main image Type: Essentially Earth-like dimension

Environment: Magical realm

Usual means of access: Magic (Shaman was able to transport Alpha Flight using the magical Great Key)

Dominant Life Form: None

Significant Inhabitants: The Great Beasts (Kariooq, Kolomaq, Neooqtoq the Ravager, Ranaq, Somon, Tanaraq, Tolomaq, Tundra);
    formerly that planet's native inhabitants

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#24 (July, 1985)


(Alpha Flight I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Once an inhabitable planet, the Shattered Lands existed in a dimension adjacent to Earth. Roughly a million years from its creation, the Great Beasts rose in the realm and began pillaging and corrupting the planet. Once they had exhausted all that existed in their realm, the Great Beasts traversed into other realms to do the same, leaving the souls of the realm's deceased in the Pit of Ultimate Sadness. After attacking Earth three times, the Great Beasts were mystically sealed behind a barrier, trapping them in their own barren realm.

(Alpha Flight I#24) - In an effort to rescue the spirit of Walter Langkowski, Shaman used the Great Key to allow Alpha Flight travel into the Shattered Lands. Once there, they were attacked by the Great Beast Somon, who summoned the Great Beasts Tundra, Kariooq, and Tolomaq against them. Snowbird battled Somon, eventually forcing him to relinquish control of the other Great Beasts and causing them to battle one another. Forcing the now-weakened Somon to reveal to them the location of Walter Langkowski's spirit, Alpha Flight ventured to the Pit of Ultimate Sadness, located beneath the Great Glow-Globe of Phistash-Hasrak, where Somon explained that the souls of those who once inhabited the realm laid in torture. Within the Pit, Somon explained to Alpha Flight that, in order to enter the Pit's Well of Sorrows, they must sacrifice love, hate and power. Sending Aurora (representing love), Northstar (representing hate) and Talisman (representing power) into the Well, Alpha Flight soon realized the Well was a trap set by Somon. Snowbird quickly killed Somon and three trapped Alphans were reunited with the rest of the team. Shaman soon deduced from Somon's trap that no actual souls still remained within the Well of Sorrows but rather, the only wandering soul (Walter's) resided above the Well, within the Glow-Globe of Phistash-Hasrak. Containing Walter's soul within a globe of its own from his pouch, Shaman then transported Alpha Flight back to Earth, where they met with Heather Hudson and Box, who relinquished his robot form to house Walter's soul.

(Alpha Flight I#55) - Energy bursting out from Wanda Langkowski aka. Sasquatch created a portal to the Shattered Lands and Paradise. The Great Beasts retreated to the Shattered Lands after a short battle with Sasquatch, Snowbird and the Inua.

(X-Man#40 (fb) - BTS) - X-Man saw the Great Beasts' domain in Tundra's mind.

(Wolverine II#172) - The Inua banished Mauvais to the Shattered Lands. He was found by the Great Beasts, who discussed whether to throw him back to Earth or not.

(Omega Flight#3) – The Wrecking Crew were drawn to a portal to the Shattered Lands and upon entering it, came face to face with Tanaraq. Unaware they had been followed by Simon Walters, alter-ego of Beta Ray Bill, the Wrecking Crew were surprised when Beta Ray Bill arrived and attacked them. The force of their attacks erupted from the portal’s location in the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada.

(Omega Flight#4) – With the portal opened, demons from the Shattered Lands invaded Earth, taking down Omega Flight’s helicopter as they arrived on the scene. The team began battling the demons as Tanaraq took possession of Sasquatch’s form and forced him to battle Omega Flight as well. When Michael Pointer arrived on the scene, he refused to kill Sasquatch but Tanaraq replied that he had no qualm against killing.

(Omega Flight#5) – While Omega Flight battled the Shattered Land demons, Talisman helped Walter Langkowski drive Tanaraq from his body and imprison him inside Shaman’s mystic medicine pouch. Beta Ray Bill then flew the pouch and the chasing demons back through the portal to the Shattered Lands and demanded Michael Pointer seal the portal behind him. Beta Ray Bill then continued to fight the Shattered Land inhabitants in their own realm.

(Chaos War: Alpha Flight#1) - The Great Beasts summoned Sasquatch to their realm and asked him for his aid against the Chaos King (Mikaboshi). The Great Beasts then returned Sasquatch with his deceased former teammates (Guardian, Marrina, Shaman & Vindicator) back to Earth to fight the Chaos King and his army.

Comments: Created by John Byrne and Bob Wiacek.

Thanks to Markus Raymond for adding Alpha Flight I#64, X-Man#40, Wolverine II#172 & Chaos War: Alpha Flight#1.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Shattered Lands have no known connections to:

The Great KeyGreat Key

The Great Key was a magical item contained within Shaman's pouch that allowed its wielders to travel to the Shattered Lands. Shaman used it to transport Alpha Flight into the realm to retrieve the soul of Walter Langkowski.




--Alpha Flight I#24

images: (without ads)
Alpha Flight I#24, p10-11, splash page (Shattered Lands, main image)
Alpha Flight I#24, p6, pan4 (Great Key)

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