without the original Pride's equipment then warned Hunter that if he ever called him "Geoff" again, Geoffrey would show him how he settled scores back in 1985. Lotus interrupted their argument, reminding them both that they were the "good guys" and Geoffrey apologized, claiming that he was having a hard time dealing with the fact that the Runaways had killed his wife and a son he had not even yet conceived. After being reminded that Alex had not died in vain, Geoffrey explained that he had deciphered a new chapter in the Abstract that would allow them to complete the original Pride's work in creating a worldly paradise if one of the Runaways was killed. Unsure about killing, Stretch questioned the Abstract's translations but Geoffrey explained that in any just war, casualties would be suffered. Hunter chimed in, questioning if the Abstract was so easy for Geoffrey to translate, why Geoffrey would not let the other Pride members read the tome. Claiming that he was sparing them the death suffered by their friend Oscar, Geoffrey announced that they would simply have to trust him for their own safety and Lotus remarked that they all did trust him. Geoffrey then announced that it was time to move their plans into Phase Two, in which the new Pride would confront the Runaways. Stretch expressed lack of confidence in their training in the Pride's old weapons but Geoffrey reminded the new Pride that the key to overcoming lack of experience was turning the Runaways against themselves. Geoffrey then ordered Lotus to locate the Yorkes' old chrono-recorder, Hunter to power up the Steins' prototype joystick and Stretch to pack the Deans' alien restraints while he focused on resurrecting another ally. Hunter argued that they had already tried casting the spell that brought Geoffrey forward through time and that it seemed to be a one-time only spell. Later, when the Runaways arrived near the old Wilder residence while answering a possible super villain hostage situation, "Alex Wilder" appeared to greet them. Suspicious, Nico Minoru asked "Alex" where they had first kissed and when "Alex" didn't immediately reply, Nico blasted him with a Revelation spell that revealed "Alex" as the younger Geoffrey Wilder. Taking advantage of the Runaways not recognizing him, Geoffrey also had the new Pride reveal themselves as Alex Wilder's true friends and take control of Victor Mancha's cybernetic body. After Chase Stein was forced to knock out Victor to keep him from hurting his teammates, Lotus used mystic smoke to reveal that Chase had earlier kissed Nico Minoru despite dating Gertrude Yorkes. The kiss revelation caused the Runaways to fight amongst themselves and during the scuffle, the new Pride absconded with Molly Hayes, preventing her from fighting back by binding her arms with the Deans' alien restraints that negated super powers. As the new Pride drove off with Molly, Geoffrey proclaimed that it was time to move to Phase Three of their plan.

(Runaways II#16) - Escaping the Runaways in a white van, the new Pride questioned whether Molly Hayes had to be gagged and Geoffrey Wilder claimed that she needed to remain tied up until she calmed down. Disagreeing with Geoffrey again, Hunter expressed worry that they couldn't keep her tied up forever and asked what they were going to do with her now that she was "safe." Geoffrey replied that he wasn't sure but planned to ask a higher authority. Driving the new Pride to the Randy's Donuts restaurant, Geoffrey put on his Pride ring and said the word "Philoprogenitiveness," which opened a gateway between Earth and the realm of the Gibborim. Unfortunately, the Gibborim only recognized Geoffrey as a failure and proclaimed that the Pride had squandered the power that the Gibborim had given them. Angrily announcing that he future self had squandered the power and not him as he was at that moment (from the past), Geoffrey exclaimed that he was the only friend the Gibborim had and he wanted to work out a deal to resurrect his wife and future son in exchange for him helping the Gibborim obtain power to complete the original Pride's goals. When the Gibborim only agreed on the condition that Geoffrey provide them with a sacrifice, Geoffrey had already taken that into account.

(Runaways II#17) - While the time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder was convening with the Gibborim, the other members of the new Pride removed the gag from Molly, who screamed for help before Lotus attempted to explain that they had rescued her from super villains. Molly tried to tell them that Geoffrey was the actual villain and that the Runaways were heroes but the conversation was cut short when Geoffrey returned. Lotus asked where Geoffrey had gone, as all they saw was him go into an alley and disappear, and Geoffrey claimed he had convened with the celestial beings that had "blessed" the original Pride with their powers. When Geoffrey explained that he had been given the go-ahead for the final phase of the new Pride's plans, Hunter questioned what they would do with the "rescued" Molly. Geoffrey told them that Molly was safer with them and warned that the next phase would be very dangerous but would create a better world. When the Runaways deduced that the new Pride had been spying on them via Victor Mancha's cybernetic systems and traced them to the Minorus' old summer home, Geoffrey secretly had left a bomb waiting for them, which he detonated from afar while leading the new Pride to the new Vivarium inside an old Pride headquarters beneath Griffith Observatory. As he detonated the bomb, Geoffrey remarked that it took care of the Runaways then ordered the new Pride members to set up a defense perimeter around the area while he took Molly inside. Confused as to why Geoffrey would have them set up a defense perimeter after just commenting that their enemies had been taken care of, Stretch questioned Geoffrey, who tried to explain things by claiming that he was once also thought dead. As they gathered their weapons, Lotus remarked that it was ironic that a bunch of nerds who spent most of their hanging in an imaginary reality would be able to bring about world peace and Hunter commented that if Alex's journals were correct, the new Pride would succeed at doing what no other super hero had been capable of. Thinking perhaps they might be on television for their "heroic efforts," Stretch suggested that they take codenames but the surviving Runaways interrupted him, storming the new Vivarium. Once again confused when Nico remarked about how they were terrible at blowing stuff up, the new Pride nonetheless battled the Runaways, with Stretch using a sword composed of the same metal that nullified Karolina Dean's powers. Hunter managed to hack into the Leapfrog, using its weapons systems against the Runaways, unaware that Nico had snuck into the Vivarium to stop the time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder. Confronting him, Nico was taken off-guard by Geoffrey, who revealed a circle of wizard's ashes surrounding him and effectively nullifying Nico's powers. Geoffrey then shot "Nico" (secretly a disguised Skrull Xavin), proclaiming to the captive Molly that she had only been bait.

(Runaways II#18) - Proclaiming that "Nico" brought the events on herself for treating his future son Alex like a punk, Geoffrey prepared to sacrifice "Nico," only to be surprised when "Nico" revealed herself as the alien Skrull Xavin. When Xavin monologued about the deception plan and revealed that the true Nico, whom Xavin had hidden within an invisible force field, had freed Molly, Geoffrey used a high-frequency transmitter to disrupt Xavin. The Runaways' fight against the new Pride outside was soon interrupted when the new Vivarium burst into flames due to Xavin's loss of control over his flame powers. While Chase ran inside to save his friends and Gert followed to bring Chase back, Victor used his magnetic powers to transform the new Pride's van into robotic armor for himself that he used to trap the new Pride. Holding the new Pride at bay, Victor revealed the truth that the younger Geoffrey Wilder had manipulated them into helping with the original Pride's plan to annihilate humanity. After Geoffrey killed Gertrude Yorkes inside the Vivarium, he was knocked out by a frantic Chase Stein and all inside were soon rescued by Victor Mancha and Nico Minoru. Tying up Geoffrey, the Runaways allowed the new Pride to vent their frustrations out on Geoffrey for being manipulated before Nico sent Geoffrey back to his own with no memory of what had recently transpired.

(Runaways II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Following the death of Gertrude Yorkes and Geoffrey Wilder's return to his own era, the new Pride was effectively dissolved. Unable to deal with the blood on his hands, Stretch had himself committed to a psychiatric hospital while Hunter joined the Peace Corps in an attempt to deal with the events he helped cause. Never intending to hurt anyone, Lotus tried to move on by continuing her regular day job. After the police detective who had earlier stolen an artifact from the original Pride tried to sell the artifact, causing the potential buyer to transform into a giant monster, the Runaways' Chase Stein located Lotus and forced her to work for him.

(Dark Reign Files - BTS) - Quasimodo assessed the threat level of the Pride for HAMMER Director Norman Osborn, ultimately reporting that the chances of the Pride's survival or revival seemed strong and that they commanded high respect from the underworld despite being reported deceased. While deeming the Pride's threat, loyalty and power as low, Quasimodo suggested their influence was high.

(Daken: Dark Wolverine I#17 (fb) - BTS) - Blood from a non-human member of the Pride was used to create the drug called Heat.

Comments: Created by Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona and David Newbold.

I chose not to give the individual Pride members subprofiles in this profile because many of them appeared in flashbacks without the other members and each could use their own full profile someday.

While Lotus continued to make appearances while aiding Chase Stein, I chose not to list those appearances, as they are better saved for a full profile on Lotus and the new Pride had been effectively dismantled by that point. Therefore, those appearances are not appearances of the actual Pride, but rather, just Lotus.

I want to point out that the Iron Man: Legacy issues featuring the Pride were a nice flashback into the Pride's regular activities prior to Runaways I#1. I thought the story arc was well-written and even followed continuity quite well, as reflected in the Serpent Society's roster during the arc, the Hangman still being alive, Jim Rhodes being active as Iron Man and Tony Stark's slowly recovering from alcoholism following Stane's takeover of Stark's company. It dates the story as somewhere between 1985-1989, real life time. I also thought it was a great ending to show Tony agreeing to feign ignorance of the Pride in exchange for their leaving the Imperio neighborhood alone, which explains why Tony wrote in the Civil War Files regarding the Pride as an urban legend. Despite knowing that the Pride had perished by that point, he was publicly covering for them to keep Imperio safe, possibly from those who might wish to take over the Pride's territory.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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