Membership: Big Top, Monitor, Shatterbox, Speedfreak

Affiliations: Former pawns of Nanny and allies of Orphan Maker, currently enemies of both

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly mobile aboard Nanny's ship

First Appearance: X-Factor I#35 (December, 1988)

History: The Lost Boys (and Girls) were a group of mutant children captured by Orphan Maker for Nanny II. Orphan Maker, as his name suggested, generally killed the parents of the children he captured. Nanny used her pixie dust to augment her low-level psychic powers to control these children.

The Lost Boys were used in a single mission. Just prior to the full initiation of Inferno, Nanny learned of a number of mutant children being held in stasis in the basement of an orphanage. Realizing that there were too many children for herself and Orphan Maker to rescue, she used five of her own to assist her.

Upon arriving at the orphanage, Nanny, Orphan Maker, and the Lost Boys were confronted by Cyclops and Marvel Girl. The latter two had traveled there, to the orphanage in which Scott Summers had grown up on the trail of his son, Nathan Christopher (later Cable). Apparently the basement was a laboratory of Mister Sinister, whose plans for the infants were unknown. While the two groups fought for possession of the babies, the demons of N'Astirh arrived and began to collect them. The demons made off with several babies, including young Nathan Christopher, for use to open the portal to Otherplace to allow the demons to swarm over Earth in Inferno. Nanny and her wards escaped via a vortex beam in her ship.

Following the events of Inferno, X-Factor defeated Nanny and Orphan Maker. They freed her wards, and along with the children freed during Inferno, they were all turned into the government for relocation and hopefully reunification with their families.

COMMENTS: Created by Louise Simonson and Terry Shoemaker

Clarifications: Monitor has no connecitons to:

Speedfreak has no known connection to

The Lost Boys were only briefly glimpsed and poorly defined. I'm not sure if any of them were the children Orphan Maker abducted in previous issues, but they don't quite look like them. This is what I know (or think):

BIG TOP (name unknown)-The small child with the "Donald Duck" shirt. She/He? could enlarge and animate his/her teddy bear, Bonzo, and use it to act on her behalf. The bear could utilize superhuman strength, but was no more resistant to injury than cloth and cotton stuffing.--X-Factor I#35

MONITOR (name unknown)-the brown haired girl in the orange-ish costume. She presumably had the powers to monitor the life signs of others, and possibly other abilities. No connection to the

--X-Factor I#35

SHATTERBOX (Joey and Gailyn (or Galen) Bailey)-the nephew and niece of Jean Grey, children of her sister Sara. Following the defeat of Nanny, they were taken in by John and Elaine Grey, their maternal grandparents. Their mother, Sara, apparently didn't die at the hands of Orphan Maker, but later met her end at the hands of the Phalanx. They wore costumes labeled with a "1" and a "2," and both have red hair despite other depictions (as above). They may have telekinesis and/or super-strength, but it wasn't clearly shown. --X-Factor I#35( 40; (as Joey and Gailyn) X-Men II#51, X-Man#30

SPEEDFREAK (name unknown)-the boy with dark hair and sunglasses. He apparently had superhuman speed. --X-Factor I#35

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