main imageOMEGA FLIGHT

Membership: Arachne (Julia Carpenter), Beta Ray Bill (honorary member), Guardian (Michael Pointer), Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), U.S.Agent (John Walker)

Purpose: To protect Canada’s borders

Affiliations: Rachel Carpenter, CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) (Agent Brown (first name unrevealed), Mrs. Gruenwald (first name unrevealed), Sandra (last name unrevealed), others), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Shroud (Maximillian Coleridge)

Enemies: Dr. Elizabeth Benning, Susan Catrini, Daisy, Rap-Tore, Slag, Tentakill, the Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Wrecker); many other criminals attempting to bypass the United States’ Superhuman Registration Act by fleeing into Canada

Base of Operations: Mobile in Canada, notably CSIS Headquarters, Ottawa; briefly the Shattered Lands

First Appearance: Civil War: The Initiative#1 (April, 2007)

History: (Civil War Battle Damage Report - Omega Flight entry (fb) - BTS) - Wishing to keep the Canadian economy stable following an influx of superpowered criminals escaping the United States' Superhuman Registration Act into Canada, the Canadian government was assisted in border patrol by the U.S. government and S.H.I.E.L.D. In an effort to further assist, the trio of organizations created a new Omega Flight program, funded jointly by the Canadian government and S.H.I.E.L.D. After creating a base for their potential Omega Flight team with the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS)' headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, the CSIS assigned Agent Jeff Brown to manage the team.

(Omega Flight#1 (fb) – BTS) – As superpowered criminals continued to attempt escaping the United States’ Superhuman Registration Act into Canada, Talisman defeated a criminal attempting to steal Shaman’s mystic medicine pouch by magically tricking the criminal into thinking she had erased his face. Terrified, the criminal turned himself in.

(Omega Flight#1) – The CSIS’s Agent Jeff Brown met with Dr. Walter Langkowski shortly after Langkowski had finished a guest teaching day at a Canadian school. Immediately uninterested in being a superhero again, Dr. Langkowski agreed to visit the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and hear what Agent Brown had to say, reminding Brown that he had already told the CSIS that he would let them know when and if he were ready to restart Alpha Flight. Agent Brown then informed Langkowski that the superpowered American criminals escaping into Canada had reached crisis levels and that the government’s response, called Omega Flight, had already been started. Brown then explained that, should Langkowski take the position as head of Omega Flight, he would be in charge. Langkowski eventually, reluctantly, agreed to head up Omega Flight. Agent Brown then listed some of the possible recruits the program, including America’s U.S.Agent and Arachne (Julia Carpenter). He also mentioned Michael Pointer who, while being controlled by the mutant energy Collective, had previously decimated Alpha Flight, leaving Sasquatch the only survivor.

(Civil War: The Initiative#1) – As part of the Omega Flight recruitment process, Dr. Walter Langkowski visited the Ottawa prison cell of Michael Pointer, forcing him to watch footage of Alpha Flight’s deaths and reminding him of the crimes he had committed while under the influence of the Collective. He then explained that Michael could honor those killed by wearing a specialized suit created by Mr. Fantastic that could help Michael control the powers he absorbed with his mutant abilities. When Michael asked how he could honor those killed, Sasquatch replied that, after training, Michael could join Omega Flight.

(Civil War Battle Damage Report - Arachne and Omega Flight entries - BTS) - While writing up a report on the aftermath of the superhuman Civil War, Iron Man wrote an entry about Omega Flight, assuming the entire team to be Arachne, "Beta-Ray Bill" (Iron Man misspelled "Beta Ray Bill"), Guardian (Michael Pointer), Sasquatch, Talisman and U.S.Agent, possibly due to his knowledge that Arachne had planned to flee into Canada, Sasquatch's prior attempt to recruit Michael Pointer onto the team and a public appearance following the Civil War by U.S.Agent, Beta Ray Bill and Talisman. In regards to Michael Pointer, Iron Man also assumed that Pointer would don the costume and alias of the fallen Alpha Flight member Guardian in an attempt to atone for sins committed while he was possessed by the mutant Collective.

(Omega Flight#1) – A week after Sasquatch had met with Agent Brown, Sasquatch visited Talisman at the Sarcee First Nations Festival and attempted to recruit her into Omega Flight but Talisman replied that she was needed at the Sarcee camp and urged Sasquatch to let things go. Later, at the CSIS headquarters, Dr. Langkowski was looking over photos of the recruited U.S.Agent and Arachne when he received a phone call informing him that the Wrecking Crew was in Canada. He quickly made his way to their location and, as Sasquatch, confronted the Wrecking Crew. The Wrecking Crew then teamed together and beat Sasquatch savagely.

(Omega Flight#2) – As per Sasquatch’s request should anything happen to him, Agent Brown visited the home of Talisman to inform her of Sasquatch’s beating. Talisman agreed to help find Sasquatch, but refused to properly join Omega Flight. Agreeing to accompany Agent Brown to find Sasquatch, Talisman communed with the spirits in an attempt to locate Sasquatch and learned of an American soldier named Simon Walters. Telling Agent Brown they needed to find Simon Walters, Talisman quickly learned that Walters was dead. While Sasquatch was thrown into a pit dug by the Wrecking Crew, U.S.Agent was battling the super-strong Daisy in Toronto. His battle was interrupted when Arachne joined the fray as well, helping to take Daisy down. Arachne then informed U.S.Agent that Omega Flight had sent the signal for them to assemble. Once at the Ottawa CSIS headquarters, Talisman was introduced to Arachne, her daughter Rachel and U.S.Agent, unaware that "Simon Walters" (actually Beta Ray Bill in disguise) had arrived in Toronto and visited the Royal Ontario Museum. Talisman was then introduced to the captive Michael Pointer, who was to also be a member of Omega Flight.

(Omega Flight#3) – While at the Royal Ontario Museum, Simon Walters was knocked aside when the Wrecking Crew busted into the Museum. Back at CSIS HQ, Talisman angrily confronted Agent Brown about using Michael Pointer for Omega Flight. She then stated that as long as Michael Pointer was working with Omega Flight, Talisman would not work with them and would find Sasquatch on her own. Their argument was interrupted by a news feed of the Wrecking Crew dragging Sasquatch out of the Royal Ontario Museum. At the Museum, the Wrecking Crew had found a portal to the Realm of the Great Beasts (Shattered Lands) and once inside, came face to face with Tanaraq. Unaware that Simon Walters had followed them, the Wrecking Crew were surprised when Walters transformed into Beta Ray Bill and attacked them, the force of their attacks erupting through the portal and out of the Museum.

(Omega Flight#4) – Feeling that her mother could be in danger, Rachel Carpenter freed Michael Pointer from his CSIS cell while Talisman, U.S.Agent and Arachne battled an invasion of demons from the Shattered Lands. When their helicopter went down, Arachne managed to save it from crashing into civilians below via a psychic web and Omega Flight quickly went into action against the demons on the ground. Sasquatch was soon revived by Tanaraq just as the Wrecking Crew entered the fray, not realizing that Talisman could absorb the mystic energy of their impacts. The blindly enraged Sasquatch joined in as well, battling Omega Flight as Talisman attempted to reach his human side. Just as the crazed Sasquatch was about to kill Talisman, Michael Pointer arrived on the scene and knocked down Sasquatch, who quickly grabbed Michael, who refused to kill again.

(Omega Flight#5) – Omega Flight drew Sasquatch away from Michael and Beta Ray Bill dealt Sasquatch a savage beating. Michael eventually stopped Beta Ray Bill from killing Sasquatch and Talisman used her abilities in an attempt to free Sasquatch from Tanaraq’s influence. As the Wrecking Crew continued to battle U.S.Agent and Arachne, Talisman managed to bring Walter Langkowski’s mind to control Sasquatch’s form and he managed to drive Tanaraq from his body, allowing Talisman to contain Tanaraq inside Shaman’s mystic medicine bag. With Tanaraq exiled once more, the Wrecking Crew lost their boosted abilities, allowing U.S.Agent to defeat them. The Shattered Land demons soon came for Shaman’s bag and Beta Ray Bill quickly grabbed it up, traveling through the portal into the Shattered Lands, where he demanded Michael Pointer seal the portal behind him. With the Wrecking Crew and Tanaraq defeated, Sasquatch gave Michael the title of Guardian, asking him to continue doing right by the legacy he had inherited. Michael later began formal training in the use of his power containment suit while Talisman returned to her Sarcee reservation. Omega Flight then helped cleanup the mess caused by Tanaraq as Beta Ray Bill continued to battle the Shattered Land demons in their own realm.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11/4 (fb)) – Learning that Michael Pointer’s Collective-acquired powers were fading, the CSIS's Dr. Elizabeth Benning secretly began the “Weapon Omega Program,” in which the CSIS gave criminals apprehended by Omega Flight a choice to either stay and have their power siphoned off into the Guardian suit or be extradited back to the USA. Many criminals volunteered and were compensated, though some had to be forced. Soon realizing that only mutants fed Michael’s power, the CSIS began mixing Mutant Growth Hormone into some of the criminals’ already altered cell structures, producing new super-powered criminals for Omega Flight to “apprehend.”

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/4) – While Guardian and U.S.Agent battled the criminal Tentakill along the US/Canadian borders, Agent Brown and several doctors monitored Guardian’s progress, noticing his decrease in power. Guardian eventually passed as Tentakill escaped and two hours later, Guardian found himself strangely feeling much better while U.S.Agent secretly phoned Iron Man to inform him of Guardian’s status.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#2/4) – Guardian met Dr. Benning for a psychiatric session while Agent Brown and other CSIS employees monitored him, unaware that U.S.Agent was watching them.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#3/3) – Sasquatch and Arachne tracked Tentakill to a seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods, where they found it full of hiding super-criminals. As they battled the criminals, Agent Brown met with Dr. Benning to ask why she had overridden his orders for Guardian to join Sasquatch and Arachne. Claiming that Guardian needed the rest due to his continuing guilt over his former possession by the Collective entity, Dr. Benning explained that Michael Pointer needed time to acclimate himself to his power containment suit. U.S.Agent then watched as Arachne and Sasquatch arrived back at CSIS HQ with the newly captured villains from the cabin.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#4/4) – While U.S.Agent played video games with Rachel Carpenter and spoke of his suspicions about Guardian’s fluctuating power levels, Guardian brushed his teeth, unaware of strange transformations occurring within his body, such as sharp teeth and fins on his back. Guardian also remained unaware that CSIS scientists were continuing to monitor him as his power levels seemed to spike. After a conference with Tony Stark concerning Michael Pointer’s health, Agent Brown met with the CSIS scientists and learned that they had transferred power into the unknowing Guardian while he slept.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#5/4) – Michael Pointer woke up feeling terrible and decided to put on his Guardian suit, unaware that Agent Brown and the CSIS scientists were monitoring him and feeding him power from the contained super-villains. As Pointer’s health improved due to the power transfer, U.S.Agent met with Dr. Benning to discuss Guardian’s field fitness. When U.S.Agent left, Dr. Benning decided to check in on Pointer, who had begun to panic due to the increasing power being fed into him by the CSIS. Agent Brown demanded the scientists power Pointer back down.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#6/4) – Iron Man met with U.S.Agent to discuss the CSIS’ secretive nature concerning Michael Pointer, who had went to another psychiatric session with Dr. Benning, where he revealed that he had begun to hear voices. As Agent Brown monitored Dr. Benning’s session with Pointer, U.S.Agent met with Arachne and the Shroud, who had been secretly monitoring the Agent’s meeting with Iron Man, who had seemed confused when U.S.Agent mentioned Raptore. While U.S.Agent was asking Arachne to keep an eye on Agent Brown and Dr. Benning, Rachel Carpenter visited Michael Pointer’s room.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#7/4) – As a distraction, U.S.Agent stormed up to Agent Brown and demanded to know if Michael Pointer was fit to fighting strength while Arachne secretly watched from above in the vents. Agent Brown exclaimed that Pointer was ill and that he would set up a training session with U.S.Agent and Guardian the following day. When Brown left, U.S.Agent asked Arachne what was really going on. She informed him that Guardian was not resting and when Pointer was in his room, he was being monitored. U.S.Agent was then surprised by the sudden arrival of Rachel Carpenter, who walked by in a a sort of trance, as Agent Brown returned to Michael Pointer, who had been training for two hours straight, unaware that he sudden boost in energy was due to power from captured criminals being fed into him. While Brown and the CSIS scientists transferred power from the Mutant Growth Hormone-injected Raptore into Guardian, Arachne noticed the arrival of more super-criminals.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#8/4 (fb)/Marvel Comics Presents II#9/4 (fb)) – Arachne informed U.S.Agent of her findings. U.S.Agent then went to Walter Langkowski and asked him about how the Guardian suit works. Walter explained that the suit was built as a regulator for the powers fed into Michael Pointer during the time he was possessed by the Collective.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#9/4 (fb)) – Rachel Carpenter watched from afar as scientists discussed the poor health of Michael Pointer. She later secretly watched as Agent Brown told Dr. Benning to encourage Michael Pointer to stay in the Guardian suit as much as possible in an effort to control Pointer’s unstable powers.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#8/4) – Training, U.S.Agent fought Guardian, who wasn’t put up much of a fight. Feeding more power into Guardian, Agent Brown tested Guardian’s performance against U.S.Agent, who goaded Guardian into unleashing his full power. Unknowingly absorbing energy from the captive criminal Raptore, Guardian savagely beat U.S.Agent.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#9/4) – Agent Brown ordered the scientists to retrieve Sasquatch, who busted his way into the training room and calmed Guardian down. A medic was quickly called for the injured U.S.Agent, who tried to tell Guardian the truth about the scientists feeding him power via the Guardian suit before he was sedated. Confused, Guardian agreed to go with Dr. Benning for a psychiatric session while Agent Brown ordered the scientists to figure out what the outside power source that had taken over Pointer could be. As Guardian and Dr. Benning walked away, they ran into Arachne and Rachel Carpenter. While Arachne and Dr. Benning spoke about Michael’s brief uncontrollable outburst against U.S.Agent, Guardian noticed that Rachel was in a trance-like state. Attempting to talk to her, Michael became panicked when Rachel spoke into the same voices Michael had been hearing but she soon snapped out of her trance and asked how Michael was doing. Arachne and Rachel then left as Dr. Benning asked Michael to come into her office to talk.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#10/4) – While being monitored by the CSIS, Michael Pointer put on his Guardian suit and was suddenly communing with the energy Collective. Confused, Michael touched a fiery being and gained its powers. Beginning to understand how to access a specific power set, Michael telepathically contacted Dr. Benning using the powers of Susan Catrini and asked for help. Agent Brown, meanwhile, was contacted by Tony Stark, who demanded to know why one of his S.H.I.E.L.D. telepaths experienced psychic backlash emanating from Michael Pointer. As Agent Brown claimed to not know what was going on, U.S.Agent was pulled off life support by Rachel Carpenter.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11/4) – Revealing to Dr. Benning that he knew the CSIS had been feeding him power, Guardian asked why they had done so. Dr. Benning then explained the CSIS’s “Weapon Omega Program” to Michael.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#12/4 (fb)) – The injured U.S.Agent grabbed Agent Brown in a choke hold, angry that he had withheld information on the “Weapon Omega Program” from Omega Flight. Despite Brown’s claims that he knew nothing about it, U.S.Agent replied that Brown would have to earn his trust.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11/4) - Angered that they had essentially turned him into a mutant energy addict, Michael revealed that Dr. Benning was not the only person he had psychically reached out. Just then, Agent Brown, Rachel Carpenter and the severely injured U.S.Agent arrived.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#12/4) – Agent Brown asked Dr. Benning why he had to hear about her secret project from Rachel Carpenter but Dr. Benning ordered Agent Brown to remove himself from the room. Refusing, Agent Brown threatened to inform Canada’s Prime Minister of her plot and Michael revealed that he had earlier reached out to Rachel Carpenter, informing her of what Dr. Benning had been doing. He also revealed that he had used the technopathic powers of the criminal Key to record everything that Dr. Benning had told him about the “Weapon Omega Program” and that it would be sent to Tony Stark. Just then, Arachne and Sasquatch busted in. With the full strength of Omega Flight behind him, Agent Brown ordered Dr. Benning to feed Michael power so that he could live. Restored to health, Michael grabbed Dr. Benning and absorbed her lifeforce into the suit, effectively forcing her to confront her own victims. Michael then punched Agent Brown, demanding to know how much Brown knew about Benning’s project. Agent Brown revealed that he knew that using the Guardian suit would create a dependency but claimed he had no idea Dr. Benning was feeding Michael while he slept. Angry at the CSIS and determined to make better choices, Michael quit Omega Flight to help rebuild North Pole, Alaska, a town he had destroyed while possessed by the Collective.

(Mighty Avengers I#21) - As chaos enveloped Earth, Omega Flight was seen battling swarms of flesh-eating insects in Toronto. During that battle, U.S.Agent was transported away by Loki (who was posing as the Scarlet Witch).

(Mighty Avengers I#23) - Following the defeat of a Chthon-possessed Quicksilver, U.S. Agent returned to Toronto, where he resigned his membership in Omega Flight, claiming it was an honor to serve with the team but the Avengers had called him to serve in their ranks once more. Before U.S. Agent could say "once an Avenger, always an Avenger," Sasquatch cut him off and said that Omega Flight understood U.S. Agent's situation.

Comments: Created by Mark Millar, Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines, John Dell and Tim Townsend.

Omega Flight’s Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe hardcover entry lists the team’s first appearance as Civil War: The Initiative#1, which shows Sasquatch meeting with Michael Pointer to recruit him onto the team. Beta Ray Bill, Talisman and U.S.Agent all appear in Civil War#7 (which came out three months before Civil War: The Initiative#1), but they are not mentioned by name as Omega Flight and, given that Beta Ray Bill was trapped in the Shattered Lands at the end of the Omega Flight mini-series, it would seem to suggest that the three heroes just made a public appearance at the end of the civil war to show that Canada would remain on good terms with the USA after the civil war or something to that effect. I’m not entirely sure where to place that appearance if it were indeed an appearance of Omega Flight as a team...

The Civil War Battle Damage Report comic (which came out in May of 2007) predated the actual Omega Flight mini-series and therefore, contained a few inaccuracies such as Beta Ray Bill being a full member of Omega Flight and it also spoiled some things from the mini-series such as Michael Pointer becoming Guardian, which had yet to happen when the Battle Damage Report comic was published. Since the comic was written as if it was an internal memo created by Iron Man (Tony Stark), one can assume that Stark was merely making a lot of assumptions based on the intel he had as part of U.S. and S.H.I.E.L.D. government forces involved in the Civil War and the Fifty-State Initiative that followed it. Iron Man knew that Arachne was apprehended during the Civil War while attempting to flee to Canada so his assumption of her being a member of Omega Flight would make sense given that information and Sasquatch had met with Michael Pointer in an attempt to recruit him into Omega Flight prior to the Battle Damage Report being created so Iron Man could have learned of this and again assumed Pointer would be joining Omega Flight. Of course, Pointer's future alias of Guardian would have been a lucky guess on Iron Man's part but perhaps he assumed Pointer would want to atone for the sins of the Collective since he was an active Avenger at the time the Collective decimated Alpha Flight. The misspelling of "Beta Ray Bill" as "Beta-Ray Bill" in the Omega Flight entry in the Battle Damage Report could also be chalked up to Iron Man misspelling it rather than an error on the comic writer's part, haha...

Also, Agent Brown's first name was only revealed in Civil War Battle Damage Report.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Omega Flight has no known connections to

Dr. Elizabeth BenningDr. Elizabeth Benning

Dr. Elizabeth Benning was a CSIS psychologist who worked with Agent Brown in helping Michael Pointer deal with the guilt created by Michael’s destruction during the time he was possessed by the Collective. Dr. Benning secretly plotted to use Michael as a weapon by feeding him Mutant Growth Hormone-enhanced powers from the criminals captured by Omega Flight. Knowing that Michael would become addicted to the power, Benning continued to pose as Michael’s psychiatrist, meeting with Pointer on a regular basis and calming him when he flared out of control. Eventually, Michael used the powers of telepath Susan Catrini to learn Dr. Benning’s true goal. Benning then withheld additional power from Pointer, causing him to almost die but Pointer managed to summon Omega Flight, who forced Benning to return Michael’s power. Michael immediately grabbed Benning and absorbed her lifeforce into himself.




--Marvel Comics Presents II#1 (2, 3, 5, 6, 9-12

Agent BrownAgent (later Director) Jeff Brown

Agent Jeff Brown was originally the CSIS agent in charge of Omega Flight. In response to criminals fleeing into Canada to avoid the United States’ Superhuman Registration Act, Agent Brown spoke with the Canadian Prime Minister to set up a task force consisting of Canadian super heroes capable of dealing with the surge in superhuman criminal activity. Agent Brown first visited Walter Langkowski, Sasquatch, and convinced him to join up with the newly created Omega Flight team. While briefing Walter on Omega Flight, Agent Brown revealed that America’s U.S.Agent and Arachne had already been loaned from the USA to help and he soon convinced Sasquatch to make an attempt at recruiting Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen). After Talisman declined and Sasquatch was captured by the Wrecking Crew, Agent Brown visited Talisman himself and convinced her to join Omega Flight to rescue Sasquatch after a brief fight over Brown’s recruitment of Michael Pointer. Agent Brown later accompanied Omega Flight when the Wrecking Crew released Shattered Lands demons upon Canada. During the battle, Agent Brown personally gunned down a few of the demons and aided Omega Flight until the Wrecking Crew were defeated and the portal to the Shattered Lands closed. Shortly thereafter expanding Omega Flight’s operations, Agent Brown began monitoring Michael Pointer’s training as the new Guardian. Secretly learning that Pointer’s suit had to be synced up with his biology, Agent Brown discovered that in order to allow Michael control over the powers he had absorbed, he had to wear the suit constantly to the point of dependency. Working with CSIS psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Benning, Agent Brown continued to monitor Michael’s progress as the Guardian while neglecting to tell Tony Stark of Pointer’s progress. Eventually learning that. Dr. Benning was feeding Pointer Mutant Growth Hormone-enhanced powers in an attempt to use him as a weapon, Agent Brown helped expose her. Months later, Brown was secretly brainwashed by the Master of the World's Unity Program and became director of Department H to assist the reunited Alpha Flight. Following Alpha Flight's defeat of the Purple Woman, Director Brown took her into custody and later interrupted Alpha Flight's battle with Attuma to inform Guardian that Prime Minister Gary Cody wished to speak with him via communicator. Despite Brown's reminder that Cody was now Prime Minister, Guardian ended the communication, feeling that the battle took precedence. When the equally brainwashed Vindicator later captured Guardian, she reported back to Brown, who was in the process of taking the rest of Alpha Flight into custody after their neutralization by Department H's Box robots. Brown bragged about how easily Alpha Flight went down but when he mentioned that Northstar was still unaccounted for, Vindicator  warned not to underestimate Northstar. Brown then focused himself on manipulating the recovering Sasquatch into willingly joining the Unity Program by claiming  Sasquatch suffered from a degenerative brain issue that Department H could correct before the escaping Alpha Flight arrived and knocked Brown out. Upon his recovery, Brown, with a broken nose, visited the cells of the captured Purple Woman and Citadel and informed them that they were being forcibly recruited into Alpha Strike, a replacement for the rogue Alpha Flight created by brainwashed Prime Minister Gary Cody. He later greeted Vindicator when she returned to Department H with her daughter and warned Vindicator not to venture in the Department's Red Zone, as the new recruits were still being stabilized, but Vindicator overrid his command and showed the recruits her daughter, what she felt they were fighting for. Director Brown later monitored the public opinion polls for Gary Cody while noting that Guardian's poll results were dropping. His conversation with Cody and the Master of the World was interrupted when Aurora appeared and offered to reveal Alpha Flight's location in exchange for having her split personality eradicated from her mind. Brown later informed the Master when Alpha Flight escaped the clutches of Alpha Strike with the brainwashed Kyle Jinadu. When Alpha Flight devised a way to undo the Master's Unity Program brainwashing, the Master threw a tantrum, alerting Director Brown, who asked what was wrong, only to be swatted aside by the Master, who announced that he must concentrate on how to handle the situation. After recovering and bandaging his head, Director Brown found that the Master had unearthed his ship and asked the Master what he was doing endangering thousands of civilians. The Master replied that Prime Minister Gary Cody and the civilians were no longer his concern, prompting Brown to ask what the Master's plans were, only to feel dejected when the Master informed him that his plans were to plunder Canada's resources and create a warrior species to conquer the stars.


--Omega Flight#1 (2-5, Marvel Comics Presents II#1-12, Alpha Flight IV#0.1, 1-8,

Mrs. GruenwaldMrs. Gruenwald

Mrs. Gruenwald was a secretary at the CSIS headquarters. When Agent Brown recruited Talisman, she informed Brown that Iron Man was waiting for Brown online.





--Omega Flight#2


Sandra was Dr. Benning’s secretary. When U.S.Agent demanded to see Dr. Benning, Sandra tried to explain to U.S.Agent that he would need to make an appointment but he pushed his way past Sandra. Sandra followed and tried to apologize to Dr. Benning but Benning told Sandra it was alright and welcomed U.S.Agent into her office.






--Marvel Comics Presents II#5/4

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